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Allure Beauty Box November 2016 FULL Spoilers + $5 Coupon!

Allure Beauty Box Spoilers

We have the full spoilers for the November 2016 Allure Beauty Boxes! (Thanks for the head’s up, Christy!) FYI, there are 2 variations of the box this month:


Box 1:

Box 2:

What do you think of the full spoilers for the November 2016 Allure Beauty Box?

This box is regularly $15 a month, but you can use this link to save $5 off your first box. (If you sign up before the end of November, your first box will be the November box.)

Check out our reviews of past Allure Beauty Boxes to see what you can expect with this subscription!

Allure Beauty Box

How do subscribers rate Allure Beauty Box?

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Comments (99)

  1. Can anyone tell me how to open the Bvlgari mini perfume in the November box? Thanks. Clueless.

    • Hold the base on the glass portion on a table top, pull on upper glass portion

    • There are directions on the inside top of the box,just hold the bottom part and pull up on the top.Be careful not to spill your perfume

  2. Got my box today. I received a full size red nail polish, a mini top coat polish, sample size eyeko liner, sample size body lotion, mini Bvlgari perfume and one face mask sheet. So not too bad. I was hoping for the avene cream and shampoo. I usually do like getting nail polish but I already have a couple of reds. Oh well….
    Two full size items isn’t too bad,some other boxes don’t even give you one full size ever so I’ll just put the polish in the refrigerator so it won’t go bad since I don’t think I’ll use it up too fast with all the others I currently had.

  3. I must be on box overload because usually I always like my allure box even if I get the lesser products .But can I catch a break once in a while and get the items I want like the polish for instance.Instead they send me a shampoo for fine thin hair,I have very thick wavy hair.Not a happy camper ?

    • Yeah I got the same box. I gave everything away but the mask and eyeliner. I’m hoping December is good because I usually do enjoy these boxes.

  4. I think the boxes were a lot better before they decided to take over their own shipping/handling. They’re just not as good as they used to be. I’m going to see what’s in the December box and if that isnt good I’m going to cancel.

  5. Allure has been great to me, when the Foreo came in, mine was defective, Allure sent me an extra box and then the Foreo company sent me a replacement also, I am extremely happy with my experience, also I love the quality of their products, So for me it has been really great.

    • My foreo was defective as well and they sent me another box but foreo said they couldnt help me 🙁

    • Mine was defective, like most I heard. I didn’t get a replacement unfortunately since they were out of boxes.

      • I was supposed to get that subscription box, but they had ran out. It took them months to make it up to me and even sent bvlgari perfumes but I guess I didn’t like the box since that experience. I gave them plenty of opportunity to impress me but, Instead, for months I’d get the same products. I think the only thing I have enjoyed were the full size and colorful nail polish from Julep and Orly. 7 months later- I finally cancelled. I have been getting the play box and am deciding another box.

  6. So Allure sent out an email today and it showed all the products in the November box and in the email they made it sound like you got all of the products. Not once did they mention 2 versions of the box. Apparently they will never learn.

    • Yes, it has been on their site since the 2nd with nail polish color being the only variation. I see an online chat again with them once I get my box…. i did finally get the missing two items last time….

  7. You can suspend your account in your account settings on the site. You can even choose the start suspension date and the deactivate date. That’s what I did so my next box will be December. I like that they give this option.

    • I meant re-activate date.

  8. I’m actually thrilled that there’s an eyeliner! I can never own too many eyeliners. I really don’t care which box I get. All I really want is the eyeliner, so the rest is all a bonus.

  9. Suspended my account for the second time this year. Some of it sounds interesting, but I’ll hold out hope for different types of product in December

    • This is not worth my $15. They have one month to improve before I suspend my account. Heck, I may do it now.

  10. I never received my October box. So I contacted them again today. They said there was a problem with my card. Funny, becuz I updated it at the beginning of October when they told me there was a problem after I contacted them about missing items in my September box, that I still I haven’t received btw. I asked them why I hadn’t received an email regarding supposed billing issue and the rep said they had. I checked my spam folder and nothing. I’ve received all of their other emails. I also asked what the. Illini problem was and why didn’t the rep last month tell me right then that it was incorrect. She said she couldn’t answer those questions and that even if I updated my card again that I wouldn’t receive October anyway. ? I was holding out for the spongelle.
    So now I’m done. Allure started of poorly by charging me in May and not sending me a box until July, no aplogies. And now “billing” errors 2 months in a row, when I’ve had no other problems with my account on my other subs. Not cool Allure. But I can spend the money on another sub that cares about their customers.

  11. Some of the comments seem more like little passive aggressive digs. O never mind.. I’ll just say for me, the purpose of subbing is to try before you spend a poop load of money on something that doesn’t work out for me so a $21 or $15 investment saves me possibly $50 or more.

    • No offense, but what do you mean by “passive aggressive digs”?
      I may be shallow, but I have read the following basic categories of comments: some comments from people who were not happy; a very small number of comments from people who liked the box; and some comments from people who didn’t think we were supposed to voice our opinions if were weren’t ecstatic about this box.
      I am hoping I am not in the category of passive aggressive, as I pretty much just speak my mind, and this is not a censored forum.
      But if I am being passive aggressive, or coming across like that, I would like to hear about it directly.

      • Duhhh. Yes, this IS a censored forum, but it is not censored for opinion, only for abusive or offensive language. My ignorance is screaming for attention.
        But that doesn’t change the fact that I want to read the good, and especially the bad, that we all have to say.

  12. OMG I LOVE LOVE LOVE this box. I hope that I get the second box. I love nail polish, and the sheet mask is my fav sheet mask. I prefer Bond and Creed level perfumes, but when it comes to cheap perfume, BVLG is one of the only ones I still wear. **Thrilled** I ALWAYS need lotion and eyeliner- I am very happy!!!

  13. glad I cancelled. I loved Allure in the beginning but I expect more than a birchbox feel for the price point. BeautyFix and Fabfitfun still seem to hold the most value for me.

  14. Glad I skipped this month. They’re not as good as they used to be

  15. Is there any way to know which version you will get before you get it? I know you can with Sephora based on the item number, but not sure if there is anything listed for Allure. Does anyone know?

    • There is no way to know what you will get. It is random.

      • That’s crummy! I don’t use nail polish or eyeliner so if I get box 1, I am ok. If I get box 2, it looks like there are 3 things I don’t want and won’t use. I wish we could choose.

  16. Many people complain about the perfume, but at least they send it in a cute mini bottle as opposed to a vial. My mom ends up with these for her collection.

    I would of liked to try the shampoo and the mask, but I’m cutting back on my subs so this one is suspended for the time being.

    Wish they would just be $10, instead of the $16.24 they charge monthly. I’ll use that money towards something else.

    Recently took inventory and I have way too much product on hand. I’m subbed out and down to just 2 subs for now. Looking forward to trying something different now.

    Also any ideas on best place to sell sub goodies? I know the swap site has the option, but they require an ebay listing which I don’t want to do.

  17. I have been pretty happy with Allure since I subscribed about a year ago. I received the red carpet surprise box, I also received a full-size cushion compact foundation after completing Allure Enthusiast survey in exchange to provide feedback, then recently got invited to Allure beauty event at Bloomingdales in NYC (where I live). They gave us a goodie bag with past Allure box (August 2015, I think), Allure magazine, Allure cosmetic bag, and a several deluxe samples.
    However, this month I cannot say that I am excited to see 4th Bvlgari perfume within a year and 3rd Klorane in a year. I love perfume minis (and I know they are different scent) and of course use hair products, but I really wish they send us from different brands. I follow Allure on FB and they post all kinds of articles saying best of this and that and we don’t really see that products in our boxes, right? Case of last month, I was happy with either variations, but this month, I prefer first one as I rarely have time and patience to paint my nails.
    So with 50/50 chance, I suspended my account for the first time… if I don’t do anything, would my box be suspended indefinite? If I want to receive box again, do I go “Resume Shipments” or “Reactivate”? I am product overload anyway, so it also helps that I don’t want the box.

    • That’s so cool you got to go to the Allure event. I read about those in the magazines, and just stare off into space (while looking at the pictures of the event) for a few seconds imagining myself there. 🙂

      I’ve been thinking the same thing too regarding how they feature the latest & greatest products in their magazines, but they don’t put even one of those products in a box. With Allure’s clout, I would think it’d be easy for them to obtain samples of the newest products and that the brands would be very eager to be featured in their boxes.

      • Luna, where did you read about the event? I had no idea what to expect, so when I saw Allure’s beauty box from over a year ago in the bag, I was like “LOL” because I remembered the box from Liz’s review some time last year. But I wasn’t a subscriber back then, so pretty much everything was new to me. There was a beauty blogger there and people lined up to take pictures with her. Other than light refreshments, you just talk to the different beauty counters and some of them were offering GWP. I resisted all, lol. I will see what Allure will put out next months, but I should seriously use up what I have. I have 2 subs that I pre-paid with the voucher to be finishede, so when that’s runs out, I hope to keep just one or two. So far Play! has been great for me because they put new brands/products for me. I don’t shop at Sephora (even thought there is one around the corner from my office!), so there is no duplicate with the deluxe samples with purchases. Hope Allure is reading this and change things up with their future boxes.

      • I read about the events in Allure’s magazine. Maybe not specifically the one you went to (but it could have been!), but just the events in general. It wasn’t really an article, but more like an advertisement with pictures of random (to me) people who were at the event.

        I also really love Play! I love the brands featured, the products I’ve received so far, and the fact that it’s only $10! The only thing I’ve changed since I started to receive the boxes, is I no longer jump at the chance to take advantage of some of their GWP or points perks offers, since I’ve noticed a lot of those offers will eventually be in the box. This has saved me a lot of money and lets me hoard my points a little more. 🙂

      • I see. I have a couple of Allure magazines at home, so I will flip through tonight.
        I work around the corner from Sephora store, but I wish Sephora gives once a month free shipping plus 50 bonus points for the Play subscribers, so that people who live far from the store feels like they can order something without paying shipping and take advantage of the points offer. Thanks to Play, I have some points now, but nothing is really interesting for me to redeem for now.

    • Wow, I’ve been a subscriber to allure/sample society for about 4 years at least & I’ve never received a suprise box. I guess you are lucky 🙂

      • Chasenchino, I am sorry that you didn’t receive the surprise box. Liz reviewed it and it was a hot mess. From all the comments, newer subscribers after Allure took over received the box, not the long-time “legacy” subscribers according to Allure.

    • I am so with you. I really really love Allure all around… And I specially loved the Allure Beauty box from Dec 2015 to about May 2016…all hell broke out from there on and I feel like there are so many of the same brands and same products over and over. Then they started doing the different boxes and I don’t think people even had an issue with getting the same boxes. Most were upset with missing things, boxes, and not explaining to there customers when there is an issue. I have a feeling they will be going up on their price of the box soon too hoo…
      I remember in Dec 2015 I got a mini candle in my first box and I thought heaven had sent the box to me honestly. I miss those days with 2 bonus gifts and full and deluxe goodies all stuffed into the cute red box…. What happen?

      • Beth, good observation! Before May, they used to throw some drug store bonus items like chapstick and the box was pretty full. It seems for me that the customer service has improved a little bit. I contacted customer service more than I wished and I still feel 2 of my issues were unresolved, but I let it go because I felt it evened out with good times, lol.

  18. I just called and cancelled after never receiving my October box. The report I spoke with couldn’t have cared less. I called twice during the month trying to find out where my box was and no one could tell me. After missing out on the awesome May box and then having June lost in the mail and never receiving anything extra for the fiasco they created and missing products every month since then I am somewhat relieved and saddened to say goodbye to Allure beauty box and look forward to something else to take their place.

    • I had that happen too. I had ordered the beauty thrills box and they charged me but never sent it and when i called they told me inever ordered. I had to do a fraud claimwith my bank to get my money back.

  19. Thank Goodness for this site!! I just went in and skipped this box too. Not dazzled at all. That perfume showed up a few months ago and it was awful! Headache both days I wore it.

  20. Allure finally caught my attention with the Spongelle product back in October. I quickly signed up and got a shipping email quickly. I know that their website says you are subject to receive an earlier box, but there was no confirmation of which box I would receive. September box, and it was junk. Then I was billed again almost immediately to get my October box. I get that you may have leftovers, but I really don’t appreciate this mentality. Billed twice in a week is not what I signed up for. If they can’t put together a good box, that is not subscriber’s problem/fault. I was done after the October box and will not subscribe again.

    • This happened to me and I contacted them about it and they were able to cancel the September box and refund me the money for it!

    • They did that to me too! Two boxes billed and shopped after Sept 1. I cancelled after getting the Sept box. Between the spoiler for a repeat of terrible skunk water and the shady business practice, I don’t even want to deal with them anymore.

    • Same thing happened to me. I emailed them when I got the September box and they said I could get my money back if I sent the box back unopened. Well since it wasn’t marked and they didn’t notify me, I opened it thinking it was Octobers. One day Allure’s shady ways will come back to bite them.

  21. This just looks like BB leftovers?

  22. Uh oh… Anyone else get a shipping notification today?
    I just received one – I live in Chicago so I was very happy.

    Then I realized….

    (I just signed up with the $5.00 coupon for my free box)
    We will find out in a few hours I guess… lol
    But I really needed some dang eyeliner! haha.

    • I’m curious to see next month, if all of the people that are suspending their accounts this month to avoid getting the November box will still receive it anyway if they re-activate it to receive the December box.

    • I live in Chicago too. I haven’t seen anything, but then again they typically send me an email the day its actually arriving saying that its shipped even though the tracking link says its been in transit for a couple days.

  23. So glad I cancelled. Allure is the worst!

    • I put it on hold again. I don’t like these 2 boxes at all. Boring. And they keep sending repeat products like Bulgari perfume and Klorane. I’m still waiting for the replacement items from August.

    • Not the worst but not what they used to be. Glad I cancelled too.!

  24. Gosh some people will always find something to complain about lol. Both versions of the box look great. If you don’t agree and cancel I don’t see why you need to announce it to everyone. ?

    • Not everyone likes the same thing and this site is for people to voice their opinion. I find it quite amusing how many people leave comments about others “complaining” but don’t seem to realize they themselves are complaining about complainers. I for one am Sick of reading posts about how others shouldn’t complain. I like to read everyones opinion about the boxes whether it’s positive or negative. It would be pretty boring if there were only positive comments.

    • So you feel entitled to express your own opinion, but are critical of others who want to express an opinion different than your own? Hmmm.

    • I agree, I think people have become far to expectant on boxes being bigger and better then the last. There are just some people who are never happy. I’m honestly not sure what people are expecting?? Are there some repeat brands, yep, but how do people think they get these items for their boxes? How do people think they can offer boxes valued at 60-80 dollars for only 15 bucks? AND make money off of them, while offering FREE shipping >.< At least they give the mini bottles rather then the FREE sample vials like Sephora, and they usually give 1-3 full sizes, unlike BB. This months box is super diverse, there's a little bit of everything, and in some brands I've never tried before. I totally get that everyone has their own personal preferences, but then just move on to a box you enjoy. Every single box subscription has their positives and negatives, Ipsy has cheaper brands and unwearable colors, BB gives tiny samples, boxycharm is very makeup heavy, the list goes on. Only a couple of the items in the box pay for it and the rest is just a bonus, i'm very excited for this month!

    • I don’t see why you felt the need to make this comment, but people will always find something to complain about, won’t they?

      • I actually appreciate negative comments. They prompt me to question whether I really need to get a box. In this case, I totally agree with the non-positive sentiments, and have suspended my subscription.
        I agree that everyone likes to complain sometimes, but I don’t think that anyone should censor their comments because they are not positive.
        And one more thing…if someone can stop me from getting ANOTHER box or subscription, you are doing me a gigantic favor. It takes a lot to get between me and my subscription problem, so I send an enthusiastic thank you to all the negative-Nancys.

    • Sarah read the whole post. At the end the question “What do you think of the full spoilers for the November 2016 Allure Beauty Box?” is asked. No one is announcing anything. They are just answering the question just like you are.

      That is nice you like both boxes. For me I don’t need any more Klorane. I don’t wear nail polish since I don’t have for nice looking nails and don’t want people looking at them. So I am glad I suspended by subscription yesterday.

  25. I’m hoping for box #1, I have no use for nail polish!

  26. I remain a devoted subbie to Allure boxes. I find I use most of the items and have become quite a fan of many of the items. (Hello, Kevin.Murphy) Yes, some boxes are better than others, but at $15 I think it’s a good value. I remain torn with ipsy and have just started Play!, but Allure continues to be my favorite. So much so that I got a subscription for my sister.

    • Thank you for a positive post. Every Sub has good and bad months; if I find I am not using the products on a regular basis (for me it was Ipsy and Birchbox) I will cancel while continuing the others which give me a monthly dose of YAY! As an Allure long time subscriber, I use most or all of everything offered every month and feel I get bang for my buck.

      • As for which box I want this month…I’m torn! I’m loving all of the Bvlgari perfumes I’ve received with the Blue one my current fave so I’m tickled to try a new scent. I received yet another Klorane dry shampoo with last months box and couldn’t be happier. (I’ve been in & out of the hospital this year and have lived on dry shampoo. Due to Allure, I got several samples and the Klorane is the best IMO!) This Klorane is for thinning hair and that’s my big prob right now. However, I’m a nail polish fiend and would love the Seche Vite polishes. So when it comes down to it, I will be happy either way.

    • I agree. I think that Allure and Birchbox are still my favorites followed by Sephora Play and Ipsy. My biggest disappointment is probably Boxycharm. Like every other month, I get one really good item while the rest leaves me feeling dissatisfied.

  27. Saw this post, called and canceled. Not worth it.

  28. I’m hoping for box number 2, I’m honestly surprised that people are upset with these box’s. I’m very excited, looks like a great month.

  29. I signed up for the first time before October 31st, hoping I get the October box!

  30. Suspended for November and on the verge of cancelling. I’m so bored with Klorane, Avene, Eyeko and Bulgari fragrances!

  31. So glad I canceled

  32. How do you suspend this box? Because ugh.

  33. Continuing to be relieved that I stopped subbing to this box!

  34. I would love to get box #1 only because i have too many nail polishes. Plus, I’m always up for trying to new shampoo.

  35. Both boxes look good to me, but if I could pick, I’d go with box #1 for the Klorane shampoo since I haven’t tried that one yet. Also, I love anything from Red Flower (just bought a few things during their last Hautelook event), so I’m glad to see its in both variations.

  36. I just signed up for this for the first time. I am excited to try the Klorane shampoo and perfume. Does anyone know when the cancellation date is as I don’t plan on keeping this a recurring subscription?

    • You can cancel anytime and also put it on hold for any length of time and resume when you want to. If you cancel you should do so before the beginning of the month.

  37. Bleah… I suspended also. I have a pileup of nail polish so with my luck that’s the one I’ll get.

  38. I’m no longer a subscriber. I would love the box with the polish and fragrance mini but I don’t really *need* either one. And my chances of getting it would probably be low as a subscriber.

  39. THANK YOU for posting this. I suspended. I don’t see how this box would be worth even the $15. I’d only use the eyeliner or sheet mask, and I already have a ton of nail polish and lotions and tiny shampoo bottles (and actually, eyeliners, now that I think about it). And I NEVER want perfume.

    • I suspended too. I never knew you could that!

    • Same but beware, they may send you the box if you resub the following month.

    • Same! I’m so grateful this was posted. I suspended my account. I’ve been on the fence with canceling or not. Maybe I’m just on product overload so I’m not excited anymore lol

  40. NOPE!

  41. Hoping for box one, but if I got the polish, it won’t be the end of my universe. I do like the fact that they’re including a top coat.

    This box (both versions) look… okay. Every box can’t be a OMG Edition Box Of Greatness, so for a filler box (you know that boxes that arrive in between the really GREAT boxes), I’m okay with this one.

  42. The first time I’m glad I cancelled. Boring!

  43. I have used Red Flower Icelandic Moonflower products at the Hotel Valley Ho in Scottsdale — the scent is soooo good.

  44. It’s very “meh” for me. I hope I don’t get the polish – I have waaaay too many as it is. If I suspend the box, when do I need to reinstate it to get the December box?

    • There’s no way to be sure. I reactivated my second account on October 7th last month and they went ahead and sent me the crappy september box, never sent october and told me they would refund me for september which I didn’t want, and still no refund. I just hit suspend on both accounts.

    • I agree this box is boring. I’m looking forward to Boxycharm Sephora play box my fave. I also have glossybox which I have been contemplating on cancelling but I’m still here!!??

    • You should resume it at he beginning of december.

      • With the way things have been going, I would suggest you don’t stop the suspension period ubtil halfway through December. Even then, you might still get Nov. Not loving these games at all

  45. I just hit the suspend button so fast. I can’t imagine getting a box with not just one but two sheet masks in it. I have a pile of masks from other boxes that I haven’t even used yet!

    • Thank you for reminding me that I could suspend this box. Done and done. The first box is absolutely lame. The second is ok, but I don’t need more nail polish. This sub is bumming me out. It started out so good this year 🙁

    • I also suspended mine. I haven’t been happy with the last few boxes, I’ll see if there is an improvement, if not I’ll cancel.

    • I did not know that you could suspend! This is a boring box for me too.

    • I only see one sheet mask per box….

  46. Like it! Looking forward to the sheet mask and Icelandic moisturizing product. Feeling blah about the variations – I have SO much uninteresting nail polish!! I guess I most want to try the Klorane shampoo but enough of the Avene!

  47. whew, glad I finally cancelled.

  48. Here’s hoping I get the polish box. 🙂 But no, most likely will get the other box which will kinda be a bummer for me. I LOVE nail polish and that would make this the first total win for me as far as allure boxes go. Iusually swap half the box away but if I get the polish box I am keeping it all! lol

    • Here’s to crossing our fingers that both of us get the nail polish box! Although I really don’t want the red – I don’t do crèmes…..

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