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Allure Beauty Box August 2016 FULL SPOILERS + Coupon!

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Allure Beauty Box Spoilers

We have FULL SPOILERSΒ for the August 2016 Allure Beauty Box!Β (Thanks, Buajar!) Each box will include:


What do you think of the full August 2016Β Allure Beauty Box spoilers?

FYI – if you sign up now, your first box will be the first available – I’m not sure if that will be the August box or not. This box is regularly $15 a month, but you can use this link to save $5 off your first box.

Check out our reviews of past Allure Beauty Boxes to see what you can expect with this subscription!

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. I am now experiencing the problems that I have been reading about for months with this company. It’s very unfortunate because this is my favorite box out of all of the subscription boxes I get. I had a change of expiration date with my card and updated it and for whatever reason this change didn’t take. I then went in to see what was up with my box being I hadn’t received tracking yet and it still had my old expiration date in the account. I just did an online chat with a rep that seemed very disinterested in helping me and all she could say is no you aren’t getting the box, you will get August. I asked why they don’t send out an email letting you know there’s a problem and her claim is that they do. I then asked why just 2 days ago I received an email telling me what was in my July box and her response was that that email was set up 30 days ago to send. Ummm ya sure it was. I work in customer service and have high profile customers and then some that aren’t. I equally bend over backwards to assist them and I am not at all feeling this vibe from this company.

    • ME TOO!! Exactly the same (exp date was updated, but system didn’t take it, cust service couldn’t have cared less, got the email 2 days ago) except they didn’t guarantee August. Grrr. But based on this box, I’d be ok with restarting in Sept. I’m just SUPER sad to miss out on July. I was REALLY looking forward to it! πŸ™

    • The exact same thing happened to me. I had to update the expiration date on my card but was told I would still receive the July box, albeit late. The rep said my order would be processed July 11th. The date came and went and my card was never charged when I called a very rude man basically said too bad, so sad, then HUNG UP on me! I mean it was such horrendous CS I just had to laugh, like, what the..anyhoo, am glad I never got it because it seems it wasn’t that great with the microscopic sizes and all. I guess all I can say is, if you really like this sub stay on top of your account info and pray you never have to deal with their “customer service.”

    • I experienced the same thing! I had signed up for my first box in early May…never got my June box, was told there was a problem with my information (there wasn’t that I could see) and I would not be receiving a box until July. Just like you said, the rep was very disinterested and had no intentions of trying to make the situation any better, she didn’t seem to care one bit, not apologetic or caring at all.

    • I am so mad at Allure, I’m not sure if I’ll ever subscribe again! My bank switched to the card with the chip and of course the expiration date changed. and my payment didn’t process of course. After changing it, they charged me the monthly fee and then credited back to my bank, so they never sent my July box. That is the box that I really wanted. Ugh!

      • The same thing happened to me, bank changed my card. Yesterday I checked my account and it said no balance due. Today I check my account and it says suspended due to bad credit card info. Grrrrrr…….

    • Allure or sephora? Which one do you guys think I should subscribe to and why? Thanks y’all!!!

      • Personally I Allure the best. I understand a lot of people are having a problem getting their boxes right now and that is unfortunate because its truly a great box for the price. I think as long as you understand you might run into a problem with your card not updating then you should give Allure a try. I like them because they sometimes give full size products, their magazine insert gives you all the info on the products. They always throw in a luxury product sample, its usually the smallest sample but i like trying $110 lotions I’ll never buy. Lol
        The play box is ok, its more like birchbox without the box and they give you a perfume sample as a 6th sample every month. So if you dont like perfume then you wont like the play box and its always samples.

  2. Happy with the apparent value of this box. I’m assuming that the Mally brightener is full size – If the link price is typical that’s worth $25 on its own! Excited to try it and the wet brush, and I’m loving my boxes for SPF 50 products.

    Not the most exciting box, but still pretty darn good.

  3. I usually love the allure box but this one isnt exciting me. I have the eye serum from a past boxcharm box. I have the lotus moisturizer from another. No excited about getting a hair brush ?

    • Oh i also have the super goop rosemary sunscreen spray. I do like it and use it on my kids but something new would be great. This boxes are start to give out all the same stuff.

    • The wet brush is actually amazing – the only brush I use now after I shower!

    • This isn’t any old hair brush! The wet brush is awesome! It will go through tangled hair easier than anything else I have tried or used!! Somehow the brush knows when to flex and when to straighten. After I got mine I bought one for my daughter And grand daughter. I’m happy to get a free one!

      • I do hope its a fabulous hair brush, still not something im excited about. I have stick straight hair and it doesnt usually tangle up. I dont need to be in love with every product or every box for that matter. This one is just less appealing to me since I already have most of the products. Allure is still my favorite box by far πŸ™‚

  4. I have had a wet brush for like 20 years and have been thinking it’s time for a new one, so thank you Allure! Excited about the other items except for the eye serum. I have so much of it and never use it!

  5. Is that purlisse NOT the same moisturizer we got in june?

    I mean, even if it is, no complaints. I love moisturizer.

    • If I remember correctly the Purlisse from June was the eye serum.

    • In June we got Purlisse Eye Adore 4-in-1 eye serum and Purlisse Daily Essential Moisturizer w/ SPF. In August, we will get Purlisse Balancing Moisturizer w/o SPF…its a lighter formula…not as heavy. I had a break out from the June moisturizer, so I am very hesitant about using the next one (neither one is oil-free). Although, the eye serum was amazing!!! (will be purchasing more in the future)

      • Oh, thank you! I prefer no SPF since I sleep in it…hate the chalky feeling on my face of SPF when I’m trying to sleep

        Ok more excited about this box now

  6. I decided to check my Allure Account page and noticed that my page is basically BLANK. It still has my account number and shows a balance of $0.00 but that’s it.

    Normally it says the following….
    Account Status : Active (let’s me change CC if needed)
    Auto Renewal : Monthly
    Order Date : (lists the last time they charged me)
    Shipment Frequency : Monthly

    But all of that is gone.

    So since it’s blank now does this mean that they have randomly cancelled my subscription this month? I’ve received the last 3 months with no trouble but can’t help but to scratch my head as to wonder why my account look inactive to me all of a sudden.

    Does anyone else’s account look blank or unusual? I really don’t want to call CS if I don’t have to because I’ve read all of the horror stories. I’m actually worried that if nothing is wrong that calling them and having them look into my account might cause something to be wrong. So can some of you check your accounts and see if it looks normal or blank for me please?

    • Mine is mostly blank like yours, but at the top there is now a box in red that says to call CS if I want to make changes to my account. It also still has the options below to change my cc info, suspend, or cancel. I’m wondering if that is intentional with the switch to the new system or something. I really hope they don’t make us rely on their emails for tracking and shipping info, considering how unpredictable the emails themselves are. This last box I ended up getting the box before the email lol.

      • Thankyou for checking! I’m going to break down and call. I just hope the CS tells me something factual and doesn’t give me the wrong info

        • No prob! I actually got worried from what others were saying and called too. The woman said my account was active, and kind of laughed and agreed that she would have been worried too. I will also be watching like a hawk to make sure they charge me because this is the first box since I signed up that I have really wanted!

    • I just checked and mine still looks the way it always has, no change at all. So I’m not sure what that says about your situation or not. Hope there isn’t anything weird going on with your account.

      • Thanks! I’m hesitant to call but I’m going to anyhow. Hopefully I’m still getting the August box like I’m suppose to. Never had any trouble before so maybe I’m just being paranoid

    • Did you begin your subscription when it was Sample Society thru Beauty Bar? Also, did you get the July box yet?

      I ask because the same thing happened to my friend, and all of the subscriptions originating with Beauty Bar have been cancelled, effective July 1st (my friend also didn’t get her July box). You will need to re-subscribe through Allure’s website. Supposedly, a letter was sent to everyone whose subscriptions originated with Beauty Bar alerting them to this change, but from what I can tell from a lot of other people in your situation, most people never got that email.

      Re Allure’s CS…. I’ve never had a problem with them when calling. They’ve always been very nice. It’s just dealing with them via email or chat where it can start to get irritating, so this makes it hard when you want to document any changes/inquiries you make from them.

      • I never got a letter or email. I eventually found out my account was deleted after 2 or 3 calls to Allure. The nice lady (she was very helpful) said I wouldn’t be getting the July box. Guess what, it showed up in my mailbox yesterday!.

      • I got the email and signed up on the “new” site that looks exactly the same as the old. So maybe it’s the same site just managed by someone else now? (It was a confusing email notifying of the change. And my chat with CS didn’t really clear it up.)
        But I got one July box but all my emails go to the account with which I originally subscribed…not the new email I used when I re-subscribed as the email instructed to do. Very confusing.

        • Allure is a white hot mess and should be avoided at all costs. If you think about it, take the money you normally give for this bad service and buy yourself something you actually want, instead of junk that will go in a drawer. I refuse to give them any money because they are jerks.

      • Luna – if I have to do a live chat with CS and need to document it, I typically take screenshots and save the photos to my computer or email them to myself in case I need them in the future. Its quite handy when they tell you they are going to do something and don’t follow through and the company tells you they have no “record” of anything – Bam!

        • Thanks for sharing this tip! I know it’ll be useful to others as well πŸ™‚ I do the same thing when documenting chat sessions.

          It’s just super irritating/frustrating/annoying/you-name-it when dealing with Allure’s CS via email/chat. All I ever experienced was unprofessionalism, non-responses (i.e. they’ll reply, but not answer my question; or, provide a very poorly structured response in which I’ll have no idea what they’re talking about), and conflicting responses from different CS reps who happen to reply to the same inquiry.

          I should mention I experienced all of the above for ONE simple inquiry (pending double charge)! After a while, my gut was telling me everything would be okay (i.e. double charge wouldn’t post), but I just kept the conversation going to see how long it would take to receive an actual answer from them (also, different reps gave me conflicting info regarding something else I wasn’t even asking about, so that was something else I needed to clarify). It actually became comical eventually. Maybe I’ll post those emails to the forum someday. πŸ™‚

      • I subscribed directly thru Allure during the month of April and my first box was May. I haven’t had any troubles receiving the last 3 boxes. No card issues etc. I just checked my account page again and it still appears blank. The fact that the word “Active” is missing bothers me the most. Thankyou for all of your input. I’m going to break down and call. Fingers crossed nothing is wrong

        Thankyou to all that checked your pages for me! I really appreciate it. Y’all are an awesome group of people here and I’m so glad I found this community πŸ™‚

    • Mine is normal…and seems to be correct.

      • Thankyou for checking!

        Mine is still blank and it’s never looked like that before. I just got off the phone with CS and although he was very pleasant and polite he didn’t seem to be able to answer my questions. He said my account looks fine on his side and doesn’t know why it doesn’t look normal on mine. I asked when the next billing would be so that I could keep my eye out for it and he said he doesn’t know that either.

        I know in the past I was billed around the 27th but for the month of July I wasn’t billed until the 3rd. I figured if he could give me an idea of when it would happen then I would have a date to know in case it doesn’t show up. I’ve never had to worry so much about someone taking my money before. Lol.

        • If your account looks fine from his side, I would try looking at it from a different device/laptop. I you might just need to clear your Web browser cache? Just a thought.

    • I’ve been with Allure for over a year now without any drops or cancellations. Each and every time I view my account online it says active, yet all of my profile questions are blank. So I carefully fill them in again and hit save. I sign out, log back in and the fields will be blank again. Other than broken bronzer compact, spilled shower oil, or substituted product, I’ve never really had a reason to call the dreaded customer service dept because my boxes keep arriving without any billing errors (knocking on wood here)! ?

      Now let’s talk about these past 2 boxes! July was a total snoozefest and August looks to be that, plus a repeat of the eye serum from June? Really?! I left Julep after they began repeating products from previous boxes, but I was with them for a little over a year too, so maybe it’s a sign?! (BTW, Julep is a great box too for those of you who want full size makeup or skincare. They aren’t just a nail polish box.) The eye serum thing really ticks me off though. Is it just a matter of overstocked product they need to unload before it expires? If so, then I question Allure’s willingness to care about this concern. And if they do care they should have the capacity to know that repeating an item in a box 3 months from the previous box it was featured, is just enough to make me consider my subscription for the first time ever!! It can’t be that difficult to keep track of and not “penalize” people who subscribe to Allure EVERY month (not here and there or every now and then).

      Allure I’m talking to you: yours is considered one of the best boxes out there by many, including me. But…the same eye serum from the June box is now going to be featured in the August box? That’s not cool, Allure. If you need to unload the product due to overstock, I get it, but do it as “something special just for you type deal” not as one of the featured items. Come on, ALLURE…for crying out loud! You already know the items that will be featured for each month, however planned in advance they may be. Any deviations to a person’s box for whatever reason are hopefully already being noted in their files and this is key when keeping an accurate database. Therefore…when the months come up when you know you’re including an item from a previous month (past xx month’s, preferably 18-24), how about offering a substitution for that item instead to those particular customers who have already received it? If you’re keeping accurate records of your customers and have decent customer relationship software, that information would be at your fingertips. If not, I suggest an upgrade! Otherwise, keep on making us happy and feeling pretty!

      • While I totally feel ya on the repeat product thing, just thought I should mention that it’s not actually the eye serum we got before. There is an eye serum this month but it’s not the pur-lisse (I’m assuming that’s the one you were talking about?) The pur-lisse product will be their blue lotus moisturizer WITHOUT spf, as opposed to the one we got before that did have spf in it. So…still pretty similar for sure which is a little dodgy, but not technically the same. I’m actually kind of glad because I love that moisturizer, but can’t use it at night because of the spf. (PS f you were talking about a different product, then ignore me lol. I just know there was some confusion earlier when the spoilers first came out)

        • Kendall, why can’t you use SPF at night?

          • Leah, it just tends to break me out if I use spf all the time, so I try to keep it to the daytime when I really need it. I’m not sure but I think it happens to others as well. Eh, I’d just rather be safe.

    • All my info shows up on the page but I clicked on a link from the last email saying my box has shipped.

    • As of yesterday all of my info is there and back to normal. They also charged me too so I guess everything is fine.

  7. I went to Sephora today and tried Supergoop mist, it smells like pure alcohol. I guess it is not for sensitive skin. Very dissapointing.

  8. looks like a pretty good box to me, except for the makeup setting spray. I have gotten a lot of pur-lisse, but I like their stuff, so I’m cool with having more of it. Also glad to be getting a hair brush instead of another makeup brush! πŸ™‚

  9. If you Ladies want FULL SIZED EVERY TIME i suggest Beautyfix box, I just got my first box today and i was TOTALLY FLOORED! it is skicare heavy, but they do give hair and makeup sometimes! you can check out all their past boxes on thier site and decide for yourself if its a good fit for youor not, but i am gonna stick to that and for makeup Glossybox.

    • BeautyFix is an AMAZING box, I loved everything I got in the July box. I cancelled it for next month, but only because I’m waiting on spoilers. I think that’s going to be my method with that box.

      • Amber P, that’s what I was doing for several months last year but then they started releasing the spoliers later and later (plus some other infuriating behaviour such as offering $5 boxes to new customers while monthly subscribers were paying full price). Then for a while the boxes were selling out BEFORE the spoilers were released. Finally, one month when I attempted to reactivate my monthly subscription I was only to purchase the boxes as a one time purchase which makes them at least $10 more expensive. That said, I decided to quit then for nearly a year. I’m back as a monthly subscriber and Beauty Fix is still one of my favorite subs.

        It just occurred to me that we’re writing in the ALLURE page, lol. Yet another company that deserves a rant! I originally signed up with Allure when it was handled by Beauty Bar and had a different name. When the change in distributor (??) occurred I found myself receiving two boxes a month, one from Beauty Bar, the other from the new company (and yes, I was being charged by both). After many, many Emails and callsto both companies I was finally able to cancel the Beauty Bar subscription and keep the one that bills under Conde Nast (again spelling?). I think many subscribers had problems during that time. I find i haven’t been as crazy about the boxes since the beginning of tois year. Once in a while they throw us a nice, high end product but the samples are tiny! Hardly enough to determine whether I want to sink an insane amount of money into a product based upon a use and a half. I keep saying I’m going to cancel but I don’t want to go through the trouble and then the trouble of restarting the subscription.

        Oh well, back to loving BeautyFix, lol.

      • You are not allowed to do that if you want an individual box you pay $10 more for it you don’t just Unsubb and resub whenever you feel like it. You’re going to ruin it for the rest of us and I called Beautyfix and told them about this comment and reccomend they limit like to 2 times a year that you can Unsubb and resub so that people like you don’t abuse the system!

        • You have GOT to be kidding, right? A joke?

          • Wow some people take things to the extreme. This is not a place for bullying or tattling (can you say grade school). I’m sure the people at Beautyfix had a great laugh with that one if you really did this. Truly sad some people don’t have much else to do. Anyone can sub and unsub as much as they want it’s their money and their choice. Ruin it for the rest? Please lady they will take anyone’s money, they are a business! It’s people like you that ruin it for the rest of us!

          • Actually the very nice lady agreed and said they were actually holding a meeting and will be introducing new ideas and changes too so stay tuned πŸ™‚

        • Whoa… ?

          • What the What??? OMG. who does that? It’s a subscription box! LMAO! ???

        • Haha ok beautyfix police. Lol we have got calm down these are beauty subscriptions not federal taxes

    • BeautyFIX is my FAV box of all!

  10. Does anyone subscribe to Play! by Sephora? I’m on the waiting list and wondering if its worth it.

    • I have been a subscriber for 3 months. It’s hit or miss in my opinion. I did cancel my Birchbox when I finally got off the wait list and I’m not disappointed that I did.

    • I do & it’s okay. I haven’t been blown away, overwhelmed etc. by Sephora Play. I really expected better from them. But it’s just okayy

    • I agree that it’s ok and hit and miss. I’m always on the fence with this one – it has just enough to keep me subscribed but not enough things that I like to keep me really satisfied. There is usually one really great item for me, 2 that I won’t use, and the rest is in-between. I’m hoping there will be less bronzers once summer wraps up, as I never use those. I’ve had good luck selling my unwanted Play! items on eBay, for about $15 (w/o shipping) for about 3 items (plus bag), and the items are usually small/light so don’t cost a lot to ship.

    • Honestly. I subscribed to allure for over a year. Was dropped for some weird glitch in their system and was pissed…. then realized that 90% I got from them went straight to swap. Still got my 16 worth every month. But sometimes just barely. With sephora , I use way more of the items. And love them . I get way more excited every month AND its less expensive. So for me its definitely worth it. Do I use all the items no. .. do I use more than Allure/sample society… yes. Definitely yes.

    • For me it’s hit or miss. I’m not that impressed with the products to be honest. I just got on 2 months ago but my daughter has been on it since day one and she’s still ok with it.
      Maybe it depends on how active and helpful your local Sephora store is. My Sephora will sample anything they have for you, numerous times too. I just went the other day for a second sample of Tarte’s Rainforest foundation since I didn’t like the shade I was trying out. No problem with staff.
      I’d keep the Sephora Play for a few more months and see what you think. It’s probably hard to get back on the list once you quit.

    • I like it so far – the sample sizes aren’t much bigger than Birchbox, but they do give you a perfume sample as a bonus rather than in place of one of your five samples. They tend to have samples I don’t get in other boxes and I haven’t seen the same brands in my box month after month like Birchbox. I think its a better alternative for those who don’t want to be spending $15-$20 every month on a single box or for those that have multiple beauty boxes.

    • Meh. I did for 3 months & recently cancelled. I’m probably in the minority about this but I just wasn’t all that impressed. So far I’m liking Allure a lot more in general than Play!. So far its given me more things I haven’t tried and/or don’t already have, unlike Play!.

  11. So tired of Pur lissen products. I subscribe to subscription boxes to try new products and I am seeing the same products in boxes.

  12. Own and love the Supergoop setting mist, excited about the highlighter, can always use more moisturizer, and will use the eyeliner. I’m drowning in eye serums/creams from other sub boxes and probably won’t use the brush, but all in all what an amazing box!

  13. Super excited to try the Mally eye brightener! I’ve never used a makeup setting mist before, so excited to try that too. Does the Cargo liner need sharpened? I’m so spoiled by all my retractables…I don’t even know if I even own a sharpener LOL.

  14. I have so much SPF that I will not have to buy any all year but leave it to Allure to find the one sun product I wanted so bad I almost bought it full price. I’m looking for a new eye cream too. So this box is a hit for me. I don’t use hairbrushes but I think I can gift it. All around, very excited.

  15. I have this brush and I LOVE it! I have tons of wavy hair that easily tangles. I noticed less breakage when I started using this brush. I’ll gladly take another! Glad to see an eyeliner that isn’t black. Am I the only one who has piles of moisturizers and mascara lying around from sub boxes these last few months? Over them! An eyebrow pencil or hair remover would be great, hint hint!

    • I AGREE!!! Ill take some gimme brow and a hair remover anyday over this penny candy! I can coupon all that kinda lil stuff for a lot less!

  16. Allure does a great job at the subscription service. I am excited to get my second box.

    • Same here! I had no problems last month but suspended my account until I had a better idea of what August will bring, and looks good to me so I reactivated just now. I’ve been wanting to try that SPF spray, seems I’m the only one who’s missed it in other boxes lol! Those Wet brushes are great, hubby stole mine so now I have a backup. The other items I haven’t tried so finally, something new to look forward to. Thank you MSA! :))

  17. Finally got my first box this month. I’m excited for the August box!

  18. Yay – love it all! Once again, I am super happy to be an Allure subscriber!

  19. I love the look of this box. I want to try everything. Allure always amazes me. I’m really looking forward to this month’s box, again.

  20. I have gotten most of this stuff in other boxes. I will give away the eye serum but i am excited to get a 2nd brush to keep in my travel bag and looking forward to trying the mally!

  21. Did some basic calculations based off what I could see/estimate on the sizes. (Feel free to correct me; I am the worst with math!)

    *Supergoop Defense Refresh Setting Mist: (completely guessing based off size) .25 – .5oz – $3-6
    *Wet Brush Midi Brush: MSA has linked to a brush for $12 but I easily found one on Amazon for just under 9, so that’s what I’m going with – $9
    *Mally Mattewand Eye Brightener: Full size! – $25
    *Pur-lisse Blue Lotus Balancing Moisturizer: .5 oz:- around $16
    *Freeze 24-7 Anti-Aging Eye Serum: 7.5 ml – $57.50 (!!!!)
    *Cargo Swimmables Eye Pencil: (full size?) -$18

    Total: $110.50-113.50

    That is literally over 7 times the cost of the box. I am so glad I decided to stick it out one more month! More than the value, I’m just super excited for all the products!

    • I’m not sure I would count on the eye liner and the eye serum to be full size, I mean it’s possible, Allure has had some very high value boxes. It just seems like a lot for a box that is only 15 bucks. I hope your right though!

      • I also bought that exact cargo liner last week! I own another color so I am guestimating it to be 1/2 of full size.

        • SBR, does this Cargo Swimmable Liner need to be sharpened? And if so, does it have a little hidden sharpener in the end, like some other liners on the market?

          • No, IIRC its a regular wood pencil liner that needs to be sharpened with a separate sharpener. At least the ones I already have are this way and the pic looks the same.

          • Thank You! πŸ™‚

      • Yeah, the eyeliner I’m not sure on, but I’m like 95% positive on the size of the eye serum. If you look really close, you can kind of see that it says 7.5ml (.25 oz) on it which is half the normal size. I also compared it to the size of the pur-lisse sample, which is the same size as the last one at .5 oz, and it looks to be about half that. But honestly even if it were a quarter of the size, that’s still $25 some odd dollars. I know they have had high $$ boxes in the past, part of the reason so many people swear by this box in spite of all the growing pains. This will be the first box I’m really excited about since I started this sub, regardless of value. I love pur-lisse, and can’t wait to try out the Mally!

        • Yes the eye serum is full size. I have one currently.

        • The liner looks like one of their travel or deluxe sized ones to me, which are still a pretty good size, just not ‘full’ sized. Kinda like the UD 24/7 travel set sizes, maybe a little shorter, but very similar if its like those I’ve gotten before as GWPs.

  22. I am not a huge fan of all the creams even though I use them but they dont excite me. I just sent an email and cancelled as well as in my account. I have cancelled before but i will not come back until things get better because the unknown and so many other things. Anyway i am over Allure for a bit.

  23. Hey Girls July was my first
    Month so question…

    Are the samples always SO SMALL!??

    • No, July’s were particularly small but they were also very high end.

    • I’ve only subbed since may, but no. I believe they were only so small because of the La Mer. The clinique lipstick was normals. The smashbox, I’ve received the same size in other boxes so I think it’s the norm for that sample. The glam glow was small, but it’s pricey. This is my first time getting it. I can’t remember what else was in it. I really just think they seemed so small because there was not the 1 big item to fill up the box. This box has not seemed small previously, though.

      • I haven’t even used the La Mer! I read that it’s all hype!! The ingredients are super common and it has something in it that is actually bad for your skin!! So I’m like wow glad I never invested in that worthless cream! Fun to try but… Not even healthy for your skin

        • It actually made me break out, I think it’s too heavy for summer so I stopped using it.

          I will say that although the sizes were small, I’ve gotten many uses out of each item. The Glam Glow used once a week, I’ve used twice and I definitely have one more use, possibly two. The night serum I’ve been using daily for two weeks and I’m not at half a bottle yet. The Le Mer I used for a few days, definitely could get a few more out of it. Lastly the Chubby Stick was full size! That alone paid for the box (retail value $18).

          • I thought I was the only one! I have oily, sensitive skin and I broke out all around my chin and jaw line.

          • I haven’t used my LaMer yet. I’m trying to determine which of 2 items made me break out. Either the Smashbox Primer or the Pur-lisse from the month before. I know better not to try 2 new products at the same time! My face cleared up and I tried the Purlisse again…and I broke out. I’m sure that was it cuz its not oil-free. When I clear up again I will try the Smashbox primer. And then I will try my La Mer, at night…no SPF and it seems very decadent. I hope it doesn’t make me break out!

        • It smells horribly!! I’m so glad I got a small tiny sample to try out because I would not buy it at all. It doesn’t even moisturize my skin and made me look oily (so I only put it on at night). I don’t know how others put it on under their make-up.

          • Yeah I could not get over that strong perfumey or herbally scent! Its just too much. I have no idea why that stuff is so pricey. I was far from impressed personally *shrug*.

        • Very overrated but its great to try such and expensive cream without investing so much money in it.

          • Very true!

      • Thanks for the info. This was my first month and was wondering the same thing.

        • Haha me too!

    • The more expensive the product the smaller the sample. So there will always be a tiny sample in every box because it seems they try to give one luxury product a box. Most of the products will be normal sample size sometimes you’ll get a deluxe sample or even a full size make up product. I usually love my Allure box. Last month was so so, had some products i have already sampled before and August is looking the same fore me :/

  24. I wanted the July box but didn’t get it because of something to do with me still being a Sample Society subscriber?? Like, wasn’t that taken care of a year ago? I have been getting the Allure boxes all along, but now I didn’t get July, and I couldn’t care less about August’s box. At least it will give me some fodder for swap.

    • Melissa I had the same thing happen and never received an email, did you? I’ve happily cancelled this sub as I mostly swap the items so good bye if you don’t care about a long time subber (2013 gasp!!!). I also recent cancelled Birchbox and now Sephora play…I’ve swapped every box since I got off the list! Today I subbed to this gorgeous jewelry sub of French jewelry called Emma and Cate I think…and I’m still saving money!

    • Same thing happened to me! I emailed to ask why I wasn’t charged and they told me I should’ve received an email telling me to update. I really wanted a July box too ?
      I signed up again for $10 even though I’m disgusted with their customer service. I really like their boxes. Hopefully I’ll get August.

    • Same thing here, I was wondering why I never got a box this month. I got an email, but kinda forgot about it. It was from BeautyBar. Now I need to resubscribe so I can possibly get August.

  25. I was a little dissapointed in July’s box with small samples and not living near Nordstrom to get cushion compact sample (I get that it is a color specific item that you should try your color). But in general I think Allure does a good job of sending a variety of items and August looks better for me. I got two Wet brushes in regular size and squirt (mini) sizes from another box recently. So I will gift this one πŸ™‚ Cargo, Mally and Purlisee are all featured in recent boxes, while these exact items are not a repeat, I would like to see more new brand.

    I think Allure should send out email to all subscribers surveys to voice our experiences. Sephora recently sent out the survey (which I missed it as it was only active for 5 days, and hope to have another chance to do it). While Allure boxes are great, there are other areas of improvement….

    • Kay, where did you find the voucher for the cushion compact sample from Nordstrom? I didnt see that in my box, wondering if i accidentally tossed it…I would totally dig one of those :/

      • It was actually printed on the back of the Catalog that comes with your allure box.

  26. This box looks ok. Been with allure since they were sample society. There is always about 2mos out of the year it’s just blah… but overall I love them. Never had a problem.

  27. I think I will go ahead and cancel. Not really liking Allure like I expected.

  28. I signed up 3 weeks ago and I really wanted July’s box for the glam glow. I have most of these products so I’m not super impressed by anything but the mally eye brightener. I love the spf spray to keep my skin protected but it’s not mattifying for me, but I live in Tx and its 105 degrees.

  29. So excited for this box. I want to try everything in this box! I’ve been wanting to try one off those brushes for so long I can’t see straight.
    Purlisse…I live it even though it always seems like it’s for dry skin and mine is oily but it’s great to use once a week as a rich nighttime cream.
    Malley I’ve never used anything from them so super excited over here
    Supergoop is another first for me. So all in all this box will be a lot of firsts.


  30. Another home run!!! The value of these boxes is amazing and the products are always really interesting and on the leading edge, at least for me…I some of you gals are way hipper than me!! I’m particularly psyched to try the Mally product this month…I don’t think I have anything like it.

    When I compare this to some of the other lower priced beauty boxes like Birchbox, Ipsy, even Sephora, this box makes me about 50 times happier and it’s only $5 more. Yay Yay Yay!! πŸ™‚

  31. Really happy with this box! Love the brush! Excited to try that Mally pencil and the eye serum. I’ve been using that purlisse face lotion and I really like it.

  32. This is another great box for me! Allure is definitely the best subscription box I’ve had – 5 out of the 6 months I’ve been a subscriber I’ve been thrilled.

    I’m guessing the brush will be a mini which I’m so happy for because I’ve been wanting a mini hair brush for my purse.

    I haven’t had to buy eye cream/serum or face moisturizer since I’ve become a lover of sub boxes and I’m always happy to get more.

    The Mally product is something that’s completely new to me and will be very unique to my make up collection, excited to try it out!

    Been wanting to try that Supergoop! spray, I’ve loved all the Supergoop! stuff I’ve tried when I was a BB subscriber.

    I don’t wear eyeliner a lot but when I do I wear it on my waterline, happy to have a waterproof liner!

    What a great box!

  33. Yes! I really want to try the SPF setting spray I had my eye on it. Like this box.

  34. I keep thinking about cancelling Boxy and getting this one, instead. Boxy’s CS is horrid (my only reason for getting rid of them) and one thing holding me back is all the negative comments about Allure’s CS. Plus, from the sounds of it, I wouldn’t even know exactly when my first box would be. Ahhhhh! Is Allure’s CS as bad as they seem to be?

    • They were pretty bad and I was warned before joining. It really comes down to how much you are willing to put up with in order to finally get a box. My issue with them was getting billed when I joined but taking almost 3 months to get my first box. The cs was no help in telling me if and when I would get my box. Their login for accounts just uses email and zipcode so it isn’t secure at all. For over a week their site was down and they were not taking calls so i wasn’t sure if they were hacked or what the heck was happening. The value of the boxes seem pretty good but I didn’t think putting up with their incompetence was worth it. You might have a better experience, luck of the draw with them.

      • The login info makes me a bit nervous. That really isn’t very secure. Has anyone heard of people having any banking issues that came from their site? Since I want to leave Boxy due to their incompetence, I don’t want to go to another sub with the same problem. Sigh. I really am torn.

    • I signed up (using the link from this site) about 2 weeks ago and received the July box last week, so I’d say it’s worth a shot to sign up if you are at all interested.

      • Ditto. I had no problems at all.

  35. Same Pur-Lisse moisturizer as June but w/o the SPF?

    • I like that it doesn’t have any spf. That way I can use at night. Definitely don’t want any spf then.

    • This one is the Purlisse Balancing moisturizer w/o SPF. The June was the Daily Essential moisturizer w/SPF. I’m so glad about that too b/c I think the SPF formula was very heavy and breaking me out. I absolutely adored the Purlisse 4-in-1 eye cream, so I am thrilled about trying this different formula.

  36. LOVE purlisse products
    Keep sending yes please!

  37. New products to try…win

  38. everything looks ok.. not super excited about this month. i already have 2 of the 5 items from other boxes.. But i think the brush and the cargo swimmables liner looks good.

  39. I’m really torn. This is my 3rd pur-lisse for dry skin. I have oily skin! I feel like it’s such a waste. I’m super excited for the mally, but everything else is so-so. Has allure always been this light on makeup? If the pur-lisse was for oily skin or all, this would be a pretty decent box.

    • My experience with the box is they usually include 1-2 makeup, 1-2 hair, 1-2 skincare and 1-2 body. I personally love the mix, as there is already a ton of makeup heavy subscriptions out there. Last month there was two makeup items, the month before that I believe there was only one. Hope this helps.

  40. I like it!! That eye serum is amazing, and I love the Cargo swimmables! I’m really curious to try the Mally Mattewand!

  41. Cancelled my second box. One is enough. I am pretty excited to try the items, just not 2 box excited…

  42. Not regretting canceling. (I think I had too many beauty boxes for too long…I have half of those things already.)

    • Same here. I like Allure boxes, but cancelled this month to try Boxy and Glossy. This one does not appeal to me at all.

  43. OMG, Allure read my mind. I almost bought one of those brushes just recently. LOVE everything in this months box. Can’t wait!

    • I did literally just buy one of those brushes 2 weeks ago when I was spending my ulta rewards, it’s a good brush!

  44. I subscribe to 4 beauty boxes and have been inundated with Pur-lisse products. I like the variety of this box and am looking forward to the Mally & Cargo products and can always use a SuperGoop product.

    • I subscribe to 4 beauty boxes and have been inundated with Pur-lisse products. I like the variety of this box and am looking forward to the Mally & Cargo products and can always use a SuperGoop product. Wow, the eye serum is $115 for 0.5 oz!!!!!

      • I’m looking at this on my phone so I can’t really tell…does that tube say its 7.5ml?? Half of the full size?? Man! I love Allure πŸ™‚ I just had to do some clearing out sub wise and this is the main one I just HAD to keep! Haven’t had a bad month yet and I’ve been subbed since Dec πŸ™‚

        • I think you might be right. It’s hard to read but it does look like 0.25 fl oz!

  45. I’m doing this just for the mally eye pen – that’s $25!! If I order now will I get Augusts’ box?

    • I wouldn’t count on it, but its possible. There is no guarantee and the CS sometimes give inaccurate info so.

    • Probably not based on what I’ve read on these boards. People get told by Allure that they will but they never do.

      • I don’t see this as being a super popular box that everyone will be jumping on, so I would bet that you would get August if you subscribe now. The episode in May was pretty unique due to the super high value of the box.

    • I wouldn’t count on it. I subscribed in may and my first box was this months july box.

    • I signed up in July and got the (July) box about a week later, so…..maybe?

      • Same here.

  46. Still waiting on my July box. Customer support was of no help and had to open a case with the postal service. It’s been off the grid for the past four days and forwarded somewhere for no known reason.

    • Me too called customer service and they told me Ithere are none left and I won’t be getting mine at all No reason it was not shipped Sorry for the inconvenience I can either wait for the August box or be refunded and they would cancel my subscription GRRR

  47. Love Love Love allure, god they are good -.- TAKE MY MONEY.

  48. My brain: “Why would I want to look at spoilers? That takes the whole surprise out of getting a subscription box!”
    Next thought: “But maybe it’s a bad box and you can still cancel.”
    Next thought: “Who are you kidding, you’re never gonna cancel Allure.”
    *clicks on spoilers*
    LOVE this box!

    • Haha! Love it!! πŸ™‚

  49. Excited about the serum! Plus, I’ve been wanting to get one of those brushes, so a win for me!

    • The same thing for me, lol. I have been wanting to try one of the brushes and everything else looks pretty good but I am especially excited about the eye serum so I am super excited! ? I am beginning to be happy that I didn’t cancel after the May fiasco and my June box being lost. ?

  50. This box is perfect for me.

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