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Birchbox August 2016 Box Reveals Are Up!

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Screen Shot 2016-08-01 at 4.19.23 PM

The Birchbox reveals for August 2016 are up!

Use this link to see what you’ll get from Birchbox this month. (FYI – the reveal worked for one of my subscriptions, but didn’t load for a different subscription account, so you may need to try back later if it isn’t working for you).

What are you getting from Birchbox this month? Here is what I am getting in one of my accounts:

Screen Shot 2016-08-01 at 4.19.05 PM

And if you haven’t signed up yet:


If you haven’t signed up for Birchbox yet:

Screen Shot 2016-07-26 at 9.52.09 AM

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Birchbox is $10 a month, and $110 for an annual subscription. Check out our reviews of Birchbox to learn more about this monthly beauty subscription box!

Full Details: Use code EYEKOGIFT at checkout to receive an Eyeko Fat Liquid Eyeliner with the purchase of a women’s monthly or yearly rebillable subscription. Offer available while supplies last. Your free gift will ship with your first subscription box. Please note that this code is only valid for new subscribers. Redemption of this code for existing subscribers does not guarantee receipt of these promotional items.

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. FYI the Manna Kadar product is a bronzer and highlighter duo….the same one that’s been in every sub this month. I’m interested to try it, but it isn’t something I would purchase for myself, as I have pale skin most of the year.

    I also got the benefit brow pencil, and was super disappointed that it was TINY. Shockingly tiny. But I expect to get several uses out of it, and it was nice to sample it to see if I would purchase it myself (I probably will, it’s awesome).

    The other sample I was looking forward to was the dry shampoo paste. it’s a small pot (it was shown in the sample choice video, so I knew what to expect) but it will last several uses, and is perfect because I had been debating on buying it since the last R+Co product I bought on a whim had been a huge miss for me. I love this product as well.

    Overall, I still think Birchbox is worth the $10, even if they don’t give out points anymore. I get to test out things I’m interested in, and I get repeats of things I really like, so I never actually have to buy them.

    • I also recieved the teeny tiny Benefit brow sample. It is the perfect shade for me, but when I opened the package it was laughable how small the actual pencil is! Glad it’s an amazing product at least ?

    • I got the same Manna Kadar single shadow/highlighter than I got in the July Serendipity box (fantasy was the color, pinkish/goldish shade that is pretty). I guess there are several different versions of what you can get when you got the Manna Kadar dream palette.

    • I also got the tiny brow sample! It is shockingly small. Seriously, you could use a toothpick for scale. I was a little disappointed in the small sample sizes of the hair items. I have long, curly hair and I typically use a lot of product. I received the oil (my pick) and the dry shampoo. I thought I was bummed with this month, but the Acure Wipes, oil, and Manna Kadar are probably worth the subscription price. I got the bronzer/highlighter duo and will probably use it as shadow.

    • I actually got 50 points for reviewing my samples this month! I thought that we would not be getting any more points for reviewing? Not complaining, lol, just confused…

  2. I selected a sample choice and when I did, it said I would be getting it, but it’s not included in my box this month. Is that unusual?

    • yes, just contact customer service. perhaps they ran out of the product?

    • My sample choice wasn’t included either but what i got instead I preferred so I am not complaining but I was wondering about that too!

  3. Aaaahhhhh, I got the curated box because I knew I would like/use everything in it, and I do- BUT now that I’m seeing what everyone else got I wish I’d done sample choice then gotten the curated box as an additional purchase! I told my boyfriend that this has given me FOMO for the first time in my life and that I need 5 subs to Birchbox so I don’t miss a single awesome sample lol. So jealous of all the people getting Oribe and Manna Kadar and stuff 🙂 on the plus side though I absolutely feel like I got my $10 worth, plus some ? need more boxesssssss

  4. Oh no! MORE hair oil!

    I got the manna kadar pallet, hope it’s not beige no color something
    Stila lipstick trio, hope it’s not another pale pink lipstick
    Profile pro hair oil, ugh
    Hey honey trick and treat cream concealer, I don’t wear concealer
    Oribe anti humidity spray…..excited to try this brand

    Didn’t get my pick! Not that it matters, I only picked so I wouldn’t get another hairn oil and I did anyway.

    i think next month I m cashing out my points and cancelling. Bummer. Really thought they’d pick up their game after the points fiasco.

    • Lucky, I would of taken the concealer in a heart beat! Been needing some….instead I get
      a bunch of hair stuff.

      • Lol. One persons garbage is another’s treasures, right? I want shampoo and conditioner, and hairspray samples. 🙂

  5. First time I am getting 5 samples, so boo for that. Thought we always got at least 6 guess I was wrong. However my box is a tad different from what I’ve read so far. I am getting:
    -Manna Kadar Cosmetics Day-Dream Palette
    -Avène Micellar Lotion
    – R+Co BADLANDS Dry Shampoo Paste
    -Beauty Protector Protect & Oil
    – WEI™ Tibetan Chrysanthemum Correcting Eye Treatment Pads (this is the sample I see hasn’t been mentioned yet accept by one person who btw had an amazing box )

  6. I’m not stoked about my box. I kind of wanted the Acure wipes, although I can probably go buy them at Whole Foods. Liz’s box I love!

    Manna Kadar eyeshadow ( I think it’ll only be 1 shadow not the pallet)
    Laura Gellar Lip gloss in cookie dough
    Air Repair completion boosting moisturizer
    Beauty protector Prote t and Repair defang let
    *Oribe Apre Beach Shine Spray

  7. Mine seems okay:
    Manna Kadar Cosmetics Day-Dream Palette
    Acure Organics Coconut & Argan Oil Cleansing Towelettes
    Marcelle Hydra-C 24H Energizing Hydrating Gel
    amika Nourishing Mask – 250 ml
    Beauty Protector Protect & Oil

    Frankly, I can live without any more hair products. I didn’t choose a sample this month but they’re sending the oil anyway. A guest ruined my pillowcases with her hair oil once and so I’m leery of using it :/
    The Hydrating Gel looks the most interesting.

    • Box twins. I’m actually pretty ok with this. Items I can use and WILL use. I’m curious if we are just getting a shadow or what d rom that palette.

  8. I’m getting 2 makeup products in a Birchbox. Finally NO sunscreen!!!

    • I was sick of sunscreen too!

  9. Reveals don’t show up for me. Bummer!

  10. I hit the combined 7 sample & Oribe jackpot:

    -Oribe Gold Lust Transformative Masque
    -Oribe Gold Lust Repair & Restore Conditioner
    -Oribe Gold Lust Repair & Restore Shampoo
    -Beauty Protector oil
    -Vasanti BrightenUp! Enzymatic Face Rejuvenator
    -Marcelle Hydra-C 24H Energizing Hydrating Gel
    -Manna Kadar Day-Dream palette (echoing everyone else on the hope that it’s at least a couple of shades)

    This actually seems totally tailored to my profile, too! For the first time in a while, I’m excited for my BirchBox.

    • You will LOVE the Vasanti Face scrub. It is my absolute favorite thing from all of my subscription boxes. Lucky you!

    • We’re box twins, mine just came in today! Don’t get too excited though, the shampoo and conditioner are each 0.23fl. oz foil packets good for 1 max 2 time use and perhaps you wont run into the same problem but my Manna Kadar palette came damaged (all dust). I hope the remaining samples make up for the damaged MannaKadar (Fantasy shade) and foil packet Shampoo & Conditioner.

      Here are the remaining product specs:
      Beauty Protector Oil (didn’t indicate amount: 0.5oz?)
      Oribe Gold Lust Transformative Masque 0.5fl oz/15ml
      Marcelle Hydra-C 24H 0.24oz/7ml
      Vasanti Brighten Up Enzymatic face Rejuvenator 20g/0.7oz.

      • My Manna Kadar was also crushed. If you email them they will replace it. I think I will just crush it up further and put it in an empty bare minerals pot to use as a loose powder.

  11. I’m super excited for this months box. For the past few month’s I’ve been getting the curated box so I decided to be surprised this month with the exception of my sample choice: Beauty & Protect Oil
    Day-Dream Palette (a couple shades hopefully)
    Stila stay all day in Patina (YAY)-I almost ordered the curated box just to get this!
    Sheamoisture shampoo & conditioner
    Marcelle Hydra-C 24 hr hydrating gel
    Avene cleansing gel

    7 Items! Thank you BB for coming through!!

  12. Seems like most people who stuck this out are new subscribers. I am am wondering if they are doing better boxes this month because so many old timers quit?? Someone below mentioned 7 samples, which they have not done in ages. And it looks like the curated box is still on the site, which, as far as I recall, never happens.

    After 5 years, there is literally zero reason for me to ever give BB another chance – from the tiny, repeating samples to the loss of points to the attitude of the “founder”, I am not missing this and am glad to be spending the money back with Mishibox.

    • I don’t know why Birchbox keeps making themselves open to criticism…they are making it seem like you get 3 lip minis and a full pallate…which, as a long time subscriber (2013), we know is not the case!! I just hope everyone is not too disappointed when their box arrives!!!

    • I am getting 7 samples this month. I also got 7 last month.

    • how do you find the curated box for sale?

    • I got seven samples in one of my boxes last month. This month I’m getting the same box posted here which I’m excited to try. My other two aren’t loading.

  13. Ooooh, I am loving my box this month. I’m getting the Manna pallete, Stila matte lip trio, Shea Moisture super fruits shampoo and creme rinse, Marcelle gel moisturizer, Beauty Protector oil, Avene cleansing gel

    • You know it is not a trio, but one sample- size Stila, right? Don’t want you to be disppointed.

      • Thanks for the heads up! I wasn’t sure. But one is great still 🙂

        • BB has not done full size in years. Boxycharm apparently includes full palettes but I have never subbed to that one!

    • Wow! Your box sounds perfect! I’d love all of those- any tips for customizing my profile? I’m getting the Manna Palette, Organic Pharmacy Enzyme Peel Mask, Marcelle Energizing Hydrating Gel, Beauty Protector Protect and Detangle, Oribe Wave and Shine Spray. I’ll probably use the mask and Beauty Protector spray. Not sure how the wave spray will work in my curly hair or what’s being sampled from the palette, so I’m on the fence about this box…

      • I honestly have no idea how their system works. I have been subbing on/off to BB since my first box way back in Dec 2010 and the samples are just so random. I keep getting mascara or liners. So this month I’m actually happy. The only thing I did fifteenth this month and last month was customize my sample.

    • I am getting the same 7 items, but my Shea Moisture is coconut. I am curious to see what we get with the pallets and Stila.

  14. For the palette, that’s full size ????

  15. My box: R+Co Dry shampoo paste (sample choice), Beauty Protector oil (womp womp), Manna Kadar palette (I already own this), Benefit goof proof brow pencil, & the Acure coconut + Argan oil wipes. This is a really good box, IMO, except for the protector oil. I’m pretty irritated that they advertised 2 *custom* hair products, then just three in an extra of the main sample choices that I didn’t pick for a reason! I’ve gotten this hair oil a couple different times already in mystery sample add-on packs.

    • I am getting the same box! I picked the oil though. Interesting that we get a hair oil and then a dry shampoo to remove oils. I am really hoping the Benefit product is customized to color preferences. I see a light option as a free add on.

  16. *Manna Kadar Day-Dream Palette
    *Stila Matte About You Lipstick
    *R+Co Badlands dry shampoo paste (my sample choice)
    *Oribe Impermeable Anti-Humidity Spray
    *Liz Earle Brightening Treatment Mask

    Might be my best Birchbox yet!!

    • I am getting the same thing!! I was shocked!

      • Me too! Yay for us! 🙂

    • Love your box.

  17. After I seen my preview of my box this month I’m excited. I can’t wait.

    Manna Kadar Cosmetics Day-Dream Palette

    SKINFOOD Black Sugar Mask Wash Off

    Stila Matte About You Liquid Lipstick Trio

    R+Co BADLANDS Dry Shampoo Paste

    Beauty Protector Protect & Oil

    • i’m getting the same box! i’m so excited!

    • Same box…but I have a question?? Is it just one lipstick?? Cuz I think it shows all three for the custom box also and I’m pretty sure they just get one????

  18. I’m pretty excited about my box! I’m getting:

    Manna Kadar Cosmetics Day-Dream Palette
    Marcelle Hydra-C 24H Energizing Hydrating Gel
    Oribe Gold Lust Transformative Masque
    Oribe Gold Lust Repair & Restore Conditioner
    Oribe Gold Lust Repair & Restore Shampoo
    Beauty Protector Protect & Oil
    Vasanti® BrightenUp! Enzymatic Face Rejuvenator

    I also ordered the curated box. I’m happy!

    • Box twin! I’m excited for all of it. Makes up for getting a foil packet of conditioner as one of my samples last month!

  19. so tired of shampoo, conditioner and styling samples!!! as an AA woman, 99% of these products do not work for my hair type (natural or relaxed)!!!
    I’m sticking it out till December and then I’m GHOST!!!

    • I canceled for this very reason. I like some of the samples this month, but I’m hesitant to try again. I really wish we could opt out of receiving hair products if they’re not even going to at least try to go by the profile.

    • Echoing these sentiments! I have a LOT of long, coarse, curly hair. I use a lot of product when I wear my hair curly. The tiny Rene Futurer cream was a little ridiculous. Curlbox has a sale on past boxes. I am tempted to try one… I went with the hair oil this month, but I guess they decided to send along some dry shampoo as well.

  20. I’m getting:

    *Manna Kadar Cosmetics Day-Dream Palette
    *Acure Organics Coconut & Argan Oil Cleansing Towelettes
    *Marcelle Hydra-C 24H Energizing Hydrating Gel
    *Amika Nourishing Mask
    *Beauty Protector Protect & Oil (Sample Choice)

    Why yes, I will be thoroughly moisturized, thank you! 🙂

    • Is the palette full size?

      • BB had not done full size in years. I think the last full size I got was a Laura Geller blush 3 or 4 years ago.

      • I’m pretty doubtful that it will be full size – I’m expecting a very small sample of no more than two shades if I’m lucky.

        I’m actually more excited about the Marcelle Hydra Gel.

      • This was what they said on their FB page- “We’re sampling both an eyeshadow and a highlighter/bronzer!”

  21. I’m really excited about this box!! I’m getting:
    Stila Matte About You Lipstick
    Daydream Palette
    R+Co Oblivion Shampoo and Conditioner
    Oribe Beach Waves Spray(sample choice)
    Hey Honey Concealer
    I also ordered the curated box in the shop. 🙂

    • Nice!

  22. The Manna Kadar palette that everyone is getting will most likely be an eye shadow single or duo from the palette…sooo, not the entire palette lol. Just FYI. I’d love to see the day when BB gives us a whole palette in a monthly box.

    • I’m curious about how they’re doing the samples for this! I already own the palette (thanks to an Ipsy offer several months ago), but I definitely wouldn’t mind having an even smaller & more portable version.

  23. I will be receiving:
    *Manna Kadar Dream Palette – assuming it will be a single pan from the palette
    *Davroe Smooth Senses Anti Frizz Conditioner
    *Davroe Smooth Senses Anti Frizz Shampoo
    *Biorepublic Skincare Aloe Rescue Revitalizing Fiber Mask Set
    *Marcelle Hydra-C 24 H Energizing Hydrating Gel

    I wish I would have gone with the curated box, I hate getting conditioner/shampoo packets in my subscriptions! The most exciting thing about this box is the mask,quite possible this could be my last month.

    • How do you get the curated box? I’m looking, but just don’t see that option. Thanks!

      • At the top of the page you will click on Your Box, and then select Box Customization. From there you are able to choose one of the featured samples with the other items being a mystery, or select the curated box for that month. For some reason I always forget to do this in enough time!

          • This link is to purchase the curated box separately, not as your monthly subscription box.

          • Thanks. It looks like it has to be done within a certain amount of time of the box reveal.

          • Thanks!

    • Box twins. I also picked the Beauty Protector oil. And I ordered the curated box as well. Its looks like a decent month, depending on the size of the items.

  24. I’m getting:

    the Manna Kadar that everyone else seems to have as well
    ProfilePro ultra nourishing oil
    The Organic Pharmacy purifying seaweed mask
    DermaE purifying detox scrub
    Oribe beach wave and shine spray

    I’m shocked. This box actually seems tailored to my profile. I will use everything in it except for maybe the oil. With the exception of the Oribe, which I chose, nothing is a repeat. Nothing from the BIrchbox Big Five Brands that they seem to send me every month, either. Man, I hope this is the start of a new trend and not some happy fluke.

    • Great box! I love receiving the Oribe products 🙂

  25. I’m getting the palette, REN plumping emulsion. Avene micellar lotion, some hair oil stuff and the shampoo paste (my sample choice).

    All in all not too bad. Better than I was expecting based on the sample choices and the curated box choice. I’m interested in the plumping emulsion although it sounds similar to the REN “beauty shot,” the shampoo paste is a completely new product to me so that follows the spirit of sample boxes, I can never have too much micellar lotion and depending on what form the palette sample takes it could be a good one as well. The hair oil doesn’t excite me but you can’t win them all.

  26. So the link is working for me today and I am super excited:
    – Manna Kadar Cosmetics Day – Dream Palette (A palette!!)
    – R+Co Badlands Dry shampoo paste (selection choice)
    – Balance Me congested skin serum
    – Beauty Protector Protect & Oil
    – Vasanti Brighten up Enzymatic Face Rejuvenator

    So excited, I got the curated box as well. 🙂

    • It is not going to be a full pallette.

  27. Mine finally came up. I am getting:

    * Manna Kadar Cosmetics Day-Dream Palette
    * COOLA® Mineral SPF 30 Daydream™ Makeup Primer
    * Acure Organics Coconut & Argan Oil Cleansing Towelettes
    * R+Co BADLANDS Dry Shampoo Paste (my pick)
    * Oribe Après Beach Wave and Shine Spray

    I am most excited about the palette and the paste.

  28. I am pretty happy this month. Was getting very close to cancelling this one. Think I am going to stick it out to see if it keeps getting better 🙂 Here’s what I am getting:

    Avène Cleanance Cleansing Gel for Face and Body
    Oribe Après Beach Wave and Shine Spray
    Benefit goof proof brow pencil
    ProfilePRO® Ultra Nourishing Oil
    Manna Kadar Cosmetics Day-Dream Palette

    So curious about the size on the palette!!!

  29. Yay! Mine is working now too!
    – Manna Kadar Day-Dream Palette (probably just an eyeshadow single)
    – Stila Matte About You liquid lipstick
    – Davines Your Hair Assistant blow-dry primer
    – Davines Your Hair Assistant Prep mild cream
    – Davines Your Hair Assistant Prep shampoo
    – Acure Organics coconut & argan oil cleansing towelettes
    – WEI Tibetan chrysanthemum correcting eye treatment pads

    For the first time since I became a subscriber I didn’t pick a sample. I just wanted to see what would happen, and I’m very happy with the result! I’m sure at least two (if not all three) of the Davines samples will be foil packs, but I’ve been wanting to try this brand, so I’ll take them. 🙂

    • This is my box, too, and I am excited! Also my first time skipping sample choice and I am so glad I did. Hoping the shampoo isn’t a foil.

  30. Mine finally worked! I’m getting:

    – Manna Kadar Day-Dream Pallette
    – Hey Honey Trick and Treat concealer
    – Benefit Goof Proof Brow Pencil
    – Bumble and Bumble oil primer
    – Oribe Beach Wave Spray

    • Box twins! Actually really excited for this one!

      • Me too!! I love every item!!

    • Yes! I’m getting the same. Was so close the cancelling but decided to stick it out until the end of my year sub and now I’m really looking forward to this box. Do you know if the color that’s listed for the Brow Pencil is the one we’re actually getting? Mine says “Light” and my brows are pretty dark!

      • I’m getting this box too! My brow pencil also says light. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see. *ugh*

  31. I bought the curated box separately and received it yesterday. But the Marcelle BB cream was completely empty… not a drop of product in the tube. Anyone else have this issue? I’m going to contact CS bc I do want to try it out and I’m sure they’ll fix it, but it’s just weird.

  32. Mine is showing this morning. I’m glad because last month it didn’t show for a very long time. Like the second week of the month.

    I’m getting:
    *Manna Kadar Cosmetics Day-Dream Palette
    *Stila Matte About You Liquid Lipstick
    *R+Co Badlands Dry Shampoo Paste
    *Beauty Protector Protect & Oil :/
    *Vasanti BrightenUp! Enzymatic Face Rejuvenator

    I have to say I’m not disappointed this month. I was very close to cancelling but I’ll stick around a while longer to see if things continue to improve. Would be nice to get the entire palette or the entire lip trio with bag. If birchbox started giving “samples”, even just one every now and then, that were full size it would really help them. Would definitely help makeup for the discontinuing of points.

  33. Birch box really hit it out of the park this month for me. I picked the oil but got 7 total products this go round!

    A near perfect palette, Oribe shampoo, conditioner, and mask, a brightening cleanser and vitamin c energizing moisturizer. I’m so glad I didn’t go with the curated box.

  34. Ooh, me! Finally! Curated looked ok, but I didn’t love everything so hoping to be pleasantly surprised, which I was!

    My pick was the beauty protector oil, plus I also got:

    -Manna Kaddar Day-Dream Palette
    -Davroe Smooth Senses Shampoo & Conditioner
    -BioRepublic Skincare Aloe Rescue Revitalizing Fiber Mask
    -Marcelle Hydra-C 24H Energizing Hydrating Gel

    So actually really like my box!

    • Box twin! I’m very happy about this box with the exception of the palette, however, seeing that everyone seems to be getting it, it wasn’t like they just randomly threw it into my box. A few of my previous boxes have felt like that.

  35. Has anyone who DIDN’T get the curated box seen theirs yet?

    • Had trouble on my phone, earlier, but worked just now on my computer. In the past, I’ve sometimes found mine doesn’t work when Liz first posts this, but does in 12-72 hours after the post.

  36. I put my BB on hold as I spent my disposable income on Henry Rollins tickets. I’m going to miss it. Enveryone enjoy your BB for me.

    • Enjoy Henry for me! (Super Cool!) 🙂

    • Henry Rollins is WAY better than tiny tubes of lotion. You win!

    • I am so jealous!

    • Thanks all. I’ve been waiting years for him to come to Boston. I’ll need binoculars, but I’ll be wearing my BB goodies.

      • Oh! I’m in Boston too. Where are you seeing him? I saw him at Berklee’s auditorium…but now that I think about it, it was probably more than “a few” years ago.

        • The Wilbur on Tremont. October 29.

    • Love Henry! Saw him a few years ago– well worth the missing out of the BB!

  37. Mine didn’t load either.

    • Mine finally loaded and says I’m getting the curated box. I made a sample choice of something else & the lip product is the only thing of use to me. BUMMER again Birchbox.

      • That seems really weird. I would email them about that.

  38. Anddddd i still havent received my July box ????

    • **update **
      spoke to customer service today and was told i was NOT getting my july box (even though it was paid for on time without any issues) anf that my fee would be waived for august’s box..
      either way ive cancelled this sub box..
      they gave me a horrible runaround all of july ?????

  39. Is that the Marcelle golden glow AGAIN?

  40. Hey, there’s that eyeliner we all never recieved after it was promised. Again.


    • Ha! Exactly what I was thinking.

  41. I wish their website worked with Safari. Every month it’s a pain trying to click on links 🙁

  42. I’m getting the same box as Liz ,I wanted to try the lip product and the two hair items in it .Looks like a great box

    • Isn’t that one the curated/featured box?

      • Yes it is

  43. Mine isn’t showing either

  44. I got excited until I remembered that I chose the curated box this time ?

    • I went Curated this month, too. It’s my third Birchbox and there was some stuff in it that I wanted to try and didn’t want to chance not getting (even with one product being a dupe from my box last month—may give it to my mom and let her try it).

    • Haha me too! Reveals and spoilers are my favorite part! I’m glad I got the curated box though because it looks pretty good & I need more BB cream! I just received my July box today along with the Piece of Cake LOC eyeshadow set I bought with my points & 3 amazing boxes from Glossybox’s 3 for 1 sale! I have toooooo much stuff now!! I’m glad I passed on Target this morning & I’m thinking about cancelling BB or watching the curated boxes to see if I want it or not…

  45. Mine won’t load 🙁

    • Given that Liz’s screenshot is a featured box, I wonder if maybe they’re only up for those of us that picked that one? Mine worked, but I also went that route this month. I’m sure yours will be up soon! Hope they picked some awesome products for you!

  46. I’m glad I cancelled. After many years with BB I’ve become quite bored with them. Esp. with no points now 🙁

  47. OMG…the Stila item is a trio! That just got me so excited that I chose the featured box for this month because even ONE of the Stila liquid lipsticks had me leaning towards it (and a couple of the other products like the hair products and the wipes, but I’m such a lip product junkie that it did make a big difference) even though I got the Marcelle last month and was kind of…indifferent to it. (Didn’t hate it, but it also didn’t wow me either. Tarte’s tinted treatment BB cream has spoiled me, lol.)

    But anyway. It’s three liquid lipsticks AND a little bag! That just made me even more excited for this box.

    • No, you get one of the three lipsticks, no bag. The full set is the kit that’s $20 in the shop.

      • On my reveal page, it’s listed as a trio…ah, well! That’s not a bad price for three. If I like it, I may use what points I have earned and pay the difference for the full set.

        Sometimes I wish the pics were of the actual samples, lol.

        • The reveal page shows the full size of what you got samples of – makes it easier for you to order them if you want after trying out the sample.

    • i’m pretty sure it’s just one lipstick, not three and a bag you can probably buy that trio separately.

      • Yeah, you can…and if I like it well enough, I may. $20 isn’t a bad price for that, considering the full size ones are $24 each. I’ll have to see if Stila has a liquid lipstick holiday set at Ulta, also. I hit Platinum a couple of weeks ago and have been saving points. I’m almost at 1800 right now.

    • You will not get three, just the one they showed in the video. When they offer samples from a set, they always show pictures of the whole set in the reveal rather than just the one product.

      • I know they do, lol. I’m rewatching Lorelai’s reveal video because I can’t remember if she specifically named which shade it was.

      • And she did—it’s Patina, which is definitely a shade I’d pick for myself.

  48. Yay!

    Or not. Mine isn’t up yet. Shucks.

    • Mine, either.

      • Mine still hasn’t shown up- anyone else’s? ????

        • Mine either. I didn’t select sample choice, so maybe that’s why.

          • I didn’t either, hopefully it shows by tonight :l

          • I selected a sample and I can’t view mine either ?

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