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adidas: Avenue A Subscription Box Spring 2017 SPOILER #2!

Screen Shot 2016-02-09 at 4.25.20 PM

MSA readers are getting another sneak peek at the upcoming Spring 2017 Avenue A by adidas Box!

The Spring Box will be curated by Hannah Bronfman and it will include:


Pure Boost Sneakers


(These were so popular in the first ever Avenue A box, that adidas brought them back for this box in a new colorway!)

More details on these shoes:

These women’s running shoes combine style and performance for a winning combination. Designed to respond to the ways a woman’s foot moves as she runs, the shoe’s floating arch hugs and adapts your foot from push-off to footstrike.

  • Runner type: neutral
  • boost™ is our most responsive cushioning ever: The more energy you give, the more you get
  • Air mesh upper for maximum breathability
  • Women’s-specific design and fit
  • Floating arch hugs and supports every step, molding to the shape of your foot
  • STRETCHWEB rubber outsole flexes underfoot for an energized ride

And in case you missed the first spoiler, the Spring box will also include this adidas by Stella McCartney Bag:

Screen Shot 2017-01-30 at 4.08.23 PM Screen Shot 2017-01-30 at 4.08.35 PM

What do you think of the latest spoiler? I’m pumped! I LOVE those sneakers from the first box!

More about this box: Avenue A by adidas Box is $150 a box and ships once every three months. Every Avenue A box is filled with at least 3 premium items (mix of shoes, apparel, and accessories) selected by celebrity curators who exemplify style, fitness, and performance.

Subscribe by 2/19 to make sure you get this box!

Check out my Avenue A by adidas Box reviews to learn more about this fitness subscription box!

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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Comments (137)

  1. I hope it has the red jacket she is wearing in the picture!

  2. I’m in South Carolina so mine always ships later, but gets here fast. I am going to try to avoid spoilers

  3. Shipped! Shipped! Shipped! Woohoo!! Got my shipping notice and tracking # emailed over about 10 minutes ago!


      • Maybe I should buy a lottery ticket on my way home! lol I’m in Los Angeles….so I’m not sure if that matters.

    • You are so lucky – please post spoilers 🙂 I’m always in the 2nd wave of shipping so hopefully by next weekend.

  4. Has anyone received their box or shipping notice? I have not gotten any shipping information yet so I kind of doubt it will be here in Florida next week. I think they ship mine from South Carolina.

    • Got my shipping notification as of 10 minutes ago…..I’m in Huntington Beach, Ca. but don’t know if that matters 🙂

      • I’m in Long Beach, CA! maybe that means i’ll get mine soon too!!

      • I am in Irine CA, mine was shipped today. 🙂

      • Irvine, CA (sorry, too much rain watered my brain)

      • omg omg!! i hope mine ships today too!!! im too anxious

    • I just got my shipping notification today too. I’m in Northern California and it’s shipping from South Carolina with an estimated FedEx delivery date of next Thursday.

  5. I’m new to this sub, so I don’t know the ins and outs. If I show a delivery of 2/24 does that mean I should receive it on 2/24 or that it will ship on 2/24?

    • I’m wondering the same thing!

  6. Any full spoilers yet? 👀

  7. Do they typically only release 2 spoilers? This is my first box and I was just wondering if there is usually a full spoiler?

    • Before the winter box, they did release full spoilers before everyone was charged (so then you could opt to skip if it wasn’t something your taste). But with the winter box, they only released the shoe and then the general contents of the box. Like a second pair shoes, leggings, sweatshirt, tank top without descriptions or hints.

      It looks like we really won’t get any spoilers – unless Liz gets the box early and posts a review. I’m hoping to love everything in this box though – the bag and shoes look awesome. I’ve been following Hannah on instagram since her announcement as the curator and her style looks awesome.

  8. hmmm, thought it will arrive on Feb 16th 🙁

    • I think they changed it to later. Mine says 2/24.

    • Mine switched to 2/24 – which is usually the ship date. The way they word it is a a little misleading.

  9. Message me at ms dot otg 2010 at gmail dot com

  10. Has anyone’s card been charged yet for the Spring box? I thought it was supposed to charge today…

    • Mine did not get charged yet either but from previous experience, they charged my card late at night (PST).

    • **update: I JUST got charged

    • Mine just got charged within the last hour or so (I’m in eastern time)

    • I cant believe they think they can change the charge date with out notifying everyone one. Their website states once a quarter. I was very disappointed with the last box and now this. It is time to leave them. A simple email would not have been difficult

      • I agree their logistics needs some work – especially considering what an established company this is. I think it’s weird that they charge and THEN start putting the box together. I would think they would close the subscription for the quarter, put the boxes together, then charge and ship at the same time. To have to wait two weeks seems excessive…

        I did also get charged last night…

      • They are not really Adidas. They are a subscription company either licensed or working with Adidas. I tried to call Adidas because there was no way to TALK to anyone about my subscription… I didn’t get a tracking number for the Winter box. Adidas said there was no way for them to help me.

    • I haven’t been charged yet and my account says 2/9. This is my first box, so I’m not sure if they charge in some type of order or not, but I’ll keep checking to see when the charge goes through.

      • I got charged last night and they sent me e-mail confirmation that they took the money and order is being prepared.

    • Mine charged yesterday, February 9th.

    • I jusr realized that I hadn’t changed my credit card info – some fool used my old card to purchase Papa John’s pizza – as soon as I updated to my new card, I was charged right away.

  11. I signed up a second box using a different email a couple days ago when it says sold out. Emailed Ave A CS and they got back with me today saying that their IT fixed the site and for me to go in and enter my cc information. I logged in and it said my next box is spring 17. So now both my accounts said cc charge 2/9, delivery 2/24.

    • I got the same e-mail stating that it was an IT problem and now my account (msn) ready to complete for sign up for Spring box. I told them that I used my other e-mail (yahoo) to subscribed and would like to delete this account (msn). They replied right away stating that I do not need to do anything, this account (msn) will just remain inactive.

  12. It’s official I love these new Pure Boost! The Adidas Store near my home just got them in stock on Monday and let me say these pictures don’t do them justice! They are amazingly comfy & look great on! Oh and I should mention, they are True To Size ladies!!! Now I’m just a little bummed out to see that billing and shipping date have been pushed back a week. I don’t want to wait…..I want to wear these shoes now! lol

  13. I wonder why they changed to the payment and delivery day again. It was changed to the 9th and 27th. I emailed them to see if it was a mistake, and it wasn’t.

    • Hmmm…I was wondering the same thing. My page says billing on the 9th as well. Maybe they are adding a week for new subscribers to sign up and fill all the unclaimed boxes. Since every box they’ve done a little differently, I wonder if we’re going to get more spoilers or the reveal prior.

  14. I was going to give this box another chance after the – as another poster called it – dumpster fire that was the Winter box. I liked Hannah Bronfman and was following her on social media at the time and was going to stick it out for at least her box. That was, until the Snapchat fiasco where she indicated that she doesn’t believe that children belong in business class. Seriously. She can afford to or had a company sponsoring her to fly in business class and she’s whining about a perfectly behaved child in a seat across the aisle. I can’t support anyone that blatantly elitist and arrogant. If someone can afford a business class ticket for their toddler, more power to ’em. Put on the free Bose headphones and deal. I canceled my account but unfortunately the site doesn’t ask why. But that’s why. When they get some curators that I can relate to, I might revisit it. But not this quarter.

  15. The swap site is too complicated for me. Looking for tights from winter box size M. Happy to offer something or pay for it. Svetlana7e at msn dot com.

    • Hi there! I just sent you an email about the tights!

  16. Did anyone else get a charge from “Safe Cart” for like $2.90 after their Adidas box order went through? It triggered a fraud prevention warning on my card! Since I saw that it resulted from a purchase I authorized, I didn’t mark it as fraud, but it’s still weirding me out… :/

    • Yes, I got charged it. It is sitting on my credit card as pending charges of $2.90. I think it is same thing like gas station. They put “pending charges” for like $40 and then reverse it and charge you actual amount. $2.90 it is not actual charge, it is kind of reserve and on Feb 2 will be reversed and you will see $150 charge.

  17. Why did I think this wasn’t shipping until March? I just checked my account and it says I’m being billed on 2/2 and the box will be delivered on 2/15! Did they change something?

    • They are shipping this one out a month early. I think to make us forget about the winter box.

      • Seriously! Biggest fail of a box ever. At least for the clothing. I loved the shoes. The shoes are the only reason I didn’t completely cancel my subscription.

    • I emailed them because I thought it might be a mistake but they said they are shipping it in February. I wonder why?

  18. I am super stoked for this and just subscribed to my first box! I LOVE Pure Boost — I have two pairs already, but I am hooked. I am on the fence about the bag though…

    • Does anyone know about sizing with these shoes? The winter box the sizing was so off that I had to go gown one whole size in both shoes!

      • I think Adidas runs small, kind of like Nike?

      • I have a pair of the Pure Boost in another color and my regular running size (9.5) is perfect. (The winter shoes were pretty big for me at a 9.5, and I exchanged them for a 9 which was still a little loosy goosy.

      • The winter box shoes were just horrendous in fit – I wound up getting 3 different sizes of the white ones and none of them were comfortable or remotely wearable. I sent them ALL back and told them to keep them all even though they said I could keep one – I wouldn’t want anyone else suffering from them also.

        The Bounce ones were ok – I can run in them but when I do floor exercises like burpees, they slip because they’re slightly big even though they are exactly in my size. I wear 8 in Nikes and they fit perfectly, with Adidas, they’re 7.5 is slightly big.

        Their customer service is great, they’re boxes – not sure yet.

  19. I just received this from customer support when inquired about the sold out message:

    Hello Avenue a customer,

    We are thrilled you are interested in subscribing for our Spring 2017 Avenue a box! Last night our system experienced an error, and said the Spring 2017 box was sold out. This issue has been corrected. Please try signing up for the subscription again and notify us if you run into any further issues.


    Avenue a customer support

    • I tried to sign up again, but it says that this e-mail already in use and account already exist. Do I have to use another e-mail to “try signing up for the subscription again”? I am so confused what exactly do they mean??

      • Log in to your account and you’ll see if you are scheduled to be billed on the 2nd

      • I am not. It says that I am scheduled to receive next box and it has not been build yet. 🙁

      • I would email them. They are pretty good at responding!

  20. This is hands down my favorite box. I sold the Winter hoodie and leggings on ebay buy it now so the 2 pairs of shoes and top I kept were great for $50. I have been so happy with this box and I can’t wait for this one to arrive. I think if you use the items it is a great deal.

    They have Adidas tent sales in my city and the prices are not that cheap and I went and looked at the random items and they are not even close to the quality although they net out to about the same price. The shoes at these sales start at $40, basic tshirts are $15 and leggings start at $30.

  21. I just reactivated my subscription. I’ll just have to play it by ear and see how I feel about each curator. Last box was a definite no-go, but it was obvious that Rita Ora’s style was very different from my own so I skipped it.

    • Hannah Bronfmans style is very chic and classy in my opinion. Take a look at her Instagram for reference 😄

  22. For those who received the sold out message yesterday, maybe try again today. Size 9.5 was unavailable yesterday afternoon, but I tried to subscribe again today and they are back in stock.

    • Hallelujah I just did the same with size 8!

    • How do you try again? Did you sign up for another subscription. I signed up yesterday and it said your first box will be Summer 2017 and wait till we notify you to make a payment. I just wonder what exactly I need to do to “try again”. Thank you.

      • I ended up using a different email address to sign up this morning. It never asked me for payment information when I tried subscribing last night (and was told it was sold out), so I’m not worried about being billed twice.

      • I end up doing the same thing and with my new e-mail account they asked for payment right away, which means that I am getting spring box!

  23. Woo hoo! Just subbed. I can’t wait to get these shoes and bag.

  24. YAY! I didnt get the very first box so I am super excited for these and love the color!

  25. I guess I’m one of the only people that loved the winter Box! I wasn’t able to get one so if someone wants to swap / sell PLEASE reply here! THANKS!!!!

    • If you’re interested in the hoodie I have it in an XS (it runs really big though) I’d be willing to sell. I wore it maybe twice around the house, but I don’t think its something I’d get too much use out of. I saw on ebay there tons of the shoes up for sale too.

      emily dot deep one at gmail dot com

    • I have the alpha bounce shoes in size 8. they were too big on me

      • Please contact me, I’d like to buy the shoes from you ms dot org 2010 at gmail dot com

      • ms dot otg 2010 at gmail dot com

    • I have the sweatshirt in an XL and the shoes (gray ones and the superstars) in 7.5. All too big for my size 12 top and 7.5 feet.

      • Carla I would love to buy or trade you for the 7.5s I got the 8s and was sad they were too big. johara3574 at msn

      • You can fill out an exchange form on the Avenue A website and they will exchange them for you. My entire winter box with the exception of the shirt and leggings had to be exchanged for smaller sizes.

      • just checked and it has to be done within 10 days of receipt

      • I would like to buy the sweater ms dot otg 2010 at gmail dot com

      • Also interested in the sweatshirt! I think you can message me on the swap site!

    • I have the shoes in size 6 if you’re interested!

      • I need a 7.5 or an 8, thank you though!

    • I have the sweater in size Small if you’re interested.

  26. Ugh I’m SO sad. I love the shoes but its sold out woof! Love the gym bag too but I hate to buy both pieces when I could’ve gotten them in the box. I’ll cross my fingers and maybe one will magically be available…a girl can hope!

    • It’s available now

  27. Super excited for these! I wish they were a fun color- I know neutrals appeal to a wider audience. But the last 2 boxes have had only black, white and grey shoes. Give us some color avenue a! I know other sub boxes give choices of color for some items-maybe they’ll consider that in the future?

    Hannah’s style is fantastic, so I’m sure the clothing items will be a hit!

    • I was pretty sure they were going to play it safe with this box since the Winter box was too far out of a majority of subscribers comfort zone. Expect basics for the rest of the box.

  28. Well the MSA bunch is a forgiving group, that’s for sure. The last thread had a ton
    of comments dragging this company accompanied with hundreds of request to swap. But this month, the box is sold out. Ok. Lol. This box would be perfect for me & my lifestyle but the constant complaints had me cancel my subscription before billing last time & I won’t be going back. Not to mention I’d never risk spending $150 on a box similar to the dumpster fire that is Winter 2016. Love the shoes though!

    • Lol. Dumpster fire. Pretty accurate. The last box made me cancel. I was so dissapointed in it after the 3 awesome prior boxes and swore I was done if this was the direction this sub was heading. I love my first pair of pure boosts and was planning on replacing them soon anyways. They are my all time favorite. Then throw in that stella bag on top of it. Lured me right back in. This one doesn’t feel all cheap and useless. Winter box forgotten. 😊

    • to each their own. I really liked the winter box. I wear the pants and hoodie seperately and get tons of compliments. the shors are awesome too and wear both pairs frequently. The grey ones also dont kill my feet when I switch classes from TBC to spin on heavier work out days. im 37 so was a little afraid i may have been too old for it, but rocked it and now love them 🙂
      I am excited for this box too!! I use the 1st stella bag for travel with tge kiddos. This one will be my new gym bag. cant wait!

  29. YAY! I just signed up for this box. Not sold out for all sizes!

    • What sizes did you use?

      • 7.5 worked for me.

      • Tops m bottoms L and shoes 10

  30. Sold out 😩

  31. Logged into my account and said cc will be charges 2/2 and delivery 2/15, thought supposed to be March.

    • I contacted them and they said they are a month early this time. I think they want us to forget about the winter box lol

  32. I’m having difficulties reaching a fellow swapper. I have an open swap from approximately 2 weeks ago and I do not have shipping confirmation. This person has 100% feedback, so I’m hopeful that I will receive my items. I know personally that I no longer get email status updates letting me know when a swap has been accepted. Perhaps this is the case. If I’m not having luck reaching a swapper, how should a proceed? Any recommendations?

    • If you have anything from the winter 2016 box, I’d be interested in buying them. The only thing I won’t need are the alphas. But I’d be happen to buy the other stuff depending on size. I need either an xl or a s/m in clothes and either a 7.5 or an 8 in shoes.

      • Hello! I have the clothes from the winter box, never even tried on. I did like the shoes, so I want to keep them. The pants are a small and the hoodie is either a small or medium. I’ll check tomorrow. Please contact me with any interest.

      • Sheila I am interested in both the hoodie and the leggings/tights contact me at ms dot otg 2010 at gmail dot com

      • Mine are no longer available. Thanks, Courtney!

      • Thank you Sheila! My daughter is super happy.

  33. I didn’t request my box to be cancelled but my status is currently inactive and it shows cancelled as of January 31st, 2017.. strange! anyone else having the same issue?

    • That happened to me for the last box but I still got the box, not sure what happened.

  34. I just subscribed it and it says that my first box will be Summer 2017. I am heart broken.

    • I got the same message. 🙁 Such a disappointment!

  35. Yay, I’m excited about this box. Loving the shoes and the bag so the clothes will just be extra for me! I’ve gotten all the boxes and have been happy with them all!

  36. Sold out. Nuts!

  37. I’m also curious about the sizing. I bought the last two boxes. The size 6 black shoes were too small so I sized up for the second box to a 6.5. Then the grey shoes in the second box were wearable but a bit big. Will these fit more similarly to the black Fall shoes or the grey Winter shoes?

    • I have a 10 in this style from Spring and a 9.5 in the grey shoes from Winter.
      (And I’m not 100% sure what size is got for the black ones from fall, but I’m guessing it’s a 10)

      • Thanks! I’ll keep my fingers crossed the 6.5 is the right size. At this point if things are selling out I probably can’t change anyway.

      • And if for some reason they don’t fit, they are awesome about exchanges 🙂

  38. I’m loving these spoilers! My daughter is going to love this box. I wish I had known about this in time to get the 2016 winter box. That was a great box. But I’m in now and I’ll be happy with everything each season and more importantly, my daughter will be happy. #LoveIt

  39. Love love love these! This subscription box is such a great box! PLEASE create a men’s box too!

    • I was just wishing there was a men’s box that was quality like this. I would totally buy it for my husband!

    • I wish they did too. My husband wears size 14 shoes but I imagine if they created a box for men the shoe sizes wouldn’t go up that high…

  40. They’re cute, but I don’t think I need another pair. Wish I had gotten this box instead of the winter box, but c’est la vie!
    Hopefully, the summer box brings me back.

  41. Oh, I like. With the bag and the shoes it won’t matter if I like the clothing because I will come out ahead. But I like Hannah’s style so I think I’ll be happy with everything in the box.

  42. OMG so excited! Perfect! Cannot wait to get my hands on this box.

  43. Wow! I might have to get this book…RIP wallet haha.

    Anyways, does anyone know where I can see a picture of what this shoe looks like being worn? I want to make sure I like how it looks on before buying the box 🙂

  44. Lovers of sub boxes – are we about to go through the same mess from the last box?
    I must be insane cause I’m ready, willing and able to do it again

    Bring on the Spring Box!

  45. I am an 8.5 and the ones from the first box fit perfectly. On a side note, my accounts says it’s billing on 2/2 and I’ll get my box around 2/15. I thought they were shipping in March?

  46. Yay, thanks for posting! This spoiler may just be enough to get me off the fence about this and finally decide to sub! Question for others who have these shoes: do they run true to size? From the details I read on several swap site listings, it appears sometimes the shoes included with the box run big. I think if I could reasonably assume that the shoes will fit, I will purchase this one! Thanks for your help 🙂

    • this style runs more true to size than the last couple pairs from the Winter box

    • You can also exchange anything that doesn’t fit within 10 days of receiving your box.

  47. Do you know if these run big like the shoes from the last box?

    • One of the reasons I didn’t get the last box! I have size 5 feet and i heard they run big, so i didnt really have the option to size down. Hoping someone can answer this 🙂

    • I found these to be more TTS than the black Boston shoes from the fall which I felt ran large. I can’t comment on the other shoes but the upper on these shoes is stretchy so you can pull them on without unlocking them. I love that about the first pair

      • I love that too. I just slide them on. They are so cozy. Can’t wait for a second brand new pair. Thanks Avenue A!

    • The pair I got in the first box were true to size. But, their shoes are all over the place far as fit goes. In general, I’d say the lifestyle shoes tend to run large while athletic shoes are more true to size. The Stan Smith’s from the last box are a full two sizes too large on me. But I think they’ll exchange if the fit is way off. 🙂

  48. Yay! Love them!
    I was just thinking about getting another pair bc I loved the pair from the first box so much!

    • Me too! I think they are my favorite sneaker out of all the ones adidas has sent! Love this grey color, too! 🙂

      • yes, they are definitely my favorite pair!
        and I love all thing grey so these are perfect!!

        not to mention that they’re including another Stella bag <3

      • Liz, may i ask what size you got from last spring and what size you normally order (like did you allow for half a size bigger due to socks)? I am a 7.5 and with nike order an 8. However winter, i am in a 7 and they fit. not sure if i shoukd order a 7.5 or 8.

      • I’ve always gotten a 9, and the shoes have fit me consistently. I know some people have said some shoes have run larger than others, so I don’t know if my feet are just weird, but I’ve always found the size 9 to be sized correctly every box! Not sure if that’s super helpful, though! Sorry!

      • Thank you!!

    • I was thinking the same thing! I have a pair in my Amazon cart… but these are so much cuter.

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