1. Can I get these online Thursday/ Friday as well

  2. I am a Canadian who will be in the US this Black Friday. I am thinking of taking a cab from the airport to Ulta as soon as I land, which will be around 12-1pm Friday afternoon. Is there any chance that some of these deals will still be available or do they typically sell out first thing in the morning?

    Thanks in advance!!

  3. I find shopping at Ulta overwhelming. Too much to look at.

    • me too!! same with Sephora. I can handle individual brand websites better lol

  4. I’m honestly not too interested in any of these. Might pick up another UD primer potion, but I was really hoping to see something for the Toofaced waterproof better than sex or their melt off lash cleanser stuff. I’ve been eyeing them for a while and was really hoping to get them on sale somewhere. Does anyone know if Too Faced tends to do any Black Friday/cyber Monday sales?

    • Too faced has a mystery bag around this time every year that you need to buy immediately before they sell out. Look for it on Black Friday! Although, things may be a little Different now since they were just bought by Estรฉe Lauder

      • Ooh, I will have to stalk their website! Some of their stuff I like, some of it is meh, but I’m willing to take a chance as long as it is t hideously expensive. Thank you!

    • Try sephora black Friday deals. I think I saw the set there.

      • Yeah, I saw that one and got all excited, and then realized it was the regular BTS, not waterproof. I’ve already got a full size I haven’t even cracked open yet. I swear at some point there WAS a kit with the waterproof, and I’ve seen pics of it in deluxe size, but I can’t find it anywhere!

        Oh well. Thank you for the heads up though!

  5. I want the IT mascara and the brush set. I hope that I don’t have issues ordering from my iPhone since I won’t have access to my desktop.

  6. Fun fact *sarcasm* Ulta’s app and website have problems with Apple products, so you can’t use your iPhone or iPad to order. I’ve placed 2orders, and both were cancelled because of this issue. So no Ulta Black Friday for me, which really pisses me off.

    • I only have an iPhone and iPhone and I’ve had no,problems ordering from ulta.

    • Bummer! I’ve only ever ordered from my Apple products and so far I’ve only had success.

    • I know! I have the same problem too, they could’t explain why the payment wouldn’t go through, I tried for about 3 weeks and nothing would process and they were buttheads about it. It just started happening about 4 months ago for me, everything had worked fine for years up until that point. They were so unhelpful that I just went ahead and found everything I wanted in other places. I bet I was spending about $100/month with them because I also pay for my sister’s stuff, and they were completely unhelpful.

  7. Honestly, i think their cyber sale was better than this (ulta)
    I keep checking for their ad and thinking to myself, is this it? Last year they had 9 or 10 pages worth of stuff! I think this is a let down compared to their cyber sale this past weekend.

    • I was thinking the same thing! I’m glad I picked up a few things during the cyber sale. This black Friday sale is kind of a let down.

  8. Woah- blows Sephora out of the water! Don’t need but want do much lol. Must at least get the skincare sets…and maybe the Dermalogica one. It IS an addiction!

  9. I spy what looks like a full size Tarte blush ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. The only thing here I could potentially purchase is one of the hair sampler kits for my sister. I don’t see anything I need ๐Ÿ™

  11. I’m definitely in the minority, I like Sephoras way better. I love the early postings!! Gives me a heads up on when to start stalking!!!! Thank you!!!!

  12. This may go to show that I am both a nerd and obsessed with beauty products right now, but I created a Word document for Black Friday deals and used the Snipping Tool to take screenshots of the specific items I am interested in and pasted them into the Word document. I think I’ll do this with a few stores that are having sales, so I don’t get carried away with impulse buys. I didn’t notice any products that said “in-store only,” so I’ll plan to make my purchases online! I love getting the deals without the crowds.

    I think that Ulta’s sale is overall much better than Sephora’s, but I still like Sephora’s Intro to Tarte and Buxom kits better than Ulta’s. This is why I love online shopping, cause I can shop at both without leaving home.

    • HA! Samantha, I make the EXACT same thing but I use Excel so I can make columns for different store prices, sort alphabetically or colour the cells in for certain types of products! Love that I’m not the only nerd, hahaha ๐Ÿ™‚

      • YES! Beauty nerds unite! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • I love a good spreadsheet!

  13. Great deals ! There’s a ultra down the street from me, I might camp out.

  14. OMG they have so many good sales! And I appreciate how you have presented this here, I always get so overwhelmed when I try to browse their sales catalogs. I’m going to try and print this page instead! Thank you!

  15. Want several of these kits, especially the Bare Minerals one and their primer. IT mascara and the Pur eyeshadow palette. They have a much better selection than Sephora’s Black Friday.

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