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Limited Edition The Voice Box On Clearance for $10.87!

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Thanks, Valerie + MSA forum, for letting us know that this limited edition box from The Voice has been marked down even more!

The Box: The Voice Limited Edition Gift Box

The Cost: Was: $49.99Β Now $19.99

COUPON: Use coupon code FB50 to save 50% off your order when you add at least one item that is not on sale. (I added this nail file to bring the cart total down to $10.87)

The Products:

  • BaubleBar Earrings
  • Hot Stuff Thermal Mug
  • Julep Nail Polish in Myriam
  • Julep Konjac Sponge
  • LAQA Cheeky Lip Pencil
  • Quay Sunglasses
  • Poppin Notebook

Are you grabbing one? Or more? Check out my review of this box – I can’t recommend it enough at this price!

Here are screen shots of my cart to show you the deal as well:

screen-shot-2017-01-02-at-1-58-24-pm screen-shot-2017-01-02-at-1-58-31-pm

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. I must have been too late… the box no longer exists!! πŸ™ I did get the smaller box-but it wouldn’t take the 50% off… still a good deal!

    • Its back, or was late last night anyway and MOMDAY promo code took 30% off and gave me free shipping

    • Yea, it does. But it is $40.00 now and not $20. To get the 50% off you have to add at least 1 item that is not marked down. Add a lip balm for 3.50. Use code fb50 and you will get half off (down to $20 + the full price item)

  2. I called CS about being charged shipping and they said it was still pending so they couldn’t refund me yet and would call me in couple days. It isn’t pending in my account and the first order I placed already shipped.

  3. I got a page not found error. I guess it’s gone?

    • Same thing happened to me. I wish we would of received this link yesterday. Bummer

      • It is still on site, under ‘Value Sets’, but it is $40 now. You only get the 50% off by adding any item that is not marked down…add a lip balm or something for 3.50…and use code FB50 for 50% off.

  4. I’m not getting the discount on the “best of the voice” kit that many commenters got for $5, even after adding non sale items. Any advice, please?!

    • I don’t think the code is working the same way it was before. I couldn’t get it to discount the sale item, either. Just the full priced item.

      • I put in other sale items and got the discount…just not the Voice box. They’re onto us!

      • You can use SALE50 to discount sale items 50%, but like the other code it doesn’t seem to work on the box.

  5. I don’t believe the code is working completely anymore. It took 50% of my lip balm, but not off the small gift box (glasses, lippie, nail polish).

  6. I picked up a happiness kit too which was about 9 bucks and totally worth it!!

  7. I just bought the other voice box for 5 bucks because the large one is sold out. I was bummed but glad I picked up a good deal on something.

  8. Thanks a lot for the heads up, Liz! I just snagged one and added PENGUIN – MINI STICKY PAD WITH PEN ($3.99) to get the coupon working. Total including tax was $12.28! Such an amazing deal. I love Konjac sponges, wanted to try that Laqa&Co lip tint, can always use another notepad, and the rest can easily be swapped here. Happy new year! πŸ™‚

  9. Got 2 of the $5 boxes. Just broke my only two pairs of sunglasses so I’m in need and I won’t be able to find any for $5 anywhere! I noticed when I removed the full price item, it still gave me 50% off of the boxes. So I got 2 mini boxes for $10.60. Hopefully the sunglasses will look okay on me, but maybe ill just wear them anyway?!? So over shopping for sunglasses. Thanks Liz!!

  10. Got 2 and some Potty Mints lol The glasses are to replace the ones I lost boating. The rest is all gravy.

  11. For $5 I picked up the other The Voice box, with just the sunglasses, nail color, and lip color. I know I wouldn’t use the rest of the stuff in this box. Plus a few other things. Fantastic deal. I just wish I’d looked at this before all of the Duck Baggus were out of stock!

  12. I’m getting just for the earrings. The file is sold out so I went with a cat sticky note set and with tax it was 12.07. Great deal πŸ™‚

  13. I didn’t get this, but I did get a couple other things. I had added a flat iron to the cart that came with a free hair mask. Then I removed the flat iron, and the mask remained. So far, it’s still in my order. Curious to see if they actually ship it lol

  14. I bought this last time it was on sale. Great Box. I use everything. The earrings and coffee cup are in my weekly rotation!

  15. I can’t believe this is still available! I got two of these last year! Great items!!

  16. Check your bank account, I was quoted $19.xx (bought a few things), placed order and it showed that, but they have a hold on my account for $46.xx (I think that would be Full price + Shipping + tax). LAME

    • I have two charges: one is the correct one and the other is the amount + the cost of shipping. Hoping that correct one falls off my account.

    • I’ve made a few orders thru this website and this has never happened before but it is now… will be keeping an eye on it. Thanks for the heads up!

    • Never mind, I checked my order again and apparently I bought more than I remembered.
      That’s the bad thing about shopping from my phone at 6 am, I guess.

  17. Just a heads up that code works on everything in the shop…some of you might remember the Rosanna botanical plates from the Summer Mostess box are on super sale I got them and a bunch of other Rosanna items for a steal of a deal. And decided to get just the small people grab bag with the glasses, lipstick and nail color. Cheers

  18. I have four of the therMal mugs and they all leaked! Something is off with the lids.

    • same thing happen to me!

    • Thanks, i was wanting to know if they were any good…bummer

    • Mine did the same, ruined a blouse on the way to work the first morning I used it.
      When I took it apart, I noticed that the way I had screwed on the lid, the threads on the cup and the lid lined up in such a way to leave a gap just where the hole on the lid is. I simply rotated the lid a half turn before screwing it on the cup and it solved the problem.
      Hope that makes sense!

    • Bummer! I’ve had mine for a year and it’s never leaked!

  19. Thank you so much for the info πŸ˜„ it’s such a great deal. I bought 2 and the face mask all for 23 + tax

  20. Thank you! I bought 2. One for me and one for a gift. I wasn’t charged shipping.

  21. Liz, can you verify that the People box has everything that the original had? I noticed that in your order, there is only the mug, earrings, nail polish and sponge, and that’s what it lists on the product page. Like Ani above said, there’s also a People box with the sunglasses, lipstick, and nail polish for $9.99, which to me was a better deal for the sunglasses alone.
    And I also initially got the shipping fee included, but the total to the right of that had the shipping as free. Thanks, some amazing deals here!

    • If you go to the link (which I can’t list here, but search “Voice” at peopleshop dot com), you’ll see that the listing includes everything Liz listed there. The cart just doesn’t have enough space to fit everything in that box!

  22. I added the box to my cart and then added the coupon. From there, you’ll notice that the discount didn’t take cuz you are supposed to add a non-sale item. So I went ahead and got the 3 nail filer set since the single ones were sold lol I figured a lot of people were doing this too so it didn’t surprise me. Once I added that, the discount applied and my total came out to $13.01, cali tax included. The coupon does work and you do get free shipping, just make sure the discount applies and you review your order before submitting. And take screen caps of your receipt!

  23. Thanks Liz!

  24. Wow! Great deal! I picked up 3; 2 for birthday gifts, and 1 for me. Thanks Liz!

  25. Tried to resist, but this one is too good to pass up!

    Total with tax was only $12.71. (Also got a pack of files & free shipping!). πŸ‘

    Thanks for posting! 😊

  26. I purchased this and it was fine – wasn’t charged shipping, but was charged tax. Total came out to $11.84 ($10.87 before tax, same as Liz).

    I really wanted the Penguin file (PENGUINS ARE MY FAV!!!!), but had to settle for the Santa file – like someone said, a file is a file! πŸ˜›

  27. My first order went through with free shipping but I placed a second order and it said free shipping until after the order went through. Then it said I was charged $5.95 for shipping. I am really annoyed. Since they are closed we are all going to have to wait until tomorrow to get anything fixed.

  28. Thank you so much for letting us know about this deal. They are down to Santa nailfiles, but a file is a file :).

  29. I placed three orders total and the ONLY one I placed on a desktop was charged shipping right as I hit to confirm my order WITH FREE SHIPPING. I have emailed them. Be warned and advised, USE YOUR PHONE TO ORDER IF POSSIBLE.

    • I ordered on my phone and was charged shipping. I would be tempted to do some more shopping and place an additional order – but am going to pass on any additional orders as I don’t want further hassle on the shipping charges.

      • Me too. I would of probably purchased something else, but I don’t want to be charged shipping again.

        I also used my phone.

        • Ok, I had to get another one (the sunglasses for my mother in law) and this time they didn’t charge for shipping.

          I am hoping they reply to me tomorrow about the 1st one I ordered.

    • I purchased from my laptop and was not charged shipping.

  30. Liz, I am now addicted to MSA, thanks for letting us know about all these great deals. I bought this box but I’m wondering, is this a one time deal or a subscription box?

    • It’s a one time deal.
      This box has been on their site for over a year and intermittently goes on sale for a great price.

      • Thanks Valerie!

  31. I got one too… so excited !!!!

  32. I got one too… so excited πŸ™‚

  33. FYI – ALL of the items that I put into my cart got the extra 50% off. I went back after my first purchase of the above posted ‘Voice’ gift, and then I snagged a few memo sets to have on hand, plus some other awesome goodies. Julep nail polish set was even an additional 50% off!!
    THANK YOU for posting this deal – I grabbed some GREAT deals! : )

  34. Ummm I purchased a few things lol, 2 nugg sets, the floraply set, lavender body oil, the voice box and a cute wine bag I couldn’t resist. It was 50% off and felt like such a deal. Thank you

  35. Omg, this was a moment that I yelled in my head, “Shut up and take my money!” Thanks for sharing this deal, Liz! I also just got a snowman nail file (several had sold out), though I noticed after my purchase that the People store has a lot of cute goodies! I was too afraid this box would sell out though so I didn’t want to browse for too long. I love that coffee mug and I’m hoping the sunglasses work for me, and I think I would actually use everything else. Yay! I’m in Chicago, and mine came out to $11.98 once tax was added. I was even tempted to buy a 2nd one, even though I have no one in mind to give it to. I resisted!

  36. Charged me $5.95 shipping which did not show on the page before submitting.

    • Me too. I emailed them.

    • Same here!

    • Same experience. Sent an email.

      • Same here. I sent an email as well. That made me so mad.

  37. This is a great deal, I got one. If you just want the Sunglasses, Lip pencil and Nail Polish, the β€œBEST OF PEOPLE X THE VOICE GIFT BOX” is also available for $5 with the coupon.

    • Crystal – I ordered both sets! I too saw the smaller set and thought $5 – this will turn into another great gift! I have 15 birthdays in Jan and Feb, a bridal shower and a wedding (got the emergency kits to toss in as gifts. I believe I bought 17 items, but at 1/2 off can’t beat it, and I was able to knock off many of the upcoming birthday gifts in the process. YAY! Wish I had ordered a few of the $5 sets though, as I know those will be hits! : )

  38. Could not resist!

  39. AWESOME! Thank You, Thank You- I soooo need those sunglasses for vacation.

    Got the Prickly Pear Lip Balm because that stuff is great for sunburned lips.

    14 bucks plus change… ( including tax)

    Love it!

  40. Happy new year Liz! You are awesome with all these MSA! I can’t help it I want that coffee mug.

  41. I bought two! I bought one of these over a year ago and the sunglasses have been my everyday pair. I was getting sad they are banged up (I am bad at taking care of things πŸ™ — so this was an awesome deal.)

  42. Annnnd I just tried calling and they aren’t open. Not happy.

    • I sent an email to customer service and took a screen print of the free shipping advertisement. Not happy either. 😬😒

  43. GOT IT! $11.70 with cali tax

    • So I went back to look around and found one baby baggu!!! I got two black baggu bags for $3.50 each woop woop! also nugg masks in the holiday section so those were on sale and till took 50% off! Thanks Liz!

      • Woo! I love Baggus! πŸ™‚

        • me too, so light but strong!

      • WENT BACK AGAIN because I found out the lip pencil finally removed parabens from their line (I love when company’s listen, I couldnt use the ones birchbox sent out) and I found one mesh big baggu and two more of the black minis and a narwhal tea infuser which will make me the best white elephant gifter ever (it was half off so $5). Never purchased from People before but woop woop, just wish they werent sold out of all the other baggus (my city is now plastic bag free so they are great in purses!)

  44. Somethings not right. It showed free shipping and when I clicked to finish order, it showed it charged me for shipping. Anyone else have this happen?

    • The same thing happened to me, it says free shipping but the totals not right

    • Just happened to me!

    • Yes, total before finalizing was 12 something, it added $5.95 shipping when I put it through.

    • No, I just purchased it and was not charged shipping. There were only two options for shipping, free standard and $11.25 for expedited. You should contact them. I’m sure they will refund the shipping.

      • I chose free, did not show up until I submitted. Sent them an email with screenshots.
        Hate messing with erroneous charges!

  45. Why my total is $17.70???

    • You must have been charged shipping. You should contact them ASAP.

  46. I grabbed the best of box, as all I wanted was the lip pencil, nail Polish and glasses. With tax, it came to $6.04

  47. Thank you, Liz!
    What a steal. Grabbed one just for the sunnies. Everything else will make great gifts.

    • That was my thought, too!

  48. Just FYI the first time i tried to do this the total said 10.87 but when i tried to pay it went back to 20 something. I went back to cart, re added the coupon and checked out again and it worked !!

    • That happened to me too.

  49. Sweet Deal! Grabbed one. Thanks for posting!

  50. The “BEST OF PEOPLE X THE VOICE GIFT BOX” which includes the Julep Myriam Nail Polish Default, LAQA & Co. Cheeky Lip Pencil, and Quay Breathe of Life Sunglasses Default is on sale for $9.99 and works with the discount code too! $5 and change! Woohoo!

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