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Too Faced Cyber Monday Mystery Bag – FULL SPOILERS!

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We have FULL SPOILERS for the SOLD OUT Too Faced Cyber Monday Grab Bag!

The Box: Too Faced Cyber Monday Grab Bag

The Cost: $39

The Products: Surprise yourself with this top-secret assortment of Too Faced favorites! $115 value! UPDATE: Confirmed! This box will include an eye shadow palette!

Check out my review of the 2015 Too Faced Mystery Box to see what you can expect!

Inside the Grab Bag:


Check out the full reveal video from Andrea Renee:

(She also had a La Creme Color Drenched Mini Lipstick in Naked Dolly in her box, but it was outside the grab bag, so it may have been a bonus sample with her order.)

What do you think of the spoilers?

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. I got my order today. I ordered the mystery bag and Born This Way makeup for my daughter for Christmas. When I ordered the promo was to receive two free samples as well. I received the Born This way makeup and my two samples the naked dolly and single dose shadow insurance. NO MAKEUP bag but one, that’s right ONE size queen mascara?!?! I tried to call but was listening to music forever and no one picked up. I sent an email and hope to hear back on Monday. My packing slip said it was included in this order. I am so frustrated. Although, after reading reviews maybe I should just ask for my money back.

  2. Yeah, I’m returning this and buying the sweet peach palette one it releases. And then I’m not buying their products anymore. Too Faced took advantage with this grab bag. Shame on them.

  3. What a disappointment!! 😓 My first time pulling the trigger for this mystery bag and it has left me with sour. What bad experience!! NEVER will I trust Too Faced or fall into this type of offers coming from them!! I saw that palette for $12 on their website before midnight that day, so how is this bag worth over $100??? I feel so lied to, and taken advantage of! 😢

  4. I waited until 3am to get this bag and now I’m really disappointed I won’t use any of this makeup that mascara smudge on me like crazy, I don’t use glitter, I don’t need another eyeliner I don’t like the colors in the palette and that lipstick color no no,
    I regret my decision as this was the only gift I could afford for myself this Christmas, I would have invested my money in another brand .

    • I feel the exact same way and I bought TWO! One is for my daughter and she will probably love it. I don’t like the gift for myself at all. I am DEFINITELY going to try to sell it. I paid 85$ Canadian including shipping, which was VERY expensive. I will never get sucked in like this again. Too Faced has ruined it for me. They should put amazing products in that MB if they only have limited quantity and they want everyone to be excited about the concept. Never again Too Faced, never again……

      • Me too. It was between the Balm 50% off making their palettes around $19 or the mystery bag. I regret choosing the mystery box. I could’ve choosen 2 nice palettes of my choice and a mascara with what i paid to get get this mystery bag shipped to me smh. First and last year I’m taking this risk. My boxycharm gives me better things than this mystery bag.

    • I’m kind of disappointed with the selection, but I received TWO of the Cat Eye palettes, along with everything else in the spoiler, so not too disappointed!

  5. too faced just dumped all their discontinued and clearance junk onto me for the same price as the tj max and nordstorm rack that’s been trying to sell it for the past few months. I feel like a sucker and am so sad. after seeing last years was items that they were still selling for full price and didn’t discontinue until summer i was guessing the natural matte/eyes palette, sweethearts in peach beach (since papa don’t peach is coming soon) a mini better than sex in black, and maybe a lip gloss or lip primer. Heres just how much too faced ripped me (actual prices of these items i sighted at NRack/TMax, 2 prices shown means the locations varied their costs)
    -melted lipstick in frosting full size -$8
    -shadow primer $7 or $8
    -cat eyes palette $15
    -bulletproof liner for $10
    -recently there was a travel better than sex and travel melt off (together) for $10
    So yeah thats more than $39 still but then we paid shipping. I could have just went to tj max, picked up some other gifts to total $100 and have gotten the $10 reward then. No offense against the discountinued tj max makeup – its pretty much the only time i buy high end makeup because its a fantastic deal, and I drive a brand new car at age 22 (i pay for it) but I was expecting better of too faced, also considering how i researched last years bag.
    And looks like they dumped their leftover nikkie purple mascaras because that set FAILED miserably – you tubers ripped it for “bad pigmentation”
    RETURNS: per tf site you can return up to 30 days after purchase as long as it wasn’t too used and they’ll refund you. I paid paypal and there are FREE RETURNS. so i won’t even open it.

    • Yay thanks for letting me know we can return it! Ill have to eat the shipping cost but that’s ok.

    • Can you please explain the way to do free returns on Paypal? I don’t see it: thank you!

      • Never mind: I found it!

        • Can you tell me how to get the free returns as I used PayPal as well. I’m also really disappointed. 2 mini mascaras really? They had included two palettes for the last two years and then they choose to give 2 mini mascaras in this mystery bag with one palette which was on clearance. Please help really want this

          • For you, Sweets, and anyone who wants to know how to return an item free using PayPal (as long as you purchased with Paypal)
            Log in – go to your account Activity and select “Request a return shipping refund” in the transaction details.
            Follow the directions. They make it easy.

        • I really want to return it, how can I get free return if I used PayPal, thanks!

  6. I don’t hate it, but I’m not thrilled either. TF has so many good blushes and bronzers, I thought for sure there would be one in here. And I’m really confused by the color of the Melted lipstick. The tube and swatch look like a fairly wearable, neutral pink. But the photo on the model’s lips is Pepto pink, so we’ll see how it is IRL. If it turns out to be more on the wearable side, I won’t feel like I wasted my money.

  7. I’m returning my entire order. Deeply disappointed as I already have the palette, but everything else seems terrible.

    For those of you who paid with Paypal, Paypal will refund return shipping costs up to $30. I plan on taking the box to FedEx and shipping it out back to them.

    • Can anyone return it, or is it only because you used Paypal? I hate the MB and don’t want it. Can I return mine also?

    • I literally just ordered that palette from Nordstrom rack. I was really hoping for something of quality with this box. I heard we couldn’t return it…can we?

  8. I just got my box and the only thing in it was the free sample, 20% off card and an empty bag. Everything else was missing!!!! Even the extra items I purchased. THAT was a letdown. 🙂 I called customer service and they said they’d ship out a new box. They were very nice and as long as it comes next week, I’ll be happy.

    • I think some other people got the palette that was supposed to be included with your box! People are stating that they got 2 palettes in one order. I bet some product packers be like “thaaaaat’s where it went tho… ” 😂😂😂

      • I received 2 palettes + everything else. I’m going to go to ULTA & see if they’ll swap 1, or both, of them out for me. 😊

  9. That’s so funny – I was debating whether to add the Cat Eyes or Too Cute palette to cart to get free shipping.
    I chose Too Cute so now I get 2 palettes!
    Before you dismiss the Cat Eye palette, whatever the current price, just think how gorgeous the lilac and purple shadows will look with purple mascara 💖 The holidays are coming – time to sparkle!
    Colour me ‘fairly thrilled’.

  10. I had a feeling this was going to be trash. THANK GOD I convinced myself out of getting this one. Absolutely terrible. A palette you had on for 12 dollars and a couple of samples wow

  11. I’m so glad I didn’t order it. I wouldn’t use any of it.

  12. I will be returning my whole order when it arrives without opening it! This was my first time ordering this mystery bag and was excited, but never again! Too risky! 😒

    • What’s the best way to return it? *Sigh* mine is going back too. I guess we have to pay for return shipping but it’s better than keeping items that you will never use. Not everyone wants a purple mascara (plus another mini mascara) and glitter glue and a chubby eye pencil. The palette may be exciting to some people but the pale lipstick won’t look good on me.

  13. So disappointed to see this. On the website it does say they accept returns of unused product. Anyone remember if they said this bag was final sale?

  14. I wonder if all of us return it, if they’ll get the hint that this “best bag ever” isn’t worth 39 bucks…
    If this is their best ever (two trial sized mascaras, a thick black eyeliner, an unflattering baby pink lipstick, a trial sized primer, and a very bold- yet only thing remotely worth paying for- palette…) then I seriously question Too Faced’s judgment… Seriously I get this stuff from my $10 Ipsy bag!!

    • Right?!
      This is all the discontinued makeup that has been at my local tj max and nordstorm racks for the past few months. After researching last years, it was stuff that got discontinued out but much later, so i was guessing the natural matte/natural eyes palette, one of the sweethearts blush (peach one probably because the sweet peach line of blushes is coming out), a mini mascara, and maybe a lip gloss or melted in a bolder shade.

  15. I LOVE Too Faced but very glad I skipped this deal. I had looked over the sale stuff and decided I would rather just buy the things I wanted at 50% off. Will keep this in mind and do that next year.

  16. I’m a bit excited for this because I haven’t used this brand before and I hear its pretty good. The lipstick color and eye palette seem right up my alley, and while I wouldn’t buy purple mascara on my own, I will try it happily. As for the glitter glue, yay! Seeing as I just dropped my eye primer in the toilet, I’m stoked to not need to buy one just yet. Only thing is I wish half the items weren’t travel sized, and it’s kinda effed up that the eye palettes were so cheap at the time of this bag. It would have been a better value if they included two palettes.

  17. Glad I passed. I might be in the minority, but I hate their BTS mascara — flake city! Plus I already have dozens of mascaras and eye liners from sub boxes. I’ll never get through them all. That cat eyes palette has been on clearance forever at TF and glitter glue sounds awful, whatever it is. Their mystery bags get worse each year while the price goes up. The only thing I would’ve liked is the Melted lippie.

    • Scratch that — just saw the actual color of the lippie and ugh… I would’ve hated that entire bag. Jerrod Blandino, you screwed up this year, dude.

    • I hear you, also you can get the melted lipstick in the full size for $8, if you have a local nordstorm rack, check it out… if not tj max, if not try eBay they are like $14 with free ship. still beats the $21 retail price.

  18. What a bummer! I bought the cat eyes palette with the box to get the free shipping. *sigh* their mystery bags just keep getting worse! The 2014 was amazing, last year’s was decent and this is just OK, worse for me because I got 2 of the same palette in the same box :'(

  19. Didn’t get this because it wasn’t free shipping. Funny how there’s a big mental difference between $39 and $50+. Note for next year, just buy the palettes I want at their half price sale.

  20. I had called Too Faced to cancel this the morning I ordered it but was told it was too late. But the rep said if you do not open it and write return to sender on the box (and of course send it right back) you will get a refund. You will not be refunded shipping of course but at least you will get your $39 back.

    • That’s good to know! I got free shipping because I added two lip pencils to my order. Does that mean I’d get back the full $60 I spent?

    • I called and the man said don’t write Return to Sender because it will go back to the warehouse in Michigan and you won’t get refunded. He said you have to return it to the California address listed under the return policy at bottom of web page. Not sure if both really work – but he said he asked a manager and that is what he was told. It did sound like they would honor refunds not the shipping. I am disappointed. 😢

      • So do you pack it up like a normal return by mail? We have to pay for shipping back to them? I ordered a primer or bb cream or something to get free shipping, can I take that out and then return just the grab bag?

  21. Got mine today. Looking at it right now and it’s a thing of beauty . I’m just not getting the hate.

  22. Wow, what a let down. Too Faced claimed that this would be their best mystery bag yet, but it is just leftover clearance like last year. Their first year in 2014 was the best by far. At least I don’t have this palette yet, so there’s that…

    • X( yep! What a disappointment, this bag was

    • Omg this mystery bag is a total bust. I wished I didn’t buy it! I already have the cat eye palette and I don’t like it. Now I have two :/ don’t know what to do with it now. And the melted lip is too light for my medium skin tone. I don’t wear eyeliners either. So the only thing that I’ll use is the travel mascaras and primer?! $39 for travel mascara and a travel glitter glue?! Totally upset D:

  23. DEF my last year getting this bag. I bought it last year and was not impressed with all the sale items in the bag. I thought maybe they would change it up considering the many complaints from customers last year. Too Faced is a well known brand that makes so much money and since this is a limited quantity type bag they should prepare for this months in advance. Instead they throw whatever is in the sales section into this bag and it is so disappointing. I HIGHLY recommend you ladies saving that $47 (with shipping) and put it towards the Beautylish LUCKY bag that they release every year. That bag is AMAZING!! They put so much thought and care into those bags unlike too faced that just throws us the scraps. Lesson learned and no more will I waste money on this!! Too faced do better.

  24. I am so excited I wish mine would arrive today! I love everything in it too difficult to decide which is best?

  25. I sure dont think this was “The best bag we’ve made”. They have been trying everything to push that cat eye palette onto us. Too Face has to many other great items that they couldve picked from plus they said the value was 115 dollars but I seen another lady break it down and it was 63 instead. The glitter glue was a free sample I just got 2 weeks ago from our local Sephora and the mascara has been included in so many subscription boxes lately that this makes my 4th one in 2 months. A little disappointed to say the least.

  26. Ugh. I bought this pallete with the mystery bag. They also upped the price right when the mystery bag went on sale. Pretty disappointing. My first & probably last too faced mystery bag.

  27. Just screamed!!!! THE PURPLE MASCERA!! I wanted that since it came out for power of makeup palette but couldn’t afford the pallete at the time. Also I’ve been holding off on that glitter glue primer. I’ve been struggling on if I should get that one or the NYX one for about a year. I’m so excited!!! My shipping date cannot come soon enough.

  28. I know I am in the minority, but I love this! I have been wanting to buy the glitter glue and almost bought the Cat Eyes palette the day this launched. I also bought the blush/bronzer 4 piece bundle for $12 to get free shipping, so I am personally glad that there are no face products. And I LOVE purple mascaras.

    • Lol you are no way a minority in this!! I totally understand you and I can’t wait till mine comes

  29. No FOMO here! I am so glad I passed this up. I actually had it in my cart and had all my info in but just didn’t go through with it for some reason. I guess I was scared of getting a bag with- well, things exactly like this.

    • That’s funny, I literally did the same!!! I looked at what was on sale before I hit the pay button and thought nope. I love the brand, but the mystery bags seem to be a bust.

    • Me too!! Lol. I’ve seen half of this stuff at Nordstrom Rack!

      • lol I was thinking the same thing! They’ve had all of it at mine except for the mascara (which are deluxe samples anyways.) Palette was $17, glitter glue like $7, lipstick $7…and you can get the mascara at Sephora for 100 point rewards. So glad I passed lol. This was basically a duplicate of last years but with a clearance palette and lipstick color.

  30. I think this was definitely worth the money, and I’m happy with it but not super excited. I love that pallete! Only shades I probably won’t use are the purple but then again they look pretty wearable so we’ll see. Very excited about the lipstick! Only way I would’ve been more excited is if it was a matte but I own the stuff to make it a matte and I also love their melted non-matte lipsticks anyway! Eyeliner is nice, not that I need more eyeliner but I’m excited to try it. The mascara mini is always nice too. Glitter glue I’ll probably almost never use but oh well. Will be good to have in case I need it or maybe I’ll give it to a friend who does more glitter. Weird they included that with nothing to use it with. Purple mascara is interesting… idk how I feel about that and I feel like I’ll probably end up using it on accident lol. It’ll be fun to play with even if I never wear it out and it and it is exclusive so idk. Depends how dark of a purple it is if I’ll wear it out. I am upset that there wasn’t a blush or bronzer like previous years tho… maybe a highlighter. previous years were better but I’m still happy with my purchase!

    • I think purple eye makeup actually looks very pretty on. It’s supposed to be especially flattering to brown eyes. I didn’t buy this and don’t have FOMO, but definitely try to purple out!

    • You can use the glitter glue for eyeshadows that are sparkly or have sheen…pretty much anything that isn’t matte. It’s just a different kind of eye primer.

  31. Doubling up on the mascara is a bit much to me, and I don’t use pencil liners, so that’s getting gifted ASAP. I also don’t tend to wear glitter, although now I guess I have the glue if I’d like to start? Ha!

    I am pleased about the cat eye palette, though – and relieved I didn’t buy it as a separate purchase since it was so heavily discounted. I was really hoping for some blush in this set, but I actually got the blush and contour set from the sale section so I could get free shipping, so in the end I have everything I need for a full face of Too Faced.

    • I received 2 Cat Eye palettes in my box!! 😊

  32. So glad I skipped this. I just got a Laura Mercier make over and bought some good make up I will use!

    Also, I bought the popsugar box that has an eye shadow palette which is pretty. Waiting on that box – but saw Liz’s review and I love getting the popsugar this time of year to break it up for gifts. I have a party to go to and the truffles will make the perfect hostess gift. I’m not sure if I’ll keep the purse or give to my daughter. My mom is getting the blanket – so worth the price. I also got the home “surprise” bag – from popsugar wen it was discounted – so good for now!

  33. Where is the swap page that is mentioned here a few times? Thanks ladies!

  34. This is disappointing, but at least I like 3 colors on the palette lol. I just wish they had more neutral palettes in their grab bags, but that’s my own fault.

  35. For once I think I’m actually 100% satisfied with my purchase. I understand why everyone is so upset–this isn’t exactly a great spread of TooFaced items. But for someone who doesn’t wear any face products, and who found this bag to be a HUGE splurge, I find this to be a great mix of things! And when you break down the cost of the box versus the SALE prices of the items, you’re still saving a lot, especially if you added another sale item to your cart to get free shipping.

    Palette on sale for $15
    Better Than Sex mini $12
    Better than sex Purple $12 (but also a non-purchasable item which may add to the value for some)
    Bullet eyeliner in sale for $10
    Glitter glue mini $10
    Melted lipstick on sale for $19
    Total of $63

    If you’re still unhappy, that’s what the swap page is for! And I am way too happy about being able to swap for more purple mascara and some glitter glue.

    • I’m excited too! So glad I splurged on it. Sorry that others are unhappy. Sure they could have thrown in more but I’m good with this selection!

      • I totally agree with you! The only thing I won’t use is the lipstick and that will promptly go on the swap page. I’m one of those people that only uses eye makeup and some gloss once in awhile so this mystery bag was a big win for me! I love the palettes and how they show different looks with the shades in the inserts.

    • ooo purple- I love it!

      I never know which of their palettes I want so this is perfect for me

    • I feel the same. I wish the melted would have been a matte – maybe the holiday Candy Cane shade – but I’m kind of excited about everything else. Especially the purple mascara! At one point I was going to buy The Power of Makeup mostly for it, so I’m psyched I get it here.

    • I’m mostly upset that they advertised a value of $115 and came in at $63. Feels like false advertising. If the product is selling at a discounted price, that’s the value – not what it was 3 years ago. I’m ok with the products actually, but I’m NOT ok with them coming in at half the value they promised.

    • I’m happy wother the bag, too! I received 2 Cat Eye palettes (along w/everything else in the spoiler)! Not sure if it was a mistake on their end, or what. I forgot about the Swaps Page- thanks for the reminder! I’ll have to swap 1 out for something else…

  36. Well that was a waste of $40!

  37. So disjointed I got this. 🙁 should have saved my $44

  38. Glad I skipped this box! I know there are many fans out there, but the formula of this mascara just doesn’t work at all for me (it flakes and transfers under the eyes), and to think they included 2 of those!! 😳 Other items are not that impressive either, imho.

    • Just about every single mascara transfers to my undereye area too, including this one. I have oily eyelids. The only one I found that doesn’t seem to transfer as much has its own problems, because it is very hard to take off and I feel like I lose some lashes in the process. Since Liz at some point recommended Tarte’s Lights, Camera, Flashes, I tried their waterproof mascara Lights, Camera, Splashes. It still transfers, but not as badly as many others I’ve tried, and it gives pretty good volume. I’m also glad I didn’t buy this Too Faced mystery bag, though the palette looks nice.

      • I have problems with mascara transfer too, found that Wander’s new mascara is really great. I’ve never had transfer with it and it stays flexible all day (no flakes or stiffness) so you an add a second coat at night if you want to. I recommend it.

        Anyway, I’m really disappointed with this box and I’m sad I caved and spent money on this. Never again 🙁

      • Samantha, have you tried tubing mascaras? Blinc is a good one, but honestly I love the City Colors ones too, and they are very affordable!

  39. This is upsetting. I liked the last mystery bag, but this one is pretty meh. I just bought the palette in the Cyber Monday sale. I already have the purple mascara and I think giving two mascaras is a bit much. I just bought glitter glue, although I’ll eventually use it. At least the Melted isn’t Chihuahua again, I guess. I feel they could have tossed something new in here. It feels like extra stock. I think I was just hoping for something special. Maybe they could have given a clue to which palette was included, so people didn’t buy it with their other sales.

    • How was the purple mascara? Is the color subtle, or super obvious? I’ve always wanted to try a colored mascara before but have been too chicken to actually purchase one. Also, what is glitter glue used for? I have never heard of it. Thanks!

  40. What a total let down. I’m so disappointed. That lipstick will be hideous on me. The purple mascara and glitter glue Will be donated. This was my first mystery bag and definitely my last.

    • I agree. I bought this impulsively, but at the same time I wanted to try it out. At least with other mystery makeup bags, like from Bare Minerals & Pur, I’ve been pretty satisfied. Although, I think I’m like one in a thousand that have like the Pur mystery bags I’ve purchased.

  41. DISAPPOINTED!!! 5 eye products and 1 lip product… hello?!? Where is the variety?! Would have loved to see some face primer, concelear, powder, highlighter, brow product, or maybe a makeup tool like a eyeshadow brush. I’m steering clear of this grab bag next year for sure… 👎🏽

    • Yes but, then it would be more of a 360$Value and 150$ price tag with all those items included. Reasonably, concealer and foundation are difficult items that never universally appeal. They always include a generic “medium” which looks Oompa Loompa on me. Same with brow product and highlighter. Everyone doesn’t like highlighter, everyone doesn’t contour, everyone doesn’t use brow XYZ products. While it would be super nice to have high value products like that, non-customizable things don’t mass-sell at events such as Black Friday+CyberMonday. But brushes, makeup tools or even a clear lip liner/primer would have been easily accommodated for most people. 😒

  42. I’ll use everything. Even though everything seems to be on sale now, the bags still cheaper

  43. omgggg so glad I didn’t go for this. I had just bought the cat eyes palette on hautelook when the shipping was free ($14.97 total) and I would have been so mad at myself to pay $39 for a duplicate (plus stuff I don’t want)

    for ONCE I feel I chose wisely lol!

  44. A little disappointed with this box I must say. Happy about the pallet but others are saying this pallet was deeply discounted prior to this sale. Then there is TWO mascaras! Ugh, really? And the purple one I have, it came with the power of makeup pallet, and I hate it. I have very dark lashes and that purple does not show up for anything. I am a fan of the better than sex mascara but I have gotten so so many of them in past boxes that I have enough to last me two years! Would have been nice to get something other than TWO the mascaras. I was hoping for one of the melted mattes but nope. First year getting this grab bag and it will be the last.

  45. Thats the worst too faced mystery bag ever. i don’t think its worth the 39$ .. except for the palette i am not excited about anything else. i hope they make a better one next time.

    • That’s a little bit of a hyperbole. The 2012 and 2013 ones were super mediocre, but admittedly also quite a bit cheaper.

  46. i really regret buying this.

  47. I need that purple mascara 💜💜💜. I don’t see anything like it on their site though ☹️ anyone know if it was another discontinued item?

    • The purple mascara came with the Power of makeup pallet.

  48. AND they just started selling those Bulletproof liners at Nordstrom Rack for $9.97. It appears these are items that are being discontinued.

  49. Glad I didn’t order this. Would have felt so underwhelmed, esp when compared with the 2014 and 2015 bags. I just bought the Cat Eyes palette on Friday for $14.97 + tax when you posted about the free ship no mininum on Hautelook. Thanks for that, BTW!

  50. lol they were selling that palette for $12 before the launch. Doesn’t seem like a deal now! Oh well I am most excited over the purple mascara! Weeeeeee 🔮🔮🔮 I’ll use everything tho I’ll shut up now. 💜

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