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Adidas: Avenue A Subscription Box Poll!

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Adidas wants to poll My Subscription Addiction readers about what you want to see in future Avenue A by Adidas Boxes!

Currently, Adidas is sending out a pair of running shoes in every box. Do you prefer to get running shoes in every box? Or would you prefer to get lifestyle shoes instead of running shoes once in a while?

Examples of lifestyle shoes:


[yop_poll id=”27″]

More about this box if you want to sign up: Avenue A by Adidas Box is $150 a box and ships once every three months. Every Avenue A box is filled with at least 3 premium items (mix of shoes, apparel, and accessories) selected by celebrity curators who exemplify style, fitness, and performance.

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. I would love if they include a pair of Stan smiths, I love them, I have one pair already but I’m pretty sure that by the time they send the next box my pair will need replacement.

    • I honestly never saw too many people wearing Stan Smiths – but then I traveled to Europe and they were everywhere! Tons of people were wearing them. They grew on me, so I’d totally love to get a pair as well. I saw they were releasing a boost version of the Stan Smiths – I would love to try those.

  2. Maybe a poll with another option added?

    – just running shoes
    – running/athletic/cross training
    – open to casual/leisure like those pictured

    I’ve honestly not used the shoes I’ve received for running. The first pair destroyed my feet after a 5 miler and the second rub my toes weird…so I just use them as cross training or walking around town shoes. I wouldn’t mind variety but personally, find the white ones in the picture hideous.

    Interesting that the poll is through MSA, not email to subscribers. Maybe gauging if they could expand to larger market, anticipating that most current subscribers would vote to keep it as is? My worry with that is when boxes get too big, too fast, quality definitely suffers. I agree that there are other subscriptions out there that are more to the athleisure group.

    I know staff from Adidas have read and commented on previous threads. Hopefully they take into account the comments as well as poll results. I see a lot of people commentingthat they like variety but then referencing cross training/athletic shoes.

    • I agree!! I don’t see myself ever wearing those white shoes. Although I didn’t think I’d ever wear the sliders and I have surprisingly enjoyed them. But they were in addition to the athletic shoes, not instead of!! I hope they keep the box athletic and don’t change to lifestyle. There are many options for lifestyle. I would take a pair of cross trainers or training shoes instead of just running. Or even a workout bag or another really nice athletic item… but not non athletic items.

    • Exactly my concern. I don’t think this should be the only data point that Adidas uses, because there’s no way to validate if those voting would actually be subscribers if the preferred change was made vs. how many you’d lose by de-emphasizing the fitness aspect.

      And I fully agree that the poll, as structured, is too binary. I’m subscribed to this box for the fitness options; not really into any of their leisure wear shoes. I’d be open to different TYPES of athletic shoes (running shoes, cross trainers, trail shoes, studio wraps, etc) but I’d skip a box if any of the shoes in the photo were in my box. Hideous and of no use for my day-to-day look.

      Really think this ought to go out as a poll to current subscribers, and not just to My Subscription Addiction readers, who aren’t necessarily all the target demo. Avenue A subscribers would probably contain more fitness-minded folks than the average sub box fan. Those streetwear shoes veer too far into lifestyle for my tastes.

      • Amen! Based on the photos, I’d never wear an adidas lifestyle shoe. It’s just not my style. I’d love to see other types of athletic shoes in the future.

    • Wow, you essentially wrote my comment for me, even about the 2nd pair rubbing my toes weird!

      I would love a variety of shoes IF they were all athletic/workout shoes in some way. Outside of working out, I ONLY wear sandals or flip flops, so the shoes pictured would definitely make me cancel my subscription.

  3. I think the key term here is “once in a while”, which I’m all for. And I think it would be an unnecessary chore for them to have two separate subs. PLUS the box envy on either side would have us all spending 300 bucks a quarter for both.
    My suggestion: Go forward with this mixed plan since we are spoiled on the ‘hero’ item in advance and give us the option to have a running shoe shipped that month instead if you REALLY need the re-up.

  4. Does anyone know what other styles of “lifestyle” shoes they would be talking about besides the 2 pictured above?

    And when they say “I’m OK with getting a mix of shoes in with my Adidas subscription” they mean a mix of the current type of shoes + lifestyle shoes right? Not a mix of different types of athletic shoes (cross trainers, run, and whatever other kinds).
    Just asking bc it seems some people want a mix of athletic shoes, but not necessarily lifestyle, but are voting yes to having a mix. I read it as “mix” meaning runners and lifestyles

  5. I hope Avenue A polls all subscribers if they’re considering something that departs from the original intent instead of just going off of this MSA poll. I’m sure there are many subscribers that don’t read MSA and so I’m not sure that this will be a fair sampling of their subscribers. I would hate for them to steer the box in one direction or another just because of a few vocal comments instead of giving all their subscribers a chance to be heard.

    • I agree, thought it was weird that MSA is posting this, as opposed to Adidas Avenue A sending subscribers an email. I’m a current subscriber, and didn’t discover this website until a few days before I got the summer box and that’s because I saw tagged photo on IG.
      That said, please keep the box athletic! I’m not sure that I’ll continue to subscribe since a pair of sneakers in every box is a bit overwhelming, even though I wear them casually. I have several, already!

    • Precisely, and hear hear! I echo and agree with all of your statement. This is a ridiculously unreliable way to solicit customer and potential-customer data. It’s missing the obvious third option (mixture of fitness shoes, not just running), and it’s missing a follow up (would you be more or less likely to subscribe if the box had a mixture) for current subscribers.

      Myself, I’d unsubscribe immediately if those shoes were in my box. They make it instantly not worth it for me. Meanwhile I’ve been hyping this box up to all my friends who are also avid fitness / runner types. I’d hesitate to refer any of them if this is what they’d be signing up for.

      • I would unsubscribe too! I wouldn’t wear white because I wear dark denim and it’s going to stain. I don’t have the patience to be cleaning them daily. I wouldn’t mind cross trainers though. If they go forward with it- I hope that at least, we’re warned.

  6. If they could swing it, I think the OPTION would be great.

    Personally, I would only want running shoes but it would be a great option to have.

    The best of both worlds would be to have a Running Shoe and a Mixed Shoe version that I can choose FROM MY ACCOUNT. So if one quarter there is a great Trail shoe spoiler, I could SWITCH from the Running Shoe version to the Mixed version in order to get the trail shoe, then switch back to running for the quarter after that.

    That would be perfection.

  7. I’d love to see a mixture. I am a current subscriber, a light runner, and do not need a pair of running shoes every quarter so 4 running shoes a year will be overwhelming. I understand those voices for running shoes ONLY, but the fitness market is way bigger than running. Many people do cross training and might not be physically suitable for running. A mixture in probably once a year will be appealing to potential subscribers, plus the adidas life style shoes are leading in the market, I’d love a pair of classic stan smith for my wardrobe.

    And I agree with those who ask for an OPTION! So you can both keep the runners and attract more subscribers.

    • You can use running shoes for most other athletic activities. Few sports REALLY require specialized shoes. I’ve worn the pair from the last box on an easy hike, to spin, jogging, lifting days, etc. Why not leave the box as is, and use one quarter where we can pick a cross trainer, tennis, hiking, or leisure shoe? This gives variety for those who want it, and lets us who would never ever want a pair of those leisure shoes to avoid them, or pick up another pair of specialized athletic shoes? If they go away from purely athletic shoes as the main hero foot item in the box, I’m out. I would love a pair of hiking shoes or some trail running shoes.

      • I definitely agree with a mixture just occationally, like once in a year. I don’t think avenue A is looking for a dramatic shift since they put the term “once in a while”. From the baseline I like what they are doing now, what made me signed up is their focus on fitness items, but slight change will be appealing.

        And again I’d love an OPTION button~


  9. Current subscriber and I would love an assortment of shoes!

    A 2 box option would be nice, since it seems many people believe it’s a “runners only box”. I never saw the box that way, or I never would’ve subscribed.

    It’s a great box!

    • It states on their website: “Avenue A: a premium athletic subscription program for women runners.”

  10. What a lot of people are saying – maybe once/year get a lifestyle shoe, but otherwise keep it athletic. And PLEASE NO on those fugly all-white Superstars. Blech. But I wouldn’t mind a pair of classic Sambas or something. 🙂

  11. I’m subscribed to this box because it’s geared towards runners. It seems like there are several other “athleisure” options out there, and I appreciated the unique curation of the Avenue A box. None of the lifestyle options pictured appeal to me at all, and I would cancel if those were sent.

    That being said, I would welcome an occasional (maybe 1-2 times a year) pair of cross training shoes. I don’t go through regular gym shoes as often as running shoes, but it would be nice to have new ones to add to the mix.

    In my dream world, this box would stay a box geared towards runners. In a world I would compromise in, the box may drift from running but continue to send only athletic items. 🙂 It would be a huge disappointment if it turned into a box with lifestyle and lounge items.

  12. I’d also like to see more size options (in clothes and half sizes for shoes). I get XL at Target and Kohl’s for everything, but some fitness brands you have to go up a size because everything is tight. (Newsflash, not everyone wants skin hugging clothes while working out or running!)

    • I think they do have half sizes for shoes…I haven’t received my first box yet but I’m pretty sure I signed up for 9.5. And agreed on the clothing sizes…I’m typically a L in workout bottoms, but frequently need XXL in the top due to “the girls” ?. I signed up for XL bec that was the largest top they offered, and am keeping my fingers crossed that it works. I’m hoping the top size issue doesn’t become a deal breaker for me for this subscription…people with big boobs need running/workout gear too!

  13. I would love running shoes in every box, but since this is a fitness box, I would expect the shoes to be some sort of athletic shoe (runners, cross trainers, trails, walking, etc)…

  14. okay – I was excited at first when I saw the email that there was a poll for Avenue A… then kinda scared/sad when I read what it was for bc I know there have been comments about people wanting lifestyle shoes before.

    I absolutely love Avenue A just the way it is and I hope that they poll all of their current subscribers to see what they’d like.

    I’m not a “runner” but I do try to workout and be active so I’m always wearing running/athletic type shoes. Do I need a new pair every couple of months?… no. But do I love getting a new pair every couple of months and then having a couple pairs to choose from?… absolutely YES! Before this box I had 1 pair that I wore all the time. Now I have my old white-ish pair, and 2 other awesome colorful pairs to choose from (my favorites are the ones from the first box – so comfy and light and I love the colors).

    What other types or styles of “lifestyle” shoes do they have besides the 2 shown above? My question is how many pairs of those types of shoes would one person really want?
    I would maybe wear the Stan Smith ones with the green swatch on the back, but I really wouldn’t get much use out of them. And I certainly don’t need multiple pairs of those types of shoes. Yes, there is a lot of different colors/patterns to choose from, but it’d be so hard to pick a color/pattern to include in the box that would be neutral enough to please a variety of people, but different enough to excite people.

    At first I thought the “Avenue B” idea below would be awesome… then FOMO kicked in…

    so my idea instead of a completely different box would be to have a check box (as I believe is also mentioned below) where a subscriber check if they would like to occasionally receive lifestyle type shoes instead of the running shoes. then for 1 or 2 boxes a year, they would get a different type of shoes, but the rest of the box contents would be the same.

    I see a few comments regarding this being a “running” box. and people aren’t runners so they don’t get this box… yes, the items might mainly be geared towards running, but that doesn’t mean the items can’t be used for other activities. I wore the white tank when I was down at DisneyWorld and it was beyond awesome bc it was light and comfy and cute! And the slides… ya, it felt like I was walking on a soft cushiony floor all day 🙂 and trust me, there was a lot of walking that day.

    I’ve been a subscriber since the very first box and absolutely love it! The products and curation are awesome, customer service is great and I love their packaging. So I hope they don’t stray from what has made them one of the greatest boxes so far!

  15. The poll question makes it seem as though the only workout options people have are running or…nothing? I am happy with the running shoes we’ve gotten, but I would absolutely love a new pair of cross training shoes. Lifestyle shoes are nice too, but I think that if they sent a pair of still athletic but not running shoes maybe once a year, they would still be a great workout box and could expand their appeal to those of us who aren’t exclusively runners (or runners at all) but who are still active. And, yes, I am a current subscriber, I do work out (including running), and I’m not trying to “ruin” the box for the avid runners out there. I just think there is a way to keep the workout aspect of the box while not limiting its appeal to only runners.

    • I second Sandy’s comment!

    • These were my thoughts too.

    • I am late to this post but I would love to receive cross training shoes as well as running shoes!!!!

  16. If they offer a choice, how many of us are going to end up with BOTH boxes?

    I am a runner, and like getting running shoes each quarter. If they didn’t provide them in the box, I would buy them elsewhere, as I do need a new pair at least quarterly. It’s smart of them to include running shoes on a regular basis to people who actually run.. it’s great advertising for them, because others see them, comment on them, etc. etc. I’ve gotten a ton of compliments on the ones we just got, from people who would also be in the market for running shoes. Lifestyle shoes just don’t get worn as much and so sending them does not generate the same buzz. Prior to getting this box, I never really thought of Adidas as an option for running shoes- I usually stuck to Nike and Asics. Loving the Adidas now!

    • I agree. As a runner I would prefer only running shoes and I am more likely to wear them than a lifestyle shoe. Also, since I do races, I do get asked about my gear often, so it does create more buzz for Addidas, when I have something new and cool to show. Wish Avenue A had a referral program with benefits to the referrer.

  17. I’m a current subscriber and I voted for a mixture. I am not a runner and wouldn’t mind some cross training shoes or walking shoes. I don’t necessarily want the casual, trendy tennis shoes pictured, but if we could get shoes for those of us that work out but aren’t runners that would be great!

    Maybe there should be a section in our profiles to select the types of exercise we do and shoes are based on that.

    (BTW, is this a runners box? I thought it was a general fitness box)

    • I emailed Adidas back in June to see if it’s just a runners box and they told me:

      “The subscription covers a variety of training and fitness levels. I don’t think I would say it is just for runners.”

      • Thank you for sharing that! I didn’t think it was a runner’s box, but all the comments saying it is were a little confusing!

        Then yeah, definitely would love to be able to select the kind of fitness activities I participate in instead of a “lifestyle” box option. I’ve been happy with what I have received so far.

  18. I am a runner, BUT I need a super supportive running shoe due to my crazy high arches, so I haven’t run in any of the shows they sent; I have been using them as walk around or cross training shoes. Really, I love everything they send, and would be happy either way.

    As an aside, The white tank from the last box has been worn on so many runs already that I can 100% say it also holds up well in the wash and doesn’t hold odors, unlike other brands. It is my new go to tank, and when it isn’t clean for my long runs, I consider wearing it dirty.

    • I agree with this, and while I’d be ok with a mix of shoe options, I’m a runner and I go through running shoes like crazy.

      I’d even love to see them go one step further and in our profiles, give us the option to request what “type” of running shoe – neutral, stability, etc. Now THAT option would make me beyond excited because like the comment above I need to run in a slightly more stable shoe.

      But as is, it’s still my most favorite box.

    • Same here. I’ve worn both pairs of shoes for a short run, but both end up hurting after a while since I need a much more stable shoe. I just wear them for walking or other gym workouts now. Because of that, I wouldn’t mind getting lifestyle shoes. But for me, the choice of running shoe type would be the perfect solution because I’d be able to wear the running shoes as intended. I don’t know how long I’ll end up subscribing as is since I can’t really wear the running shoes to run, and I now have enough gym shoes.

  19. Sifting through these comments, it appears that people would MOST appreciate a two box option. One strictly running/athletic, and another box with an excellent mix of lifestyle and athletic.

    • Yes, but how many of these people are current subscriber or potential subscribers? I think there is a pretty good chunk of current subscribers that would discontinue their subs if they started getting lifestyle shoes in place of a workout/fitness item.

      • You’re completely right! That’s why they should do a strictly athletic one, and another with a sweet mix of the two ( like the current ones, yet more of the special edition lifestyle shoes, etc instead of always running shoes.) 🙂

  20. I wouldn’t mind receiving a mixture, but would like the option to select a different size for lifestyle shoes – I size up for my running shoes.

    • Lifestyle shoes? Yes. Stans or superstars? Please No. Adidas has some of the most beautiful workout shoes and shoes in general, but those two styles are not something most people would workout in. Plus, a very limited amount of adults would wear them casually even. I love that these boxes showcase the newest and unique workout shoes. Please don’t throw some old clunky “stylish” shoes in these boxes. There are so many style subs out there and this one stands out. Don’t change Ave A!

  21. It doesn’t seem to me that Adidas is having problems getting rid of the current boxes. As a current subscriber, I appreciate getting shoes and other items that I can use to work out. I also appreciate getting clothes that I can use to work out. The shorts in the last box are something I would NEVER have bought for myself, however I have found that they are perfect for my walking/running days!

    That being said, it appears to me that ADIDAS may have an opportunity to create an Avenue B? One that is geared more towards the Lifestyle crowd, with less focus on workout and more focus on fashion?

    Please ADIDAS, don’t change your current GREAT box! You are the hottest thing out there right now, no need to change!

    • I like the Avenue b idea! A for runners and B for casual lounging.

    • Agreed! Don’t change!!!

    • I would love that, with the option to pick which one you want each quarter!

  22. I’m torn on this one. I love lifestyle shoes, but am super picky about them. On the other hand, I’m not a runner. I’ll do short jogs once in a while, but not long distance running and don’t really need a pair of new sneakers every few months. When I subbed to this box, I did not realize there would be sneakers in every box. I do walk a lot though, and the Edge Lux has been my everyday shoe this summer. I’m going to be interested in seeing how this box is going to grow/ change through the year.

  23. I’d like to see them carry plus sizes. Because fat girls exercise too!!

    • Hear hear! I’m a current subscriber and while I’m a L/XL in regular clothes, the tank and shorts do not fit me because L in fitness sizes seems to run quite small.

    • I don’t think they will carry plus sizes in the boxes until they carry plus sizes in adidas stores, which they don’t currently do (which is dumb and they should 100% do it because I consider myself of average size and I wear a L or XL in most of their stuff)

    • YES!!

    • I have doubts any of the shirts, sports bras or jackets will fit . I think using their size chart im a 2x. I will either gift or sell my tops till im further down my fitness journey. I really hope they get the hint that us bigger girls are also into fitness.

  24. I don’t mind a mix of shoes….but I wouldn’t wear a single pair of the ones in the picture. Not sure what other options might look like, though. If they’re all similar to the ones pictured that’d be a bummer.

  25. Oh man, the controversy! So many angry runners! I never realized this box was advertised “for runners only” – last I knew you shouldn’t be running in sliders yet everyone was thrilled to get those in their summer box. Pretty sure all the items this box sends out can be used for any fitness activity.

    (I did vote for the sneakers BTW simply because I think Adidas lifestyle shoes are ugly)

    • Exactly!! Adidas running shoes are amazing, but give me a pair of “lifestyle” shoes I threw out because I wore them all though high school, I’m going to be bummed. I agree with creating another lifestyle box but please don’t mess this one up with some ugly, useless shoes….

  26. The ONLY reason that I have not subbed to the Adidas box yet is because they ONLY send running shoes.

    • I would like some nice cross trainers every now and then. I can’t run due to bad knees, but I can do pretty much every other kind of exercise…

      • I used to run but hurt my peroneal tendon. Had surgery last year. It is better, but I will never run for exercise again. I would love to see walking shoes/cross trainers it would complicate their process, but why maybe they could let subscribers choose between two pairs each quarter. A running shoe, or an alternative.

        • I actually don’t know specifically what is wrong with my knees because I’ve never been to the doctor about it. I just know if I run, I hurt, and if I don’t run but do any other exercise (including step aerobics, Shaun T DVDs, etc.) I am fine. So I just avoid running. I do actually go through a pair of cross trainers fairly often. I would be fine with a choice (and would opt for running shoes over “lifestyle” shoes) as well.

  27. They should give an option, and than which ever shoe you didn’t pick to recieve in your box, you can purchase as an add on at a discounted price if you want. Oh yeah.

  28. I’m sure someone has said this, but why not put a lifestyle/running shoe check box as part of our info. I mean then everyone could pick a preference. I know a lifestyle shoe will turn the people off that never wear those types of shoes, like me, and the same goes for the people that want those shoes, this box isn’t for them presently. There’s no way I’d keep subbing if I received shoes like that lol please give us an option Adidas!!!!!lol

  29. A mixture. I run but not often enough to go through a pair of shoes every few months!

  30. I am not a runner (more of a walker lol), but I love Adidas stuff, which is why I signed up for this box. Putting lifestyle shoes in this box would be a bonus!

  31. I would love to see lifestyle shoes included! I’m not a runner. I signed up for my first box last week and I can’t wait to see what comes!

  32. Mix please! I love the Stan’s with metallic trim. Also the black & white weave Superstars were amazing. I like all the Adidas lifestyle shoes, but I LOVE the special editions.

  33. A mixture would be awesome! How about some Adistar Racers in new colors?!? I go to the Adidas employee store on a regular basis and I’m always hoping to find some there. Also, it would be really cool to see someone like Damian Lillard curate a men’s box!

  34. Lifestyle, please! I don’t run. At all. Ever. Nor will I. I do wear the running shoes for casual/athleisure wear, but if I got a pair of Stan Smiths or shell toes I would be over the moon.

  35. I will be more inclined to stay with the box if we get a mixture. Love their casual shoes….they are so on trend and I like the element of surprise. Cool of them to ask, what a great sub.

  36. I don’t run (having had 15 knee surgeries), but these light weight running shoes are awesome for me becuase they are so light. That said, I would be more likely to continue the subscription if there was a variety of shoes: lifestyle and running.

  37. Soooo… Please forgive my ignorance, but what exactly do they mean by lifestyle shoes? Sandals? Pumps?? Or do they just mean more casual styles of sneakers? Personally, I think seeing a mixture of athletic shoes would be ideal (e.g. cross trainers, walking shoes, etc.)

    But what would be SUPER AWESOME… would be if they offered WIDE shoes! I’d sign up in a heartbeat if I could get shoes that would fit my darn wide feet.

  38. I’d like a mix of running and lifestyle! I just recently subscribed and can’t wait for my first box.

  39. Thank you for asking us, Adidas!

  40. Running shoes – I sub for the running shoes. Life style shoes are boring; style & colors , they all look the same. I like getting to try different kinds of running shoes with different colors, styles, cuts, functions etc

  41. I would love to see a mixture! This is my favorite subscription and getting a mixture of shoes would make me a long term subscriber. Much easier to rationalize different shoes to the husband when I don’t run.

  42. I’d love a mixture!

  43. OMG I would join in a heartbeat for old school adidas like that in a box. I never wear running sneakers because I dont run. I do crossfit so I am always in Nanos or Lifters!

    • Perhaps you should request a box from Reebok 😉

      • Omg I would die for one of those!!!! LOL that would be amazing!!!
        But I’d still like an Adidas box with a mixture too! I like their clothing they have been adding!! I just wouldn’t use the sneakers:(

  44. I only want running shoes that’s the reason I got the box . Offer two box options those who want running and the other for lifestyles

    • Agreed!!!! I think a two box option would be great!!!!! I would never wear those shoes shown. I bought it based on a more running, athletic box…not lifestyle. I lovvvvve this box, if they went to lifestyle, I’d probably cancel because Id be donating the shoes which is my favorite part lol I vote 2 box…nobody is asking though lol

  45. I would subscribe to this box if it wasn’t just running shoes and I love that they are doing a poll about it!

  46. I would prefer a mix of both lifestyle and running shoes.

    • I would be happy with a mix. Or even a cross training shoe or walking shoe once in a while instead. I subscribe to the box but don’t necessarily run a lot. So I don’t need new running shoes as often as they send them .

  47. All running shoes! I would probably cancel my subscription if they changed it. With everyone having different personal preferences and style, it just seems like it’d be really difficult to make everyone happy with all the different styles and types of lifestyle shoes.

    • SAME!

      Like if you are going to make a running box, make a running box (which they have done very well with so far)

      If you are going to make a lifestyle box, make a lifestyle box!!! I’m frustrated that everyone who doesn’t sub because it’s a running box wants to ruin it for those of who only sub BECAUSE it’s a running box

      • Adidas asked for feedback, I don’t think people should be criticized for giving what they asked for.

      • Last time I checked the name of the box wasn’t the Adidas Running box…. Adidas makes a lot of other items as well.

        • Actually it has always been advertised a running box. Literally the tag line of the box is “More Run. No Running Around.”

      • I do think it’s a little crazy for people who don’t subscribe (probably won’t ever because they don’t work out) to say they’d love lifestyle shoes in a previously work-out box. Everyone’s entitled to opinions. I just think, don’t mess up a really good thing. This is the best sub box in years!

      • I didn’t read anywhere that Adias says that this was strictly a running box… Only mentions that it is a fitness box. A FITNESS BOX… so they want to do a different type of sneaker than running what is wrong with that!?!?
        With that said I dislike the shoes in the picture white gets dirty way too quick!
        Adias didn’t market it as a running box but as a fitness box and have put other shoes in their box besides running shoes.

        • Respectfully, there are a couple of places on the site that describes it as a running box. The tag line is “More Run. Less running around.” And the description reads “Get premium urban running gear, crafted and perfected by women for women on the move.” To me, both of those indicate it is a running box.

          While I’m open to other athletic types of shoes, I would be disappointed to see lifestyle shoes, as those aren’t used for fitness. And if the direction leans more towards general fitness instead of running, I’m sure it would be marketed accordingly. 🙂

    • That’s why I voted for all running shoes. I may not be on a 3 month replacement cycle for running shoes but I would like to get there and I hang onto shoes for longer than I should do getting new ones make it easier to toss old shoes before they have too many miles.

      Hopefully this pole is just outreach to the sub box community and they dont take action based on the results of one poll. I would hope Adidas also asks current subscribers before deciding on change and has an excellent statistician on staff that can interpret the feedback (whither route they take).

      After trying all of the above, I’m not sort of concerned about the future worth of the box. How many times have bix curators started trying to react to potential and current customer feedback and produced something neither really fully wanted?

  48. Can I vote for an Adidas bag every month? I carry a large tote with me everywhere I go. I always either have a tote or gym bag with me. ?

  49. I prefer running shoes only because I never wear “life style” shoes. I wear running shoes basically all weekend with jeans or what not. Life style shoes don’t ever provide enough arch support for my daily comfort.

    • I totally agree. I wouldn’t mind if there were cross training or walking shoes sometimes.
      It is a workout box not a lifestyle box.

  50. I’d love to get a mixture of running and lifestyle shoes. I don’t run enough (I know others do) to need a new pair every three months. If they do change it up a bit, I hope they also change the price though (even if just down to $100 a box), as the last time I actually looked at lifestyle Adidas shoes, they tended to be a lot cheaper than their running shoes (I could be wrong though).

    • So, even with a lower price box, the value that everybody looks for, would still be there (in my opinion) if lifestyle shoes are included.

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