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Boxycharm Waitlist Explained


So many readers were talking about BOXYCHARM‘s waitlist, that I thought it would be helpful to reach out and get more information about what you can expect:

Thank you so much for contacting BOXYCHARM! With the growing success of our boxes, a temporary waitlist has been activated. At this time, our waitlist remains active, and if you subscribe your subscription will be added to it. Once it is your turn, you will automatically be removed from the waitlist, your credit card will be automatically charged in accordance with your selection of payment term, and the terms on our website for a recurring subscription will apply. Unfortunately, at this time, we are unable to determine which box will be your first box but rest assured that Charmers will be removed from the waitlist and actively subscribed in the order joined. We hope that this helps! ๐Ÿ™‚

Not a lot of specifics, but hope that helps a little!

If you havenโ€™t signed up for this box yet, it is $21 a month. Check out my reviews of Boxycharm boxes, our posts ofย Boxycharm Spoilersย for future updates!

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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Comments (138)

  1. I was put on the wait list April 5th. I tried sending them an e-mail just wanting to know the longest I may be on the waitlist and they sent me a generic response they send to everyone. How long do you think I can expect to be on the waitlist?

    • it will be awhile, I cancelled after getting this message:


      Thank you for following up with us regarding your current waitlist status! Unfortunately,We do have subscribers waiting to get off the list since February but our team is working hard to try and get everyone off in a timely matter this has been due to the growing success of our boxes.We do apologize for any inconvenience this matter has caused you.

      P.S. Please note that submitting a new subscription will only place you in the back of the queue.

      Hope we can charm you soon!<3

      Stay Charming,

      Lily and your BOXYCHARM Team โ™ก

    • I have been on it since February and last month they sent email telling me I am on the waitlist. I just sent another email and will update you when I hear back from them.

  2. I was put on waitlist in feb. Sent a 2nd email the other day asking why some are off right away and others have to wait. Said it’s not a good way to start off a new sub relationship and what do ya know. Today my box is shipped. I have to say it leave a little sour taste.

  3. I opted out. After over a month on the waiting list, and seeing other people get off before I did, I decided I don’t want anything to do with the childish games. Boxycharm was great, for a while, but I’m not a fan of this system.

    As a heads up, it did take 4 days from my cancellation email to a confirmation.

    • Are you new to Boxycharm and you were on the wait list? Or were you subscribed and you cancelled because you think Boxycharm is playing games? It took 4 days for them to cancel your subscription or take you off the wait list? I’m sorry I’m asking because I would like to subscribe to Boxycharm and it seems like the experience is not going to well. I was not sure if you were wait listed or if you were subscribed and you cancelled. Thank you in advance.๐Ÿ™‚

      • I am new to Boxycharm and was put on the waitlist. I decided I wanted to wait to subscribe (and get the 3 month subscription at a later date) so I wanted to cancel the waitlist. I sent an email through the website with the description ‘Cancel Waitlist’ and expressed my wishes in the body. I was removed from the waitlist and the box shipped. I can cancel the subscription now that I’m not on the waitlist but I’m a little disappointed that they are sending me a box.

  4. So after a very blunt email sent to boxycharm about them removing people from the waiting list that subbed after me & me still being on the waitlist when I should not be, I’m officially getting a February box! Yay! It definitely should not have had to come to that, but I suggest anyone still on the waiting list to give it a try.

    • That happened to me today too. After sending a terse response to their canned answer seems I got an email saying I’m off the waitlist and getting a February Box!

  5. Just out of curiosity, is anyone still on the waitlist?

    • I’m still on the waitlist. I wish they would tell you there is a waitlist before you give them your credit card information instead it says limited spots available.

      • My thoughts exactly. It’s really deceiving. If I don’t get a response by the 28th, I will cancel while on the waitlist. I do have other subscriptions and the only reason I signed up is for that amazing Dr Brandt microdermabrasion. ๐Ÿ˜†

      • I would email them saying others have been off the waitlist already. I did that and they replied 3 days later that I was off the waitlist and receiving the Feb box๐Ÿ˜€. I signed up Feb 9th and there are others who signed up since January and are still on the waitlist. Subscribers should be off the waitlist in the order they signed up and they are not following that I explained that to them. I hope this helps

    • Still on the waitlist. I sent them an email and got a canned answer. I replied that I knew two women who got off the waitlist after I was on, and have not yet received a response to that. I also said why advertise getting the February box if you couldn’t.

  6. So ladies, I sent an e-mail last Thursday asking them to clarify their wait list polity (i.e. why people aren’t removed in the order in which they signed up) and yesterday I got the e-mail saying I’m off the wait list (YAY!) . . . but, the strange thing is I got this message about 30 seconds later. If I ever get a response I’ll share it for those of you still on the wait list. Best of luck to all patiently waiting.

    Thank you for contacting BOXYCHARM regarding your current waitlist status!

    While we are currently working with our BOXY-Tech Team regarding your waitlist inquiry, we can confirm that you were successfully removed from the waitlist and billed today for the February Box! You should receive an email shortly with your order confirmation. Your box will ship out within the next 5-10 business days and youโ€™ll receive an email with your tracking number as soon as your box is on its way to you. We encourage you to check your shipping information and billing information is accurate on your account to avoid any shipping delays.

    • I was part of the waitlist community. I received my tracking # for my February box this morning!

      • I was pulled off the waitlist on 2/16 and also got shipping notification today. Maybe they ship out a batch in waves. Super excited!

    • The same thing happened to me. I emailed them last Friday 2/17 and told them about how other people signing up after me and were off the waitlist already which wasn’t fair since I had signed up before them. I saw that many signed up 2/15 and we’re not put on the waitlist. So I received an email today which said the exact same thing as yours and then I was off the waitlist finally immediately. I am receiving the February box ๐Ÿ˜€. I would recommend emailing them since many have been off the waitlist shortly after

      • I signed up Feb 9th

      • SMH! If you’re a big company like this and have a waitlist you need to address the concerns of those on it. I am very upset. I have officially been on it since my birthday Feb 7 and can’t get a legit response. Either you need to get more products or close putting in new accounts til u can meet the demand. But definitely people need to come off in the order they signed up! I think they should do something to compensate us for the wait!

  7. What is the email for the people on the waiting list. It seems like many are emailing boxycharm and then getting off the waitlist shortly after. Can u guys share the email or post a link please

  8. I just got off from the waitlist! I am so happy^_^
    I signed in Jan.20th.
    Good luck to you all!

    • That’s great Jane! ๐ŸŽ‰๐ŸŽŠ

  9. YAAAAS KWEEN LIZ!!! Haha, yeah, all caps means I’m off the waitlist too, just got my email. I was going to comment here last night and thank you for this (but i fell asleep at my desk, heh), so I thank you even more now! I wouldn’t be surprised if your reaching out to them was the catalyst for them to make so many people active. I can’t thank you and everyone involved with MSA for all your hard work. Please know that it’s very much appreciated.

    • ๐Ÿ’–

  10. Yay!! I just got the e-mail that I am off the waiting list. I signed up Feb. 2nd. Don’t know if it’s because I e-mailed to complain or if they would’ve taken me off anyways.

    • Wow I been on the waiting list for two months now. If I don’t hear anything by the end of this month, I am going to cancel and go with someone else. I wanted to feature it on my channel,but oh well:(

  11. I am not sure that really helps anyone, honestly. There are people that have been on the wait list since January and December, but then others are signing up this month and getting off the list a few days later. People whom signed up in January are coming off it before people who signed up in December. It just seems very random to be honest. Not to mention, those who reactivate after canceling are coming off the wait list within hours if even put on it at all. It seems to me that Boxycharm is doing this randomly, unless you’ve been subscribed previously, then you don’t need to wait, but everything else is random. They’re definitely not going in order of when you sign up. I love Boxycharm, I’ve been with them for over a year, and it’s definitely worth the money. And I have never had to wait but do think it is also worth the wait. I just wish that they’d be more fair when it comes to this wait list. And that they’d be more organized and Less random. I mean, I feel they pretty much lied when they said they’re going in order because they’re clearly not and everyone can see that if they read comments on YouTube, Facebook, blogs,Instagram, etc. Just isn’t right in my opinion. It is a wonderful subscription though, I can’t deny that at all.

    • You are right it’s not fair

      • Anyone who is still on the waiting list try e-mailing them and letting them know that they have taken several people off the waiting list who signed up after you. That’s what I did and shortly after I was removed from the waiting list.

      • Yes, I emailed them after I saw others getting off and 3 hours later I got the email.

      • Where did u find the email. I want to email them too and see what they reply back. If u have a link can u share please

  12. YAY!! Super psyched! I signed up the 11th, just 5 days ago and got my email today that Im off the waitlist! I am extremely surprised cuz I heard people had been on the waitlist for 2 months!

  13. Omg I signed up on Feb 1st and just got off the wait list today…I hope that means I’m getting February’s box because I don’t want March.

    • Yes u should be getting the February box! The email i got when i signed up said… ” Your first box will be for the month in which you receive your order receipt. For example, if u are waitlisted in January and you recieve your order receipt in March, ur first box will be a March box.”
      So if u got an email saying they billed you, then you will be getting it!! ๐Ÿ˜Š

    • You will be getting February’s box. I sent a question to Boxycharm and was informed that I would be receiving February’s box that will ship within 5-10 business days.

  14. Well, finally got a (canned) response and I can confirm that they are being dishonest — or that “your turn” doesn’t mean “in the order in which you signed up.”

    Thank you so much for contacting BOXYCHARM! We have reviewed your account and can confirm that your subscription is still on the waitlist since January 21, 2017, to join our subscription service.

    At this time, our waitlist remains active, and your subscription has been added to it. Once it is your turn, you will automatically be removed from the waitlist, your credit card will be automatically charged in accordance with your selection of payment term, and the terms on our website for a recurring subscription will apply. Rest assured that you will only be billed one time for a monthly plan once you are officially removed from the waitlist.

    Unfortunately, at this time, we are unable to determine which box will be your first box but rest assured that Charmers will be removed from the waitlist and actively subscribed in the order they joined. If you would like to cancel your account and be removed from the waitlist, please donโ€™t hesitate to email us at any time to let us know and we will further assist you although we would hate to see you go.

    P.S We cannot guarantee how long you will be on the waitlist. As we have more people on the waitlist, we try our best to build more boxes to accommodate everyone this month.

    We look forward to having you as a Charmer very soon! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Stay Charming,

    Jessy and your BOXYCHARM Team โ™ก

    • Yep. They’re being dishonest. I stated in a previous comment here that they are. I see some people saying they signed up February 1st and are off the wait list already. But you’ve been on since January…. That is crap. They should just say that you’re wait listed and you get it when you get it and it’s a random luck of the draw. I’d screen shot comments and email them back if I were you, or anyone else who’s been waiting for a long time, and tell them you know that they’re being dishonest since people who signed up after you are off the list already. I’d do that because I’d be curious how they’d respond to that.

      • extremely tempted to do just this, I see people that signed up almost a week after I did and are off the waitlist, I’d be fine with waiting behind people that have been waitlisted since January or that signed up before I did in February, you know how a list usually works.. but seeing that its totally random and there’s no guarantee that I’ll get February or even March ( as meh as I am about March thus far) isn’t very fair, and makes me not trust them very much anymore. I hate to whine about things like this, but honesty is so important to me, and they are lying or at least not being very clear or forthcoming about this whole waitlist thing.

        I got the same cookie cutter answer Liz did and I asked to be taken off the list entirely since I am not a fan of how they are handling this not to skip the list to be taken off..and the same answer almost word for word…

      • I was getting the boxes for a few month, un subbed as to not receive the January box, then re subbed Feb 1st. I was never put on a wait list…If this is true, then I should have been automatically been put on a wait list since there were clearly people already on it…so screwed up!!!!

    • Hi Jessy, I notice a lot of people who just signed up this month for Boxycharm is already off the list. However, I signed up in December 2016 and I am still on the waiting list. Is there a reason behind this? A concern potential customer.

  15. I re-subbed last night and within an hour I was off the wait list…no rhyme or reason to the list.

    • ooops, double post….

  16. I am a new subscriber. I went on the wait list on January 29th and was released from the wait list today! I am so excited! It says I should be getting the February box!!!

    • Same here! So excited to get my first box. ๐Ÿ™‚

  17. Now I’m officially just mad ๐Ÿ˜ก
    Again, congrats to ppl who just got off the wait list and kept the rest of us updated.
    I emailed boxycharm last night and still haven’t heard back from them.
    Meanwhile, ppl who subbed after Feb (I subbed on 01/21) are getting emails since this morning saying they’re off the wait list!
    WTH boxycharm?!
    I know it takes time for companies to respond to customers’ emails, but if they have the time to notify ppl on being off the wait list, why can’t they respond to me??
    Sorry for the unpleasant msg. I’ll wait until this evening to see if I need to email them again… Bad impression for me as a new subscriber…

    • Don’t feel bad, I’m right there with you, signed up 1/21, no message and no response to my e-mail yet. We’ll probably never know what happened, but this has all the appearances of an epic fail.

    • I’m wondering if a separate dept handles the questions/concerns emails vs the emails for new accounts coming off the waitlist. All correspondence I have sent to them has taken at least 48 hrs for them to respond during business hrs. If I sent email over a weekend, the response was even longer. I hope you will be removed from their waitlist today. ๐Ÿ˜Š

    • I feel your pain! I subbed at the end of January bc I really wanted that box ( badly!!! ) and was put on the waitlist, ( btw I had an account b4 so I just reactivated it) and then I hear people not even having to wait just getting in so I emailed them ( several times) and every single response sounded like a generic computer response, so I just got fed up and started up a new account and finally got in with that one! There is no waitlist order, and I really think their customer service, at least the side that replied to customer emails, are not real people, just computer generated responses. Just imho…. good luck with getting in though!! Try a new account!

    • I been emailing them too.

  18. I re-subbed last night and was wait-listed. Within the hour I received an email saying I was off the list and my parcel was being shipped shortly. There is no rhyme or reason to the list.

  19. I signed up February 5 (new, month to month sub) and got my email, just now that I was charged February 16 and I’m off the waitlist. Pretty hopeful that many of you ladies will be receiving your active email soon!! Fingers crossed for all of you ๐Ÿ˜Š

    • I signed up the same week as you did, and I’ve already emailed them asking to be removed. Congratulations on your box, and hopefully I’ll get mine as well! I signed up just to get February after all.

    • Im off the waitlist too. I sighed up that same day aswell and have been charged for a 3 month subscription. I wonder if I would be getting the February box ? It doesn’t specify which box I will be receiving.

      • It’s my understanding that you will receive the February box. Supposedly if you are charged in a specific month, you will receive that month’s box. It should also show on your account that your next billing will be March 2, which will be for the March box. Congrats!! ๐Ÿ˜Š

      • Thank you I am a first time subscriber. My next billing is on May 2.

      • I’m on a monthly sub, so mine billed no repeats monthly. I don’t know how multi-subs bill, by Sounds like you will get feb, mar, and apr before they bill you again. Happy for you!

    • I subscribed on 2/3 and nothing smh. It seems like they’re just randomly removing people.

      • I REALLY hope they are able to get their waitlist cleared and that EVERYONE gets the box they signed up for! Keeping positive thought for ALL of you!

      • Thank you ๐Ÿ™‚

      • OMG…that’s a little dramatic, ya think? “Positive thoughts”…it’s a sub box, not life and death. “Randomly removing people”?? It’s not a conspiracy.

      • Wow!! Someone seems passive aggressive. I never suggested anyone was being randomly removed. I was attempting to offer kindness and comfort to those who felt they had been passed over. Seems like you should learn how to play nice with others.

      • That’s OK Sheila…you are not alone in thinking that someone had a bad day today.
        That was just her/his effort to let everyone know that the entire spectrum of thought has purchased some sort of subscription.. We all have bad days.
        If they want someone to give them the deets of real subscription conspiracies, they need to join the forum; it’s juicy.

      • Thanks Rosemary. Kind of crazy to be called out for compassion. ๐Ÿ˜€

      • Don’t worry…it is all subjective. You seem quite rational in my books.

      • ๐Ÿ’–

      • I know right?!!! My thoughts exactly! Good grief!

  20. I tried to subscribe on 1/27 and it waitlisted me so I went in to see if I could reactivate my old account and it charged my card. I got Jan box a week ago and then Feb 2 days ago.

    FYI if you have never tried that DR Brandt microdermabrasion I seriously suggest you try a little patch first. That stuff set my face on fire and it was still red yesterday. I have never ever had a reaction to anything like that. I had received a little tube from some other box so I swapped my big one yesterday.

  21. I subscribed on Feb 3 for the first time. I was waitlisted and didn’t expect to get anything till at least March. But, this morning I had the emails saying I was off the waitlist and then that I had been charged $21. I signed up for a month to month, not a six month…So, does this mean that if they are already charged me that I’m getting the February box after all?

    • Yes, if you were charged in February, you should get a February box. You will be charged again on March 2 for the March box ๐Ÿ˜Š

    • If you see my post below I attached the email that they sent me that they charged me today and I’m getting February’s box. So it should be the same for you.

  22. I’m REALLY confused with BoxyCharm!!!! I subd on 02/16 and was waitlisted. After reading all the messages on these threads, and the email exchange I had with BC, I didn’t think I’d receive the feb box. I just received confirmation they charged me and are sending the feb box. I’ve never subscribed before and only did because I’d use EVERYTHING in this box. Their wait list process is super wonky. I feel for those of you that subd before I did, or others that reactivated and were filled before all of us. I was honestly so peeved last night reading this thread, that I intended to unsubscribe out of principle. Now, I’m getting the box I wanted, but still don’t like the companies processes and hope they read these threads and make appropriate changes.

    • Really? I subscribed earlier than that and am still on the wait list. And I really want this box. Congratulations on your luck. Maybe this means I have a chance too, since I signed up in February as well.

    • I’m so confused now! I subbed on 2/4 and got an email saying I’m on the wait list, but when I log into my Boxycharm account it says I don’t have a subscription and will let me sign up again. Did it say that you were on the wait list on your account (when you were on it)? I’m just trying to figure out if I should sign up again or it’ll update until I get off the list.

      • It won’t say you’re subscribed until you’re off the wait list, because people who are on the wait list technically don’t even have subscriptions yet. It’ll just say that you’re a member since (insert date of signup). As long as your CC info is in there and it says you’re a member, you’ll get charged and your subscription will start as soon as it’s your turn to get off the list.

      • It will say you have no subscriptions until you get off the wait list.

    • So you subscribed today and didn’t get wait listed? 0_0

  23. This doesn’t explain anything, this is the same canned answer that comes in the email that tells you that you are on the waitlist.

  24. I signed up the 1st of feb, they just send me an email that I’m off the waitlist!!๐Ÿ˜ There is hope ladies!!

  25. Liz, after reading all of the comments below, I think putting quotes around the word “Explained” makes more sense. ๐Ÿ˜€ …. (or the word “Not” before “Explained” ha!)

  26. Update 2/16
    I subscribed on 1/26 and was on the waitlist. Last night I sent an email asking them about it and today I’ve got an email saying that I’m off!

    • Okay, now I’m officially ticked off. It’s one thing to have a wait list, but another thing entirely to manage it so poorly. So much for getting off the list in the order in which you subbed . . .

  27. I’m off the waitlist! Finally! I’m at a stop light, bbl.

    • Alright, this morning after getting dressed I was so happy when I saw the email telling me I am off the waitlist. I signed up in January then cancelled, then signed back up Feb 1st.

      On my account it says member since Feb. 16 and renews March 2 so I do not know which box I will get. Looks like February’s though. We’ll see!

      • Thanks for the insight. It seems like if you signed up by Feb 1 or earlier, you were removed off the waitlist. Hopefully, they remove another wave before the end of the month.

      • No — I signed up 1/21 and I’m still on the wait list. And I know there are others who signed up in Jan still waiting as well. So there seems to be no rhyme or reason to getting off the list.

      • I signed up on the 1st for a 6 month sub (new not re-joining) and am off the wait-list. I had my boyfriend also sign up at the same time [kinda to test out a theory if there was priority given to certain subs] but for the month-month sub and that one is still on the wait-list. So I’m wondering if the sub categories also have certain “limits” or if they prefer the longer commitment subs first since they could lose more money if someone cancels their 6 or 12 month sub because of a wait-list versus someone who may sign up and after 2 months bail.

      • I also signed up january 21th but i am still on the waistlist. The people who were previous subscribers are off the waitlist i suppose.

      • I was never a previous subscriber, but I don’t know if they already planned to take me off or if it was because I emailed them last night.

      • I just got this email, last night I contacted them when saw that some people were getting off the waitlist and 3 hours later I. was off:

        Thank you for contacting BOXYCHARM! We checked our records and can confirm that you weโ€™re charged on February 16, 2016 for the February โ€œWould You Be My Galentine?โ€ Box. You next charge will be on March 02 , 2017 which is for the March box.

        We hope this helps, if ever you have any other concerns, feel free to email us so that we may further assist you! <3

        Stay Charming,

      • Thanks for sharing — I just e-mailed them to confirm that I’m still on the wait list and not lost in the ether somewhere. Their website leaves something to be desired as it is impossible to confirm whether you are on the wait list at all.

    • I got an email this morning as well and I’m off the waitlist too! I signed up January 20th. We’ll see which month box will be my first box. I would really like to get January ๐Ÿ˜‰

  28. Hmm …I wonder if the increased interest into Boxycharm has anything to do with customers like myself suggesting that they get moved up on the top Beauty Box list on your sight! Mysubscriptionaddiction has thousands of followers so I hope that they are giving you credit for spreading the word about their great Beauty Box!! I love Boxycharm and Mysubscriptionaddiction!!

  29. I am a new subscriber, subscribed 1/21 and was placed on waitlist. Just go to the email today that I’m of fun the waitlist.

  30. I subbed on Feb. 2 and am still on the wait list.

    • Same here! Very disappointed that BC is claiming that they remove people from the waitlist in the order they subbed when that is clearly not the case.

  31. First of all, congrats on ppl who got off the wait list today.
    But after seeing the comments, I’m now pretty pxxxed at boxycharm…
    I subbed back on 01/21 and is currently still wait listed while some ppl subbed way later than me already off the list?!
    Going to email boxycharm now.

    • I also subbed on 1/21 and also haven’t received any notifications since the original waitlist e-mail. Seems like those who previously subscribed are getting off the waitlist first even if they re-subbed after new subscribers sitting on the waitlist. I’m not holding my breath to be off before March at the earliest. And seriously considering dumping it. Not excited by the March spoiler at all and I picked up Beauty Fix while waiting and liked the first two boxes I got from them.

    • I subbed February !st and was never even put on a wait list..I think you’re right

  32. i signed up in january and am still on the waitlist..

  33. Yay! My card got charged today! I signed up on the 3rd as a returning subscriber. I took a break for a year but have been a charmer for almost 2. I might keep this sub for a while. I only wanted February’s box

    • Whoa, from all comments, never realized Boxycharm has such long wait list! Subscribed for entire year back in 2016 at discount and contemplated cancelling since most of the products is heavily make-up oriented. They use to offer more in skincare. Nevertheless, Boxy still has good quality items which exceeds cost of subscription. The makeup items I couldn’t use were sold at my yard sale!

  34. I wish we knew if we got off the waitlist today if we’re getting the feb or march box!! Guess there’s no way to tell but I’m holding out hope that it’s the feb box!

    • If your card was charged, you’ll be getting the February box. They month they charge in is the month box you recieve.

  35. I subscribed since 1/24 and there’s no email saying that I’m off the waitlist yet! Fingers crossed!

  36. Weird! I mean how hard is it to explain what’s really going on!?!?!? A very vague email doesn’t exactly calm the nerves u know!

    • I know, my thoughts exactly!

  37. Boxycharm seems to be engaging in false advertising. After seeing the review of the Feb box, I decided to reactivate my account. The website clearly states “get the February box” and says nothing about a waitlist. So I reactivated, then got the email saying I’m on the waitlist. Really? To make matters worse, there was a glitch in their system…the first time I tried to reactivate I got a huge error screen, so tried again…and then got an email noting that I had TWO (waitlisted) subscriptions, even though my cart had shown only one . Sigh. I just sent them the “unsubscribe” email along with pictures of the screen saying “get the Feb box” and a not-so-happy note about the misleading false advertising. While I’ve enjoyed Boxycharm, the false advertising thing is a dealbreaker for me…I have way too many subs at the moment, anyways…this is a good reason to officially cut the cord once and for all.

    • That is EXACTLY what happened to me in January. I sent them a strongly worded email and demanded to be cancelled on BOTH my new accounts. I absolutely detest waitlist subs because I feel like they’re trying to generate hype or something. I’m just like, look, there’s a bajillion sub boxes and if you don’t want my money, see ya. You can “charm” someone else with your waitlist. tiiicked me off and put a stink in my nose for boxycharm. (I was going to be a brand new subscriber.)

  38. I subscribed on Feb 3rd, haven’t been removed yet. Fingers crossed.

  39. I’m already getting the Feb box because I’m a regular subscriber but I signed up to get an extra box this month because DR BRANDT! I signed up for the second box on 2/3 and hope I get off the waitlist in time for a dupe box.

    • I did that a few months ago for one of the boxes I was hoping for different variations because there were a lot that month. I’ve kept it ever since and keep 2 subs. I almost always get different variations, so I end up getting to try it all. I love having 2 and now I’m super excited to get both dr. Brandt’s!

      • Yay! Got an email this morning and my second box is on it’s way. Not sure if I’ll keep the second box after this month but so happy to get 2 of the cleanser I was already using and saving like $150!

  40. They must have just opened the waitlist because I, too, just received the email that I am off the waitlist and my box will be shipping shortly. Yay!

    • May I ask, do you remember the date that you signed up?

      • I subscribed Feb 3rd and just got the email that I’m off the waitlist this evening.

      • Feb 3

  41. My problem wasn’t that there was a waitlist but that they were letting previous subscribers skip the waitlist. Turns me off as a potentionally new subscriber. I don’t mind waiting my turn but when people subscribe weeks after me and get to jump ahead…ugh…

    • If it makes you feel any better I was a previous subscriber and I was placed on the waitlist ๐Ÿ™‚

      • That actually makes me feel a little sad for you Bethany since so many others did! Seems like they are just picking and choosing who they let through :\ I don’t have any negative feelings towards the resubscribers, even the ones who got through… I am just angry at boxy charm’s policy. It’s not the customers fault! But….they either have a wait list or they don’t….ya know…why isn’t it the same answer for everyone?

      • Maybe they ran out of boxes after letting so many resubscribers back in …just a thought ,it was a pretty popular box this month

    • Ipsy does the same thing. If you cancel and re-activate your account you automatically skip the wait list. This isn’t a new concept for companies to do.

  42. I am fighting the urge to purchase this sub (waitlists don’t worry me). Everyone seems to love this box. I don’t need any more makeup…I have enough to plaster everyone in Montana. Must. Fight. Irresistible. Urge…

  43. I subscribed at the beginning of February and got off the wait list today! So excited and curious if I will receive February’s box or will I be waiting for March? ๐Ÿค”

    • Look at your next Bill date. If it says 3/2 and you’ve already been billed then your receiving Febuary.

      • Yes!!! It says 3/2 and I’ve been billed! Woohoo February!! Thanks for the info ๐Ÿ™‚

  44. I sent them an email yesterday because I was waitlisted the end of January. I looked on their website yesterday and it said sign up now and receive the February box. This seemed odd since I was still on the waitlist and I signed up before the Feb box shipped and didn’t receive it. I received the same message as listed above. I understand they have a waitlist but I think they should remove the portion on their website that says the box is available when it isn’t.

  45. I just ordered a couple days ago and didn’t realize there was a waiting list, because it said February was available. When I received the surprise “waitlist” email, I canceled because I wanted February.

  46. I subscribed January 11th …just before the wait list started. I cannot believe how lucky I was…I’m never usually a lucky person. LOL

  47. Congratulations!

  48. Just got off the waitlist!!!

    • Congratulations!

    • When did.u sign up

      • 2/9. I use to be subcribed

      • I was a active subscriber for a very long time and I cancelled late last month after years and then changed my mind and reactivated on the 9 of this month. It was the first time I cancelled.

      • I looked at my email date that I reactivated was January 19 not February. February 9 I emailed them. I have so many subscriptions that I cancelled I thought it was February.

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