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Allure Beauty Box February 2017 FULL SPOILERS + $5 Coupon!

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Allure Beauty Box Spoilers

We have the FULL SPOILERS for the February 2017 Allure Beauty Box!


Total estimated value = $74


What do you think of the first February 2017 Allure Beauty Box FULL spoilers? (FYI – There may be variants in this box. We’ll do a follow-up post when we get more details.)

If you haven’t signed up yet, use this link to get your first box for only $10

FYI – If you sign up anytime before the end of January, your first box will be the January box. 

Check out our reviews of past Allure Beauty Boxes and our Allure Beauty Box Spoilers to see what you can expect with this subscription!

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. I got both my January and February box yesterday. I didn’t have any variants from what Liz posted… and I’m ok with that. I was out of a good mascara so if this one is anything halfway decent, then I’m a happy camper. These are my first boxes with them so I don’t have enough anything to compare to, but they seem great. I was more excited with this one than my Glossybox that’s coming.

  2. I wonder what the variants will be….

  3. Got the January box a few days ago, and am not impressed. Thank goodness for the dry shampoo saving the day, the rest was rubbish. The two boxes prior to this I loved and use/used almost everything they sent so I’m not usually so cranky, trust.

    Gotta say, I’m stoked for the February box, I fell in love with Red Flower from the lotion sample in the December box so can’t wait to try that candle! The rest looks fantastic as well.

  4. I also received a broken eye palette in my January box on 1/25. It was my first experience with customer service since I joined Allure two years ago. She was very accommodating and I received an entire new January box on February 1st. I’ve read a lot of horror stories about their customer service on this post but I would rate my experience 5 ⭐️!

  5. I really have been loving my Allure, it will definitely be kept once I begin to dropping the axe on a couple of my subs. However, I’m not thrilled about receiving a candle or mascara. Seriously a candle? And I can’t wear mascara due to a bad dog attack, but luckily I only get them sporadically.

    Last month they didn’t ship my dry shampoo and I believe that I’m one of the five people who LOVE dry shampoo. I reached out and they are supposedly sending me out a new one. Apparently their customer service isn’t stellar so fingers crossed I’ll see my shampoo in the next months. Overall though Allure, Sephora, and Julep have been my favorites thus far.

    • I follow up every 2-3 weeks until I get the item(s)…. I got a broken eye shadow this month. They acted like they had to fill all the regular orders first, so I assume I won’t get it until I contact them 1-2 more times…

      I love candles (another weakness), but I hope it is a good size. I have enough mascara for like 2+ years and I switch out every 2-3 months…

      • Thanks for the heads up. I’ll definitely keep on them.
        I’ve heard the stories of their dreadful customer service.

        • Oh good… I’m getting nervous now. When I called about a week ago, she was really nice about replacing the eye shadow. I never had to deal with costumer service before… not sure how they are. I hope this ain’t going to be a long drawn out process!

      • If you don’t get a replacement…try this trick. Put a couple drops of rubbing alcohol into the eyeshadow, allow to dry once you’ve pushed the product back into place with a clean finger and wallah – it’s back to new. I know it sucks to receive a broken one but at least this way, you can use it while you wait for the replacement.

  6. My box was so sad… so I cancelled. Instead, I decided to spend my $5 on a monthly 4-sheet mask box @ FaceTory. (I love sheet masks!)

    • Disregard my last post! I meant to post my comment on Walmart Box. I loved my Allure BB. Sorry! (I think I need a cuppa coffee…LOL)

  7. Just listed my whole Feb box in case anyone wants it! I’ll ship it when I receive it :-).

    • How did you find out what’s in your box? This post says there are variations in everyone’s box? Does it show on allure site?

    • Listed where? Where are we supposed to look?

  8. Does anyone know, if you subscribe before the end of the month will you get the January or February box?

    • If you subscribe in January even on the last day, you’ll get the January one which was a really good box too! I subscribed on the 31st of December and thought I would be getting the January one as my first box but ended up getting December and January boxes delivered this month and was charged for both.

      If you would prefer not to get the January box, I would wait to subscribe in February! Despite what it says on the website, the shipping is not as fast and I usually get my boxes in like a 1.5-2 weeks from the day they say that they send them.

    • I signed up January 2 and revived the December box. I would sign in if you can and use the live chat or email them. They can be a bit shady with the sign up timing. I really loved last months box and ended up liking the my December one too.

      • *recieved, my nemesis spellcheck strikes again.

    • Thanks for the info.

  9. I FINALLY got my January box. I have to say that it’s certainly worth the $15 price tag, or at least this box was. I will have to wait and see how the February box is. Although it did seem to be a LONG wait for this box, I was pleased with the content. The eyeshadow quad is VERY nice. Even though the colors don’t necessarily work for me, they are good quality shadows. I’m looking forward to see what I get in February’s box……

  10. I was charged for my Feb box already…I hope that means they’ll be sent out early in the month. 🙂

  11. I think I’m going to try this box for a few months. It seems to be pretty sweet lately!

  12. So excited to get my January box today!! Fabulous box but guess who’s eye pallete is broken? Looks like the lock on the compact was broke, the darkest shadow is dust and the mauve half dust☹️ Needless to say I had my first experience with customer service and she couldn’t have been nicer! I offered to return the damaged product for a replacement but she told me I would be receiving an entire new January box that she was putting in for shipping as we were speaking.

  13. I’m normally very easy to please, but I may have to cancel Allure . . . at least for the month of February. I’m really not excited about anything in this box. I hate any kind of cream product; I much prefer powder blushes. I have enough mascara to last me my entire life and then some. I have tons of eye serums and creams, and I can buy Olay products at Wal-Mart. I also have plenty of candles, and if I run out, I can get great smelling ones at Wal-Mart or the Dollar General near my apartment. I already have a couple of lip plumpers that I never even use. The only thing that looks half-way enticing is the First Aid Beauty Peel Pad and that’s not worth getting the entire box for. I need to save money anyway.

    • Spend that extra $10 wisely.

      • Actually, it’ll be $16.05 with tax! 😂

        • Anyone know what the code is for new subscribers to get $5 off first box?

          • I think when you click on the link on their page it automatically takes the $5 off. I didn’t have to enter a code to get my box for $10.

  14. I’m really excited for the Cargo. Hopefully this box doesn’t come as late as January’s

    • Me too!

  15. Got my Jan box! I got the #Beautysecret Pomegranate mask, the Sigma blending brush, Oscar Blandi spray, Burt’s Bees Lipstick, Dr Brandt exfoliator, and the Doucce magnetic quad is really awesome. I wish every month was this good!

  16. Got my January box outta the blue today! 😊

  17. Got my Jan box today…luv it!!!! No shipping or tracking email, but noticed my card was charged Friday I believe it was.

  18. will the candle be full sized or a small tea light type candle that is pictured?

    • Tea light

  19. I got a shipping # for my January box today, due to arrive tomorrow. Funny thing is that’s the first time I’ve got a shipping confirmation before my box arrives since I joined two years ago, you just never know with them. Good thing is I’ve never had to deal with customer service, they always show up.

  20. I really hope I get the Cargo product – I LOVE Cargo! The GrandeLips will be nice too. I am using a sample from my Ricky’s NYC box, and I like it, so another would be welcome. I could really do without a candle in a beauty box. If I wanted a candle, I would subscribe to a lifestyle or candle subscription, would much rather have another beauty item.

    • I love that grande lips. Tiny sample though.

  21. I just got my box today! I’m so glad that I decided to resubscribe and give them another chance. It’s funny how 6 months ago my top 3 boxes are now my least favorite and my least favorite boxes have now become my favorites. I’m so glad Allure stepped up their game and is giving some great products! I love how they sent the doucce or douce compact. I love their products and they’re really nice colors that they sent out. I’m excited that they’ll be sending out new colors every now and then and since the compact is magnetic, it makes switching the colors easy! I rearranged them from light to dark lol. This box was my favorite January box! Well, I liked the Luxor box too but only because of the bangle, and I actually got the black one that I wanted!! The oil in my diffuser leaked but they’re replacing it. Their customer service is so fast and amazing! Glossy box stunk this month! And Boxycharm is going downhill…… I’ve been getting good boxes but I feel guilty knowing that others are paying the same price and aren’t getting the same value, which isn’t fair! I actually got the English laundry deluxe rollerball perfume, vintage double compact, so Susan fan brush, pur minerals bronzer, and the konjac sponge. About a $120 value. Which is awesome BUT I’m feeling guilty that I’m getting the good variations. I’ve been with them for like two years now, but even so, new subscribers should be getting awesome boxes so that way they’ll continue to subscribe. I just want it to be the same thing for everyone, we’re all paying the same amount!!!

    • January would have been my first Boxycharm. I ordered on the 4th, and haven’t received it yet. But I’m hearing so many people had theirs come completely smashed! I ended up canceling because I don’t want to be charged for my second box before I even get my first one. Although I will probably resubscribe because I want those color pop shadows and that magnetic zpallet.

      • You might want to resubscribe right away if you want February because I’ve heard there’s a wait list!!

    • What do you mean? Does Boxycharm send different boxes to different subscribers? I’ve never heard of that!
      And how do they determine who gets what?

  22. Love the addition of a candle! Nice one, Allure!

    • Ha, I am pretty sure you are the only one. It’s beauty box, it shouldn’t contain non-beauty products. I hope Allure is getting a lot of complaints about this one.

      • It’s kind of funny how everyone is complaining about the candle. Isn’t this a 5 item box? The candle is a bonus. Just goes to show how sometimes, these beauty box companies can’t win, even if they send out an extra bonus item.

        • No, it’s not a 5-item box. I’ve received as many as 7 items per box in the past, some of them full size. They don’t say anywhere in their description that the box is limited to five items.

        • In fact, I just checked on here: all the boxes I received last year had 7 items, before I unsubscribed (I resubscribed during the holidays).
          Not sure how this 5-item misconception started… :-/

          • My bad! I thought it was a 5 item box 😳

  23. I just got my box and it’s great! The Paulette is really nice. I got the butts bees in blush basin which is a light rose mauve and looks great on me and I got the face mask with pomegranate and hyaluronic acid. It was definitely worth the wait.

    • I meant burts not butts and pallette not Paulette.

      • LOL at ‘butts bees’ though, thanks for the giggle! 😀 I hate autocorrect sometimes!

    • I also got the E25 blending brush which I like alot better than the E70 medium angled shading brush.

      • I got the blending brush too with mine (it finally showed up on Monday) and I love everything! Great lippie for dry lips, may have to pick up another shade. I got the same mask too which will be perfect for my dry skin. Not sure about the eye shadow shades yet but love that it’s magnetic and they say they will be sending future pans to mix it up so that will be fun. Was definitely worth the wait for me & looking forward to February too. So happy I resubbed with the 3 month for 10$ deal when I did! Cancelled all my other beauty boxes except for Julep Maven.

    • Did you get a tracking number or any type of shipping info?

      • No, it just showed up.

  24. I just got my january box in the mail today. Doucce eyeshadow pallete, shadow brush, burts bees lipstick *love*, oscar blandi dry shampoo, face mask, and dr brants microdermabrasion. Great box! I think that i got exactly what the spoilers were. Now hopefully februarys will be on schedule!

    • Which brush and mask did you get?

  25. I cancelled and then re subbed with the $10 for 4 months and I am so glad I did Love everything shown but I want to love Jan box too. Can’t wait for it.

    • Hi Michelle…did they charge you correctly? I cancelled in Sept and reordered in Dec to get the holiday special 4/$10. They are charging me regular price and are telling me I’m not eligible for the sale price (after the fact). They are saying I never cancelled (but I did, was not charged, nor got boxes from Oct on) I did got my Jan box today, and did receive everything in the spoiler.

  26. I actually just got the replacement items from the September debacle. I got the estee lauder serum and Grande primer. It took almost five months but at least I got them.

    • My Jan box is on the move and shoukd be in MA by Monday or Tuesday. YaY… I love that they have been getting out great boxes lately and they just seem like they are doing better all around. I am excited for Jan and I have been trying really hard not to look at the spoilers for this month and next. But I did see something around a candle… Allure you won me over in Dec 2015 with a cute candle and I have loved you ever since…

  27. I have the Beauty Counter mascara in full size and while I LOVE their charcoal face bar soap and charcoal mask (totally transforms my large pores), I was underwhelmed with their mascara. It’s not bad, it’s just that for the price, there are much better mascaras out there.

  28. *sigh* I can’t use the peel pads, aloe is the second ingredient. The rest looks promising, except the mascara. Oh well, there’s always at least one thing I can’t use. I’m just glad it’s only one thing!

    • Why, what’s wrong with aloe?

  29. Feb box looks good…candle should be bigger for Valentine’s Day. I never assume I will receive the items advertised, but hopeful. Still waiting for Jan box.

    • I haven’t received Jan either! I realize an item got held up by a manufacturer, but still…

    • Me too

  30. I know that January’s box is late, but they did let us know in advance that it would be delayed. I appreciate the notice and am still excited to get the January box and am trying to wait patiently. Now maybe it won’t be a long wait for February’s. I’ve never tried any of the items in either box.

  31. Someone please confirm that’s not a tealight candle… I will lose my sh*t.

    • Not a fan of candles? Lol. Definitely looks like a tealight, I’m honestly excited to get a home item from them and it looks like it’s fron a nice brand.

      • Does look tea light, but I do love the spicy chai like scent of Red Flower products, so I’m looking forward to it! (Am I $15 excited? Prolly not. 😉 )

        *oops, sorry for replying under the wrong post!

      • I think she’s not a fan of a tealight size candle. I thought the same thing. I think it would be pretty cheezy to put a tealight size candle in the box.

        • It’s a bonus item, they could’ve sent nothing.

    • It’s not a tea light. The link above is to their bigger candle, but I’n sure we are getting the Little Flower candle. Follow the link above and when you get to that page, click on the link on the left that says Little Flower Candle (10). I have the set of 6, love them, they are in a glass container and burn for about 15 hours.

      • You’ll get a tea light. I already got the box, the candle is a tea light.

    • I love the red flower brand if it’s a tea candle or not. This is great cause I’ve been looking into a candle purchase with them, this way I find out how much scent I’ll get with the candle.

    • There are 5 other items in the box (as promised) besides the candle, so that looks like it’s just an “extra”. Nothing to really get worked up about. 😊

      • That’s a good point, I didn’t even think about that 🙂 I’m looking forward to it either way, though.

    • I just got an email from red flower introducing their new tea light candle in Moroccan rose!!!! So we are getting a tea light, I was sure we weren’t since they didn’t carry them! Oh well, sorry.

      • LOL! I got the same email this morning too. I ordered some before they sell out cuz I know I’ll luv em!

    • It is… 🙁

  32. I have been unsubscribed from this box for a while, but I like what they’ve been offering recently… Only thing I’m not a fan of is that they put a lot of value into the skin care products sometimes more than the makeup. The skincare items are from nice brands, but usually tailored to specific preferences that don’t suit me very well!
    Still considering resubscribing because this box looks good, and my mother will like the olay product

  33. We have the spoilers for February and yet, it’s 1/21 and I still haven’t received January’s box. What’s going on here? Did anyone get January yet?

    • Still waiting for mine

    • I sent an email last week and the response was shipping to start this last week of January. My account was charged on Friday.

    • Haven’t got my January box either! And I’ve been charged twice!

    • I was just thinking the same thing!

    • They released two statements and an email saying January box would ship later due to the custom shadow palette

    • Same here ! I see others mentioned they were informed of a delay. I never received such notice . I had to email and inquire about January . They said it should be shipping by end of the month.
      My first thought on this post was … February full spoilers and I haven’t even gotten January yet.. what the heck. Not cool. At least my box is only $10 from the Black Friday deal 🙂

    • An update – there’s a tracking number on my account and, surprise, it’s out for delivery today.

  34. Does anyone know what the full-size products are in this box. I know the GrandeLips, Red Flower, and the First Aid Beauty aren’t.

    • The mascara & Olay eye cream look full-sized. I’m currently using the Olay eye serum, and it looks just like the eye cream (size and all) that’s pictured.

  35. Not as excited for this one as I am for January’s. Still looks nice though! Excited for the plumping lipgloss and the eye treatment. I was charged for January’s box on Thursday. Also on Thursday, I received a random package from them with a product I had emailed them about that was missing from my August box! Along with an Estee Lauder night repair eye serum that I think was a bonus item in that same box. Funny! Better way late than never I guess…🙂

    • Hope there’s variation of this box and I don’t get any mascara! 🙄

  36. I agree with everyone else.. I’ve been with them since the Sample Society days and I’ve always loved the samples but they’ve really been slacking on delivery these last few months. What’s worse, I haven’t even been billed for January yet, so I don’t know what’s going on there..anyone else having this issue?

  37. Looks like a nice box. So did January’s, but still haven’t even gotten a shipping notice!

    • Since I started in December with the deal I have only recieved Novembers box.. (Yes November) I cancelled last night! Not worth the headache 🤕

      • Have you tried emailing them? Especially about your December box, I subscribed dec 29 and got the Dec box a week and half later.

    • They rarely send timely shipping notices. Go to click on Beauty Box in the top right corner, log on and look under order date. There should be a link that says “Track Shipment” underneath it if the date is a January date.

  38. I Love me some Allure Beauty Boxes. This is freakin awesome!!

    One of my fave boxes. Boxycharm GlossyBox Sephora box Ipsy I subscribe to all. I cancelled a few others but this one is HOT!🔥🔥🔥🔥

    Thanks Liz. Also I can’t wait for the January box. Kisses all the way. Try to subscribe it’s worth it

  39. Love it and will use everything in the box. I’ve been wanting to try the GrandeLIPS. Yay!

    • Aww, hope youre not disapointed. I got the full size in that super great NEWBEAUTY box earlier in the year and thought it was basically nothing more than a mediocre plumping lipgloss, a little on the sticky side. Buxom and even the moxy glosses from bare minerals are wayyyyy better, and my favorite is this super old physicians formula one i got that the tube looks kind of like a syringe…that one really works. This was basically a sticky clear gloss (i would add overpriced, but i didnt pay rsv.

      • Thanks for the recommendations and no worries…if I hate it, my teenage daughter will most likely LOOOVE it. lol

  40. I completely agree with all of the comments here! I’m still waiting on my January box and haven’t received any shipping updates. I tried to give them a second chance after hearing they had improved their customer service, but I think I’m going to cancel again. It’s just not worth it anymore and I think there are better boxes out there with excellent customer service and shipping time!

  41. This is a really nice box for the value. Looking forward to the Cargo, Olay and mascara. I can’t complain about a $74 value on a $15 box. I know the January box is a bit delayed, which is a bummer, but I’m looking forward to the eye shadows.

  42. Not my favorite box, but as usually they blow me away on value. I like the mascara, candle and maybe the lip plumper? Oh and first aid pads look interesting! Definitely happy with this box.

  43. I agree with the above. I still don’t have my January box. I’m starting to wonder if I will even get it in January. They sent an email saying I would get it this week. I didn’t. When I signed up it also advised I would get an extra eye quad for referring a friend. I didn’t. So far I’ve been disappointed. Fingers crossed I will change my mind.

    • Honesty never trust them when they say they are shipping something out. Everything they have promised to ship me never arrived….but when i unsuspended my subscription after 3 months, they did make sure to ship all 3 of my boxes lol and of course charge for boxes I suspended. They are hair pulling.

      • They did WHAT? That’s sounds insane. I cancelled in Sept. and subscribed in Dec to get the holiday deal. They billed me regular price and are now telling me I never cancelled my account…..they are just insane. So very frustrating!

      • Yep, they did the same thing to me a couple of months back. I had suspended for 2 months and when I reactivated December 7th I was immediately charged and sent the October and November boxes. And the October one never actually arrived and they would never credit me for it.


  45. I’m excited for the candle and the eye cream. Allure has been sending good boxes for the last few months. I’m glad I resubbed for $10 for 6 months. It’s been worth it.

  46. I wish I could get my January box before getting spoilers for the February box. They are really taking a long time to ship, these days!

  47. Oh it’s nice that they released February spoilers but my January box hasn’t even shipped yet. Disappointed

    • Same here, no January box yet but they did say it would be delayed, like two weeks ago. Oh well, still ok with it and since I recently cancelled a few other boxes and got the $10 deal on this one I’ll just be happy when they finally do arrive. Funny, I was subbed last year for awhile and never had any issues. Probably just jinxed it now, lol!

    • p.s. I have those First Aid facial peel pads already and they’re great; definitely happy to have more! Good price too, $15 for 28 of them. I use one about every other day or so and have already noticed a difference.

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