Indie Beauty Expo 2016 Limited Edition Box – Available Now!

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Thanks, Marie, for letting us know about this new limited edition box from Indie Beauty Expo!

The Box: Indie Beauty Expo 2016 Best in Show Limited Edition Box

The Cost: $99.95

The Products: 230 brands exhibited at IBE in 2016. 88 were nominated for Best in Show. 21 won. This collection gathers all the winners across the 21 different categories in one beautiful package. All products are presented in deluxe sample sizes or above.







FYI – I put together collages of the items to show the products using full-size product images, but most products in this box will be deluxe sized samples.

Are you grabbing a box?

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. Has anyone heard anything further about what they’re doing to replace the expired product? I see on here their rep said it would be handled, but I haven’t heard anything…including no response to an email. Frustrating.

    • I haven’t heard anything either. I also emailed – but no response from IBE.

    • Me too. No response from email! Are they really will handle that expiring product. Please at least give us a reply in this post, thanks!

    • I logged in just to see if anyone had heard anything. I emailed them and DID get a reply saying they were trying to see what they could do. I suspect this is on the vendor and not on them, so I hope the vendor makes it right. That said, I still love my box! The Gavee items are amazing!

      • I got a response today giving me a code to purchase the product for $5 on the Trufora website. Went to the website, and the product is sold out. Really? Not super psyched with this “solution.” Grrrr.

        • Even less pleased after emailingTrufora to see when the product would be back in stock. They said maybe in June. They also said that the reason they aren’t willing to flat out replace the sunscreens for the Indie Beauty purchasers is because they DONATED the sunscreens to Indie Beauty…who paid nothing for them. (Trufora made it sound like ALL companies donated their items…but most donated samples, while they donated full size) So apparently that’s what our $100 gets from Indie Beauty…expired items that they won’t replace even though they got them free to begin with. I could be wrong about the other items being donated to Indie…but at least in the case of the Trufora, it was. Seems pretty shady.

  2. Liz Cadman, I hope you will review this box! I was very pleased with the variety of products and the full sized Gavee Gold scrub product value of $125 exceeds the box cost. Mind had an extra item not listed above – Gavee Gold liquid peptides. The full size of it is $155 so I am assuming it’s a deluxe sample. Most of the items that are not full sized are very generous deluxe sizes with the only exception being the perfume. I think it’s nice that they are taking steps to correct the expired item for everyone without us having to complain individually. Thanks Liz for letting us know about this one! My Saints product was also an eyeshadow not a lip product but I LOVE it so no complaints.

    • I just received my box today and I love it! Wow! The packaging is so incredible and I am so excited to try all of the products – especially the Gavee Gold! Really excited that there were two Gavee Gold products!!!

      I was disappointed to receive the expired sunblock and am relieved that Indie Beauty has stated they will replace the product. I’m always hunting for a high-performing sunscreen that works well with my skin.

      Overall – I’m really happy with this box. The Indie Beauty Expo sounds fantastic and since I don’t live near any of the locations – the best in beauty box is something I really appreciate!

  3. Received my box on 04/06 , buy sunblock is going to expire at the end of this month. It suppose is a good chance to try some of the high quality products at one time, but the expiring product made it an incomplete collection.

    Already sent the email to request the replacement for the product. Hopefully will get the reply soon. Will keep it updated.

  4. I received my box today and I agree with Nader, the box was well worth the weight. It’s a huge, beautifully wrapped box filled with gorgeous products. My Saint product, however, is an eyeshadow … not a lipstick! Even the postmaster commented on the size and weight if the box!

    I’m excited to try all these products and I’m not sure if Liz Cadman is planning to review the box or not. Sadly I don’t live anywhere near the areas where the Indie Expo will be this year but I’m very close to NYC so I hope to attend when the show comes to town. My initial reaction (and it only arrived today!) is happiness and I’m pleased with the array of products. If anyone wants I’m happy to post about them as I try them out. I will definitely purchase again next year when available!

    • I got my box today too!! There is an item or two that I plan to list for swap. I have requested to have the Indie Beauty Expo box added to the site but still don’t see it listed.

      • We’ll get it listed in swaps today!

        • Thank you!

    • I receive my box today too and there are so many beautiful items! There are several very generous full sized items but also a few shamefully small samples. Shamefully small! I was also disappointed to see the Trufora tinted sunblock that I was so excited to try expires at the end of this month. I expected better oversight from Indie that nearly expired items would not be included. I already have the Tarteguard sunblock from Glossybox to use up before it expires. What a pathetic attempt by companies to use up old stock.

      • Bummer about the super small and neatly expired products. That’s super disappointing. I ordered this box and hope I won’t regret it. The sunblock was an item I was really looking forward to trying.

      • Hi Montana Belle. I am glad that you liked our Best in Show collection! In terms of product sizes, we hear you loud and clear and we will definitely make sure everyone gives a minimum 1oz sample next time. As far as the sunblock with the April expiry day–you are correct and we are very disappointed. Jillian is in touch with them as I write this and one way or the other we will replace it for you and for everyone. That was just . . . ugh. Thank you again for purchasing the Best in Show Collection. Stay tuned as we are cooking up something special after IBE Dallas in May.

        • I am really impressed that Indie Beauty is following up with product issues and making things right for customers.

          Customer Service makes such a difference! Very cool that Indie Beauty is interested in the comments and feedback from customers!!!

        • Great to hear that you will be replacing the expiring Trufora creams! This was one of the spoilers that “teased” me into buying the box, and I was so bummed to see the 4/17 expiration. Thanks in advance!

    • Hi Claudia. So glad you are happy with the box. It’s our first and we really wanted to make it special. Everyone on our team has often been disappointed with getting a box with paltry selection of products that we kinda went all-out with this one. Please post your reviews/thoughts and kindly tag the brands–they REALLY appreciate it when people do that. And definitely come see us in NYC. SHOP INDIE takes place on Wednesday, August 23rd, from 5pm – 9pm. We’re expecting close to 200 brands!

  5. Is there a discount code for this box?

    • Unfortunately, there isn’t one right now. Who knows… maybe if they don’t sell out, there might be!

    • This box is sold out. There was a limited edition of 125 boxes.

  6. I ordered this back in January like everyone else. Has anyone heard any word on shipping?

    • The website still says it will ship on or before March 31st.

    • Hi there! Thank you for your patience. Your 2016 Best in Show is being packed as we speak and will be shipping later this week. Get ready to indulge in a box full of goodies!

    • Mine shipped on 3/28. I just received an email showing what the actual contents look like, and I’m so happy I ordered this box back in January! 🙂

      • I received an email telling me it shipped but nothing more. I’m excited for this one!

  7. Liz, is there anyway you can find out if there is a customer service phone #? I have been emailing for at least 3 weeks to cancel only because I’m in product overload. On their site, it states it’s fine to cancel before the box ships which is at the end of March. Please help if you can!!

    • Hi Ashley. Sorry to hear you had some problems getting in touch with us. We check the [email protected] email address several times a day. I did look and you order was refunded on March 11th. Hope all is well now.

  8. The shipping is steep! I too ordered a box. Nice variety of products and brands. I figure by the time it arrives it will truly be a surprise gift because I’ll have forgotten about it!

    • Ha ha ha! I actually thought the exact same thing on everything you wrote! 😀

      My immediate reaction was “Whoa!” when I saw it was $12.95 for shipping, but just as quickly, I immediately realized that sounds about right because I’m sure this box will be heavy to ship with all of the products in it. While it’s always appreciated when companies cover shipping, I still think it’s perfectly reasonable to expect the customer to pay for shipping too. I noticed their website said they’re only selling 125 of these boxes. Despite the price + shipping, I wonder if it’ll sell out fairly soon.

      Also, I know I’ll have already forgotten what’s all in the box too, come the end of March. 🙂

      • Luna, I came back to this thread because I knew I ordered something ages ago. It looks like there are still boxes available … Has anyone heard anything re shipping?

      • Hi Luna. First off, you’re awesome. You are totally right about why the shipping is pricey. The box weights over 6lbs!

        The 2016 Best in Show box is not some monthly six little samples-in-a-box thing. The Gavee Gold and Violets are Blue “samples” alone are massive full-size items–worth twice the cost of the box–and each weights like a little brick. And then there are 19 other items. I think you are going to love this collection.

        Actually, come to think of it, you may want to open your collection while sitting down. There is a small risk of fainting from joy.

        Finally, you are right. We only have about 30 or so boxes left–and that is before we even have promoted it on our IG feed or on email (which we will this week). And when we do, the remaining boxes will likely sell out very quickly.

        • Hi there! I just received the email promoting the box, and saw what it looks like, and you are totally right…. I WILL need to be sitting down when I open it, because just seeing the picture excites me, so I can imagine how I’ll react when I have it in hand. 🙂

          Btw, please, Please, PLEASE bring IBE to the Pacific NW!! Pleeeeaaasseee!!?!? Maybe to a major city like Seattle? Apreesh!

        • Just posting a “test” comment, since my original didn’t post, and how MSA rolls sometimes is that I have to post a 2nd comment for my original one to post.

        • Okay… seems like my original post isn’t posting, so here we go again…..

          You are definitely correct in that I will need to be sitting down when I open the box. I recently received the email promoting the box, and based on the excitement I felt in just seeing what the box & its contents actually look like, I can imagine how I’ll feel when I actually have the box in hand! 🙂 I’m so happy IBE put this box together!

          Also, can you please, Please, PLEASE bring IBE to the Pacific NW?? Pleeeaaassee!!?!? Maybe to Seattle? There are a lot of indie & green beauty lovers out here! Apreesh!

    • Hi Claudia. You know what they say “The best things in life come to those who buy indie”. Or “wait”. Or both. Any way, your order is being packed and will be shipped this week as promised. So just give us little longer.

      For some context, this is a Limited Edition box representing no less than 21 different brands from around the world–so it just takes some time to get everything in and organized. Plus, we wanted to do it right and make it special. So we really appreciate your patience and hope to make you very happy when you receive your collection.

  9. Sold! Even if these are all deluxe sizes, it’s definitely worth it to me. There are so many new to me brands… but I’ve also heard of most of them as well, and have always wanted to try them. I’ve also always wanted to go to the Beauty Indie Expo, but it’s always in New York or LA. Maybe someday I’ll make a special trip just to attend it, and bring a good-sized empty suitcase with me. 🙂 Thanks a lot Marie for sharing!

    • I’m going to the IBE in Dallas 🙂

      • Lucky! I hope you have tons of fun & find lots of goodies! 🙂

      • Oooo! I’m in Dallas- looking up that info now.

        • Yay! I can’t wait! I’m from California but I’ve never been to Dallas before, so I decided to attend the one in May. I’m gonna do some sightseeing a few days after the expo 🙂

      • Hi Marie! Thank you for purchasing the 2016 Best in Show collection AND for buying a VIP ticket to our Dallas show. You’re great. We will have a complimentary General Admission ticket waiting for you in Dallas–in case you decide to bring a friend (to help you carry your haul of course). We have about 80 awesome brands in Texas–including a dozen gorgeous Texas brands–so I think you will be really happy.

    • Hi Luna, not sure where you live, but we now also have a show in Dallas, TX. We’d love for you to join us. If you decide to, send me an email with a copy of your Best in Show receipt and I’ll make sure you have access to the best discount code we have running for tickets.

      • Thank you for your generous offer. 🙂 I’m sad that I actually won’t be able to make a trip to any of the IBEs this year because they coincide with critical dates in my work schedule (of course!). But, I’m crossing my fingers that I can attend next year!!!

  10. I ordered mine 🙂 I’m trying to transition into green beauty! I think this will be a great starter kit for people who want to try high quality organic and cruelty free products who aren’t familiar with many green brands. Thanks for the shoutout! 🙂

    • I’m thinking of getting it, too! So many new-to-me brands! 🙂

      Thanks again, Marie!

    • While some of the products are cruelty free not all are. Also, I didn’t see anything in the description that these are organic products. Or “green” for that matter.

      • Oops, my mistake. I read a somewhere that IBE promoted clean beauty products! Oh well, thanks for the heads up. I still think this is a great deal and I’m excited to try out all of the products.

      • FYI, please click on the links above from the actual websites. They are all free of toxins, some vegan, some gluten free, etc.

      • The Body Butta is made from tallow from “grass fed cows.”

      • Hi Monah. You are right. The Indie Beauty Expo is about promoting Independent (hence “indie”) brands. With that said, Clean and Green are definitely the future and about 80% of our exhibitors are either Clean, Green or both.

  11. I agree with Janet. The New Beauty Test Tube winners box last July was around $50 and they were all full size. Since this doesn’t ship until end of March, maybe we will find out more.

    • I loved New Beauty!!!! I really hope they do another box this year – of similar quality and value. It was so amazing!!!

      • I loved that box too! I use so many of the products still. Best $50 I have spent!

        • That bix was released last year around July. I’m keeping my eyes out for I then. Ladies, let’s buy! 😝😝😝

          • Wouldn’t pass on it!! Favorite box of 2016!!!!!

  12. This box is definitely of interest to me! But $100 is a lot…before shelling out that kind of cash I’d need some more specifics such as overall retail value of the box, product sizing, etc…”deluxe sample” could mean a lot of different things…

    • yeah plus 12.95 shipping…

    • Hi Janet. There are 21 items in the collection. You can see a photo of the whole collection at ( About a third are full-size samples and the rest deluxe size. To give you a sense, the box weights over 6lbs, which is why also shipping is pricey.

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