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Birchbox August 2016 Sneak Peek + Coupon!

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Screen Shot 2016-07-08 at 4.34.36 PM

We have a sneak peek for the August 2016 Birchbox! (Thanks, Briana!)

For the August Birchbox:

Screen Shot 2016-07-08 at 5.16.17 PM

Every subscriber gets to pick TWO personalized hair samples!

What do you think of the sneak peek for the August 2016 Birchbox?

If you haven’t signed up for Birchbox yet:

Screen Shot 2016-07-08 at 5.22.50 PM

Now through 7/25 (or while supplies last), new subscribers can use coupon code SOLUTION to get this free Marcelle makeup-removing water deluxe sample FREE with your first month of a Birchbox subscription!

Birchbox is $10 a month. Check out our reviews of Birchbox to learn more about this monthly beauty subscription box!

Full Details: Use code SOLUTION at checkout to receive a free Marcelle 3-in-1 Micellar Solution with the purchase of a women’s monthly or yearly rebillable subscription. Offer available while supplies last. Your free gift will ship with your first subscription box. Please note that this code is only valid for new subscribers. Redemption of this code for existing subscribers does not guarantee receipt of these promotional items.

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. We don’t actually get to pick TWO, just one.

  2. My hair is seriously an inch and a half long, and I am so tired of getting hair products when I specified that hair is my lowest priority. Unless it’s shampoo/conditioner/gel/hairspray, I won’t use it. But still I get all these dry shampoos, oils etc. that I have no use for. So sick of it!!

    • I agree! To many hair samples!.. I would MUCH rather have Makeup.. I barely ever use hair products and I rarely paint my nails. Lol. But it seems like that’s what I mostly receive.:/.

  3. Looks like a cute box. Hoping it’ll be good; August will be my last box unless it blows me away. I have too many boxes!

  4. The brow product is not worth anything. Only has about 3 uses. Got it at Sephora for free with purchase with 4 other items

  5. Boy how deep is birchbox trying to dig their hole? Hair products? they really think a foil packet and probably either a dry shampoo ( I love dry shampoo don’t get me wrong but I have yet to find one I like better than batiste that I can pick up at Ulta) a hair oil ( and who doesn’t have at least 5 or 6 sitting around I know I have a ton at this point) or sea salt spray which only works for a small portion of users and again I have a ton of them. Sorry birchbox you’re not swaying too many people back, I gave them July to see if they’d wow us to make up for a drastic change, and since I got my box today I wasn’t able to review for points which I’m guessing will be a large part of subbers. When I saw the eye serum in a foil packet I was so glad I cancelled, it wasn’t a bad box, but it didn’t make me want to stay. I’m back with ipsy for now, and the two months I’ve been back have had really good samples.

  6. I went for the curated box for July and I was able to review before today and got 70 points (total of 7 products and I was able to review all). I am going to give it another month. Hair products are my least favorite category as I have a relatively easy-to-manage hair, but let’s see when the sample choice time comes…

    • I’m jealous. I just reviewed my curated box and I only got 50 points…just waiting until September when my gift subscription runs out.

  7. So lame………this is awful! I got two hair samples this month that I didn’t pick….any guesses?!??!?! Parlor—OF COURSE….shampoo and Rene Furtere styling cream…..ughhh if I didn’t have a prepaid gift subscription I’d be OUT! You can tell they are just using up what crap they have 🙁 NOT impressed Birchbox!

  8. Anyone else unable to view July’s box? I still cannot view what’s going to be in my box and it seems that it hasn’t even shipped yet. I’ve gotten no tracking email and the only shipping info on the site is from June’s box which arrived on the 10th of June. Really wondering what’s going on and if I’m the only one. Seems like a lot of people were able to view their boxes July 1st and some have even received theirs already.

    • I got a shipping update on the 9th… but couldn’t see any of my samples until late last night online. Previous months I could usually see my samples on the 4th/5th a few days before shipping. Go figure. Looks like they’re purposely holding off on letting people review July’s stuff until after the date it counts for our 5 remaining reviews.

    • Same. I never received a tracking email. Just been tracking online.. It says it left on 7/7, that’s exactly 2 weeks ago. Still in Indiana, though.. I’m so confused! Fortunately, almost everything in my box, I’ve tried. So, I filled out my reviews a while back & got a full 10 points for each one I did. I hope I’m still able to do reviews for the couple I haven’t tried.. The strange thing is last week I ordered twice from the BB shop, as I was trying to exhaust some coupons/vouchers & then points. Both packages came separately but within 3 days of me ordering them. One came with a free “monthly box” which was the curated one from JULY! I did not pick the curated one this month, I went with a sample choice. So.. in summary: Ordering from their “Full Size Shop” was a HUGE priority, over my monthly box. It’s clear now they are completely focused on the happiness of their non-subscribers, ordering full sizes. How in the world can my monthly box be sitting “in transit” for 14 days??? Did they run out, by giving away free boxes with purchase? Another side note: I did an “add-on” for July. I added the new Benefit Ka-Brow. That’s the item I want. They can keep their box. Just give me the Ka-Brow & keep it moving! I could’ve been using that for the last 5 weeks if I had just ordered it separately, or better yet; just went to Sephora, the day it was released! UGH! So frustrating!! It’s not like I got a deal, by doing the “Add-On!” It was FULL PRICE!
      Wow! I literally just worked myself up so much writing that, my cheeks turned bright red. Birchbox: I’m trying to hold on & hold out, but you’re really not giving me anything to work with! Time for a team meeting, or better yet a team reorganization!
      ?(←←Me right now)

      • My extremely lackluster box finally did come on the 18th. All items I either don’t want: a bottle of water and ONE set of eye patches or items I can’t/won’t use: a hair serum and a setting mist that’s sure to break me out. And the final item that was suppose to be my choice of mascara but instead they just sent me whatever mascara they wanted. Glad next month will include TWO CHOICES, if only they actually send me MY CHOICES. -_- If not it will definitely be a cancel for me.

  9. my profile says skincare and makeup are my preferences and every month I get a least 1 but usually 2 hair care products, no makeup except for the mascara this month, the gimme brow last month, and an eyeliner the month before.. They don’t even look at your profile. This will be an easy pass unless the curated box is exceptional.

    • and i don’t count sunscreen as skincare

      • Why don’t you count sunscreen as skincare? It’s preventing your skin from getting a burn, getting early wrinkles, and reducing your risk of skin cancer. Do you consider it it’s own category?

  10. This is the nail in the birchbox coffin. This makes it so easy to cancel!!

  11. I’ve been very disappointed in BB, too. I liked it a year ago and even ordered a yr. sub. as a birthday gift for a friend. I’ve been so embarrassed. And I messed up and didn’t cancel before they “auto renewed” my own yr. sub. I e-mailed that I was no longer interested in subbing and they wrote that they wouldn’t renew when my current sub. was over – NEXT JUNE!! OH WELL! maybe they will improve (Hope).

    • I was subbed until August of 2017 (long story), but they let me cancel when I (nicely) expressed my feelings about their points system changes.

  12. Go to your box pages and review everything TODAY, y’all. I had a seven item box and got 70 points for reviewing the samples, so I guess I’ll stay on until August or maybe cancel and wait for a month with better sample choice spoilers.

    This is a yawn worthy spoiler, ugh. I think that hair products are the #1 thing I’m not willing to change up because I have my basic routine and don’t use any hair styling products or tools. Unless it’s dry shampoo or hair oil, I have zero interest for trying new hair products.

    • That’s because the new points system doesn’t take effect until 7/11, which is when most people get their July box. I bet you that you’ll be able to get 50 points for your August box. Lucky you!

  13. This post could be very misleading for those who don’t know how Birchbox works. You don’t get to choose what you get. Their items arealways “curated” for you.

  14. 5 months of Birchbox, and I always received 1 or 2 hair product samples. What’s new here?
    I’ll be cancelling as soon as I receive/review July box and cash out the points.

    • They usually only have one hair item unless you are getting extras (like this month I’m getting 3 hair items, but 7 items altogether). I know because I hate hair items 🙂

      I think they made a huge buy and they’ve lost so many subscribers that they don’t know what to do with them, so they ended up with the hair box and now this.

  15. I’m actually really excited about this Box!!! ?

  16. I’ve been with BB for 2.5 years and some boxes are hits and some are complete misses. I really feel that things are more of a miss lately. I was super surprised this last week after placing an order and getting the bonus 2 sample add on that one was a loreal shampoo sample. I saw this same travel size sample for $2 at Target. I worry that they are going to go cheaper and cheaper with each box. I see more repeats of items in curated boxes when I thought the point was to discover new things. It seems they have had the Avene, Oribe, and Stila lip glosses over and over.

  17. My July box had Shampoo and conditioner in it. Looks like August will be a repeat. I hate getting shampoo and conditioner it’s such a small expense to begin with and it’s sucking the enjoyment out of my boxes. I expect it in Wal-mart boxes but I don’t want it in my nicer boxes. BOOOOOOOO!

  18. Does anyone know if you cancel the sub box, does ACE status also cancel? Or would you still receive free shipping on purchases? I don’t know if there are even any other benefits to being an ACE anymore?

    • I cancelled last month after the points debacle and still have Ace status.

      • Thanks for letting me know! I think I will be canceling too. I placed an order last month and the bonus sample pack had a value of about $3, and yet they price it at $10. I received a 1 oz shampoo sample, probably a couple of uses, but 1 oz is tiny for a shampoo sample. The other item was the tiniest sample ever of a Clarisonic face cleanser (0.14 oz) to use with one of those fancy face washing brushes that I don’t even have. I can’t imagine that will last for more than 1 use, maybe 2. I always felt I had good luck with the bonus sample packs and didn’t understand why some people complained, but I do now.

        • That’s disappointing to hear, i’ve had really good luck with mystery samples i’ve almost like them better than the boxes

  19. Pass. Cancelled this sub in June once they announced the changes. Once any company moves from being customer focused to being only commercially focused, it’s game over. It’s downhill from there.

  20. It’s a sad last ditch gimmick. I had used all my points buying a gift, so it was easy for me to cancel in June when the changes were made. Katia made it perfectly clear that she never intended this company to focus on the sample sub box, so let’s just stop pretending that you suddenly care about the box subscribers. It’s sad.

  21. Too bad we are unable to get the UK version of the box. I opted out /cancelled and will be getting the Look Fantastic Box . Something different

    • I agree! BB’s UK version is SO much better. I even tried to see if I could subscribe earlier this year too!
      I noticed we have a much better Glossy box version though.

    • According to this site, the Look Fantastic Box has been cancelled. Is it still ongoing? Thanks.

      • I just ordered the 6-month sub from LookFantastic, so they are still going!

  22. Looks like they’re trying to clear out their warehouse. I was hoping for more exciting stuff as people are leaving 🙁

  23. Considering they literally JUST put out the Haircare kits (like yesterday??), this seems like an odd decision-to put MORE Haircare products in the next box… *sigh*
    I got my Birchbox subscription as a Xmas gift, so I have several more months of the boxes… Otherwise, I’d have cancelled already.
    Without the stellar point system, you just can’t hang, Birchbox!

  24. The benefit brow product was free with purchase at Sephora online. 5 free samples with purchase.

    • They are out of the brow one, darn!

      • I got it though! Go me! Lol

    • I just received the brow sample with a Sephora purchase today (which I didn’t select as one of my five samples, so I gave it away), and it’s got to be one of the cutest, most perfect miniaturized version of a full-size sample I’ve ever seen. I feel like a giant holding it. 🙂

      • I received my order today too and I had requested the brow sample but they skipped it and put a stupid perfume vial instead :/ That was the reason I placed the order, I’m thinking of returning them all.

        • I’m sorry you didn’t get the sample. Sephora has been really bad lately at putting in the samples I actually request. A friend of mine says it’s been happening a lot to her lately as well. I’ve been starting to think what’s the point of picking when I MAY get only 1-2 samples I chose
          (one time I didn’t get any 🙁 ) This includes their recent 5 sample event going on. I only got 4 samples, 2 of which I chose.

          I always choose skincare samples, but keep getting makeup & perfume samples. They should just say we’ll get 3 surprise samples with every purchase. Since they’re free samples I’m just slightly dissappointed, but not upset. As long as they include the 100 point & GWP items I request (and of course my purchase!) I’ll be happy.

      • I got this one too, I pretended to draw little eyebrows on my hand, like if you were doing the talking mouth think to see how it looked with tiny strokes and how it wore down and my hand looked all cute haha. It was so teensy adorable for a sample.

    • Ulta had a coupon for a free gimme brow or ka-brow sample in your choice of color, no purchase required at all, in their sale ad this week. Not sure if they’ll have any left since it’s the last day of the ad, but if you have one and haven’t looked at it, it’s worth a try! I own the gimme brow and have used it for over a year. I got the ka-brow and loved it.

  25. Ugh! Swear, summer going so fast I can’t keep track of the months!!! Replace June with July, July with August,

  26. Parlor ugh. Done with Birchbox. I’m getting Sephora and doing Target Beauty Boxes in their place.

  27. I hope it’s not that Oribe spray. That made my hair like dry straw. It shows in the photo. This is the box closest to the chopping block for me.

  28. Are we sure that we get to *pick* the two hair samples? The way I read it is that we are all guaranteed to *get* two hair products in our box. They tout their boxes as being “personalized” all the time. Maybe they’re just saying that subscribers are getting two hair samples and ‘personalized’ actually means ‘based on their profile’?
    Birchbox isn’t exactly known for their clear communication.

    • You are correct mbh. We are not getting to *pick*; we are getting two *personalized* products, whatever that means.

  29. Ugh. What a joke. Hair products are my least favorite to get, and now 2/5 will be hair? I hope they have a good curated box, but if hair is their theme, I’m sure it won’t matter.

    Also, that sample size Benefit goof proof brow pencil in the promo photo for August is a free sample right now at Sephora, I just got one with my order. Kinda sucks that they’re putting in samples that are given away for free. It feels like a waste of money.

    My yearly sub is up after the September box and I’m done. Can’t wait to cash out my remaining points. I hope some of my favorites are still in stock.

  30. I agree with someone above. I’d like to see the choices now. Might be okay, but am I willing to take that chance? Highly doubt it.

  31. Hair products are my least favorite so no sadness over canceling in June just yet.

  32. Well I’m excited to pick 2 hair samples- if Oribe dry shampoo is one of the choices, I only wish I could pick it twice!!! ? Way better than shelling out $44 for the bottle. Still considering picking up the build your own hair travel kit, too, might put my $10 in points towards it

    • Except we don’t get to pick, it’s based on our profile. As little as they pay attention to mine, I’m guessing it won’t be good.

  33. July is my last box as I didn’t renew. While the haircare isn’t too exciting, I might have been tempted to stay if they allowed us to choose more of our samples from multiple categories every month, and not just from a variety of mascaras.

  34. I bet there will be a lot of parlor samples as choices.

    • Exactly what I was thinking, your choice of Parlor shampoo and foil packet of conditioner.

  35. Disappointing, I don’t want any hair products every. Whats the last date to cancel?

  36. I started to get excited thinking we would get to choose two samples in the box, but then I kept reading and saw they were both for hair. That would have been a much better way to keep people from leaving.

  37. Nice two hair products not designed for my hair type. BB only sends me hair products for fine/thin hair lately, when clearly i have thick wavy to curly hair. I used to get miss Jessie’s yrs ago which I liked, but haven’t gotten in yrs.

  38. Hate that it’s 2 hair items I have thick course tightly coiled hair and don’t see dry shampoo, volumizing hair products, texturizing products……just a lot of hair product options that are not going to work for me. Looks like July is my last box

    • *Don’t need

    • Exactly! I have dry curly hair so I co-wash and that’s NEVER an option. I’m so sick of receiving shampoo, dry shampoo, volumizers, texturizers that I will never use and a tiny foil packet of conditioner that isn’t even enough for a single use.

  39. YIkes! That means we get /two/ hair items. I hate getting any at all!

    • Same!! Ugh definitely cancelling

  40. I’d be more excited if I knew what the options will be.

    • Ditto. It could be good, but it also feels like their grasping at straws. I’m ok to let this sub go until it runs out for me in December. There are so many other better options.

  41. I am going to be really annoyed if these cross over with the $35 build your hair travel kit I just bought…

    • Same here. I just got the R+Co and Serge Normat so I really don’t need this at all.

  42. I reviewed a product in my July box (already own it so figured I can legit rate it) and it says reviewed and that I got 10 points, but points didn’t actually get added and it doesn’t show in the points listing. Anyone else have that issue?

    • Not me. I reviewed my curated box a few days ago, and reviewed my sample-pick box today, and the points updated accordingly.

    • If you go to review and it has a bunch of stars, a box for a title and then a big comment box- it’s not formatted for review points. The thing you should see are a bunch of lame questions like- How familiar with this product were you before receiving it? If your house was on fire, would this be one of the things you would save? Some people got the 20 questions version because their box had shipped. Mine has not so I get the stars and bubble box. It figures the one time I pass on the curated in months.

    • It happened to me too. Email them, they told me reviews weren’t open yet but then they credited me the points.

  43. Does anybody know if the SUBSCRIBENOW50 code expired? I’ve been trying to use it in a new account with no luck 🙁

  44. They must be getting lots of cancellations. I’m still on the fence. I’ve got $40 to spend from my points. I’ve done Ipsy and Boxycharm and I get the Sephora box. Can someone recommend a beauty box they really enjoy?

    • I know everyone is harping on Allure issues- but if you CAN get it, it is my favorite beauty sub box hands down.

    • Out of the ones you didn’t list, my favs are:


      Probably in that order.

      From what I’ve read here, it seems Allure has had some trouble with their signups, but once you’re subbed & receiving boxes, I haven’t heard of or had any real issues with delivery. I’ve never been too disappointed with any of their boxes. (Keeping in mind that every Allure box can’t be Allure Beauty Box – May 2016! You know, the one with the Foreo Play. 🙂 )

      Mishibox is FUN and always has good (and effective) stuff that I wouldn’t even know about if it hadn’t been included in their box. (I’ve only been subbed to them for about 3 months, but I find myself REALLY looking forward to their boxes.) They seem to mostly favor skincare, but they also include hair care and some makeup type items in their boxes. They also sell the items featured in the box on their website.

      Hope I’ve been helpful! 🙂

    • Allure. Be patient with your start date, and then be prepared to be amazed.

    • If you want to go to full size product heaven, I recommend Boxycharm. I opened my first box last night and I am still just tickled pink and I love each and every item they sent. It was definitely a wise investment for me, my product preferences, and my excitement and happiness factor.

    • Look Fantastic! It’s on the same level of Allure, without all the problems. It ships from the UK for free the same day or day after you order. So on a normal month, it’ll end up arriving before any other box because it leaves on the first. It’s $22 month to month, or $16.50 with a yearly subscription. They only have one review of it up on here, but check out the Lookfantastic website to see more past boxes. It’s currently my favorite!

      • Casey, because of your comment I checked out Lookfantastic, and they seem really great!! So… I subbed to 6 months!!! hahahaha

        But, really, they seem to have the perfect mix of skincare and beauty products. Can’t wait to get my first box!

        • That’s.. fantastic! (oh, yeah – pun intended). I’m really glad I could help. I hope you love it!

          • How much is the Monthly in American Dollors? This looks great I think I may sub too!!!

      • Never mind I just read this lol.. I’m subbing!! Thanks for the information!! ?

        • Just got my box today! Loved everything in it 😀

    • Allure is my favorite. High-end brands and I can’t recommend them enough. Definitely worth the $15 every month.

    • Do you like natural products? I have received two Good Being boxes and really like them. Their questionnaire is very in depth so it is more customized.

    • A couple more options I haven’t seen mentioned are Beauty Box 5 and Onyx Box. Both offer a really good variety of skincare, makeup, & hair care in each box (usually with more than half being full-sized products), and their average values have been around $50 – $65 this year (with a month or two being even higher).

      As someone mentioned previously, Lookfantastic is awesome too, and so is the curation of Allure’s box. I think as long as you don’t need CS for anything (and don’t have billing issues) you’ll have fun with this box. Beauty Fix is also really good, but it’s virtually all (luxury) skincare items you’ll receive with maybe one makeup/haircare item thrown in.

      For natural boxes, I’ve been really impressed with Benevolent Beauty. However, they only focus on makeup. They’re like Boxycharm in that they guarantee all full-sized products, and so far their RVs have been over $100 consistently. As someone else mentioned, Good Being is another good box that really takes into account your questionnaire profile. I always receive a good variety of beauty/hair products, and have never received something I said I didn’t want.

      For K-Beauty, my favorites have been Beauteque & Pink Seoul. While I think they mostly focus on skincare, they do usually throw in at least 1-2 makeup items, and virtually all of the items (if not, all, in Beauteque’s case sometimes) are full-sized. However, I also get Mishibox, Miss Tutii, and 3B as well, and those are pretty good too!

      Have fun doing your research!! 🙂

    • Haven’t seen Petit Vour mentioned yet- I signed up in May and have gotten two really good boxes. It’s $15 a month for four makeup/skincare/hair care and other beauty items that are much bigger than the ones you get with Birchbox. It’s also organic/vegan and I think one item is usually full size.

  45. you’re welcome Liz!

  46. “We don’t really want to stay in the sample business but….
    Don’t leave us yet! Can we bribe you with personalized samples?!”

  47. So two foil packets?
    Clearing out the warehouse?
    Because BB has our profiles but can’t actually send appropriate matches already?

    Not wowed.

  48. Much more excited about this than the mascara! I haven’t received many hair products from Birchbox in the past.

  49. I wonder if one of the hair samples will be a conditioner foil?

    • Don’t you mean “packette”?

  50. Yawn. Wish they’d atleast give 1-2 points for reviewing your whole box.

    • Or 5% off if you purchase one item from your box in a full-size plus whatever else is in.your cart.

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