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Limited Edition Mystery Santa’s Christmas Bag of Awesome!

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There’s a new specialย edition mystery box from That Daily Deal – creators of theย Monthly Mystery Box of Awesome. This special edition is a one time purchase.

The Box: Mystery Santa’s Christmas Bag of Awesome!

HO! HO! HO! Like mysteries yo? You came to the right place for today’s Mystery Santa’s Christmas Bag of AWESOME! This bag isn’t just your ordinary bag….it’s LOADED with MYSTERIOUS STUFF! Whether it’s just for you or someone else, it’s going to have something in there for everyone to enjoy. Open it soon as you get it, or just sit it under the Christmas tree and wait for Christmas morning to roll around to see what mystery goodies are waiting for you inside!

Remember, these can sell out quick, so don’t miss out! Also, please excuse the man-handling of the bags…it requires a lot of power to get that crap in there! So if the bag shows up a little tattered, it was for your own good, we promise! ๐Ÿ™‚

Note: We tried our best, but some of this stuff is so big it won’t even fit in the bag! So we’re just throwing it on top!

The Cost: $24.99 or choose the Upgraded Mystery Bag for $34.98 (same bag but with more stuff!)

Good to know:ย “we guarantee is that they WILL get there by Christmas”

Check out our Monthly Mystery Box of Awesome reviews to see what kind of products you can expect!

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  1. I got the regular bag for my family and for my Dad (who lives in another state). I thought it would be a fun family thing to open on Christmas and see what was inside. Oh my goodness….what a bunch of crap. The only item worth having is the glasses. (And I didn’t get salt and pepper shakers.) Wanted the bag and that was not included.

    My father was not pleased and said it was torturous to open. And, his warmer thing doesn’t even work.

    So disappointed with this mess!

    Does anyone know if this company is on Twitter or Facebook? I’d like to let my opinion be known.

  2. I have always loved the idea of a “mystery” box. Well I have definitely learned my lesson and will never again be tempted by a mystery box. Like others, I specifically bought for the cute santa bag and considered to contents to be a bonus. Unfortunately, I received a ripped up plastic bag instead. Between this experience and my beautyfix mystery box of expired products I’m done with anything mysterious!!!!

  3. I just received my box. Kind of disappointed.
    Totally expected the red santa bag they show on the page. The way they described it I expected my items to come in it? But instead it came in a red & white plastic bag that’s no fun to put under a tree. Looks like a bag of garbage .

    I paid for the $35 upgraded bag.
    I received
    -bacon calendar
    -yoda light
    -fragrance warmer & linen scented disk
    -back scratcher
    -Sherpa throw
    -led gummy candy that’s hard as a rock but not supposed to be

    I feel like my items aren’t even worth the value that I paid.
    And for an upgraded bag It seems like some reviews of regular $25 bags received more items .
    Most of the items I’m sure someone can find a use for. I just expected a little more from previous years reviews. And I completely expected the cute santa bag. Hoping to re use it year after year. Oh well.
    Such is life with a bag of mystery items I guess

  4. I am also totally disappointed.
    – bacon calendar
    – ugly Ted
    – pink Sherpa throw
    – fragrance warmer with a disc for it
    – interlockers sandwich set
    – people soft gummies
    – a daily dose of laughter book

    Nothing I can actually use or gift to anyone I know ๐Ÿ™

  5. . I just received the upgraded bag.
    -a VR box that you put a phone in to make virtual reality…RV $22.99
    -Ugly Teddy
    -Fragrance warmer with two sets of discs for it
    -a puzzle
    -A pr of winter gloves
    -Marvel heroes salt and pepper shakers
    -bag of gummies
    -fat cat calendar
    -Sherpa fleece throw
    My $1 bonus item was a mini aquarium. I am not crazy about this stuff, but it is interesting. I can gift some of the items. Not sure it is worth 40 dollars to me. I could have spent the money on one item I really liked. It is kind of fun though ๐Ÿ™‚

    • I got what you got. Bet it was more fun to put this bag together than it was to receive it. Btw, the virtual reality thing is a gift with lurched of thirty bucks or more. Has anyone tried it yet? I was going to donate it to the local food closet, but if it doesn’t work, some kid will be crushed.

  6. Soo disappointed. I got the same as everyone else, except I didn’t get the beer glasses. And I have four more coming. Ugh. I didn’t expect much, but I did expect it to be similar to their monthly mystery box. I’m embarrassed to give any of this as gifts. Has anyone talked with customer service? They really hyped this up and it’s awful

  7. Which box is it that people are getting? I ordered 2-$25 boxes and 4- $.99 upgrades hoping this would be awesome.
    My stomach is worried about this…..

    • I ordered the $25 box and received exactly what Iris received (except my S&P shakers are from Lord of the Rings). I can’t gift anything I received. I’m hoping to use some of it for a White Elephant/Dirty Santa game. The items aren’t terrible, they’re just not anything I would gift to someone at Christmas. Hope your boxes are items you can use.

      • Wait, did you get everything I got? I’m going to be upset if I paid $10 more for no reason =(

        • I’ll have to double check when I get home… the only item I don’t really remember is the Darth Vader Light… but I received everything else you have listed. Mine also came in a red plastic bag.

        • I paid the $10 more and my box only very slightly differed. I’m super disappointed… Didn’t even get the cool bag. I got a blue and white plastic one instead.

          I got a wax-free fragrance melter with two Evergreen discs (won’t work with normal wax discs / cubes, so not a good gift)
          Darth Vader Light
          Ugly Ted Teddy Bear
          Jungle Book Magnetic Salt and Pepper Shakers
          Weird puzzle of a kiwi shaving in the mirror
          Pink fuzzy throw blanket (Very thin, not something I’d gift)
          Bag of pez gummies
          Candyland lunch box
          Cat Calendar.

          I had been worried when I saw reviews, but I thought “At least I’ll get beer glasses and a Darth Vader Light! My brothers will like those!” but I didn’t get the beer glasses… I got the pink blanket instead.

          I really think they should have promoted this like their white elephant box, and maybe said there would be one or two legitimate gifts in it. I won’t be giving them another shot.

        • I spoke with customer service and they were a big help and clarified that the upgrade was the Darth Vader light and the puzzle. It looks like the people who are saying they got the exact same thing without upgrading just didn’t realize those things were missing from their boxes. Unless they were sent an upgraded box by mistake, then they shouldn’t have had those specific items.

          • I purchased the $25 bag and after checking it again, the only item I didn’t receive was the Darth Vader Light… I received a puzzle too. I’m still racking my brain trying to figure out what to do with such strange items… LOL
            Merry Christmas!

      • I had picked one up for my husband and my dad… they are awful to buy for and i had hoped this would be the fun way out. Now i am out 50 and still have to get them something. ๐Ÿ™

  8. I got mine today… I also did not get the super cute santa bag (I got a cheap plastic bag instead. I paid for the upgraded version


    I got:

    -Fat Cat Calendar
    -Ugly Teddy Bear
    -Wax fragrance warmer
    -Candy Land lunch box
    -Darth Vader mask (like the Chewbacca Mom one)
    -Bag of gummies
    -Salt/Pepper Shakers (Marvel)
    -Cool glasses (that you freeze)
    -Random scent refills?

    Overall, I’m actually not upset at the content – I like the glasses and the scent warmer… and I think my husband will get a kick out of the Darth Vader mask. I am pretty upset that I didn’t get the Santa bag though. I don’t think they should advertise that it comes in the awesome bag if you’re not going to get it…

    • I lied… the Darth Vader Mask is actually a Darth Vader light (mounted on the wall). Way less fun… but I actually know a TON of people who would like it, lol

    • That’s strange that you paid more than other people and only got one extra item? (the Darth Vader light) I got everything you got for the regular bag not the upgrade.

      I think all these items are giftable…the calendar can go to anyone who likes cats, the teddy bear can go to any child (I put it on my back couch, looks so cute!) wax warmer can go to anyone woman, candy land lunch box any child (put the gummies in it, they are yucky tasting, we threw them out haha) salt and pepper can go to anyone who likes that sort of thing, the puzzle can go to an adult or child lol. and the glasses can go to anyone.

      Not a terrible bag, but not the best. There are a few things you can give to adults. My husband was not impressed, but I explained who we are giving certain things to then he was like oh ya that’s ok. We make a basket full of weird stuff for our best friends (they do the same to us) it’s fun to open to see what we got each other, a few of these items are going into it for them and their son.

      You can still use the plastic bag for gifting a large item or a bunch of small items. It’s cheap plastic but it’s different than just wrapping paper or a gift bag.

      • The wax warmer doesn’t actually warm wax. It warms special disks that have been discontinued. I thought I could gift it if I could find a better scent, but my search has come up empty except for one website selling one scent as clearance / final sale.

        I wouldn’t gift it. It’s basically useless after you run out of what it came with.

  9. This bag makes me feel like I’m on the losing end of a Dirty Santa game. Only one item was halfway usable… the gift bag that the items came in.

  10. I got my box and am incredibly disappointed. As far as im concerned, there is only one good thing in there. It feels like a big box of junk to me. I would not gift most of it.

    • Nothing good at all???

      • Someone else might find more of it useful, but it did not live up to reviews I read for prior mystery bags.

    • What kind of stuff did you get? I bought one for myself and for my brother (as his Christmas gift)… both weigh the same so I’m assuming it’s mostly the same stuff in each box. =\

      • Spoiler Alert!

        A metal lunchbox
        Batman and Robin salt and pepper shakers
        The world’s ugliest teddy bear (I believe that’s its name)
        Giant Pez candy
        A fat cat calendar
        Beer glasses that stay cold (the one item I like)
        There are a couple of other things too.

        • I love ugly ted, he’s adorable! I have been thinking of getting one for my toddlers.

    • I got all the same items as you. Also very disappointed. The freezer glasses will get used but everything else is basically ungiftable for my friends and family. This was a waste of money.

      • AGREE!

    • I just received mine… and didn’t get what I wanted the most… the santa bag of all things!!!! I received a bunch of what I expected… misc.. but not the value I believed they promoted and didn’t even get the bag… I’m upset I ordered 4 more bags later to cover some more family that are impossible to order for because I thought it would be cute to have all the bags under the tree on Christmas morning…. most disappointed of all the things I have every mystery boxes I’ve ever received… ๐Ÿ˜ฉ

  11. Got a shipping notice. It’s coming via UPS Surepost.

  12. I just ordered this, am excited, and hope to find some good stuff to give as presents. resisted most black Friday beauty deals as I have product overload ( started storing stuff in the bathtub, like a hoarder!!!)

    • Storing in the bathtub is genius! I’ve gotten so many boxes lately, I don’t know what to do with them all. Bathtub it is!!

  13. I caved, too. I spent the extra ten bucks to ‘upgrade.’ The concept of ‘upgrade’ here is something I don’t even want to know……

  14. They offered a thing earlier in the season to have access to their “Extreme Stupid Good Deals”. All you had to do was pay $5 for shipping in advance and if you didn’t order anything, you’d get your $5 back. Basically they offer things throughout each day and you can order right then (and it charges you then too) and then when it’s over, everything ships at once. I’ve ordered SEVERAL items, including this mystery bag. The mystery bag was the same price as offered here, but everything else I’ve ordered has been cheaper through the SGD program than it is on the website, so I’ve been happy. I can’t wait until everything gets here!

  15. Just picked one up, plus the .98 mystery item. Their Mystery Box is always fun, you find all kinds of stuff you didn’t know you needed.

  16. I got one! I’m hoping to get some good little gifts for my nephews. Love seeing the unboxing of the monthly boxes….some silly, some useful, but always seems like a fun surprise ๐Ÿ™‚

  17. Did everybody pay $5.99 shipping, like I did? I’m used to grab bags shipping free…

    • I added a $10 item and used code BLACK13 for free shipping. (You need a $35 purchase to qualify for free shipping) I would rather pick out an extra item than pay shipping!

      • I chose the Upgraded Bag ($34.98) & added a donated pair of socks ($.90) and tried the code and it wouldn’t work. Said it’s only available for 13deals sites…?

  18. This is still available.

  19. Please post what you got. Instinct tells me this is going to be epic….

    • Will do! =)

  20. So sad! It already sold out!

    • Not sold out. I just ordered.

      • Said sold out last night. Mustve made way for a couple more orders.

  21. I ordered one for the guys in my family (stepson, husband, BIL, FIL, and dad). They’re always impossible to buy stuff for and so picky. At least this will be a fun reveal on Xmas and I can’t be blamed if they don’t like something!

  22. My first time ordering a mystery box. I ordered for several family members. I’m tempted to get one for myself!

  23. Ugh, I gave in on this one. I love reading the reviews of the Monthly Mystery boxes. I’m sure there are some items in this bag that I can either use or re-gift! I’m such a sucker for mystery stuff!!!

  24. Shipping is an additional $5.99. Has anyone ordered this in the past?

  25. I am really tempted by this… but knowing my luck, if I buy one, it’ll just contain like 14 banana slicers or something.

    • You’d be covered for the next 14 white elephant parties, lol =) I did the regular mystery box for a bit and they’re really great about mixing it up… that being said, my second box, I got around 50 sharpies (in various colors) along with other stuff… so there definitely is a chance of getting crazy amounts of one item.

      … I’m really tempted by this, lol. I just love a good mystery bag

      • Haha! I work in an elementary class… I’d love to have 50 Sharpies!

        Me, too… total mystery bag addict. I’m excited/scared about how many there are right now as “Black Friday” deals!

        • *lol* I won’t lie, I’ve colored on quite a bit with the sharpies… my labelling has become quite colorful. =)

          I bought it… these deals are killing my wallet. I like thatdailydeal’s bags because it’s always a mix of useful and whimsy. I like that they offer little ways of giving back (donations of socks, blankets, pet treats/toys) during checkout. Super cute!

          • … I caved, too.

            And got the $10 upgrade.

            And donated a pair of socks.

            And added the $1 mystery item.

            These people know what they are doing!

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