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Teen Vogue + Allure Back to School Beauty Box!

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Allure and Teen Vogue have launched a new Limited Edition box! (Thanks, Kim, for the head’s up!)

The Box:Β Teen Vogue + Allure Back to School Beauty Box

The Cost:Β $39.95

The Products: $148 worth of products:

Are you grabbing a box?

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. I bought the back to school box for my granddaughter the first week of January, it said I would receive shipping info for the box in 7-10 days. It has been over three weeks and I still have not heard anything. I called customer service and twice I was hung up on before I could say anything and they answered like they were tired of answering the phone. The third time I called a man answered and he was so rude. I asked him when I would receive the shipping information and he acted like I insulted him and told me it was being processed, every time I asked him anything he kept telling me it was being processed. So I sent an email to the address that was given at the time of order an explained what happened and I got an email back saying, ‘IT WAS BEING PROCESSED.”

  2. Is this box still available and is there a link to it?

  3. I ordered this and it was supposed to arrive today. However, they sent the traveler box instead of the back to school box. And to make matters worse, the face mist bottle was opened and soaked the whole box. Ugh, I contacted customer service and I’m waiting for a reply.

    • Okay, I called CS and they said they’ll send the correct box out right away and I get to keep the items from the travelers box that are still good. That’s cool

    • This also happened to me! WTh. I’m waiting for cs to contact me back.

  4. I just ordered it today because I’ve been wanting to try foreo luna,
    since the entire box is worth just getting that I figured what the heck
    I’ll let you know when it comes in my confirmation said 7 to 10 days
    I also subscribe to the monthly Allure Beauty Box as well as Birchbox, Bulu box, Ipsy, Sephora Play, walmart and target IM ADDICTED TO BEAUTY

  5. So I ordered this back on the 11th and haven’t heard from allure…no shipping info …Nadal.
    Anybody have updates? I know allure is sluggush…am I being impatient?

    Also, anybody wanting a foreo hold off! I wanted one so bad after I didn’t get it in my may box so I jumped on this, but the NEXT day I saw (and bought for $4.00 at marshalls!!!) a battery opperated version of the full size one! I even went to sephora to compare…EXACTLY THE SAME except for 1. battery and 2. No indicator light/ timer 3.PRICE!!!

    yup, for $4, I can learn to count 15 seconds!!! :p
    So, now I’m thinking it’s just a fad, and they will be all over ebay/ etc soon πŸ™‚

    And after using it for almost 2 weeks, it’s not better or worse than my konjac, I think I get the exact same “clean and pore minimizing” effect…BUT this is easy to dry after use, so I think the mini will definitely be a great addition to my gym bag! ….well, if I ever make it to the gym :p
    I might put it in my purse to wash my face after a long walk or something…I live in nyc and if I don’t wear makeup to shield me from the dirty air, I have to wash my face frequently. :p

    • I also ordered on the 11th and was wondering when the box would ship. I received shipping notification at 3:15 a.m. today and the box was delivered via USPS today. Tracking information shows it shipped on August 20. Hopefully yours is on the way!

      Great find at Marshalls! Thanks for sharing.

      • I came on here to see if anybody else was commenting on the shipping. I’m glad to hear yours has shipped! I’m keeping my fingers crossed that mine is on its way too. Starting this month, I stopped receiving shipping notifications from Allure (didn’t get one for the Beauty Box or Beauty Thrills box… they just showed up), so I’m hoping mine’s on it’s way and I just didn’t get a shipping notification.

        • I got mine last week πŸ™‚ <3 everything! Still need to work on my jamberry application but I cut them down the middle so I can use multiple times. I got this really neat white/gray marble pattern and got toooons of compliments on them ? that was the 1 item I could care less about, but now I can't wait to use again πŸ™‚ everything else was super neat too, pink wet brush! And the stickers!! Here's to hoping your box arrives soon and u absolutely love it ?

  6. I snagged one. I’m way out of the age demographic (rapidly closing in on 34…), but I love my foreo luna and was curious about the play to keep in my travel or gym bag. I can always use more cleanser, lip moisturizer, and masks. I go through a purse wet brush about twice a year from the bristles being damaged. Hopefully the bristles on this one are just as soft! My mom loves it’s a 10 so that will go to her since I HATE the scent. The nail wraps, brow product, and lotion will all get used too!

    • The brow highlighting pencil is the same as PS July and it works nicely on me. I like it better than my Benefit one or my Anastasia. It’s easier to blend and creamy. The NYX one is pretty great too and super cheap.

    • I am almost 50 and I like and would use almost everything in this box. I bought one for my daughter and the only thing that kept me from buying one for myself was the fact that I already have 2 of the products, the brow highlighter and the Perfect 10. The only item I can’t see myself using is the nail wraps.

  7. I know I’m in the minority, but I liked what I saw and grabbed one.

    I like the Foreo Play – I’ll be happy to have a back up and that face mask is calling my name. Any product to help my poor sparse brows look better is always welcomed. My daughter and I will use the nail wraps, and I’m getting a wet brush in my monthly Allure box, but again, I have a daughter… so the second one’s for me, cause let’s face it, she was gonna take the one from my regular box anyway!

    This box is a little pricier than I’d like, however, the Play pays covers the box, and there doesn’t appear to be a shipping charge.

    Plus bonus, when Liz does her review with all those awesome photos of each product, I won’t have to re-live the FOMO moment of her incredible New Beauty-Choice Awards Box review. You know, when you read her disclaimer at the top of the review, “(Sold Out)” ! πŸ™‚

  8. I think this is a nice box, the box price covers the Foreo Play and the rest is bonus.

    Buuuuuut – I was REALLY disappointed in my Foreo Play when I got it in my May (?) box. It claims to last 100 uses, I got maybe 30 (once a day for a month)? I realized that there was a tiny hole along the edge of the silicone so I assume that water got in it and killed it. If I had paid $40 for that I would’ve been super pissed.

  9. This is nice, but my Foreo is still working and we’re getting a wet brush in this month’s box. It seems like a waste if you’re like me and already subbed to their regular boxes. I need leave in condition and the nail wraps look cute, if this was like $25 it would probably be worth it.

  10. Hmmm…im one of the few tthat actually loves this one. Yeah its pricy, only $10 less than last months super duper New Beauty “best of” box that had a gazillion awesone products and RSV of 3x this ($360+). However, i know ill USE all of these products up so ill be getting the full value out of it unlike the New Beauty box… because half of the products were skin tone specific, and the other half were for a different age demographic (i havent started adding $70 neck creams and $30 lip plumpers that smell weird to my wishlist just yet)… im almost 30 but i still get acne πŸ™ so this is totally more up my alley

    • I agree. I think it’s a nice box.

  11. Definitely not worth it!lol I got the Foreo in the allure box already, complete waste. This box is way over priced!!

  12. Pass. Seems expensive

  13. I too got the Forea in the previous Allure box and it is not that great. I didn’t notice any real difference when using it and mine stopped working in about a month (didn’t get the 100 uses it advertises). I also wasn’t crazy about the Forea cleansers.

    I will pass on this box but I think it would be a great box for a high school/college girl if it was about $25.

    • I completely agree. I was thinking of getting it simply for the Forea (don’t get me started about May’s box) but I’ve heard a lot of crap about that product so it’s really not that worth it to me. My skincare routine is working for me now so why mess with success?

      Also I agree. I think if this was around 20 or 25 including shipping I might still buy it but as it is, meh.

  14. Meh. Not interested in this at all. I feel like its definitely not worth it for that price….

  15. I have a daughter starting sophomore year at UGA and this seems like a great first care package to send her. The products all seem like they would be useful for a girl her age.

    • Was just about to do the same thing… Did you get one? If you do, I will! lol!! She’ll probably call & tell me to stop sending things immediately. I just filled out & ordered a years worth of care packages through the University website. My daughter is starting her Freshman year at UA (University of Arizona) & we’re leaving in an hour! ???

  16. I have the clarisonic Mia 3 and I love it. But this intrigued me…. Until I read that the battery isn’t rechargeable and you only get 100 uses out of it if you’re lucky…. Uhm what a huge waste of $40. I would never purchase that unless it was handed to me. I hope those are recyclable.

  17. So tempting! But that price helps me say no. Especially since I received the Forneo during amazons special.

  18. Very tempting. I’d say if it were $10 or $15 less I’d be on board.

    • I was tempted to get this box and then read your comment and realized you are right, it should be atleast $10 less!

  19. It starts a new subscription so it’s not a one time box :/

    • I thought the subscription was if you decided to sign up for the magazine. I hope they don’t tell people something is limited edition then turn it into a sub – they don’t need another fiasco.

      • Hmmm..maybe you’re right…

    • The subscription is just if you decide to opt into the magazine part. Otherwise this is just a one time box.

  20. Funny how they didn’t have enough foreno items for subscribers back in may. Hmm, convienent…..?

    • I agree, I was one of the people who ordered and didn’t get one. Guess they had to sit some aside for this box…

      • I was one of the people who didn’t get one before either. I would assume that this is new stock that they got in because that box was super popular. Also these are yellow and those were pink so I’m pretty sure they are trying to differentiate between that box and these. It makes sense that they include these in another box because I don’t think I remember any other box they had in the past that was as popular as that one.

        • Pretty smart to add it considering their Thrills boxes haven’t been selling out. Maybe they should throw a Forea Play in all their boxes :p

        • Good catch, I didn’t even pay attention to the colors. I’m surprised another company didn’t notice how popular it was and put them in their box, especially to win over the people who didn’t get them.

      • You didn’t miss much. I got one, used it a few times and it died. Overrated. The Konjac sponges work so much better.

    • Right?! I subbed to Allure specifically for the Foreo item. I subbed AS SOON as I got the spoiler email from Allure, weeks in advance. I was promised by the customer service rep that I would DEFINITELY be receiving that box as my first. She guaranteed it, b/c I signed up so early in the time frame. Ohhh, but LO & BEHOLD, 4 days AFTER my box was supposed to ship, ireceived an email stating that I MIGHT NOT be getting that box afterall. I contacted customer service again & this time, I was forced to speak to a VERY rude gentleman who all but refused to cancel my acct & refund my $. I actually had to ask for a supervisor regarding the issue and only then was it resolved. The supervisor tried to offer me a free month, but I had reached my patience limit by that time, so I just cancelled the whole thing. I thought I would regret it later, but I haven’t. After seeing what others have experienced & what I went through, I am 95% sure that I’ll never sign up for Allure again, unless they are GIVING away the boxes.

  21. Well I’d take the plunge but I’m WAY beyond their target demographic πŸ˜‰

  22. Really they need to put all that effort into the Allure Beauty Box and keeping the customers that they have still. Nice box but really dont need anymore beauty products. If they put some lifestyle products and made it more of a surprise and lowered the price to 25……..Holla….

  23. Nope. I already got the Foreo in the Allure box and while it cleanses well, I don’t like how the vibration feels in my hand. It looks like a nice box though!

    • I was also one of the lucky ones to get the foreo in the allure box and was kinda underwhelmed. It worked okay but I actually prefer my other cleansing brush. I left it in a hotel bathroom after two weeks and wasn’t that upset, so…

      • I feel the same way! I have a Clarisonic and I like it, but I’m happy I got the chance to try the Foreo, just because it was a hyped product in the beauty world and now I know to stick with what I’ve got.

      • I have been using my Foreo since I received it in the May box and I love it. I don’t have acne and my skin is, thankfully, clear but I notice a difference in my pores. They don’t look quite as big. Anyway, I wonder what the housekeeper thought when she found your Foreo in the room. The reason I say this? I leave mine in the shower and use it every morning. The first morning my husband asked “when did you get that?” with a gleam in his eye. I asked what he meant and he pointed to the Foreo. He thought it was a BOB and it took awhile to convince him it was actually a facial cleanser!

        • Lol!! Lin, my husband was suspicious of my Foreo too. He was like “sure, uh huh, ok”.

        • OMG- I have no idea what “BOB” stands for- but if it’s what I think it is- that’s so funny!!!!

          • I have a feeling what BOB is implying, but I also have no idea what it stands for. I was going to ask, but was afraid Lin’s answer might be immediately removed for indecency. πŸ˜€

          • Not really sure what it stands for either but I guessed lol.

          • BOB – Battery operated boyfriend lol. It’s what my bf and I call mine too lol. Too funny!

          • AH is correct, battery operated boyfriend!

        • BAHA! So, I keep my Foreo from that Allure box in my gym bag…so every time I pull it out of the little bag I keep shower stuff in, I can just FEEL the eyes of the other ladies in the changing room!! Have thought this whole time they assume it’s a BOB (it’s roughly the same group of ladies at the same time each day so they probably think I have a problem!! LOL). Just don’t care enough to make a PSA about how it’s not a BOB because then that will just make it look like it really is!!

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