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November 2016 Luxor Box FULL Spoilers!

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Luxor Box

We have the FULL SPOILERS for the November 2016 Luxor box thanks to somanyboxes and janemockingjay in the forum! The theme for the November 2016 Luxor box is Holiday Glitz, Glam, Sparkle and Warmth!

Each box will include:



What do you think of the spoilers? Check out my Luxor box reviews to learn more about this box!


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  1. So disappointed with this box.

    This was my first Luxor box and I saved over several months to buy it for my birthday after ogling past boxes full of pretty and sophisticated items. I didn’t like one thing in it. The socks are ugly and boring. The nail polish is fine but way overpriced. There are two separate candle items, but they aren’t compatible. The Rose et Marius candles are actually made for a $100+ tumbler that wasn’t included, but the candles are too soft to stand alone. The ornament is orange, not red. Oh and that necklace is….not my taste.

    Anyone want to buy this box off of me?

  2. I loved the box but my ornament is orange/brown and so not Christmas. I sent an email with pictures showing it is not red at all and they replied they are individually made so colors vary. Umm yes but it is NOT the least bit red, was not happy with their response as I feel it was not what was advertised.

    • I’m not surprised – mine was BLUE! How’s that for Christmas?!

  3. I love this box! The scent of the candles are amazing! The ornament will be gifted to my sister in law who follows the christmas tradition every year. The necklace is actually very high quality especially on the surface finish of the enamel. I would step out of my comfort zone (more a delicate jewelry person) to wear this for the holiday season. The socks are soft and comfy, and I like how the glitter in the threads gives it a holiday feel. Nail polish is a meh to me, but I’m sure I can use those at some point, or just swap them. Have to say though these photos are not taken under good lighting, and cannot justify their actual look. They look much nicer in person.

  4. Socks and tea lights are luxe? Maybe appropriate for my grandma. This box is dull and boring.

  5. If anyone is interested in swapping for the pendant, please check out my listings.

  6. Three bottles of nail polish = $64 and two pair of socks = $40? And that pendant looks like a Claire’s buy — not $150 for sure!!

    This box is ridiculous.

  7. This is definitely my last box with Luxor, been subscribed since the very first box and been a little sceptical on a few items in some of the boxes(horrible sunflower vase and compact I’m look at you especially) but there have some great products so I’ve held on, however this box ……
    $64 dollar holiday nail polish? A smaller not as attractive vase/votive holder as we received before? More Rose et Marius products? And that pendant, all I’ll say is that it’s very taste specific.
    Box is a total bust for me and considering the exchange and duties(Yep I end up paying duties on Luxor boxes however never on Fab Fit Fun or others coming from the US, never figured that one out) Luxor box just isn’t worth it for me anymore. 🙁

  8. My ornament (red version) is barely painted at all, as in two red stripes and white only on a third of the whole ornament. It looks like someone stopped painting halfway through and then forgot to finish later. I’ve been a subscriber for a year now and this box, while nice in general, is my tipping point. I like the socks and polish but those aren’t things I’ve come to expect from this sub. It seemed, well, a little cheap (overinflated RV notwithstanding). The loose candles were rather random, particularly for a first month subscriber who doesn’t already the R&M tumbler. It also seemed odd to include another candle holder and tealight (they called it a votive in the description but it was definitely a tealight I received) along with the 2 scented candles (again, with no corresponding holder in the same box). The necklace was not what I was expecting at all. It’s pretty taste specific but as with all mystery jewelry, I’ll live with it a while before making any firm judgments. All told this month was just rather meh. I’m paying the full sub price, too, so it feels extra blah for the $.

  9. Absolutely love this box! I don’t think I’ve ever not loved a Luxor Box, it’s by far my favorite subscription box on the market. Now I just need to see if I can find a tumbler for the amazing smelling candles that came with this box. The necklace is gorgeous and a unique piece, love the socks, the blue ornament (not something I would buy myself but I love it!), the nail polish and the amethyst candle holder. Usually have one dud in subscription boxes but this box this month everything was a hit!

    • I’m confused by the amethyst description of the “votive” holder (it’s a tealight they included) since my holder is a warm gold shade. That’s definitely not what I associate with the color amethyst at all.

      • I meant to add that mine isn’t amber colored either; it’s definitely a bright gold.

  10. I’m on the fence about this month’s box.. I was soo looking forward to it, but seeing this, it’s kinda “meh”.. Far from the last box. Expected more from this sub.. I hopersonally I like it better than the pictures. ?

  11. I have been going round and round in my head whether to subscribe. In fact I tried to a few days ago and there was a glitch and it didn’t go through ..twice! Is that a sign? Their past boxes look pretty good and although I wouldn’t be over the moon this box is ok to me. At least I would use everything and if it was up to me there would be candles in every box. The past boxes look a little more luxe.

    Did they raise the price big time? I see $100 everywhere but new sub is either 129 a box or a little discount for three or six months.

  12. I have been with Luxor since the beginning but now think it is time for me to cancel. Can they not think of something new to put in a box? For the money, LLB is much more interesting. The items are nice but are what we receive in every subscription box and have received in Luxor over and over again. Nothing new or interesting. I am just really surprised that they didn’t include a mask in this box as well. It is making the pie plate in the Robb Vices box look like the most unique item ever! I am locked in at the $95. Would love to split this box with someone in the future but don’t think I will continue with this box at close to $50 a month.

    • I’m with you here. The pendant is heavy and the chain seems nice quality but it was a TANGLED mess (as shown in the picture above). I’ve really tried to love this because I get it for $95 but I have to call it – the last THREE boxes are sitting on my dresser, not a thing used, not a thing I was even excited enough about to take out of the box! I need to cancel.

  13. I just got my box today, and I am very happy with it. The candles smell so good. This is the type of box I like – a mixture of items 🙂

  14. I just got mine and opened it before viewing the spoilers. I love the socks and pendant, but will swap the other items. Regardless, I’m still happy I got this one!

  15. So glad I cancelled. Money Saved for somthing better. I don’t care what the RV says it’s Bogus!

  16. I received my box today and this box will definitely be my last. Not because I’m unhappy with the subscription box. I just want to try other boxes. I think the contents are just so so this month. I like the socks, Christmas ornament, the candles for the tumblers but the nail polish the colors are just blah and I will be putting those up for swap and the beehive candle holder with the votive – I don’t like it and I didn’t like the one that was received in a previous box so this is the mini version of that? The pendant I wish it were another bangle and isn’t the bangle from the black box Rose gold and the pendant is silver? I guess I have to get the bangle out to see how they go together. Otherwise I may just end up swapping the necklace and maybe the bangle.

    • Imogene! Not trying to stalk you but just saw your post. Would love to swap for your bangle if you decide to swap it! Please keep me in mind. Thanks so much!

  17. I’m glad I passed on this box…the only things I liked were the votive holder and the 2 candles, everything else was a miss for me
    On the other hand, for everyone who ordered it and love it, I am happy for you. Nothing worse than buying a box and then being disappointed.

  18. Anyone know what we are getting in the petite?? Really hoping for the votive and candles:)

    • The candle holder, nail polish and candles

  19. Mine showed up today too& love it all!

  20. I was tempted to get this box as a treat for the holidays and then hesitated when I saw the ornament spoiler. I’m so glad I didn’t purchase. I would’ve been so disappointed!

    • Totally agree! I want to love this sub, but it’s never really my style. I loved the vase they sent out last year but that’s about it.

  21. Received my box today and thought it was well done. Loved everything right down to the socks. Not sure about the Zebra necklace as I had hoped for a bracelet but will give it a try.

    • I was stoked to get the necklace as I have tons of bracelets from sub boxes. And silver was just icing on the cake. Total home run for me as I coveted the zebra bracelet and didn’t get it.

  22. This is my first, and last, Luxor Box. There is nothing in this box that I would use and think the value(s) inflated. $40 for 2 small votives??? Can’t believe I prepaid 2 months in advance for this box and just offered entire contents to neighbor.

  23. Did you receive a tracking email for your box or did it just show up? Thanks!

    • Tracking email

  24. Lovely box! Very tasteful, appropriate and luxe.

  25. Mine just came today and everything is so lovely! I got the blue ornament, amethyst candle holder, and silver zebra necklace.

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