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Allure Beauty Box September 2016 FULL SPOILERS + Coupon!

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Allure Beauty Box Spoilers

We have FULL SPOILERS for the September 2016 Allure Beauty Box!  (Thanks for the head’s up, Jill!) Each box will include:


What do you think of the full September 2016 Allure Beauty Box spoilers?

This box is regularly $15 a month, but you can use this link to save $5 off your first box.

Check out our reviews of past Allure Beauty Boxes to see what you can expect with this subscription!

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. Ooooooh I better get this box, I’ve been with Allure for 3 years and with the recent change they’ve been giving me the runaround for the past two months and no boxes, so if I miss this one I will be very pissed. They clearly do not know what they are doing at Allure. Ugh

    • I am so upset I didn’t get the estee lauder or the mascara just the primer. I was looking forward to the Estee Lauder the most out of this box. Let me know if you got one?

      • Hi Liz, they sent most of us no mascara or Estee Lauder. We’ve been calling customer service because some subscribers received apology emails stating the missing items would be mailed out. I called and they agreed to send theme (only after I mentioned the emails and that others were being told by CS that they’d mail them on the 16th)! I recommend asking for the agents name and Rep # as I’ve been told before they’d send out missing items only to call again and find out there’s no notes on my account. I am cautiously optimistic, but based on past performance, I doubt they’ll correct their error with everyone. Best of luck, I hope you get a good, NICE representative!

        • thanks for this info, I am going to call too – got my box today
          8 items vs 6 items is not right – the estee lauder eye serum is the best item in the box

          • I didnt get either of those 2 items either. Just realized when I came back to re-read the spoilers 🙁

  2. I luuuuuurve this box! Last two months were a little meh for me, but this is better. I don’t mind seeing the same brands as long as it’s different products. I love the Bvlgari scents so it’s a treat for me and the Purvis the milk cleanser smells great 🙂

    • I feel the same way and I don’t mind the same brands and as long it’s different products to do different things. Allure is one of my favorite beauty boxes. I can’t wait till I get this month box.

  3. I’m excited about the Orly polish. Sounds like it might be similar to a Julep formula. (And hopefully I will get it & not an elf brush this time, lol)

    • I was soooo not pleased with my elf brush last month..

      • At first I was disappointed with the Elf brush they sent too, but then I tried it with one of the Colourpop blushes I have in my stash and now I’m glad it’s useful. I hate applying that blush with my fingers, it would always smudge my foundation. So that brush has been handy.

        • I agree…I use my ELF brush w/ my Kardashian bronzer. I was initially disappointed by not receiving the Mally liner, but I purchased the Pixi eye bright liner and I’m absolutely loving it! I hope they send out alternatives this month.

          • *I hope they DONT send out alternatives this month* sorry! If they DO it will be my last month.

          • I didn’t even recieve an alternative item. I emailed them and they told me that since it was my first box and I ordered after they shipped that they had run out of the products. It would have been nice to know beforehand, and they didn’t wanna fix it at all.

  4. I am seriously drowning in eye cream. I’ve only been getting allure for 4 months and have already received eye creams from them three other times. So after this month it will literally be 5 in 4 months! (And that’s not even mentioning the ones I’ve gotten in other boxes.)

    • Or I think maybe only 4 in 4 months- but STILL.

      • I’ve heard eye cream is amazing for your hands? Can help with the signs of aging there. So if you have more then your eyes can handle, can always use it for that! 🙂

        • Hi Jess thanks for the great tip! It makes sense because the skin on our hands is thin like the eye area. I use eye cream around my forehead also. Bottom line I can never have too much of it ?

        • I’ll try that! Thanks for the tip 🙂

        • Thanks for sharing it. I am definitely trying that! Water here is Saint Louis has lots of chlorine, my hands really aged since I moved here. I have filters in my showers to help with that.

    • My polish is purple which is my favourite color so I’m happy with that. I’m glad I didn’t get that nude color.

      • Hope I get purple also and the primer

  5. Yay! finally getting a lash primer!

    • I’m excited for the primer too! I never knew what I was missing until I got one from Glossybox it makes a big difference ☺

      • Me too I love lash primer

        • It seems like people are getting either the primer or the mascara on Instagram, not both as suggested in the spoiler. Has anyone received both? My box hasn’t arrived yet.

          • I think most people got the primer, but some people called or messaged them and they sent out both and the extras that were promised. I was stalking the allure BB hashtag on Insta and I didn’t see anyone with the Estee Lauder serum, did you see anyone get it?

  6. I have been happy with Allure, but the last two boxes have been a little disappointment for me. For July box, I live nowhere near Nordstrom store, so I wasn’t able to get that sample (thank you for those who went to the store told us that it was small and didn’t have color selection to make us feel better). Then August, I got the tiny Burberry instead of the full sized Mally. I wrote to the customer service about both – seems they passed along my message to the home office – not sure if they will change in the future.
    For September, this looks like a promising box if we get all, but I am getting a little tired of repeated brands. This is the THIRD Bvlgari perfumes this year and lost count on Pur-lisee products, lol. Even though I like both, I thought company like Allure has a better access to many more different brands. I will keep it for a few months to see if they improve the brand selection. I think Play! by Sephora does a great job because I have received many brands that I have never used before.

    • I agree. I’m getting tired of this box. Think it’s time to move on to something else.

      • I agree. I suspended my box after the lackluster August box, but they billed me for this crappy September box. Seriously POed.

  7. So this’ll be my 3rd month. 1st month used the coupon but last month was charged $16.70. Anyone else? Is that tax?? Just curious because I see everyone else saying $15.

    • Yes ma’am – sales tax. Mine usually came out to $16.05, I think.

      • Same here re the tax when I was still subbed.

    • Yeah I get charge $16.70. My guess is there is a tax

    • Yes it’s tax ,according to where you live

  8. I ordered another sub of this. I really want 1 more of this month’s box lol

    • Be careful. During the May box debacle they cancelled duolicate subscriptions with the same address without ever letting you know. Check your bank. Better if you have someone else you can send the box too and pick it up there.

      • Why do they cancel both accounts. Lol I thought it aS a mistake and signed both up again lol

  9. Glad I skipped. I’m so over eye treatments, Purlisse, and Super Goop, and I have two other Bulgari perfumes from Allure that I never use.

  10. Is it too late to skip this? Sooo sick of Purlisse and eye creams. I haven’t used up the last samples of those. And I have more mascara than I know what to do with.

  11. I LOVE this sub….but, just cancelled yesterday.

    My credit card usage was getting out of control and I need to put on the brakes for a while. I am going to miss out on that adorable mini and would have loved to try the lash primer.

    Darn you and your spoilers, Liz. :/

    • You can have my Mini. I do believe I’ve received this perfume before, the scent was to strong for me.

      • Aww, thanks Bonny but you don’t have to do that. 🙂

  12. I think this will be my last. I really hated that perfume. We already got that this year. I agree with many others that Allure boxes are not what they used to be. Sorry Allure!

  13. Definitely skipping this month. Not a single thing I want in this box.

    • Same here. Glad its not just me and even more glad I broke up with them last month.

  14. Purlisse again….

  15. I love Allure, you get to try super expensive products for only $15.00 a month!! LaMer, Estee Lauder among them, so I am very happy with my subscription.

  16. OK ladies so I’ve been a subscriber for over a year and must say we get a great box then the next few aren’t so great in my personal opinion but just can’t beat the $15 to try new products…trust me looking at this box it doesn’t excite me at all! However I thought the same thing last month and let me tell you that wet brush & Supergoop setting mist have become my very best friends lol love them! Even tho I was really angry about the Mally highlighter which I really wanted and we were all made to believe that’s what we were getting till the last moment (I received the Burberry item which was extremely small and when I say extremely small I mean like 1x use small haha and just glad I got that over the stipple brush that would have made me very mad haha) but all in all Allure is still in terms of value and various different items still the best in my opinion. I get Allure, Ipsy, Target & Walmart (seasonally walmart) and I look forward to Allure each month but I must say the past few months I haven’t been excited about…until I try the items and some have surprised me 🙂 I would have never tried a setting mist before and I tell you what I love it now and made a huge difference in this harsh august heat! Also I started using mascara primer about 6 months ago and it’s a life saver to me…fyi to the lady that asked someone else I apply my mascara primer same time I apply my face primer to let it dry a few mins and then after my other Makeup do mascara last and it really does make a bug difference for me because am blonde and don’t have long lashes at all lol but the primer for me creates beautiful lashes anyone who hasnt tried it deffinately give it a try from this box may surprise yourself with it :). Also every month I say am going to put this box on hold and never do because am deathly afraid I won’t get the box I really want that month with all the issues I read with others…so that’s why I started actually testing the products and have found some life changing gems I normally even pick up in the store.

    • What a long comment, Kris! I totally agree. Allure doesn’t excite people always but their products are usually very useful. I buy full-sized ES eye serums regularly so the small sample doesn’t suprise me that much. But it is a good product and I’m always happy to have more of it. Wouldn’t mind if there is one in every month’s box, so I don’t need to pay for the full size lol. And the sample sells at some $16 on ES’s website, so technically this item alone covers the cost of the box. Maybe I’m just looking for suitable products rather than always looking forward to trying out new things.

      • And I reaaly like the ingredients of the purlisse cleanser. I haven’t tried it out so I’ve no idea whether it will work wonders, but from their website the ingredients of it are very gentle yet effective. It’s paraben, sulfate AND soap free. There are so many fancy, expensive saop based cleansers that I’m tired of. I’m looking forward to this box.

        • I use s lot of the Purlisse brand items and the Avene and so I’m thrilled about this month. I’ve got this cleanser in my shower now I believe and it’s almost gone. It makes a great quick grab cleanser when you want something basic and not harsh, I have sensitive dry skin and it is really nice. If I’m not doing a good exfoliating scrub (yay dead dry skin.) then this and Fresh’s Soy cleanser or First Aid Beauty’s cleanser are my go to’s.

          Avene I have now accumulated 3 full size items after trying many samples, their gel texture moisturizer I can’t live without. Glad to try an eye item from them!

  17. Not to complain but I selected the curated box from Birchbox this month and it also has a mascara and the same supergoop lip shine 🙁
    I only want to stockpile items I love

    Any one know how primer works with waterproof mascara?

    • The same thing almost happened to me! I’m so glad I happened to look at this before taking the custom box which was my plan.

    • Primer and wp mascara work fine for me, I use it all the time without any issues.

    • You can still change your Birchbox selection – you just have to do it on the mobile app.

  18. I am excited to try everything in this box. Even though we have received Purlisse products before(and I have loved them), I have never tried their cleansing milk. It will be perfect to try as I am now using their moisturizer and eye serum. Also eye creams and serums are some of my favorite products to try, maybe because I am older than many subscribers, but it is an important step in my routine, so I am excited to be receiving two new eye products this month. I prefer boxes that are skin care heavy as opposed to mainly makeup, so my favorite boxes have become this one and BeautyFix. If you prefer makeup centric boxes, I think Boxycharm is your winner. I subscribed for almost a year, and now have enough palettes, lip products, and eyeliner and mascara to last ten years(although it will expire before then). I had to cancel Boxycharm, because although it was a good value, there was just too much makeup.

    • I agree; I love the skincare and eye creams/serums. I don’t use much make-up and it is subtle when I do. So all of the black liners and mascaras go to my niece.

  19. I’m liking this box. For me, there are some repeats, however overall (as always) it looks good. I could do without a perfume, but I don’t think they send them out too often. I do have a Bvlgari from a previous box, so I’ll be gifting this one.

    As far as the box content goes, this sub is one of my favs.

  20. Glad I cancelled a few months ago. I see no reason to resubscibe to this box. To many repeats, tired of Purlisse and Bvlgori and eye creams.

    There are so many brands why are the same brands being repeated? I thought Allure would be different.

  21. While Allure is generally very worth it in terms of value, I am getting bored of the same brands for continuous months (I looked into my slash and realized all my Purlisse is from Allure). It’s okay since I don’t mind the scent, but I can imagine how frustrating it is for those who can’t use the brand for whatever reason, and receiving it month after month!

  22. This box looks good. Way better than Ipsy, Birchbox, Sephora Play. I LOVE mini perfumes!!!!

    However, more purlisse? I’ve got a whole stockpile of this stuff now! If anyone wants to take it off my hands, please let me know!

    • I would gladly help you get rid of your purlisse!

    • I would be happy to oblige you!

  23. Whew, Glad I cancelled.

  24. Love Allure. $15.00 well spent. 🙂

  25. I actually like this box. I like that Allure sends products I wouldn’t normally go out of my way to try so I’m excited about the lash primer/mascara duo. I hope I get that exact color of nail polish! – it’s a really pretty nude for fall which is right around the corner. Strange (in a good way) they’re sending 2 eye products but I guess it makes a good day/night combo. A lot of products in this box, so no complaints for $15!!

  26. Familiar with each brand within the box but haven’t tried any of those particular products so it’s a win for me in terms of subscription sample boxes. I can’t say I’m overly excited but the value is certainly there and this gives me a chance to try some new things that I haven’t already received. A nice reminder of why I originally signed up 🙂

  27. I’m going to suspend my subscription this month and see how it goes. Nothing this month is grabbing my attention. I need to work through my stash anyway.

    • Good luck with that, when I tried to do that, it messed up my whole account! Allure did make up for it, but not really sure I would do it again!

      • I’ve suspended before, in my experience never had any problems if you reopen it about the middle of the month. If you wait till end of the month or beginning it will mess up the account.

        • ^this. Same for me without any problems when I suspended before I finally cancelled.

      • I’m afraid to suspend my account! I have been told THREE times I will receive a gift EACH for the two people I signed up (who are still subs even after the April fiasco) and so far-nothing! Not even an email.
        Not excited about the last box-but solid brands I enjoy so far.
        Is it better to just cancel then re-up?

  28. I hate getting perfume. They just sent me A little box of 4 bvlgari perfume vials as a “thank you for being a subscriber” gift. I will never use any of it. This box just isnt doin it for me. Meh.

    • I got the same one!!! They all smelled like old lady to me ?

      • Exactly. I’m an “old lady” and I hate them Gaggy smell.

    • Really? How do you get thank you gifts lol…I’ve been a subscriber a year and a half and have never gotten anything so just curious? Thanks 😉

      • It was for new subscribers

        • Huh. I was a brand new subscriber for a few months until last week and never got anything. There must have been some cutoff period or something. Just as well since I can’t wear that brand anyway.

      • Seems random. I’ve recieved emails stating I’d be receiving a gift and it would never show up and when I called customer service I was told it’s a mass email not everyone gets it.

    • why don’t you sell it on ebay? That’s what I do with the stuff I don’t want. or give it away if you’re feeling kind.

  29. So Allure has time for the September box but not to send my August box??

    • same here been trying to figure out where mines at and all they can tell me is go to usps and fill it out but when you go back and ask them the shipping date to fill it out they cant tell you… i had them stop payment and everything til my box is found

    • Same here, Marie! I’m going to call the 800 # today. I’m tired of getting the run around from the chat representatives.

    • Have not got my August box either they say its still at warehouse waiting to be shipped they took the money the 2nd of august! And have not shipped? I canceled no excuse to not ship.

    • After a month of run-around, I finally got ahold of a person on the 29th of August that told me that there was a problem with the distributor and the August box will be shipping after the September box. So she assured me that it would ship, and that the September box would arrive on schedule.

      I was like, Um….. Don’t you think it would have been a good idea to let everyone know that? The amount of time you could have saved on Customer Service calls alone, just by sending a mass email explaining that, would have been massive. I don’t understand why a company the size of Glamour/Allure in this day and age can’t be bothered to send a explanatory email to ease their customer’s minds about money that has been taken out of their account with no product shipped in return.

      The number of subscribers they lose because of not communicating must be insane. And it sucks, because of all the subscription services I subscribe to, I enjoy the Allure Beauty Box the most.

  30. Looks like a lot of items!!! Two full size and a perfume mini (not a vial). Allure is awesome. Ipsy had too many brands I’ve never heard of. Birchbox was a joke for me – tiny samples and too many of the brands sent only sold on their website?!? I’m still on the fence with Sephora which is better than birchbox and ipsy because they offer high end brands and a bonus perfume vial, and I like the video/pamplet/play date option (though I’ve never done a play date) showing you how to use the products. But Allure will always be my first and favorite.

    • What’s the other full-size item besides the polish?

      • My fault, from the link and $20 value, I thought the 1 oz. cleanser was considered full size. Still an amazing box for $15.

      • My fault, I thought the $20 cleanser was full size.

  31. This looks like a great box! I’ll use everything except the mascara. Allure is always a hit for me.

  32. Gotta say, I am so glad that I put my account on hold. I just couldn’t quite pull the trigger to cancel, but I probably would have if I had gotten this box. It just…doesn’t interest me. I much prefer makeup to face products I can’t use, and definitely to perfume! I’m glad there are other people really excited though! Lol I think I will follow this post just to see if drama emerges. Hopefully not, but i’s been a wild ride so far!

    • BTW that cleansing milk is very nice, as long as you are okay with scented products. I bought it a while ago as part of a kit deal, and when I’m done with my current cleanser, I will use that up next.

  33. This box totally ROCKS! Super excited! So very glad the Purlisse is not a lotion! Hope I get all that is in that box!

  34. I will be trying to swap for the perfume mini! Bvlgari is one of my favorite brands. I would resub, but aside from the Estee lauder eye serum, which is ok and I already have a stockpile of, I wouldn’t want anything else and I still have pur-lisse untraded in my swap box.

    • I would be more than happy to trade you the Bvlgari perfume for any type of Purlisse product. I love their stuff. All the Bvlgari perfumes I’ve ever tried turned “old lady” on me. They just don’t work with my body chemistry.

    • I would gladly trade the perfume for any Purlisse.

  35. I’m really quite surprised at the positive comments about this box so far. I’ve subbed since may and have been terribly disappointed month after month. Allure and I are just not a match. I’m so glad I unsubbed in time to not receive this box.

  36. Purlisse includes that cleansing milk for free with any purchase you make from them ? I have two. I hate receiving things I would get for free anyways. Cheap!!!

  37. I still have not received my August box. So I just can’t get excited for September yet.

    • Totally agree. Still waiting for August!!!

    • Same!

  38. Bulgari Omnia is my favorite perfume of all time – yay!

  39. I’m wondering if I sign up today, will I receive September’s box?

    • Doubtful. They say first available box, which in the past has been a month or two later.

    • Possibly, I signed up mid august and received the august box!

      • Same for me back in June.

  40. The only thing I’m interested in is the perfume mini… I think I’ll just swap for it.

  41. I gotta say I can’t really complain about the box for the price point. i adore the the little perfume bottle so that’s a hit for me and the rest is just bonus for me. I kinda hope the nail polish, if we do get it, is a decent shade, the one shown is kinda meh for me.
    I’ve been subbing since 2 boxes before the Foreo box and while that one was the best I can’t pinpoint a really bad box or a super good box other than the Foreo one. I always use a couple of the items and the rest swap easily enough.

    • I think it’s just a treatment and not a color. Not positive but that’s what it sounds like.

      • No there are colors…they sell it at ulta.

  42. Nothing exciting for me in this box. like many others this box is disappointing for me, the boxes seem to be going downhill at a rapid clip – I’m not afraid of cancelling but I keep hoping it will improve so I will give it till the end of the year, I’m tired of the Purlisse in every box.

    • I’m allergic to an ingredient in the pur-lisse and why is it in every box?? That’s annoying. I’ll prob use and enjoy most of the other products though.

    • I so agree with you. I’m over pur-lisse. I loved the pur-lisse eye serum but this is getting weird! I also agree with another saying they haven’t seen a good box sense the FOREO and to be honest I didn’t even care for that much but it was way worth the price. Before that was January, the red carpet and one other which I think was February that I thought I loved this box. The January was full of makeup and maybe drugstore but good stuff actually and we got an extra not in the book 2x making it exciting. The free red carpet was a wow moment but now I just feel like we are getting hand me downs that allure has an over abundance of and needs to get rid of. I had high hopes that they where just trying to cut subs cause they have to many but they also took away Allure freebies. I am still hoping for a comeback box. I think I might go on hold this month to give it time. I’m glad they let us know before the first. I was also sad about the Mally product last month. I ended up with a Burberry glow but it’s so tiny. I did enjoy the cargo liner and the wet brush but this box I truely see nothing as I can’t use perfume at all due to migraines. So frustrated! Thank you Liz so much for the early info so I can put this box on hold till they get it together again! Allure is huge and could do so much better than this! On and my last point is the last 2 boxes came so late it’s just a loose loose right now for me.

      • It’s supposed to be editor curated but I feel like they’re just throwing together whatever.

  43. This is a bit of a miss for me. There isn’t one item in there that excites me, but I have a tremendous fear of canceling Allure. There’s no such thing as separation from Allure: you’re either in it till death do us part, or you’re divorced with no hopes for reconciliation. Sigh.

    • I feel exactly the same. The last couple boxes have been kinda “meh” for me, but I have this feeling that there’s no going back if I cancel. I keep waiting for it to get better.

    • LOL! nicely put. 😀

    • You can put your sub on hold. I did mine last night. You have to do it before they charge, I think on the 1st.

  44. I may not be in the majority here, but i LOVE pur-lisse and supergoop products! Can’t get enough of them. Such a win for me. I’m more surprised there is two eye serums. hmm.. At least they are both great brands so no complaints!

    • I like both brands a lot also and am always happy have them in my collection!

      I have nothing bad to say about Allure – even with the “bad” June box in which they promised me replacements that I never got, I still have overwhelmingly positive feelings about it. I always get my $15 worth.

      As for this box, no different. I didn’t care for the previous Bvlgari perfume that I got in, April(??), so that’s the only item I’m “meh” about. I do like to get perfumes to try them out and I appreciate this is a good sized sample and not those tiny vials.

  45. This is the first Allure box that looks a bit disappointing (I’m 5 months in so far). Lash primers always make me roll my eyes (pardon the pun). Who has time to deal with that AND mascara? The other products just don’t excite me at all…. the nail polish will be given away.

    I realize every box won’t be a home run, and I’ve been really pleased with past boxes. Looking forward to see what October brings 🙂

    • A couple weeks ago I would’ve been meh about the white lash primer but I recently got NikkieTutorials&TooFaced set that included purple BTS mascara and you can barely see the color. I’m excited to try it over the white base, hopefully it will be more visible!!

      • I’m one of those people who has time for primer,I received a sample in one of my subs and it’s been a godsend .After chemo I have barely there eyebrows and very little eyelashes .With primer( Blink) I now have eyelashes that I can see and admire.So I’m always happy to get more

        • Toni, I’ve always wanted to try a lash primer so I’m happy to read your review. Do you apply one wick coat? Is there a need to wait until dry or can you immediately apply mascara?

          • Hi Alyce,I apply one coat of primer then use my mascara right after ,I’ve never had to give it drying time .

      • I started using Wet ‘n Wild’s eyelash primer – also a white primer- a month or so ago and it’s life changing (I mean seriously, it’s like $3 and an extra 2 seconds in my routine). I have really STRAIGHT fine lashes and the primer helps them get some shape and length. I love it!

        • Toni & Amber P. – Haha okay I guess lash primer can be useful, and I’m glad it’s been a positive product for you! I’ll give it another try when I have a chance 🙂

  46. Omg love it o hope we all do get everything. I never do ?

    • My thoughts exactly. Box looks good, I’m excited however fearful of the substitutions that seem to be sent instead of listed products. By this time they should know how many they need and handle according.

    • I got my box and I didn’t get the Estee Lauder night repair eye cream, which is very disappointing. So I’m not sure if you get either the estee lauder eye cream or the Avene physioLift ( which I recieved). I did get everything else and my nail polish is purple( which is to my liking).

      • I didn’t get the Estee lauder or the mascara. So that wasn’t guaranteed either. I really wish this box didn’t do any variation.

  47. This box is full of items I’ll actually use, but am I the only one with a TON of Purlisse Products? Seems like every box has either that, supergoop and Juice Beauty. Maybe I subscribe to toooooo many boxes? No… not possible.

  48. Omg, I’m so excited for this box!!! This may be my favorite yet! I don’t know how they do it, I am just so the right fit for this box.

    Ps. Has anyone been billed yet? cause I haven’t and it’s freaking me out a little. I’ve been subscribed for like 4 or more months so I’m not new, cant help but feel paranoid sometimes with all the opposes that happen.

    • I have like 5 months and always get charge the first

      • Yes I believe I’ve always been charged on the first of the month also.

  49. Looks like an awesome box, will we all get all if the items?. And let me say yayyyy to the little mini perfume,I’ve missed them

    • Yes, all items pictured should be in the box. And agree about mini perfume bottles – SO cute!! 🙂

      • I got everything except the estee lauder night repair eye cream. It’s not listed on my magazine insert either so I don’t think it was a mistake. I was a little said not to receive that item but i like everything else except the supergoop lip sunsceen, yuck! Lol

        • Same here. No estee lauder and no mascara

          • Just got my box today, no mascara to use the primer with and no Estee Lauder. I enjoy reading the magazine insert and that was missing too. About ready to cancel.

      • I got six items, no Estee and no mascara but those items were shown in the Allure unboxing video so I feel they should have been in there but not surprised they are not. Allure is really getting sloppy and their customer service is basically useless anymore. They don’t care if you have an issue and that comes through loud and clear. I pay for 3 subscriptions (myself, Mom and niece) and all 3 boxes only had the 6 items. 🙁

    • That’s what I was thinking. This looks great, until…they decide to vary items and sub in lower value choices. I’ll stick around to see but if they pull that again, I’m out.

      • I was thinking about which product would be my favorite because it will probably be the one I won’t get since that is how it’s been for months now. Haha.

        • Yep. That’s what killed it for me when the Mally spoiler came out. I REALLY wanted it but no, I got the Pixi toner (with the long-expired coupon on the back so how old is it?!?) that I could get at Target and is mostly witch hazel anyway (another thing you can get from the drugstore).
          I can’t wait to see how much money I will save in September after cancelling 4-5 beauty box subs. With that I can buy what I want, not end up dissappointed with repeats and/or items all these places just want to get rid of. Sorry to kab!tch but I guess I’m just a bit jaded now.

      • My sentiments exactly

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