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Birchbox November 2016 Sneak Peek + Coupon!

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We have the first look at the November 2016 Birchbox!


What do you think of the sneak peek for the November 2016 Birchbox?

If you haven’t signed up for Birchbox yet:


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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

All views in this review are the opinion of the author. My Subscription Addiction will never accept payment in exchange for a review, but will accept a box at no cost to provide honest opinions on the box. This post may contain affiliate/referral links. Read the complete My Subscription Addiction disclosure.


  1. My box this month was just so-so, I did the Dr. Brandt sample choice and the other stuff I got was meh. BUT I got the Revive and Restore curated box and another “extra” box with it as a GWP for like 6 bucks (had some points) and those were both really pretty good, so I’m happy for the 16 bucks I spent overall even though my monthly box was not great.

  2. I cancelled ipsy and kept birchbox. I was looking thru my video reviews and notice I hated 90% things ipsy sent. True they want u to try new things so birchbox is more about what I already like to use. And I might sign up for look fantastic

  3. I order Glossybox from here and they gave me expired products and would not exchange them. I cancelled as soon as I received my box but still they took money out of my bank account w/o my permission! The last Sept. box was completely destroyed, to the point the the Post Office has to wrap the box in plastic to keep it from leaking onto other mail. I wrote Glossybox and told them this, plus the fact that I was wearing a brand new Michael Kors dress, and they stated I needed to send “proof”. I told them that I had thrown it all away. However, I was able to dig out the outside box, mailer, that clearly shown large oil stains on the inside and outside of the outer box! The ink was even smeared! Now Glossybox says they are still not going to help me because the “Post Office” should not have sent the box to me that they should had returned it to them! Obviously, Glossybox would rather take my $21 for a box and treat me in any manner they wish thinking I will do nothing about it… But they are wrong! I am not only extremely disappointed, I am angry! This is the worst customer service I have ever experience and I am disabled and handicapped but I am going to go see a lawyer! It is obvious they think they can just take my money and do whatever they want with it but I hope that others will listen to what I have to say and at least know to beware of what they are doing to me, it could be you! I gave them no reason to behave in this manner. All I wanted was products I could use and I paid for. Obviously, once they got my money, they don’t care nothing about what I get and/or what happens to the products I receive. One product I received in August has an expiration date of Dec. 2015. I told them this and again they did nor said anything about this! I still kept this one for I am keeping as much as I can find from them to take to the lawyers. Shame of Glossybox and shame on anyone who thinks they are able to get away with something so horrible. This has caused me great stress and I told them, awhile ago, that I have been in hospital often due to my heart and that I can not continue to write message asking for help due to my weakness… Instead of understanding, I received more cruelty and not once an apology!

  4. I think I am going to cancel as well. By the looks of my recent October preview, it is less than stellar. I understand there are always some “not so good” boxes but I have been let down the past few months. But when I saw the samples for October, I though I paid $10 for this? I have been a sub for over 4 yrs. Now that they dont give points for reviews anymore, why stick around?

    • Birchbox as a company is going under, hence the ceo making her “sub boxes are boring/dead” statement. They’re failing in so many areas other companies are thriving and a lot of their problems have to do with recent customer service issues with subscribers. As customer service got worse, people started bailing, as people bailed BB relied more on their online store sales to boost revenue and kinda said “meh, whatever” in regards to issues their subscribers had. I kinda think their boxes are declining in quality intentionally so people will quit subscribing and they can ditch that whole part of the market and focus on online sales of full-sized products.

      I made the mistake of signing up the month before they ditched the points program. First box was great, every one after kinda sucked and almost seemed like they were picking products i rated low in my profile. Every month i got at least 2 hair products (i wear a simple bun or ponytail literally every day no exceptions, cannot have hair in my face while i work. i have zero need for 3 different sea salt sprays and 4 dry shampoos). Thank goodness september was my last box.

      I’ve just never had so many issues with one subscription. Ipsy sometimes gets a bad rap for repeat items or sending similar items out, but in my experience if you play around with your profile settings, they notice and you’ll get different products; birchbox will just kinda laugh at you. With Ipsy, I’ve gotten a few eyeshadows from the same brand (not color though) or every 2 or 3 months i’ll get a new black eyeliner or mascara (honestly, usually about the time i need a new one so no real complaints there); but with birchbox it was every month i’m getting a dry shampoo, some other hair product, a hand lotion, a mascara, and the only surprise was what the 5th (usually colored makeup) item was.

      Ipsy’s points and even Sephora Play (really just sephora) points may work differently and it may be difficult to really assign a dollar value to their points system, but at least they can be used toward a fullsize or deluxe sized product you can choose from a list that is always changing. I kinda prefer it that way, sometimes you can even get a much higher value product for your points with ipsy or sephora-like points programs. I’m sure as heck not gonna spend $40 on a fancy concealer stick i’ve never tried regardless of reviews, even with $40 worth of points (but i could get a lipstick queen lipstick and something else for those points, what if i dont like it type mentality). But if i have 250 points or whatever and i see the super fancy concealer stick on the list of things in the 250 point category, im probably totally gonna go for it if it catches my eye. At least if the goal is to encourage customers to try new things (something im really bad at which is why i do sub boxes, i find awesome stuff in boxes i wouldnt ever have thought to buy if i saw in a store or colors i had no idea looked so great on me), the not quite monetary value points system seems to work best. Like last month i spent some ipsy points on a nice brush cleaner, I’d just been making my own which was kinda a hassle (apple cider vinegar, coconut oil, lemon juice), but having a nice premade handy organic brush cleaner that i didnt really have to pay for and dont have to mix was awesome. if i saw it at the store, i probably wouldnt buy it cuz i can make my own, but for a points purchase/freebie it was awesome and now that i like it i can seek it out and buy it when my freebie runs out.

      and then there’s just the plain lack of empathy from BB customer service. Every box or purchase i made had an issue and customer service usually stank about it. Sephora and Ipsy have always been great when i’ve had a problem, quick with an apology and a solution and some sort of compensation for the hassle. Even got a brush from ipsy that had some bent bristles, offered to send it back in exchange for a non-defective brush, they said no worries we’ll just send you a new one and you can keep both. Birchbox simply doesnt care when they make a mistake and they make a lot of them.

      • I am concerned about BB too, mainly because they send so many products that seem old or nearly out of date. However, customer service has been great when I’ve received damaged items…which is every time I buy something from them! I purchased the newest LE box, and my So Big mascara is about to expire. That is just wrong! I feel like they are unloading old goods. I will not resub when my sub expires. When ipsy sends out old stuff (many of us got dusty bottles of nail polish by Be A Bombshell last month) I wonder whose fault it is-theirs or the co sending samples. I do believe it is ipsy’s fault in the Be a Bombshell case though since BaB has sent so many old products, one which was dangerous since it was mascara that smelled bad. With all these subs, it is shameful they are sending out less than fresh items just because it is a “deal”.

  5. I am new to BB, only subbed 3 months and I am irritated at them too. I went to my BB page to look at and choose items for the Oct box and the page said I had already chosen my item (which I had not!). I was debating getting the curated box, but ALAS…the choice had made FOR me. I contacted CS and their response was less than stellar. So no curated box for me, and no real sample choice. No offer to give a credit…nothing…crickets. I too love Boxycharm and BeautyFix and just signed up for a year of Look Fantastic. So BB and Ipsy will likely go bye-bye as neither offer me anything relevant (with the exception of the Beauty Protect spray which I LOVE).

    • You have to make your picks by the end of the previous month. so your october picks would have needed to be done by september 30. They always send emails out from BB to remind you, and MSA usually posts when picks are open, which is usually the 27th or 28th. October’s boxes have already shipped. I have mine.

    • Also, if it’s before the end of the month, people say you can go to the choice page using the BB app and change your selection. You can only do it on the app supposedly, I haven’t tried it.

      • I wouldn’t risk that. I had initially picked curated as my choice, and then of course, the next day they are offering the curated box for $15 ($10 with coupon). Well, I wanted to try a sample and buy the curated box, so I went to their mobile app and changed my choice. It showed up on the mobile app account that I was choosing a sample, so I went ahead and bought the curated box. Well, lo and behold, I logged into my account on my desktop computer and my choice was still showing as curated! I emailed them and told them I wanted to cancel my order (placed literally 4-5 hours before) and didn’t get a reply until way late the following day saying “my order has already been shipped” so they couldn’t cancel. What a load of rubbish! So, I got stuck with two of the curated boxes. So just be careful people. Its funny how quickly they shipped out my purchase when every other purchase I’ve made from them tends to take upwards of two to three weeks!! Yepp…

  6. Why in the world did BB release this as a Nov spoiler if in fact it’s their generic “don’t cancel” pic? That’s just odd. But then again, the entire sub has become quite strange, particularly due to the founder’s announcement that “subscriptions are boring/over.” My 4th annual sub ends after Dec and I won’t be resubbing; a girl can only use so many identical mascaras. I know repeats are theoretically inevitable after subbing for so long but the reality is there are TONS of new products introduced to the market every day. Since for me this was never a sub with high value from the box contents themselves (hello tiniest Barbie size lipsticks and free foil sample packets!) curation was the primary attraction. The new and exciting aspect is now more the exception than the rule, making BB a no-go for this longtime subscriber.

    • Birchbox didn’t release this as a November spoiler. The text underneath the image reads “if you leave us now, you won’t get your November box…” – hence, it is the generic “please don’t cancel” image. However, for the purposes of her blog, Liz is using the image as a “sneak peek” (and it is a sneak peek of the box design).

      What I don’t get is why they used such boring, ho hum samples for this photo. Isn’t marketing supposed to be about making the product or service look better than it really is? They could have chosen 5 awesome, covetable samples to show here, to generate interest for the box and keep people around for another month. What a missed marketing opportunity.

  7. I’m ready to cancel now too! This is 2 months in a row my product was damaged…I haven’t even contacted them, but I know why bother…last months MannaKadar was shattered and unusable the ONLY item I wanted in my box….they gave me a $5 credit so when I SPEND MONEY in their STORE NOT toward my NEXT BOX….I can save $5? FOR REAL….I was owed a product I ALREADY PAID FOR…and to get that I have to spend MORE $? Not cool…this month the ever so teeny tiny lipstick….was loose in the tube not even attached to the part where it should be…but the lid part….they SHOULD replace the items…they won’t…they didn’t care…last month I sent them a huge hateful email after their $5 credit in the store nonsense and told them to cancel my sub…I GUESS YOU SEE THEY LISTENED…..WITH MY CRAPPY BOX…WORTHLESS WASTE OF MONEY…IM SO DONE WITH BIRCHBOX….IVE YET TO BE HAPPY WITH ONE BOX SINCE JOINING….UGH!

    • Are you on a monthly sub or prepaid annual sub? If it’s a monthly sub, you can cancel yourself by going onto your account page and clicking the appropriate link – you don’t need to contact CS to do it. If you prepaid for a year and are trying to cancel in the midst of it, on paper it can’t be done – BUT there are many annual subscribers who’ve managed to cancel since the change with points this past summer. I believe it requires just a bit of finesse in how you request the cancellation.

  8. Canceled and glad I did. Lousy samples now. I too would be worried to do another annual subscription as to if they’d be around.

  9. I went into the Birchbox store in NYC yesterday. Besides selling full-size items, they’ll let you assemble a box for $15 if you pick one item from each category (skin, makeup, fragrance, hair & body). Our you can pick any samples for $25. I’m glad I canceled my subscription. If a strong urge to try something hits, I may occasionally get a DIY box. At least I’ll like all the items if I can pick them myself.

  10. Definitely cancelling at the end of the year if not before. The value isn’t there at all and the samples get smaller and smaller. I’m sticking w/ Beauty Fix and FFF.

  11. I cancelled this month. Side-eying the idea that customers should stick around because we *might* like some of the Black Thanksgiving sales — the customer appreciation sales were not that great, so.

  12. I think I’m glad I cancelled!

  13. FWIW, I don’t think what’s pictured here is the curated box or sample choice options. The image of the box posted above appears when a member goes to cancel, as a way to deter (polite laughter) them from continuing with the cancellation. Based on the last 2 or 3 months of these, the box shown in each seems to be a generic assemblage of products. It is a not a line-up of the sample choice options, nor is it the curated box, though some of the products displayed here may be amongst sample choice or appear in the featured box.

  14. I wIsh you could ‘SKIP’ some months with Birchbox ?

    Everything looks boring, but I would really like to try the Balance Me for my congested skin ?

  15. I think maybe Ardency Inn Modster liner, something for hair by Number 4?

  16. It looks like a Balance Me product, a No. 4 hair product, eyeliner, mascara and probably a Harvey Prince perfume sample. UGH to everything! The box is pretty though. I have been with Birchbox since the beginning but I’m seriously re-thinking my subscription. So sad.

  17. Can anyone identify the products? I can see a Benefit They’re Real mascara and a Balance Me product but have no ideas on the others.

    • An Ardency Inn Modster eyeliner, a Number 4 Hair Care product (likely a shampoo or conditioner), and some type of fragrance.

  18. I really do not want another They’re Real mascara, I already have two.

    • Same here, gave them to my daughters.

  19. I canceled my Birchbox. So not worth it anymore .

  20. No thanks? I saw repeat? I will wait for the sample choice and I hope they won’t include those samples that this curated box have. 3 of them I already gotten and I don’t want to recieved repeat products.

  21. Cancelled!

  22. November will be my last month, too. I am ready to move on.

    • Same. BB is getting boring?

  23. November is the last month of my annual subscription. I *may* resubscribe after that on a month to month basis, but I doubt I would resub for a full year again – I honestly don’t have the confidence that Birchbox will be around for another 12 months. ?

    I will say that the November box design is beautiful. It’s quite possibly my favorite box since they’ve been doing the decorative boxes. I’m hoping for a good sample choice selection for what will likely be my last month (and it’s my birthday month!)

    • I seriously could have wrote this myself! November is my last month of my annual sub, I am also debating going monthly, and it’s my birthday month! Oh and I love the box design too 🙂 crossing my fingers that my 4 year long BB sub goes out with a bang.

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