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Adidas: Avenue A Subscription Box Winter 2016 Spoiler!

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We have a spoiler for the Winter 2016 Avenue A by Adidas Box! (Thanks, Mariah, for the head’s up!) Each Winter 2016 box will include:


Our Winter 16 Edition includes theAlphaBOUNCE, a stylish, modern shoe designed for extra comfort and support. Hit the pavement or your favorite brunch spot in these incredibly versatile kicks.

What do you think about the spoiler?


The Winter 16 Edition features Rita Ora’s exclusive picks. Get ready to push your boundaries and forge a path with a style that’s all your own.

More about this box if you want to sign up: Avenue A by Adidas Box is $150 a box and ships once every three months. Every Avenue A box is filled with at least 3 premium items (mix of shoes, apparel, and accessories) selected by celebrity curators who exemplify style, fitness and performance.

Check out my Avenue A by Adidas Box reviews to learn more about this fitness subscription box!

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. Waiting for another spoiler (or the full box reveal) before I decide if I’ll cancel or not. So, I like how we generally see the full box with enough time to change our minds if we’d like. I’d love it if that pink/coral jacket was in the box, but it looks much too thin, when I think of ‘sweater’ though.

    Also, does anybody know when the Boston 6 (shoes in the Fall box) will be added to the Adidas website? I’d really like a pair but can only find them on other sites and in the men version on the official Adidas site. I have a gift code, that I’ve been waiting to use to purchase them from the official site. =(

  2. I emailed them asking for another spoiler because I needed to find out before ordering as I’m not from the US — and they said there would be a sweatshirt in it!

    • I agree! I’d definitely like to see another spoiler. I’m on the fence about the shoes, so I need to see something else before I feel comfortable subbing (especially considering the price of the box).

    • I also agree! Not really feeling those shoes. I would love to see what else will be in the box. I’m considering also getting a box as a Christmas gift for my sister. I doubt she will like the shoes but hopefully the rest of the box will be nice especially with Rita Ora being the curator.

    • I believe Liz posted full spoilers for the fall box a few weeks before they would start charging and shipping the boxes. I gave people plenty of time to opt out of the box if they didn’t like what was in it.

      I’m excited to see what’s going to be in the winter box. Glad they you heard there would be sweatshirt in it though! I wonder if it what Rita is pictured in.. that one looks nice.

  3. I was charged $150 on October 1st. I do not know what exactly I was charged for as I thought I would not be getting the September box and it’s too early for the December box. I’ve emailed CS multiple times with no response.
    I was so excited to give this subscription a chance since I love to run and I love Adidas but the lack of customer service is disappointing:(
    Did anyone else get charged in October and know what’s going on? Atleast a mass email to those charged letting us know what the deal is would be nice… I would hate to have to cancel before receiving even 1 box 🙁

    • Hello Jessica,
      Thank you for the note. Please email [email protected] if you are still having issues.
      We’d like to apologize, we had some back-end issues and difficulties processing requests. We should be up and running now!
      We appreciate the comments.

      adidas Avenue A

      • I received a package finally and all I got a was the ZNE Hoodey (worth $100). I didn’t get any of the other stuff that was said to be in the box. My understanding is that it’s supposed to be a box with 3-5 products. It wasn’t even packaged in the Avenue A box as advertised. I was so excited and now I’m so disappointed. 🙁 What’s going on Adidas?

      • When does the Winter Box Ship Out? I am soooo anxious!!!

  4. Has anyone actually been able to get in touch with Customer Service for this box? I am so upset and no one there is getting back to me. They just charged me $150 for no apparent reason, after they had FINALLY emailed me back saying that something went wrong with updating my CC for the Fall box and that I would not be getting it. What does that even mean? I’ve emailed two different customer service emails and have received no response (it’s been about a week).

    • I want to change my billing to another cc. Could not do it on the site. Emailed them and they got back within hours, late at night too, saying the system will not allow to change cc number, that I have to cancel and sign up again. So I told them I will just leave it for now.

    • Same thing happen to me. I was charged $150 on October 1st. I sent them an email asking if that charge was for the September box (which I thought I wasn’t getting) and I have not received a reply. Very confusing and upsetting.

      • if they charged you and you haven’t received the box by now I would do a chargeback on the credit card, that will get CS attention

    • Hello Christy,

      Thank you for the note. Please email [email protected].com if you are still having issues.
      We’d like to apologize, we had some back-end issues and difficulties processing requests. We should be up and running now!

      We are going through all email requests carefully, we appreciate the comments.

      adidas Avenue A

  5. Bummer, was really hoping for NMDs or UltraBoosts

  6. I was going to sign up for a second subscription. I really need another pair of shoes. I run in dog agility on dirt, and once the shoes got dirt on it, I won’t wear it anywhere else and the dirt stains the white. I am also banking on getting a jacket for the winter box, and probably long pants. I can make a gift out of the jacket and keep the pants. But unlike before, if you sign up now, they want the payment up front. So I guess I will be waiting closer to the middle of November before signing up another one.

    • That’s interesting. When I resigned up (a I skipped/cancelled the fall box), I was told I’d get charged on the 1st of December. Resigned up on the 26th, when I got an e-mail from CS (as I e-mailed them when I cancelled) saying Winter boxes were now available.

    • Hello Wendy,

      Your card should only be charged when the product is packed and ready to ship.

      Please email [email protected] if you are still having issues.

      adidas Avenue A

  7. Done with this box and their crappy customer service.

    E-mailed them numerous times. Finally heard back today,….10 days later.

    They basically called me a liar. Saying my shipping address was different than what was clearly evident on my account page!

    Too bad the shoes were really great!

    • Hi Tricia,

      We are very sorry to hear about your experience. We had back-end issues with customer profiles. We apologize for any inconvenience that you might have had.

      If there’s anything that we can do to help, please email [email protected].

      We appreciate the comments,

      adidas Avenue A

  8. I found it extremely easy to request an exchange in sizes. All of my workout/running capris are size L (Brooks, Athleta) so I asked for L. I found the waist too big. Same for the bra. I was sent size M immediately. I updated my sizing on my account.

    I would love, love, love to see a foam roller in a future box. I don’t have one and keep hearing about the benefits.

    • I love my foam roller. Absolutely love it.

  9. I REALLY hope that the top/hoodie Rita Ora has on in the pic IS IN THE BOX! Love that top!

  10. Love the shoe! It sounds like it runs wider than the others? I put in an exchange request for the AdiZero Boston shoes since they were too narrow in the toes but I might stick with my usual size for these based on the reviews.

  11. No box. No shipping notice. No Email. It’s like being in love with someone who doesn’t love you back. Please Avenue A.. notice me!?? I really want my box. xo?

    • Me neither, nothing!

    • Hi Britt,

      Have you email [email protected] to get answers? We did have back-end issues with customer profiling but everything should be resolved.

      Please let us know how/if we can assist!

      We appreciate your comments,

      adidas Avenue A-

  12. does anyone know how to contact CS besides email?

    • This is the number that was in an email response from Adidas about the box. Don’t know if it works: 1-864-587-3206. Please let me know if it does.

      • thank you, I finally got a response to my email, and the phone number was the same 1-864-587-3206. I just wish that was some place on their website because when I called Adidas CS phone number they had no idea what I was talking about.

        Guess I am the only one not in love with this box, I thought the shoes would work out but really they aren’t the same as the Boston running shoe I purchased before from Adidas, just not enough forefoot cushioning for me.

        • Hello Adele and Kathylun,

          Please email [email protected], our customer service team is set up to help answer that email.

          Unfortunately, the phone number above will not be helpful.



    • Still nothing for me, and I tried that phone number. I finally called Adidas’ main number, and they had no further contact information beyond the email I’ve tried three times. It’s just so weird…such good CS for some but nothing for others. This is actually making me want to cut off my active subscription just out of principle. Does anyone from Avenue A still check these forums?

      • I’ve called and called and have been given multiple numbers to call from adidas because NO ONE knows anything about avenue A there, and still cannot get ahold from anyone from actual avenue A. They won’t respond to any of my emails, or the emails that other adidas reps have sent on behalf of me. Such poor quality customer service. Well….no customer service. I just need an exchange and my order number won’t work -____-. Guess I’m selling this stuff on poshmark because their sizing was really off this box. Disappointed, and most likely unsubscribing on principle.

        • It took two weeks before CS actually responded – I just kept emailing. I ended up sending the whole box back for a full refund and unsubscribed, this just isn’t for me. I just thought that I buy new running shoes every 3 months why not give this a try but the shoes aren’t good for my distance running.

  13. If you value customer service and honesty, DO NOT PURCHASE THIS BOX. I emailed twice asking on the status. My first email was promptly ignored. I was promised it would ship immediately, it did not. Friends have received their boxes, mine has yet to be sent. Customer service ignores your email, if the do respond they ignore your question. Save your money and find a brand with better customer service.

    • I have been subscribing since the first box and this is the first one with a delivery issue. I live in Florida and the box ships from South Carolina so it usually arrives promptly. I was billed on the 2nd and made an email inquiry this week as to where my box was and was informed they were not shipping yet. This is not a factual statement as I know other people who have them in hand.

      The next day I got a shipping notice but the Fedex tracking number was invalid. I checked Fedex tracking manager and I have a box from Spartansburg SC on the Fedex truck to be delivered today but the tracking number is different. I have been so pleased with these boxes that I am going to cut them some slack until my box arrives (hopefully today.)

      It does kind of irk me that they are sending winter spoilers and making a big deal about the winter box when I still have not received the fall box.

    • I haven’t heard from them either, I will contact my credit card company, glad I paid with Amex.

      • Were any of you able to get ahold of anyone? If so, how?

    • Hello Mary, Kathy, Brittany, Carrie,

      We apologize for the inconvenience. We had back-end issues that should be resolved now. Please email [email protected] if you are still having difficulties.

      We really appreciate these comments as it helps us improve our quality and customer service processes.


      adidas AvenueA

  14. I am still waiting on my fall box too. I wish they shipped earlier in the month.

    The shoes are ok – I am honestly more interested in the other items in the box. Even though I don’t need the shoes I feel like it is still a good deal. Fall is my first box. Excited to see what winter brings. Hopefully something really spectacular. I think it is hard to top the past two boxes (before this fall box).

    I am really super particular about my running shoes and would love it if they gave a couple shoe options (such as pick fashion shoe, general workout, sandals, running, etc ). Meanwhile I will stick with my Hoku One Ones for running and the Adiddas when I want to look cute. :).

  15. I think I’m the only one who isn’t living the shoe. It’s okay, but not really my style. I do love that it’s gray, though! I’m holding off for another spoiler, and crossing my fingers for an awesome jacket, hoodie (that’s not a white stormtrooper hoodie!) or bag.

    • Oops! “Loving” the shoe. =P

  16. If anyone from Adidas is reading this….. Can we get a Men’s box!! My hubby would love this.

    • I agree! I’d like to get one for my boyfriend. He needs help with his workout clothing (mostly cargo shorts and broke down shoes). I’d sign up as a gift to him in a heartbeat.

    • I keep asking for the same thing!!

  17. Is there any way you can opt out of the shoes? I have a pair of shoes that I wear all the time for working out and wouldn’t want the tennis shoes every quarter. Does anyone have any information on this?!! :/

    • No. Aside from sizes, there is no customization. Wearing only one pair to workout wears out your shoes quickly; it’s good to rotate your tennis shoes out.
      Or you could always gift or swap them!

      • Yes, never wear the same pair of tennis shoes two days in a row! By allowing them to entirely dry between each wear, you will get more wears out of them!

        • I often don’t wear them two days in a row but I love minimus shoes, these heel drops are too much for me, I want to feel the ground. I didn’t know if it would be worth it to get the shoes in my size and try and swap with people because I have pretty big feet (size 10-10.5 womens) so I am assuming there is a slim chance that people are my size. If I knew someone who would wear the shoes and would swap I would purchase.

          • If you really aren’t planning on wearing and want to trade them I’d probably get a somewhere between an 7-9 as those are more average sizes.

  18. I really hope my Fall box ships soon. My account page said my box delivery date was TODAY, but it hasn’t even shipped yet! I’m going on vacation next week and was really hoping to have the shoes by then to take with me.

    • Could you please let me know where on the account page it says when it’s supposed to be delivered? I can’t for the life of me find anything, and have yet to receive a shipping notification email :/

    • The Adidas rep commented further down that they intend to ship by 9/16. Would be really nice if they actually communicated to people instead of relying on comments on a blog (no offense) or better yet adjust the information on their own webpage to correctly reflect the shipping information.

      • Thank you!!! I should have just scrolled further down!

    • I JUST got my email saying it shipped. Woo.

      And promptly canceled for winter. I don’t need tons of sneakers…

  19. This box is awesome and Adidas is smart to have this! I honestly had no idea this existed until now and I am obsessed with subscriptions. I would love to try this box. Does anyone know if they ever offer coupons? I am assuming no but it doesn’t hurt to ask 🙂

    • I have never seen a coupon but this is only their third box.

  20. Super excited – love this subscription & really hoping for one of rita ora’s collab pieces but hate seeing a winter spoiler before my fall box has even shipped.
    I second from a previous post that as a subscriber, I don’t like seeing the full Fall review so early before my box even ships. I like a bit of the surprise factor and only seeing 1 or maybe 2 spoilers before.
    Otherwise, great sub – keep it up! Really forcing me to workout more with all of these stylish outfits.

    • Agreed! Haven’t received my Fall one yet and already a spoiler for Winter. Could at least wait until Oct 1. : )

  21. I bought the fall box for my birthday present, and received it today on my actual birthday! Supper happy with everything and how they fit. Now it looks like I’ll be buying the winter box as a Christmas present.

  22. Love the shoes, almost look like flannel. I am excited for the winter box. Avenue A hasn’t disappointed, and I’ve been a subscriber from the first box.

  23. Love the shoes and would definitely order this as my first box, but I’m also hoping for a bit thicker material apparel that can be worn in winter inside this Winter box. Will there be a 2nd spoiler out later???

  24. I notice that someone from Avenue A has commented. Please consider expanding to size XXL. Big girls workout too!

    • I can’t believe they don’t offer all sizes that is crazy to me! Yes Expand!

    • Yes! Subscribe in a heart beat if they actually sold bigger sizes. I guess plus woman have to settle on frumpy old basics from Walmart. ??

    • I 100% agree that they should expand to size offerings, but I wouldn’t expect it out of the adidas subscription box when adidas does not currently offer sizes larger than XL (which is stupid) in nearly all of their women’s clothing (with the exception of some track suits I believe).

    • DITTO! Everyone deserves to look great working out–as someone on the cusp (I’ve been on both sides of XL)–it is very discouraging for someone who is an XXL (or higher) who wants to work out and be a little healthier to not have workout gear to wear that makes her feel great. Excluding larger sizes kinda sends the message, “our stuff is only for people who are already living the fit lifestyle,” rather than an inclusive message, “you look great, now go meet your goals.” Sorry so cheesy!

    • I mentioned it to a rep if they had any plans to expand on the sizing to XXL/2XL (when I was following up on the shipping of my last box). My sister would love to subscribe but she wears an XXL.
      The rep’s response was that based on the success of this box, they were working to expanding the boxes. It was vague, but I hope they do expand the sizing up to XXL (or 3XL).

    • My box arrived today. I was 100% sure that the XL would be too small and I’d have to put the clothes away for the future. I wear an 18W pant, a 1X top, and a 40DD bra. The XL sports bra and leggings fit perfectly! It was the flowy tank, surprisingly, that was a bit tight. The hoodie is a slimmer rather than boxier cut but does fit. I also really like that the leggings have a drawstring waist so as I slim down I can tighten them up. If you’re on the bottom edge of plus sizes and think an XL won’t fit, you might be wrong! I’m really glad I took the risk and tried this box.

      • Ditto! I was pleasantly surprised with the fit. Like you, the tank was the only thing that I can wear, but I would never purchase on my own bc it’s a little too snug for the style.

      • I didn’t get a box for Fall (I decided to pause my account until Winter) but with my previous boxes, the L fit me but because of how it fit, I opted to exchange them for an XL. As they were a bit tighter than I like my clothing, but they do fit. In “normal” clothes, I wear either an XL or 2XL top (depending on the brand/material), 18/20 pants (I’m petite, so wear them in Petite sizes, which are still too long for m inseam lol), and am a 48D bra. So, even being plus sized everywhere else, the XL fits me like I like in Adidas’ items.

      • I too was worried xl was not going to be big enough but it was! Well the tank was too tight but everything else was ok. I wear a 14-16 on bottom but im a 42B-C 2x top. Unfortunately, I hate the color of the bra top and capris so Im trying to sell them lol. I love the shoes. They fit like a glove!

    • Yes we do! ?

  25. Love that shoe!!!!! I’m so excited for the winter box. Fall was such a huge let down, although I love the fall shoe..the clothing was awful…style and print. So I have really high hopes for the winter box!!!!!

    • To each his own! I signed up because of the clothes.

      • It’s funny how different tastes are. I definitely love the fall clothes too!

    • I was on the fence but once I tried on the whole outfit (minus the white jacket) I loved it. Not a fan of the jacket though, it’s a little too hip hop for me. Gonna pair it with a black running jacket instead.

  26. I’m in??Love the shoes!

  27. Does anyone know how to get to the exchange form, all it says on the site is to send an email?

    I also haven’t received shipping confrimation for my Fall box. Is anyone else in the same boat?

    • I was having the same problem. I sent them a message and they said it would be shipping tomorrow. So if you don’t get a shipping message just ask them and they will update you.

    • There was a place on my page when I was signed in that I could choose returns for the last box. It was really simple, but be sure you ask for any items you need exchanges from all at once. You can only put in one exchange request, but you can choose whichever of the items (shoes, tank, etc) and state what size you need.

    • Hello from adidas Avenue A. We are packing and shipping the fall box and most should go out by the 16th… thanks for your patience!

      adidas Avenue A

      • Will you ever be offering a stability running shoes?

      • Awesome, Thanks Avenue A!

      • Hello do you have an email address that customer service actually responds to? Or a phone number? I have never dealt with such an unresponsive company, it is incredibly frustrating.

        • this is the guy that responded to my emails, and I sent many, it two weeks so don’t give up

          Matthew Brodsky
          adidas Group Customer Service Manager
          Running Specialty / Soccer Specialty / Tennis Specialty
          685 Cedar Crest Rd., Spartanburg SC 29301
          Phone: 1-864-587-3206
          [email protected]

    • I haven’t received shipping either. I got the summer box weeks after everyone else, so I’m hoping this doesn’t happen again. 🙁

  28. I was so sad that I had to cancel the Fall box because of all the clothing. The clothes in the Summer box were too tight (I ordered XL) so I didn’t bother with the Fall box. I’m working on getting in shape, so hopefully this won’t be a major issue for future boxes.

    Regarding the shoes, I definitely have to size down 1/2 a size for Adidas. I’m gonna sign up for the Winter box and hope that Rita picked a cute bag for it.

    • Are you selling the clothing??

      • I swapped the shorts already but I still have the tank up for swap/sale.

  29. YESSS!!! I am so excited about this box I should not even be seen in public right now! Haha

  30. I went to sign up, but at the very end it says I will be receiving the fall box. I guess I just have to keep checking back to see when the fall box finally sells out? Any other ideas? I want my first month to be winter.

    • Oh thanks! I wanted the fall box, just signed up. Love the fall box’s sneakers!

  31. You’re welcome. I’m so excited for the winter box! I still haven’t gotten my shipped notification for my fall box yet.

  32. My fall box shipped, it will be my first one and I’m excited! Looks like I’ll be sticking around for winter too!

  33. omgggg cannot wait for this box!!! Love love love those shoes and love Rita…bring it on!!!!!

  34. Be careful if you are not currently a subscriber, because at the end of registering it states it will be Fall box sent.

    • It probably depends on sizes as mine stated it would be the winter box. My sizes for the fall box must be sold out.

    • I waited until CS got back to me before resubbing because of this, as I knew they were running late/behind on shipping. They finally sent me an e-mail on the 26th (so just a few days ago) that winter boxes were now available. 🙂

  35. I am hoping for some colors in these boxes. I need to see another “spoiler” to know if I want to commit. I like color 🙂

    • I think it’s what Rita is wearing in the pic. Even in the video she’s wearing that coral color.

      • I hope it’s the hoodie from the pic ?

  36. OMG. I don’t have my fall box yet, and am so excited for this one! Was just thinking I need a pair of gray Adidas kicks. Can’t wait to see what else is in this box!

  37. I have had a tiny broken bone in my foot for a year & a half & I’m super picky about shoe fit now, I want to subscribe SO BAD but I don’t know if I can commit to shoes that might not be perfect, even if the returns are super easy.

  38. If anyone from Adidas is reading these comments – please, please include a bag in the winter box!!!

    I am still bummed about missing out on the Stella McCartney bag ?

    • Ditto

    • Seconded!

    • Please Please Please!

    • Yes! A bag pretty, pretty please!

      • I’m with y’all!! Bag please!!!?

    • Couldn’t agree more! I’m still so crushed that I hadn’t heard of this box until after the founder’s box had sold out. I would loooooooove to have that tote.

    • A bag would be AWESOME!

  39. Love those shoes!!!! Cannot wait for the rest of the box.

  40. Did the fall box ship yet? I haven’t gotten that one yet :-s

  41. Do they charge when it ships or when you order?

    • They charge at the beginning of the month they ship in. So they will probably charge around December 1st and ship mid-December, even if you order it today.

  42. From the reviews on their site, everyone says to order the shoe a half size smaller:

    Are their clothes true to size? I get a lot of gear from Target/Kohl’s, but if I get something from Fabletics, I tend to size up one.

    • Because you have a lot of time before the box ships you could run to Dicks/Academy/Sports Authority/adidas store and try on a variety of items to determine what fits best! If you don’t have any of that available, then, to the extent it helps, I wear the same size in Fabletics as I do in adidas, BUT the adidas stuff is slightly looser than Fabletics. So like a large leggings will fit in both but the Fabletics one will be tighter than adidas. So if you are barely in the higher size on Fabletics and I would get the size below for adidas.

  43. OMG I’m already excitedly! I promised myself I would only sign up for the fall box on account of the cost, but who can resist that shoe? And a box put together by an amazingly stylish curator? Not me for sure 🙂

    • Exactly! I would have to hate everything else in the box in order to unsubscribe after this spoiler. Can it be December now?

    • Ugghhh, I told my husband “I forgot” to unsubscribe for the fall box and he made me confirm that I canceled it, but I want the winter box too… I might have to have it be a Christmas present.

  44. This is my favorite box! Ever!

  45. LOVE it. love her. great winter box for sure…

  46. So I guess I have to keep subscribing after all! Lol 😀

  47. YES!!!!! My Fall box comes in 2 days and I’m already looking forward to winter! I love love love those shoes! ?????

  48. Now I’m really excited about the winter box!

  49. I really like the shoes, I can’t wait to see what else Rita picked for her curation.

  50. Ahhhhh!!! So excited! Best box ever!!!

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