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Adidas: Avenue A Subscription Box Fall 2016 FULL SPOILERS!

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We have a spoiler for the Fall 2016 Avenue A by Adidas Box! (Thanks, Mariah, for the head’s up!) Each Fall 2016 box will include:


• ZNE Hoody, a super chic white-and-black jacket exclusively available to Avenue A subscribers. (Everyone else can buy it starting in September.)

adizero Boston, a running shoe so lightweight, we seriously feel like it could make you run faster.

• Supernova Three-Quarters Tight, with climalite® sweat-wicking fabric that keeps you dry and comfortable. Check out the cute teal tie dye-inspired pattern in the video; you won’t see it anywhere else right now.

• GT Supernova Bra, with wide crossing straps that offer serious support without limiting motion—so it’s comfortable enough to wear even on long runs, but stylish enough to wear on its own. And bonus: It matches the run tight.

Performer Tank—a statement piece inside and outside of the gym, with a high neckline and dropped armholes that give it a cool-girl edge.

What do you think of the spoilers? This may be my favorite box yet!

The Fall 16 Edition is curated by the creative forces behind Well+Good magazine – Kate Citron and Rebecca Willa Davis – who bring their unique take on urban culture, healthy living and creative energy to Avenue A subscribers. Check out Rita Ora’s unboxing video of this Fall Box, too!

Great news – this box is still available if you sign up now!

More about this box if you want to sign up: Avenue A by Adidas Box is $150 a box and ships once every three months. Every Avenue A box is filled with at least 3 premium items (mix of shoes, apparel, and accessories) selected by celebrity curators who exemplify style, fitness, and performance. Sign up by September 12th at 8 AM ET to get this box!

Check out my Avenue A by Adidas Box reviews to learn more about this fitness subscription box!

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. I am SO excited!! I love the entire outfit!! I got last season’s box, and I loved it as well. I gave the tracker to the hubby, so I justified the purchase easily. I didn’t care for those shoes as much as I do these. I feel like these will get much more wear.

  2. This will be my second box and am just thrilled about it. Even the box/presentation of the last box made it seem special. It felt like opening a present. Excellent quality on everything. QUESTION: Does anyone, who is more familiar with addidas shoes, know if different styles of their “running” shoes size differently? I usually wear an 8 or an 8.5, depending on the style/brand. The running shoes this last time were just slightly long (but def still wearable). I can’t decide if I should go down a size. Any advice out there? Thanks!

  3. Love it, love it. I appreciate how everything coordinates together so well. I’m not completely style challenged, but I am time challenged. So if I can get something trendy but performance oriented that all works together, I’m happy.

    I’m a shorty so this length pants is perfect for me. Anything that’s not black is outside of my comfort zone for my booty, but I’m crossing my fingers. I really like the tank. I have another top that’s cut like that, and it allows me to show off a little skin that actually looks good. (Aka NOT my lack of abs…no midriffs for me.)

  4. Ahhh best color palette yet! Thank god no pink or annoying neon colors. Agreed, it feels like something is missing; a little accessory would be nice. Still the value is more than there.

    • I thought the same thing. Was worried about the pink! Seriously thinking about subscribing!

      • I think you should do it!! I debated like crazy on the first box, and totally wish I would have just done it!! I am so glad I decided to go for it on the second box. I can’t see me cancelling this sub just for the value and the awesome quality of products!!

  5. Looking forward to this box!
    Shoes: Can’t complain! I always need athletic shoes. For running, cross training, walking to/from work.
    Hoodie: While I don’t have a need living in HI, it’s cute and high quality enough to gift to one of my younger nieces for Christmas. I would actually prefer a smaller opening for the hoodie, cuz then it would presumably be more likely to stay on one’s head while jogging or during windy weather.
    Tank: It is odd that there isn’t a longer-sleeve tee or something for a Fall box, but again, not complaining considering where I live. The cut & length fits my style perfectly.
    Leggings: The length is perfect for me. Long leggings and my body shape do not get along, lol. The pattern is a little bold, but not a deal breaker assuming it’s comfy and performs.
    Bra: I’m hoping it fits. (I’m an XS-petite yet somehow Adidas bras are still unbelievably tiny). But again, super cute and can go in the same gift pile as the hoodie.

    Hopefully they surprise us with a bonus item like another headband, or pair of socks or underwear. 😛

  6. So in loooooove with this box already!!! Can’t wait to receive mine. Once again, it is spot on!

    I think I love this one better than the last one. And you made me do slides, Adidas people… That is a miracle in itself but I will never live without them ever again!

    Love that the shoes and sweater (and maybe the tank top) can be worn casually and not only for workout. I know some prefer to have a box all dedicated to running. I might be part of a minority but I like versatility in clothing, even for an athletic oriented box. Also I will not go through all those workout clothes/shoes in the matter of 3 months. Then the choice will be to stop subscribing or drown under an ocean of items with still their tag on.

    By the way, two additional points for Adidas:
    1/ if you were to create a streetwear box, I would moonwalk down NY 5th Avenue like I don’t have two left foot and I can dance like a pro!
    2/ You have the best customer service! I needed to change a size and you sent me a new pair of shorts in no time. I didn’t thank you enough then but I am doing it now.

    Thank you thank you Avenue A!

    • Dude, same about the slides! I was so surprised when I got my Summer box how much I ADORE those slides! They def weren’t my style and I never would’ve bought them myself. But once I owned them and I started wearing them around the house….holy moly. They’re now my go-to footwear for casual neighborhood errands and lounging.

    • Thanks Audrey!
      – The adidas AvenueA team

      • Lo, I’m having credit card issues – again. Last time it didnt get sorted out and the box cancelled. This time it has selected “Amex” as my card type (last time it was “paypal”) and there is NO PLACE for me to select a drop down and change it. Since the “type” and the actual card don’t match, the payment doesnt go through.

        • MyMilkShake (great user name btw:)),
          Have you emailed: [email protected]? Our customer service team is usually very good about getting back to you. This will give us better access to your profile to assist you. Good luck and keep us posted!
          – adidasAvenueA

  7. This looks amazing!!! It’s a budget stretch for me, but between that amazing hoodie and the shoes I’m so glad I signed up. I just hope I’m not too tall for those gorgeous leggings. That style can sometimes hit uncomfortably mid-knee on me. What a perfectly selected outfit!

    • Also worried the tights will be more like shorts on my long legs but they are so pretty and the other items will cover the cost (as long as the jacket sleeves are long enough!). I’m going to try to work it into my budget.

      • Melissa, Karen,
        a team member here is 5’9″ and no issues with pant or sleeve length… hope that helps!
        – adidas AvenueA

  8. This box is kind of meh after the first two were so amazing over the top. Kind of disappointed they got us hooked and then this is just a normal outfit. I feel like I could buy everything in it at sale prices so it doesn’t really justify the cost.

    And I know everyone has their preferences but ugh not another pair of 3/4 tights. Full length tights are so much more comfortable and better for more activities like yoga, etc. I like the top (so glad it’s not white!) but also doesn’t really appear to be of high value.

    I’m expecting a lot out of winter box but otherwise will have to cancel this as well. Feel like it’s a bit of a bait and switch. But very cool of adidas to release the full spoilers.

    • I agree: would’ve preferred full tights, or even longer cropped pants – hate the 3/4 ones that cut off at or just below the knees. Such an awkward length! Prefer ankle length or crop at mid-low calf. And missing that one “big bang” item like the tote bag (SO wish I’d known about the box to sub to the first one) or the fitness watch. The jacket might be higher quality in person and I’ll lay off a little. Maybe there will be an additional item throw-in like the headband. I use that one regularly!

  9. I love how coordinated everything is! I love the outfit but the tank with low armholes is against the dress code at my gym (no exposed torso). I’d need something to layer under it.

    • I saw someone mention that you could wear one of those sports bras that go further down your body so it covers 4-5 inches below where a sports bra band would normally end. that may go down enough to cover anything showing from this tank!

      Side note–I’ve never heard of gym with a dress code?!?!

  10. Took the plunge on this. I need new shoes and love everything except the cut of the pants. Maybe they will be better than I’m thinking. But even if they aren’t, the shoes, sportsbra, jacket and tank are perrrrrfect! So worth it!

  11. Dose anyone know if they’ll be expanding the sizing with the clothing? I wear 2x-3x and enjoy working out and would love to subscribe. The last time I checked they only went up to a xl.

  12. I wish there was some way to opt for something besides the jacket. We live in South Florida. No need for a jacket while working out…ever!!! I may have to cancel… =( This box just doesn’t wow me. I might use this workout style some, but my style was in the Spring box- shorts and a tank. This box feels like it’s missing something.

    • Courtney, I have the opposite problem living in the upper Midwest. Shorts, tank tops, and sleeveless tops in general are inappropriate for the weather from roughly mid August until mid June. I had to cancel getting Stitch Fix in May because they didn’t carry much by way of tops with sleeves. National brands have to cater to the middle masses; you and I are not that, weather wise anyway ……

      • I was thinking the same thing! I’m from Chicago, and wouldn’t be wearing a tank top out during chilly fall weather. I thought we would get a long sleeved tee. I can imagine it must be rough for them to figure out what to put in these boxes. It would be nice to have the option to exchange for a different item. I would like the hoodie in a different color, and swap the tank for at least a short sleeved tee.

  13. Does anyone know how many days you have to cancel the sub before it ships? I thought I saw it was 15 days, but couldn’t find it. Not sure about keeping this one.

  14. Love everything…now…when are you releasing a men’s box? My husband is still patiently waiting. 🙂

    • My boyfriend just rolls his eyes when I talk about getting mine in the mail soon – he’s so green with envy. He’d totally be the first in line to subscribe to the men’s version of it!

  15. I really like this! The colors are good and are flattering on a lot of people and as someone who cycles, does yoga, runs, and loves Zumba this outfit is very versatile which I appreciate. I do wish they would include a bag with this sub sometime soon as not all of us were blessed enough to know about or receive the first box but the value overall is still totally worth it. Adidas I am starting to buy more because I get the opportunity to try stuff I wouldn’t have bought and finding things I love. If this was your marketing point of this box it is working on me lol

  16. Hello, what date are they ship the box?

    • The website says they will charge credit cards on Sept. 1 and ship on Sept. 15.

      • Thank you

  17. It’s so nice of them to realease spoilers in time to still cancel. I have mixed feelings about this box. I do love the shoes and alone they retail from $90-$120 so if I only use the shoes and bra, it pays for itself. I’m afraid to pass this box up because I need new shoes already (my awesome pureboost ones getting worn) and I’m afraid the next box will contain these “lifestyle” shoes adidas speaks of, so I probably won’t be subbing that box.

  18. In response to the many posts about the tank- which on a personal note is my fave style to work out in- layering it with the new trend of mid-length bra tops (that go down to the middle of your back) would be really flattering with this tank and offer more coverage/privacy at the sides. Just a thought for anyone not sure what to do with it.

  19. Count me in the super happy category! Love love love that jacket!

  20. This box is more a combination of Spring and Winter. The hoodie and tights are more spring-like and the shoes strike me as more of a winter item. Decided to cancel for this season.

    • Reviews of the UK version of the hoodie, which is marketed there for tennis, say it is a heavier weight and good for cooler weather.

  21. SO Excited for this box, got 3 other friends to sign up for the box too! LOL. The surprise love for me from the last box were the slides – I did NOT think I would like them at all, but they are so crazy comfortable, I literally do feel like I’m walking on clouds. Loved them so much I bought another pair in another color (a ‘dressier’ version, yes a stretch).

    I got the black tank top during the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale so will likely put that up for swap. Otherwise, loving everything else in there.

    Already looking forward to Rita Ora’s box in Dec!!

    • Same here about the slides! I thought they’d be just okay and I’d probably wear them a couple times. But I LOVE them… they are the comfiest things ever! It truly is like walking on clouds 🙂
      I think I’m going to buy another pair too… but when I look on, they don’t have the exact same style. Would the “cloudform” ones be the same cushy soles?

      • yup, the cloudfoams!

    • Agreed, I freaking LIVE in these slides at home. I bought the men’s version in muted grey shades as birthday gifts from my husband and my brother, and now they’re walking on little clouds, too.

    • Thanks Kristen! We appreciate you spreading the word 🙂
      – adidas AvenueA team

  22. I LOVE IT. I’ve subscribed from the beginning and this subscription is hands-down my favorite. And they have the best customer service ever. I love it so much. I don’t need to feel like every single item is perfectly tuned to me. I always get more than my money’s worth, and I love that they focus somewhat on running. They basically give you an entire outfit, including shoes, every time. I’d never even used Adidas gear before this box, now I actually buy it on my own. …. And I sound like an ad, sorry!

  23. How is the sizing? Compared to Fabletics for example. This is my first box. If i wear a large in fabletics what size should i order??? Help please

    • Probably a large (at least for the bottoms, I’ve never worn a Fabletics top).

  24. This would have been my first box (I subbed for the shoes), but the spoilers made me decide to cancel. I was really hoping for a nice bag or something else that wasn’t an apparel item. I likely would have ended up having to swap/sell all the clothing. I’d rather just take the $150 and choose my own shoes.

    • I feel the same way! I just cancelled as well. Maybe next time…

    • I am on the exact same page! This would have been my first box and I love the shoes but the outfit just isn’t going to work for me. I do appreciate that Adidas shows us the box in time to cancel in case it’s not for us.

      • Second box for me but otherwise I could have written your comment myself. I just can’t use a white jacket. Will wait for the december box.

    • I am glad I am not the only one. I want the shoes and the pants, but a white hoodie… seriously no. Tank top… no. Sports bra… no… or at least not heading into fall. Fingers crossed winter is the box for me. I love adidas, seriously love, but i need a bit more usability.

  25. I have been eyeing this one for awhile and decided to go ahead and sign up after seeing the spoilers. Not sure about the tank, but we’ll see. Ugh. I needed another high end box like I needed a hole in the head. I’m still hurting after the Luxor Black Box! Time to start hocking stuff on ebay to make room……. 🙂

  26. This will be my first box – signed up just a hair too late to get the Summer version. Here’s the hits & missed I see:

    The BLACK SHOES are wonderful. If they don’t work out for working out, they’ll be great to have with me on an upcoming overseas trip (nothing screams “American Tourist” quite like a pair of white or neon sneakers – the black will be perfect)
    The HOODIE and TIGHTS are wins for me. Flattering styles and seasonally appropriate.

    TANK AND BRA. No way in God’s green earth am I going to be able to wear the bra or the tank with my chest being what it is. I understand that not everyone is as “blessed” as I am in that department, but I really wish that Adidas hadn’t included TWO items made for smaller gals. The style of that tank top, with the open back, does not lend itself to wearing a support bra underneath it. Both are items that will be consigned to the “wear around the house” pile…….not exactly what I was after with a fitness subscription.
    PIZZAZZ. As someone below mentions, this box lacks a “pizzazz” item. The first box had the Stella McCartney bag and the second had the motion tracker. This one? Nothing really……

    The black shoes are what are keeping me from stopping my shipment. If they’d been white or neon, I probably would cancel before I even start. Hopefully, the Spring box will get me excited about this subscription again.

    • Hello from adidas AvenueA, thanks so much for the comments! Always helpful.
      Style note: the tank also looks great layered over a solid color tanks.

      • I appreciate that Adidas A reads our comments. One more from me (and I don’t really need a response, just a reaction on my end). I don’t see the point in wearing a support bra + a colored tank + a loose tank with exposed sides & back. If it’s hot enough to go sleeveless outside, the last thing I want to wear is a second tank top / third clothing layer. If it’s cold enough outside to need more than a tank top, I’m going to want that third layer to have sleeves!

        Now, if the loose tank is purely for fashion – I’ve got nothing more to add, since I’m baffled by fashion LOL.

        • I have to wear a super supportive bra. But I say screw everyone, I’m wearing the tank, because it’ll be comfy to run in. I don’t workout “cute”, I workout comfortable, and those low armholes are great to avoid chafing. Try it! It’s liberating, and no one else cares.

  27. love the outfit…but dislike white tops/ hoodies mostly because I have a tendency to spill..sometimes it’s accidental, and it’s a pain to to clean. I was hoping for long tights. Not sure that I have time to unsubscribe.

    • The description says the hoodie is made from some waterproof fabric, let’s hope it solve the spill problem~~

      • I must have missed that! I found a website that had what looks to be this hoodie. Hmmm….will need to keep digging.

          • No worries, that’s the only website I found with the hoodie, other then the Colombian Adidas website. I think it’s too late to cancel anyways. But it does look nice, and I love hoodies. Thank you.

  28. Really glad I unsubscribe before this one ? Regular sweatshirts always have too short of sleeves for me….and the other items are meh ? Saving my $150 for something I really need.

  29. THIS is a box! Oh my goodness – favorite so far. I’m obsessed!! Can’t wait to get my hands on everything!

  30. I’m curious to see what the sweatshirt looks like on. I can’t seem to figure out what material it is. I’m excited for this box. I think they do a great job curating them. I missed the box with the gym bag so I’m crossing my fingers another bag will be included in the future.

    • Tia,

      I did a little google search and found this:

      A cool style
      The Z.N.E. tennis hoodie is made from soft, lightweight Climalite fabric that draws perspiration away from the skin. The hood ensures you are not distracted by noise so you can concentrate fully on your sport.

      High funnel neck offers weatherproof protection and privacy
      Climalite fabric keeps you dry and comfortable
      Two front pockets offer space for valuables
      Slim fit

    • You can see some pictures on Google images, but I found it interesting that they don’t show the hood up on a real model. The hood looks a bit strange to me (small face hole) so I’m thinking it might look bizarre in real life…

  31. Is this the complete box or will there be additional items?

  32. They hit the nail on the head with this box. With running primarily what I do when I work out, I can wear this entire outfit out the door for a fall run. But I can also go to a barre class and still be stylish. Super versatile outfit. I was on the fence since I buy a lot of my gear at Athleta but thank goodness for the spoilers bc I will wear everything. I have been a fabletics subscriber for years but am moving toward more quality high tech fabrics as I get older.

  33. I love this box! It’s great for runners, and I love that they send new shoes. It’s hard to find the perfect running shoes with all the temptations to try the “latest thing”, and I’ve definitely spent $100+ on a pair that I just hate running in, so it’s nice to try a new pair and style each quarter for less $$. If not good for running, then they are great weekend or workout shoes. I have to run in tight fitting clothes, so the tops last month and this month are a miss, but they still fit my big prego belly on the weekends around the house 🙂 I’m excited to get some prints too because I tend to have very basic workout/running clothes, so these are a nice mix and something fun to try for sure. The jacket is the biggest miss for me though – I’ll have to see it in person. I’m not sure what to do with that one (like those slides last month…). Anyway, overall, I’m so happy with the mix of items and pushing me out of my comfort zone to try new things that so far I’ve ended up loving.

  34. First off I lovvvvvvve this box or I have been loving it !!!!! But I’m starting to think it’s not geared towards people that actually work out. This is my least favorite box so far. I loathe tights that length…loathe. Maybe I’m the minority. I feel like this is the cutesy stuff you see people wearing to the grocery store not to the gym. Think I’ll hang in until the end of the year because I really have enjoyed the past two boxes, this one is just a complete miss for me. Plus I’m fearful they’ll start putting those awful shoes from that survey in rotation lol Every box will not be perfect for everyone and I guess this is mine lol

    • That’s funny because I love this length tight, LOVE. Long tights tend to be too long. I’m interested to see how much support the bra has, but it could be great. I always need more sports bras and tanks. I think it’s very much curated for people who work out, I’ll use all of this to exercise

      • I love this length too! I have kind of short legs for my height, so a lot of mid-calf length tights go down to an awkward looking length on me. This length (I have like 3 pairs from adidas that are this same length already haha) hits just 2 or so inches below my knee and its perfect!

        While the Supernova doesn’t have maximum support (at least for my massive knockers), it is sufficient for weight training and the like (I just prefer more support for actually running but I have a much larger than normal chest). Some of my friends and I have been meeting up and doing like abs, arms, etc. workouts and this whole outfit is going to be perfect for that!

    • They also are probably being mindful of petite women who would not ever be able to wear full length tights from them.

    • I’m not sure how this isn’t geared towards people who work out? Regardless of the colors or designs, it’s all activewear, is it not? As for the length of the pants, everyone has their preference. I personally prefer capri length.

      There are however definitely other items here that I could see as a miss. I personally wouldn’t feel comfortable wearing something with such large cut outs to the gym or out in public to work out in (the tank). It would be a more around the house type deal. I also hate the idea of a white….anything….it gets so dingy looking so quick. So you’re right, every box can’t be perfect for everyone!

      While this is a full outfit and is worth the price of the box, it feels like it’s missing something to give that wow factor. Like some kind of athletic accessory (gym bag, tracker, work out DVD, SOMETHING). This feels a little too much like Fabletics to me and I know I bring the TJ Maxx argument to the table a lot, but I could easily get something comparable to this entire box there for less than half the price of this box. While the summer box I definitely regret not getting, this is an easy pass for me.

    • I’m with you on the cutoff tights-I want full length- just my preference. The hoodie is so cute! But I guess I’ll be buying it when it drops on the regular site- cause I quit this after the last box. I really think everything they offer is well thought out and nicely put together, but I’ve recently purchased items from other retailers- more indie companies- that I like a lot better.
      And I want a better shoe! I’d never take to the road wearing any shoe that came in the sub- just too flimsy and not the right support for my feet.
      For all you gals getting this congrats! The color & design are so nice, I’m a little jealous- but maybe the next box will be more my style. Enjoy!

    • Yep, this box is definitely going to work for certain people lol I personally would never wear any of this to work out in, literally none of it, as of right now, it’ll probably go in a donate pile. But then I loved the shorts last month, but the shoes seriously hurt lol Overall I love this sub, it’s just a complete miss this month. Everyone has their own work out style so I can appreciate the people that love this!!!

    • I agree. I hate this length of tights. I’m fine with a capri but hitting at knee is so awkward. Hopefully the winter box will have a full length pant.

      • Yes!!!! Exactly!!!!

  35. This is my absolute most favorite subscription box. Not only because of the quality and value but also for their kick butt customer service. I’ve had to contact them after each box because of sizing issues and they were fast, friendly and super accommodating.

    I am so glad to be getting another pants and sports bra set because I have been wearing my set from the first box non-stop! I will be using every single thing in this box. <3 <3

  36. I wish the tank was not that style; other than that, I like the box. Hoping everything fits!

  37. I love everything about this box!!! I can’t wait:)

  38. Wow! This is the best subscription box! I can’t wait to receive my first box. Win win win!

  39. Can’t wait for this box! Love that it’s a matching set!

  40. I’m self conscious enough wearing a regular tank top. No way I’d be interested in showing off all my bulges or sports bra for that matter. (To be fair, I have the same issue with a lot of Fabletics offerings, a lot of their tops seem to show open backs.)

    I guess I must be in the minority, I prefer to cover up more, even when working out.

    • I am with you!! I like my workout gear in dark colors and to cover up my “trouble” areas. lol. This isn’t the box for me. 🙂

  41. I love it all and soooo happy that there is no pink! These are all of my favorite colors 🙂

  42. I just realized that tank top will not remotely cover anyone’s chest, not matter how flat chested you are. I guess if you wear a sports bra under it you are still decent, but what’s the point of wearing the shirt? I do like the spoilers but that tank top is so impractical. It’s really made in a style meant for men.

    • That is the back of be tank top I think.

    • they tank top is showing the back not the front – if you look closely you can see its more coverage on the other side. Probably shown this way to show the Adidas logo.

      • Yes, I know that’s the back…you can see the front too, which will also not cover the chest area.

        • This is a very popular style now where I live. The tank can be worn over the sports bra. That way you have some extra coverage, but still look sporty.

          At my local Equinox (where the vast majority of women spend a fairly significant amount of time and a lot more money than this box costs making sure they have cute and functional fitness wear), this will fit in perfectly.

          It also looks athleisure-friendly.

          Great job, Adidas!

          • Same here. The bra is meant to be tight fitting to hold your boobs in, even when you’re spinning or on the treadmill or doing jumping jacks. Lots of the girls at my Equinox wear them and a tank over for more coverage.
            Can’t wait to get my box! I’m watching out for people wearing the same outfit when I run on the trail by Ocean Front Walk ?

          • Bahaha. I worked out at Equinox South Bay when I lived in LA. Loved that place but always felt woefully underdressed and unhip. This comment nails it! 🙂

          • Elizabeth, it really is one of those things you “have to see” I work out at Marina Del Rey and sometimes in BH and I feel like it’s a runway show. Endeavor is upstairs at BH and a lot of girls work out in full hair and makeup. I feel like such a dud but I keep showing up!

  43. I am super excited about my box. I’ve been a subscriber since they first started and have been thrilled with every single box!!!

  44. Do their clothing run true to size? I signed up months ago and just automatically picked Large for everything but with the spoilers I went back to make the sweatshirt a XL because I like those large and loose and I just looked at the chart and it says I’m actually a medium at a size 12…any suggestions? Thanks!

    • I would say they run on the small side/true to size. I got the spring box in medium and I thought everything would be loose and flowy, but the shorts ended up being a little tight and the tank fit perfectly (for reference, I’m usually a 6-8 in pants with a butt and small on top 34A). They are great at exchanging though. In shoes I’m either a 9 or 9.5 and 9 fit perfectly.

    • My daughter wears a 12 and she went to an XL on everything, except bra and she did a L. The L shorts fit, but she has a booty so she sized up so they were looser.

  45. I love the colors and I love the selections. Can’t wait to get my box!

  46. Lawd! I’m about to lose it! Sweet Jesus! I’m dead! Nope! I’m back! No! I’m dead again! Nope – back again!! I’ll die after I receive my box!!

    • Hahaha

      • 🙂

  47. I love this box! What a perfect outfit to get me back into the gym!

  48. OMG, I am beyond excited! I love that it is a complete outfit, so cool!!!

  49. I like the leggings but not thrilled about a sweatshirt (fancy name aside) and black sneakers. I would have preferred more color, I have two subscriptions but may end up cancelling them for this season.

    • This was so promising at first, but after seeing the spoilers I cancelled the box.
      Thanks to Fabletics I have a wardrobe of everyday workout gear.
      $150 is not worth it to me for just the shoes.

  50. Are they generally good about exchanging sizes if things don’t fit??

    • They have been awesome about exchanging sizes if something doesn’t fit.

    • Yes, I had to exchange the slides from the last box and it was super easy.

      • Thanks, ladies! I went ahead and signed up. I need some new running gear and this is a GREAT deal. Wow! 🙂

        • Thanks from adidas AvenueA!
          Keep the comments coming-

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