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Allure Beauty Box October 2016 Spoiler + $5 Coupon!

Allure Beauty Box Spoilers

We have the exclusive first spoiler for the October 2016 Allure Beauty Box!  Each box will include one of the following:


(Allure Beauty Box will now be sending out some variation in boxes, so we’re making sure we get the variant details in all spoiler posts from now on!)

What do you think of the first October 2016 Allure Beauty Box spoiler?

(My husband recently asked me what I wanted for my birthday and I told him, “Anything from Tatcha!”…so I’m pretty happy about this spoiler!)

This box is regularly $15 a month, but you can use this link to save $5 off your first box.

FYI – If you sign up anytime before 10/11, your first box will be the September box, and you’ll be guaranteed to get an October box as well.

Check out our reviews of past Allure Beauty Boxes to see what you can expect with this subscription!

Allure Beauty Box

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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Comments (79)

  1. SUPER EXCITED for the October box. Just got an email from Allure that said they are teaming up with the Spongelle company to make a special oil infused spongelle body sponge for us in our October box! Omg! Love Spongelle! Their body sponges are AMAZING! Once again ALLURE YOU ROCK! ❤️

  2. first off, I really like the allure box! when I think about culling my herd of subscriptions, allure is one I always want to keep, BUT I had problems when I did not receive items in the box that were shown. I called customer service, they were nice, said they would replace missing items. got e mail confirming missing items would be sent. now it’s over a month. no replacement items sent,,,Dangnamit! please don’t say you do something and then just blow it off! this isn’t a superficial relationship! I pay money, treat customers with integrity and respect please!!! BUYER Beware- if you have a problem, don’t trust customer service to fix it, they do and will lie to you!

    • I online chatted yesterday, and I was told my missing items were sent on 9/23 which is the same date another customer posted that hers was sent. I still haven’t gotten them but they told me to let them know if I haven’t gotten them by end of week. I never got an email saying they would send them though….

      • And I got a shipment from Allure today. It was not the two missing items but the 5 free items they were giving away. I looked back and that was 9/22… Betting that was the 9/23 shipment….

    • I agree 100%! This is the shadiest company with which I’ve ever done business! If I didn’t love the box so much, I would totally unsubscribe! Maybe we should all cancel and subscribe to other boxes. Conde Nast’s business practices are awful. I don’t know how they have stayed in business so long if this is how they have always been. I urge anyone who has been lied to by Allure to go to the Better Business Bureau website and file a complaint. I filed one last month when they kept lying about why I hadn’t received my August box, and they responded within two hours and refunded my money. If enough people continue to file complaints, maybe something will be done!

  3. Hi, just wondering if everyone has been billed for this month already? I have not. Usually it posts on card the 1st or 2nd. I had to change my cc because I got a replacement so wondering if I’m just screwed, lol. I’ve heard others say they had problems changing cc info and allure doesn’t notify you about any problems.

    • I just came on here to look about that as well. I haven’t been billed yet either and I haven’t changed up on any of my info. So apparently they are just billing late. I thought it might be because of the 1st falling on the weekend, so that is why I was expecting it to go through today but I guess not. When I see mine has, I will come on here and update so you can check on yours.

      • Thank you so much!! Really hoping I don’t run into any problems! I fear if I miss this month it’ll be like the best box ever! Lol

    • I talk to cs this morning they said they don’t bill till they send out the boxes which they send out 2 ed or 3 ed week .

      • Mine has always billed on the 1st or 2nd, but there was once a few months ago it didn’t go thru till the 6th.

      • Me too

    • Not charged yet either…glad to see I’m not alone, especially since I just got into an entire THING with their customer service over a refer a friend bonus box. They SAY they are sending it, we’ll see. Fingers tightly crossed.

    • Mine was billed on the 1st, but is still in “pending charges” on my bank statement.

    • I did a chat thing with CS this evening. They said they haven’t started billing for the boxes yet.

    • I haven’t been billed yet either. This is so annoying. Allure really needs to get it together. They should bill us the same day every month. Sometimes it’s at the end of the month, then it’s at the beginning of the month. I only get paid once a month so if it’s the end of the month, I might not have enough to cover it. But Allure never lets you know if there’s a problem with your card. And if they don’t bill you the same time every month, there’s no way to know! I love the Allure beauty box, but this is ridiculous!!!

    • I havnt been billed yet, and just sent an email to make sure there wasn’t somethig wrong with my account. So we will see they might be having some kind of delay again.

    • I JUST chatted with CS (10/5/16 at 10:38EST). I was worried because I hadn’t been billed, but I was told: “There is not a problem with your account, our October boxes are not in accounts yet. There has been a delay”.

  4. What is the link for the Allure site?

  5. Oh my gosh people just never stop complaining. Now allure IS listing there will be a variance in the items and what those two choices may be and people are STILL complaining. My advice to allure is to stop brother trying to please these people because the comments on here are mostly from people who already canceled so who cares what they think? The rest of us that are subscribed are the ones that matter. Allure is very large and I promise you, does not need these few extra subscribers. They will stay I’m business just fine and have more subscribers than they even know what to do with. Just don’t understand the constant need to go online and complain again and again about products you’re not even subscribed to get any longer? There are more productive things to put forth that energy to just saying.

    • Allure will always be in my top favorite beauty boxes. I think Boxycharm is the only box that I consider better than Allure. Allure has NEVER disappointed me, ever. The box always has good value with awesome products. Allure ROCKS! Of course the people that cancelled will always talk smack about the box. Probably their way of making themselves feel better about them no longer getting the box. Allure will always rock in my world! ❤️

    • I finally got straightened out, and receiving my boxes regular, waiting on the items that were missing from my September box though I only recieved 3 of my items, but it is a really good box after I got it all straightened out. But yes there’s a lot of complaining from those who have cancled.

    • Thats what this site is for. For people to come here to voice their opinions and experiences with different sub boxes. Everyone has a right to come on here and “complain” about their negative experiences with Allure. Especially when you are paying for a service and are then lied to and treated poorly by CS. Just because you have had a positive experience with Allure doesn’t mean the rest of us have. Allure has lost tons of subscribers over the last few months because of their incompetence and horrible customer service. You are lucky you haven’t had any problems with them yet but I am sure if you do you will want to come on here and complain also.

      • Lets me honest here lol!!! Its ten bucks!!! And the products are worth a whole lot more!!

      • It’s not ten bucks its fifteen plus tax

    • AMEN!!! LOL It is ridiculous!!!

      • It Doesn’t matter if it costs a dollar. Allure advertises certain things and then doesn’t follow through and treats customers poorly. It has nothing to do with the amount you pay. It’s called false advertising and whether you pay $16 or $50 you should get what was advertised, period.

      • AMEN!!! I don’t even care about the variations as much. I just get tired of getting the run around from customer service and the inconsistent, shady business practices!

  6. I’m considering cancelling Allure as well. First of, I referred someone to get this box and was super excited to get my *bonus box*. I sent that person my link, I received an email from allure that I would get the bonus box once that persons first box shipped…well I never got anything. So then I called allure Customer Service, I got the rudest male person over the phone, he said nothing was in the system saying I was receiving anything. He then says ok we’ll get it sent, but it sounded so shady and like he wasn’t even paying attention. So! I think let me call again, I’m sure I’ll get someone nicer the second time right! NO, I got an even RUDER customer service representative, he states the problem was I did this WRONG and it was basically my fault. What the? I made him explain what exactly I did wrong? I gave that person my referral link, and also I had received confirms yoke email saying I was receiving a bonus box. Again, this representative gave me every explanation why I had somehow screwed this up. I was SHOCKED how he sounded like he simply didn’t give a crap. I stated for being customer service he sure didn’t provide any quality care and was rude. He then says you will receive your box, I filled a form you forgot to fill out. The same form I did fill out. I explained there is nothing else on that website to fill out since it’s so plain, I asked to speak to a manager and also told him CS shouldn’t react by blatantly first words saying “that’s your fault you did it wrong” and I’m paying for these boxes and I’m getting treated like crap somehow. This really left a sour taste in my mouth, again I was shocked at the lack of CS, rude, and back to back horrible service. Since Allure doesn’t care about its customers, there is no reason to support this box! BYE!

    • So much for giving me a thanks for your referral, instead I got the rudest conversation from customer service I’ve ever had, again shocked and disappointed.

    • By the way after waiting 15 min, to speak to a manager I hung up. I really am hoping I just got their worse 2 representatives on staff, but something tells me that’s not the case.

    • Cindy, I signed up two friends and kept the links so did correctly and have been in contact with customer service and as of today, no bonus boxes. I agree their customer service has went downhill but I will NOT be giving up my Allure box. New editor after 24 years at Allure and boy does it show…her name is Michelle Lee. These people are most likely not getting the information they need to supply us with correct information. One day we might received bonuses boxes but I am not counting on it.

    • Cindy, I urge you to go to the Better Business Bureau website and file a complaint. I did last month when I kept getting the runaround about why I hadn’t received my August box. I received a response from Allure within two hours stating they would refund my money for the August box as well as still send me my box. They did just as they said.

  7. I am surprised to see so much hate for the price this is my favorite sub and their customer service has always been spot on for the few times I needed them.

    • Kristin, it doesn’t matter how much the box is. Yes, it may be a great value for the price; but it’s still our hard-earned money, and we expect to receive what they tell us we will receive when we are supposed to receive it. I’m glad you have had such great CS experiences, but there are more people who have had negative experiences than positive ones. I hope your lucky streak continues.

  8. I loved this subscription and I would’ve loved to tried either of these items, but I cancelled this back on Monday because I’m sick of the variations. It’s been four months in a row I think where they were not up front on the fact that people would be getting variations and were spoiling boxes that weren’t true to what individuals were actually getting.

    The shadiness of that really turned me off. I’m also disappointed that I was promised replacement products from the May box that I never got.

    Who knows, I may resub. It definitely was my favorite box to get, but for the time being we need to take a break.

    • I recently cancelled too and then subscribed to FabFitFun. It may only come quarterly but the cost works out to be about the same and I loved everything in my first box (fall). Allure has been a disappointment pretty much every month and their customer service is appalling.

      • Not only does their customer service suck but am I the only one who thinks their beauty box website is lame. No points system. No special allure shop, no kind of extra bonus anything like most of the other subs offer. I find that so weird with them being Allure and all big and popular and whatnot. Like, come onnnnn. Its Allure. They must get sent a ton of everything that comes out. I know they have some huge beauty closet FILLED with samples and tons of other items. Why cant we get in on that?

        BYE ALLURE.

      • Yeah, I hated that I couldn’t look up my past boxes! But I suppose they do that on purpose so you can’t remember how many times they screwed you on value or items.

      • Yes! I hated their website!

        It’s really unfortunate because they obviously have the means to do this right, they just choose not to for whatever reason.

      • LOVE FabFitFun!!! It’s my favorite sub! They send such a great variety of items, and you cannot beat the value!

    • I cancelled this month too. Their customer service really is dreadful. I had so many issues I finally just gave up.

  9. Ooooh nice! Love their stuff, body butter please!!!

  10. I can’t say that I’m crazy about variations, but at least this is the way to do it. Same brand, same line within that brand – here’s hoping for the same size and/or RV.

  11. Really disappointed how Allure is doing the boxes now. I use to love knowing exactly what am getting (what everyone gets) now it’s a 50/50 of getting something good. Also even with the Tatcha spoiler the cream is $8 & Body Butter $12 so again not everyone gets the same price point in the boxes just a big disappointment the past few months. This use to be my favorite box by far and lately it’s gotten so mediocore for me that I keep thinking of cancelling…still awaiting replacement items for weeks and was billed twice in one month…not sure what’s going on but there going to lose many customers soon!

  12. I’ve tried the hand creme before through Yuzen, I think, so I’d love to get either one. Not thrilled about the “variations” thing either, esp when sometimes the variations just mean you don’t get a product of any kind at all. It’s still been one of the better boxes for me…. Sephora and Ipsy are usually 50/50 for me. I canceled Boxy and Glossy, but signed up for Beautyfix. agh.

    • I had beauty20 fix and cancelled cause they are getting chinchy. They have a full size cleanser this month but i think glossy box and boxy charm are way better. Plus i have many vegan and natural boxes that are the top of all. You pay more but the quality and price point are so much higher and you know it’s good for you. Ipsy is a shaky hand meaning so so i keep it for the ipsy daily buys and codes also sephora really sucks and birch box is so so now. I would deff recommend trying vegan cuts full size and travel, green goddess full size and some travel, petite vour deluxe size, and my fav of all pearlesque full size

  13. Stocking up for a Kansas winter- either one would be awesome!

  14. Oh I’m excited…

  15. I’m excited to try the Tatcha. I’m way less excited to hear there will be variations now. Not that this was not already happening, but everyone getting the same box was a draw for me. I didn’t like getting the substitutions I kept getting, and nearly cancelled last month due to variations.

  16. I think both item will be travel size.

  17. Wow!!! Allure beauty box for the win! I’ve waited YEARS to receive a Tatcha sample in one of my many beauty box subscriptions! And I love hand creme so I really hope I get that!

  18. Body butter pleaseeeeeee! ❤️

  19. Goodness, they really wait until the last minute. I almost cancelled, just waiting for this spoiler to come around! (Who am I kidding, I did not almost cancel 🙂 ) I like Tatcha, but I would never use a body butter. I’m hoping for the hand cream!

    p.s. I’m amused that you still request beauty items for gifts, Liz! I’d think you’d be overloaded by now!

  20. Every month they never cease to amaze me! For the price point this is definitely the best box out there!

  21. Handcream pleeeease ! Seems like I never get those in the many monthly beauty boxes I subscribe too.

  22. AMAZING I am more excited for this than the La Mer from a few months back! Tatcha is top-notch. I love their moisturizer, but unfortunately it’s too rich for my blood $$

  23. Love!

  24. Must.not.regret.cancelling.

    • same here! I need one more spoiler and I might have to resubscribe. Birch box is about to have their last $10.

      • Also hoping for one more spoiler before I will resubscribe, this is tempting though… Was about to cancel Birchbox until the Tata Harper mask saved the day.

      • I already unsubbed from Sephora. Tiny samples and repeats. I hope Allure is good this month. I would like the hand cream best but happy with either.

    • Stay strong! Lol, every time I was drawn back in, I got the short end of the stick. I guess you have to ask yourself “are their shenanigans worth it?”. If so, at least you’re prepared.

  25. Yay!

  26. Crap….dont use either ….if this box isnt exciting will cancel….looks like they are going downhill ….used to be my favorite box..

  27. Nice! This will be my first Tacha product!

    • Yay! Tatcha makes the most luxurious skincare items! I hope you love their products as much as I do!

    • Mine, too! Excited to try it!

  28. I would love to try that body butter

  29. Meh. Not excited about this. I dont use hand or body lotion. I was hoping for full spoilers. Ive told myself that this month I will cancel if Im not excited about the box….

    • I did cancel. I love Tatcha skincare but do not need anything for my body or hands. I have barely used anything from my previous last few boxes.

      • Good for you! That’s what I should be doing….but I’m weak.

      • I probably will end up cancelling. The boxes (to me) are just getting worse and worse. Not to mention missing products (Still havent received my replacement item from July) and having them tell us about “bonus items” that nobody gets… Im just always so afraid to cancel. Im afraid that once I do the next box will be amazing or all of a sudden they will send out some bonus box or something… but i think its time to replace allure with a different sub. I say this every month though…….

      • Me too! We need a Quitting Allure support group…

      • I cancelled last month when they left out the face wash in my box, and said they would send me a new one, and I never got it, The box is ok, but the customer service is not good anymore. I do not regret cancelling.
        There is too much competition out there , and companies that do things the right way, than having to chase down an item that you already paid for and did not receive.

      • Same. After the Mally dissappointment (aka the last straw for me since I really wanted to get that, but no) I cancelled and thus far no regrets.

    • I cancelled. Too many lies, quality of boxes has went downhill, often missing items as well. My money is better spent elsewhere.

  30. Love the Tatcha brand! This is a great spoiler! Definitely love the curation that Allure offers!

    But not their communication and sometimes their CS is sketchy as well, so we will see how this month goes.

  31. Wow, really great spoiler. Love indigo line!

  32. Oh so luxurious! ? ? I hope to get the hand cream. The body butter is nice but too thick for me. I live in a very humid city (San Diego, Ca) and sometimes I can’t stand any body creams. I feel like I sweat more. But anything Tatcha is nice!☺️

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