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Check Your Play by Sephora Subscription Waitlist Status!

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Play! By Sephora October 2015 Subscription Box Reveal

Many MSA readers are reporting getting their invite to the Play by SephoraΒ subscription box today! You may have an email from Sephora, or you may have luck entering your email on their Play by Sephora page to see if you get access.

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. Worked for me!! Thanks!

    • I retried yesterday for the heck of it and it took me too! Glad got in but also aggravated a little because wasn’t notified they had openings. At least I’m in now and hopefully I love my new subscription to Play! πŸ™‚

    • Was this the site are used to get on the list for the box of Sephora

  2. Does anyone know when we should get our first box? it says ships 3rd week of the month – do we still get June or will it start in July (and if so, when do the boxes usually arrive)?

    • Hi! I’m assuming you’ll get the July box as your first box.. I know we get billed the first week (I got billed 6/3 for June box, for reference). Mine shipped a couple of days ago for June, so I will receive it Friday. Hope that helps!

    • I just called and was told that the first box would be July.

  3. Oh Liz, I cannot even describe how happy I am to get in! So, I did not get the email that I’m off the waitlist, but I did last May, which didn’t work so I wasn’t able “claim my spot”. It was so frustrating! Today, I used my secondary Sephora account email and it worked the first try! There was a little bit of a glitch when I was on the Subscribe page after getting in, which signed my account out (the horror!) so I went to check the email I used and saw a Play! confirmation email (whew!) Went back to my account page and saw that my sub is now active. I think all of us who subscribed today will start getting the July box since that’s what the billing date says. Anyway, my primary Sephora account email still go straight to the waitlist, when I tried it.. I guess it’s alright to have two accounts, since I’m just going to use the second one for Play! purposes. I’m still thinking of whether or not I should stay with Birchbox, which I have only tried for 3 months. Anyway, I’m happy as a clam! Congratulations to all of us who got in, and for those still trying, don’t give up!

    • I love BB but honestly Allure is my fave. I got in today also πŸ™‚

    • I also got in to Play! today with a secondary email, so excited!! And I’m thinking of cancelling Birchbox, so far Allure has been my fav πŸ™‚

    • Same! My normal account email didn’t work but on a whim I put in another email account of mine and boom! All signed up! I’m so excited, because I am planning to drop Allure (just not worth the hassle, even if they DO have awesome boxes) so this came at the exact right time. It’s funny, because when I was signing up, it did the exact same thing with signing me out, but I thought it was because I went to check something on another part of their page in a different tab. Guess not. Either way it worked out. Kinda sad I probably won’t get this month’s, since it had some cool items, but hey, I am definitely not gonna complain! Good luck to everyone else, and hey, if your primary account doesn’t work, try another!

  4. TY So Much- also been on the wait list for quite awhile !

  5. First time commenter (woohoo!) but spoilers are up through the Sephora app under the play! Section of the my beauty bag. I found it by accident last night and thought for sure a spoiler post would be up already. I can send in screenshots if needed! ?

    • Spoilers!!!! Which one do you mean though? June or July Play! Box?

    • We already know what is going to be in the June box. Did you see spoilers for July?

    • Hi Im Tina. Could you please send screen shots EllCee ?

  6. So excited! Got in finally…thanks for the heads up!

  7. I’ve been wanting to try this sub for what seems forever, well I got an email telling me I’m off the waitlist and just in time for my birthday today! happy birthday to me lol πŸ™‚

  8. I got in!!! I bet they are trying to capitalize off of the members leaving BB πŸ™‚

  9. Yay! I just got in, thanks for the tip!

  10. As someone else said, there’s clearly no rhyme or reason as to who gets to subscribe vs who doesn’t. After trying this morning with my old school aol addresses (which I still use regularly), I got the ‘spaces full’ message, but I just thought I’d try again now, and when I use two other email addresses (one gmail & one work) it took them both. Out of curiosity I tried all of my emails within seconds of each other, and I got the same results, so it’s clearly not a timing issue. Maybe their systems for Play don’t recognize aol accounts(!) ha ha. I’m happy to finally get to subscribe, but sad that it’s not linked to my original Sephora account.

    • If you call them, they will probably be able to link the two together. I had signed up online and was on wait. I then got store card which had me create an account. I went in and expressed how I did not want two accounts. They said to call. I did and they combined the two into one. Took about 10 minutes to complete the call and they where so kind and wonderful.

      • Thanks so much!!! I will definitely give them a call. πŸ™‚

      • I tried that but that did not work for me. Because one account is a VIB (and didn’t work for Play) and my secondary email address (which worked to get into play) was new and only a Beauty Insider, I was not eligable to combine two accounts.

        • I’m in the exact same situation and I was not able to either.
          Shame, but I’m still ecstatic about finally being able to subscribe so I’ll try to fix it later on down the road after I’ve received a box or two!

          • They did say we can call to transfer our points each month. Annoying but good.

    • I have an Aol account and I just got in

      • Yay! It was just a weak theory on my part.

    • Maybe they are trying to get new customers? My email linked to my Sephora account didn’t work either, but when I tried a different email not connected to Sephora, that one worked fine. (Kind of a weird strategy if that is what they are doing, but maybe they figure people who already have accounts are already buying from them anyways? Or it has something to do with already being on the wait list so that email has to wait for an invitation, while the new one doesn’t. I dunno.) Like someone else said, just give them a call and they should link the two. I was worried about that too, so I checked their faq before signing up.

  11. And, apparently, now I DON”T have a subscription to Play! πŸ™ For some reason they canceled it!!! I tried updating my profile and kept getting kicked. Then I go to my email and see this:

    Hi Dusti,

    We’re sad to say that your subscription to PLAY! by SEPHORA has been canceled. The beauty game won’t be the same without you!

    If you have already paid for this month, your box is in progress and you will not be billed for the next month.

    Goodbyes are never fun, so be sure to stay in touch. Keep shopping at, and re-subscribe soon to PLAY! by SEPHORA.

    • Just so everyone is aware…you can’t subscribe if your billing and shipping address are not the same. πŸ™ My best friend was letting me use her card, as mine has not jack on it till the 1st, so I could claim my spot. Nope, Sephora ain’t having that. So looks like I”m out. πŸ™ Wish they would accept Paypal, too. πŸ™

      • Dusti- it should still work! I live in Hawaii and they don’t ship out here so I have them send it to my parents in Cali. So my billing and shipping address are different and I’ve had no issues!

        • I called customer service as soon as I got the cancellation email…she said it was cancelled because the shipping and billing address had to be the same. Should I call again and speak to someone else? I’m so upset. πŸ™

      • No problems here. My shipping address is my P.O. Box and my billing address is my actual street address. I was able to sign up in April.

      • I’m sorry, but this made me irritated for you. To wait so long on the wait, get signed up …then get that message…I would be livid!

      • Yes, they allow that. I have my box sent to my job (safer for packages) and my billing address is my home. I got my first box, last month, without issue. I’ve got the shipping email for June’s box.

        • I’m just chiming in to say Me too!
          Shipping Addy :Work
          Billign Addy: Home

          I joing PLay last month and have already gotten my May box, buy June box said it has shipped already.

      • Okay just got off the phone with customer service. Wow, these people today. OMG I’m furiuous. So I talk to a Sephora CS rep and she tells me that there is no way anyone that subscribed using separate billing and shipping addresses should be recieving any boxes. She said that if anyone did get a box that they will be getting an email soon cancelling their subscription. THEN she told me that probably why some people CAN have sign up with different addresses was that they have “probably ordered a lot from Sephora online” and I was like HOLD UP A MINUTE. I informed her that I have a Sephora account, that I order online/shop at brick and mortar store frequently and I’m just dollars (literally) from VIB. I want to connect my accounts. She wouldn’t. She then told me that when I initially sign up, and have to have same billing/shipping, that you can’t change to different addresses until after your first box has been successfully shipped to you.

        I’m beyond furious. I’m at rage status.

        • I hope this isn’t true. I’ve had packages stolen from my doorstep, and found out that others in my neighborhood have too. I don’t have any packages delivered to my home anymore, so if they ever cancel because my billing and shipping address are not the same, I’ll have no choice but to cancel and keep the money in my pocket.

          Funny, because when you sign up, they ask if you’d like to make the address your default shipping address. Why would their address page be constructed this way if shipping it to a different address was not an option?

          So again, I’m wondering how true the CS rep’s info is…

          • I’ve never ordered anything from Sephora online besides play and have a different billing and shipping address as the c.c is under my boyfriends name and billing address is our P.O. box and have zero issues. My 2nd box is set to arrive on the 17th.

        • I find that really suspect – I have separate billing and shipping addresses. Received my May box with no issues and received the notification that my June box has shipped just yesterday. I also have never bought anything from Sephora online and rarely shop in store. In fact, my Sephora account was created less than 3 months ago solely to get the Play! boxes…

        • start all over with a different email address. set up new profile too.

        • Any advice? I seriously have no idea what to do. πŸ™ I am loathe to call customer service yet again and get bs for a third time! πŸ™ I just don’t honestly understand why these people are lying to me?!

          I ended up contacting Sephora through email. I hope they do not, like the last time I emailed them, just tell me to call Customer Service. πŸ™

          I really don’t want to burn my Sephora bridge, but if it’s one thing I can’t stand it is a liar and this is 3 times now I’v had issues with CS reps at Sephora lying to me. πŸ™

          • I agree with Leslie. Try subbing with a different email and log in info, if you can.

            Really, this should be a non issue. I changed the shipping address for all my boxes (about 9 at the time) to a p.o. box about 3 months ago, leaving my billing/street address the same, and haven’t had a issue. When I signed up for Play, I did it using different billing and shipping addresses. What if this was a gift for someone? Would if have to come to your house, and then YOU take it over to the recipient every month?

            Sorry for the rant. Even though I’m subbed to them, what’s the deal?!? Why I gotta beg ya to give ya my stacks! πŸ™‚

            I hope this gets worked out for you.

          • Just wanted to update! Tried to resub using the email I’d used that was previously subbed and they canceled, but that one didn’t work. Said no spots open. Thankfully ANOTHER of my emails was able to sub and I used my mom’s card to secure the darn subscription! I then called Sephora CS and asked if she could link my main with the Play account, she was super nice, linked the accounts AND confirmed that I would be able to access my Play stuff from my main AND that the points earned from my subscription would be added to those in my main account. I was profusely thankful to that woman! πŸ™‚

            There still remains the issue we have been discussing (same vs different address and not being able to sub) and I am still curious as to what the truthful answer to this is. I went and looked at their Play! Faq’s and there was NOTHING in them that specified that you have to have the same shipping and billing address to subscribe. I do hope that Sephora addresses this issue.

          • Hi Dusti

            So a few months back I moved and updated my shipping for play but didn’t know the billing had to match the shipping (and in order to change the billing you had to act like you were changing the cc#) it’s not so much that the addresses have to match for sephora but your bank. Since I changed my billing address for my bank that has to match the billing for sephora. Some companies require it to try and avoid fraudulent charges. I hope this helps. It is still BEYOND frustrating since sephora doesn’t explain that anywhere. When it happened to me they emailed me to say my card didn’t go through. I fixed the billing address the same day and spent a week trying to make sure I would get my box, I eventually told I would only to get an email the next day saying they oversold the box and I wouldn’t get one for July. Trust me when I say I feel your pain, especially since I had this since box 1.

        • I’m so sorry this is happening to you. I’d be beyond mad also. Maybe try calling again to get someone else. This makes no sense. Their CS reps need to be consistent. Explain that you need a different shipping address for safety reasons (possibility of things being stolen from your porch) or along those lines.

  12. I finally got in!!!!! SO HAPPY I could tear up a little. lol Goodbye Birchbox, it’s been interesting, but time to move on and never look back! πŸ˜€

    • I get that BB is taking stuff away from subscribers but aren’t the 2 boxes more the same now? and I know that we get the 10 points with Sephora but they are only good for little samples not actual money off purchases like BB which we still get with purchases. I only joined BB a month ago and Sephora today (!!!!) Am I missing something or is Sephora just that much better?

      • I got my first box last month. You get points for the purchase each month and a card you can take instore for an additional 50 pts with any purchase no matter how small ( equivilant to spend $50 in store or online ). You also get a free birthday and anniversary gift. Free stuff starts at $10 points. So in m y case I got 10pts for purchase of play, 50pts for in store purchase, and 14pts for the $14 bucks I spend it store….one month 84 points already

  13. Thank you so much for the heads up! I didn’t receive an email but went to the website and gave it a shot with the same email and hooray! I’m off wait list!

  14. OMG! I got the “off the waitlist” email and I finally got in! Oh yea! oh yea! Happy Dance!! Lmao I hope it starts with the July box, too. June isn’t very exciting and After I do my reviews for Birchbox I’m done. I was trying to hold on to them but now that I’m getting Play! by Sephora for me the value is way higher with Play… can’t wait for my 1st box πŸ™‚

  15. no email from them but submitted same one I’ve been using and got on. Obviously no logic to it. thanks for letting us know!!!

  16. It didn’t work with the email I was waitlisted on and have a Sephora account with, but I tried a different email and got it!
    Do you get points for the $10 purchase? Shame I won’t be able to combine points with my real account if you do. But this came at the perfect time to be an early birthday present so I couldn’t be happier!

    • Yes you get the 10 pts every month for play!

      • And this!

        Q: Do I receive Beauty Insider points with my purchase?
        A: Yes! Your monthly subscription fee qualifies for Beauty Insider points. Also, for a limited time, show your current PLAY! PASS when purchasing items in store to receive 50 bonus points each month.

  17. Liz, thanks so much for the heads up. No email from them but with your help this round again..l finally got it ? I used my regular email again (people keep suggesting a new one) and it worked. So I guess it’s working both ways…must be the luck of timing I suppose. Thanks again

  18. Hi there,
    I am happy that I got in but was sad that I joined the waitlist and didn’t get on that way. Anyways I’ll take it. Because I finally got in on Play. Thanks MSA!!!!!???

  19. Was so excited to see this after the Birchbox news yesterday. Am dropping one of my 2 Birchbox accounts for this, and possibly both.

    • What was the birchbox news if you don’t mind me asking?:)

  20. Didn’t get an email but went ahead and put my email in and got right in! ?, It did say what was in my box was the June box so not quite sure on that.

  21. yay! A little annoying that I’ve signed up for this waitlist at least four times and didn’t get an email today but was able to get right through via the website, but whatever, I’ll take it.

  22. Thanks for the heads up! Got right in with the original email I used to get on thr waitlist.

    • I got in too ! Thanks so much Liz !! I have been on the waitlist since the beginning. Saw your post on here Liz and immediately checked my email. I got my invitation and was able to subscribe! Bad timing for me financially, but will eat mac and cheese to squeeze the $10 out of my food budget !

  23. After hanging up with Allure’s horrible customer service (subscribed in April and have yet to receive a box, now telling me it will be July), I decided to check my Sephora play wait list status, entered my email address and I’m in!!!!

    • @mclauderman – Ditto!! I ordered Allure over a month ago, nothing came, called them, was told a box was sent out last month.. I didn’t get it I say, do you have a tracking #? CS lady puts me on hold, 5 min later a “Supervisor” who was very snooty told me nothing has shipped, I won’t get anything until July. Really, 2 months to get a box?! Not very happy with them already πŸ™ on the plus side, I found the PLAY! was opened by sheer chance, just randomly checking, to make sure not a fluke I googled it, and found this thread lol, yay for us!

  24. Yup I got an email on my 1st email I tried to sign up with. But since I was able to sign up with my other email I’m 3 months ago, I’m okay. Good luck to everyone!

  25. Mixed feelings. It would be nice to fill the “hole” that will be left with Birchbox, but in the other hand it would be nice to not have to worry with any lost packages during summer (I’ll be out of town). Sign up page is open in front of me. Is it too complicated to cancel after a couple of months?

  26. πŸ™ Still no luck. Been on the waitlist since sometime last year when I first heard about it. Hopefully soon.

    • Go straight on the website and try subscribing again! It worked for me about 5 minutes ago! So excited.

  27. Sephora is smart! They are riding the wave of hundreds of us angry at Birchbox. Smart smart smart!!!!!!

  28. For those who have been unsuccessful in subscribing, try using a different email than the one you are waitlisted with!! I didn’t get an invitation off the waitlist, but I tried anyway with my normal email which didn’t do much. BUT immediately after I used an alternate email just to see, which surprisingly worked and I am now subscribed!

    • Sephora is clearly having some issues because I just signed up straight on the website with the same email I was on the waitlist with and was able to subscribe. FINALLY!

    • That is exactly what happened to me!

      It does sort of suck that my established Sephora account will not be connected to my new Play sub, but whatever. I have been waitlisted for months and was just grateful to get in. πŸ™‚

      • You can call them and they will connect the two accounts so all your points will be in one place. ?

        • I tried to do the exact same thing, and I don’t know if it was the rep I got, but she basically unsubscribed me for emails on my new Play account in an attempt to deactivate it. When I asked if my Play sub was now on my regular account, she asked me to hold and said there was no way of linking the two accounts. I was scared by that point she had somehow cancelled my sub so I said, forget everything and leave it the way it is!

          • It was definitely the CS rep you talked to, because it says right on their faq for Beauty Insider that they can combine two cards. Maybe she was thinking the actual website account, not the beauty insider card? That is definitely kind of weird though. I haven’t actually called to do it yet though, so I can’t say for certain.

  29. Thank you for the head’s up – I didn’t receive an email, but I was able to subscribe when I entered my email on their page. Yay!

  30. I got mine this morning and I signed up! It is good timing since I will be dropping Birchbox next month. I am really excited to try this sub!

  31. After Birchbox got rid of its points system, I was so sad I didn’t do the play! by Sephora when I had the chance! So excited to get this email this morning and instantly hopped on. Well played sephora! So long Birchbox!

  32. I got in! Thank you so much for the heads-up!!!

  33. I got off the waitlist………..only to find they don’t ship to po boxes! πŸ™ I live in an area the post office won’t deliver so we have to get po boxes. Boo Hoo Sephora!

    • Double check that! I use a PO Box (actually a four line address) and my Play boxes have been delivered to the post office. I’ve had problems with various companies refusing to deliver to a PO Box but not with Sephora.

    • They do. I’ve only been signed up for one month (June is my 2nd) but they’ve only had my P.O. Box as an address. Enter it as:

      # 1234 (The ‘#’ sign then your p.o. box number – don’t add the words p.o. box to your address)
      Street address of your post office
      City, State

      This worked for me. Good luck! πŸ™‚

    • My Sephora box DOES ship to my PO Box. The only thing I don’t get is flash delivery but that just means I have to wait a few more days. I don’t mind the wait I’ve been subscribing to Play! since November and have only been disappointed with one or two boxes.

      • Have a PO Box and they for some reason still ship to my physical address. I’ve tried to go in and change the address but it won’t let me change it. MY Post office keeps giving me that please don’t ship to your physical address message.

  34. Got an email this am. So excited for this!

  35. I always get a miffed side eye when I see one of their “You’re off the waitlist!” e-mails and I was particularly annoyed with this month’s because it said “Third time’s a charm!”

    Uhm no Sephora, you mucked it up the first time around and now I’m not interested. Thanks but no thanks.

    I’m certain that so many slots opened up because of the BB fiasco, smart move on their end.

    • BB fiasco?

      • **The Birchbox points changes that were announced yesterday.

  36. So incredibly annoyed that I live in NYC and STILL am not able to get a Play box when I have been waitlisted since it’s inception.


    Never been so disconcerted in my life.

    • So I got in with my secondary email that was never on the wait list. WTF???

      • Same here! I entered my wait-listed email and it showed no spots, then I entered my work email and it worked just fine. Their setup is crazy.

        • Same here

        • But now I’m not getting points on my VIB card and had too open a new card for the play sub. WTF??? Sephora is so messy.

  37. I got wait listed with my main email but openings were available when I put in my secondary email. Makes absolutely no sense but I’m glad to finally have gotten subscribed. Thanks for the heads up!

  38. I got in! Yay!

  39. I had an email this morning and got off the wait list!!! Woohoo!!

  40. I cancelled play because I had to many subs and now I have to cancel BIrchbox because of the changes. But now I’m on a waitlist for play. Now it’s time to wait.

  41. If we sign up now will our first box be June or July?

    • I believe it will be the July box.

    • I got a shipping notice for the June box today, so my guess is July will be your first box. (At least that’s how they did it when the opened up the waitlist last time.) Good luck! πŸ™‚

    • I hope it’s July because June box is terrible πŸ™

      • That was my thought too! And it seems like many people are getting more and more disappointed with Play as time goes on. I’ll give it 2 months, but I’m guessing I won’t be a long-term subscriber.

  42. I got in this morning but with the birchbox stuff going down next month I rationalized that this was one I could try with my $10 a month extra from them…(only if the 5 is officially 5 reviews ever and not per month, I have a feeling they will change it back after we all had heart attacks) I’M REALLY EXCITED FOR THE PLAY PASS AND MEET UPS! I live super close to multiple sephoras (San Diego has a ton) and would love to learn eyeshadow and eyeliner tricks!

  43. Got it Thank you been waiting for this

  44. I got in also, thank you so much!

  45. YES! I finally got in. I’ve been on that list for several months now!

  46. Can’t believe I just subscribed ?

  47. Still no luck for me yet. πŸ™ I’m still getting the message there’s no spots available. But at least now I no longer think it’s because of where I live since they had a Play date scheduled for my city last month. Congrats to those who were able to sign up! πŸ™‚

    • Did you try a different email than your normal one? That seems to be working for people (myself included). If you haven’t, it’s at least worth a try. (I thought I would never get in if it had to do with where you lived, because I live in Delaware with only one Sephora near me. Glad that doesn’t seem to be the case!)

  48. And here comes the rush of birchbox evacuators! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

    • You’re probably right Jen.

      Hmm, I’m sure it wasn’t planned by either company, but very interesting (& perhaps unfortunate) timing…

  49. Prolly cuz I and others I assume cancelled recently

    • Is it difficult to cancel this sub?

      • I had to call and cancel.- pretty easy.

  50. I got in right away! Thanks so much for posting. I have been waiting for months!

    • Yay!!! ???

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