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UPDATE #2 – Allure Beauty Box August 2016 FULL SPOILERS + Coupon!

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Allure Beauty Box Spoilers

We have a confirmed update from Allure on the alternate item SPOILERS for the August 2016 Allure Beauty Box! In case you missed the original spoilers, here is the video reveal:

Each box will include:

Screen Shot 2016-08-03 at 11.32.25 AM

UPDATE: Allure has confirmed with MSA the alternative items for the Mally Eye Brightener. Subscribers may receive one of the following instead of the Mally product:

And as of today (8/8), Allure has confirmed that if you sign up now, your first box will be the August box.

What do you think of the full August 2016 Allure Beauty Box spoilers?

This box is regularly $15 a month, but you can use this link to save $5 off your first box.

Check out our reviews of past Allure Beauty Boxes to see what you can expect with this subscription!

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. Does anyone know how to “sharpen” the cargo pencil or do we only get the tip? I cannot for the life of me figure out how to get more of the pencil.
    I also got the elf brush, definitely a disappointing box. I’m not the tiniest bit excited about any of this stuff.
    Nothing exciting in my ipsy or boxycharm either 🙁

    • I came back here to ask the same thing about the eyeliner! Anyone figure it out? (I also got the exact same box… also bummed.)

      • I googled it and from the info I found you sharpen it with a regular sharpener. I am so happy, I got the Mally, but wonder if I should even post this and cause people to be even more disappointed/angry.

    • You sharpen it like a regular pencil. From some reviews I read this is the only thing people didn’t like because it can sharpen unevenly and can break.

      • I am still waiting on my box, but I own a Cargo eyeliner and I find I have to sharpen it way more than other eyeliners. Plus side, it does stay on really well…

    • Thanks ladies! I will try it out. I received a lip liner like this from ipsy too and when I tried to sharpen it didnt seem to work, but I will try again.

    • Try freezing pencils that break when you try to sharpen them.

    • I gave this month’s box away except the shampoos but I’ll probably be getting rid of them too since I just wanted to try them out and wasn’t impressed. The brush is good for travel I guess but I already have a wet brush so I passed it to my sister. I’m okay with having a dud month. Hopefully next month’s box will be twice as good.

    • Take off the lid on the end of the pencil. There’s a white thing in middle. Push that, you can get more eyeliner product 🙂

      • On the Cargo liner ?

  2. My box also arrived today, with the Pixi Glow Tonic. The Pebble Beach eyeliner looks very pretty. I’m officially up to my eyes in eye serums and creams now though, haha! Allure has been a good box for me (four months along) so I’m content 🙂

    • What size is the Pixi Glow tonic?

      • It’s .5 fl. oz. so it’s quite petite. Attached to it is a coupon for $2 off a $10 Pixi purchase at Target.

        • Thankyou for responding! Fingers crossed that I get that if I don’t get the Mally 🙂

        • I am totally happy with the product and was with the coupon except for the expiration date of 11/1/15. Bummer. ?

  3. My box arrived today and I got the elf brush instead of the mally eye brightener. I am cancelling this sub!! So annoyed right now.

    • Also, it’s not a full size swimmables eye pencil and it didn’t come in a box like the picture above! (0.028 oz verus 0.04 oz full size)

      • @Jessica. I have a feeling none of us is gonna get the Mally stick. Some one else said they got the pixie item.
        Sorry for such a let down.?
        I think Im getting my box early next week. I will comment when it comes

        • Does your box have a delivery date on the tracking? Mine doesn’t and it’s been in Harrisburg PA for the last 2 days with no movement. This is my first allure box so I’m not sure how long the shipping takes on them. But I live in WV so from Harrisburg PA to WV that doesn’t take long at all.

          • I live in NJ. YES I have tracking info.
            It was in PA for while & now it’s in NJ. So maybe Monday or Tuesday? ?

          • It takes forever sometimes! I didnt realize my payment didn’t go through until yesterday so god knows when mine will come. I LOVED my last two Allure boxes but this one is… Eh. An ELF brush? Really? That’s like the dollar store item being in Kandees beauty con box.

        • I did get the Mally so there is still hope!

    • I got the elf brush also. That along with the Garnier samples leaves me unimpressed. The elf brush is no match for the alternatives.

  4. Okay I finally got my shipping email with tracking number. The email came last night.7/11. I live in NJ.
    How is everyone else doing? Is everyone starting to receive email shipping?
    I hope so. ♡

    • @Paulette No tracking email for me yet and I just checked my account and don’t see it listed there either. I’m glad yours has shipped. Hopefully mine will follow soon

      • I don’t have mine yet either, but I don’t think I’ve received shipping info before the 15th of the month on any box I’ve received thus far. I always get mine super late too. I’ve only subbed since may and have received every replacement product of a spoiler as well. I’m not thrilled with this sub because of that. I’m hoping for the mally or the toner. If it’s the other 2, I’m probably out.

        • I’ve subbed since February and also seem to not be in the first wave of shipments and also have received the product subs/variations. I’m also worried that if you aren’t in the first round of shipments – then you are more likely to get the product substitute for the Mally. If this is the trend – then it doesn’t make any sense for me to continue my Allure subscription.

          There are so many nice one-time boxes ( like the recent Beauty Choice Awards box!!!!!). I’m beginning to think that is the way to go in the future. I’m also starting to enjoy Play! over Allure.

          • Me too! I didn’t care for play at first. Everything was so tiny. But last month’s and this month’s box have been really great imo. And I love that they are considering oily vs. Dry skin. There isn’t much worse than getting a box that has a GREAT face product, but is for dry skin and you have oily (eh hem.. pur-lisse) skin.

        • I’ve only been with Allure since late January but I think they have started shipping mine later in the month, starting around June. Maybe they are just a little behind this month.

          My ship dates in the past for Allure have been:

          * Feb 2/2
          * Mar 3/2
          * Apr 4/1
          * May 5/4
          * June 6/9
          * July 7/8

        • I ALWAYS get shipping info emailed about an hour after my box arrived. Every time. I got the toner. I’m just happy it’s not an ELF brush. But this box is a let down after the last two.

      • I got mine yesterday, I’m in Texas and have been subbed since July 2015

        • @JT Did you get the mally product or the one of the 3 other options?

          • @Paulette Whoops meant to say I just got my tracking email. No box yet.

          • @JT Ahaaa…… maybe we will get them on the same day

      • I didnt even get a shipping email and mine arrived today. I got the Burberry Fresh Glow and i got 2 of the Freeze instead of the Setting mist . I did contact them and CS said they would send out the mist, so hears hoping they actually do.

        • Just got mine today, I seem to be one of the few with the mally.

    • @Paulette – Nope, nothing for me yet.

    • Got a tracking number a on Aug 10. The last few boxes seem to be arriving later & later each month…

      My box is schedule to arrive today.

      • Thats great! !!!. I know the boxes do ship out later recently. Let us know if you got the mally .

    • Crazy! I always get mine second week of the month but I’ve gotten no tracking yet. Last months was the first to arrive super late. I also wonder how they decifde who gets the mally item. I’ve been with them for a while now but if Ido t get the mally item the box is a total bust for me. That’s to many in a row and customer service plus one late shipping is making me rethink Allure! Maybe I’ll put it on hold in hopes for a prayer! It was one of my faves but it’s quickly becoming not worth $14 when you don’t use anything or have a need for it. So sad!! 🙁

  5. Am I the only one that can’t get onto their beauty box site? It just keeps erroring, like wont even get to the login page. Prolly gonna have to phone tomorrow :/

    • I can’t get into mine either! It keeps saying error. I had to update my address so I emailed them and told them I couldn’t access my page and she went ahead and updated my address but never answered me on why I can’t access my page?
      Also, I’ve gotten a replacement product for every spoiler as well! It seems like the only people that get the spoilers and the nice items are the ones that review boxes. No offense MSA… It’s just irritating to subscribe to a box thinking you’ll get the same items that were shown on here but that’s definitely not the case for many of us! I got two replacements last month, both of which were the same replacements they sent to me before! If my box has that elf brush then I’m cancelling!!!

    • Thanks so much for letting us know! Posted! 🙂

  6. Wow. I’ve already rcvd 3 or more of these items before. I hope long time subscribers get a decent size of the Burberry foundation. I really hope allure isn’t going the way of the foil packet. And I think the shampoo and conditioner are huge cop outs for what is already a lackluster box.

    • Courtney pretty much covered my sentiments about this month’s box. Big letdown. I know last month’s box must be hard to top but seriously?

  7. It’s my second month And I was charged $16.07 instead of $15? Is that right??

    • Box is $15 + tax so your exact amount will vary from other people depending on where you live. I’m charged $16.35 every month.

  8. Why is allure so messed up. I cancelled my original sub a month ago due to them mysteriously ceasing to bill my card or sending boxes. My last box was in May, luckily I received that one.

    I was charged $10 to open a new account. Now, I receive a letter in the mail from Conde Nast thanking me for signing up, but stating I owe them $15.95 due to not being able to charge my card.

    I don’t even care about Allure box anymore. The first few months were awesome and fun. Then the May fiasco happened. It has been all down hill from there. The strangest thing is getting a mailed letter rather than an email, and I WAS billed on top of that.

    • I lost my card and had to put in a new # right at the first of the month. I called to ask if it was going to be a problem, with them maybe already having tried to bill. The phone person said “probably not” because they’ll just try it again. A couple days ago, I got a LETTER in the mail saying they couldn’t bill the card and to send a CHECK to them. I called again and the person told me once they try to bill a card, they will only keep trying that card. The program never goes back to your account to look for a new card. She cancelled my old account all together, and created a new one for me with my new card. Next day I got a shipping email.

      I feel that having been a magazine subscription and then trying to tack on these boxes, their system is completely messed up.

  9. Wow, leftovers for the alternative products! Wth! I have already gotten all of that stuff, hopefully long time subscribers get the Mally!

  10. Has anyone received any shipping information on our boxes? (Allure beauty box )
    If you got shipping email or get your box, please comment if u got shipping email. Or if you get your box .please comment

    • I just got an email that my box has shipped. Tracking doesn’t reveal an arrival date yet.

      • Interesting. Last time it seemed like the first batch of boxes out received the Klorane shampoo. Shipments that occurred later received the dry shampoo.

        I wonder if the Mally boxes will follow a similar pattern?

      • Same here! I just got an email that my box is on the way.

        • What state do you live in? That received shipping email?
          I live in NJ. No shipping info yet.

          • I just got an email my box is on the way. I live in Oregon.

    • I got my shipping email this afternoon. I’m in MN.

    • Got my shipping email and I live in Ohio

      • I am so curious to see what everyone gets in there box. The “replacements items ” or the Mally stick.
        Sometimes I get the box b4 the shipping email.

    • @Paulette – I’m in GA and no shipping details for me yet, either.

      • I am in SC and don’t have any shipping information either. Not sure what is going on with them as they are shipping later and later. Makes me nervous. I have chatted twice over the past week with their cs and was told both times that my box would be shipping “soon”. Very vague. No further information than that. UGH. Was my favorite box, but that also means there should be no issues!

    • I’m in Ohio and received a email. No arrival date though.

  11. A second boring box in a row. I’ve only been a subscriber for three months, but I think I’m cancelling. (I have already received the shampoo and conditioner in the Amazon beauty box this year. I also don’t need any more purlisse samples!)

  12. Has anyone received tracking for this month’s box yet?

    • Nothing yet. What’s the date we usually get the box?

      • The last 2 months I have got tracking info on the 15th and the box arrives in NC about the 20th.

  13. Is anyone else really tired of getting sunscreen products in your boxes (not just allure)? It’s August people. Kids are going back to school and vacations are over. I don’t need anymore sunscreen! I already have 847 tubes from various boxes! Lol

    • I wear sunscreen pretty much year-round… well mostly its moisturizer with sunscreen built in. I’m pretty fair so it’s kind of mandatory. But different strokes for different folks!
      I agree there’s an abundant supply now after the last few months’ boxes 🙂

      • Okay I finally got my shipping email with tracking number. The email came last night.7/11. I live in NJ.
        How is everyone else doing? Is everyone starting to receive email shipping?
        I hope so. ♡

        • @Paulette, nope, nothing yet, and I’ve been checking obsessively lol. Pretty sure I’m in the second or third wave, which doesn’t bode well for me. But I am close to NJ and it feels like they are moving from the mid part of the country and out, so maybe mine will come soon? Here’s hoping!

    • I’m sick and tired of getting purlisse moisturizers! I get one in every single box. I’m so over allure.

      • Amen!

    • I dunno, sunscreen is a year-round need so I’m not really sure why they should stop. It’s not like the companies expect people to be subscribed to multiple ones. They could switch it up though and include items that contain SPF inside of them instead (though really you aren’t getting the protection you need since you actually need WAY more than you think)

  14. Eh, at first I was annoyed, but then I reminded myself that I am looking forward to the rest of the items. I really do t need the ELF brush since I already have one I don’t use, but if that’s what I get, then I figure I won’t care as much about tossing a $3 item as much as I would a much more expensive item. So I’ll gladly take the hit if someone else can get something they want. (Just wish it was pretty much ANY other brush, which I could always use).

    • I am hoping for a full size Pixi Glow Tonic. I was eyeing it at Target the other day, and it is only like 3.4 ounces! I will be disappointed for the ELF brush since I really like Eco Tools brushes… I figure the Burberry will be a tiny sample in the darkest shade they make which will not work for my pale skin…. But, at this point, I just want my box to ship!!!!

      • I doubt the tonic is full sized. It was in a previous box many months ago and it was only .5 oz. I will say I love that toner though

      • The Pixie Glow Tonic they typically put in the boxes is 1oz, have already gotten it twice nnow

  15. Has anyone successfully received a replacement item for a previous boxes broken item? Do they send them in a box or do you get it separately? I have a big long email chain promising me a replacement item from June and I haven’t gotten anything yet. The silly bronzer was smashed and got everything in the box messy. I just requested a replacement brozer (already out of stock) but was told I would be receiving something else as a replacement. When I emailed them again Aug 1 I was told I needed to give them time to ship me an item. Nothing came in July.

    • Yes, I had to get a Pixi lip replaced a few months back. It came within the week, as promised, and in a box larger than the red box….

    • You really need to call them. Same thing happened to me. Tried the on-line chat twice with no product arriving. Called and the item was sent. Hth

    • They were missing an item Nd let me have a choice of what to replAce it with its been a week so maybe they’ll send with the box lol

    • Same deal here. My bronzer was broke and they said they were going to send me a sheet mask and then never did so I emailed again and they said from now on please connect it to the previous conversation which I didn’t do because I deleted the email because I thought they would send it. They have said they will twice and I have yet to get it.

    • My bronzer was smashed as well. Went through a email chain for a week and finally got something in the mail. But get this, it didn’t even say Allure, it was from a third party company. A nail polish I ended up swapping. No paperwork. And they didn’t even put enough postage on it. I had to pay my mailperson the difference! 🙁

  16. I will be happy no matter what… I assume I will get the ELF brush and that’s ok because I will have 7 other things!!! Allure is the only box that gives more then 5 things… I chose Allure over Glossybox and beauty box5 because of that. I been with Allure since December and have loved every box, I can’t say the same with my other subscriptions (Birchbox, Ipsy, and Play) but they are only $10 Allure is my favorite because they hook us up with extras. I look for quantity in my boxers… Just saying

    • LOL – you said you look for ‘quantity in your boxeRs’! I think that is a good approach! 😛

      • Did I say that…lol I met my boxes. But that was really funny?

        • Haha – I only happened to catch it when reading your post and it gave me a much needed giggle.

          So, thank you!

  17. At first I was disappointed when I found out the Mally eye brightener might not be a “for sure thing” – especially when I saw E.L.F. and pixi were the alternatives. Now that the potential alternate items are up, I honestly would be happy to get any of the 3. The hairbrush is such a fun random useful item, and I love the eyeliner is waterproof and BROWN. Sephora’s are colored liners this month too I think.. Even though it’s a drugstore level item, I have to say – my kids *LOVE* that shampoo/conditioner, and as far as cheaper haircare items, that honey formula really is nice and I’m kind of a haircare snob.

  18. Although I will admit I’ll be disappointed to not receive the Mally product (it’s just something totally unique to my make up collection) – it’s still a great box with products that I’ll get use out of.

    I will say I definitely do NOT want the ELF brush, not because of its value (because I typically love getting brushes in boxes) but simply because I already have one and I rarely use it. It’s too small to really do anything with…really I’m not sure what to do with a stipple brush. It never works for anything I’ve tried it with.

    Overall I’ve been VERY pleased Allure. Is their CS shady? Yea, I’ve experienced it. Have they let me down product wise? Once or twice. Has it ruined a whole box for me? Nah. Overall I’ve gotten some really nice items, I feel like I get my $15 every month – maybe I’m just easy to please, haha

    • It’s great for cream blush and highlight. That’s what I use mine for.

  19. Sad… I’m thinking I’ll cancel Allure and it’s only my second month. The Mally product was the only thing I wanted. And, seriously my eye cream stash – every month, every box – enough for years. Plus, their website is horrible.

  20. If I had been in charge of this box and had only these items to work with, I would have done the following (given I only had so many of the Mally):

    All boxes would receive:

    Shampoo & Conditioner
    Wet Brush
    Cargo Liner

    And each box would receive EITHER the Mally OR the Freeze 24/7 eye cream OR the Burberry lotion.

    Total value of box would decrease but everyone would be happy as values would be relatively equal. And if there were enough, throw in the ELF brush as an extra bonus. Substituting a $3 item for a $25 item just makes for unhappy subscribers, and it seems as if Allure has made plenty of their subscribers unhappy over the last several months. I love my Allure subscription and have had only one product substitution in a year, but I really, really don’t want that ELF brush…….lol!

  21. I’m pretty sure, at the core, this sub has been a five item box. This month, there are eight products. Yeah, you might get a $3 brush, but it’s one of three “bonus” products. Consider how blessed you are to be able to afford small luxuries like this. Peace and love. <3

  22. I think it is time for me to cancel and maybe go back to beautyfix. it was fun these last 5 months but maybe too eventful and for 10 bucks more, i think its worth it for beautyfix again.

  23. I’m interested to see which variation I get, since I’m technically a “new” subscriber, despite having subbed for years. The beautybar switch finally caught up with me, though, and I had to order a “new” subscription. Looks like I’ll get a Bvlgari fragrance separately as a “welcome gift”, though. May be the same one that’s still in my drawer from the last time they sent it.

    (By the way, despite the rant, I love Allure boxes and appreciate the value they consistently provide)

  24. Am I the only one who misses the little perfume mini’s? I’ve always loved my allure boxes and that they were all the same for all subscribers.Please allure go back to times of old

    • I took the Sephora Play! Survey last month. In that survey I indicated that my favorite sub was Allure because the box was the same for all subscribers and I appreciated the full and travel sized items. Oh my how things have changed!!!!

  25. I am a new subscriber under the “$7” Gilt discount and I did not receive the box with the dry oil and liquid lipstick. I just wish that Glossybox would give everyone the same products – good or bad.

    • Oops…wrong box but same rant. I am tired of the “bait & switch” of items with Allure also.

  26. These are all items they sent already. Good products, but they’ve probably been sitting in a warehouse for the past year, which doesn’t bode well for their freshness. I love the Burberry product and love the brush (GREAT for cream blush!), but I already have two of each!

  27. I love how in the video she said Eyes Lips and Face. Like no one would come up with that it’s good old cheap Walmart ELF:D Allure as always is screwing people over. To get Garnier and ELF – I’d be pretty mad. It would be somewhat fair if they replace full size Mally with all 3 alternative products (assuming that Burberry sample will be super tiny). Who would come up with such substitution? Something is wrong ‘_’

  28. Is really really not fair I was excited for the mally I will end up with the brush if the are going to give other products OK just make them the same price is not fair to go from 25 for some n other get a 3 dollar product

    • Tell me about it….and this variation isn’t nearly as agregious as the July Glossybox fiasco. They just had a box variation that amounted to about a $60 difference in RV – essentially some people got $40 boxes while others got boxes worth over $100…and the kicker was most of the $100 boxes went to new promotional subscribers who paid $7 for the box, while their full price and annual subscribers got the shaft. I’m happy for those new subscribers who got awesome boxes but the historic subscribers really felt unappreciated! I think Glossybox is going to lose a lot of subscribers because of it (I know I won’t be renewing now, at least!). Maybe Allure will read these posts and try to avoid the same backlash.

    • I was excited about the mallet to, and because that’s what I wanted I won’t get it. But I do know this, this is my last box with allure, I have had so much trouble out of them. I was trying to keep the sub for however long it took for my sister in law to get her free box for me joining, and for mine to arrive that my mother in law joined through, but I think that the free box to refer a friend is bogus, cause it shouldn’t take months to recieve. But my biggest issue is the customer service being really rude, and so many bad reviews. I don’t have any trouble out of my other subs, but so far this month is my last month for 2 of my subs, but I wish Everyone good luck with there allure subs, it’s just not for me.

  29. Ugh… Substitute a $25 product with a $3 brush is totally not fine!! ? It’s definitely not a fair comparison, srsly, what are they thinking?! ?
    I wouldn’t mind the other 2 substitutions, but that brush is just dreadful…
    I never really consider ipsy, glossybox, or oui box because I hate the idea of “not every box is the same”/variations. It’s all about luck. What if someone always gets the short straw? It’s not like we are subscribing to a monthly mystery box.
    Sorry about the rant… I’m just shocked this is happening because I have been liking them since I subscribed back in May…

    • I like ipsy so much because nothing is really ever fantastic. There will never be a big value discrepancy. I get a lot of makeup I actually use in ipsy, even though it’s not terribly exciting. I guess I would describe them as dependable, which no one else seems to be lately.

      • i’m with you i have had ipsy about a year and a half now and i love them… but i also love doesn’t take much to make me happy i got into beauty boxes to try things and that is the way i try to look at it…

  30. I got that brush last year or so ago in a box(maybe this one or boxycharm), and I actually really like it and use it every day as a concealer/spot blender. Never would have thought to buy it and now I love it. I don’t like a lot of the Pixi color products but I wouldn’t mind trying the toner. What’s not cool is the value discrepancy. I’d hope for the Burberry but I’ve never seen a decent sized sample from them so I don’t know if that even exists. I’d probably end up with a schmear on a card sample.

  31. Yup I put a suspension on my account for this month because I know if I get the three dollar garage versus any of the other products I would get enraged LOL so I am just not even going to mess with it this month I have several other subs that I am looking forward to.

    • Brush**
      not sure what my AutoCorrect is up to

    • As far as I know you cant put your account on hold. Anyone who has posted about that has said that allure canceled their account. You may want to check with allures CS

      • I put my account on hold for June and it was ok when I re-subbed in July through the same account

        • I did the same thing Elena.

          • Me too. You can definitely put it on hold.

  32. It seemed like they first revealed the Mally liner. Then I was charged for my August box. The day after my card was charged – Allure revealed the variation. Kind of fishy…

    I didn’t get the Klorane shampoo… I hope I get the Mally product. Such a bummer!

    • Agree. They are always doing this sort of sleazy bait and switch. I’m going to ditch them.

      • I know right?!? I took my account off hold after the Mally spoiler just for that, now this potential [email protected], AFTER they charged us? Um thanks, but nope. It irked me enough to discontinue my account until they get their act together. Or not. Plenty of other boxes in the subscription sea so to speak.

    • The Klorane shampoo was not very good. After not getting it in my box I felt as tho I had missed out on something great, so I ordered one from It coated my hair and made my scalp feel like it was suffocating. It wouldn’t rinse out so I had to rewash my hair. I used it to shave my legs…LOL. It definitely smells like mangos…so much that its kinda sickening. You didn’t miss out on anything! I too hope I get the Mally.

      • Good to know!!

  33. Oh Allure! I tried to believe in you but you’ve made it impossible. Between this and the Glossy Box nonsense, August is shaping up to be the month of the ol’ bait & switch. SMH

  34. This is ridiculous! Does not add up and I’ll be p.o.’d if I get a $3 elf brush!

  35. I think my days of ALLURE are numbered. There are so many Other boxes out there and I’m never using the stuff

  36. Hmmm, really hoping I don’t get one of the substitute items, as I’ve already received all of them in prior Allure boxes. At least they didn’t lie and say that we were all receiving it and the variance isn’t $55 like the BS that Glossybox just just pulled. one of my favorite things about the Allure box is that all boxes were the same. Hoping this trend does not continue.

  37. Crossing my fingers for the mally eye brighter! I redeemed rewards to get pixi glow tonic from ipsy this month and I don’t use foundation

  38. I’m OK with everything except that dang brush. I don’t want that brush. Why didn’t they just give all three as well? It would add up to the actual price of the Mally product.

    • I like the idea of getting all three alternate items as it will most likely be sample and not full sizes. I agree that the three together would go a way for the redemption of Allures reputation.

  39. I was going to resub, but now am going to wait until next month. With my luck I would end up with the E.L.F. brush and I would be seriously ticked off. That is so wrong of Allure to offer that as an alternative.

    Fingers crossed that the September box will be better.


  41. not to mention they already sent the pixi tonic last year…. I just renewed my annual sub and am already annoyed they have sent two of the same smashbox primers, are sending us another supergoop setting mist (sent us one last year) and now might get the same pixi product. I sub for discovery- not to keep getting the same things from the same company. I am not normally lucky with variations- I can only hope.

  42. This is the second time all has been revealed. Why? Could the box not be selling? None of the replacements for the Malloy would have pushed me over the edge to subscribe,,,

  43. Groan… I am NOT lucky. I hope like hell I don’t get the ELF brush. Not simply because it retails for $3, but because I absolutely do not use this type of brush. Any of the other 3 products would be okay (I guess). Pixi toner is $15 and the full size of the Burberry is $48 or $58. I can’t remember. What is the deal? I just got completely screwed by glossybox and I’m really not liking the trends I’m seeing in sub boxes lately. It really seems like every time I sub to something, it takes a serious plunge from being a “great” box. The ELF brush is almost certainly a cancel for me.

    Sorry for the rant, I’m super grumpy due to BB and glossybox. Both cancelled for good.

    • I hear ya…I got the hohum box from glossybox too. I am the most unlucky person on the planet so I’m absolutely certain I will get the cheapo brush from ELF.

      The good side is, these lame variations are really helping me get my subscription box numbers down.

      • You know, that is a very positive way to look at it! Me too. I just joined boxycharm and will keep ipsy. It’s between play! And allure. One has to go. Allure has been nothing but problems and negativity. It’s not looking good for them.

        • I have also been thinking I should only keep Allure or Play! Funny – at first, I thought I would definitely drop Play! Lately, however, I’ve preferred my Play! Box over Allure. I enjoyed Play!’s curation over the Allure box. I can’t believe that my once favorite Allure is now first in line to be cut! ?

          • Yeah, I am a little surprised. Play started a little weak for me, but last month’s was great, and if the spoilers are correct, August looks really good.

  44. I usually don’t complain unless something is truly wrong or incorrect but I agree a $3 brush or a $25 liner. Even the pixie base is $15 for full size but you know it only be a sample. I have mixed feelings for this August box. Hope it gets here on time instead of the end of the month as they already have my money.

    Other than the Garnier which I am allergic to, and of course the liner issue, the rest of the box seems like it will be worth the $15 price tag.

  45. Okay, I seriously love that Glow Tonic! I’d rather get that than the eye brightener!!

    But yeah, no thank you to the ELF. They do have some good products, but it’s really not cool to replace a full size prestige product with a budget product.

  46. Wow, what a difference in prices between those products. Some will be very happy, and some won’t be. I can’t say I blame them.

  47. Do ya’ll think this is a better box than Birch? Are the samples as small as BB? Thanks

    • I like it way better than BB. The samples are pretty much all deluxe, little perfume minis instead of sample vials, and sometimes even really nice full size items. The value is usually pretty high, and it’s the only box where I actually read the product pamphlet for.

  48. I don’t like how they put up items and then change them. ELF brush over Mally Brightner. Terrible!

  49. I would be happy with the Mally, Burberry, or even the Pixi but a $3 brush??? How on earth do they decide who gets what and how is that fair? What are they thinking?!?! ?

    • I absolutely agree, Mally for $25 or brush for $3 is not fair. When everyone pays the same price for the box.

      • Yep, exactly. Not cool Allure, not cool at all. I even watched their August unboxing video and they showed the Mally item with the rest if the stuff we’ve seen shown, and then kinda quickly glossed over the “but you might get a Pixi, ELF or Burberry product instead…” but not what they were. Anything ELF is cheap price-wise, so thats just a fail for me and they ended up on the chopping block as next to go. I guess that’s a positive, the decision to bail was easy, LOL!

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