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Target Beauty Box October 2016 – Available Now!!


The October Target Beauty Box is available now!

The Box: Target October Beauty Box

The Cost: $7

The Products:

FYI – these sell out very quickly – make sure to buy soon if you are interested!

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Target Beauty Box

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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Comments (124)

  1. I got mine today as well! Everything was in there, as promised. My tinted lip balm was Coral Blush. Did anyone else get a different shade? I was just wondering if there was any variations. Overall, very happy for $7.

    • Got mine today. Everything was included. I’m happy with my very first beauty box! My Chap Stick shade was Rose Petal.

    • My Chapstick shade was Merlot.

    • Same here, Coral Blush.

  2. My box arrived today but did not have a card in it, so no $3 coupon. Am I the only one?

    • Mine had the coupon.

    • I got the card but was missing both the Derma E AND the Jergens. Like, Wth?

  3. Got mine today!!! Im very happy with everything except the eyeliner, it has a very hard tip that I personally don’t care for….but other than that I’m very happy with it!!! (My husband is also because he was getting tired of me running back and forth to the mailbox, LOL)

  4. Has anyone’s box shipped yet?

    • I just received an email saying mine shipped yesterday afternoon. IME, Target boxes arrive pretty quickly.

    • Mine supposedly shipped on Wednesday, but so far there were no updates on the tracking…

      • Mine shipped last Tuesday but got delayed with the hurricane. Set to arrive at some point this week.

    • I used my tracking number and my box was shipped last Wednesday but was delayed by hurricane Matthew. I should receive my box tomorrow (Tuesday because of the holiday) in our regular mail delivery. I’ll post some pictures when I get it. 🙂

    • Mine arrived Friday.

  5. Still available…

  6. sold-out now when I checked…went pretty fast in my book! Skipped this month as I was able to get Sephora Play! Next one to go is Glossybox.

  7. Just wanted to say thanks! I really wanted to try one Target Beauty Box but they were always sold out. I was so busy at work today that I didn’t even check my personal email till tonight. I saw that you sent the email that they were available this morning. Got my order in an hour before they sold out! Thanks again!

  8. Sold out now. Got one early this morning and checked out with no problems with my redcard. I’ll be able to use everything even though it’s not a very exciting box.

  9. Hi ladies. Does anyone have a coupon code they aren’t using? Thanks.


      • Thanks Eva 🙂
        It says Promocode is not eligible for item unfortunately. Must be a new policy.


  10. Is the bb cushion full size

  11. I got one, but only because I like peppermint shampoo. I’ve only gotten a few months’ worth of boxes and already there are repeats in these boxes (and I’ve skipped the past two months).

  12. Two different coupon codes from last month are not working, I give up. Not worth the effort for me.

  13. PASS for me, as well. Nothing is new here. I’m so tired of that weird lotion and that face cream is a terrible scent. And I already picked up that eyeliner so I could use it to create my Halloween face makeup.

  14. Pass!! When will they do another Men Box?? My husband is a truck driver so those do come in handy

    • Usually they do the really good mens box for $5 in November

    • They do mens boxes before fathers day and before christmas and sometimes before valentines day.

  15. First time I’m passing too. Nothing really new and I have so many other samples already.

  16. Pass. There’s nothing new here – more shampoo, more face cream, more eyeliner. Sigh.

    It’s been a while now, but Target used to put one or more non-beauty items in its boxes – ponytail holders, bath poufs, toothpaste, razors, headbands. I liked those.

  17. Already sold out of the Target box!! As soon as I received my email I clicked on the link and it was sold out!!! Very disappointing!

    • It’s still available. I just ordered

    • It’s not sold out. I just checked again and everything is working properly. Don’t use the email link you were sent and gp directly to the website instead.

      • I didn’t have a problem with the link. One thing I have noticed is that using a desktop/laptop rather than your phone changes things up. It may work better on the phone if the app is downloaded

    • Cindy You can still order from the app!

    • Available on the website right now, too.

    • FYI – If you sign up for Liz’s email notice she’s great about getting them out early. I got mine before 8:00 this morning. Didn’t get Target’s till 1:57 this afternoon!

  18. Passed on this time. Nothing interestes me this time. Looks like a good box. I’m also passing on Wal-Mart’s fall box.

    • I’m passing on Wal-Mart too. I seem to be at the tail end of wave shipments and always get leftovers. I tallied up the value of my last box and came up with $3 ?

  19. I hope Target is paying attention to the fact that these are not selling out as quickly, as they once did!!!!!! Take it to the marketing people over there, Target! You need to go back to the better boxes, that you once had.
    I probably would have grabbed this one, if it was the $5 price. I’m on product overload of these items, so even at $7 – I’m passing.

    I was only tempted by the shampoo/conditioner set, which is a nice touch to have both.
    It’s not enough to get me to pull the trigger on it though.

    • Target now limits how many boxes one person can buy. It’s either one or two boxes. Before that people were all buying so many multiples that a lot of people missed out. And people were buying in the middle of the night! Since Target changed its order policy a lot more people have the opportunity to buy one. The products and value are still there, it’s just that when you order every box you start to get repeats and items you don’t want. This is true of nearly all, if not all, of the inexpensive boxes.

      • They have limited that you can only order one at a time. You can, however, still order more than one. It just has to be a new order for each one. I agree, that it was easier to buy multiples at once and that would have made them sell out quicker tho.
        Even so, with repeat items, I still would get most of these Target boxes. There needs to be, at least, one item to pull me in. 🙂 This box just didn’t have it.

  20. I’m wondering if you get to pick your shade for the BB Cushion or is it just a random shade. Does anyone know?

    • It’s a tiny 3 pack. Light/Med Medium and Dark.

      • Thank you! I’ll pass too…

  21. PayPal wouldn’t let me through, so I used my MasterCard.
    I didn’t like this both very much (I think the only thing I care about is the chapstick), but I’m making an advent calendar to give my sister and I just need a couple more samples to get enough leftovers from subs boxes for the 25 days 😀

    • What a fun idea!

    • That’s so clever! You have a lucky sister!

  22. Easy pass this month and I usually LOVE Target boxes. My 12 y/o wanted it so got her one. I even got rid of 3 other subs for Target monthly. This months a bummer.

  23. for some reason it wouldn’t let me use any of my credit cards to buy but was able to use paypal?? Anyone else having that problem

    • Says the exact same thing to me! Frustrating!

    • Same for me did not work

    • I had that same issue with trying to use my discover. It accepted a visa though. Just a tad annoying, but it worked eventually. Glad it wasn’t just me though – I thought I was losing my mind that my card wasn’t working when I had all the correct information.

  24. After careful deliberation, I’ve decided to pass on this one. It looks pretty good (2 oz of shampoo, conditioner & lotion are great), I just don’t need the extra products right now. A little bit of a hard decision because I love tea tree hair products, but again, I have some other brands with tea tree in my stash.

    I’m sure I’ll totally regret my decision when the review for this box is published! LOL This site seems to be really good at making these boxes look better than the companies producing them! 🙂

    • I’m passing mostly because it is $7! Even if the sizes are good, needs vs. wants. I want all the samples but I really don’t have room. Last week I gave away an unused nail polish from my 1st ipsy 3 years ago. And, I’m an anything-but-black eyeliner girl. Birchbox & the quarterly Walmart box are enough for me for October.

  25. I’m wondering if the bb cushion is a foil packet or if it’s a little container inside an envelope or cardboard pack. No foil packets!!! … Or wire hangers.

    • Those always come as a little container with a peel back foil covering. It’s usually more than one use but no way to cover it back up to save it and use again.

      • Thanks, that’s good to know so it’s off to the swap site as soon as I get it.

  26. Can anyone who ordered more than one box last month please tell me if it worked? I got one for my mom and myself but I had to do 2 separate transactions because they limit you to 1 per order now and I’m worried they’re going to cancel the 2nd order because I used the same RedCard, I did tell it to ship to a different address though.

    • I ordered two last month with same account, same card, same address and both arrived fine. I had to do two separate transactions last month just like this morning. The only problem today was my coupons didn’t work even though I had added other items to cart all totaling way more than the coupon required.

      • Call customer service. I had same problem. They gave me the $3 off order plus a $5 gift card!

      • I called them and they weren’t so generous with me. They let me use one coupon on a new, different order and the rep messed that order up. My confirmation email shows half my order is being delivered (like I asked) and the other half is for pick-up before Friday in Minneapolis… I live in Texas. I called them back after that and now that order is messed up too. I have to call a third time in the morning. Big Fail for Target customer service.

    • I’ve also ordered 2 in separate transactions, but sent to same address using my red card and had no problems arriving. I think you will be fine.

      • Awesome, thanks everyone!

  27. My daughter asked that I pick up aTarget Beauty box for her this month and I was surprised to have so much difficulty during checkout using my card. I called Target to check if the problem was that the box had sold out already ( doubtful ) and after waiting while they checked I was disconnected mid convo. Ha, so ready to just pass on the whole thing when I read here others were having the same issue with checkout. Went back and used Paypal this time and my order went right through.
    Thanks for the hint! 🙂

  28. I had no problem checking out at all. I used my visa debit card and it went through no problem. And it was free shipping like it’s supposed to be.

  29. Arrrgghh I tried PayPal and Visa no luck, what the hec!

    • Same thing happened to me! I also tried checking out at a guest & nothing! 🙁

  30. I just ordered mine!!! I’m so excited! It’s my first beauty subscription box, and I just ordered Sephora Play too! Thank you Liz for this site, (Ignore my husband’s irritated groans and moans in the background, LOL) I’ve been having a blast researching all the fun boxes!!!

    • Haha!! Maybe it’s time to get him hooked on subscription boxes, too! 🙂
      And those are two awesome boxes to start with! Hope you love them both!

    • Good job getting those two as your first subscription boxes! The Target one always sells out super fast and Sephora Play sometimes has a huge waitlist, so I’m very impressed with your cyber-shopping skills : )
      This looks like a good first box, too – the marker eyeliner is supposed to be great, and the fancy Chapstick is super moisturizing.

  31. I had the same problem with the coupon and the Discover card. I ended up using paypal and used the chat feature to get the $3 coupon credited back to me. Took the survey at the end and mentioned these problems seem to happen every month.

  32. Anyone having issues checking out? I tried two different credit cards (it says to check the numbers, but they’re correct) and even logged out of my account and tried to check out as a guest…same issue.

    • I’ve had problems in the past using my account and the site not accepting any of my cards. I always check out as a guest for that reason, but this morning I had trouble with my Discover card. I know the card is good, and there’s available credit and all that, but for some reason it wouldn’t go through. I used my VISA card instead, and it worked fine.

    • I did too, but used my PayPal, and it went right through.

    • Yes – issues with both cards. Also tried as a guest and would not work.

    • Yes, same happened to me using my visa, tried multiple times, even re-entered my number in case I made the error, and then it told me I tried to many times with that card and wouldn’t let it process. So i logged in with my paypal and paid-w/ the SAME cc, and no issues. NEVER had a problem w/ this card before, definitely a Target issue.

    • I had issues with my card so I checked out with PayPal and it worked.

    • Yes, I am having issues too. Also tried guest check out but still didn’t work.

    • Discover didn’t go through, and I can’t find my Target card. Visa worked though … as a guest.

    • That’s eyeliner not mascara

      • if you look at the website it shows and eyeliner and mascara on the Beauty Box page

  33. I love Tea Tree Shampoo and Conditioner. Both make my scalp feel tingly, in a good way, and refreshed. If nothing else, I will enjoy both of those.

    Unless the Laneige BB Cushion is the lightest they make, its going in the trash because will be way too dark on me.

    People can say Derma E is cheaper but it works great for me, plus it smells good. I like Derma E better than Pur-lisse.

    I enjoy getting the Target box. Each month I find something I like about it.

    • The BB cushion comes in several shades. TBH I’ve gotten it in two past Target boxes, but I haven’t gotten around to trying it because I’m on product overload (which is made all the better by continuing to by boxes…). Anyway, point being that it’s not just one shade. Hopefully one will work for you!

      • buy* boxes

        Also, I meant to add that I’m looking forward to the tea tree shampoo/conditioner.

  34. I got it but only one this time. Not too exciting but the box is workable for me. I can use everything but the foundation sample. i really like the jergens moisturizer.

  35. Is the wet skin moisturizer full size?

    • No, it’s a sample size (2 oz.)

  36. Passing on this one too
    Same o repeat offenders lol

  37. Here is a 3$off 15 code… stbw9vyhxpxbxml

    • I tried to use this but it did not work. I wonder since other people are having the same problem if you cannot count the beauty box anymore as a item towards the $25 min.

  38. Why does it show mascara on the list but it’s not in the box??

    • It’s happened when something had been shown in the picture but wasn’t in the list, and it wasn’t in the box when it showed up. I’ve never seen the opposite. I guess we’ll see.

    • The mascara was in last month’s box. I think they may have forgotten to remove it from the list.

    • It’s eyeliner not mascara

  39. I’ve been sitting here staring at my screen for about 10 minutes trying to convince myself to get this because.. TARGET BOX… but I can’t even fool myself into thinking I’ll use half of it. Since getting the Kat Von D liquid liner in the Play by Sephora, I’m spoiled on liquid liner! I’d like to try the peppermint shampoo/conditioner but not for $7. I’ve gotten the Laniege BB cushion twice before in Target boxes & everything else is Meh.
    *le sigh*
    For the third month in a row… PASS.

    • HA! Same. Nothing exciting, repeats, and 3rd month for me also. I use to love Target boxes, but the last few have been a snooze fest.

    • Me Too!! I just ordered a full size of the Kat Von D eyeliner because i fell in love with my sephora sample!

  40. Nothing I want in the box this month, passing on this one.

  41. I bought but ended up not using my code. If anyone wants it it’s STBNH3PKHXDBXML it ends today. I know I’ll use everything in the box and it’s only $7 so I went for it after all.

  42. Got one! First time since I’m new to all things subscription box. Thanks for the heads up email!

    • Yay! Hope you love it! 🙂

      • Thanks! No worries about that, I’m sure. Found your site from a random google last week to figure out what the sub box buzz was about, and now I’ve ordered FabFitFun, PopSugar Must Have, this one and that cheap Bare Minerals set last week. Addiction is right! 🙂

  43. I just ordered mine using the app and already received my email confirmation.

  44. Ugh! Another month where I saved my coupons from the prior box to use and the code DOESN’T WORK! I’m beginning to feel like I chat with the support team at Target more than my own grandma.

    Just a note, this month you are once again limited to a quantity of 1 so if you want to order more you will have to submit multiple orders—and speak with Target support multiple times also. Coupons from last month’s box expire today (10/3/16).

    • The app wouldn’t apply my coupon from last month even though I added extra items to purchase to bring my total to around $30. Oh well, I wasn’t too excited about the box anyway. I’ll just go to store to buy other items where the clerk can apply my $3 coupon, cause they never scan correctly anyway!

    • I have the same problem every month with the promo code. Makes me wonder if they really intend for us to use the codes or just get frustrated and pass on the $3 off?!?

      • LOL! I feel like they are scamming us every month!

    • Oh, no! Glad I used my coupons in store beforehand!

  45. I got one. Not super exciting, but everything will be used.

    • Same here. I almost didn’t order it, but I knew I’d regret it if I didn’t. Thus I’m not sad about the limit of one per order.

      That said, I appreciate the e-mail reminder because it totally slipped my mind this morning! I remembered last night that I would have to check first thing in the morning, but somebody’s got a case of the Mondays.

  46. Wow, the only thing I’d use is the Chapstick. Easy pass. I was kinda hoping for something halloweenie!

    • The Jergens is actually really great, which is why I bought this one. I like the Chapstick, too, and the dermae is always good.

      • It won’t let me check out keeps saying payment won’t process tried three cards

      • I’m having the same problem.

      • Same issue. Had to shift to PayPal to get the order to process…….

      • I had this problem with my Discovet card even though I know my card is good. Ran it with a VISA instead, and it worked.

      • Discover*

      • Same issue, I guess they don’t want me to buy it :/

      • for some reason it wouldn’t let me use any of my credit cards to buy but was able to use paypal?? I tried 3 different cards and none would work

    • Same here, easy pass. I have a huge bottle of Jergens from a place where I test products, I have wayyyyy too many chapsticks. I think this may be my first pass ever 🙁

      • I love the Jeurgens

      • It’s only my second pass ever for Target but this one’s just too repetitive and doesn’t seem oriented for fall or anything. I get a couple other beauty subs so I am already overrun with eyeliners and little shampoo/conditioner bottles. I just gave a ton of that stuff away just so I wouldn’t have to look at it anymore! I really like that chapstick but I have several and can buy it easily. The jergens didn’t work for me, I’ve received several already. Same for the Derma E – I had a half dozen, at least, and just gave them all away. Same with the Laneige – I think it’s been included three times? Tried it and then gave a lot of those away. So, for me, this box is just a lot more of the same ol’ stuff. These Target boxes are a great deal if you’re looking to plump up your stash of freebies (if you’re a swapper) or just want to try a few things you can easily buy at Target if it turns out you like them. Good stocking stuffer items, too. But again, I am overrun with this stuff!

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