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Target Beauty Box October 2016 Spoilers!

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Target has posted the items for their upcoming October 2016 Target Beauty Box! (Thanks, Kandace, for the head’s up!)

FYI – this box will show as “SOLD OUT” until it is available for sale – but no worries, you did not miss your chance to buy it!

We don’t know the launch dates or prices of the beauty boxes yet, but make sure to sign up for the daily newsletter to get an email when the boxes go on sale! (It will likely be Monday).

Here are the items that will be featured in the new Target Beauty Box:



(The price isn’t known yet, but is usually around $7.)

What do you think of the products? Will you be grabbing a box? 

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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Comments (136)

  1. I’m leaning towards passing on this one.

    I have some Derma-e in my stash, along with that Chapstick, and I don’t need anymore mascara or eye liner of any brand. I’m assuming the Jergens will be a foil pack as a most of the Nivea shower moisturizers were. I love tea tree shampoos & conditioners so if I do break down and buy it will be for those two items.

    Still, if I wasn’t already stocked, if it goes for $7, I think it’s still a pretty good value. I still love the Target boxes, I’m just entering the sad world of product overload!

    • Exactly all of this… Love that shampoo brand but the rest meh. I have a back stock of nicer brands of all of this stuff.
      Do you ladies like the derma e brand? I see it gets high ratings but I don’t care for it. It just feels cheap going on.

      • The vitamin a glycolic toner is a staple for my finicky skin and I don’t like using anything else. However, I have tried to the firming cream from the one of the target boxes as well as the sunscreen and eye cream and really wasn’t impressed. Both were hard to get to absorb into my skin and I’ve never had that issue before. I’m currently using the scar gel because it had such great reviews, but those take awhile to work so I can’t form an opinion yet.

    • If you do get the box, I love chap sticks,balm I’m totally addicted to does it work if you’re going to get rid of things?
      Thank u. Lisa C

    • The Jergens is a 2 oz. tube, not foil.

  2. I think this box is great. The chapstick. Is $4.99 and the eyeliner is $3.99. I know there are also smaller travel size items worth less,but Target always gives you value for money. I sometimes forget that these boxes are for us to try new products (shampoos,conditioners,moisturisers,etc.)that they hope we will go out and buy.

  3. This box has gotten super boring…I haven’t gotten one in months because everything is so blah… they need to mix it up more and include more brands.

    • I agree, and these boxes are pathetic compared to last boxes! 3-4 items? Their boxes are usually stuffed!

      • Yup. Too many repeats too (cushion foundation for starters). Yawn. Easy pass on this one.

  4. Sigh, nothing too exciting for me this time around. I’ve wanted to try the Chapstick, but may as well pick it up in store and use my coupon from the last box. Not a fan of the Jergens and I’m well stocked in shampoo, face cream and moisturizer. BUT, I’ll keep an eye out for when it goes on sale to see the actual sizes of the products and the price. For $5 it’s worth getting for the $3 off coupon that accompanies it; but I don’t think I’d pay more than that.

    I wonder if they will stick to the previous pattern and release on Monday or if they’ll open it over the weekend?

    • Last month was the first time I bought this box, but it cost 10.00, not 5 or 7…it did have a 3.00 off a 15.00 cosmetic purchase…is that why you say the cost was lower? I plan to get this as I really want to try the Laneige BB cushion.

      • The Target boxes vary in price each month. They are typically priced at $10, $7 or $5. They usually all include the $3 off $15 beauty purchase.

  5. Ugh I have so much of this Derma E even my girls won’t take it off my hands anymore. I get it in so many boxes.

    • I LOVE the derma e. I thought I was going to hate it. I’m not usually a ‘organic, natural’ skincare girl. Give me some chemistry for my skin if it works. But the hydrating hyaluronic cream is awesome for my skin! And, my dry climate. Too bad we aren’t neighbors to do some swapping. I will get this box just for that sample.

  6. can someone tell me if this is still available for Canada? every time I try to order it when it goes up for sale it always says not available or sold out even though I get to it as soon as its posted?

    • I am having the same issue but I am in the US. I got an email this morning saying is available to order but she. I went to order it it says unavailable.

  7. These last couple Target boxes sure have been a let down. This one seems the worst yet. I might grab one if its $5, just because it IS a addiction. If it’s one of their $7 or $10 boxes, it’ll be an easy pass. With the holiday’s coming, I hope they step it back up. It’s times like this that I’m glad it isn’t a recurring sub. lol

  8. Yay! I skipped September, but I’m back in for this one. That Chapstick is wonderful; it’s been my go-to lip product the last few weeks. I love the idea of a tingly peppermint shampoo and I already use the Jergens and happy to have more.

  9. Passed on the last few and passing on this one too. Nothing new or exciting.

    • Same here.

    • Agree. This box does not interest me at all!

    • Exactly! With all the repeats we have already gotten 75% of this box. Target needs to step it up.

  10. Still bummed I didn’t get September’s. It sold out quickly, even with a limit of one, when August’s was offered well into the month. Not in love with this one, but it’s a compulsion.

  11. I was actually looking at this shampoo at target the other day. I thought my husband might like it. Excited to sample.

  12. Target boxes are so easy to skip lately. :/

  13. I’d buy this for $5 to try the peppermint shampoo/conditioner. Been subscribing to sub boxes for almost a year and have yet to get a peppermint scented set. The Chapstick would get used too, although I wouldn’t buy just for that.

    Not buying for $7 or $10 though. At that point, it’s not worth the effort to swap the DermaE (honestly, does Target really think women burn through a pot of face cream EVERY MONTH?) or to give away the eyeliner (Wet & Wild? Really? Teen makeup circa 1985? What’s next, Bonnie Bell?)

    • Now Bonnie Bell I could go for – the thought of lip smackers still makes me smile 🙂

      • I still use Lip Smackers! Target sometimes carries the “Biggie” ones, even. Watermelon is my fave.

    • Right? I didn’t know Wet & Wild was even still around! Will pass on this one.

    • Rofl! I agree, a teeny bopper box. You can get all these samples at the stores sample section which is usually near the pharmacy. They cost .99 cents to $1.99

    • I’m holding out for Dippity-Do, the joy of 60s teenage cool chicks.

  14. Nope! I’ll pass. Tired of Laneige

  15. Hmmm I like about half of the items…this one better be $5 and I will definitely get it!

  16. Looks good considering the Chapstick is $4.99 for that exact one at Target. It’s nice, tinted a sheer rosey pink. I bought one last week, lol

  17. I already have all those products — and/or very similar ones — about a dozen times over, so I’m not even remotely tempted by this. Glad and sad at the same time.

    • Ditto.

  18. I’m just hoping that this month they include *both* the shampoo and conditioner, unlike last month where it was one or the other. I liked what I got, but that was definitely disappointing to me. If it does have both this month, I’ll very likely be getting this box (assuming I’m fast enough)

  19. I’m pretty disappointed with this one – I’ve been waiting all month! But it’s mostly repeats for me. The Laneige we’ve gotten before with Target, and I like it but it’s just a small sample. The Jergens lotion is ok, but it takes a long time to absorb. The Chapstick I got in a Birchbox… I definitely do not need black eyeliner – esp a marker one! oh well. it’s good to skip a box once in a while. right?

  20. Half of the items, I will use and the other half, I will give away. What to do? Get it or not? Hmm…

    Laneige BB Cushion – I’ve tried this from the previous Target Beauty Box for a night out with friends but halfway through the night, I had to wash my face. The smell is too powerful for me.

    Eyeliner – I don’t have double eyelids so can’t really use this. As always, will most likely be given away

    Derma E – Received this in one of the boxes, forgot which one. Again, the smell was too much for my face.

    I love the rest of the products in the box. Not sure if it’s worth the price since I don’t use all of the items. We will see…

  21. Count me in ..looking forward trying the Jergens moisturizer!! Target is awesome !! Thanks for the spoiler alert!!

  22. New to the whole subscription box deal but I’ve really been wanting to try hyaluronic acid for a while especially now that its getting colder so this box might just be the perfect baby step for me! Also being new and all does the box come with free shipping or is that separate? I might be missing the fine print somewhere but suprisingly I haven’t found an answer to this anywhere 🙁

    • Shipping should be free! And welcome to the world of subscription boxes – they are the best! 🙂

  23. I have become addicted to the Chapstick because of a previous box, and I love the Laniege. The shampoo and conditioner is great- haven’t bought a full size for a couple of years due to boxes lol. I’ll probably get two!

  24. Sitting this one out.
    The only thing I’m interested in is the BB cushion and the
    derma-e, but with no guarantee as to color received for the BB not worth it.
    Definitely don’t need another eyeliner or lip balm.
    I don’t use eyeliner. I’ve passed so many of them out at work
    that even my co-workers groan when I bring one in.
    If it were $5 I’d might go for it.

    • The BB custion is a deluxe sample with three shades, light, med, and deep, and a little sponge to apply. Its not a full size or even a compact for that matter, its like a big foil pack with 3 tester shades.

      • P.s. ….forgot to mention I’ve had two of these BB cushion samplersnfrom previous Target boxes. Didn’t care for it personally but YMMV.

  25. The October Target box looks awesome! I might order 2 as I like having an extra one around as a quick gift for someone who’s in the hospital or just a Thank You.
    I love Peppermint shampoo too!

  26. What a great spoiler day!- Allure, Target and BOTM. I agree the Target boxes do not look as good as they use to and I’ve been subbing on/off, but Liz’ reviews always make me wish I had got them! Last time, it was a gorgeous Wet-N-Wild lipstick that made me think never again will I miss it lol!

    • Liz always has the best spoilers and reviews. I really appreciate them.

      • Aw, thank you so much, Nan! ❤️

    • Yes! Such a good spoiler day! 🙂 And glad to hear you like my Target Box reviews! I usually end up liking the boxes even more than I thought I would after I try all the products!

      • Agreed, thank you Liz! I solely hold you responsible for my subscription addiction. You’re awesome!

        FYI, My first Walmart box was a home run. The Coconut brand nail stickers lasted 3 weeks with heavy hand use and no gloves washing dishes! And, I figured out how to get two applications. That was worth it alone.

  27. I wish they shipped to Canada =(

  28. Probably passing. Am interested in the shampoo and conditioner and the Jergins. Not even remotely interested in anything else in the box. :-/

  29. Only thing I’d use is derma e. I’ve skipped four of the last five months, even the months with two box options weren’t good. Never thought I’d see this box take a nose dive, but everything is either a repeat, or a product I’d never use like moisturizer in the shower. Seems like it would gum up the shower and ruin bath towels. Who thinks this stuff up? P.S. RIP, I will miss you.

    • The moisturizer is not meant for use in the shower. It’s meant to be used on wet/damp skin once you are out of the shower.

    • Hi…I am not thrilled with the box either, but the in shower moisturizer doesn’t gunk up just doesn’t moisturize for beans..Just

      • So true!!! I used one of these for the first time, and I felt like I needed to moisturize again minutes later. I also had a sample of a different one that required using it on wet skin, then rinse it off, then use their body butter afterward. I couldn’t help but think what was the point of that product. I ended up giving it to a friend who would have more patience with that than me.

    • Awww, I’m going to miss too! 🙁 They had AWESOME GWP offers.

    • The only time I ever put on body moisturizer is after my shower while still wet. The best I have ever used is the body butter from The Body Shop. Never had problems with shower gunk or staining on my towels. By the time I have put the moisturizer on my body is almost dry while my skin is soft. I look forward to trying the Jergins which I haven’t used before.

  30. The peppermint shampoo is good for repelling head lice if you have school age kids but otherwise, not much that I’m interested in. Last month box was disappointing as well…

    • Maybe the BB Cushion but who knows what shade you’ll get and I’m sure it’ll be trial sized…

      • It is. See above, its a 3 shade deluxe sample. I’ve had two of these BB cushion samplersnfrom previous Target boxes. Didn’t care for it personally but YMMV.

  31. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz Pass on this one. I will bet anyone it will cost $10. So tired of Laneige…Wet and Wild is junk. The Jergen’s is all I like. Those in- shower lotions work well for me.

    • Wet n wild does have good products, but it’s hit or miss. I love my high end stuff (UD, Lorac, Tarte, Laura Gellar) but there are really good WNW items available if you find the right ones. I’ll definitely try the eyeliner. FYI the Fergie WNW eye-shadow primer is an awesome dupe for the expensive brands (my current wnw fav)!

  32. For $5 – maybe, for $7 – nah, for $10 – run the other way.

    Can somebody educate me as to how the wet skin moisturizer is supposed to work? You apply it onto wet skin, then towel off. Doesn’t the product come off into the towel? A few times, I tried applying it to wet skin, then air dried, and it felt great. Just not sure I want to go through this on cold winter mornings.

    • I have the nivea shower lotion and I love it. I don’t use it every shower (maybe I will with cooler weather) but I like to use to after I shave my legs so they feel smoother. It’s meant to be used on wet skin then rinsed off, so it doesn’t get all over the towel.

    • I turn off shower, slap it on and rub in well. Pat dry with your towel instead of rubbing dry.

  33. Mostly repeats, so I’ll skipt it.

  34. I might be skipping this box. I would rather spend my money on the full size Jergens as suggested by a previous poster.

  35. Finally a Target box I can pass on! Gosh I miss the early Target boxes – they were so good.

  36. Ugh, I’m torn. Shampoos and conditioners with tea tree oil are typically for oily hair – mine is dry-ish and curly. I don’t use foundation, I’m not a fan of in-shower moisturizers, and I already have too many black eyeliners. On the other hand, I am a lip balm addict and I guess I’m one of the few who LOVE the Derma E products. In fact, I just bought a full-size jar of the Derma E Hydrating Day Crème and love the idea of having a travel-size one on hand.

    Hmm….I do have a $5 gift card I can use…

    • I love the derma e products, and! I use the firming moisturizer almost every day. Had to buy a full size after a sample from a previous box. It’s literally the only moisturizer that doesn’t make me break out or my skin feel oily so I can use it in the morning! I’m not sure I can use a day cream, but a sample is the best way to tell. I’m also very curious about the BB cushion. I’m undecided at the moment.

      • I’d like to try that BB cushion, too. I’ve never seen one before.

    • I just realized the picture shows the derma e product is for normal or dry skin. I guess that makes up my mind for me. I will not be getting this month.

  37. I’m disappointed. This is the first target beauty box I have the opportunity to buy (isn’t already sold out) and I’m interested in nothing. The past ones looked so good!!

  38. Nothing stands out as must-have, or even really exciting. I’ll pass this month.

  39. Is everything a sample except the ones labeled “likely full size?”

    • That’s my guess based on past boxes/samples from Target.

      • Thanks, Liz! I think I’ll skip then, and spend the money on a mascara and lip balm from a box a few months back that you said were good! ?

      • Thanks for doing this site. I’ve fallen in love with Ipsy and Sephora Play thanks to you. I do GlossyBox for a few months and then stop. As someone said about black eyeliner, I am amassing a Coll of mail polishes that I end up giving away.

  40. Oh man I think this is the first one I will be skipping! I have more shampoos and conditioners than I have hairs on my head. I also have more black eyeliners than hairs on my head. I hate standing in a shower freezing cold and wet just to apply a subpar moisturizer. Didn’t we just get the BB cushion sample just a few months ago? I would love the day cream but sadly the smell of Derma E products are repulsive to me. So basically I’d be buying chapstick… which I can very well do on my own… why Target whyyyy? I live for these boxes 🙁

  41. Another winner! I was hoping for a chapstick, shampoo is always useful, I like the Jergens wet skin moisturizer, and love anything Derma E. I think I’ll get two.

  42. Jergens is nice, but I might as well buy a full size and skip the rest of this. There’s definite value there for people. But to me those Laniege mini sponge testers barely give you enough to see if it would work with your skin. OH and the derma-e stuff stinks to me 🙁 Like can’t put it near my face stinks.

    • The trouble with foundation samples is even medium shades don’t work for me. My skin is truly olive with yellow undertones. So far the only thing that actually works for me is IT CC cream in Tan color.

  43. After reading the reviews for the shampoo on Target’s website I want to try it and I like the chapstick already so that’s another plus. I am sure the BB compact will not be my color but I can always donate or gift it.

  44. Skipping! Not exciting.

  45. I missed out on the last one, so I’m definitely getting this one!

  46. I so badly want to love this box, this will be the third month (I believe) that I don’t want to get it. I’m torn though because I’m really interested in the shampoo/conditioner, lip chap and maybe the eye liner. I am just so sick of the wet skin moisturizers, the foundations, the derma e. Maybe I’m just being to critical, I guess I will see when it’s available for what price. The shampoo and conditioner may be enough to get me depending on the sizes.

    • You are only the second person ever that I have heard call it lip chap! Are you from Canada by chance? 🙂 I have not bought a Target box since May & I have a Target gift card & credits just to go towards one but I haven’t liked any! This one is a definite no for me. Bummer.

      • Hah! I am from Canada, I didn’t realize that’s not what Americans call it. My husband is American so were living in Washington right now. There’s a bunch of differences in words pop/soda, washroom/bathroom, housecoat/robe.

    • You could likely find the shampoo/conditioner at Target’s “sample” size section. They have a ton of sample products. Prolly only cost $1.50 each for a trial size.

  47. Nothing excites me, personally. So it’s an easy pass.

    • I agree. I’m not the slightest bit tempted.

  48. I also see a Maybelline mascara when I look at the Target page.

    • That mascara was in the last box, so I’m assuming it won’t be in this one, too. (I could be wrong, though).

    • That’s from a past box. They often put items from past boxes on the same page.

  49. Of course I’m getting this! No question about it!!! Looks like a great box!!!

    • Same! I’ve never been able to resist a Target Beauty Box, and that new all-natural line from Chapstick is one of my favorite subscription box discoveries this year. (I may buy 2 boxes!) 🙂

  50. Does anyone have experience with that eye liner? I

    • It’s the cheapest brand so I have no desire to have it. It’s wet and wild which may as well be a dollar store brand. LOL!

      • Well, at least it is not another mascara 😉

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