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FYI – Lit-Cube LOST IN AUSTEN Limited Edition Boxes Delayed

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The Lost in Austen Limited Edition box from LitCube was scheduled to ship out the first week of September but has been delayed:



Did you grab a Lost in Austen Limited Edition box from LitCube?

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  1. Anybody get their box and is as incredibly disappointed as I am?

    • Yeah, I was disappointed too. I didn’t have a card listing out the items (guessing because they had to sub in different items but it would have been nice to confirm what is supposed to be in the box).

      I don’t know why we would get 2 almost identical journals. OK the saying on each is different and the journals are different sizes but still…

      I’m not enthused about the book choice. The plushes are OK. I tend to like my plushes super cute and round, not quite so angular.

      The wax melts were really strong… Like, almost set my allergies off strong. I can’t recall if they warned about that (I am pretty sure they have in the past).

      So, not super enthused. I don’t know with a fandom (yup, I consider this a fandom) I would expect not to get a book but book inspired items. Like one journal. Maybe a cool throw (or dare, I say scarf – heck if there is anyplace for bookish fashion it’s in romantic Austen land). Socks. Totes. Vase. Heck, umbrellas even.

      I really like the mug. That’s something…

      • Yes, exactly this.

        I think the reason that we didn’t get a card in the box is that they didn’t actually meet their expected retail value.

        The book, of which mine is a remainder(!?!), is $15 retail (but mine is not worth that with the remainder mark)

        The plush doll (which I personally think is not cute), they are selling as a pair for $29.90, so one would be $14.95. (as a side note, if they didn’t give us the pair as a bonus for being late, it doesn’t look like we would have been able to buy a single one on their website).

        The mug – I think $15 would be generous

        The journal – again, may $15 a piece (not that I would actually pay for that as retail.

        The wax – $6 is what they have “charged” in the past

        I get $81

        I will never buy a box from them again!

    • I was so completely disappointed. I was expecting something very, very special, and it’s just so generic and boring. It actually feels less special than anything I’ve ever seen from them even in their regular monthly sub. The second journal confuses me to no end. Why would I need two, and why would I want one that has the title to a beloved book on it? It makes no sense. The mug was blah, the wax melts smelled good, but way too strong. The plushes have zero use or value to me. The only thing that has any worth to me is the book, and it’s hardly exciting even. I have thoroughly learned my lesson on this one, and I won’t be buying from them again. I was expecting to be disappointed since the main reason I purchased this was the collaboration with ChickLit, but this was beyond sub-par. It had such potential to be so lovely 🙁

      • I agree completely on the journals – why do I need two? And why would I have one that has the title of my favorite book? I was excited at first because I thought it was an edition of the book, but obviously it was not.

        Very much disappointed, and very much not going to subscribe.

    • Really, really disappointed. “I was so completely disappointed. I was expecting something very, very special, and it’s just so generic and boring. ” said Sara below. My thoughts exactly and redundant: the same quote, from the same book on more than one item. Really?
      I don’t even know what to use those wax melts for. I bought the box because I thought it was going to be spectacular, despite the delays. It was not.

      • Glad I’m not the only one.

        I can’t use the melts either. I have no “melter” and they smell way to strong and sweet to me.

  2. I can’t imagine how hard it would be to handle an issue like this. This was my first purchase from LitCube (I also just subbed because they had me at Beauty and Beast) and while disappointed over the delay I love how they are handling it. The only thing I wish was that the plushies weren’t spoiled in the e-mail. (I personally only want spoilers when deciding whether to start (or cancel) a sub).

    I am also curious what item we were supposed to get. I know we aren’t getting it but the not knowing is crazy making.

    I hope Lit Cube gets compensated for their loss.

  3. I’m still bummed I missed this box 🙁

    Lit-Cube always handles issues that pop up in the most professional way!

  4. This is the first box I have ordered from LitBox due to my love of anything Jane Austen and especially Pride and Prejudice. Although I am disappointed in the delays, I am extremely satisfied in the honest and upfront way this has been handled. I feel thankful that they are adding Mr. Darcy so that I get the pair of characters instead of just one! This will not stop me from ordering a box in the future that I am interested in because I feel very confident that they take their customers happiness seriously!

  5. I do appreciate that they are being honest putting in an extra item, but am really disappointed because one of the main reasons I ordered this was for the item Chick Lit Designs was making since they are always beautiful. I know this isn’t Lit Cube’s fault, but I ordered the box based on the promise of an item from chick lit designs, and am not sure that another plush is is comparable in terms of price or quality.

  6. I was watching this box, but didn’t buy it in time, so I have no dog in this fight but I saw the notification and thought that this was just super classy and well handled.
    Nothing bites more than ordering something and having a company ghost out on you, I couldn’t imagine it happening when you have done so with a bulk order.
    Anyway I just wanted to give a bravo to Lit-Cube. I may not have a box on it’s way to me but I can see the level of customer service and it is impressive!

  7. I am interested in the next box “a tale as old as Time “. When do they charge for the box? Payday is on the 30th and I need to wait until then. Thanks.

  8. Their regular monthly box October’s theme look great! It look like it will have something to do with Beauty and the Beast.

  9. Thank you Peggy for being such a good subscription lady, I know the business isn’t easy I’m only sad to say I wish I’d purchased the box to get Darcy and Liz, my fav pair. Bravo for going above and beyond.

  10. I am so sad that I’m not getting this box!!! When I finally had the monies to purchase it was already sold out..

  11. I can only imagine how stressful it would be for a small, family run business to be robbed then ignored by a manufacturer like this and then have to deal with the backlash from their customers over something so completely out of their control. And then to have to turn around and spend more money on not just a replacement product but an added bonus on top of it. And those dolls are fantastically adorable! What a treat. This company obviously cares about its customers and giving them the best possible customer service experience possible and that goes a long way in the world of subscription boxes in my opinion.

  12. Bravo for transparency…that’s all people ask for and then they are much more understanding.

  13. Every month it is something….I am tired of every box delayed especially when you are counting on it for a gift. I am done with Lit-cube.

    • ? We mailed out all of our boxes in September a full week early. We’re definitely *not* delayed every month. When we are it’s because of either customs issues or something like that & that has only been an issue 2 months out of 18 months of box shipments. Many Blessings! -Peggy-

    • I don’t recall any other boxes being delayed … maybe you’re thinking of the best damn book box cause they have been back tracking and delayed since like may or june. Maybe there was one month that I recall due to an item issue and they then also included an extra in the following month. It’s definitely not EVERY month though and I received the September box on the 12th when boxes aren’t scheduled to be sent out till the 15th. I get being frustrated about having to wait longer for a box you’re looking forward to getting BUT they have been upfront and honest the entire time about delays and delays like this are completely out of their control. You can’t place blame on someone for something they have no control of whatsoever … I mean you can … but really?? And they ordered a new item for everyone as well as adding in an extra. This entire box is probably a loss for them as a company to begin with after the item debacle but they’re still trying to go above and beyond. I mean the extra is an exclusive item they designed and had made themselves. LitCube is easily my favorite book themed box and their curation never fails me.

      • Well said! LitCube is also one of my favorite book themed box and I have no problems with this box, or any of their other boxes being late. I am so impressed that not only was LitCube very clear about why this box is late, but they also added in an AMAZING extra! I can already tell that this Austen-themed box is definitely going to be my favorite box of all time, even more than February’s box, which is hard to beat! 🙂

      • The book box-The Best Damn Book Box never, ever shipped when they were suppose to. They always had an excuse and then nothing sent out for at least 2-3 months. I was so upset because I paid for 5 months and only received 3 boxes and those were 3 months apart. Definitely not how they were paid. I finally had my bank step in because the owner would not respond to emails from me or Cratejoy. I haven’t heard anything bad about Lit Cube. I think they did a fantastic job of explaining what happened and how they were going to rectify this for their subbies.

  14. Will this cause the “Outlander” box to be delayed further also? That was to begin shipping on the 18th and I have not received a mail notification, delay notice, or any email whatsoever.

    • We don’t have an Outlander box at all. Wrong subscription 🙂

    • You must be thinking of Bookish Box. I just received a shipping notice on this today- yay!

  15. Those dolls look so cute! So sad that things are delayed but they were very honest and sincere about the issue. Pretty good of the to give everyone upgrades. I wish them luck and really hope they do well!

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