Target Beauty Box September 2016 Spoilers!

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Target has posted the items for their upcoming September 2016 Beauty Box!

FYI – this box will show as “SOLD OUT” until it is available for sale – but no worries, you did not miss your chance to buy it!

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Here are the items that will be featured in the new Target Beauty Box:


What do you think of the products? Will you be grabbing a box? All of the boxes?

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. I did a test last time just to see if it would work and it did. Press the reorder button to buy more kits instead of adding them to one order.

    • Are you saying you got to order more than one? Wouldn’t let me and I was going to buy some extra things already had them in my basket since yesterday ,just waiting

      • I think she’s saying that she did separate orders with 1 box each time…

        • Yes that’s what I did last month. I got 4. I get them for a homeless project and fill my Ipsy bags to donate during the holidays.

      • You should have been able to put at least 2 in your cart though. Go to your order history and see if there’s a “reorder” option button. Try to purchase another by pushing that.

        • Thank you for your reply ,but it doesn’t matter now because I still couldn’t use my coupon which I finally thought I would get to use. Maybe next month everything will go smoothly. I did want that extra box though as a pick up for my daughter in law ,since my sons being deployed.Oh well I’ll just give her mine it’s all good ?

  2. Just got my first box from Target just moments ago!! Get movin ladies before they are all gone! 🙂

  3. It’s on sale now! XD

  4. It’s up!

  5. Hmm usually it’s on sale by now. It’s no longer “sold out” but it isn’t showing a box either. I really wanted to buy this before I went to bed as I really don’t want to miss out on this one.

    • Ugh, same here. I’ve stayed awake over an hour waiting for it to go on sale. I really, really want this one.

      • Available now, just ordered it, $10 this time

    • You can buy now.

    • Get it now! It’s still early. Lol

    • Did you manage to get one?

  6. im pretty sure the lipstick will be in varying colors, i ordered the box with the Butter lipstick & got 1 really dark burgundy and 1 pretty nude. the shampoo and conditioners will be the small sample sized bottles not foil packs, and the lip balms will be either a single or leftover set from the holidays. That lanegie though will be a sample size of that i am almost 100% positive.
    Ill definately be grabbing a box or 2 ? i can use all those products! Especially that deep conditioner even though i have tons of hair products.. i recently went blonde again after coloring my hair brown and i thrashed my hair trying to go back to blonde again! Oi Vay ? but Thank God for Our Beauty Products!

    • Every box I’ve got from target has been a fushia pink ,heck ide even go for purple at this point

  7. Hoping I DONT miss this months, I’m still so mad I missed Augusts!

    • Is it available yet it now shows nothing about sold out but it doesn’t show u anything allowing you to buy I’m new to this thank u

      • Not yet but should be within a couple of hours.

  8. I checked the ingredient content of the Laneige products peeps think is so great. The ingredients are not good so for me, this box is just ehh. Nothing special. I’ll be passing. Just because a product has a high price does not mean it’s good for your skin. I’m picky about what I put on my skin and how I spend.

  9. I can totally see myself using everything in this box except the lip balms (which will make a great stocking stuffer). I hope I manage to get my hands on this when it comes up.

  10. I think this box looks pretty good. I will use everything and I Love Laniege products. I will definately get 1 if I get up in time 🙂

  11. Does anyone have the coupon code from last months box?

    • Here’s one that expires on 9/3-GTSNMPFN7FDBXML.

  12. I haven’t gotten a Target box in a while. I love this one!! Hopefully I get it before it’s sold out.

  13. Am I the only one holding my breath about potential shipping charges?? ?

    A couple boxes back, when they first started “accidentally” adding shipping, I spoke to several different people in their call center that said Target was indeed going to start charging shipping for these boxes, if your total purchase was below $25, OR if your not a Red card holder (which I’m not.)

    So, it came as no surprise to me that, when last month’s box launched, it did so with shipping charges attached. (in the event that free shipping criteria was not met, which in my case, it never is, as I only buy one box.)

    What has me genuinely confused, though, is that, with both of the past two boxes, the shipping charge miraculously disappeared somewhere around mid-afternoon ?

    I have a conspiracy theory that if a certain amount of boxes aren’t sold within x amount of time, then they revert back to free shipping. Am I alone in this thought process??! Lol

    • Maybe so. I didn’t buy the Harry whatever box because it wasn’t worth it to me to have to pay shipping. Several hours later I looked into it again and was able to buy one with free shipping.

      • YES! I totally forgot about the Harry’s box, but your exactly right! They did it with that one, too!

    • Every CS rep I’ve spoke to has told me it would remain free shipping and acted like it was an error that needed to be corrected and seemed to be fixed once their “correct department” was notified. People seemed to get conflicting info from different reps tho so it’s hard to be certain at this point.

      With that said, I noticed that their shipping errors only seemed to occur during those times that they didn’t populate their site early and now this month they seem to have gone back to it – if you recall we had a couple of “no spoiler” moments because it seemed like they were trying to do something different and wait until last moment for element of surprise or something lol. Anyhow, I’m thinking that may be where the problem was and since they had those issues it went back to the way it was before. If that’s the case then the free ship should work this time as it did in the past AND yay we got sneak peaks 🙂

      On another note…Target gift cards receive free shipping privileges also because it’s considered a “Red card” if you don’t want to do their Credit or Debit Card options.

      • Oooh! Thanks so much for that info, Mattie! I had no idea Target GC’s got free shipping! I’ll definitely get one, and that will solve any potential shipping debacle lol

        And I truly hope your right about them being back to the “usual” system, giving us sneak peeks, etc..Fingers crossed! ?

  14. The mascara is a repeat, as is Laneige. However I love that Laneige cream, and because it’s expensive in the full size, it makes the box worth the cost and then some. Everything else is gravy.

    If it weren’t for the Laneige, and assuming nothing good took its place, I would be skipping this box for the first time in a year! Because of the Laneige, I’ll probably be buying two and putting the rest aside for donations.

    • I just looked at the May box review, which had the Laneige water bank cream, and the value was put at $12.80.

  15. Look away, look away…. too many subs already (plus I prefer my subs to be more “high end” products that I would never get on my own, rather than drugstore products I would just buy when I am in the store).

    • Absolutely! Why bother with stuff you can buy yourself other than getting 1 or 2 products at a substantial discount (like the Lanaige). I buy these boxes for the homeless as donations to give around Christmas. I also use my Ipsy bags to fill and give.

  16. This is a really boring box – an easy pass for me.

    • I thought the same except that my son and I both use the Laneige, and the cost of the box makes it worthwhile, unless of course they price the box too high.
      I’m assuming $5-$7.

  17. I’ll try to get 1 or 2. Want to try the shampoo and conditioners and the face wash. No such thing as too much lip balm. I’ll try almost anything once so I’ll try the Falsies and the Katy Kat mascaras at some point but I already have a couple open now that are good enough to be in rotation. I like Rimmel lipsticks in general, but looking at the colors on line these are all brights. I don’t wear as much bright lipstick anymore because I don’t like maintaining and touching up all the time to keep it looking good. If I have to do touch ups I’d rather wear a dark color more often, especially for fall and winter. I have so many hot pink and reds from boxes I’m actually hoping to get the funky purple ones just for a change! I’ll experiment on the weekend while I’m working around the house with the mascara and lipstick. I’ll look like a glamourous raccoon clown while I’m chasing dust bunnies. Maybe I’ll just scare them away with my look.

    • Haha! I do the same thing with testing new products! I had on the super bright bite lipstick from Sephora the other day & my husband walked in and was like “What’s going on there?” Lol! Totally forgot I even had it on! Horrible shade on me!

      • Oh yes, I’ve gotten few shocked “wow’s” from my husband too. With color items, I will save certain items for weekend trials. I’ll keep it and wear it around the house if I’m not sure about it. I wear a lot of the items I skip for workdays on the weekend. Sometimes I’m surprised and like something more than I expected once I get used to seeing it or get the hang of applying it. Other times, a shade looks intense in the package but applies more sheer and less scary. Even if I don’t care for a color I might like the formula so I find it worthwhile to try to find a way to use the samples I buy instead of judging by the look or type of product(unless it’s a dupe that’s not for me). Plus it’s fun to do something new as a little diversion. 🙂 And who knows, maybe the delivery guys bringing me all these boxes appreciate that I don’t look like a cavewoman when I come to the door!

  18. I really hope the lipstick is NOT the color shown. They always seem to send lipsticks that are really bright or really dark, nothing in the more wearable mid-range. I think they are just trying to get rid of the colors that aren’t selling as well. Ugh.

  19. YAY! Due to my extreme subscription box addiction I already have almost everything in this box! No need to buy 🙂 Still scouting for something new though (sigh)

    • Have you tried Benevolent Beauty Box? I am thinking of picking that up but am on the fence as it is higher than all my other subs. If so, what are your thoughts about that one?

  20. That is my favorite OGX shampoo and conditioner but I just switched. The only other thing that looks interesting is the biore cleanser but for that I’ll just get that. And to beat a dead horse and raise it up and beat it dead again… Worst mascara ever.

  21. If shipping is free, I’ll be getting it. I love Eden!

  22. Passing again. Looks like a nice box.

  23. That water bank has been in a lot of target boxes. I wonder how many lip balms there will be. Probably just one.

    • Yeah, Laneige products are in almost every box! I wonder if they are just not selling well and they are trying to introduce them to customers. I have oily skin, so hydration isn’t an issue for me. I hand some of these over to family and friends who might like them.
      I think you are right that there will only be 1 lip balm in the box, but if they price it $5-7 it will be worth imo.

  24. I don’t know if anyone will read this watched a video that had the mascara on it today and she said it’s wet if u let dry out a little she really liked it. Didn’t look bad on her. I have the same problem with mascaras. They have to be opened and dry out a little for my puny lashes. Hope that might help someone who hasn’t thrown it out yet. Worth a try.

    • I recieved the Pushup Mascara in the Beautycon Box and it was absolutely terrible. My problem was with the brush. It was super huge and chunky, and got mascara everywhere. The bristles are also super spread out, making it super prone to clumps. After several failed attempts at trying to use the mascara, I threw it out.

  25. I’m excited to try *almost* everything. I hope the cleanser is FULL SIZE 🙂

  26. Looks amazing! Cannot wait! My type of box! I LOVE Ogx! Plus, I’m a lipstick lover!

  27. I wonder if they will ever have s langiene only box love there stuff

    • I would absolutely buy that box if it existed. Prob 2.

  28. Not that mascara again! Groan.

    • I know, right!!!!

  29. I, for one, can’t wait to try The Worst Mascara in the World. (I like extremes.)

    • You are awesome!

    • I hear u have to let it dry it up a little today in a review video. She really liked. Did pretty good in her lashes. I have read and hear both opinions. Worth a try to let it dry a little if u do get it. I have to do that for my lashes.

  30. It’s time to start my Christmas shopping… And I love spreading the joy of cosmetics around! I may not like much in these boxes other than the Laneige anymore, but I can name a person for each of the other items! I’ll be buying at least two for gifts alone.

  31. I wanna get this. I’ve always wanted to try that shampoo and conditioner. I was excited about the mascara but now that everyone is saying they hate it.. i dunno.. What is so bad about the mascara?

    • There was alot of bad reviews about the Katy Kat mascara but I love it you can build your lashes and its removes very easy Im looking foward to this box.

      • Thanks. It’s good to hear positive comments, too.

      • i really loved it but it set my eyes on fire looked really awesome for all of 3 minutes then i had to hurry up and get it off… a lot of mascaras do that to me and it sucks.. kind of like that i get to try so many in boxes cause of this..

    • I actually think I got this mascara in my first ever target beauty box. It was VERY CLUMPY and thick on me. I think it depends on what your lashes are like, I know some people love Great Lash Maybelline (it always makes best mascara lists), but it is absolutely terrible on me!!! I think different formulas work for different people, but I have always hated Maybelline mascaras (on me-they just don’t work). It might be fantastic for some…

    • The brush is super chunky and the bristles are really spaced apart, which allows lots of stringy, clumpy lashes! The formula itself is also terrible. I found it to be really liquidy and very smudgey, even after it was dry. : (

      • Thats disappointing. /:

    • I still have high hopes though. Im think I’ll give it a go. I love trying new mascaras since I’ve still never found one that I absolutely can’t live without.

  32. I’m so on the fence about this, I would like to try the lip balm, and shampoo/conditioner

    Absolutely will not try the mascara and lipstick. I would have been all over this box if they had replaced those 2 items with wipes. I’m sure a lot of people would much rather have wipes, which would probably costs target less

    • Agree! Always love getting wipes in boxes. Wish they were included more often. And I’m so tired of these crazy clown lip colors. It’s a pass for me.

  33. I’ll be grabbing 1 or 2 it’s time to start getting those stocking stuffers and extras for the holidays .Plus there will probably be extras for needy people this year since I started doing all these subs

  34. Is the Red Card going to be required for free shipping again? I really don’t need another credit card!

    • The shipping was fixed last month. I got one with free shipping and I don’t have a red card.

    • You could get the target debit it uses your checking. You get free shipping and a 5% discount.

      • I had no idea that they have a debit card too. Thanks so much for the tip!

  35. That mascara is the WORST. It never sets! Without exaggeration, if I sneeze a full hour after I put it on, I end up with raccoon eyes. I feel like Regina George: “Stop trying to make Falsies mascara happen, sub boxes.”

  36. I’ll be skipping this round. I’ve tried that mascara — it’s a no-go for me. And I think I’m the only person on the planet who doesn’t care for the Laneige products. But, looks to be a good value as always — esp with a full size mascara and lipstick.

    • You are not the only one who doesn’t like Laneige products. I personally hate them and I am running out of people to give them to. 😉 How does it help Target sell more if they include it in every box? Those who like it don’t have to buy the full size. They just have to wait for the next box.

  37. Considering that last box coupon expires on 09/03, this box will probably be available this Monday. I’m on the fence. I don’t need more shampoo / conditioner / lipstick / mascara, but I’m curious about the other items. I’ll decide depending on the price + shipping.

    • Yes I thought that too back when I first got the coupon and saw the date. Still fine for me though. I can use them at my local Target which is right down the street, maybe a little too convenient lol.

    • I have not been able to use the coupons on the boxes? Wouldn’t take it the last time I tried? I have had to let them expire I don’t have a store anywhere near me.

      • Are you trying to use the coupon on beauty boxes? You can use the coupon on any beauty purchase $15 or more-any combination of products (shampoo, makeup, etc) online or in the store. If they aren’t working for you, I’d contact customer service and see what’s going on…

        • Thanku I understand now. I appreciate ur time.

  38. HATE the ingredients in the mascara and lipstick but absolutely need those lip balms! Hopefully the organic products and lip balms will be together and at a reasonable price, I will end up with multiple!

  39. I’m gona have to get this one! I love S.W. Basics lip balm!

  40. There are more products on target’s page… Maybe two different boxes to choose from?

    • The products I excluded are from the last Target box, so I’m assuming they won’t be included this time. Hope that makes sense!

      • Oh I see. Thx

  41. The Falsies is a bad mascara, but I’ll grab the box anyway and just gift the mascara to an unsuspecting victim. Everything else looks good, and I love, love, love anything Laneige.

    • Lol at your comment. You never know the unsuspecting may like it! ?

    • Lol!

  42. Depends on price and if it’s mini bottles or foil packets probably, but I’d be willing to try everything except that lip color! I’d pass it on and be content for the right price though!

    • My thoughts exactly
      More bright lip color and mascara (which has bad reviews)!! I see a lot of repeat offenders
      I’ve already tried most of the products in this box and don’t need any of them right now.
      But again it does depend on the price if its 7$ Or under I bite .

      • I always think they price them at $7 so even if you order 2 you still can’t use the coupon. You have to order something more.

        • Except they aren’t always $7. Some have been $5 in the past. And I think some have been $10.

          • Most of the very first boxes were $5, some of the bigger boxes (usually around holidays) are $10, then I think Target figured out they could charge $7 and most people would buy it at that price point. I don’t think it’s necessarily worth it for every box. I keep buying them though :/ haha

  43. I’m surprised to see all positive comments… My first thought is: more shampoo/conditioner, another mascara & another lipstick. All things I have way too much of! Will be passing on this one.

    • I’m totally with you. Another mascara. Another random lipstick. ANOTHER chapstick. I accumulated so many over spring/summer that for the 1st time ever I won’t need to buy a single one this winter. I have lip balms for every coat pocket, the car, home, bf house, etc.

  44. I’ve been wanting to try that lip balm for a while.

    • I love that lip balm! It is the best!!

  45. Can’t wait is it coming out this Monday or Next Monday on the 5th????? I love these and get them everytime they come out. I missed the paper box bonus box that came out during the summer but I have got all the others. Even Harrys shave box for newly shaving teen son. Then someone he watches on YouTube has a code for 3$ box start sub. The Target box came with card for free racers. I use my Target boxes to use as organizers with or without lid on. Like finger nail polishes by color. On a shelf. In cabinets to seperate products. I love recycle or upcycles. They r such good boxes. I keep them and use them. Lol. But nearly no hoarding style I’m too OCD. Thanks for all u do.

    • I use the Target boxes and Allure Beauty boxes to organize my nail polishes by color and organize my samples from subscription boxes. Glad I am not the only one.

    • Good idea! I put a post-it on the Target boxes with a female family member’s name and keep them under the bathroom sink. With SILs, nieces and aunts I’ve got 10 going right now. When they fill up with stuff I don’t want to try I wrap some decorative washi tape around the box, stick a label over the Target logo and pass them out at Christmas.

      • I’m liking this idea ,I had already started one big box but I like this idea even more.Thanks for the great ideas

    • I love using the Target boxes as organizers in the cupboard. I use them to organize what I get from sub boxes, samples, etc. I was bummed when the body wash leaked in one of the men’s boxes I bought in June: had to throw that box out.

      Ulta had Revlon Super Lustrous lipsticks on sale last December for $3 each and I bought every color. Just spent a couple of hours yesterday organizing them by color in one my Target boxes yesterday. 75 lipsticks and a tiny bit of space left for a couple more, if needed.

  46. I SAY I’ll take it or leave it but I’m pretty sure I’ll end up snagging it. I wonder what price point it’ll be?

  47. This is a ton of stuff for one box! Wow – the OGX will have to be foil packets, otherwise I will be shocked.

    • I’m hoping for those little 2 oz. OGX bottles. They’re perfect for trying a new fragrance. I’ll be shocked if it includes the entire set of lip balms, but that would be great, too!

  48. Yup totally grabbing this!! ?

  49. Looks like a really good box this month (yay)!

  50. Looks fantastic. Will be glued to the computer Monday morning!

    • Me too. I love trying different things and I love the sizes of the products. The target boxes for the price have been such a good value.

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