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Ipsy July 2016 Glam Bag Spoilers!

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Ipsy 2015 Spoilers

We have spoilers for the July 2016 Ipsy glam bag! Subscribers will receive one of the following in their shipment:

Screen Shot 2016-06-20 at 11.25.33 AM

What do you think of the July 2016 Ipsy Glam Bag spoilers? Which sample are you hoping to get? I’m crossing my fingers for Too Faced!

If you are new to Ipsy, it is a $10 a month beauty and makeup subscription box. Check out all of our Ipsy reviews to see what’s been in past boxes.

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. So after looking at the Ulta sale ad that I got in today’s mail, I think the BareMinerals product is one of their new Gen Nude items—either a liquid lipstick or a lipgloss. The packaging looks very similar to those items. Can’t wait to see what I’ll get—this will be my first Ipsy bag!

    • I just bought one of the new BM liquid matte lipsticks in the color “friendship” and it is a GORGEOUS color….that photo looks pretty close to it. I would be extremely happy with another one so here’s to hoping!

    • I was thinking the same thing! That would be awesome to get in this month’s bag, because I really wanna try it out.

  2. Fingers crossed I don’t get another lip color this month! Every single month for someone who doesn’t wear it is kind of frustrating :-/

    • Do you do the reviews on the products? It’s supposed to be further customized off of your reviews, like I said lipglosses aren’t for me in the questions they asked. I assume that means I’ll be likely to get other products before a gloss. Also you can go over your initial quiz to make sure you don’t have lip products selected as an interest

      • swaps are a girl’s new best friend. you can also donate them to shelters so long as you haven’t swatched on your lips. Keep reviewing it helps a bit in the long run, I don’t think there’s any way to completely stop lip products from coming, unfortunately. Maybe some day

  3. I would love to get the too faced, but I never get the ones I want so I’m not holding my breath

    • I want two face primer. This is I believe the new one. I use their regular primer and it’s the Bomb!! I will swap my whole bag for it. Lol. Please ipsy. I always purchase items from the offer section this will be so satisfying. I need this in my life. ???

  4. I’d honestly be happy with any of the products this month:) I know they had those eyeshadows in there last month but I got the UD so I’m excited to still have a chance to try those cute little guys. Also all of the products in the spoiler ate things I would probably end up using on a daily basis anyways. I’ve heard good things about the mascara and you can never go wrong with liquid lipstick:)

  5. None. :/ Starting to not be impressed anymore.

    • Just curious why you do t like any of those products?

      • I’m not really impressed with any either, except for maybe the mascara, but that’s cause I like a no makeup makeup look. So I prefer to get skincare, bath and body stuff, treatments, ext. But then again Ipsy is always heavy on the makeup side, so can’t be that surprised

        • If you’re into hair and skin care, you may like GlossyBox:)

        • If I were you, id try Birchbox. They are into more skin care than make up. Its 10 dollars too!

          • Was just going to comment this, so I’ll second it, if you’re more into skin care birchbox is the way to go, ipsy is definitely more for the make up girls.

  6. I really really hope I get the too face primer! A ka brow would be awesome as well. If I get those two things I will be happy.

  7. Hoping no mascara for this month. Birchbox is sending out mascara for everyone, and I just don’t want two! Would LOVE to try out TheBalm eyesshadows. I got UD in my July bag, and really liked it.

  8. I’ve been wanting to try the Too Faced hangover primer. I hope I’ll get it in the July’s bag.

    • Me too ?

  9. By the way, everyone, deluxe samples of Ka-Brow are being GIVEN AWAY at sephora with no purchase necessary. You can pick them up in all six shades and its not like in a little thing, its the same size as what we could get in this bag

    • How do you get that?

      • Just ask and you shall recieve

    • If you get the Ulta mailer ad they have a coupon for a free sample size too, definitely using that one, so far I’ve managed to sample three of the products..its like the strangest collecting need ever hehe.

  10. I was just wondering how I get a second ipsy bag? I wanted to get my 13 year old daughter her own, but it looks like you can only get one. I know I’ve heard of people getting multiple bags. Any ideas would be appreciated! ???

    • I think other people use a different email address to receive more than Ipsy bag.

    • Tuse a different email address to get anot her glam bag

    • I have one for my daughter. Just use another email address.

    • Just set up another account with her (or another) email address. It’s a totally separate transaction; so she can do her own profile, quiz, and reviews. How fun is that going to be when the two of you can swap and share? 🙂

      • Awesome! ! Thank you so much for replying! That will be fun to compare the two! ☺

    • I had to make extra email accounts in order to get multiple bags. One for each of my tween daughters, and of course myself 🙂

    • I get myself a bag as well as my 14 year old daughter. I just opened up an account in HER name using OUR address and MY debit card. She took her own “quiz” though. Both of our bags come out of my debit card but hers comes to the house in HER name. We sometimes get our bags on the same day but at times just a few days apart. We have fun trading items and/or sharing. ?

  11. I just got the balm eye shadow and birchbox is doing mascara so I am hoping for too faced primer cause I need new, or the ka brow even though I just got gimme brow in birchbox

  12. Since it’s new, I really want to try Ka Brow. Benefit came out with new brow products and this will be a great way to try and see how it compares to Brow Zing.

  13. Really, really want the Too Faced. I got mascara two bags ago and I don’t wear eyeshadow. It looks like I have a high chance of getting a mascara in my Birchbox too. I don’t know. Maybe I should skip both this month.

  14. I’m very glad that they are offering theBalm eyeshadow samples again, and in darker colors too, although I understand that many people may be sick of it. Out of the 4 shadows offered in the June bag, I got the only one (UD Fireball) that is way too light for my skin. Besides, I already have UD shadows, but have been wanting to try theBalm for ages. Very excited!

    • I got lounge and it is too dark/cold for me. :/ We have opposite problems.

    • aww I’m jealous! I got lounge and while its super pretty I had hoped for fireball! check out some swaps, I’m sure lots of ladies were hoping for Fireball!

  15. I really really really really really really want the ka brow. I love brow products. I bet I end up with eyeshadow. I hate eyeshadow, every bit hits the trash can. I really really hope I get ka brow.

  16. I’m hoping for the Too Faced or Bare Minerals! No brow stuff, please!! I have enough mascara samples to last years, probably. I will probably end up with one of theBalm, since I got the UD this month. (which is really pretty and I will be trying it soon – since I just got my bag yesterday)

  17. So if you missed birchbox this month don’t worry ipsy has you covered yay! I did cancel for a couple of months and then resubscribed I had the best bags for several months now back to nothing I will be taking my 10 dollars and trying out a new company!

  18. I want the lip gloss or the balm eyeshadow. I already have the rest full size.

  19. i would love to try the two faced have never tried it!!!

    • *too faced* gotta love the autocorrect

  20. The definitely looks like a “meh” month. I might drop this sub considering I have so much make-up I don’t need at this point.

  21. I really want the too faced primer! I am running out of my usual primer and It does work that well anyways.. Fingers crossed … 🙂

  22. Eyebrow product ,primer ,eyeshadow, yes to all no mascara please everything else looks awesome hoping for another great month

  23. I am interested in all of them. Haven’t tried any one of those. I think the bareminerals gloss may be from their new collection of nudes. Watch, though, I’ll end up getting the mascara.

  24. I hope that’s the bag 🙂

  25. Wow, a spoiler before I even received my June bag (Still stuck in Pre shipment). Really hoping I get the brows, my current brow pencil is super tiny, I’m running low! It’s scary.

  26. I hope I get the bare minerals or eye shadows or the too faced.hope it’s a good month since it’s my birthday month.

  27. I’d like the brow stuff, I have recently taken an interest in my brows.
    Considering that I just signed up both of my tween daughters for Ipsy bags of their own. There’s a good chance we might get one!

  28. Ive been checking MSA for spoilers since I didn’t know exactly when they come out! I’m still new enough to sub boxes so I am not overloaded with any particular product so it’s all still exciting to me. I’ve never even tried the majority of these products, and my seven year old is thrilled with anything I don’t like. Can’t wait to see more spoilers as they roll out!

  29. I’d like the brow product or the mascara, but I’d be ok with anything except The Balm eyeshadow sample!

  30. Considering they’ve got a Whish sample as one of their rewards items right now and now with the Benefit brow samples, I’m starting to think Ipsy got some of Birchbox’s clearance…

    • YES! I was thinking the same thing!

  31. The Balm is the new NYX. It’s in every month, it seems.

  32. I wish all sub boxes would allow an option on your profile to completely opt out of mascara, red lipstick, and black eyeliner. I’m overwhelmed with them.

    Other than the mascara, though, I’d be happy with any of them. Hoping for primer or lipstick (just please not red).

    • Did you happen to select classic as your make up style? I read somewhere classic means red lipstick and black eyeliner. Red lipstick is my favorite so I’m hoping to get that!

    • Same here. I don’t need any more mascara or red lipstick.

      • I’ll third that lol

  33. Yikes, boring spoiler if you got theBalm last month! I actually got the Urban Decay, so I’ll be hoping to get it!

    • I would think they wouldn’t send the balm to the people who just got it

  34. Love it all except the mascara!! Would be happy with any of the others 🙂

    • Same!

  35. I loved my bag this month. Urban decay in lounge. Concealer nail polish and juice beauty lip crayon plus the it beauty blender with my points

  36. Just saw this e-mail and saw that there is still no waitlist. I’ve been missing Ipsy lately so I think I might resub and cross my fingers that I don’t get the brow stuff or the Balm shadows (I actually don’t mind the little Balm samples because I think they ALL make good shadows, but these are not my colors).

  37. The only thing I’d want is the primer or maybe the mascara.

  38. I’d love the Ka-Brow!

  39. aacckk! More balm eyeshadow???? I just got some with my June bag.

    • I know! Im gunna be mad if i get those eyeshadows again.. the very next month!!

      • I think I’m one of the only people who likes these small samples from theBalm, but I can’t help it 🙂 I LOVE that they come with their own mini “case”, it drives me nuts to just get eye shadow samples that you need to keep in a separate compact. All about these!!!

        • I’d rather them go into a magnetic palette. I have a couple of TheBalm small singles and 2 of their palettes so I do like their shadows, at least. I am supposed to get the UD this month, so I’ll probably end up with one of those for July. My bag is super late this month, like many others!

  40. Has anyone else not received their June Ipsy bag yet? Or is it just me? The tracking says “Label Created” and it’s said that since June 9th…After I get this one (if I ever do), I’m cancelling. I’ve been unhappy with the quality of the products for some time but I stayed because I liked the actual bags (practical uses!) and the number of brushes I got (no buying makeup brushes for a year!).

    • This is my first month subscribing to IPSY. I haven’t received my bag yet but I do have tracking info. The order was shipped by FedEx to my local USPS and that’s where tracking ended (last Thursday). I’m hoping I’ll get my bag today. I’m in Georgia.

      • This will be my second bag and my tracking is doing the same. I emailed them and they said not to worry it is on the way :). Hope it makes it before Thursday when I leave town!

        • Welp, I checked the mailbox today and still no IPSY bag! 🙁

    • The tracking on my bag went wonky this month. It just stayed in the “En route to DHL eCommerce Distribution Center” stage for ten days. Then it just spontaneously showed up in my mailbox on Saturday.

      So relieved!

      • Same here, nothing updated with local post either…took longer than normal but it still arrived ?

      • Same here!

    • I haven’t received mine and I never got a tracking number. I’m really disappointed

      • I didn’t either, had to check my account on their site, they didn’t send it to me. That said I got it last week (Northern Cal) so it was fine.

  41. I swear they are just repeating items! The only one of those I haven’t received was the eyebrow stuff and I’d never use it. I still have the 2 beautyfix sent out months ago!!!

    I might have to part ways with ipsy soon. ?

  42. I’ll get the mascara or the brow stuff….since I don’t want it

    • I want the brow stuff but know I want get it lol!! Always happens that way!

    • LoL same thing for me most likely. I’d be happy with the gloss or liquid l/s whatever it is but you watch, that’s the one I won’t get.
      I have multiples of that primer (its great, just prefer something different) ; I need more e/s like a hole in the head (didn’t care for last months shade not to mention single pans and me tend to part ways accidentally, getting lost or broken); so what’s left? I really wish they’d let you skip instead of having to cancel like other subs do. I fear if I do based on July, then Aug will be awesome and I’ll be out of luck and sad. First World Problem for sure LOL!

  43. Excited about everything but the mascara only because me and my daughter have more than we can possibly use. I would hate to have more nice mascara going to waste. We just moved and don’t have anyone to pass them to.

    • You could always search out a battered woman’s shelter, homeless shelter, or food pantry. They would LOVE some bath and beauty products if you’re overloaded. Trust me!

      • Great idea!?

  44. Awesome, so glad I cancelled. I finally am on the right side of my budget for once and I don’t feel like I am missing out. I so dislike those little balm items and nothing else is at all doing it for me. I’m really glad that some people are getting items that they like though, so the system DOES work for some people.

    • Agreed. I cancelled after a total crap bag last month (including that theBalm eyeshadow). So glad I did after seeing this preview.

    • I think you are very wise. These types of subs are good for someone starting out (like me) but even I’m getting to the point that I know what I like and won’t really “need” this much longer. So much goes to waste. I give it away, but I often try things even if I don’t think I’ll like them. 99% of the time, I knew I wouldn’t like the item, but I still try, and then those used items can only go to friends that don’t mind using my used cosmetics! You can use the $ to buy what you will use and really like. I keep finding myself trying to use some of the mediocre products since they are “okay” but it would be better to just use what I really like a LOT. :> So good for you sticking to your budget! You won’t regret it.

  45. That’s the new bareminerals liquid lipstick that releases next month!! Yay

    • Is it really!?!? In that case I’ll keep going, I have the rest and was debating whether to part ways or not…. I have too many sub boxes now, something has to go *sigh*

  46. I want the Benefit KaBrow!

  47. Sick of those tiny The Balm samples, but everything else looks great.

    • Agreed!

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