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DavidsTea Advent Calendar – Available Now!

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The DavidsTea Advent Calendar is available now!


The Box: DavidsTea 24 Days of Tea 

Ready for the most anticipated gift of the year? This magical tea-filled advent calendar delivers a delicious new surprise every day. Behind each door hides a single serving of tea. No peeking! The surprise is worth it.

The Cost: $40 + $9.75 shipping (Orders over $50 get free shipping)

The Products: 24 single servings of tea (.35 oz)

Here’s a better look at all the teas included:

screen-shot-2016-10-26-at-2-41-02-pm screen-shot-2016-10-26-at-2-41-10-pm screen-shot-2016-10-26-at-2-41-30-pm screen-shot-2016-10-26-at-2-41-38-pm

Are you going to grab a tea advent calendar?

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  1. Got this and added a few more things for free shipping! Goodness the things we do for free shipping!! I’m excited to put my little infuser man back to work! Love trying different loose teas. Between this and Yankee candle, I spent 100.00 real quick! Ha!!

  2. I’m new to loose leaf tea and was reading that a serving size is about 1 teaspoon of tea per cup. These tins each contain 2 teaspoons… is that what they recommended per cup, or can each tin make 2 servings?

    • I was reading comments on fb and they said you can get 2 servings per tin.

  3. I love their tea, when I went to Canada I was so happy to find this tea company. I really would love this but I have so much tea already.

  4. This looks awesome, but I’m still hoping that someone will release a chocolate or coffee advent calendar.

  5. I got one!!! I want to be into tea, but they usually taste so blah. This looks promising!!

    • Misty, David’s Tea has some of the coolest/most unique teas I’ve tasted! I really like them, and hopefully you do too because they’re so not blah.

      This is tempting, but for $50 I think I’ll go in and just buy a bunch of teas =D

  6. I grabbed one right away. Last year’s one was such a delight! I raced like a kid to open a drawer, take a sniff and make a brew…

    I live in Canada :). For once it’s an advantage…

  7. I’ve been wanting one of these for a couple years now but not willing to pay the $25 “cross border” shipping. Hopefully I’ll luck out and find one in store, but I hear those go quick.

    • scratch that…stupid website kept putting me in US instead of CAN, got it to go through with free shipping (i picked up a little something else).

    • If you use the US link provided in their shipping info, there is no cross border fee.

      To all who have never tried this tea, it’s awesome, and I’m not just saying that because I’m a transplanted Canuck. I’m a transplanted Canuck who really loves this tea and wants the company to stay in the States!

      I find that it’s a more user-friendly place than Teavana, and they have more sampler packs and prepacked teas, and just plain fun flavors (including one called Mother’s Little Helper 🙂 ), and lots of sales. Plus I love flavored teas, and they have tons, and no matter how long you steep them, they are never bitter and I find that even the ones without any little candies or sweetener don’t need sugar. In the summer, I throw the loose tea into cold water, let it steep overnight in the fridge, and pour through a tea strainer, and it is fantastic.
      But that being said, it’s still pretty pricey. As many people have pointed out, all these advent calendars seem way more expensive than any other kind of sample kits.

      • Oooh, you should be a sales person for David’s Tea!!! I’m sold! 🙂

        I agree too regarding the advent calendars. When you look solely at the products offered, it seems like you’re paying more than what you’re getting with most of them. But, it seems like those higher priced ones come in quality boxes that can be re-used for storage or as another advent calendar for next year. Plus, I’m sure we’re paying for the novelty of the product/calendar too. I think we’ve just been spoiled with the industry norm of having the RV of boxes far exceed the price paid.

  8. I was excited, but the price is prohibitive. I can get loose leaf “sample” size packets (but still enough for 4-5 cups of tea) from for $1 or $1.50. The packaging for this is cute though!

    • I just looked up Upton Tea. It looks like $1-2 for 0.4 oz. This is $1.67 for 0.3-0.4 oz. So about the same price. Plus the drawers and tins. Works out to about the same, or perhaps a better deal, depending on how you value the packaging.

      • I wonder why DavidsTea is calling their sizes a “one-cup” size then. That’s definitely more than one cup. Oh well. Thanks for the info!

  9. I’m really considering get this for myself. I had an idea while looking at this calendar. A K-Cup advent calendar. I did an internet search for one but all I could find is people making their own advent calendars out of used K-Cups. I would purchase one for my 80 year old something Dad. He is so hard to buy for.

  10. This calendar makes me all sorts of happy! The only brick and mortar tea shop in my city is Teavana (ugh….), so I buy my loose tea online from Adagio (their Chestnut tea is my all time favorite). Have been curious about David’s Tea for a while. This is a great way to explore some of their blends without committing to a 2 ounce bag purchase.

  11. Thank you for the heads up!! I have been waiting for this to go on sale.

  12. OK, so I’ve been looking at all the beauty advent calendars, but I need more random beauty samples like I need a hole in the head. And I’d love the Try the World Michelin box, but I’m trying to cut back on eating random crap, so that’s out too.

    But this I can TOTALLY rationalize. YAY.

  13. Ordered! If you think about it, it’s only about $1.50 per cup of tea which isn’t bad for ‘gourmet’ tea. Plus- definitely put an extra $10 worth of goods in your cart. Not only do you get free shipping that way but I actually got a $10 discount without any promo code (it just showed up in my cart). So, basically I got free shipping and $10 worth of tea for free. AAAAAND you get 3 free tea samples with your order as well (and you can choose them from a list if desired) TOTAL SCORE!

    • Plus, you get the reusable tins and advent calendar for future years! 🙂

      This one actually looks a little tempting to me, because I love to drink gourmet loose teas. I’m drinking one right now called Orange Wellness with the cutest, smallest dried orange wedges… it’s so yummy. It pours red too, which was shocking. (btw, it’s not a David’s tea… but a different brand)

    • It’s $2.07 for a cup of tea, with the shipping. Pass.

      • $1.67 without shipping and if you read my entire post I said you can easily get shipping for free without really spending the extra $10.

    • I wonder why the $10 discount code automatically showed up for you. I have over $50 in my shopping cart and went to check out but nothing is being discounted ?. Hmmmm…

      • Same here! I’ve looked around the web for promo codes too and can’t find any.

        • No idea! For reference- I had $62 in my cart. 5 iced tea packs, a collapsible infuser, and the calendar. The $10 discount came off at checkout with no promo code or anything from me.

          • Danielle- I tried it out and it looks like you are getting a discount for the iced tea packs (they are on sale). When I added them to my cart, it showed a discount in my purchase price at the bottom (where the total was) and it was because of the iced tea packs (I tried it with other items and no such luck)….Now we know the mystery at least 😉

          • I don’t know… I think that’s just where the discount ended up coming off. I got $10 worth of them for free but if I added more, I was charge the advertised price for them… Weird either way.

    • I can get ~3 cups of tea from each little tin, so it makes each cup about 55 cents. I’ve been wanting this since I heard of the david’s tea advent calendar last year, so it was a no-brainer for me!

      • You’re totally right! I just assumed they were sized for one cup- I didn’t even look at the sample sizes! 😀

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