It’s Back! LaRitzy Mystery Box – $15 with Free Shipping

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Thanks to Ann and Carla for letting us know the LaRitzy Mystery boxes are back! While supplies last, grab a LaRitzy Mystery box for $15 with free shipping! Box contents are valued at at least $50.

More about the round 2 of mystery boxes from LaRitzy:

“Good news, we have more!Β Brands include Palmetto Derma, Doe Beauty, Love Fresh, Manna Kadar, MOTD Cosmetics, Glam Her Booth, The Konjac Sponge Company, and many many more. Each box is valued at at least more than $50, we even have a few valued at more than $80 and we’ll even ship them to you for free!”

Full Details: The boxes are a one-time purchase and will not incur a subscription. Limit of 10 per customer.

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. Received my box today! I opened it as soon as I got in the door ( right after getting it out of the mail box!) ALERT….I opened the SEALED box and inside was a freaking bug!.looked it up, right after a disposed of the box and a little package box that an item came in, and it appears that it was a bed bug! I almost died! I’ve never seen a bed bug before and I never want to see another one again..especially in a sub box!
    Please open your boxes outside!!!!! I received a Jersey Shore lip and hand polish 1 oz, a light blue nail polish from Pretty Woman( if I receive another blue polish I’m gonna scream), and a 1.05 oz dropper bottle of skin hydrating repair oil from Mahagany Naturals. Oh…and as an added bonus…and evening of itching and scratching! Maybe I can use the repair oil for the scratch marks! The items are just okay and I am looking forward to trying them, BUT I will NEVER order another box from this company. To be fair, maybe it entered ( bug) the box while in route, but the box was sealed with a thin crack in the lid of the box.

    • I got the same!! The hand scrub retails for $25, the oil is Β£50 (about $65) and the polish is around $8! Great deal for $15, and all items I will gladly use. Mine didn’t contain any bedbugs thankfully.

  2. The final round of mystery boxes is on sale now!

  3. I bought 2 and they both had exactly the same thing. A doe hair thing, Konrad sponge and lip primer. I don’t really think it adds up to a $50 value. I think these sponges are on Amazon for about $10, the doe hair pact is $12 and the lip primer is on Amazon for about $20. I wish there was some variety. I wouldn’t have bought 2 if I knew they would be the same. I will use the sponge but not sure about the other items.

    • I bought two also and they contained the exact same thing. The same Lucky lip stain you received, natural rose deodorant, and foundation brush. No variation and nothing I’m excited about. Well that was a waste of $30…

      • Ordered two boxes… same things in each box. Nothing exciting, just a few little things. Kinda doubt it’s worth the $100. What’s a little annoying is that I have only been a subscriber for two months and all except one of these items were in my last two boxes. πŸ™ I kinda wish they would have put a little thought into it. On the positive side, at least I have some new items to swap. πŸ™‚

        • Same in both my boxes too! Lip stain, Zoe cream ($18), eye brush and foil packet of Hello Hair Hydration Mask. They look like good products and overall, I think I got $15 worth, but definitely NOT $50.

          For the price, I’d take a chance and order again, but not two boxes at the same time. Got an email that past full size & mini boxes are up for grabs, but honestly, I wasn’t all that tempted to partake this time.

          • Love the Zoe cream!!! Was hoping to get at least one!!! Nope, got not one, but two lipgloss in my box, a charcoal tiny container for teeth whitening, and a really damaged foundation brush.. Never again

          • Oh, I forgot, I got deluxe samples of a cucumber & milk face cleanser. Again, I think I got my $15 worth, it just wasn’t quite as spectacular as I hoped.

    • I got the same box and was disappointed too…. Not as nice as the first boxes that went out. I guess they’re running out of the good stuff.

  4. I received Manna Radar lucky lip stain, Trust Fund boy tears nail polish, a foundation brush and a small pot of Smart Ash teeth whitener.
    As a girl who rarely wears makeup or does her nails (I just stare at my Julep polishes) I’m disappointed. I’ve always said that if there is only one thing you want, it’s better to just buy it than cross your fingers it shows up in your mystery box. All I wanted was the Palmetto Derma mask. Maybe since that’s a $64 full size mask they’re only sending it to people who order multiples…next time I will listen to my own advice.
    I did swatch the boy tears, it’ll be a beautiful glittery top coat on the few occasions i paint my nails. The lip stain looks like my lips but better, will throw it in my purse for when my clear balm isn’t enough. Excited to try the teeth whitener. Not sure what to do with the foundation brush, I’ve read that you can use makeup brushes to apply clay masks, makes it less messy, maybe I’ll try that.

    • Horrible box!! Got 2 lipgloss, which one of them is purple with glitter, and looks like it’s 10 years expired by the look of it thru the clear container, a tiny sample of teeth charcoal stuff and a brush that came with the bristle all crushed and pretty much can’t use it because the bristles are that damaged.. Never again I would order from laritzy.. If I wanted cheap lipgloss, would have sign up for Ipsy sub!! I’m pissed.. Second round was obviously to just sell what they would have otherwise toss in the trash!!

      • I got 2 exact same boxes as yours… Not really sure it’s worth the $15 per box…

    • Sorry you didn’t get what you were wishing for!

      I got everything you got and am pretty happy. I was hoping for the Manna Kadar Liplocked, thrilled to have it. I’ve sampled it before from Birchbox. The color is so flattering, it isn’t sticky at all, and it doesn’t dry out my lips. The nail polish is growing on me, though I’m not much of a glitter person. I definitely got my money’s worth.

      • I agree that this box is definitely worth the $15, these are great products. The problem is with me, I should know better than to expect to get the ONE thing I wanted, anything can appear in a mystery box. If I was more of a makeup person I’d love this box.
        My little niece is obsessed with the glittery polish, we all got our toes done today even Grandpa. I wore the lipstain today, it wasn’t drying, and since it’s not a bright color I didn’t feel self conscious in this color. I think it will be great for work, sometimes I need to look a little more polished.

  5. Hooray!!! These are out of stock! I resisted buying yet another box!

    This is how you know you have a problem.

    Step 1: You resolve to cut your subs in half by the end of the year.
    Step 2: You start sending cancellations.
    Step 3: You start ordering one off mystery boxes – 2 of them to be exact.
    Step 4: The 2 boxes you ordered are at the post office waiting to be picked up, when you hear that the sold out mystery boxes are back.
    Step 5: You start having cold sweats when you realize that it’s just not logical to order a third box, especially when you haven’t even examined the first two boxes ordered yet.
    Step 6: A little part of you dies in the inside when FOMO starts to set in when you hear the boxes are sold out again.

    The addiction is real; The struggle is real! πŸ™‚

    • One of the most funny post I’ve read here…and accurate. You can’t know how much I needed that laugh this morning. Thank you.

    • Ohh Girl!!! Ain’t that the dam truth. We got it bad. I got samples and boxes of samples falling on my when I open my closet. I have to keep buying more storage boxes to put all my samples into and around and around I go BUT every time I drop one subscription I just pick up another and then realize that I miss the one I cancelled after 2 week and re-subscribe.Help Me ???

  6. Showing “out of stock” for me. Bummer!

  7. I grabbed 2 of these! Hoping I get some stuff I like! Idk why but the mystery element of a subscription entices me even more ?

    • I NEVER look at spoilers on any of the subs I have — a large part of the fun for me is not knowing what I’ll be getting, like opening a birthday gift every time!

    • Me too. I try so hard not looking at reviews and posts until I open mine because I love the surprise……. Me Likey

  8. I bought two of the last interation of the mystery box, and both arrived today. I got a konjac, a Miss Shady Lady shade brush, a Palmetto Derma mask , lather cucumber milk cleanser, a Doe hair pact (Bora Bora) and a Manna Kadar priming gloss stain in lucky, a gorgeous matte rose color. Excellent customer service, and very speedy delivery. Score!

  9. I ordered 4. πŸ™‚ Hoping to start stocking stuffers.

  10. All gone!! I swear!

  11. I would grab this, but I’m afraid I’ll get duplicates. I liked the 1st box I received, but considering I have so many products right now, I’d rather choose any duplicates I get so I just bought the Soko to Tokyo Customizable Skin Care Set from Sephora. I picked a couple of duplicates, but I’m happy knowing what I’m getting.

    This is just for the LaRitzy mystery box though…. I know if a mystery box from a different sub/company I like comes out, I’ll be all over that! πŸ™‚

    • Thanks for posting this. I checked for the Soko to Tokyo deal the other day and it wasn’t live yet. Because you posted, I was able to get one.

      That kind of curbed my need for this box, though.

      • The Soko deal were samples. The LaRitzy products I got were full sized, with the exception of the Lather face wash, and the Palmetto Derma mask was $68.00 at retail. And all that I got were current products.

        • I thought about that too (getting full-sized in LaRitzy vs. deluxe samples in Soko to Tokyo), but I’m weird…. samples excite me as much as getting full-sized products. Well…. as long as they’re something I’ll definitely use, and especially it’s something I haven’t tried before. πŸ™‚

  12. Are the contents of these different? Say if you bought 2 Mystery Boxes, would they be identical?

    • I bought four last time and just received them today. Three of them are completely different, and the 4th one is almost a duplicate except it was a different makeup brush. I was so thrilled, I just ordered another 4. And I was doing so good up until then. LOL No self control. *SIGH*

      • Well you talked me into it…but…already sold out! Dang those puppies move fast!

  13. Got mine! woohoo. Hope it was worth the excitement I got from seeing that email. lol

  14. I was thrilled with my last one, just snagged another πŸ™‚

  15. Finally, they let their subscribers know by email this time. That was kinda tacky to not do that before. πŸ™ I got 2. πŸ™‚ Yippee!

  16. Grabbed one! Was tempted to get more than one but… already in product overload.

  17. Just ordered mine!

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