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Target Clean Care Box Back in Stock! Only $5!

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Target has a new box featuring Cottonelle

UPDATE: This box is currently sold out, again. But the July Target Beauty Boxes are back in stock!

Screen Shot 2016-07-05 at 4.01.28 AM

Target July Beauty Box – Fresh and Fabulous and Target July Beauty Box – Simply Radiant are each $7.

The Box: Target Clean Care Box

The Cost: $5

The Products: The Clean Care Box, brought to you by Cottonelle, includes 7 premium personal care items that all offer a better clean, a better texture, and a better experience. They’re only available for a limited time – so get yours today for only $5 + free shipping (valued at over $25).

  • Cottonelle Fresh Care Wipes (10 count)
  • SkinFix Lip Balm
  • Bath Pouf
  • Kleenex Tissues
  • Kleenex Facial Cleansing Wipe
  • SkinFix Ultra Rich Hand Cream
  • Cottonelle Toilet Paper

I never thought I’d post about a box that includes toilet paper, but here we are! 🙂 $5 for 2 full-size SkinFix items? I’m in!

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. Received my box today and it’s such a great box & deal. They also included a coupon box which can come in handy. Great partnership Target & Cottonelle!

  2. The assumptions and judgment on this thread about GREED and hoarders really rub me the wrong way. We are talking about shopping. It’s not a communist system. Sometimes I can’t get organic 1% milk at the grocery store, but I don’t start railing against the greedy people who are obstacles to me getting milk. I don’t label them hoarders!

    This is probably the most practical box I have ever seen. Who wouldn’t want more than one? And why should anyone have to justify how many boxes we need/want/buy? I mean, I have eczema on my hands, so clearly I need this more than someone who doesn’t, but that sounds insane, right? It does to me!

    • Thanks for this- I feel the same way and I wasnt sure how to say it. You said it perfectly!
      I dont think anyone should be made to feel bad for buying a few target boxes. Most people I see are saying things like “I got one for me and one for my mom/best friend/sister.” Who hasnt done that while shopping when and you see something great for a great price. I dont stand around Target thinking “These things are great and I would love to buy 4 so I, my mom, my sister, and my BFF can have one. But maybe I should only buy one in case some strangers also want to buy them.” That would be very ridiculous. Or if paper towels are on sale for very low price “while supplies last”, I might grab a bunch- I am not going to feel bad that other people didn’t get to buy them because I bought them. How is this any different?
      Also, its not like everyone bought all of a rare item and now its not available anymore. All of these items are still available to buy, just not at the sale price. So you missed a sale. It happens all the time. I often hear about a sale, go to a store, and either I missed it or everything good is gone. I think “Oh well” not “I cant believe those greedy hoarders bought everything.”

      • “I dont stand around Target thinking ‘These things are great and I would love to buy 4 so I, my mom, my sister, and my BFF can have one. But maybe I should only buy one in case some strangers also want to buy them.’ That would be very ridiculous.”

        Yes! This! I was seeing this kind of thing with the most recent Popsugar/Target fitness box (of which I was able to get ZERO, and I was on the website minutes after it launched). Sometimes we get lucky, sometimes we don’t! It would be great if we could all leave it there.

        Thanks for your logical and even-keeled comment. You make such good points.

        • Both very good comments.

  3. I passed on this one too. I am sad.

  4. The TARGET clean box is out of stock again , I missed it .

  5. I ALWAYS get 2 boxes because my 12yr old is in love with these boxes and they’re my fav BUT yessss I’m sick of the hoarders to. These are first boxes I’ve been able to get since April and I start early for them. I’ve seen the brags on 4-6 boxes I also wish Target would make this a monthly ongoing subscription.

  6. Has anyone gotten a different NYX lip color from the other Target box that isn’t Moonlit Night?! Seems like that’s all anyone got! (Yes off topic of this box… but still target..)

    • If its not opened you can go to Target and trade the color on makeup items. Targets just down the road from me so not out of the way for me or at least I haven’t ran into any issues doing it so far.

      • Oh cool! Good to know, thanks! I was so disappointed too because I love NYX but that lip color looks way too dark for me 😛 Do you bring your receipt email from the box or anything?

    • I did get a nude color in my box but I didn’t know I could bring them to Target in exchange ? good to know .

  7. I managed to get 2 boxes (one yesterday, one today) BUT I feel like maybe we are riding on some type of Target Glitch wave because it seems odd that they are going out of stock so quickly! Plus shipping in my confirmation emails states 7/27 & 7/28 respectively which is 2 weeks out and Target has never taken that long for me

    • I went back to look at my confirmation email. It says arriving 7/26..(I ordered yesterday) Even that seems a bit long. I usually get these about a week after ordering. You might want to double check the wording though. It probably says “arriving” those dates – not shipping.:)

  8. You will probably see a couple of these boxes on the swap board. I’m am happy that Target is limiting purchases to two.

  9. Will the restock the cottenelle box again or will these 2 times be it?

  10. YAY! I got ahold of 2 boxes today. I think it was around 10:30am. Glad they made more available but sold out again now. Phew!

    • Oh and I’m anxious to try the skinfix products.

  11. Bummer! Missed it again. Didn’t get the MSA email until 2:42 pm. Seems others got it much sooner.

    • I happened to click on the MSA site yesterday and again today to see the post and noticed that the email didn’t come through until a little later. These today sold out incredibly quick. I went to tell someone and they were gone already (which was still before the MSA email arrived).

      • I think the MSA emails arrive in order of when you signed up for them? I signed up with my main email address a while back, but wasn’t getting the messages, so I tried registering with another email address… only to notice that my first email address was getting messages filtered to Junk Mail.

        As soon as I fixed that junk mail issue, I noticed that the first email address gets the notifications more than an hour earlier than the second one! Weird that the MSA distribution list wouldn’t just send all messages at the same time…

  12. I just happened to click on the box page at about 11:20am CT (before the MSA note came out to say restocked), and saw they were available! You better believe I bought those two boxes so fast…. then the MSA email came at 11:38am.

    Not sure how long they were available before I happened upon them, but I just feel very lucky today because I totally missed out previously!


  13. Can anyone tell me an email address that I can email? I have 2 boxes in my cart, however when I get to the pay screen its giving me an error. I’ve tried looking for the email, but cant find it 🙁 Anyone happen to have it?

    Thanks in advance!!!

    • Keep trying to checkout. I had problems too but kept it up and it went through after a few tries.

  14. Yep. Gone again. How do they go out that quickly? I just got the update email. Ugh.

  15. Gone again. (:

  16. Missed out the first time but went in soon as the email popped up and I was able to get two. Thanks.

  17. Just tried to get one but it will not allow it to be placed in cart. I spoke to customer service and he said that this item is out of stock and that they will update website.

    • That’s what’s so weird about it – It said currently unavailable, and then the add to cart button became active. It won’t let you add it to the cart, but why have the button become active when they’re sold out?

      Based on the restocking of this month’s beauty boxes, it may be worth keeping an eye on this listing…

  18. The Fresh & Fabulous box is in stock but I don’t see the Cottenelle box ??

  19. Ugh, how aggravating to miss out again! I really wanted this one.

    • Same here, missed it again.

  20. People always get more than 1 so that’s why only some people get them! 🙁 oh well

    • Right?!!

      • Yep. That’s what happened with the Allure May box, greedy people ordering multiples. SMH ?

        • Wow, this isn’t exactly the breadline in the depression.

      • Exactly, makes it hard for any of us to get one. I saw someone posted on facebook they got 4 🙁

        • Some people get two or three because they have kids and family, but some people order multiples just because they’re greedy hoarders IMO and that’s aggravating for those who never get a chance to get even one. Such is life.

        • Well, to be fair, Target tried to limit the greedy folks this time to 2 boxes (there was a limit of 2 when I tried to order 3 – one for my sister, mom, self).
          I restrained myself and ordered just the 2, but I’m sure others just set up new accounts with different email addresses to order more than that! Now who do I give the second box to… mom or sis???

    • True, a lot of greedy people.

  21. I was bummed out when I missed it yesterday, and then my heart leaped for joy when I got that restocked e-mail. I had 2 in my cart minutes after the e-mail from Liz. I go to check out and they are gone. This has been an target box emotional rollercoaster. 😛 This is the first time I missed a Target box and now I understand what others go through. Haha. Better luck next time. 😉

  22. I tried again and still out of stock. Target must have only had a few to restock.

  23. i’m super fast this time right after i received the notification from MSA’s instagram. “Out of Stock” again.

  24. I don’t think I’m meant to have this box. Second time I’ve rushed to get it and it’s sold out.

  25. It let me add two to my cart, but won’t let me pay. When I went in on my laptop a few moments later, it won’t let me add to my cart. Site says sold out.

  26. Target didn’t announce that they were restocked – it appears that there were a few more in their inventory system which were quickly snapped up.

  27. Liz you are the best! I nabbed two this time:)

    • Already gone again!

  28. I literally put one in my cart and now they are gone. Did anyone else have this issue?

    • YES 🙁

  29. I thought if they were going to restock them, they would RESTOCK them and I got two. Now, I feel greedy. 🙁

  30. As of 12 52 eastern time it’s saying out of stock

    • I’m trying from my phone so maybe people on a computer will have better luck

      • No luck on computer or phone for me 🙁

  31. I think they sold out again already 🙁

  32. I put two in my cart, got to Paypal to pay and was told it wasn’t available.
    Either Target is just playing with me, or everyone in the world wants TP, too 😉

  33. Still showing out of stock for me 🙁 🙁

  34. I bought one yesterday as soon as I saw the announcement, then realized I really should have bought two. By the time I realized that, it had sold out! Glad they restocked them!

  35. LOL – This is like the Sephora Play! of one off boxes!

    Some may have access, and some may not! 🙂

    A great deal for $5 to those who can get one.

  36. I almost shed tears last night when I had a box in my cart, put in my card info, and then it was out of stock. Got one now! Yaaaaayyyyy!!!!!

  37. I got one!

  38. me too 🙁

  39. It’s still showing as unavailable for me. 🙁

    • Try again. Still showing available and I was able to grab 1 🙂

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