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Allure Beauty Box March 2017 SPOILERS + $5 Coupon!

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Allure Beauty Box Spoilers

We have 3 spoilers for the March 2017 Allure Beauty Box!


What do you think of the first March 2017 Allure Beauty Box spoilers? 

If you haven’t signed up yet, use this link to get your first box for only $10. (Regularly $15 a month)

FYI – If you sign up anytime before the end of February, your first box will be the February box. 

Check out our reviews of past Allure Beauty Boxes and our Allure Beauty Box Spoilers to see what you can expect with this subscription!

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. Well… the John Frieda hair product was a 7-day nightmare for me. It threw off my hair’s ph and moisture balance. It has taken days to get it out of my hair. Blow drying my hair was a struggle. Never again. Epic fail. YUK.

  2. Knowing everything I do at this point about makeup and skincare, I do not share some of the other commenters’ disdain for drugstore brand products. I noticed that when it comes to skincare especially, I would prefer to receive a full-size drugstore brand item in my beauty boxes (Olay has the best skincare anyway) than a tiny “deluxe” sample of something from Lancome or Clarins (etc.), especially considering how often, when I go on to read about them on, the latter turn out to have harmful ingredients. The best Allure box from last year for me was definitely the Red Carpet bonus box, because of all the great full-size products it contained.
    As far as the spoilers, definitely not excited about the cuticle oil, my cuticles are fine and I never have a need of products like these, but I am on my fourth $10 month now, so we’ll see if the box overall wows me enough to keep the subscription. It’s been a hit and miss for me – didn’t care for December (I prefer a lot more makeup in my beauty boxes), but then January was pretty good, but then again February was a pretty massive fail, only three usable items for me, and that candle was just adding insult to injury.

  3. For new subscribers, they also have a free eyeshadow palette, the one that was in a month or so ago.

    • Great I am a new subscriber.

    • I love the eye palette!

  4. I dropped this box last summer due to product overload, just added it back! I am excited.

  5. All new products for me

  6. I have to admit, from all of the beauty boxes, allure is my favorite. Deluxe size samples of products that I would actually use at a good price point. It’s not the leader in any one point (size, product selection, and price), but a close 2nd or 3rd for ALL THREE.

  7. Looks fabulous so far!


  9. Oooo…I’m looking forward to the lip butter! It looks like it has a good color that is not a “nude” color. And the in-shower treatment looks good for my dry skin.

    I’m not excited about the cuticle oil. I have good cuticles, so it isn’t something I use or need to use. Who knows, maybe after trying it, I’ll find out I do need it.

    It’s all about discovery, right?

    • I think the in shower treatment is for your hair. I really like it!

    • The lip butter we got was empty.

  10. Not real exciting initially but after reading up on the lip butter and the cuticle oil, I’m really looking forward to it! Hope the lip butter is full size🙄

    • I love cuticle creams! I usually prefer solids but will give this a try… also looking forward to the lip butter. The volume stuff…. well if it helps fight frizz and give volume ok maybe unless i come out looking like the 80’s… or I will just let my 7yo use it.

      I am going to guess a mini- perfume and nail polish will be in this box…. it has been since November since we got those items….

  11. I’m so glad we get to see spoilers- what a double edge sword for the companies! I was planning on starting this sub in March, but after seeing these, I’ll put it off until I see April spoilers.

  12. Eh it’s alright I suppose. I probably won’t use the JF. The cuticle oil is interesting and it’s not something I’d buy for myself so I’ll be happy to try it and I’ll definitely be using the lip butter.

    I’ve really liked Allure and I can’t complain really, but this month was probably my least favorite so I’m hoping for a better March.

    • I’m with you on this month’s box, it really underwhelmed me. I usually love my Allure boxes. That Akar lip butter is supposedly fabulous, hoping the rest of the box steps it up. Two meh boxes in a row will be unfortunate.

    • These spoilers are actually for March…

      • I think we were both referring to our disappointment in February’s box. We also were hoping for better spoilers for our upcoming box, March. Allure is usually fabulous, but two disappointing months in a row would a possible cancellation for me.

  13. Meh but for $10. it’s ok.

    • That’s what I thought too.

      • Isn’t it $15/month normally?

        • They might be talking about a deal, but I had the same thought lol. I’d be happier if it were $10 too, but right now I’m paying 50% more than I do for ipsy and Play. I expect the value to be higher on Allure.

  14. Love these spoilers! !! I have not tried any of them and can’t wait to find out what the rest of the products are.

  15. I love these spoilers, they are all new for me and I have been a beauty box junkie for years and receive over a dozen a month…yes I am a hoarder! I can always use cuticle oil, I but Avoplex all the time, so this one will be new! I can’t wait!

  16. These spoilers are very underwhelming. Hopefully the other stuff makes up for it.

  17. I signed up for Allure a few months ago on a whim using that 6 months for $10 deal and I’ve been surprisingly happy with it! It seems that I might struggle to let it go after the deal is up after all…uh oh….haha. This month especially looks good to me. I have horribly straight and fine hair so I’m excited to try to the John Frieda, the lip balm sounds amazing and I can use some cuticle oil too (which is not something I’ve gotten in any of my other beauty boxes yet). Yay!

    • I got a sample of the John Freida in another box. I love it! Gives my fine, flat hair nice body!

      • That makes me happy to hear. I have long fine straight hair and It always needs a little love. If you have Birchbox they have an amazing fine to thick specialty box on sale for 30% off. It is really good, has some fantastic products. I ended up paying $12 for it with a few points.

    • Same deal I got and been quite pleased with it so far, better than the other boxes I was getting for the same price, for sure. This one actually has stuff I use, OK so maybe it’s not terribly exciting stuff compared to some subs, but it’s useful and but at my age my makeup isn’t that exciting anymore either, LOL! Looking forward to the lip balm and can sure use the cuticle oil as my nails recover from acrylics. Curious to see what the other items are now.

  18. All new products to me ,so a great box so far

  19. Ugh. I’ve got 4 of the John Frieda in my shower right now. Was hoping the subscription box obessesion with this product would wane….but apparently it’s still alive and kicking.

    • Ohh, can you tell us anything about it? Does it work? Does it smell good? How to use it? 😀

  20. Disappointed. Cuticle oil and another drugstore brand… Like another commenter said, what happened to the good stuff?

  21. very pleased with all of these. I could definitely use some cuticle oil, I have fine limp hair so anything with the word Volume is good. I don’t normally wear anything but balms but this lip stuff looks interesting. Will definitely have to read up on it. As usual I’m super impressed and can not wait for more spoilers. Definitely really unique but useful items (obviously items like the volume wont work for everyone, that’s just the name of the game (Us fine haired girls hate to see serums, leave in conditioners, ext.) I personally haven’t seen any of these items in another box of mine. Cant wait.

  22. I just had to look at the spoilers which I’m trying not to because I like to be surprised.
    I didn’t even receive my February box yet and I know everything that’s in it because of the items being listed for swaps.
    Anyway as far as the spoilers:

    The cuticle oil- possibly. I don’t like touching oil at all, but I could put on gloves and try it, so I think I’ll keep it.

    The lip tint- definitely not keeping. I have way too much lip stuff.

    The 7 day shower- not sure. I’ll read about it and maybe give it a try.

    The spoilers are so so. However, I’m glad that I switched from Ipsy to this box. I’m much happier.

    • I haven’t gotten February yet either.

      • Got mine a few days ago for February finally, really like it!

  23. The lip butter could be good. The color does look decent.

    Cuticle oil – ehh. I do wear a lot of polish so it will probably be okay.

    John Frieda will be a miss. It’s so hard to get products that work with my curly hair…

  24. I am happy with these spoilers so far. I just read good reviews on the nail oil. I truly need a good one for my dry cuticles.

    I am Happy with Allure they always have products that are good. I’m sure the editors try these out before sending them out to the public consumer. Allure is Great 👍🏾

  25. Hello! Question, if I don’t like the next month’s box I could suspend it and not get charged?? I went to the Allure beauty box website and I saw this option..

    • You can try but it won’t work if they have boxes left from the previous month. For instance, I didn’t want January’s box so I suspended and then waited to reactivate my account until February 7th. They immediately charged me and sent me a January box, and then charged again 3 days later and sent February’s box.

      • This is a big turn off for me. Thank you for the heads up! ☺

      • Kate, that’s exactly what happened to me! I’ve tried twice now to suspend my account to skip a month and I’ve never been successful. I always just end up getting the box I “skipped” as soon as I reactivate, even if it’s well out of the month it was scheduled for.

        I’ve given up trying that method and I’ll just deal with a few awful boxes every now and again. It pays off when there’s a great month.

      • I see. I hope they change that.

        Thanks for the response, Kate!

  26. Both the lip treatment and the cuticle oil sound great – are those items going to be in every box?

    • Sounds that way, they don’t do variations that I’ve seen in a the months I’ve had it, they have everything listed in a little mini-magazine too, so seems all boxes have the same stuff, which TBH I like, no box envy or FOMO 🙂 and I know what to expect.

    • There is no guarantee you will get everything you see. Believe me. Sometimes they do variations, with or without notifying you beforehand…which is why I cancelled last year. I reinstated this year knowing full well I may not get what is advertised on any given month, as not to be disappointed. I keep an open mind b/c I do love mostly everything I receive.

  27. Looks great! I’m excited try these items!

    • Me too! Love Allure Beauty Box!!!

  28. Welp now this box sucks. What even are these brands??? What happened to La Mer and Lancôme?? Bring back the good stuff and I’ll resubscribe

    • L’occitane** not Lancôme 🙂

      • I’m not excited with any of these spoilers either. I think about canceling.

      • I get L’occitane at hotels and in the airport. I haven’t seen the Akar anywhere else, and isn’t disovery the best part of beauty boxes?

        • Akar was the featured brand in Pearlesque’s January box. 🙂

          And, I agree about the discovery aspect of beauty boxes. I think so many of us are only familiar with products that stores like Target, Nordstrom & Sephora sells, but there are countless (high quality) brands & products out there that I wouldn’t have known about if it weren’t for beauty boxes.

    • I’ve been nothing but disappointed since I subscribed. I feel bad but I guess this box is just not for me 🙁

      • How long have you been subscribed? I feel like these last few months have been very mediocre…

    • I agree. I hate seeing drugstore brands in the allure box. If I wanted drugstore brands I’d buy the Target or Walmart box. The allure box used to be my all time favorite subscription box…

    • Lots of the brands I’ve seen in the boxes are advertisers in the Allure and other fashion magazines. So if they advertise with Allure magazine I can see why they are in the boxes.

  29. Looks good!

  30. Yay! Love this, so far.

  31. I got the John Frieda in a Target box, a couple years ago, I think. I didn’t think they sold it any more….

  32. Akar: Yay!
    John Freida: Meh.

  33. Akar Skin! Yes!!! I discovered this through Pearlesque and this lip butter is super thick and moisturizing. I am looking forward to trying a tinted version and I’m glad Akar is getting out there!

    • I agree! I’m glad to see a luxe green beauty brand represented in Allure. I can’t wait to try this lip tint!

    • I’d never heard of it but it actually sounds nice. Makes me a little more excited about this box. ☺

    • Suspended for the last few months just didn’t like the boxes. Thinking about getting this month just for the Akar.

  34. Awesome! They have unique items that I always end up using.

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