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Little Lace Box June 2016 FULL SPOILERS

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We have full spoilers for the June 2016 Little Lace Box thanks to lizR and careyb on the forum!



The June Little Lace Box will include:

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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Comments (64)

  1. I’m happy enough with the box. I got red napkins, the pink blanket and the amber plates. I really dislike the amber color though and would like to swap (I think) for the Jade plates. I haven’t swapped before though, so how does that work? I’ve also seen that I can buy 12 of these plates on Amazon for $60! They are selling them 4 for $29.99 on LLB site. I don’t need 12, but I think they would make a darling gift along with some cheese and a bottle of wine.

    • Do you have the link to the plates on Amazon? I can’t find them there.

  2. Love LLB, but not a huge fan of this box. But, having said that, it will make a great gift to my in-laws.

  3. I am loving this box!! I received the light blue blanket, blue napkins, and fireball plates. Ive already swapped for the amber plates and gold napkins and so if anyone is willing to swap for the red napkins and jade plates PLEASE let me know!! I’m trying to grab each color of the plates and napkins. Thanks LLB! Oh! And those whisps are amazing!!

  4. I’m curious does the blanket match the plates in everybody’s box

    • Mine don’t match. The blanket is a pale turquoise/bluish color, my napkins were blue, and my plates were the fireball color. It’s goes together well enough.

  5. I wish we would have received 4 plates and napkins instead of the tasting papers . Or at least 2 extra plates . Having 2 of something like that isn’t useful to me as we are a family of 3. I don’t understand the tasting papers at all. My family is one who drinks a lot of wine, especially my mom, but I don’t think she would use these tasting papers either . I got the smaller box and received the pair of glasses in that , again wish I would have received the same glasses in both boxes, or 4 in one of the boxes . Now I have a mismatch set . I love the blanket , and the other items , just not only having 2. So I am kind of bummed with both of their boxes this time around . I feel like I have a bunch of items that may be nice but won’t be used . It just seems all mismatched to me. The theme is lovely and the concept is nice … Just not practical the way they were curated . Bummer but that is the risk I take with sub boxes I guess .

    • This month’s theme – and LLB in general – doesn’t really strike me as family-oriented. And I think an entire serving set for four is a little much to expect in this kind of box, at this price point. But you can purchase extras of all the items in the LLB shop, and plenty are already up for swap.

  6. I ordered this specific LLB box because I so enjoyed my May Serendipity box. I always read the LLB reviews but never subscribed. LLB tends to be a matter of taste. You may like the box or hate it. A lot of their past boxes have been hit or miss for me but it never mattered I wasn’t a subscriber. I personally Love this box (I was afraid I would be disappointed). I would be using everything except the Sprinkles coupon if anyone would like it. Everything is of good quality and if you do not want them I would be more than happy to accept.

  7. It’s weird. I like the box ok but nothing in it I want to keep. Going to have the whole box up for swap/sell

    • I am on the hunt for red, blue or gold napkins, amber or orange plates and the wine glasses, would consider buying the whole box if some of this is in it~

      • I have amber plates, red napkins, pink blanket and of course the glasses. Let me know

  8. Disappointed. Very similar to items we have received in other boxes. LLB is supposed to be unique.

  9. I washed and dried my napkins, not sure if there was any shrinkage, but so what if there was they’re napkins. The orangey colored plates are so pretty, I have them displayed on my kitchen window. The picnic blanket is very nice and seems like good quality.

  10. I just got this box and wow! First, the presentation was amazing. I’m past the age where my friends are getting married or buying homes, but this whole box would be an amazing wedding present.

    I loved the blanket (perfect to take to the hammock with me, as the fog comes in early and it gets chilly here), the plates and everything else. The parmesan shisps are amazing!

    In all, this is one of my favorite LLBs (along with the kitchen one form last year).

    • I just realized I said amazing three times. Yikes!

  11. I loved this box… Maybe because I used to go to Ravinia growing up and on occasion still go for live music events. I also loved the pink and white blanket and yellow plates and I think they are a white and cherry napkin.., set… So perfect for me. My pool also requires plastic cups so LOVE the wine glasses and who doesn’t love cupcakes from sprinkles which happens to be a block away!

  12. It’s not obvious in the photos, but the towel/blanket is really lovely. It’s similar to the Turkish throw from the 2014 winter Popsugar LE. Slightly thinner, but the design is actually woven, not printed. Usually I think prices on these are inflated, but the RV listed for this one actually seems low to me.

    Tamara, the Popsugar towel was machine washable (but no dryer), so my best guess is that this is the same. And cloth napkins are going in the machine for me regardless of stated care!

    • Thanks for the info! And I’m really inclined to agree with you about washing the napkins. 😀

  13. I really like this box, but I admit I had to get mine in my hands to be happy with it. When I first saw the spoilers, I thought it looked more like a Serendipity box (which I think says something about the extraordinary value we’ve been getting with Serendipity.)

    According to the retail values listed, the contents are worth just over $100, which is a good value, imo. Most of the RVs listed were actually reasonable (except for the chips – $10 – and the tasting papers $17 – Wha?)

    I got the blue/turquoise blanket and napkins and the Jade plates, which are my favorite. The blanket is indeed super soft and I love cloth napkins. And I have high hopes for those glasses. 🙂

    My only complaint is the lack of care instructions for anything except the glasses. I searched for tags on the napkins and the blanket and found none. Anybody have any insight here? Can I machine wash these guys? If not, I’ll be super bummed.

    • I’m hoping I get the jade combo, mine is still on its way. 🙁

  14. I just got done going thru my Box & I Love everything in it!! Well Done #LittleLaceBox for starters everything was packed perfect so nothing would break they had each plate wrapped between the Napkins & Table Cloth/Blanket. Then they used Twine to wrap it all together so the Presentation was Perfect! I love the wine Glasses, the plates are made well. I will be using everything in this Box!! And I really liked how they were remembering former Members in the Folder. Keep up the great work!! Hopefully I can swap for 2 more sets of wine glasses & plates as we usually have get togethers with two other Couples! Perfect Summer Box!!

  15. I really liked this box, I’m usually in the minority when I like a box lol. I thought it was really nice, I loved the picnic blankets I got. One of my boxes was missing the wine tasting card or whatever, but I wasn’t going to use it anyway. I love the picnic blanket and the plates, even though they’re plastic; which I hate. I could agree that it kind of feels like something is missing and it’s on the lower end value-wise, but I really like it.

  16. I refrained from looking at the spoilers this morning because I knew my box was out for delivery, and I’m glad I did. I think I would’ve been disappointed by the spoilers, but honestly, as I opened the box it all seemed very special. The picnic blanket, plates, and napkins were beautifully packaged. I don’t think I ever would’ve bought these things for myself, nor do I have the classy taste to put all together so well ha! This is exactly what I love about subs. I’m excited to use the glasses, but I typically prefer red wine, so I think they’ll be more useful for craft beers, cocktails, or even just water. Now, if only I could convince someone to brave the humidity and 95° heat for a picnic haha!

  17. I’m on a time out from LLB as I’m moving and have no fixed abode.
    This was a great box to miss. I drink red wine, at room temperature, out of actual glass that you can bung in the dishwasher.
    LLB used to be so feminine and classy. The inclusion of plastic glasses, two months in a row if you count Serendipity, in a generally skimpy box just underlines a general slide towards cheapness.

  18. 2 plates? Those look like they are from Goodwill…there’s nothing wrong with stuff from Goodwill but items in a $60 box shouldn’t look like these plates.

    • There is nothing about the plates that look like they are from Goodwill….they are actually very nice

    • Love the look of the plates. When I saw them the very last thing I thought of would be sold at goodwill. Similar plates like these I ve seen at higher end artisan boutique shops

      • I’m actually really disappointed with the plates. I’m not a fan of plastic plates or the color I got. I got the orange/red ones — not sure if that is amber or fireball. If anyone is looking for an extra two plates, I’m open to offers.

      • I would love the orange plates!

  19. I got my box today and I love it! I got the blue blanket, the white and blue napkins and the fireball plates. I obviously didn’t pay enough attention to the card, because both my husband and I thought the plates were ceramic. They are nice and heavy. I’m so sad because this is my last box of my annual subscription and I just can’t renew right now. But I hope to again someday. I have always enjoyed the curation and the humor in their letters. The few times that I have contacted them, I’ve always had great service. I will be stalking reviews to see future boxes.

  20. So glad I cancelled.

  21. This was my first LLB and I am disappointed. I always saw these super great items on the swap board from this box so figured I’d finally sign up. Oh well, maybe the next box will be the one for me.

    I think I will keep the blanket as it is very soft and I might get a chance to use it. The glasses I am hoping a wine drinking friend will want and well the rest, not sure what to do with it. lol

    • Try not to lose faith. I think LLB does a great job of delivering boxes with really useful items, and the items often have a pretty wide appeal. This definitely wasn’t their best box ever, certainly from a value standpoint if nothing else, but I’d be willing to bet (or at least hope!!) that you will be happier with the next one. I think LLB is one of the more consistent subs out there.

      I’m glad you like the blanket at least…there’s nothing worse than getting a box without a single item in it that you like!

    • I am collecting the plates in orange and the napkins in blue stripe or yellow stripe, making a set and excited, I live at the beach …its perfect for me!

  22. This box just falls short. I waited to open it and make a final decision but I agree it feels like something is missing. I don’t know what I was expecting but this isn’t what I’ve come to expect from LLB it didn’t have the same special feel/curation to me. I’m deciding whether or not to renew for August I’m very torn between FOMO and feeling like I wasted $.

  23. Does anyone know if you can cancel this sub early and get a refund? I got a yearly and this will be my 2nd box….did not like either of them!!

    • It’s worth writing a sweet note explaining that while you’re very impressed with the service, the box just isn’t what you expected and asking to bow out gracefully.

  24. Going up for swap…

  25. Got my box. I got the blue version and much prefer it to the other option (blue towel and napkins, fireball colored plates). I love my box. Would have preferred something other than the wine tasting pad of paper but it fits beautifully with the theme.

    And, I have to say that I really love their letter this month.

    • Just realized: The theme for the next box was not revealed. (Or it’s in very fine print and I missed it!)

  26. When I first saw spoilers and commentary I was a bit wary of this month’s box – and then I received it. The blanket is incredibly soft and the napkins are great quality. Plus, if it’s not your style, the napkins/plates/blanket are already tied sweetly for a lovely hostess gift. I suppose I do have more of an outdoor event habit than some may have, given the spring/summer/fall culture of my locale, but all of these are items I will use – including the BOGO for Sprinkles!

    Also, I didn’t mind the “repeat” on glasses, because they are two different types of glasses and I don’t often host a picnic with less than four people – and with a healthy picnicking habit, I know how often glasses get lost despite the best of intentions/effort. ;P AND if you got both Serendipity and LLB, you are all set for picnic season and alfresco dining! 😀

  27. For me personally this box is not very exciting. Seems to be something missing. I stopped subscribing to LLB a few months ago and i cant really say i have had too much box envy. For the people who paid the newer higher price, i dont think this box is really worty that much. For $40 its just ok. I think it really depends on the personal value with this box. I really hope that everyone who receives it is happy though.

  28. Just got my box and love every darn thing in it ( even if I’m using the tasting tablet as grocery list paper for the most part, though may save for a tasting party)! I ate the Parmesan crisps , oops, as I was planning out the picnic I’m going to surprise hubby with, those wine glasses are already in the freezer !

  29. I like the picnic theme but I feel like the wine glass place cards are out of place and seem like weird filler. At a minimum, I think they should have been included in the last Serendipity box instead of this one – the one with those two little wine tasting glasses (in fact these cards were even pictured with those Serendipity glasses!).

    Overall the items are useful but I’m struggling a bit with the value. Just guessing on some of these… glasses ($20), napkins ($8), blanket ($25), crisps ($5), plates ($10), place cards ($0…sorry place cards!!). So roughly $68 for a $60 box…hmmm.

    • I completely agree, the value seems really low! The May Serendipity box had a value of three times as much as the cost and the items were more varied (and better, in my opinion) while still following the theme.

      I also think it’s kind of repetitive to send a set of two glasses in the June box after just sending a set of two glasses in the May Serendipity box.

  30. This isn’t doing it for me – I feel like it’s missing something. Off to swap!

  31. This box rocks! I’ve not been a LLB subscriber before but Groupon drew me in. I’m so glad I did! This box is perfect for a picnic. I’m washing everything up and having a heavenly day this weekend.

  32. So happy I took a chance on this. Love the plates and the wine glasses. The blanket and napkins are nice too. I’m sure the crisps will be yummy too. It’s all perfect for picnics and dining outside on the patio. So yay!

  33. Oh interesting….I actually own these glasses already. Well, owned. Past tense. I received them as a gift and thought they were pretty clever…how great for drinking wine outside in the hot summer sun, right? But they fell short of my hopes. For anyone interested in my foibles, here’s why…

    First, they aren’t dishwasher safe…anytime I grab any glass that isn’t dishwasher safe, I always pause first asking myself “is drinking from this particular glass worth the extra 30 seconds of my life to hand wash it??”. Pathetically, the answer is often no.

    Second, and this was a biggie – the gel-liked material inside the glasses actually leaked out. This is why I ultimately tossed them. I may have gotten a bad batch though (this was at least 2 years ago) so I’m hopeful the manufacturer remedied the issue if it was indeed a more widespread problem.

    Lastly, the only other thing I didn’t love was the glasses were kind of thick for wine glasses…certainly thicker than the plastic wine glasses we received in the Today Show popsugar box last year. That being said, the thickness is expected given that’s there’s actual cooling material inside the plastic. Still, some people are super picky about drinking wine from a very thin glass (many won’t tolerate drinking wine out of anything other than a “glass” glass for that matter though so you might have people turning up their noses at any “unbreakable”, cooling or plastic wine glasses).

    Ok, enough about the glasses. Back to the box – I agree this box seems to be missing something but I am intrigued by the melamine plates….they look like ceramic! More so than any other melamine plate I’ve ever seen. So I’m kind of excited to see how they look in person. Those could be one of those items I end up buying more of to make a complete set. LLB is good for that.

    So, in short, I’m not wowed, but at least all the items are useful (assuming the glasses don’t leak!!). But still…meh.

    • lol – I’m right there with you on the first point! I’m all about dishwasher safe stuff – I just hate the thought of having to handwash dishes. If its not dishwasher safe, then it better be pretty darn cute!

  34. Does anyone know when the Serendipity sub will be open for new subscribers? Does that happen monthly or is it random?

    • Serendipity was accepting new subscribers in May (maybe April but I’m almost positive it was in May) but has since closed and they haven’t opened it since. I’m new to it but because it makes you purchase a full year subscription in advance, I feel like they only open it once a year/when people leave? All I know is that they make you pay for a whole year at once and you get your box every 2 months.

      • It opens always before the new box comes out, and you are able to either buy one box or book for a year. It’s a great little box, so it does tend to sell out quickly.

      • Thank you! I’ll keep checking in.

  35. I’m thrilled at the spoilers!! LOVE the blanket, plates, and wine glasses—just my style. Now I need to convince someone to sell me their plates so I can have a set of 4. 🙂

    • My plates will be up to swap. Keeping some of the other items though.

  36. Looks great, can’t wait for mine to arrive!

  37. Sooooo glad I did not cave & sign up for this months box. I’ve never been so happy to receive spoilers. lol

  38. That’s it?????? Really glad I didn’t subscribe this month! The Serendipity box was so good, what happened?

    • Completely agree! The Serendipity box was better than this supposed “larger” box.

  39. Hm. Nothing too exciting in there. I feel like an item was left out. ????

    • I feel like the “wine place card” is a cop-out. I wanna meet the person who will use that instead of a “real” item like a wine stopper/cork or a corkscrew which would fit perfectly in this box.

      • Very true. Don’t put something in and give it value when I can print them at my computer. 🙂

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