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New Birchbox Subscription Option + Coupon!

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Screen Shot 2017-02-09 at 2.43.59 PM

Some Birchbox subscribers are seeing a new subscription option! (Thanks for the heads up, Bethany!) The new option is $18 a month (*some users are seeing $14 or $16) and offers some extra features. Current subscribers can click here to see if you have the option to upgrade!

Screen Shot 2017-02-09 at 2.44.18 PM


Here’s a closer look at some of the extra features:

Screen Shot 2017-02-09 at 2.51.48 PM

If you opt in to the new subscription option, this will not change your subscription immediately – this new option will begin in March!

Screen Shot 2017-02-09 at 2.53.09 PM

What do you think of the new subscription option?

If you haven’t signed up for Birchbox yet:

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  1. I emailed customer service with 2 questions about this. I just got a quick response (which I thought was helpful)!

    ME: “I have a few questions about the new subscription options available starting in March. First, can you confirm the cost to upgrade? Initially it said $4, then I clicked on the “Extra features explained” link, and then back to the original page and the price went up to $7 extra!!! How can I lock in the original $4 offer? Second, how many points will you get if you chose the “Swap for Points” offer? Do you only get $10? Or do you get $14/$17 ?”

    BIRCHBOX: “Hi Jennifer,

    Thanks for reaching out. I’m so sorry for the confusion!

    The prices you’re seeing aren’t finalized—we’re providing these details so you can help us determine the our next steps. The reason you’re seeing different prices is because we’re testing out different options and features to help us move forward. When this officially launches, all customers will be offered the same price.

    By opting into this program now, you’re letting us know that you’re interested — from there, we’ll make sure you’re first to know when the details are finalized and the subscription is open for signups. Choosing to opt in today is not committing you to any program or price point. I’ve made a note of this to our Tech Team because I completely understand your confusion here and apologize for any lack of clarity!

    Regarding Points, you’ll receive Points in the value of your monthly payment. So, if you’re paying $14/month, you’d receive 140 Points in place of your box.

    I hope this helps clarify, and please don’t hesitate to reply if you have any further questions from here.”

    MY OPINION … I think I’d be willing to upgrade (esp if it’s only $4) just to be able to “swap for points” and buy full size products in the shop. My sub was a gift so at least I can use the $10 a month my sister spent and actually get stuff I USE!! I actually have discovered some awesome products from sampling that I buy from the shop.

    I think this is a really cool woman owned start-up that I have enjoyed for the past 4 years!! (until recently unfortunately) So I hope they do well and don’t go under!!

    • Very interesting, thanks for sharing.

      I think Birchbox is back peddling, though!!! It *sounds* to me like they weren’t expecting their subscribers to gather and compare prices, LOL! And now they are trying to dig their way out of it. Or maybe I’m just cynical?!!

    • PS Hmmm, I just read their correspondence again, and then re-read my original email from BB.

      I’m calling bull$hit, BB!!!

  2. Did anyone else get an email that said “You opted out of this” when you didn’t opt out?! I filled out the survey with a bunch of “other” responses and “I Did not opt out!!” So weird.. I’m wondering if they told EVERYONE they opted out since they were price testing?

    • Hmmm… I don’t know. I got the Survey Monkey survey too — but I DID opt out.

      It was interesting the questions they asked… I was very honest in my replies. I would really hate to see BB go under (or price themselves right out of business) so I hope they listen to their subscribers!

  3. No one really nows for sure whats going to happen yet so maybe lets not freak out until there is a valid reason too! The price rise could be for better full size products. We don’t know anything yet.

    • That would be nice! Buuuuuuut, unless I have reeeeeally missed something (and I am one of the people that did get the email from BB) there is no proposed change to either the size or number of products. The “benefits” of the upcharge are clearly denoted in the email, and also stated above in the original post.

      • No one says you must choose the upgrade!

        • This is true!

          • I did email them about the upgrade to see if they are larger or if we get more. Just to see. Fingers crossed; )

          • Please keep us posted! Thank you!

  4. Unlike many commenters, I am extremely happy with my birchbox subscription. For the last several months I have been getting almost 8items on average. (This is including foil sample packets, but since they are extra products that doesn’t bother me at all.) However, I am in agreement with most that I just don’t understand where the value is in this “upgrade.” If I am reading correctly, it basically just seems like an extra $8 to pick a “theme” for your box? I very seldom feel the need to swap, but if i did I could just do that here on MSA, and as far as ACE status, I’ve never had it since I don’t really spend any money in the shop unless a limited edition box catches my eye, so I am unsure of all of the perks, but for an extra $96 a year i doubt they are that enticing. What does worry me though, is that the quality of the standard box is going to go down so that they can try to entice subscribers to upgrade, I hope not, but I am worried.

  5. WTF, I’ve added to my boxes and purchased items in hopes that my boxes might improve. NOPE…this month I added on an item but didn’t like any of the 3 choices nor the curated box. I let them pick and they sent me two of the three terrible sample choices and an item that they sent me two months ago. I emailed and they’re sending me my box free next month. Also, I have the $18 upgrade and I purchase items. I’ll do the upgrade pay the difference on this list box and I’m out. The point system works out to 10% on overpriced shop. They need a refresher in economics 101.

  6. I am a fairly new BB subscriber (and an “ACE” too, BTW), just finishing up my first year, and NOT planning to renew. I wasn’t around in the “good old days” that I’ve read about here, but maaaaaan, I wish I had been! Sounds like BB was AMAZING!

    Personally, I think BB is on a fast downward spiral and I think one of their first mistakes was downgrading the product while keeping the same $10 price point, rather than maintaining the original product quality and upping the price a little. Isn’t that Good Business 101??? Never TAKE AWAY what the consumer has come to rely on; if changes need made to keep a business solvent, then increase the price as necessary.

    IMHO, people understand the need for occasional price increases. What we don’t like or understand is continuous, progressive decreases in quality… are we not supposed to notice???!

    And honestly, with all due respect to the handful of people who are upgrading their BB subscription in response to this ridiculous (IMHO) new “option”… I just do not see the appeal, and frankly, it irritates me that Birchbox seems to think that we should!

    • Amen.

  7. Wow…at first when I saw they had an upgrade option I was going to be all in. When I first started getting BB in 2014 about a month in they offered me an upgrade. It was $20 extra but in addition to the 5 samples, I got 2 full sized makeup and/or nail polishes. That was awesome and totally worth it. At the time, I wasn’t too into skin care samples, so this made it for me! Once they discontinued that option, I cancelled BB.

    Only a couple of months ago, I decided to give them another chance. I am more into skincare than I used to be, and I also remembered that I had discovered a couple of things I really loved through BB. For 10 bucks, I said why not? I have since been pretty happy, although now completely wow’d, but I’m keeping it. That said, no way will I pay more to have more choices. That should be free.

    I would also like to see them reinstate an easy way to review products for points. I think every sub needs to do this, actually. It keeps your customer engaged and possibly shopping your site, or in the case of Glossybox, keeping their sub. It also gives both the sub service and the beauty companies feedback on what we like and dislike about their products.

    And I really do miss the full size makeup upgrade from BB 🙁

  8. I subbed to Birchbox for 5 years. I canceled in January. It used to be such a good box in the beginning. One of my biggest complaints was not all boxes were created equal. It was frustrating seeing some people getting a beauty blender in their box and you get another small eye liner or mascara. Then the samples became super small. Before I’d spend $18 on Birchbox, I’d spend $21 on Boxycharm(which I do) with 5 full sized products.

  9. I’m not surprised to see this as I took a survey a few months back asking me how likely I’d be to pay more for these options. The answer then was ‘not at all’ and it is still ‘not at all.’ That said, if they added a sixth sample *and* offered these options, maybe? But for the same amount, no way.

  10. I am so confused. When I click that link I have nothing. So are they saying you can stay at $10 a month OR upgrade for $18 and get better perks?

    • Yup. Thats exactly what they are saying. But the 5 “perks” are (IMHO) basically worthless.

  11. Ughh mine says $16 dollar option to upgrade. I was already considering cancelling with BB…this is ridiculous.

  12. My upgrade price wasn’t showing yesterday, so I just checked again today… it’s $14!!!!! That’s crazy! I’m definitely cancelling my other account with them now too. Just canceled 1 account with them this morning, 1 more to go! Yes.. I have 2 subs with them on 2 different email accounts. What a stupid idea.. this is my least favorite sub!

  13. This ACE is canceling!!!

  14. Ridiculous. I bought the Black Friday deal with Popsugar and get all full-sized items for 19.99 a box. Bye, Birchbox ☹️️ Too many other choices out there.

  15. Birchbox already claims that your box is customized for you, yet now they want to charge more money to actually do it?

    My prediction is that Birchbox won’t last they year.

  16. I agree… BB used to be great. I always talked it up. I used to get large or full size items. They would send beauty items like beauty blender or underarmour headband. Sometimes chocolate! They would send nice coupon codes all the time. Good birthday codes and anniversary codes.

    The codes went away, samples got smaller, brands got less prestigious, and for me the last straw was the points system changing.

    I think they really needed to use the reviews to start partly customizing boxes. That would have made them better. But I think they don’t really care about the box, they care about selling full priced full sized items. The problem is…. a lot of box subscribers are deal divas. They don’t want to buy full price.

    The way the box was in its glory days probably isn’t cost effective. I get it. So I decided to part ways.

  17. Aren’t those “perks” what we’ve been supposed to be getting all along? It’s like they’re just demonstrating that they don’t bother to read their own survey results and just toss in whatever they want. I was a subscriber in the good ole days but there is seriously nothing they can do to get me back at this point. Now I’m just disgusted by their money grabbing schemes.

  18. I let my BB sub lapse last month and I haven’t missed it.

    I’m really interested in seeing what happens with this new program, while they figure out the bugs.

    Honestly, if BB just sent out bigger samples and stopped repeating products, they would be doing much better. It’s not that complicated.

    Sephora’s Play is doing it great for $10/month.

  19. I am not a current subscriber to Birchbox and my monthly amount would be $16.00.

    Sounds like the only two concrete benefits they can offer are both Services I know I pay has been testing with some since November at no additional charge.

    Every time I read that their CEO is Vassar and Harvard educated I can’t help but laugh. I have a much less prestigious education (and cheaper) and can make bad business decisions too!!!!

  20. …yeaaahhhh… I’m just waiting to get my tracking information for February’s box, then I’m quitting.

    I don’t have ACE status anymore, and being an ACE seems to be where the real value is (and I don’t plan on spending money to re-reach ACE status, I earned it back in the day when you could review all of your samples for points, slow and steady and cheap). None of these perks are enticing enough to make me want to stay, I’d need more full size products or a higher amount of samples for that.

  21. I’ve been with BB for six months. This is the first time I’m seeing this new set up. I’m a person that has made a nice amount of “Shop” purchases with BB. I wonder why I wasn’t offered either the $14 or $16 Priced plan. I understand that most likely the pricing is based on geographical location. But that really bothers me! I won’t sign up for any program for $18 without better incentives including “some” full sized products. This has truly upset me. I’m hanging on a wire right now with BB.

    • I hit the link above that says for current subscribers and mine reads $14 a month. I feel a little better, but the incentives just aren’t enticing enough to me.

      • BB has been less concerned with its sub customers for at least 2 years. I was a subscriber for 5 years and I feel badly for current subscribers, especially those who joined in the last year. You guys are getting a raw deal and this cements it.

  22. I remember the days I preached Birchbox to everyone…. Now this sub is a hot mess. I remember PSMH went into a dark place at some point. I hope BB gets their act together. I will definitely give them another chance if they improve.

    • I don’t think so, tbh. PS has been up and down in quality and CS since box 1, but the model is always consistent. We happen to be in a period where someone really talented is working on the boxes. BB is changing models, flailing, trying to raise capital for brick and mortar stores to compete with Sephora. This is a money grab – it is away for Katia to get more cash on the books without really giving anything to customers. I am really repulsed by what BB has become. No wonder the OTHER, rarely mentioned founder left.

    • Me too!! I am canceling today, my last 6 months of boxes have sucked!!!

      • I have 2 subscriptions with them on different email accounts. I cancelled my one today and after I get my box from the other account, I’m cancelling that one too! Samples are just too small and what really ticked me off is that they keep sending me dry shampoo in every box! I keep writing bad reviews for the dry shampoos and I told them that the sample is irrelevant to me during the review process! They just keep on sending though..

  23. Goodbye Birchbox.

    • Yup

  24. Really, did they possibly think this was gonna go over well with what few customers they have left?

  25. I am one of those who can upgrade and it is an additional $4.00 per month. I am probably canceling after this month as the past few months have not really offered me anything I really can use.

  26. OHMYLORD, what a debacle! When I opened the email on my phone it was $6 extra per month. When I opened the same email a few hours later on my Mac (to read it again) it was $8 extra!

    These cost variances really irritate me! People are reporting prices from $4 to $8?!! What is THAT all about???!

    I am of the “You have got to be kidding!” camp. I wouldn’t pay $1 or $2 extra a month for these alleged “benefits”.

    I also don’t plan to renew my sub when it expires in a couple months.

    I am no businessperson but this sounds like a last ditch effort of a struggling company before they hang the “Gone Out of Business” sign on the door.

    • This is called A-B testing, they are seeing at what price the most people will pay and then they will send that price out to everyone else.

  27. Mine would be $16. Totally not worth it.

    • Same here.

  28. Lol.. is this an early April fools day joke? Really.. they want you to pay more money to get the same amount of samples? So yes, technically your paying all this extra money to be able to have a couple more choices. For that price, you should be able to pick out all your samples for that month and get an extra couple samples or larger sample sizes!

  29. I saw $18 a month, and then in incognito mode with no cookies and a VPN, saw $14. I believe they are using your buyer tracking data to determine what price point to offer to you. I think this practice is shady!! It should be one set price for everyone, IMO.

    • I saw somewhere they are using your location in the country to determine what you should pay. Wth???

  30. Mine originally said $16 then i just checked again and it said $14. Who knows. I’ve been a BB subscriber since September 2012 (same account)….way to long… ha. I’ve thought about stopping; but it’s $10 a month and I enjoy getting it even if it’s not always what i’ll use. I picked to upgrade to see what its about. I can always cancel later.

  31. Mine was $14 as well so I decided to try it out. I can always go back to the original sub if it doesn’t seem worth it. I remember when they sent out the survey awhile back. Some of these new perks were questions and a few of them I had picked as options I wanted.

    • I agree with you. I will give them a chance and see what they offer!

  32. Swap for points? So you can skip a box but they “give” you $10 to put into your account to spend in the store? Um no. Why can’t they just make it easy to skip a box, period?

    • If they give you $10, but you are paying $18 for the privilege, that doesn’t make sense…

      • Of course it does! Katia still gets her $$!

  33. I find this new plan really confusing and it doesn’t seem that it actually means more product samples each month (just more choices). Am I understanding this correctly? If that’s the case, $18 (or $14, whichever one is right) is not worth it to me.

  34. Now that I checked again – one computer it comes up as $8 but on my phone my account says $4. Maybe their polling to see how many people sign up under which amount? Seems totally unfair. My annual sub doesn’t run out until August and I’ve had BB for two years. I think it is Way worse than it was last year and don’t plan to renew.

  35. I upgraded for $4 more

  36. I think at an $18 price point they should offer a lifestyle item like they do in the Men’s boxes…

    And Ipsy lets us opt out of products and choose one for no extra charge I really don’t see that as a perk worth paying for.

    • Thats so true!! I wonder why they dont for womens..that would make the box more fun

    • How do you do that with Ipsy? I’ve never been able to opt of a product…am I missing something?

      • Just email customer service, it’s a new thing they do! I’ve opted out of things! They’re super awesome!

      • Check the options for March, MSA had a news for it, options, email and everything. Search for it~ It’s actually a kind of experiment for selected members of IPSY subscriber. I’m not selected but I emailed them anyway. I got the items I picked for both January and February.

    • I wish the womans box was like the men’s, where you get to choose a lifestyle product. My bf is really enjoying that part. And I wish bb would do that for us too.

  37. Weird my says $16 a month for the upgrade. I wonder why the different pricing for the same option.

    • Because they are using geolocation and/or buyer tracking data to figure out what price point to offer to you.

  38. I got the email even though I canceled a month ago. I like being able to opt out of certain things i.e. No more red lipstick but I don’t think it’s worth $18. BB needs to come up with some better ideas to get their customers back. Not only did I get their monthly boxes but I was spending several hundred dollars a month in their shop. Not anymore, Dermstore is getting my money.

  39. I must be losing my danged mind (and unfortunately, Birchbox won’t allow me to go back to double check this or undo my decision to stick with my current subscription). I swear to you, my email linked me to the subscription options page, but the cost was the $10 a month, vs. $14 a month and NOT $18. Not exactly thrilled at what I’ve been getting in my box since they did away with the reviews=points system.

    I know I didn’t misread it the amounts because I was tempted at the extra four bucks a month. If I had seen it was $18 a month, I definitely wouldn’t have dithered around making a decision. I’d rather pony up an additional $10 for another subscription than $8 just to get to pick and choose from more dry shampoo, wave sprays, and nude lip colors.

    I am an ACE, so I don’t know if this makes a difference or not.

    • It says if you upgrade you can fast track to the ACE program. What is the ACE?

      • ACE of BB is like VIB or VIB rouge of Sephora.

        • Thank you. So you are fast tracking by spending more money. I don’t see how that is a perk.

  40. My option is for $4 extra a month for the months remaining on my annual sub, which runs out in May. I have been planning not to renew this sub due to the small sample sizes, repeats, and non-customized feel. If I don’t end up liking the curated box enough to choose it, I feel that nothing I get is tailored to my profile. I’m debating if it would be worth $4 extra for those last couple of months to see if I get more items I can use. But I agree with others that these changes certainly aren’t worth paying $8 more a month for, especially compared to the $20-25 range beauty boxes that offer full and deluxe size products.

  41. Mine says it’s an extra $4 a month, which seems much more reasonable. Anyone else have that option showing up?

    • Yes mine is for $4 too. Do you have an annual sub?

      • I dont have an annual sub and my option was $14 and not $18.

    • Mine also says $4, but what’s interesting is that I cancelled my annual earlier this month since February was the last month. I was going to re-subscribe on a monthly basis anyways in March. I think I’ll stick with the $10/month… the last few boxes were spot on, so I’m thinking their algorithm is finally catching on to my reviews & profile.

  42. I only have tried Birchbox for two month. For what I have got, I’m not impressed. For $10 a momth, IPSY and Sephora Play are doing a much better job. $18 for 5 tiny samples… can I say that’s robbing… If Birchbox offer these options for old price, I may consider it again.

    • I totally agree Charlene. I joined Birchbox in November and I’m not thrilled either. I’m cancelling today but if they offered the new options for the same $10 I would stay.

      When you think they are charging us for the option to choose and not for bigger samples which is sad. There are better options out there.

      Last week I read in a MSA newsletter about So Choix and signed up right away. For $15 and of that $5 goes on your account as credit toward buying full size hair, makeup, skincare and accessories from their stores. You pick 4 items from their store that you want to sample and each month they send the top four on your list plus you can buy extra samples for $3 if you want. All the items in their store are well known products from Smashbox to YSL.

      • Totallly agree! I don’t mind paying a little more to get better and bigger items. For Birchbox’s sample size… $18, even $14 is insane. For 20 something, BOXYCHARM and BeautyFix are unbeatable.

        • I agree for a couple more bucks a month there are several other subs that give several samples plus full size with values over $100. So $18 for 5 tiny samples? What they should have done is made this upgrade for free and done a second more expensive option with a higher value box. Birchbox is just not getting it! They are not listening to their customers and this is why they are failing. Charging extra for something that should be free is ridiculous!

    • I don’t even want to tell you guys how great it was in 2011 when I signed up! $10, large samples, often full size! I remember one month I got a fs Laura Geller blush! Plus points for days and coupons all the time. This idea looks silly and complicated. They aren’t getting me back and I was a member for 5 years!

      • I was always wondering why people subscribe to Birchbox. Now you gave me the answer. I guess BB had its good times. For current competitive market, I think it’s fading out soon if they keeping doing these unreasonable sample size and brands and prices.

      • I got a beauty blender and a full size Moroccan Oil hand cream in Birchbox. It used to be amazing!

        • If they still sent a full size item or 2 in BB, then I think it would be so worth the extra price point. Not now though.. I’m not paying extra just to say I don’t want shampoo this month.

  43. I was surveyed about these options back a few months ago, so I suspect I would have been able to opt into this program IF I hadn’t cancelled Birchbox last month. I agree that the prices do not justify the “perks.”

  44. $18 a month puts a box into a different category expectations-wise for me and while I’d LIKE to be able to say “no mascara this month” every month, I don’t see how paying almost twice as much for the same number of samples (that DO seem to be getting smaller over time) is worth it. At all. Am I missing something?

    • Nope. Sadly.

  45. I got the email but opted out- $18 a month seems steep for 5 samples when I can get full sizes for $2 through Boxycharm .

    • $2 more *

    • agree!!!

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