Changes to Birchbox Points Starting July 2016

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Birchbox has announced changes to its Birchbox Points program beginning July 11, 2016.

Here are the highlights:

  • You’ll now be able to spend Points in any increment – no more waiting until you hit 100 points to shop. Every 10 points equals $1 to spend on full-size products.
  • Any Points earned after July 11, 2016 will expire 6 months from the date you earn them. Birchbox will send you a reminder so you have plenty of time to shop.
  • Going forward, Points will only be offered for your first 5 sample reviews. New subscribers will earn points for the first 5 sample reviews in their subscription, and as an existing subscriber you’ll have the same opportunity. Starting with your July box, you’ll receive 10 Points for each of the next 5 samples you receive.

UPDATE: To clarify, current subscribers will be able to review only 5 more samples for points after July 11th.

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. Wow- that sucks. I’ve already been feeling meh about this box, so definitely won’t be renewing. The points were the only reason I stuck around.

    • I hope they don’t get rid of the mystery sample products (even though I only get conditioner)!!! I keep reading these comments and my husband was wondering what I was doing so I intensely …I told him I think the Internet is going to break with all this uproar!!!

    • Me too, I have been considering cancelling for a long time, but the point system is too good. I’m not paying $10 for microscopic samples if I can’t have the $5 in points.

    • I had the exact same sentiment about this, Hufsa!

    • Exactly! My thoughts also.. I was so disappointed – especially since they make so much money with the information we provide. Not only are we paying for the samples – but we don’t even get rewarded. Definitely going to be canceling my subscription after almost four years of membership!

  2. Bye, birchbox!
    There are soooo many more subscription boxes out there, I thought birchbox would try to stay competitive…at least I have plenty of options!

  3. I always looked at birchbox as a $5/month box after reviews and for me that made it worth it. Based on the change and all the comments below (confirming) I will definitely be cancelling, I don’t find the box to be worth $10 for me, especially with all the perfume samples they gave that count as an item . I like Sephora play better as a $10/month box and I love that the perfume samples are an extra.

    • thats only if you get to be the lucky few to get Sephora play. I’ve been on the waitlist since November. 🙁

      • Try to subscribe to Sephora again, I know they have been opening a a lot of spots recently. I was on the waitlist for nearly 4 months, I never received an email saying I was off the waitlist, but one day I just randomly tried again on their website and I got in! This will be my second box.

        • Hi,I never got a letter I just went and checked one day and I was in

        • Wow that really worked! I just went and subscribed. I was wondering what was up with that waitlist. Thanks!

        • I have been trying to get on since it was first announced and I also just got in today! I did get the email, but even if you didn’t I’d say it’s worth trying! A few people on reddit mentioned they got in in the past few days without getting the invite email.

      • Are you a beauty insider? I think it helps to be one. And where do you live? Maybe it’s just not in your area yet, although I thought it was to be available nation wide now. Hope you get it soon. I’ve had mine for two months now but neither has been a “WOW” box for me

  4. If it is how I read it, as in only 5 more reviews and that’s it, then I will be leaving birchbox as well. I don’t know why they would do this. The whole reason I enjoyed my birchbox was to earn those points and purchase something I wouldn’t otherwise have purchased. It’s a shame that they are completely removing the review points. They could have lowered it as someone else suggested. Oh well, maybe I’ll go back to Ipsy.

  5. Wow this stinks. I’ve subscribed for years, and spent a ton of money in the shop. The samples are really hit or miss, but the point have been a huge incentive. Looks like this may be one less sub box for me.

  6. So hypothetically what is to stop a person from “referring” themselves to another account they start to get the $5 in points spend it and quite. Meanwhile the “new customer gets $5 in points from being new, $5 for reviews and $5 for doing a referral. Then spend that $15 and move onto the next account. Just a lot work and email addresses to keep track of

    • It’s easier just to not bother and buy things much cheaper elsewhere, especially once you factor in how many of us will lose Ace status and the accompanying free shipping benefit. the overall inability to combine more than $15 in points per account won’t amount to much of a benefit unless you’re buying things close to that price or only want a small discount total.

  7. I chatted with a customer service agent and she confirmed its 5 reviews a year!!!! I’m going to use my points then cancel my subscription!!! I’m super disappointed!!

    • A YEAR? That can’t be right?!?!?! The way I understood it is they are going to stop letting us review all 6 or 7 of the items we get in the box when the items go over 5 in number. CS reps have been wrong before, and I hope this is the case again, or everyone will be jumping ship. I’m going to wait for BB’s clarification, which I’m sure must be coming soon with all of the confusion.

      • Birchbox left this reply on Facebook for someone who had a similar question:
        Hi Natasha, you’ll receive 10 points for the first 5 reviews you leave on or after July 11th. After you’ve left 5 reviews, you will no longer earn points for your sample reviews throughout your subscription. New subscribers will receive 10 points for the first 5 reviews they leave in their subscription.

      • No, it’s 5 reviews total, forever, starting July 11. Also, because who gets more than 5 items in a box, ever? In 2 1/2 years I have never gotten more than 5 items in a box. Now my feelings are hurt. Lol. Seriously, though, I didn’t realize anyone every got more than 5.

        • A lot of the time the curated pack would have a foil packet sample of the shampoo or conditioner that was featured in the box and let you review both the shampoo and conditioner

          • Exactly. Foil packets. I’ve had 6 items to review probably 4 or 5 times, and I end up with 60 points for it. That’s why I really think when this shakes out that will be the outcome (only 5 reviews per month). I am hoping the CS people making these comments are wrong as well, or who the heck would keep the BB account active? I guess time will tell.

        • In the very beginning I got boxes frequently with 6 or 7 items in them. The last year or two, my boxes pretty much have 5 samples all the time. I used to like it a lot more, and looking back I used to get nail polishes semi frequently, I haven’t had a nail polish since Dec ’14, and I used to get full size items once in a while. Now i’m just getting all samples and tiny ones at that. And I miss the food items they had in there occasionally too lol.

      • If CS is wrong then there at least 9 different reps all saying the same wrong thing. It’s understandable wishful thinking that it’s just a monthly limit but it’s a lifetime limit of 5 reviews per account.

    • same here! Its really disappointing. I really enjoyed their point system. Not worth keeping now. I wish I would have known this last month before cancelling my Sephora play.

  8. That’s cool Birchbox. I usually save up my points to buy all the products you brought into my world. From now on when you introduce new products to me that I love, I just won’t purchase them from you. I’ll shop around to find them somewhere cheaper.

    And what will be the point in reviewing products at all? There won’t be one. This is disappointing.

    • Ditto

      • Double Dito

    • yup, me too….

  9. Since it’s only 5 reviews for the life of, I think a lot people will cancel. The samples they send aren’t really worth it without any incentive. Plus there are so many others to sub to. BB is easily dropped. I’m happy with Allure and Play. Although Play has been eh lately. Every month can’t be perfect!

    • I already did! I don’t see a point in keeping a service that is known for its point system if it gets rid of it. Heck I seem to get boxes every month filled with samples that don’t even apply to my profile! I’m oily skin, hair, and makeup lover, and I always get perfume and dry skin products!? Who is curating my boxes? I decided this was the last straw for me.

  10. This makes it easier for me to figure out which subscription gets the axe. I was a loyal subscriber because of their points system. No points, no since in sticking around. I’ll miss their amazing customer service, though!

  11. It is only 5 sample reviews ever. Not every month.

    How Do I Earn Birchbox Points?
    Earning Birchbox Points is easy! Here’s how it works:

    Shop with us. Any time you make a purchase in our Shop, you’ll earn 1 Birchbox Points for every $1 spent.

    Spread the word. Invite your friends to join Birchbox! Once they’ve purchased a subscription, you’ll earn 50 Birchbox Points as a thank you from us.

    Review your monthly samples. You’ll earn 10 Birchbox Points per sample review every month. Learn how to leave your reviews here.

    Learn how to spend your Birchbox Points here.

    As of July 11, 2016: New and existing subscribers will earn 10 Birchbox Points for the first 5 samples reviewed.

    To get in touch, send us a note!

  12. This is what birchbox said when I asked them to clarify: “Answer from Birchbox: “Hey Katherine, sorry for the confusion! In addition to earning 1 Birchbox Point for every $1 spent in the store you’ll receive 10 points for the first 5 reviews you leave on or after July 11th. After you’ve left 5 reviews, you will no longer earn points for your sample reviews throughout your subscription. New subscribers will receive 10 points for the first 5 reviews they leave in their subscription. Please shoot us a private message if you have any questions – we’re happy to help! :)”

    Omg this is sooo messed up!!! ??

    • That is soooo, soooooo messed up

    • This sucks. The points we earn for our reviews is why I love Birchbox. Without the points incentive, I’m not keeping this subscription.

    • Officially canceling my subscription. The point system is one of the biggest reasons why I loved them!

    • I wonder if this can be gotten around by unsubbing and resubbing every month. It would be a little irritating keeping track of it- but it has worked for me previously when resubbing to get the add-on gift they give every month or so. Maybe every time you resub you can leave reviews again too?

      • Hufsa, theoretically you could do that, but you’d never be able to build up more than 50 points per account. You’d basically be stuck with a whole bunch of accounts that each have $5 worth of rewards, and no way of combining them.

        • I think Hufsa meant unsubbing and resubbing with a new subscription on the same account every month. You don’t lose points when you unsubscribe and Birchbox has, in the past, counted that as a new subscription (as in you could use new sub codes with it).

        • No- I meant on the same account. Ever since my boxes have been duds, I wait till the curated box comes out (and usually the free add-on item coupon comes around that time, too) so then I resub (not from my account where I have to reactivate, but the homepage where you buy the monthly sub)… and I manage to get both items. I will try to see if it works- if it doesn’t, I’ll leave for good.

      • Great minds think alike…I used to unsub and resub all the time to make use of 100 point codes. Maybe this will work now. I’m willing to try it once.

        • The only issue with this is that there’s a chance you’ll get the same samples over and over again. Having one consistent account at least made sure that you wouldn’t get repeats.

          • I get repeats anyway!

    • There should be a big exodus of subscribers. Redo your point program if it is not profitable but 1 pt per $1 spent is silly. At that rate, it is a worthless system. There is no benefit to buying the products on BB when they are cheaper than suggested retail on Amazon and I get free ship there.

  13. The way they worded this was unnecessarily confusing. I think they mean 5 sample reviews per month. So if you have a month where you get 6 or 7 samples, you can only only get points for reviewing 5. They don’t say anything about sharing on social media.

    This honestly seems like a fair change in policy to me. I like not having to spend points in 100 point increments but I don’t like that they expire. The extra sample reviews will mean maybe $10 less in points per year. $12 for social media. I will probably stay subscribed.

    If I’m wrong and it’s 5 total reviews forever then it’s been swell.

    • I’m pretty sure you’re wrong unfortunately.

      They took away the social media sharing points a while ago, although I still have an option on my app (and I have been getting points via that, although I’m sure that will disappear too).

    • I agree

  14. So, I just want to point out that if you have an account but not a subscription, you can still buy from the shop and get points, and their rewards are still better than Sephora or Ulta (unless you shop Ulta during 5x points only or something). 10% back in points plus the free sample packs and GWP offers still makes for a good deal. I like my boxes and will probably stay on, but even if I don’t, I’ll still use the shop.

    • My gut is that I’m inclined to stay (I typically enjoy my box at least $10 worth), but I’m going to look through the Sephora box history and make sure I wouldn’t rather have that. Ipsy has way too many drug store brands for me. I’ll wait and see what Macy’s has too.

      The one thing separating Birchbox from the rest of the $10 a month pack was the points. I’m not sure the math on this is going to work out the way they thought it would.

    • The changes make Ulta better for me. I do try to shop during the multipliers and wait until the Wednesday beauty breaks to maximize GWPs. I am Platinum so my points don’t expire. I have $178 of points right now and I accumulated them all this year by shopping during multipliers. Plus they have a better selection than Birchbox and fewer out-of-stock problems.

      • Can you please tell me when Ulta have multipliers? I mean what day of the month or year. Why I never see it? Thank you.

        • You have to sign up for email alerts since that’s the only way they advertise outside of their site itself. I get them several times a week.

  15. I just posted on their Facebook page and encourage others to do the same. MAYBE if the response is overwhelming, they’ll reconsider.

    Also, I posted as a comment on one of their posts. Lots of people are posting on their wall, but I don’t think readers of the page will see those easily.

    • they’re not going to reconsider.

      i knew this was coming, too many of us probably had multiple subscriptions and never spent any real $$ in the shop.

      they have investors they need to report to, probably need to tighten up. i’m surprised they went this many years with such a generous points system.

      • I have 2 accounts and have spent several thousand in real money in their online store. That’s a pretty sweeping generalization to make.

        • I agree. I used to have two accounts and am now down to one. I’ve spent thousands on full sized products from the store because they carried brands I couldn’t as easily find elsewhere. The point system just offset the cost of the boxes, because most months there wasn’t much that I found worthwhile and I would’ve canceled long before if not for the points.

  16. The way they worded this was unnecessarily confusing. I think they mean 5 sample reviews per month. So if you have a month where you get 6 or 7 samples, you can only only get points for reviewing 5. They don’t say anything about sharing on social media.

    This honestly seems like a fair change in policy to me. I like not having to spend points in 100 point increments but I don’t like that they expire. The extra sample reviews will mean maybe $10 less in points per year. $12 for social media. I will probably stay subscribed.

    • Per the response from BB’s customer service, posted by Danielle below, “After you’ve left 5 reviews, you will no longer earn points for your sample reviews throughout your subscription.”
      It is not per month limit. It is a limit for the entire lifetime of your subscription.

      • Then so long. Time to spend those points!

  17. What??? I have been hoarding my points for years and NOW I have to spend them!? Thanks Birchbox. Thanks a lot. 🙁

  18. Just talked to a Birchbox rep and it looks like we will not be able to earn any points from product reviews past July. So it’s 5 reviews total.

    • Are you kidding??! That’s the whole point of Birchbox. I have one year left on my sub still and want to cancel already. I don’t even want the box lol and I’ve subbed for 5 years! They don’t do anything for anniversaries anymore, no coupon codes, and now they’re taking away the point system?? And the points expire?? Lol I don’t even want the last year of my sub.

      • I didn’t even notice they had stopped the anniversary coupons! Points expiring does not bother me as much as no longer earning them for reviews.

      • i wonder if they have been losing some serious money? Maybe even on their way of going out of business.

        • Could be. I noticed one of the founders left last fall!

      • I think if they are changing the rules of the game you should be able to cancel

        • OOHHH! YES!!!!
          They change all of the rules on us, then, YES! we should be able to cancel and get our full money back!!!!!

  19. This is really bad. How can they think their subscription service will survive? I can only guess that they are trying to make the move to get out of the sub business and only do online retail. Too bad, since the subscription customers built their business and the monthly boxes is what keeps their name on the forefront. Unfortunately, I’m locked into a yearly subscription until November, but I’ve already emailed them to opt-out of automatic renewal.

    • I think you are right that they are trying to move away from subscriptions towards online retail. I recently read a profile of the current CEO/co-founder. She was quoted as saying her goal is to make Birchbox the “next Sephora,” which seems fairly delusional and ill-advised. They almost single-handedly created the subscription box market – having established themselves within a certain market, it seems a tooth-grinding screw-up to suddenly use that company identity and branding to switch to a different market.

    • Technically you could get a refund for the remaining boxes left in your subscription if you wanted to. They changed the terms. I’ve noticed a lot of people doing that from their Facebook page.

  20. Being that the point system is the largest draw to bb I think they will lose a large amount of customers. I know I am out when my annual is up. I have been a member for at least 3 years. Well it was a good run.

  21. If it’s 5 reviews per subscription I’m out, if it’s 5 reviews capped per month it’s still a good value to me. I guess we’ll see.

  22. Got this update in the email this morning and was shocked that they took on that move. Considering that this is one of the reason they have so many customers sticking around long term and keep coming back . Like many mention they should have just consider lower the points system.

  23. Whoa. Is this five reviews per month, or lifetime? If the latter, that’s a huge change which seriously undercuts the value of a BB subscription. I only renewed my annual sub in April because of their points system and wish I’d known this was on the horizon. Oh well, once my year is up, I’m out.

    • It means July is the end of review points. For everyone. Forever.

  24. I believe it’s no more points for reviews, other than brand-new subscribers. Is it just me, or does it seem intentionally confusing?

    I just renewed for another year, but am cancelling now. This takes away a large part of the box value for me.

  25. Oh man… I’m one of the big Birchbox defenders (after 4 years of subscribing to them)… but this is no bueno.

    Now that the lifestyle items (anyone remember the treats and trinkets that used to be included?), 20% off codes, and points are no more (like, many people, I really only shop there when I have promos or points, otherwise, Sephora has a much bigger selection of beauty item options)… I may let my annual sub run out and be done. Sad day.

    • I’m exactly the same. I’ve been a subscriber for years and have always been a big Birchbox advocate. The points system was one of the main reasons why.

      If it really is no more points for reviews EVER, I’ll most likely cancel.

      I am deeply disappointed.

      • Except that I have often shopped in their store without spending points. I liked to hoard them until I had, like $60 or $70 worth and then buy something big. In the meantime, I’d make purchases with actual money.

        Won’t be doing that anymore.

      • Me too ; (

    • I’m the same, I’ve been subscribed for 5 years!! They were always my favorite, I loved the lifestyle items in the beginning. That Modcloth headband is still my favorite discovery ever in a BB. I loved the little treats they used to put in and I always got boxes with 6 or 7 items. This last year though has been so downhill. The samples getting so tiny, 5 items in a box, no valid coupons, etc. I just signed my bf up for Birchbox Man yesterday too, it probably applies to them too, I’ll cancel his too.

    • Did they really discontinue the 20% off codes? I was looking for some documentation on the policy changing but couldn’t find anything. Although, I haven’t seen any in awhile. I was wondering why I hadn’t seen any in awhile. I was waiting for one. Boo!

      This points thing really stinks.

  26. Welppp, it was nice knowing you Birchbox!

  27. I’ve been becoming increasingly disappointed, annoyed and angry with bb. This is just the frosting on the poop cake. I wish I hadn’t gotten a 12 month sub as a gift, because I really don’t want anything more to do with bb. Sub ends in December. WILL NOT be renewing. Tiny samples, less makeup each month, always sends me crap that is total opposite of my profile, sample choice has sucked butt the last few months, add-ons are a joke jeesus the only thing I have been looking forward to is review points to justify spending a chunk. Welp, I guess I’ll just buy something next month after I do my 5 reviews and that will be the last $$$ bb ever gets from me.

  28. This is such a bummer – regardless of whether I keep my subscription or not, my loyalty to shopping at Birchbox will go way down! This will be compounded by it being way harder to keep my Ace status …

    • Oh, that’s a really good point about the Ace status. I had recently d/c my auto-renew, and I may just let me subscription run out at this point, use up my points, and say my farewells….

      • That’s what I’ll be doing. I need to cut back anyway because I’m on serious overload between this, Glossybox, Sephora Play (though I might be ditching that if June stinks) Target boxes, and Amazon boxes. I’ve already set my mind to let Glossybox expire, but this point change put the final nail in the coffin for Birchbox when it runs out. At least it’ll be easier to redeem my points and cut all ties.

  29. Sadly, I’ll probably discontinue my subscription with these new changes and I definitely won’t be using the store anymore. Like so many others have stated, the points system was my incentive for using their site for full-sized products. The monthly box is fun and I’ve purchased most of their limited edition boxes, but without the points system it just doesn’t seem worth it when I can go through sites like Ulta, Sephora, or even Amazon to purchase beauty and lifestyle items. I canceled Ipsy over a year ago because their sample bag was loaded with cheap brands and their points system was a joke, and it’s hard to see BB going in the same direction. Maybe I’ll give the Play! subscription a try.

    • I’m right there with you! Time to check out my invite for Sephora and dump my BB and BB man! So disappointing!

    • Give Ipsy another try. They’ve been improving brands, and omg, Their system actually gives me what I want (I.e., makeup brushes and NO freaking dry shampoo!)

      • Not for everyone. I got a bag filled with Be A Bombshell, The Balm, 10.06, Sally Hansen and Liptini. Not exactly what I’d call higher end brands considering I can pick up most if not all at my local CVS or Walmart. I’ve been a subscriber for 3+ years and can say it’s pretty much always been this way, with maybe one or two higher end brands offered but that only a small minority of subscribers actually receive. And their point system is awful. Hence why BB was preferred simple for points value only.

    • Their prices are really ridiculous and what you buy are usually sample sizes

  30. Oh shoot-that’s disappointing. I like birchbox and have found some great new products over the years, but one of the main reasons that I have continued to subscribe is because of the great point system…..Well, the cute boxes are nice too, but I don’t think that will be enough as I am decided if I want to renew. I guess I will just have to see what I think once things change. It has been a great run and I am happy I was able to take advantage of the point system in the past. I will just need to decide if it is still worth it for me. I need to downsize my monthly box subscription anyway, so this might be a hint that it is time to let go ???? Also, I was TRYING to save my points to get some great gifts for others, but it looks like I might just have to treat myself to something before the new system goes into effect.
    (Is Birchbox being sold/going public? I wonder if that is why the changes??)

    • Those boxes how much do they spend on the cute little boxes ,money that could be spent elsewhere I’m positive

  31. I have wondered how they manage with the points system the way it is, honestly.

    That being said, it’s a MAJOR change to the program and it severely affects the overall value of the box month by month – I typically enjoy my box at least $10 worth, BUT I do think this will make me at least consider remaining a subscriber.

  32. Other than putting a cap on the reviews per month this is great! I love the idea of spending points at smaller increments. It gets so frustrating waiting to spend my points because I’m 16 points short to get the next level up discount.

    • That’s nice, yes, but you’re never going to have the kind of points to spend that you do now because you can only get points for your first FIVE reviews. So unless you spend a lot in the shop, it’s going to take WAY longer to get to 100 (or 50, or whatever).

    • I don’t think they are talking about a monthly cap. I think they are talking about a lifetime cap. As in, 5 more reviews…ever.

    • Wait. I just read it again. So you only get five sample reviews total? This is terrible.

      Birchbox doesn’t offer the largest and best samples but it made up for it with the points. If I’m going to spend $10/month on a subscription I’d just as soon pay for Sephora or put the money towards Allure. They both provide larger samples and are consistently good brands/products. BB can be hit & miss with it comes to quality & effectiveness.

      • This gives me an excuse to go back to Mishibox.

  33. Ridiculous!! Sooo happy I ended my relationship with birchbox 6 months ago & got Allure beauty box instead!! One of the best things about bb was their point system! By taking that away all you got is TINY samples! Main reason why I quit bb in the first place!!! Wow what a dumn move on their part. They are going to lose so many subscribers smh

    • Agree, and with Sephora and Macy’s putting out better boxes than BB it will be very easy to find another sub to replace them and for $5 more Allure consistently has a value of 2-3 times that of BB and doesn’t push the same brands every month (Parlor, Harvey Prince, etc). Their point system was the reason most of us hung on but with that gone, as well as the coupons gone, there’s nothing BB can offer that isn’t available elsewhere for less.

  34. Did anyone ask customer service if they mean 5 samples per month or 5 samples ever to get the points?

    • It is 5 samples total. So after July 11th the next 5 samples you review will be the last 5 samples you will earn points on ever. You will now only earn points (after 7/11) on purchases, referrals, and gift subscriptions.

  35. I think it means every box is 5 reviews. So say you get 6 or 7 items only 5 get points for reviews.

    • That’s not how I’m reading it – I’m reading it as 5 reviews for points total per subscription.

    • That’s how I take it as well.

      • guess I took it wrong. This is a huge bummer….

    • Answer from Birchbox: “Hey Danielle, sorry for the confusion! In addition to earning 1 Birchbox Point for every $1 spent in the store you’ll receive 10 points for the first 5 reviews you leave on or after July 11th. After you’ve left 5 reviews, you will no longer earn points for your sample reviews throughout your subscription. New subscribers will receive 10 points for the first 5 reviews they leave in their subscription. Please shoot us a private message if you have any questions – we’re happy to help! :)”
      :(((((( No longer earn points for reviews…

  36. Yep, not renewing after my Christmas yearly is up. Between this and no more regular % off coupons I doubt I’ll be ordering from Birchbox as often. And then once my ace status dies, probably never. Its gonna be mighty hard for people to get ace without this too!

  37. This is so disappointing. This was one of my favorite parts of Birchbox vs other beauty subscriptions. I guess they don’t need any more product reviews. Major fail. Not sure I’ll be continuing.

  38. Is it maybe just 5 reviews per month? I ask only because a lot of times if you get the curated pack there is a 6th foil back you can review

    • I’m sure you’ve figured out by now that the points for reviews is going away completely and does not refer to earning points over and above 5 item reviews/month. It’s just done after July.

  39. I always wished they’d give review points for things purchased. I buy so much from them, and it would be a nice incentive even if they discontinued it for samples – though honestly I mostly purchase things full size ONLY IF they have good reviews (which are largely from when people sample them and I won’t likely review without that points incentive nor with others). I think this was a bad move – what they’re gaining in points discounts they’re going to lose twofold in subscriptions and website purchases due to not having so many item reviews. I’d rather have seen them lower the points like someone said. Points are a lot of the reason I buy stuff directly from Birchbox rather than Amazon for the same price and faster shipping. I won’t really have much incentive to shop their website directly without a few dollars off now if something is available somewhere else.

    • Yes, I completely agree. I already order my favorite Ipsy finds from Amazon instead of Ipsy. The points system was the only reason I didn’t do the same for Birchbox products.

  40. I can’t say I’m surprised they’re moving this way since they took the 20% off coupon codes away and are only allowing GWP codes now. I think this is a big mistake on their part; the only reason I shopped on birchbox was because of the points I got/coupons I could use/points from reviews. I suspect a lot of people will discontinue their subscriptions going forward.

  41. I am so disappointed with this. I’ve already been on the fence for awhile and now I think this pushed me over. My sub ends in November and I doubt I’ll be resubscribing. Like others have said the points system is the best thing going for BB. So long birchbox, hello Sephora!

    • Since you subbed when the old points system was still in place, I would try to email customer service and inform them you would like to cancel, as you are no longer receiving a service (the old points system) you paid for and they agreed to supply in exchange for payment. They should at least be honoring the old points system for annual subscriptions.

  42. I’ll be cancelling both my accounts after July then. Definitely not worth keeping if the ability to earn points is no more after July.

    • *earn points for reviewing samples – to clarify

  43. So how do you earn points after the first five reviews??? Only by spending money in the shop? The only time I ever do actually spend money in the shop is when I have points to redeem.
    Clearly our feedback is SO valuable. I guess I can’t say I’m too upset. Their points program was awesome, and way better than Ipsy’s, but it’s not like they OWE us points. I will definitely be less inclined to leave reviews though.

    • Totally agree, they don’t owe us anything… but we don’t owe them anything, either. I have had a good run with Birchbox, honestly, but they just can’t compete with other boxes in this price range without the point system. It’s not hard to walk away.

      • All good points. The Target box is quickly becoming one of my favorites. I also ordered the Amazon beauty box for the first time last month and the box’s ENTIRE purchase price is credited back to your account and can be applied to the cost of a full-size product from the box. Seriously, that deal is hard to beat!

    • I love my Birchbox, but the points were a major factor in buying stuff at their store. Now I’ll be sampling things that I’ll end up buying at Sephora.

  44. I’m gone!!
    Guess that’s no more points for purchasing either????

    • it says you’ll still get points for purchases, gift subs, and referrals….just not on the 6th review..if you do happen to get a 6th item….
      Not much of a change….

      • Sara, I think you’re misinterpreting the statement — you’ll get points on only five reviews EVER, not five reviews per month. But I would be happy to be wrong.

        • I was sure you were….but apparently not. Man, this sucks. A lot : (
          BB was my favorite…figured it would be the sub I always kept. Sad stuff.

  45. I probably won’t be renewing after my annual sub ends. I have way too many samples as it is and need to give something up and the points are what kept me with Birchbox, so that makes it the deciding factor.

  46. Wow, this is a huge disappointment. I’ve already sent in my cancellation request, anyone else?

    • Cancelling after July. I’ve been with Birchbox for 4 years – the points and 20% off coupon codes were what kept me coming back. Not anymore. I’ll move on to Sephora Play! Better brands and products!

      • It’s disappointing that they won’t be grandfathering in existing subscribers. We’re the ones that helped them build their business.

        • I was thinking that too. Oh well-it was fun while it lasted!

        • Exactly what I was thinking ! I buy a ton of stuff from their shop. Always starts because of the points I had accumulated from my reviews , but I end up spending way way more …. Have been an Aces member for a long time. Now I will be spending my money at Amazon or Ulta . Probably will cancel my sub also , I have too many anyway, and I can’t stand all the little perfume vials and foil shampoos …. Seems like these companies reward their loyal customers by getting us in and hooked and then pulling all of the advantages . They should be aware that there is a lot of competition now and people will leave … Companies get so greedy it seems once they are super successful , it should be the other way . The richer they get the more they should reward loyal subscribers and shoppers!

          • I’ve only been with them for five months and I’m 10 points from being an ace so I spend quite a lot in their shop.It doesn’t make since unless their trying to get people to quit .And I love their cute little boxes but I wonder how much money is spent on them

      • I would feel better if my first two Play boxes were awesome…but they were just okay for me…..hope they improve!

  47. I’m pretty sure they mean if you review your first five from July you will not receive points ever again for reviews, so basically they are discontinuing the review points.

    • No…only that you won’t receive points after the 5th review in that month….

      • I wish that was the case. It’s been confirmed in several FB comments from BB reps that there will be no more review points ever after July. :/

  48. Bummer! The points system kept me loyal through absurdly tiny samples, too much Harvey Prince and some rough customer service experiences, but I don’t see myself renewing once my annual is up this fall.

  49. This is very confusing…they’re going to lose a lot of people if they stop letting us earn points every month for reviews.

    • I just sent a query in to clarify if it’s 5 reviews/50 points per month or EVER…will see what they have to say.

  50. I’m really confused about what they mean by “Starting with your July box, you’ll receive 10 Points for each of the next 5 samples you receive.” Does that mean that if I review the 5 products in my July box i will no longer receive points for any further reviews ever? or is this just 5 per month, so if we get 6 products in a box the 6th won’t count? Does anyone know what they mean?

    • They mean no more points ever after 5 reviews


      • If that’s the case they are really screwing up! Their points system was one of the best things that made BB stand out from the other subs. I’m disappointed I bought a years sub back in the winter. I can’t see renewing it now.

        • Since you subbed when the old points system was still in place, I would try to email customer service and inform them you would like to cancel, as you are no longer receiving a service (the old points system) you paid for and they agreed to supply in exchange for payment. They should at least be honoring the old points system for annual subscriptions.

    • Ever. Doubt they’ll get too many more reviews. Also, a lot of people get Birchbox for the great point/reward system. Not a good move, in my opinion. They should have just lowered it to 1-2 points for all 5 reviews, or something.

      • Oh wow…yeh, that really stinks! You’ll have to spend a lot of money in the shop now to accumulate worthwhile points. I agree, it was what set BB apart and even in months with boring, small, or repetitive samples I was still happy because of the points system. I know they need to make money, but between taking away discount codes and making it harder to earn points, I think they will lose customers and subscribers.

    • I wondered the same thing!? Is it only five samples you can review in a lifetime, a month, a year?
      If it’s five per month I understand, but only five period would be a major bummer and will make me rethink whether it’s worth it to stay subscribed. The review points are what I love about birchbox. Lately, they have offered few discount codes as well.

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