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2 Days Only! Birchbox Aces – 50 Extra Points to Spend!

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Birchbox has added 50 points to Ace member accounts – for 48 hours only! Check your account to access your bonus points!  (Thanks for the head’s up, Jennifer!)

Also, make sure to add a free Mystery Sample Pack to your order if the total is $35 or more! If you spend $100+, you’ll receive free 2nd-day shipping.

What will you be grabbing with your bonus points?

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  1. I placed an order on one of my Aces accounts (forgot to do it on the other one). Got the free mystery box. The free mystery box mega-highlighted for me why I quit. Horrid, horrid box.

    Did anyone get a great mystery box?

  2. I bought a cat print Baggu bag ? and with my $6.80 in points I only paid $2.20. Unfortunately I couldn’t get the mystery box code to work for me. But thanks Birchbox, this was a nice surprise today.

  3. Not a bad deal! Got the Free Mystery Box and a Dr. Jart+ Dermask Vital Hydra Solution™ Deep Hydration Sheet Mask for .20 🙂

    • Got my daughter makeup wipes for $11(she loves them) free mystery box, free shipping….total $6 Woot!

  4. Bought a Pura Vida bracelet for $5 and got a mystery box with the code. Still hoarding my points in hopes of good Black Friday deals and a good holiday box.

  5. Spending a free $5 (mystery box and Jart mask) occupied me just long enough for my Little Lace Box to come so that I didn’t peek at spoilers!

  6. Got the Mass Appeal Box. On sale for $10.50. Used the $5 bonus, plus $5.50 pts (plus tx). Just the Olay Night Mask & Micellar Water are probably worth $30 and I’m running low on both, so I’m happy.
    Haven’t liked the last few boxes so I’ve canceled and Nov will be my last. Now Just waiting for a nice black Friday sale to use up my remaining points and then I’m out.

    • same here !

    • I went with the Prestige Box! I had about $2 in points, so it came to about $1 per an item. Since I like everything in the box, it is a great deal for me.

    • I isn’t showing up at that price for me – did that deal end today?

      • Oh now I see in the cart – it tool off the 30%.

  7. My brother has been raving about the Bombas socks I got for him last Christmas, and says he’s bummed he only has one pair because it makes such a difference when he has to stand all day at work. I knew I wanted to get him another pair and now with this and the 11 points I had already, they were half off!

    • Thank you for reminding me about these socks. Absolutely love them! Snagged a pair for .50.

  8. I have a super random question, since you are probably all Aces and have been around for a while with Birchbox. (I subbed last August and quit in June, I think, so I don’t know.) I remember that there was talk about saving all of your 2015 boxes for some purpose that Birchbox would announce at the end of 2015 or early 2016. Then I never heard anything more about it. Did anything ever come of that?

    • No, I’ve seen several folks around here ask, and I don’t think it ever did.

    • I can’t remember where they posted the contest but I did take a picture of my boxes to post on IG and Twitter. I can’t remember all the rules but they did hold a contest though not heavily marketed.

  9. I grabbed the Kocostar Split End Therapy Hair Mask and the Mystery Box, and it was exactly 50 points!

  10. This was my birthday month too.

    I started with 22 points (I had already said goodbye)

    Benefit besties $22
    Anastasia brow gel $22
    Mystery samples $10

    Birthday coupon -$10
    Mystery samples -$10
    Points -$7.20

    Grand total $26.40

    This was too good to pass up on the bronzer and gel that I was going to purchase anyway.

    • I have a birthday coupon from them too but I am not sure I’ll use it. 10 off 50……….I feel like I can always find a deal like that. I didn’t spend close to 50 on this so it wasn’t an option really.

      • If you include the mystery samples it is really $10 off $40 because the $10 for the mystery samples count toward the $50 but then are taken off. It’s a really good deal even before points if you are spending exactly $40, but if there’s nothing you want for around that then it’s not really worth it.

        I didnt think I would use mine until they sent the offer today and I started messing around with it.

        I thought we were done Birchbox, but you got me again.

        • thanks for the tip, I’ll keep that in mind!! 🙂

          i DO love the Bobbi Brown shimmer brick, but man do I have a lot of bronzers/highlighters. haha 🙂

  11. I’m getting close to cancelling, but this was worth using for me. I got one of the Stila liquid lipsticks (in Venezia, the bright orange, which I know was not for a lot of people but it was TOTALLY for me, I wore it all summer and it made me so happy haha) and used the mystery box code (second time) and paid $15. Happy 🙂

  12. I’ve had $27 worth saved up since they did away with the points program. Bumped me to $32, I bought new shampoo, conditioner and clarifying treatment for $12 out of pocket. I think now I’m going to cancel my Birchbox subscription. I haven’t been too happy with the sample selections lately and with the points system being gone? Forget about it!

  13. With the bonus 50 pts, I had $46 total spending power + a $10 off code I just got for my birthday. So, I got the EXO nail polish remover ($16), a 4pc BioRepublic variety mask set ($19), Benefit’s Gimme Brow fiber gel ($24) and the mystery sample pack, all for $7.25. Pretty sweet deal. Greedy me really wanted to snag the Mystery Box too, but they wouldn’t have accepted my $10 bday code if I got that, so I went with the cold hard cash instead. 😀 Now my points are down to 2 and I’m ready to say goodbye in April when my annual ends.

    • Goodbye is right. Done.

  14. Why are they charging me shipping? I am obviously an ace bevause I got the 50 points.

  15. Finally got the push I needed to buy those Liz Earle face cloths I’ve been wanting.

  16. Did anyone use the free mystery box code for more than once? I cannot remember if BB lets us use the same code twice or more. I used it already, and it isn’t taking saying ‘invalid’.

    • I think others have said it only worked for them twice. I just used it for my second time and it did work, but I would bet it wouldn’t work for a third.

      • Thanks, Krista. I used it twice, so now I know why!

      • Awww, that makes sense. I was wondering about this too. I had already used the mystery box code 2x, then when I went in for a 3rd time it wouldn’t let me do it. I thought that was because I was making a separate purchase on the same day after I had used the code a 2nd time (I used the code the 1st time on a different day), and it just wouldn’t let me use it 2x in one day.

  17. I’ll take $5 any day! I used it to purchase the travel-size Bumble and Bumble Invisible Oil Primer. I used my my smaller sample but I’m not sure if I’m ready to commit to the bigger bottle.

  18. Although this is awesome and I’m happy I got a Dr Jart mask and mystery box for $0.80 it would have been awesome to have these a day sooner. I JUST used up my remaining points (except a few) yesterday! Got Paula’s Choice for SO CHEAP!!

  19. I said I wasn’t giving Birchbox any more of my money. And I’m not. But I’m still an Ace and they gave me the points. So I got something for $5 and added the hair sample that’s free with any purchase…

    • Me too!

  20. I decided to pay all of 70 cents for the TokyoMilk Dark Try-It Kit, since I had a few points left over. I also used that Aces Only free mystery box code they had a while back and it seemed to work. I guess I’ll find out when my order arrives!

    • Oh, I was looking for a code to use to get a bonus and forgot about that one! So for 90 cents I could’ve gotten a sheet mask and a mystery box?

      Also, thanks, Birchbox, for giving me an easy way to use that one point I had left over. And that, my friend, is what they call closure.

    • I’m an Ace and never received that mystery box code. 🙁 Yet another reason why I am so over Birchbox.

      • A quick Google search and I found that mystery box code! Take that, Birchbox!

      • Yeah, I never got that code, either. I should have Googled it first. I wish I could cancel my order and re-do it so I could get a free box. A box and a sheet mask for 90 cents :'(

    • THANK YOU!!! I was bummed about not having a promo code for anything but used the mysterybox code too! I only had one point and with the $5 got a Dr Jart face mask. Spent $0.80 hahaha! That’s what I would call a win!

      • I meant 10 points – so $6 oops

  21. I grabbed one of those One Love charcoal heart sponges for $4. And I threw in a Kerastase hair treatment packet since that was free with any purchase.

    • I love that charcoal heart sponge!

  22. I had 15 points and they added 50 with this promotion. I’m an Ace, so +tax and -shipping, I used my $6.50 in points and spent $1.11 on a TokyoMilk Dark Lip Balm. I’m just waiting out my yearly sub and wont be resubbing after being a 5 year subscriber. It just isn’t worth it anymore with tiny samples of unexciting repeat brand items and no feedback points as an incentive for spending in their shop. I consider this purchase my last hurrah with Birchbox.

  23. I’d love to grab the kocostar foot therapy with my 98 points but they are sold out :/

    I guess I’ll grab a home item like the umbra pieces that I’ve been eyeing for a while.

    • That’s what I wanted to get too! Those kocostar foot socks are great!

  24. So, let’s say I have 200 points right now, and with the 50 extra points I have 250. If i spend 60 points, will it take it first from the points I have already, or first from the extra points from Birchbox? Because normally you lose your oldest points first, but I don’t want to have to spend all my points to take advantage of this 50 point offer. Does that make sense? Does anyone know the answer?

    • I would assume that they wouldn’t use up the promotional points first :-\

    • Yeah I think for you this isn’t really a bargain. You could contact CS.

      • I did, thanks! I’ll let everyone know what I find out.

        • Thanks! This was a great point I didn’t even think about.

          I’ve been hoarding my points all year to start spending in November & December for ‘deals’ like this, and I was thinking this would be the perfect opportunity to start using them, but I was only going to use a few to purchase the EXO polish remover since I’m running low (my new HG polish remover thanks to the LE Naturals box BB had earlier this year).

          I’ll be anxiously waiting to hear what they say. 🙂

          • Oooh, I need a new polish remover. What makes the EXO your holy grail?

          • It’s performs similar to regular polish removers when removing non-glitter/shimmer polish (for that, I use a remover from Julep that’s specifically formulated to remove glitter polishes), but I LOVE that it’s super moisturizing. Once I’m done removing my polish there’s this sort of oily film left on my nails. While I usually remove that almost immediately (I do a hand scrub then cream after I remove my polish) since I usually put a new polish on afterward, I like that it doesn’t strip my nails and dry them out like the typical polish removers do (even those that claim they’re moisturizing). With regular polish removers I find my nails look & feel super dried out.

        • Looking forward to finding out what they tell you!! I’m in a similar boat, saving my points for their Winter/Holiday LE.

    • I got an answer!

      “Any points you use (up to 50 points) in the 48 hour period will be taken from the 50 bonus points you were given due to your ACE status (meaning they will not be taken from your earned 200 points you had before you received the email).

      For example, if you were to make that purchase using your 60 points, it will be made up of the 50 added bonus points and 10 of your own earned points.”

      Woo hoo!

      • Thanks so much for looking into this! I had the same question.

      • Yaaaaaaaas!! XD

        Thank you so much for asking and posting the response!

      • That’s awesome! Thanks for posting that!

      • Thanks so much Kaleigh for letting us know! 🙂

  25. I checked out when the points system changed, and I had one point left in my account. They added 50, so I just ordered a sheet mask that was $6. With points and free shipping, I paid 90 cents!

    • I did the same ! Except I got one of the Marvis travel toothpastes.

  26. Makes me wonder if they’re hurtin

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