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FYI – Little Lace Box February 2017 Box Shipping Delay

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We have an update on the February Little Lace Box shipping delay:

Dear LLB & Serendipity Subscribers,

We want to let you know your February boxes are currently in curation but have not yet shipped. Much like the recent SpaceX Rocket mission (located in our Florida backyard, in fact the prefix of all our personal phone numbers is 321 – get it?), we were forced to scrub the first ship date because everything was not perfect. We don’t want to send you anything less than perfect. It’s important to us that we deliver a box to you that is not just “thrown together” but also beautifully curated around our theme.

The subscription box business can be a bit tricky sometimes because there are a million moving parts, however, our biggest concern is you, our customer. Our goal has always been to connect you with amazing products and brands we feel you will love to discover and enjoy and then bring them to your front door (or mailbox) making it a convenient and delightful experience. So in order to keep our standards for our customers in place, we’ve moved our February box ship date to March 15th and the Serendipity March Box will ship on March 22nd. So those of you who receive both LLB and Serendipity will have an extra special March! We’ will also be shipping our Kozy Throw Club throw blankets at the end of March as well.

We want to thank each of you for your patience and for allowing us to continue to create these lovely boxes that are curated with you in mind. Each of you are our daily inspiration to work hard and find the most unique, lovely products we feel will make you smile and show you how important you are to our business.

Celebrating Life, Style & You!

The LLB Team

Little Lace Box

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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Comments (124)

  1. Just got this! Yep they are going belly up on us!

    Today at 10:30 PM
    Little Lace Box
    Dear LLB Subscribers,

    For the past few years we’ve truly enjoyed having the opportunity to curate boxes for all of you. Few things came close to the rush we felt when we put out a box that seemed to find a place in your hearts. We received feedback almost immediately and it was like we had given a complete stranger a gift and that gift was returned in the form of a smile or kind word that totally made our day. The subscription box business is one that requires an immense amount of planning. In order to find the right new product and get it at the right price to make the bottom-line work, we had to be working on boxes eight to ten months out. With planning also came the capital investment to secure those contracts so far into the future. Venture capital would be essential to success, and as female founders, we knew securing venture capital would be difficult to do but we tried anyway because we believed in our business. But, unfortunately, as reported by, only just over 6% of all U.S. venture capital funding allocated in 2016 went to female founded companies (heavy sigh). Maybe our concept wasn’t unique enough, or maybe our consumers weren’t a desirable enough consumer segment (women are the most valuable consumers in the world), or maybe this female founded company was just, well, too female.

    Ladies, we’re deeply saddened that we were unable to secure the capital needed to continue our mission to connect all of you with the wonderful women entrepreneurs who are building amazing businesses across the U.S. We held on to hope as long as we could, maybe too long, but at some point we had to ask ourselves if our tenacious desire to succeed was really sustaining life or just prolonging death. We knew the answer would guide our plan for the future. It is with that as our backdrop that we decided it was time to leave the subscription box business and wish for the other more capable business leaders in this category to win for all of us.

    There is a reason why a woman wants a surprise gift every month, even if she purchases the gift for herself. And for one brief shinning moment, we were one of those monthly gifts, and I think we made a difference. I hope the others in this category go right on making a difference for women who love and need these little gifts. A small gesture can mean a lot to someone.

    As of today, we have already begun to process refunds for subscribers and we will work to finish all of those in the coming weeks. We can’t leave without also saying thank you to the amazing women who have been kind enough to review our boxes on their websites and blogs. Without all of you providing the service that you provide, we would have gone nowhere. You told us what you liked about our products and called us out when we didn’t meet expectations. We’d like to say thank you to (in alphabetical order):,,, and, just to name a few.

    We feel so blessed to have developed relationships with many of you. You’ve inspired us in so many ways and we’ve loved your life stories, cried with some of you, laughed with some of you and celebrated with many of you. We’re emotionally invested in LLB so this is particularly difficult for us. And to borrow someone else’s quote and make it our own, “forgive me if I tend to romanticize our significance to some of our subscribers, not every one of our boxes was perfect, but I remember each of them that way because our heart was in them and that was LLB at its best.”

    • So does that mean they aren’t shipping at the end of March like they said, just a week or so ago?! ; )

  2. Hi –
    has anybody heard anything from Little Lace Box? It is the 27th and I have not heard / nor received anything about the Feb. box or this month’s serendipity.

    I looked at their facebook page and i did not see any posts since March 9.

    • Ok – I just looked at my account page & it says that I have no more boxes. This is not true. I am owed at least one of each box. And I think I might be getting another serendipity because they had problems securing the items on one a few months ago.
      Is anyone else having a problem?
      I wonder if they are fading away?

      • According to some people we aren’t supposed to comment on the delay. We’re supposed to just go along with whatever LLB posts and call it the truth. If they post nothing we should just accept that too. God forbid someone should question the delay.

  3. WOW. Just WOW. I’m extremely sure that, although I love my subscribtion boxes bc they brighten my day and make me oh-so-happy that my life has in fact NEVER gone into a chatostrophic downward spiral from getting one late, having a broken item that I had to correspond about, or just plain wasn’t impressed with an item(s) in the curation. Geeeeez folks. I get the disapointment, but from some of the comments I’m reading I’m concerned that getting your boxes later than scheduled is causing a major wreckage in your quality of life. Bit dramatic?? Idol time is the devils workshop–for sure. These sub box companies are also at the mercy of the vendors from whom they acquire our “loot” from. They have been honest and pro-active with communication to us. They have not left anyone in the dark. What do you expect them to do if they are unable to receive the items they carefully curated due to ANOTHER VENDOR’s mishap? Sorry for laughing, but many of these comments are over the top dramatic and quite silly. Not trying to be mean, but WOW.

    • I’m not throwing any blows, but has anyone had any updates on the status on LLB and serendipity? Thanks!

      • My last communication from them was dated March 15th and stated that the February LLB were being pushed back to the end of March and would ship concurrently with the March Serendipity. Radio silence since then, however it is not yet the end of the month. I keep hoping for a tracking notice 🙂

  4. Liz–is it possible for you to get an update from them as to whether they are actually shipping out today?

  5. I’m going to see if they shipped by the 15th.

    • I was told yesterday “by the end of the month”, so I don’t think the 15th will happen.

      I hadn’t heard about the delay til that email and then found this thread. So disappointed.

      • I’m curious if they will ship today…starting to doubt it. This is really ridiculous at some point. Especially since if it’s more delayed, I bet Serendipity will be too.

      • This is my first box with LLB (though I did get one Serendipity one). Do they send notification when they ship?

  6. And for the record? If it’s true that LLB deletes unfavorable comments, they’re not the only ones to do so. I have yet to see a comment of mine, supporting LLB, show up here. Just saying.

    • I don’t even know what’s going on with my subscription. I bought an annual plan and logged in today to check the status and it says expired and no boxes remaining. I’ve only received one box. I’m confused and disappointed…

      • After I read your comment, I tried logging in a and it told me there was no account attached to my email address. I have no idea what’s going on, if it’s just not working right now or they have no record of my year subscription.

    • There’s a comment supporting LLB from a Gina further down in this comment section. It’s the one suggesting Browning lied/exaggerated/doctored emails. Is that yours? If it is, nice baseless accusations to make along with your untrue accusation here against MSA.

      Ladies and gentlemen, we have our first Little Lace Box truther.

  7. I’ve been trying to cancel since Feb. 12th but the Account section on their website does not seem to have a “cancel” option and emails to them have gone unanswered. I have to prepare for a move, as my Mom has recently passed away and would really like to get this matter over with.

    Can anyone tell me if they see a “cancel” option on the website? I’ve tried both Safari and Chrome browsers but never see a spot to click on for cancelling. Thanks in advance!

    • I tried to look but it says my credentials are invalid, I guess they deleted my account when I wrote them about the facewash with microbeads, they felt it wasn’t their fault and shouldn’t be blamed. Weird though, because I got an email from them just this morning about some sale on their website.

    • There is none. You have to email them. Blast them on social media with a negative review and they will cancel your subs.

      • Way to trash a company. I’m sorry but it isn’t right to trash a company that doesn’t deserve the trashing. This is a family business. I own one. It hurts when people do things that are not right. If deserved negative feedback is one thing, Stating that they haven’t responded, sure but trashing is well, trashy.
        Im sad to see this brought back up. They wrote a nice email, they WILL be sending what was ordered. Could the delay be annoying to some, sure. I don’t see the pitchforks for fifth avenue – people waiting for their box since OCTOBER!! October!! Yet this level of anger has not been brought to them. I am sad to see past years issues brought up. Did the father defend his daughters. Yes, but remember you only saw one side of the story(ies) not clue how they were spoken to on the other end. That level of anger doesn’t come from a simple “hey I was just checking” it is brought out by protecting. Customer service does matter, a great deal, also basic human courtesy. If you treat a company badly, it is their right not to sell to you. and visa versa. Just enough is enough. If you are so angry on this, maybe subscription boxes are not for you. As EVERY box (and I have subbed to tons, Popsugar, Luxor (who refuses to replace after 3 days), BB, LLB, Glossy, LE boxes, Robb Vices, Oui Please, and about 20 more at different times) have ALL been late, all rescheduled, all had problems with products coming in. It is the nature of the Business. Customs, Freight arriving late, what was ordered isnt what you received. It is all out of the business’s hands, until the massive problem arrises. At least a nicely worded email when out. And then what did I read??? Bad father comments, comments against these women owners, horrible things. Instead of supporting eachother, understanding this is a 1st world prob and have patience or DONT ORDER. It is that simple. Sharing emails from past years shouldn’t be coming back up. IT wasnt necessarily right them but it isn’t right now. My name is Hillary, I sub to LLB and not work for them (so please no throwing those forks my way) but I also own a business with 40 employees, am very successful and also, an understanding HUMAN BEING that if something like this made me unhappy, I just wouldnt order it.

      • Well said! I completely agree with you on all levels! So much hate… not right. They have always been so incredibly kind to me.

      • Very well said. I am a new subscriber to LLB and Serendipity and was very disappointed about the delay and frankly a bit scared, as I prepaid for a year on both subscriptions, that they may be having difficulties that might extend for more than one month’s box. I emailed them and received a response in a timely manner. I will give them a chance before to fulfill their obligation before making a rash decision to cancel or bash or trash a company may not deserve it.

      • Well said!

        I have been a LLB subscriber from the second box (because of this,I will admit I pay a considerably lower price for my LLB than those who have subscribed in the last year or so)

        I have subscribed to most boxes on the market over the last four or five years. One thing they all have in common (at all price points) is that they can not please everyone, at some point the subscribers will turn on them, and shipping issues will happen. I agree that the email from their dad was not their finest moment, but honestly what was going on with “the masses” wasn’t our finest moment either, I can’t think of a single reason a mature, well balanced, adult woman would need to share screen shots or emails on a forum unless it was to stir up some drama and we do not know what all was in emails prior to that one we saw (I can’t imagine anyone getting that’s protective over one or two questions about a sub box)
        We saw the worst I am sure, because showing good stuff does not gets the same reaction. The mob mentality from everyone with this company is always extreme (and it swing from positive to negative frequently)
        At the end of the day, this is a sub box company with real people behind it not a large corporation (like PSMH or BB) so yes, feelings will get hurt imagine you run a company and a bunch of ladies start trashing you on the net over something that happened long ago but would not let it go just kept brining it up … Kinda like a bully maybe?

        If you don’t like it, don’t subscribe. If you do subscribe then quit complaining month after month since obviously you have chosen to continue to stay in the relationship with them (subscribe to their boxes)

        I do not work for them, I am a real person, a mom, a grandmother, who thinks they have one of the better boxes on the market. Every company has issues at some point in time, for some ladies LLB will never do it “good enough” which is sad they are either missing out on a great box (since it would stand to reason if they have so many issues with LLB they wouldn’t keep subscribing…but wait….they do …. Hmm….. So it is more they just want something to start drama about)

      • Everyone is entitled to their opinion! I have experienced the ridiculousness of how LLB treats customers who expect to get what they paid for and expect to get it on time as promised! If they don’t deliver its totally within my rights to state my opinion. I never did it in a nasty way and yet I was told “we don’t see eye to eye, we will cancel you” which as a business owner yourself you’ve got to wonder how smart is it to try to get RID of customers??? I don’t get it. Out of all of the subscription services this one just wont last

      • any my email doesnt show @lizcadman. Why please?

    • Call them sadly. I made my boyfriend to it.

      • Thanks everyone…it looks like I will indeed have to call. They finally replied by email but clearly didn’t understand that I want to cancel NOW. Their email said since my subscription was not marked as an “auto-renewal”, when it ended in several months it would be over. Hopefully I’ll be able to get through to them on Monday. This is adding more stress to an already stressful time 🙁

  8. I am so horrified by what I am reading about this company. It’s almost too terrible to believe, but I totally believe it.

    • please don’t, you are only seeing one side of the story.

      • ??? What’s the other side of the story if I may ask?

  9. wow, just wow. I have never been so happy that I didn’t buy something!!! I have looked at past boxes from this company and had not yet decided which I would subscribe to. And after reading all these reviews, I can say that I won’t be subscribing to either. And just in case they actually do stalk these comments I would send out a word of advice – bad reviews are bad for your business, and yes, these reviews ARE costing you customers!

  10. Just as a recap, because I’m still offended to this day, this is the emails I received from LLB in 2015:

    Hi Browning,

    This was sent to me to handle. My kids call me the Darth Vader of subscription boxes, because I hate when people are uncivil in their communication with us. I cancel people like that every week, and it’s as easy as scrapping mud off my shoes. We live in a civil society and I’ve taught my children to act in a civil manner, and I expect nothing less from a customer. There are 157 million women in the US, canceling the rude ones still leaves plenty of good people. Why would anyone think that they can pay $45 for a subscription box, and that somehow gives them the right to deride people on a personal level. I completely understand if you don’t like the contents of a box, or you don’t like the girls taste. You have the right to express your opinion, but taking it to a personal level goes beyond the pale.

    What if we posted a page on our site called the Britt McHenry award, and we awarded it to you this month? Do you know who McHenry is, she’s a vile human being, and although we aren’t a huge business, we get 60,000 visitors a month to our site. They would all see your name and we would explain why you won this month. Would you be embarrassed? How would it make you feel? When you say, “LLB is covering up something.” That isn’t just expressing your displeasure with our product (again, you have the right to do that), it’s an indicting comment against the very character of our company, and it is completely untrue. But you said it anyway. Is this a cry for attention or help? Actually I don’t care either way. I guess your comment, “my bad” is your way of saying you’re sorry for making untrue statements about our company.

    From: Little Lace Box [mailto:[email protected]]
    Sent: Monday, April 27, 2015 5:20 PM
    To: ‘Kevin Bryan’
    Subject: FW: MSA

    From: Browning Clark
    Sent: Saturday, April 25, 2015 2:34 PM
    To: The Curator from LLB
    Subject: Re: MSA

    Hi there! As an artisan myself, I just found it hard to believe that the artist would put the design on the outside, leaving the exposed area of the tray completely design-free. So I assumed she had a helper or something that misunderstood the instructions and pressed the basket weave into the wrong side of the clay. And then their needed to be an explanation for the 2 versions and I didn’t really get what you were saying about the ancient olive jar and how that explained the design on 2 different sides. I didn’t think you were trying to cheat anyone…I was thinking the artist was pulling your leg. But, someone commented that both versions were for sale on your website and sure enough, they are. My bad. Like I also said in my comments, I still love LLB.

    Sent from my iPhone

    On Apr 25, 2015, at 4:53 AM, The Curator from LLB wrote:


    Do you really believe we are covering something up? Are those your comments on MSA? We are concerned when one of our subscribers believes we are trying to cheat them. Please help us understand what is going on here, so we can get it resolved.

    Thank you

    • Wow, unprofessional AND poor grammar. That correspondence to you was absolutely terrible. I can’t believe people would susbscribe to anything offered from these nitwits.

    • Unreal. I can’t believe any professional would email you in such an ‘uncivilized’ manner. So done with this company now. Thank you for allowing us all to see this horrible behavior.

    • 😲 oh my god.

    • Wow. That originally started with comments made here? I can’t even… wow. I can see being upset if derogatory comments are made about your biz, yes but you can’t shoot from the hip like that and act on emotion and degrade a human being that you don’t know. Wow, hopefully he has grown since then. Smh do they refund people’s money when they cancel them?

    • That was from their father? Wow, and these women are suppose to be grown a$$ adults? He is a poor excuse for a father in my opinion. Glad I cut sling load with this farce of a company!

    • I’m so sorry I didn’t heed the warning after reading this when MSA decided to ‘allow’ LLB & Serendipity back onto the site.

    • I love how so many are just blindly accepting this side of the story. Hasn’t everyone heard that there are 3 sides to every story? I’m sorry to be so blunt but didn’t Browning get enough attention the first time around? I find it extremely hard to believe that she was perfectly sweet and polite and immediately apologetic and then attacked for no reason. And did no one question the validity of that supposed response? The
      mob mentality is alive and well on MSA threads.

  11. I currently have 2 annual subscriptions with LLB (one for me, one for my mom). After the all the shipping delays + having to ask where my second box was in December, I’m fed up with this company. I wish I could just cancel and get my money back. This company seems very unprofessional and is definitely not worth the stress.

    • Can you cancel it you pre-paid for an annual sub if you’re not happy? Seems like you should be able to, since you paid so much and only recieved a portion of what you pre-paid for. Very disheartening to hear all these stories!!

      • Yes, but they take 4% off the amount they owe you for processing the refund.

  12. They already have their April box spoiler theme up on the site. “All My Sisters and Me”.

  13. Last time this happened for LLB they offered a refund because of the delay and I asked for a refund. Now, I received this email and went to check to make sure I wasn’t signed up for the box and my account cannot even be found? I guess they deleted my account as well, all for choosing the refund option because of their shipping delay!

    • Yes, they did that to me.

  14. I was an annual subscriber with them. I had multiple problems (like only getting 1 glove in a box, missing and broken items). When they started Serendipity I signed up right away. During the fall of last year, when they were late shipping I never received the e-mail. I sent them an e-mail asking why I wasn’t notified of the late shipping / cancellation. They immediately sent me an e-mail saying they didn’t think I was happy and would be refunding my money for both subscriptions until my renewal. At first I was hurt, but since then I haven’t looked back. I would never subscribe to them again. Frankly I was relieved I didn’t get the last LLB as it was full of things I never would have used. So long LLB and Serendipity. Sounds like you are doing the same thing again. Thank goodness I am done with them.

  15. LLB does seem to have more problems with shipping than any other subscription box I’ve ever received (and I receive alot!) And watching for negative comments and then closing the customer’s account because you disagree with them??? Very poor customer service in my opinion, not to mention childish.

    Does PopSugar Must Have, GlossyBox, Boxycharm, etc. stalk comments and close accounts because of them? Highly doubtful because they’re busy shipping boxes out and trying to KEEP our business.
    Now, I’ll just watch and see if they cancel my account like they did many many others in the past for not agreeing with them. It’s a shame because I really liked my boxes when I did receive them. And adding a great freebie to the box as an apology would really go a long way.

  16. I would like to say as someone who subscribes to about 20 or so boxes and also runs my own small subscription box, the job is not easy. My box only maintains about 100 subscribers but it is a LOT of work, and it is only a part time thing for me. Vendors back out or do not fulfill orders and it can be really stressful. Or you get something fun like the P.O. failing to deliver packages promptly and that is completely out of your control. I don’t think the average subscriber really knows what its like. So in LLB’s defense, it is not an uncommon thing to experience.

    HOWEVER, I learned after a few months of running a box by myself after my partner bailed the day after launch that there were ways I could fix things, such as ordering items for the next month super early. For my March box, I already have all of the items needed and won’t even be shipping until the 10th of March. I do think that that women who run LLB are very unprofessional with customers (aren’t they just three sisters who’s rich daddy pays for everything?) and have not found successful ways at managing their business. I think its insane that the community of MSA lives in a sort of quasi-fear that the LLB women will lash out against them, and the fact that they can’t even get the sub boxes they already have in place together before starting ANOTHER one makes no sense. So yes, I will still give LLB a thumbs down, but I do think people need to remember that this is a tough business to navigate. All that to be said, I will not be keeping my subscription with them after my annual term expires.

    • I know that you have no control over vendors who do not deliver, and that must be frustrating for someone running this type of business. I would think as a good business practice I would always be 2-3 months ahead of whatever box was shipping this month, so if something comes up, I could find a replacement item.

      • Yes, I had to learn that quickly. And also had to learn that it is important to curate well out (I was working on the March box in November). Sometimes (especially when you are small) you can’t afford to buy all of the product so early because you need the next wave of renewals to pay for it so that can be tricky. But for a company like LLB, I think they are failing their customers time and time again. I kind of agree with the other comments that they haven’t even gotten the items for this box or have no idea what is going to be in the box.

      • What is the name of your subscription box?

    • What’s the name of your subscription box? Is it beauty related? Very interested. Also, are you accepting new subscribers and what is the price? Thanks!

  17. They issued me a gift card and closed my account. We will see is I get anything from the fraudsters! So glad to be done with this company. I have posted on Facebook, twitter and instagram and thinking about doing a YouTube video about this.

    • It would be great if you do a video! LLB deletes comments on Facebook that are not praising them. Outside of MSA I don’t think people know how they are.

      • I am active duty military and have 1873 friends on Facebook so I’m not depending on my post up on their Facebook page. All I have to do is post it on my wall and every other military person I am friends with will repost, etc., etc. Facebook and twitter are pretty powerful and companies can’t control what goes up on each individuals wall. I am going to do a video.
        They need to take personal responsibility and own up to the fact that they are failing in their obligation to their subscribers. Even when they do issue refunds they take 4% off the top to cover their fees.

      • Thanks for your service! Smart!! I will do a YouTube such in the next week for Little Lace box and will be cool if I see your vid. Wow did not know they keep a percentage for refunds.

  18. Sigh … the least they could do is throw in a little something extra into everyone’s orders to make up for all the delays. All they seem to do is apologize.

    • Well, as we don’t know what they intend to put in the box, I’m not sure what something extra would mean. How could we know if it was really extra or not?

      let’s hope they are really working to make it a great box – but I’m confident they will. I tend to really like their boxes, though not necessarily immediately after I get them. That’s because they usually include things I wouldn’t buy for myself, which really, is the whole point of subscribing to them.

    • I know even loot crate threw in an extra item to make up for it. This company has caused headaches far too many times. If other companies can do it and on time, why can’t they. Obviously they’re enjoying all of the money making than the working and their apologies are always we want ‘a perfect box’ yet their boxes are not that amazing. The serendipity box we waited FOREVER for ended up being a bomb. I’m not sugar coating my feelings, sorry, not sorry lol

    • Why is it they act like the subscription business is so out of sorts, yet they are the only sub box I have that have been constantly late?! Loot wear was late last month but they updated us several times by email and even threw in an extra because of their shipping issue. This company makes too many excuses ‘oh we want to make the perfect box’ lol whatever.. We expect to get the service we paid for and if you’re a good business you provide that or you try to make it up to your customers. They act like their boxes are so much better than other boxes that it’s worth waiting for…

      • Not defending LLB, but just want to say that other boxes have delays too… The first that comes to mind is Quarterly – a.k.a. “Randomly” because that’s when their boxes show up. LOL!

    • Apparently, not posting my comments if I say anything negative or state my opinion. I absolutely agree with you though. This is getting out of hand. When my sub is up=cancel and run

  19. WOW. This would have been my first month of the subscription. I wish I had known they have so many problems I would never have signed up. And just like you guys I got no email at all

  20. I’m disappointed, but I really do like this subscription box. I do appreciate that they are being honest with their customers.
    I’m always surprised when I hear people complain about their customer service, because for me personally, they have taken care of issues right away.
    But having said this, I hope they get these issues ironed out soon because people are obviously losing patience and I don’t want them to shut down.

  21. Does anyone know if I purchased a year subscription (6 shipments), will it automatically renew? This will be my last box, my 6th, and I don’t plan to renew. Do I need to contact them?

    • I’m not 100% sure, but my experience with any sub box has been that it will renew unless canceled.

  22. I’ve emailed them three times since Feb. 12th trying to cancel my subscription.Trying to do so on their website seems impossible. Other than an initial automated email reply, I haven’t had any kind of response from them. Quite annoyed right now :/

  23. I love LLB so much and I believe that they put a lot of thought and consideration into their curation. Out of the million subscription boxes that I receive, I truly believe LLB and Serendipity are consistently my favorite. They are sweet and delightful every month. I was so sad when they cancelled a month of the serendipity box a few months ago, and sad that they delayed the shipping this month of LLB, but I trust them and will love them forever. I know it is important to them that they deliver something that makes me feel special each time, so I appreciate their dedication to quality.

    • > insert eye roll < Ummm…..I'm just going to go ahead and say what we're probably all thinking….. LLB is stalking the comments again.

      • LOL!!! Yes D.!!!

      • It that true… Do they come on here and post comments?

      • Beth, it is rumored (or perhaps confirmed) that they do in fact sit and stalk the comments on MSA. There are users here that have reported the LLB cancels their subs (without the subscriber’s consent) on the grounds that their comments were negative here so they don’t want that customer’s business anymore. Whenever I comment on an LLB post I make sure to not use my name because I don’t want them coming after me maliciously.

      • I’m new here but why would you pay for something that could harm you in anyway? This is not meant to be negative towards you, more for a call to not do or end business with Little Lace Box or anything immediately that sacrifices you from being yourself.

      • WTF….. Its so crazy to me that everyone is commenting with one letters… This makes so angry that they have that creepy eay about them and they should be using the time that are stalking on on important things like keeping the few customers that they haven’t chased away. Stalking, deleting, it’s never their fault. I’m not a subscriber. Not after November. Yes they deleted my whole account after I had to email them like a crazy person to get my money back so… I did truely loved there 9.99 boxes soooo much. They just decide after a box is supposed to be half way to your house that ohh by the way were not sending you crap and or not until we see fit. Sorry everybody and liz for putting it out there but know one should have to pay money to walk around on egg shells…

      • P.S. – I wrote that comment after I honest to god just worked 12 hrs in the ER having influenza patients coughing in my face all day long. My hope for humanity after such a day is non existent. However, LLB makes me happy and brings me joy on a tough day. So, nope, LLB is not trolling the site, and you go right ahead and eye roll all you want. I think LLB is great and that patience can sometimes be a virtue.

      • Why were patients not wearing a mouth and nose mask in the ER to prevent them from coughing in your face? Sad that you enjoy a monthly subscription box more than your career of choice. The career that one chose to help others sick or injured. This is coming from a girl that had the flu last week in the ER with wonderful caretakers.

      • Jenn… I think it seems a little crazy to blame B for enjoying a sub box. As a nurse I understand what she meant. Also, just because patients should wear masks doesn’t mean they do. =) I’m glad you had great care last week. That’s what we hope patients take away. Also, hope you’re feeling better!

      • That is entirely too dramatic. LLB is the ONLY thing that restores your hope for humanity and that brings you joy?? Even your overall writing style and use of words are laid out like one of the blurbs in their little booklets each month…. #notbuyingit

      • D…I sort of made a point to Jenn as a nurse, but as a subscriber I’m inclined to agree with you. Just in case an actual nurse wrote that, though, I gotta show a little love.

      • I completely agree with you! That letter that a lot of people seem to be upset over was just a dad looking after his daughters and they were getting really mean comments I remember all that. I actually felt bad for them. I think it’s cool that if they feel people are being super negative they just refund their money! I mean the audacity of giving people a refund when they’re not happy?!🙀 But to each their own I love LLB and their quirkiness, and their boxes make me super happy😃

      • And another one comes out to play.

      • What does that mean? Oh so no one is allowed to have a different opinion otherwise they aren’t legit? Wow… well you can live in your little bubble but hopefully you can realize that there are other people with different opinions.

      • Lawden, perhaps you don’t know this, but most of the “refunds” were actually just LLB canceling people’s accounts without the people actually asking to have them canceled. The people would email with a question or concern and LLB would just flat out cancel their accounts instead of try to resolve a problem. THAT is where the discontent stemmed from.

      • Well if that’s true I can see the other side to that definitely, and I would not like that being done to me at all. I just felt a little bit like they were being ganged up on and I just felt the need to defend them I guess, mainly because every interaction I’ve ever had with them has been so awesome and they’ve always gone above and beyond for me, but yeah I can see some cause for concern there…

    • Do you work for them?

    • This comment really oversold, otherwise I may have believed it…maybe.

  24. This is very irritating. I bought a 6 month subscription about 6 months ago and during that time I have only received one box. The company was more than happy to take my money immediately though. No delay there. Live and learn.

  25. I’d be a little less irritated if they’d have given up a spoiler. We still don’t know a single item in this box, do we?

    • It doesn’t sound like they know a single item either.

      • That’s sort of my feeling. If they knew, they should have spoiled something to distract us from the issue. Or why not throw in a small extra and spoil that, again, to distract us.

      • Yes, they should give us something as a thank you for waiting. That’s what other boxes i’ve subbed to tend to do when there is a delay for all!
        Some even do it if you prod them on a week long delay for one(popsugar did this when my shipping was late for no reason!).

  26. So… they create a new subscription and then delay the other subscriptions?? How about instead of starting up something new, you make sure your original is in order. Don’t bite off more than you can chew!! This is NOT good. Still haven’t received my face wash replacement I asked for last month for crying out loud.

    • You won’t receive the replacement. After numerous emails I finally got a response that they are out of stock and they refunded my money.

  27. Bad business! I will NEVER subscribed to them again after this mess! I have a very strong feeling that they won’t be in business for long. They could had told us before the 20th that the box will be delayed because I’m pretty sure they knew beforehand.

  28. Can anyone tell me if you can cancel your prepaid year-long sub to LLB or Serendipity? I am over this company and cannot believe the trouble we’ve ALL had getting boxes from them!!!

    • I think as long as you give honest feedback and express your dissatisfaction with them they will more often then not cancel your subscription for you without even waiting to be asked. They are super professional like that.

      • Funniest (and truest) comment ever hahaha!

      • 🙂

      • Make sure to show your polite dissatisfaction publicly! They will happily help you out! 😁

      • Ok, but do they refund my money at that? Because if not, it’s worth just waiting it out…to hope I get my stuff.

  29. They actually closed and canceled my subscription last year saying they didn’t want to do business with “someone like me…” — whatever that means??? I’ll never order anything from them again.

    • Wwwwwwwhat…. ? Are you serious? What could you have possibly said to elicite that reaction? Lol

    • They were very rude to me too. I had to contact them four times over three weeks to get mine cancelled. Bad business.

  30. I HAVE AN ACTIVE SUBSCRIPTION AND DID NOT RECEIVE THIS! REALLY??!! I would have taken it better but this is the second time I have been notified of issues via MSA instead of a personal email.

    • Mine was in the junk file, you could check there?

      • Mine was ALSO in my junkmail, and I found it randomly because I check it every day.

      • Nope not in junkmail

      • Same here. I actually just found this posting today because I was wondering why I never received by February box. Nothing in my inbox or junk mail…so I came looking for an answer on MSA. Exact same thing happened last time.

      • Nothing in my junk mail except for junk. Apparently my first response didn’t make it through the screening process 🙂

  31. Again!!

  32. This is the last straw…

  33. Priceless! Priceless Priceless.

  34. I got this email and my account for llb was cancelled December was my last box, maybe they let me know because I do get serendipity! I will be very mad if they renewed llb!

    • I only and have only ever subed to Serendipity and I also got the email. I think you’re probably safe 🙂

  35. This company has the worst shipping record – it’s like every time there is a shipping delay they apologize profusely saying it never happens, but then the next month comes and another shipping delay.

    They ship every other month so how hard is it to get everything together to ship by the promised date??

    And opening another company – the Kozy Throw thing, is only going to delay them even more! Bad idea.

  36. This company has tons of shipping problems and bad customer service. Very rude. So glad I cancelled!!!

  37. That’s so late! At the very least, couldn’t they have told us before a few days after the promised ship date? And it feels like this is EVERY MONTH.

    • Exactly. Reminiscent of “Darth Vader”.

      • Lol. All your accounts with be deleted and you won’t be able to log back in EVER….well that’s what happen to me… Nothing is ever their fault. Its now the Moon’s fault.

      • Happened to me too! I wasn’t even a subscriber, I just purchased some items in their online store. There was a problem with the transaction and they contacted UPS, had the delivery redirected to return to them and just deleted my account as if it was never there. All without any communication. They definitely don’t know anything about customer service. I’m pretty sure their actions were illegal, but I don’t have any interest in pursuing it. I will just stay far away from them.

      • I cancelled before they could cancel me during the last go around. They and their father “Darth Vader” (if you remember the reference from last time) were so nasty to their customers. Not me personally but I would never support a business that was so hateful to the people they say they value, the customer. I absolutely know the customer is not always right but stalking, deleting comments, cancelling accounts is NEVER right. I know MSA refused to review their box for awhile them picked them up again. I never gave them a second look because their level of revenge against their customer base was unforgivable to me. I guess we’ll see how round 2 plays out.

    • This is getting old….. they’ve known about this for some time now obviously and are just NOW telling people? 3 days AFTER our expected ship date all while ignoring customers who have reached out to them for information. I don’t know of any other sub box that has this problem almost EVERY single box and this box only ships every other month…. not too mention, the quality and contents overall seem to go down each box… I’m sure after this comment they will cancel my subscription per their usual response to a dissatisfied customer…. we shall see….

      • Wow, they really cancel subscriptions after negative comments? That’s just seems crazy to me. If Pop Sugar did that, they would have no customers left, let’s face it. Obviously you can’t make everyone happy all the time, there are A LOT of negative comments on most all subscription boxes from time to time. I’m new to them this would have been my first box, I was so bummed to have received the e-mail pushing the date to March 15th, but felt that their explanation was honest and goes with what they claim their mission statement is.. maybe there was an issue with a company they were working with beyond their control that couldn’t deliver at the last minute what they felt was their big ticket item, like they said they didn’t want to just throw it together. Idk.. I have looked at past boxes and loved them. It’s frustrating but things do happen unfortunately when you run a business that sometimes cause delays, etc. Again I’m new and have zero experience with them so I’m HOPING for the best, Like a kick ass box-giving them the benefit of the doubt, I hope they deliver. I have seen so many positive comments under reviews of their boxes, I did however hear of an incident with a customer after I subscribed.. thought it was a one time thing, idk.. sad to hear all this. Hoping it’s not like this or things have changed… :/

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