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Marvel Collector Corps Year One Box Spoiler!

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We have the first spoiler, direct from SDCC16, for the Marvel Collector Corps Year One box!

Thanks to funkorhyno520 on Instagram for posting!

We’ll be getting a HobGoblin on a Glider POP – YES!

More from the same user:

I believe that these are, in fact, full spoilers since we now have a second shot from comicszombie on Instagram:

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I’m assuming these a lot of value in the Hikari statue. I’ll try and reserve judgement until it’s in my hands.

I’m not sure if these are still available – they sold very quickly. If you haven’t purchased one yet, double-check the “Member’s Only Products” area of your account when you log into your Collector Corps account.

What do you think of the first spoiler from this super mystery box?

Written by Eric Cadman

Eric Cadman

Eric is the co-founder of My Subscription Addiction. He’s been hooked on geek subscription boxes since 2012 thanks to Loot Crate and Nerd Block. Geek boxes sparked his desire for collecting Funko Pops and comic book statues!

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  1. I got mine today and yes, these are the full spoilers, and yes, Collector Corps did pull a fast one over us. I just don’t see any value here. The hat is cheaply made. The Dorbz are nothing special. And the other two items are kind of cool, but nowhere near the value paid for this box. And its not like you can complain to them, because customer service is nearly non-existing at MCC. I feel foolish for buying this.

  2. Thanks for the spoilers. Makes me glad I didn’t give in to temptation and buy this at SDCC, I would have felt totally ripped off. I was also expecting more items in this box too.

  3. That’s it?! Wow. I was on the fence about this and ultimately decided not to get it because I was so nervous it would be 3 Funkos and a t-shirt with Funko artwork on it (I seriously hate those and they’re trying my patience with the regular Collector Corps box). I was mostly being sarcastic to myself and expecting the worst, but the above is somehow less than that. A Funko (a cool one, granted) with 2 Dorbz (ok), a hat (I don’t wear hats), and a statue (that looks pretty ugly)? That’s roughly one extra item’s worth from the regular box contents. And you can’t claim the statue makes up for it because it’s worth more when they’re the ones pricing it in the first place.

    If I had ordered this box I’d be pissed.

  4. The contents of the box are good… If the box was $50-$70. Terrible value from Funko. Just awful. They need to shape up after this.

  5. This is extremely disappointing. My husband ordered this box and we feel ripped off and angry.

  6. This was a bad move by funko as a year one box..period. They could of made it special with the fantasic four bobbles and 6 inch galactus and i think folks would of went nuts to get something alot of folks passed on. the time limit of getting the box also kinda forced your hand into ……ok i gotta have it, this has got to be something cool. I was never interested in Hikari figures and am shocked at the price they try to sell them for. I dont feel like i ever signed up to get one in the normal boxes…so why now? To me a 6 inch pop and 4 regular pops that were exclusive would of been a much better deal. I like hte hobgoblin but cannot justify the price for this… It really is too bad. Funko had a chance here to make all other subscription boxes look bad….They failed.

  7. Wow, three times the price of a normal box for one extra item? That would be disappointing even if the extra item was incredible (which this isn’t). I’ve been supporting the Collector Corps from the beginning, but I’m not getting another bonus box without spoilers after this one.

  8. It is the full spoiler extremely dissapointed is an understatement.

    For those not familiar with Hikari’s, they are a Funko line that retails for about 80-100$ depending on the piece, they are not very Popular and most, like at least 50% get marked down at some point because of the extremely high price point. So this box having five items plus a patch and pin for 125$ price is incredibly difficult to swallow as some one who bought the box.

    I Bought the 125$ Marvel Collector Corps Year one Box, And I’m stunned by how bad the box was. This isn’t a you can’t please everyone kinda thing. The box broken down is a terrible value and filled with exactly one item people want, and the other four are various degrees of I would never choose to buy this item. You also do get a patch and pin.

    And the blind Box costed a 125$ that broken down makes no sense as to why its this much for these items.

    So after sleeping on it, this is my thoughts on my terrible purchase.
    This box is very simillar to the Jabba SB Box. You swap out the two Dorbs for the other two items that aren’t the PoP or Hat.

    And you have the Jabba Box minus the Hikari.

    Think about that for a second, 32 dollars is what a normal box is for me with shipping, we have a pop, a hat instead of a T-shirt, and two Dorbs. That is very consistent with a normal box from the Funko Subscription boxes.

    And they made us spend 93$ on a Hikari that no one wants.
    I know that this box was a bad decision.

    But the contents of the box should be really un-acceptable even to the people that didn’t buy the box.

    There wasn’t even added value in buying a 125 Dollar box. Like 93 for a Hikari is only 7 dollars cheaper than what they like to charge. And you get a normal 32 dollar value box with it. That has exactly one item anyone wants.

    For 125 Dollars you get five items plus a patch and pin, exactly one of which anyone wants, and 32$ for four of the items is very consistent to what we have been getting for our Money in other funko mystery boxes.

    So they totally played us in giving us to give them 93$ for a Captain America Hikari, when no one would have paid that if they knew they were getting it.

    They tricked a ton of people into buying a 93$ Dollar captain America Hikari. That is Disgustingly Dirty.

    And the other 4 items make a very mediocre 32$ Box.

    Jesus this is like a Disgustingly bad value for a box. Never buying a blind box at this price point again. insanely not even a littler worth it when you break the numbers down, we kinda all got very ripped of by Funko here.

    I don’t believe the reviewers pay for the box, but I would ask you as people that review the other Funko boxes, “Doesn’t this just feel like a normal Funko box that Cost 93$ and you get a Hikari that they like to sell for 80-100$?” It just doesn’t feel like a special one year anniversary box, or like a box that is worth the price tag of 125$ Not even close really.

    • Just wanted to chime in to let everyone know that we do pay for all Funko boxes, including this one – this is noted towards the top of all of our reviews. I agree on most of your statements, I was expecting a “super box” that was 2-3x the amount of items in the bi-monthly box – I’m hoping my opinion changes once it’s in my hands.


      • Thanks for Clarifying, I read a lot of the reviews here and know some boxes you guy get to review and some you have to purchase. Sorry for the confusion.

    • I agree 100% with you…..this is by far one of the all time WORST boxes I have ever seen.

      And YES, I also purchased this box…..I feel like I just burned $125, and I’m so mad with Funko I feel like cancelling all my subscriptions because this was a kick to the private parts on their end.

      The Hikari figures are NOT popular, nobody buys them… can’t give them a $100 price tag when eventually they lower them significantly because no one likes them.

      I expected so much more, but I never would’ve thought it was gonna be this bad….I’m honestly shocked.

      These Funko boxes started very strong and very quickly became the most popular subscription boxes thanks to the great value they provided.

      After the Star Wars Jabba box and this horrible insult…..I just can’t defend them anymore.

      I honestly can’t emphasize my utter disappointment into more coherent words…

  9. Sorry fellas, pretty disappointed. Dont see 125.00 here. Actually pleased I didnt spend the money on this. Sorry, just honest.

    • I’m hoping it isn’t the full spoilers.

      • unfortunatly it is. friends at the con said this is all that was in the box.

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