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Look Fantastic Beauty Box November 2016 FULL SPOILERS

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We have full spoilers for the November 2016 Look Fantastic Beauty Box! (Thanks, Kseniia and CT, for the head’s up!)

The theme November 2016 Look Fantastic Beauty Box is Sparkle:


Source: Instagram

What do you think of the spoilers?

Look Fantastic is $22.00 a month, or $15 a month with an annual subscription (you don’t need to pay the full cost up front, either!)

This box ships worldwide. Check out all of our Look Fantastic Beauty Box reviews to learn more about this subscription box!

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  1. Got my box today and was delighted as I received an unexpected bonus. My box included a card that stated Congratulations You are a Winner. Card is for a free Aveda Bundle specifically the Party Styling Kit bundle which includes:

    Shampure™ Dry Shampoo 56g
    Large Wood Paddle Brush
    Thickening Hair Tonic 100ml
    Control Force™ Hairspray 300ml
    Damage Remedy™ Split End Repair 30ml

    Since I never win anything this was a nice surprise.

    • Were you actually able to get the Aveda box? I got the card today saying I won and when I tried to get the box on Look Fantastic’s site it shows Sold Out. I emailed them, but I doubt I’ll hear back. There customer service is lacking 🙁

      • No, I saw it was sold out as well. The card states it is valid from October 22nd to January 31st. Let me know if you hear back. Not sure you will there customer service seems to be automated.
        I emailed them when i received an email about them not being able to charge my card for this month’s box. Not sure what the problem was. I entered the same information & credit card and they were able to charge so appears a glitch on their end.
        I emailed several times about this and the emails pretty much ignored what i wrote and kept repeating the same information. I can’t complain otherwise, the boxes always ship out on time and I always receive them.

        Hopefully they will restock soon. I do think it is odd that they would send out 100 of these cards and not have them on hand for the people who try to redeem for it. .

        Good Luck!

        • Hi – I did get a response, but you must be right that they’re automated. They didn’t seem to have any idea what I was talking about and just said sorry free samples are often sold out. I’ll keep checking and hope they get more stock since we have until January 31st.

          The same thing happened to me this month with the billing. They kept saying my card was declined. On the 3rd day, the same card, was approved. They must of had some type of glitch.

          Fingers crossed we both get the Aveda Box 🙂 Good Luck!!

          • Hi I was able to redeem for the Aveda Bundle. Item was back in stock. However in order to redeem. You have to do it on Look Fantastic’s UK site. When I tried on USA version of site it would not accept the redemption code. When you go to website on the upper right hand corner you can change the country. Once you do that you should be able to redeem.

        • I have had that same problem, not being able to charge my card. I have tried at least six times now, with three different cards, and they have not yet been able to process any of them and send my box. All three had more than enough funds available. Wondering if there is a problem with American currency? And I get an automated response too, nothing of any value. I had stopped trying for a month but today I gave it another shot. Same problem.

  2. Mine shipped Nov. 2nd and I received it today (Portland, OR). The last box took 10 days, so about the same for this month since there was a mail holiday on the 11th.

  3. does anyone live in Florida and subscribe to Look Fantastic, I am just trying to estimate delivery of date, Mine was dispatched October 25, 2016 Thank You

    • chat support said within 30 days to be delivered

    • My october box dispatched on october 22nd and i just recieved it today november 8th so it took about 18 days. I’m in MD. I contacted customer service earlier today and they said for the us to wait the full 30 days just in case of delays. I love my box. It was definitely worth the wait. Don’t stress too much. I know i was stressed.

    • Hi I live in Central Florida and received my box today.

  4. Still waiting on mine and it says dispatched October 25. Contacted customer support, poor attitude towards me. No tracking information. Had to ask for an estimate, none given except around the 2nd or 3rd week. I cancelled after the first box. Box is $15.00 plus an additional $4.00 and can’t get tracking with it. Nope. November Box is nice but not worth the trouble.

    • LF customer service really is awful! I hate that the boxes don’t come with tracking!

  5. I just sub to this box on oct 22. Im from MD in the USA. I didnt pay extra for tracking. I’ve been looking online to try and figure out how this gets delivered and i cant find anything but bad reviews about how this is a scam and if you dont pay for tracking you won’t get it. Now im freaking out. I signed up for the 12 month sub. Does anyone have any info for me about how this gets delivered and any possible positive info? I’m starting to stress now.

    • Stef, don’t freak out. 🙂 I got this box for 8 mos a year ago and did not pay for tracking either. It was shipped out promptly on the first of the month and I’d get it 7-10 days later like clockwork. As I said below in response to someone else, their Customer Service dept isn’t the best. They answer you, but usually only using canned replies instead of really listening to what you are saying. That was my main beef with them. But you should be fine with receiving your box; it’s not a scam. Always keep in mind that more people complain about things than rave about them, so when you go looking for feedback online about any box or business, you’re bound to see a bunch of negative remarks. Good luck and I hope you get your box soon!

    • This sub is pretty much like clock work, for me its 10-14 days from when payment comes out. It always arrives, and this one is so much fun to open!!!

    • Steff, as MaryK said, don’t freak out. I purchased a 6 month sub last year, screwed up my delivery address, did NOT pay for tracking and LookFantastic ended up being the most reliable sub box I’ve ever gotten. I can’t complain too much about their CS … it took them a while to respond but that might be due to time differences (and possibly language barrier as I noticed all my boxes originated in Spain). I too read all the negative feedback regarding this company, after I had already signed up for the 6 month sub, but I myself never had a problem.

      Although there’s another thread for this I just received my LookFantastic advent calendar! The money was not deducted from my account until the calendar was ready to ship and somehow LookFantastic attempted to bill my account the same night that my payroll dropped. I don’t know why but the billing did not process successfully. The next day I received an Email with a link to the LookFantastic billing site. That link took me to a page where I was given the option of changing my form of payment (or re-submitting under the same account number) or completely cancelling the transaction. I was pleasantly surprised that it was so simple to rectify this problem. I’m so accustomed to sub companies that don’t inform you when there’s a problem or don’t notify you when your subscription is about to end (so they can extend your subscription for another few months at an undiscounted price). This is my long way of saying that I’ve definitely had an all-around good experience with LookFantastic!

      • Thank you so much for all your responses. This has definitely put me at ease. Today is day 14 and i haven’t recieved my box yet but im trying to be optomistic. Does anyone know how it’s delivered usually? Mailbox or do they leave it at your door. And is it usps or ups?

        • Usps

          • Thank you Sabrina

        • I just recieved my october box and I’m in love. I get ipsy and birchbox and sephora play but i think this might end up being my fav! I also get the walmart seasonal boxes as well. I do love the others tho and if i ever get something i can’t use i either give it to my daughter or my mom. This is really awesome. For $15 a month im very impressed and the box is very nice. They look classic and they are sturdy. So excited. Thanks to all the ladies that replied. That did help me feel a lot better. Also a huge thanks to MSA!

          • So glad you finally got your box!!! ❤️❤️
            It can be pretty stressful not having a tracking number to follow! ?

        • Stef, I live in Vancouver BC Canada and it takes my box almost 21 days to arrive to me but it always does safe & sound even without the tracking code. They ship mine on the 1st-ish and I get it about 3 weeks later. It’s coming but it’s slow as molasses. Mine comes in regular Canada Post but yours will most likely arrive by USPS.

    • Hi stef
      My first box took forever to get my me in MA. I was totally freaking out because I had put my address in incorrectly. I put my county instead of my state in the county field. I did contact LF CS multiple times to get the error straightened out but the only thing they would tell me is that they are not liable for any packages not delivered due to an address error!!!
      So I totally thought all hope was lost but 16 days after I placed the order my box finally arrived!!! I was so excited!!! So hang tight I’m sure you will get yours any day now ❤️
      Ps I have had awful experiences with the customer service BUT I love this box Too much to give it up! I’m sure you will be happy with your annual sub!

  6. Oh man, that Mythic Oil makes this box almost worth it….That size would last me a year.

  7. Oh my goodness! I love this box more and more every month!! ❤️❤️❤️

  8. Love this sub, but not feeling this month at all. 🙁

  9. Is there anyone on the West Coast that receives this box? I signed up late October so both of the boxes have shipped at this point but I’m wondering what the timeline is for the West.

    • Oregon here. I signed up in late October and got my first box (the October box) on Saturday. Time from shipping notification to arrival was 10 days for me.

      • Thanks guys for replying! I love how helpful everyone is on here. I’m in Washington so I’m guessing mine will be similar to you, Jenn. I got my dispatch notice on the 25th so maybe today or tomorrow!

    • Megan, I’m in California. They always sent shipping emails (but no tracking of course) the first day of the month and I received the box 7-9 days later, usually only 7. Their shipping was the most reliable and consistent of all the 25+ boxes I’ve tried over the years. You will probably get your boxes around Nov 7th or 8th.

    • I am in San Diego. Just received my first LF box (October)- it took 11 days to arrive. I also got a tracking number a day after the box was dispatched!

  10. I’m having issues with them accepting my card. I know it’s not on my end so I was wondering if anyone else uses Discover and is having a problem?

    It’s always worked in the past! I’m not very thrilled with the box so I wonder what will happen if I don’t fix it. Customer Service is being quite rude and giving me simple c/p answers so I don’t really feel like giving them money this month either.

    • They don’t accept Discover. I had the same problem because the site lets you enter it in and everything. Ask them to cancel the order so you can reorder with a different card.

    • I also had trouble with customer service but not with payment! I think all of the responses are auto generated or something! Really annoying but I do love the box!

    • Same here, but with a different credit card. Changed cards to another working card at their request and still nothing. Not pleased at this point.

      • This happened to me, as well, but I resubmitted the same credit card info they already have on file. Received email this morning alerting me that Look Fantastic processed payment and dispatched my box, so I have no idea what their initial issue was to start with.

        • I had the same situation. I even contacted them via email and got a generic response regarding submitting new payment info. Eventually, the same CC I used before was charged.

          • Same situation for me, I tried 3 different credit/debit cards (all good) in the past 24 hrs and still having problems. Kind of ridiculous.

    • I’m having the same problem but with the advent calendar. I “fixed” any issue with my card but it is still processing and I ordered it in the 27th. I emailed them on the 1st and the response said “once the payment issue is fixed we will dispatch the box”.. it’s been fixed since the 28th yet I still haven’t heard anything. I’m so beyond frustrated!

      • I am having the same problem with the advent calendar and I pre ordered in mid September. I order all the time from the UK and have never had this issue before.

      • I had a similar issue. I purchased the Decleor and LF advent calendars on the same day (mid-September). The charge for the Decleor went through right away, and I received it pretty quickly (it’s SO beautiful!), but I received an email from LF stating I needed to update my cc info for the LF calendar. All I did was re-enter the same cc info, and it took. It charged my card a day or two after, and I received an email in late October stating it had been dispatched. I also received a shipping notification for the calendar a couple days later on 10/31. I still haven’t received it yet, but fortunately it’s been shipped.

      • Yeah, the Customer Service is why I quit this box after 8 months. Their emails were always just canned responses and I got so frustrated. Other than that, I was happy with the consistent shipping and mostly pleased — although at times puzzled — with the contents (one memorable box had vitamins and mouthwash). Good luck getting it sorted!

      • I pre-ordered the advent calendar on the 26th and it was in processing mode since then. The payment was made last night, but the box is still in processing mode…I hope they’ll send it soon 🙂

    • Yes I’ve had the same problem. Last month I used master card but the payment would not go through. I changed it to my debit card and it worked immediately but this month the debit card would not go through. I tried 2 other credit cards and they didn’t work either. Finally yesterday I went into my account and deleted all my payment methods and then put my debit card in again and it finally went through this morning and the box has shipped.

  11. Super excited for the balm and the leg spray! The leg spray seems interesting and new, so I’m happy!

  12. The box itself is beautiful, but the contents aren’t the most exciting for me this month, but I’m still happy to receive them to try them out! I’ll use everything except the volupt spray and the eye brush.

  13. Looking forward to getting this! Such a pretty box this month and some things I will enjoy trying!

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