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Ipsy November 2016 Glam Bag Spoilers!

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Ipsy 2015 Spoilers

We have spoilers for the November 2016 Ipsy glam bag! Subscribers will receive one of the following in their shipment:


What do you think of the November 2016 Ipsy Glam Bag spoilers?

Which sample are you hoping to get?Β theBalm mascara is the only sample I haven’t tried before, so I’m hoping for that one!

If you are new to Ipsy, it is a $10 a month beauty and makeup subscription box. Check out all of our Ipsy reviews to see what’s been in past boxes.

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. I hope I get the primer. I’m so over getting mascaras in my beauty subscription bags/boxes.

    • Omg….i only want the mascara!!! I hope they send you my primer!!?

  2. I would love to get either of the mascaras. I have been wanting to try the better than sex mascara forever! I won’t mind trying the primer but I am pretty well stocked up with smashbox primer samples right now!

    • Would love to get one of the mascaras in my bag with lots of other great things also.

    • The It is awesome. I already ordered some.

    • You should like better than sex! Not as good as they’re real, but good. I love both, but I’m VERY PICKY about my mascaras and I’ve tried them all, if they pass my inspection I think most will like it.

  3. Lol! I have oily fine straight hair and got a leave in treatment as well, in addition to an all around crappy bag. When I contacted them about it, they said (specifically to the hair stuff) that I got it because I have “hair concerns checked”. The ONLY hair thing I have marked is “needs volume”. Stupid!

    • Shoot, I meant this to be a reply to someone… oops.

  4. Hope I get the primer. I am over getting black mascara and black eyeliner. I love color and wish ipsy would do more color themed seasonal items, since its November, Thanksgiving, pumpkin, harvest time. How about pumkin spice lip liner, or cranberry lipstick, a spiced bronzer, cinnamon eyeshadow? Color!

    • Yes please!! There is still hope for the rest of the bag… fingers crossed really hard! ?

    • I’m jumping for joy with mascara and black eyeliner ????

  5. I would like try to The Balms mascara. Even though I don’t need any mascara. I also like the Primer so wouldn’t make me mad to get it either. I’m with everyone else stars would be pretty on the bags. Anything with a some design is nice. I noticed A LOT of ppl surprised by Oct. bag after they got them and saw the real color of the bag. No one cares as much about the design. I have been loving Ipsy for many months now. Yes there is always other things I would like to get but happy with what I have gotten.

  6. Hoping for theBalm mascara or Benefit primer. Love the Too Faced mascara so much that I have it in full size (both regular and waterproof) and a brand new unopened one put back for when it runs out so I don’t need it πŸ™‚

  7. Ooohhh, I’d really love to try the TF Better Than Sex. Heard great things, but never had the opportunity to try it.

  8. Id love any of these. But if I had to pick 1 id love to try the primer!

  9. I can’t use regular mascara and I need primer so hopefully I get the primer.


    said no one ever.

    • LOL!!!!!!

    • I actually love getting black mascara! LOL. Rather get mascara than eyeliner….

    • I’d rather get black mascara than a funky color that I’m never going to wear…but I’m not very daring with my makeup…:-)

    • I really like getting mascara that way I never have to pay full price for it. Honestly, I wish I could get mascara in every Glam Bag.

      • Me too! I never have to buy mascara because of my beauty subcriptions. Mascaras get old fast so I love the deluxe sizes! I would gladly take one each month.

    • I love getting mascara

    • I said it!!!

      • I said it too!

    • LOL I am so with you on this! I am so over mascara samples.

  11. The Better Than Sex mascara is really a good one. But! I wish we could do away with the overly sexual product names. When it’s gifting time and family members ask me what I want, I can’t very well send them (especially the male ones) to Sephora and ask for ‘Orgasm’ blush or ‘Better than sex’ mascara’. Even myself, I prefer not to discuss the merits of ‘Orgasm’ with a salesperson. It’s enough that half the lipsticks are ‘Nude’ and half the wines and organic foods are ‘Naked’. I prefer not to visualize anybody drinking wine naked.

    • Me and a co-worker had a very open discussion at work about the Orgasm blush one day… how beautiful it is, the glow you get from it, etc., and it didn’t even occur to us how we sounded to others who may be listening! When I got to telling her about a sample I got, she asked, “Did you get a mini Orgasm or a larger one?”, I told her I was SO excited and happy because Sephora gave me “a larger Orgasm”. Then when I realized how we sounded, I had to say to nobody in particular “We’re talking about a blush, people”. She was clueless why I even said that out loud, but when she caught on she was so embarrassed.

      • Hahaha. The Orgasm blush, so to speak … Not sure if it helped matters on that occasion.

      • For a moment I had the dizzying feeling that I had posted my response to a work forum (where I’m commenting at the same time as here). But no, all is good. Phew…

    • I think most people understand these are product names and don’t take them literally. “Nude” especially is used often, to describe colors, hosiery, etc.

    • The primary issue I have with labeling a product “nude” (from makeup to lingerie) is how it further enshrines our collective understanding of white skin as “the norm.”

      There’s been some recent progress away from this limited assumption, but it’s still there.

      The habit of “sexy naming” products in the beauty industry is, as I see it, a literal application of the advertising adage “sex sells!” combined with a given brand’s desire to be perceived as “edgy.”

      • I wonder if ‘sex sells’ angle really works anymore? Or at least does it work on women? It’s so overdone that the mystery is gone and a lot of bad stuff is happening in society related to it. Personally, I’m trying to keep things PG-13 in the house, due to the presence of minors but it’s becoming increasingly difficult. I have to dispose of Victoria Secrets catalogues discreetly and I can’t freely read Allure magazine at dinner table anymore (yes, I read at dinner), because I never know when another nude photo shoot shows up on the next page, for the whole family to see. All the electronic devices have parental control settings on them but the kiddos still stumble on stuff on the internet. To me sexy marketing does not cause a desire to buy the stuff, it causes weariness and annoyance.

        Sorry to get off topic here.

  12. All three look good to me. If I could choose, I’d like to receive The Balm mascara because that is the only product I haven’t sampled yet. I already have around 6 mini Better Than Sex mascaras, and a few months ago I finally finished using up all of my Porefessional primer samples I accumulated. They were nice, but I’d like to try something new.

  13. I guess all my loved ones are getting mascaras this Christmas. Add one more to the pile…

    And famous names mean nothing. I was not at all impressed with the Urban Decay and the It Cosmetics mascaras ipsy sent me in the past six months. Currently using L’Oreal.

    • I’m not sure what IT Cosmetics mascara you’re referring to but I got the Superhero mascara and it was awful. CLUMP CITY. It caused such a mess on my eyes I had to just completely wipe my make up off and start over. So disappointing – you’re 100% right, name and how much it costs does not give credit to how good a product is.

      • I actually LOVED the superhero mascara! It gave me really full lashes. Maybe you got a bad one…?

        • I loved my superhero mascara too! Went out and bought the full size!!

        • Loved mine too!!

  14. Ok I’m not sure why it put my email in the post. Plz remove if you can! Lol ANYWAYS! I also have yet to try the Balm mascara so I’m super hoping for it but I wouldn’t be disappointed with the Better Than Sex if I got it instead. I do know I’ve gotten a ton of the Porefessional Primer tho so I’m crossing my fingers it’s not in there! πŸ™‚

  15. Better Than Sex transfers to my undereyes throughout the day. I like the brush, but the formula isn’t quite right for longevity on my lashes. I feel like I must be doing something wrong, since so many people love it. But, my favorite mascara, MUFE smoky extravagance, has a similar brush with no transfer problems (for me).

    • Same problem here. Not only it transfers under the eyes (and I don’t have oily skin) plus it’s very flaky. Seems like a bad formula. I’m really surprised there are so many good reviews about this mascara…

  16. May be time to take a break from ipsy. The best I can say for two mascara samples is at least they aren’t liners.

  17. I hope the stars are a sneak peak at the bag design, I would absolutely love that!

    Ipsy really let me down in October, here’s to hoping they make up for it. I would be pretty satisfied with any of these items (but I am almost out of primer so that would be ideal, haha).

    • Omg, crossing my fingers that you’re right about the bag design! I love how simple and clean the background image looks.

  18. I love getting mascara and primer samples. I have tried the too faced one before, but I haven’t tried theBalm one yet. I haven’t bought mascara in over a year because of all my samples.

  19. Really hope I get the Too Faced mascara. I own Porefessional already and have been wanting to try Better Than Sex. Whatever I don’t keep I’m sure someone in A Better Makeup Swap Group on Fb will ?

  20. I hope I get the primer!!

  21. I’m not impressed at all!
    My October box was awful
    Gave everything to my cousin…
    I contacted cs and they have me a story about how their system works to match a person’s profile
    Hate red lipstick, nail polish and most definitely don’t need another roller ball perfume in my stash
    Guess what I got?
    The exact same things I have in my profile,that I don’t like and I get it anyway……….
    They better supper WOW me with the next bag or I will get Boxycharm!
    I hope you can hear me……ipsy

    • I feel the same way, except from the sounds of it we should have traded bags! Everything in my bag were things I don’t have marked on my profile. I don’t have a single makeup item chosen but got 4/5 makeup items and a leave in hair treatment, I have oily fine hair. I would have loved perfume, nail polish (maybe not the red lippy), oh well. Here’s hoping this month is better for us both. I still don’t see how it’s possible that they have a matching system but then we get these bags. I’d be totally ok if they just didn’t have enough for everyone that wanted, say a nail polish, but they are giving them to people who don’t want them.

    • This is exactly why I got BoxyCharm this month and am cancelling ipsy next month. And with BoxyCharm, you only pay 11$ more a month and you get full sized stuff! I’m excited for my first box and I saw a sneak peek item for next month, and I won’t be disappointed! The only thing good about ipsy, IMO, is that you get a free makeup bag, but frankly, who needs 600 makeup bags that some brushes don’t even fit in?

  22. Crossing my fingers for the primer. That’s the kind of product I subscribe to beauty boxes for because I would totally it buy full price over and over if I could just find “the one” through a sample.

    I enjoy sampling new mascaras, but I’m wayyy less picky about them than almost any other product. I honestly don’t picture myself ever purchasing a mascara again for as long as I subscribe to beauty boxes – I’m more than happy to just use up one sample and move on to the next, even if I don’t love them all. I’m much more particular about what goes on my face and what I put on my skin. πŸ™‚

  23. Oooooh yaaaaas! I need this primer! I’m almost out of the ThisWorks primer I got a few months back from ipsy…and I can’t see myself buying it. I’m a newb when it comes to primers, so I’m always hoping to get a primer I fall in love with in my bag. I’d love to try this one out!

    And I’d be content with the Too Faced mascara. I haven’t tried it yet, and it’s on my list for Sephora. Besides, I’m kinda sorta already in love with the superhero mascara I got from them.
    I’m indifferent on theBalm.
    Ipsy hasn’t let me down yet…so fingers crossed!!

    • My favorite primer so far (tried a BUNCH, including Porefessional, Cover Fx, bareminerals…) is Miracle Skin Transformer Vanish. It actually improves the look of my skin by itself! I think NBTT or BeautyDNA sent it. Can’t remember. I will buy it if I ever run out of samples of other primers that I like almost as well (which is probably never). Serums with a lot of Dimethicone, like Marcelle 8 in 1, work well as a primer too.

      • Oooh, it’s good to read that you liked the Miracle Skin Transformer Vanish. I received one of those in my very first Beauty DNA earlier this year, but I have yet to use it. I’m currently working through my countless packet & tube samples of the Smashbox Photo Finish Primer.

        My HG primer I used to use before I started to get into beauty boxes, and started to receive a ton of primer samples, was Philosophy’s The Present. The way you described the Miracle Skin primer reminded me of why I liked the Philosophy one so much. After letting it set for a few minutes, something miraculous happens and when I go back to put on my makeup, my face looks so smooth & even, that on a few occasions that’s all I’d wear out of the house if I didn’t feel like going through my little makeup routine.

      • I will have to give that one a try! My face is soooo red and splotchy every day when I wake up…and surprisingly not from breakouts. Just annoying redness everywhere. So if this helps how your skin looks, it’s definitely worth a try in my book. πŸ™‚

  24. I’m hoping for one of the mascaras! Preferably the balm one cause I haven’t tried it before. The porefessional breaks out my skin πŸ™

  25. Resubscribed. I got one bag over a year ago but it’s time to try again after these fantastic spoilers

  26. Awesome spoilers! Ipsy ROCKS! ❀️

  27. I would like to try the Balm mascara because I think the wand looks nice, it appears to be somewhat similar to the Benefit They’re Real brush except it is curved (which could be an improvement). Honestly, I purchased both the Porefessional and Better Than Sex after hearing so many rave reviews about them, but I wasn’t particularly impressed by either…just okay for me.

  28. Too faced mascara rocks! I buy it, so I hope I get that

  29. I would love the primer. I need to find my one. I have a few mascaras from Ipsy that I already love, but I wouldn’t be mad if I got another, I love mascara.

  30. I’m a huge fan of the primer. I’ve never tried the balm mascara though, so I would gladly welcome the chance to try it out.

  31. Don’t need another mascara but theBalm and Too Faced are my absolute favorite brands. Would be happy to get any of the 3 products…. I hope the rest of the bag is not a disappointment

  32. Oh I’m sure I’ll get the balm mascara. Whenever they have that I always get it. Their products are junk

    • I hear ya! ?

  33. Please Ipsy, I NEED the Porefessional! I’ve been dying to try it but didn’t want to drop $30 bucks on it unless I really liked it. I really like the Too Faced Mascara but I already have the full sized.

    • Me too! I really want to try the primer! I hope I get it!

    • If you don’t get the porefessional in your ipsy bag I saw yesterday on Sephora that there’s a new Benefit bestsellers kit for $39 you get the porefessional, roller lash, and medium ka-brow (ALL full size) and a deluxe size of the hoola bronzer. Way better deal.

  34. Gee, more mascara! One of these days I might run out and then I could try a new one. If I had to choose, I’ll take Too Faced Mascara since I’ve never tried that one.

    • Seriouslyi I can change every month with as much as I get from them!

  35. I’ll take any of the three. Not super exciting, but they will be used!

  36. I hope I get the primer.

  37. I’ve had the Too Faced mascara before. It’s a good mascara. I would be happy with any or all them.

  38. Cancelling this sub unless they have a WOW product

  39. I have been wanting to try that Too Faced mascara so I hope hope hope I get that one!! I bet the stars have something to do with the bag design β˜„

  40. I hope I get the primer. I actually bought this mascara before (full-size) based on awesome reviews from many beauty bloggers, but it was one of the worst mascara I’ve ever tried. The formula didn’t work for me, so flaky, and the brush was too bulky for my taste.

    • I was talking about too faced mascara.


  42. Ooooooh the primer!!!

  43. I want the two faced mascara or a benefit t mascara or a benefit primer

  44. I love the porefessional (hopefully it’s not the really tiny size)… the too faced mascara is great too !

    • it will be fairly small. they’ve given it iut before and you’ll get maybe 2 uses out of it

      • I’ve gotten a couple weeks of usage out of the tiny porefessional. Just need a small amount.

        • I agree! Those tiny samples last a surprisingly long time. Even with those little postcard samples of the Porefessional I receive every once in a while, sometimes I can get 2 uses out of it.

  45. I hope I get the primer. I think the only samples of it I’ve had are on the little sample cards that come with your Ulta orders sometimes. And, I do not need any more mascara right now.

  46. When is the last day you can sign up for the November box?

    • I think you have to be off the waitlist before November! So Oct. 31st

  47. I’ve never tried any of those. I don’t really need more mascara but if they sent me one, I’d pick the TooFaced as my top choice. Looking forward to seeing the other items they’re sampling.

  48. I do not want any of those three… why not throw a skin/nail/hair/body item in there. I hope I get whatever item swaps the best! lol

  49. Better Than Sex is my favorite mascara. I would be happy to get that.

  50. I. Need. This. Primer.

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