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Ipsy August 2016 Glam Bag Spoilers!

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Ipsy 2015 Spoilers

We have spoilers for the August 2016 Ipsy glam bag! Subscribers will receive one of the following in their shipment:


What do you think of the August 2016 Ipsy Glam Bag spoilers? Which sample are you hoping to get? I’ve been wanting to try the new tarte mascara, so that’s my Ipsy sample goal for August!


If you are new to Ipsy, it is a $10 a month beauty and makeup subscription box. Check out all of our Ipsy reviews to see what’s been in past boxes.

And check out our list of the 15 Beauty Boxes To Try in 2016, and all reviews of Cheap Subscription Boxes to find other subscriptions with similar price points to Ipsy!

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. I got this exact liner in an It! Holiday box from QVC three years ago. It is my all time favorite, ultimate holy grail liner! It’s truly black, truly no tug and truly amazing. I’ve used it almost every single day multiple times a day and I still have more than half the pencil left. I’m so excited to see it in Ipsy! I hope I get one! If anyone gets it and doesn’t want it hit me up for a trade! ? @coconuthin on IG

    • I just received my first ipsy bag and I love it. I read all of the tips on this blog and decided to try ipsy first. Only $10 so worth a shot. I am very pleased. I got an eyeliner, black non sharpening pencil which I needed, a face mask that you lay over your face and its nice in cool, always wanted to try one of those because I can’t stand gel hardening face masks, a small tube of primer, a highlighter eye shadow and a nail polish and it all came in an adorable bag. I would have never bought this color nail polish for my self, it is called “dangerous affair” its a red, burgandy. It looks amazing on though. See and I never would have tried it. I am loving My Ipsy subscription and its my first month! Oh and I just checked that I liked everything so I would get variety. I am happy with what they sent me. If you think you don’t like something, just try it. Thats the whole point… to discover new things you might have never thought to try before. 🙂

      • Good you got a lipstick hopefully it had pigment in it.

  2. Hello!

    loving your website which I just joined. I’m hoping for the Benefit give me brow. fingers crossed. 🙂

  3. The spoilers always look great but I ALWAYS end up getting the one thing I won’t use!!! (Like the eyeliner) ughhh
    Every month I just keep hoping for one of the products I would love to try!!!

    • I got this exact eyeliner in a holiday It box from QVC three years ago. It’s my all time favorite liner, it’s AMAZING! I use it everyday and still have more than half the pencil left. Give it a shot! Unless of course you just don’t wear eye liner! ?

    • Totally Agree. I really got the worst bag this month-black eyeliner that’s nothing special (plus I don’t wear black eyeliner, hair conditioner (I wish they would just stick to makeup), and the NYX illuminator. Basically, I paid exactly what I would have paid in the store if I bought all these drug store items, only I got selections that I won’t use.

      Does anyone know of a good bag for higher end makeup? I thought Ipsy would be better, but it’s all cheepy stuff you can pick up at target so far.

      • Boxycharm has been my all time favorite so far! I have subscribed to many boxes and boxycharm always hits it out of the park! It costs a little more at 21 a month but so far it’s been totally worth it!!!

      • Boxy charm $21.00 a month I’ve seen good reviews about it giving full size products each month. Also play by Sephora is $10.00 per month

    • I just received my first ipsy bag and I love it. I read all of the tips on this blog and decided to try ipsy first. Only $10 so worth a shot. I am very pleased. I got an eyeliner, black non sharpening pencil which I needed, a face mask that you lay over your face and its nice in cool, always wanted to try one of those because I can’t stand gel hardening face masks, a small tube of primer, a highlighter eye shadow and a nail polish and it all came in an adorable bag. I would have never bought this color nail polish for my self, it is called “dangerous affair” its a red, burgandy. It looks amazing on though. See and I never would have tried it. I am loving My Ipsy subscription and its my first month! Oh and I just checked that I liked everything so I would get variety. I am happy with what they sent me. If you think you don’t like something, just try it. Thats the whole point… to discover new things you might have never thought to try before. ?

  4. Somehow, after a year of beauty boxes I’ve still only received mascara ONCE. So I’d love that.

    If history is anything to go by though, I will get a lip product despite not marking them on my little quiz thing and rating them as “Not for me” literally every single month.

  5. I would love anything except the eyeshadow or the illuminator, so of course, I will receive one of those.

    • My thoughts exactly. Every month the promote pretty cool stuff that Id love to try and every month i keep getting the eyeshadow or highlighter and its always the same shade

    • Haha same here got the eyeshadow in my boxycharm this month and bought the nyx wasn’t worth it. Never use it!!!! They have this month to wow me if not I will cancel… I’d rather just get another box that is 21 cause they r alot more for your money..

  6. I really hope for the Orfa eye shadow or the tarts lip surgence, and not the eyeliner got like it still have plenty to use and I got the gimme brow from birchbox don’t need or want another

  7. I really want the gel liner from IT just because I heard it is so smooth, and I’ve yet to try gel! I would love the Tarte lip or the Ofra shadow.

    • The IT gel eyeliner is amazing. I received one in another subscription and love it. Super smooth.

  8. I just got back from Ireland a day ago and Gimme Brow is being given away with several women’s magazines there, (and I suspect the U.K.). I had a laugh when I saw all the magazines bulging with the Benefit freebies on the newsstands. And so many folks here are dying to find one!
    For many years it’s been common to find beauty products, books, even clothing, attached to monthly magazines over there. And often several foil packets inside as well. Something U.S.. magazines can’t or won’t do, which is a drag for us. So if you have travel plans over there this month – consider this a heads-up 🙂

    • I should also add that if you buy a U. K. magazine here in the States, they won’t include the beauty freebies with it…. must be some sort of import regulation thing (?)

  9. Of course as soon as I cancel my ipsy, they start having higher quality brands/products in their bags!! So sad 🙁

  10. I just want the Gimme brow…pleeeeaaaase! I have more than enough mascara, I don’t wear eyeliner, received the LipSurgence a couple of months ago…terrible color, don’t need any more eye shadow, and I have enough illuminators, highlighters and bronzers to last me lifetime. I missed out last month on the KaBrow and I was so bummed, and to add insult to injury, I received a crappy brow pencil with a spoolie on the end. The bag is also starting to look a little sparse…almost not worth the $10 anymore.

    • I just started my subscription in June and already thinking of cancelation. July bag I thought was empty. I got 4 tiny little things. Under eye gel, a highlighter pencil also tiny, a tiny eyeliner brush and a tiny eyeshadow. I could of bought that off one of my apps I buy makeup and got it for 5 or 6 bucks. I watched all the bigger named youtube girls get there bags and got all kinds of Full size products. Really F IPSY.. I am only wasting my money 1 more time and if it sucks like this month did I am done…

      • Ipsy sends 5 items. If you look @ your glam bag on their site, logged in, you can see what you were supposed to get. Tell them you didn’t get one item, and they will send it. It took me 6 months of reviewing items and now I get bags I LOVE! I sometimes get one thing in my bag I won’t use because I am super picky and don’t put hair stuff in my hair, use dry shampoo, use brow products, use sheet masks, and I don’t really love concealer either. I’m picky about colors too. But even with all that pickiness, I finally started getting great bags by leaving reviews.

        • I’ve heard some have called and told them they hated their bags and gotten great advice on how to do the quiz so they get what they want. I probably would have gotten great bags sooner if I had done that. I did scrutinize my quiz and narrow down the stylists, and that might have helped too.

          • Thanks to you both I will try that…

      • Honestly I don’t understand why so many people think its a conspiracy that IPsy sends out only “good” products to bloggers that is so NOT true.. I have had IPsy almost 3 years and I can tell u I get better bags than liz in my opinion and why? Because they really try to use your feedback and profile. I get maybe 2 meh bags a year… The rest are amazing and for 10$ im sorry but IPsy gives the best products and blows sephora play and birchbox out of the water!!! 🙂

      • I completely agree. I also started in May/June and I also thought my July bag was empty. TINY samples. I much prefer the 2 for one Glossybox at $21. More full size products and more expensive brands. I feel like Ipsy may have gotten a bit cocky since their surge to the top of the subscription box list. They need to keep their quality standards in check while they obviously work to maximize their profit.

    • feel the same way! I’ve been suscribed for 3 months and I’ve received a mascara each month ¬¬ also got the LipSurgence and yes, the color is horrible!! Please please ipsy send us the gimme brow.

  11. I desperately need better brows so I really hope I get the Benefit product!

  12. I would love any of those products.

  13. As long as they are good about not sending duplicates I’m still okay with Ipsy. I already have the Tarte lipSurgence, OFRA shadow and the IT Cosmetics gel liner. What I really don’t want is another hair oil or a makeup brush. I never seem to get any facial cleansers though, but some of the skin care products have been great to try.

  14. Seems so early for spoilers, but I love it! I would be happy with anything other than the mascara or eyeshadow. But I love Ipsy, and will save it for stocking stuffers if I get anything I don’t like!

  15. I received mascara for 3 straight months…I’m pretty sure I’ll get the mascara lol

    • hahaha me too! I was expecting the ka brow last month and got the make up for ever mascara 🙁

  16. Let’s see. I really want to try it Cosmetics No-Tug Waterproof Gel Eyeliner. I have a tarte tarteist Lash Paint Mascara and hate it. I flakes all throughout the day so that I end up with black flecks on my face. I have a tarte lipSurgence which I like ok. I went ahead and bought a Benefit Cosmetics Ka-Brow and I absolutely love it so I hope that I will get Gimme Brow in this Ipsy Bag. I don’t really care too much for the OFRA Cosmetics Eyeshadow. The NYX Born to Glow Liquid Illuminator might be worth a try. That is my take on the Ipsy spoilers. LOL

  17. Got tarter lip crayon before didn’t do well for me. ….no lip plumper needed nor wanted ?

  18. All looks wonderful except mascara,including the brow products that I received in another box and have bought more of because I love them

  19. Several repeats there. I bet that’s what most subscribers will receive, too.

    • Thats why this was my last month. This month was a total fail. Everything I am getting, I have never checked. When I have received the products that I am getting, I put one star and say I am not interested. Ipsy doesnt care. A few months ago, these products were in our bags.

      • I have subscribed to Ipsy for very nearly a year now and have never received any of these products. Unfortunately I usually receive the lowest value product that no one wants so maybe this time? I have never received anything from It, Tarte or any of the Benefit brow products. I will probably receive the eyeshadow which I receive almost every month although I have said repeatedly that I don’t use it. Or I will get the illuminator that I have no desire for either. Sad.

  20. GIMME BROW! I want!

    probably wont get it though…………..

    • I got this in a Birchbox and HATED it!! It did absolutely nothing!! So I figure I’ll probably get it again! ?

      • I got one in Birchbox too but I loved it! lol It was the first product I’ve purchased in full-size in a long time!

  21. I always get damn eyeshadow and I always say in my reviews I don’t want eyeshadow. My luck is that I will receive the OFRA eyeshadow. Wishing for any other product really.

    • Me too!

  22. I sent a picture to the my subscription addiction email of the bag designs for August. They are super cute! There are 2 different ones with a woman’s face drawn on them one with purple hair & one with blue hair. I think they are wearing crowns.

    • Hi Julie,
      Would you mid sharing the link to the pictures?? I would love to see the designs!

  23. Thanks for the spoilers! I love them. I’m actually interested in trying NYX Illuminator. It looks like fun. I was sold on Benefit’s Ka-Brow from my July bag…and while I DID SAY I would try something else, I really don’t need to go any further. I wouldn’t mind the OFRA eyeshadow IF it was a neutral color. If not, I’m likely to swatch it and it would get lost or put with my various pots waiting for a home. Everything else…there is absolutely zero interest.

  24. How long does Ipsy wait before sending repeat items? I got the Tarte Lipsurgence in April and was curious to know how long it might be before I get it again.

    • You shouldn’t EVER get the exact same item again with them. It might be another color or formula, but never the exact same thing. If you do, you email them and they’ll replace it with another item.

  25. Wow, seems early for an August peek already. I’m hoping my July bag gets here tomorrow or Tuesday. Sigh. Out of these pics I’d love to get the 1st gel eyeliner, 2nd OFRA and 3rd the Tarte lippie (if its a different color than I got already, a few months ago)

    No mascara or brow stuff, please, Ipsy!!

  26. TART mascara is my goal. I dont use lip,brow,highlight products but i would love either the ofra or tart.. come on Ipsy… do your thang!!

  27. Just received my July bag (my first Ipsy). I’d love the eyeshadow or the mascara for August!

  28. Anything except the Tarte LipSurgence, which smells awful (mint?) and tingles and itches on my lips.

  29. Wow these spoilers are great! I’m not interested in the NYX product, and I don’t want the Benefit one if its the GImme Brow (their other brow products are great, but I didn’t care for that one), but at least Benefit is always a good brand for trades 🙂

  30. I would love the Ofra eyeshadow or the Tarte Lipsurgence lippie. The Ofra Eyeshadow will go great with the palette I got from Boxycharm this month ! I really hope I get one of those two. Still waiting on my July ipsy bag:(

  31. So soon! These all look great, I can’t wait to see what bag they come up with next 🙂

  32. I would especially love the Tarte mascara, but I’d like anything except the Tarte lip crayon (highly allergic to one of the ingredients).

    • Definitely make Ipsy aware of that! They may be able to put a note in your system about the allergy (especially if you know the exact ingredient causing the reaction) to keep you from getting any products that will make you react. Even if they can’t, if you get that product, let them know what’s going on and I’ll bet they would be willing to replace it. They seem to have awesome customer service. Good luck! I can only imagine how much fun it must have been to find out about that allergy!

  33. WoW I Can’t wait for next month. I’m still waiting for this month.

  34. The NYX Born to Glow Liquid Illuminator, or the Benefit Ka Brow I would love to see in my August bag.

    • Same!

  35. I just got my July bag yesterday. Love the OFRA in May and Meet Matt Trimony /Matt Kumar, sooo creamy! But even more excited for August. Absolutely love Tarte!

  36. In a year getting Ipsy I’ve never had a box let me down! All boxes seemed really awful for June …Birchbox has been awful for bit now but afraid will cancel and then will get better! Lol, Anyways, would be happy with any of the samples…haven’t received any of those yet.

    • Same here I had birchbox for a while cancelled then all the cute boxes started showing up so I subscribe again now I’m disappointed but scared to cancel ? Lol

  37. Oh wow, I’m really excited about almost all the spoilers. I’ve been wanting to try OFRA, my daughter is all about brows so she would love Ka Brow. We got a waterproof eyeliner in July’s bag but it was a pencil not a gel. I wear eyeliner more than shadow so I would be cool with trying out a waterproof gel eyeliner.

    • It’s not very waterproof. I find Sephora’s contour matte waterproof gel liner has better staying power. For a cheaper option Colour Pop’s gel liners have amazing staying power and are only $5

  38. That actually is Benefit Gimme Brow in the photo!

    • Yes hopefully Liz corrects that in her post so everyone will stop complaining that it’s a repeat. It’s definately Gimme Brow not Ka-Brow.

      • Oops! So sorry – fixed it!

  39. I am really hoping to get the Ka Brow next month since I didn’t get it this month. I love everything I see for this spoiler. I already got the liner from ipsy and have some tarte lipSurgence (not from any sub though). So hoping for the others. I would be happy with any of them though 🙂

  40. I already have the gimme briw and the tarte lippie but would be happy to get them again, the ofra would go nicely in the palette Im getting from Boxycharm, typically I can only use waterproof mascara but Tarte seems so great that I wouldn’t mind trying the mascara, I love to glow so the NYX would be fine…I truly madly deeply want to try that eyeliner though. I need something for my waterlines. Ipsy literally can’t go wrong for me though with these spoilers. I would be happy with all of them. I can’t wait to see more. Thanks for brightening up my drudgy morning and giving me something fun to think about.

  41. The Kabrow was in Julys bag so it doesn’t make sense they would put it in Augusts bag as well. Why didn’t they just give their customers the Kabrow this month because it seems like a lot of people didn’t get that in their bag. Why would they also put it in Augusts bag. Instead of repeated these products give the customers these items when your featuring them. Give your customers new products that they haven’t seen or tried before. If your customers are getting the same brand and product they received a few months ago you will be losing customers.

    • It’s not Ka-Brow it’s Gimme Brow. A Different brow product from Benefit.

  42. I already got the tarte lipsurgence and the ofra so I am hoping that I don’t get a dupe. I would really like to try the new tarte mascara or the it eyeliner but I don’t usually seem to get what I am hoping for lol. I will be happy as long as I don’t get repeats I guess sigh.

  43. Spoilers for August before I even received my July bag… I was not prepared for this! its set to come Monday, I should be ok. Now… On to August, I would be happy with any of it even though I don’t really use eyeliner a whole lot. I’m hoping for more good spoilers too!

    • The tarte lip crayon I got 2 or 3 moths ago, so I hope I don’t get it, I gave the 1 I got to my daughter, cause I don’t use the color, but any of the rest I’d be ok with, but I to see the August spoilers before I get my july bag, hopefully it will be here Monday or tuesday.

  44. No more mascara !!!! When you get at least one in a sub box a month then it’s too much. And no highlighters. Too many. Never will use them.

  45. i would love to try the eyeliner i never seem to get much eyeliner at all.. the ofra eyeshadow or the NYX!!! i love my ipsy bags there is normally only 1 thing i would have picked different so i can’t complain..

  46. There’s a couple things on there I really want, and a couple things I really don’t. Guess I’ll be gambling this month lol.

    • Me, too. Want the eye shadow or lip but I know I’ll get eyeliner or brow, which I never use.

    • Same. Haven’t been wowed by Ipsy in awhile maybe I need to take a break.?

  47. Things I do Not want: any more highlighter, waterproof eyeliner – my eyelids are delicate!, a brow product – no need since chemo. The Tarte product (either) would be awesome. The eyeshadow would be ok. If only. If this goes badly I am done.

    • I am doing chemo too and feel the same way.

      • I just started chemo last week. I just ordered the entire Benefit brow collection! Will probably have to sell it or save it for Christmas to gift it.

        • I did a lot of chemo and my brows really never came back ,this Brow product is the best I’ve found in fourteen years so it will work well with no brows or Barley there brows.Unless your just not feeling well then you should do whatever makes you feel better ,sending a prayer to all you ladies going thru this

    • All you chemo gals, could you maybe email ipsy to let them know your special circumstance? I don’t know if they have a way to stop you from getting a specific product, but it’s worth a try. At the very least, if you do get a brow product, contact them to let them know. From what I’ve heard (and experienced) the ipsy team is really good with customer service and they would probably be willing to hook you up. I’m rooting for y’all! ( Also, only slightly related, but did you know they have false eyebrows?! They’re kind of like wigs for your brows, and supposedly last for a while. I found them when I was researching for a good friend of mine going through the same thing, and just thought that was so cool! )

  48. So happy I unsubscribed after May. These are almost all leftovers from the past few months! (Minus the Tarte and NYX — it would be much more appealing if they could guarantee everyone one of two *new* things that haven’t been offered in the past three or four months than advertise a handful of things that people already received!)

    • That’s interesting that you think of these as “leftovers” and somehow that means it is no longer good enough. I think it helps you narrow down what you’re going to get sooner, because you likely won’t get a duplicate item. More importantly, it’s a second chance at that great brand that you didnt receive a couple of months ago.

      A lot of people come here and complain how they never get the Tarte, or UD, or other more-high-end spoiler items. Well, here is everyone else’s chance to get that tarte lipsurgence crayon that I have been loving.

      I get it, sub box people (myself included) want to feel like we are on the cutting edge, getting to be some sort of test market for these products, but really it’s just a fun grab bag way to fill in your makeup collection and give yourself presents every month.

      • I love my Tarte lipSurgance. Its hands down been my favorite lip product discovery in the last 6 months and I would be happy to recieve something I like so much again. Same goes for the Gimme Brow. Its great stuff and I would love to have more. I guess it all boils down to what each individual wants out of their sub. Being that the majority of my monthly beauty budget is being spent on sub boxes right now, getting repeats of awesome products without having to purchase them separately or getting more opportunities to score a product I really want to try, like that gel liner, is more than fine with me.

      • I also like it when they repeat items I didn’t get the first time around, but what seems to happen is that the new subscribers are able to get these popular items they didn’t get since they weren’t part of the club yet. :> I get so excited when I get a great item I missed before I was subbed to ipsy. I actually prefer ipsy is doing this with lots of fun and some higher end products in there. A while ago, they would have cheaper things such as everyone getting an NYX lip balm (that burned my lips!). I much prefer them repeating nicer things so I can try more of them, but I do understand that it is not exciting to see the same things over and over-especially if you already bought them after not getting them.

  49. I have enough mascara samples. Would like to try the Tarte lipSurgence or the Benefit Ka Brow. Always excited to receive my monthly Ipsy Bag.

  50. I already got the tarte lipsurgence a couple months ago. Out of the others, I’ll take anything except the eyeliner. I hate getting eyeliner. I really want the benefit eye product but my guess is only a couple people will get it like the one from this month.

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