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Birchbox July 2016 Sneak Peek + Coupon!

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We have a sneak peek for the July 2016 Birchbox! (Thanks, MSA Superfan!)

For the July Birchbox, every subscriber will receive:

Screen Shot 2016-06-07 at 4.47.11 PM

Either the Marcelle Curling and Lengthening Mascara or the Benefit They’re Real Mascara.

What do you think of the sneak peek for the July 2016 Birchbox?

If you haven’t signed up for Birchbox yet:

Screen Shot 2016-05-26 at 9.40.34 AM

Now through 6/25 (or while supplies last), new subscribers can use coupon code TICKLEDPINK to get this free Smith & Cult The Shining Lip Lacquer ($22 Value) FREE with your first month of aBirchbox subscription!

Birchbox is $10 a month. Check out our reviews of Birchbox to learn more about this monthly beauty subscription box!

Full Details: Use code TICKLEDPINK at checkout to receive a Smith & Cult The Shining Lip Lacquer with the purchase of a women’s monthly or yearly rebillable subscription. Offer available while supplies last. Your free gift will ship with your first subscription box. Please note that this code is only valid for new subscribers. Redemption of this code for existing subscribers does not guarantee receipt of these promotional items.

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

All views in this review are the opinion of the author. My Subscription Addiction will never accept payment in exchange for a review, but will accept a box at no cost to provide honest opinions on the box. This post may contain affiliate/referral links. Read the complete My Subscription Addiction disclosure.


  1. Received my second box from birchbox this month. Received sunscreen products in both boxes. I have a lot of sunscreen from other subscription boxes and freebies. I have a box of about 30 samples to full size sunscreens. I hope I don’t get sunscreen again. I gave a review with comments about how much sunscreen I have. I hope they read their reviews. I’m OK with mascara. I only have about 7. I haven’t tried benefit mascara. The benefit brow product I like a lot (it’s the holy grail of brow products).

    • i wish I could have gotten sunscreen. they send me tanning products ? i am olive skinned and tan at least 2 shades during the summer.

  2. I’m getting not one but TWO duplicates in this month’s box. The whish shave cream I received literally 2 months ago. I gave it 1 star then…so birchbox just sends it again? I have about 6 months left in my year subscription. Such a waste of money.

  3. I love mascara but I have loads to get through and sample sizes can last me up to 4 months in my rotation. Haven’t bought a full size in over a year since I don’t need to.

    Thinking of just cancelling it, yes their point system is the best but I rarely buy much from birchbox and it sucks that points can’t be used for add ons which is what I mainly like to get from them.

  4. The only thing less appealing than another mascara is another eyeliner. I just gave away 6 unopened mascaras and a handful of eyeliners. I am ready to kick birchbox to the curb. The only reason i keep it is because I earn enough ace points to get the things i really want.

  5. While I do indeed like They’re Real (it’s actually one of my all time mascara favorites), I’m a bit disappointed as I look to by BB sub for product/brand discovery, not a rehash of items that have been available for over a year and counting. Benefit has several new mascara products they could have gone with instead of a very commonly included beauty sub staple like They’re Real. It’s just hard to get excited about something you have 6 backups of sitting in a drawer collecting dust. Im also not thrilled with Benefit being the featured brand in back to back months. It feels lazy. All that said I’lol got for whichever option that offers more total items for review. As an Ace for 3 years now I love getting those points!

  6. WOW MORE TINY MASCARA!!! … said no Birchbox subscriber ever.

  7. June marks the end of a gift subscription. I’m not sure this is calling me back in, particlarly since two of my last three boxes had perfume which I requested to avoid. I know those samples are free for them and I also have seen that others enjoy them…..why not just send to those who lust for them instead of the rest of use who do not. Perfume is so personal and many only use their favorites.

    • Even if you select to not receive perfume Birchbox still sends up to 6 samples a year. I find that personally also really annoying since it is so cheap. I can go into any ULTA or Sephora and get any sample I want for free.

  8. It’s like they knew I was trying to leave! I’m hoping the July box wows me, or I’m kicking them to the curb. I just signed up for the Allure Beauty Box yesterday.

    • Every time I try to leave they keep pulling me back in.
      Sorry, had to add the Godfather line.

    • I just wish they’d stop sending me hair products when I clearly specified that my hair is too short for a ponytail (the shortest option). My hair is literally 2 inches long. I don’t need detanglers or styling products!!

      • In the same boat as you. I don’t care for hair products.

      • Or at the very least, change the review options so we can chose “use no hair products daily” and “use no heat tools daily”, it’s freakin’ ridiculous I have to chose something when I have an actual buzz!

  9. Reading the comments is more fun than getting the box! lol

    • I must admit I log on every day to read all of the beauty subscription comments;)

    • Truth!

      That being said, good point I’m already getting the Benefit mascara in the Play! Box so maybe will try Marcelle or even the curated one 😉

    • We need a like button

  10. Isn’t They’re Real going to be in the June Sephora play box? I have received so much mascara. I don’t think that’s going to hold anybody to the subscription. At least it’s one I like though

    • Yes, that exact sample mascara is in this month’s Sephora Play!

  11. I agree that most of us can do without another mascara. Personally, I don’t mind having another but I just don’t see it as exciting. I don’t think this is the thing to keep someone subscribed. The last thing that comes to mind when I think of summer makeup is black mascara.

    • So true. Mascara does not make me think of summer. When I think of summer I think of a highlight, blush, liquid lipstick, basically a dewy look.

  12. OMG do these subs even read the reviews seriously I just counted I have eleven new mascaras right now not counting all I will receive this month and this is after I’ve given them to everyone I know .I guess I’ll take that as a sign to give to one of the shelters.

  13. I’m actually kind of hoping this months curated box is a little more skin/ bath/luxury vs. Makeup heavy (though no more sunscreen, ugh). I feel like the last bunch of curated boxs have been very makeup heavy, sucks for those of us who prefer luxury skin/bath items. I’d LOVE to see a nice bath bomb/bar, or a shampoo bar sample. Maybe something interesting like deodorant wipes, or some fun korean items like lip masks. Honestly even some mini candles or cute hand soaps, just something different! I know BB can’t really win, you can never make everyone happy. For as many people here annoyed about these mascaras there’s just as many excited for them. And for the people with 3 years worth of mascara, it’s probably the same for all makeup.
    Honestly right now I’d take some cute Bobby pins or some nice toe seperaters for painting nails!

  14. Well, I’m happy. I have a teen daughter that goes through mascara very quickly, so she’ll use this.

  15. Keep the mascara samples coming. I prefer sample sized mascara. I have more control over the shorter wand so I can apply it cleaner and more precise. I also like that I can use the product up before too much bacteria forms or it dries out.

  16. I cannot believe all the complaints about this spoiler! I also have TONS of mascara, but at least with the Benefit you know you’re getting actual value—that sample is $10 in Ulta, so the mascara alone covers the price of the box.

    Admittedly, MSA readers probably have more mascara than they can use, but isn’t that true of virtually all makeup products at this point?

    If you don’t like it, list it for swap. I’m sure there are lots of new people who would love to swap for it—I know, because I was one of those new people, desperate to try They’re Real, not that long ago!

    • I totally agree with you. Personally, I have a ton of mascara, some of which I swapped for in the beginning of my addiction. While, I am not particularly excited about getting mascara, I’m not upset about it either. I checked my sample history and in the past 14 months as a subscriber I have actually never received mascara in my birchbox.

  17. Even though I love They’re Real! mascara, I do feel like mascara is a very personal item – so many people prefer a specific kind. So while I’m happy to get a mini of that mascara, I also know that the June Play! by Sephora has a They’re Real mini mascara in it, and some people may not be happy with that. I’m okay with it, but if you’ve tried the brand and don’t like it or the Marcelle, that kinda stinks. But that’s why it’s awesome that Liz has a swap section so you can save whatever you don’t like and trade it for something you’ve been dying to try or already love! A big thanks to Liz for giving us a way to pass on items that would otherwise end up unused in the trash.

    • Thanks, Mariah! 🙂

    • Agree… except for those of us who can’t get on the swap list due to the wait list. Which isn’t her fault don’t get me wrong, just saying that is not an option for everyone.

      • There is also a beauty box swap sub on reddit. I personally haven’t swapped, but it’s another option.

  18. I’m sentimental towards Birchbox because it was my first ever subscription box but once my year is up I think I’m finally done 🙁
    I have been loving Allure and Play though so will stick with them going forward. I really don’t need more than one box but would be too afraid to miss out on some of the cool items that have been coming in those two boxes.

    • I agree, I think once my sub is done, I’ll cancel it. I’ve been with them for 4 years, but it’s not even new or exciting at all anymore. I keep getting skincare, sunscreen or products for fine, thin hair which is the complete opposite of what I have.

  19. Benefit is my favorite mascara. And I wouldn’t mind trying Marcelle. But didn’t they already do a mascara in every box back in November? That was how I learned I don’t like Stila.

  20. I love Benefit, one of my fave brands. I don’t understand why we aren’t sampling one of the new products(not brow). They have some new lip tints, highlights….frustrating.

  21. Couldn’t we get cute fun nail polish or even beach/pool friendly eye makeup!? Or even mini makeup brushes/mini blenders etc. No more sunscreen, mascara, or face creams. We need to mix things up, maybe it’s just me. ? I am dippin out for July unless the curated box is amazing. Sephora’s July reveal better knock my socks off too.

    • Or masks, or eyeliners! Every box/bag has a liner and a mask. I don’t use either.

  22. I looooooove They’re Real!!! I can’t get enough….

  23. Really, They’re Real, again! I have received this sample from almost every box I sub to in the past few months. I have enough mascara already. I receive mascara from just about every sub box I get every month. I love Benefit mascara but I have enough Benefit samples for a couple of years. Marcelle makes excellent eye products and will choose it if that is the option.

  24. So I’m getting mascara in all 3 of my subscriptions for June, kill me now. Totally not renewing birchbox after my year is up.

    • lol

  25. Ugh, I’ve got like 3+ years mascara in sample and full size and THEYRE REAL? Why not something new and interesting if we need to have mascara? Bummer city.

  26. Maybe it’s because I only have Birchbox and Popsugar but I’m excited about this. Mascara is something I use every day and I actually had to purchase it recently because I ran out of subscription samples. So I say yay!

    • Gabby – we’re twins!! I only subscribe to Birchbox and Popsugar too and I’ve been needing to restock on mascara too (that Revlon one in June’s Popsugar isn’t really doing anything for me!).

  27. I’ve subbed since last August, and I’m pretty sure this is the second time that only mascara has been offered as a choice. Like everyone else, I already have at least 2+ years worth of mascara samples. I will be cancelling after my year is up in July.

  28. I’m not impressed either but it’s a good mascara so I won’t complain. I agree with everyone else who wishes for a waterproof mascara! Birchbox was letting me down for the past couple months but my June box was tailored perfect for me. First time ever all products will get used and happily.

  29. This is just making me want to cancel because I never use mascara and they keep sending me more. Ugh.

  30. Crap! If I cancel I won’t get another mascara!?!? Oh noes!

    …..I don’t think that’s gonna entice many of us to STAY. seems like a good reason not to stay to me :-/

    • That is exactly what I was thinking! Like showing as that is going to make us want to not cancel? Really? That almost seems like an advertising joke! I hate to say it because I have always been loyal to birch box but I am finding it harder and harder to stay on board.

      • Agreed

  31. I know they give $5 in points each month for reviewing the five products but I dont think you can use them until you have at least $10 in points. I have 151 points but can only use $10 of it. I have a pile of mascara in my donate to the women’s shelter bag. I can’t wear black. I need brownish black and i have never gotten one in any subscription box. And, I only use waterproof, too. I guess I will be on the lookout for a good box and try to get it since I have unsubscribed. Even the good stuff is so tiny it’s hard to get one decent use of it so I decided to move on. I do like the boxes

    • Do the points go away when you cancel the subscription and resubscribe few months later? I’d hate to lose my pts but Im not feeling for July.

      • Nope, you keep your points 🙂 I just re-subbed last month for the first time since October and my points were still there.

        • That’s why I try and keep up with the spoilers. If it is a good value for me I will try and get one. As big as bb is you would think they would have bigger samples. And then as tiny as some are the little tube or bottle is half full. That isn’t just a bb thing though. Why would manufactures give out tiny samples and not even fill them? You think they would want to make a good first impression. In one box I got a teeny tiny bottle of face wash from cerave. It was only half full. And it is watery so you have to be careful not to dump it out. Well, I threw it out. Oh what a rant

  32. I have been getting the curated boxes for a few months now and am usually pretty happy with them. The only good thing about mascara to me is I have a middle schooler to give it to. LOL. If I get something I really can’t use and she doesn’t want, I put it with my samples and travel size products and donate it to the shelter. They don’t have what I do and are excited to receive it. I try to remember how blessed I am to have $10 to spend, because it hasn’t always been the case. I still don’t get the more expensive boxes, though I look with longing at times at leather clutches, wooden watches and fur throws. I have to keep it in perspective. I am blessed. Blessings to you all! I really enjoy reading about all the boxes out there and the cool things people get. Thanks Liz for all the entertainment MSA provides.

    • I love how you think. I have many moments of reflection and thank my lucky stars that I have the luxury of being able to subscribe to even the $5 Walmart beauty box! I believe that true happiness comes from a place of gratitude. I am truly grateful & thankful for everything & everyone in my life. This is why that despite receiving yet another mascara (like everybody else, I have more than a lifetime’s worth of deluxe & full sizes) it still brings me joy to receive it, because I will definitely use it (eventually!) or if I decide I don’t want it, I know that tiny gesture of giving or donating an extra sample will bring so much happiness to the recipient.

      I also believe in taking myself out of situations that bring me irritation or unhappiness, and I realize that if I am consistently unhappy with a situation, but stick with it, then I have no one to blame but myself! 🙂

  33. I cut way back on boxes and They’re Real is my favorite, so as long as I can pick that, I’m ok with it.

  34. This smells of desperation. Considering how much better ipsy has been getting (and that this is kinda how ipsy releases their spoilers) and the fact that the value of my Birchboxes have been going down and haven’t been well tailored at all to me… Yeah, I can see why they’d do this. That said, I can’t figure out why they think mascara of all things is going to invoke FOMO.

    • I’m complete opposite. I canceled my ipsy sub because I was only using maybe 1 of 5 products. Ipsy was sending me stuff I didn’t want or couldn’t use.

  35. really? more mascara??
    should at least be waterproof or something different. .. i subscribed to a few boxes in may… and i have like 5 mascaras already! not including the ones i have yet to receive this month

  36. OMAHGAWD. Please Birchbox, stop with the mascara’s. This was seriuolsy the most underwhelmed I’ve felt in a birchbox peek. I would pay extra I SWEAR to stop getting mascara~!!!! Also, would love if they stopped, in general, sending me stuff for curly hair. I have straight hair. Last few months I’ve been so disappointed with BB. I have a sub till Dec or I’d quit that sub, no joke.

    • Send me all your curly hairy products!!! I WANT them to send me curl products but they send me volumizing texture sprays.

  37. I used up most of my points and I’m planning on June being my last box. Unless the spoilers before then blow my mind – (mascara wont do it – although I’m glad its at least make-up. I’m OVER sunscreen and face creams.) Does anyone know what the last day to opt out would be or is it as long as you havent been billed?

  38. I only wear waterproof mascara, so I have piles and piles of the useless mascaras from all my subs. At least give us a waterproof option.

  39. Wow, we haven’t even received our June boxes and a July spoiler begging us to stay? It’s going to take more than an unwanted black mascara Birchbox.

  40. does anyone know how long birchbox takes to curate & send the first box? I signed up on June 1st, and haven’t heard anything yet. I really want to see my first box before the 15th (which is the billing date, I think) to decide if I will continue to get July box or not.

    • oh nvm 15th is for men, and I get billed on the 1st, so I guess I’ll patiently wait to see my June box!

  41. I could swim in all of the mascara I’ve gotten from my beauty subs and Birchbox is a top offender. I am really holding out hope for a decent curated box, otherwise I’ll skip sample choice like Ragan said above. :/

    • I find that if I’m not thrilled with the choices I skip it. Like I did for June. And I’m rather happy with my June box.

  42. Wait…that’s the June box, isn’t it?

    • No, it says July, but it sure looks like June. Looks like a lot of leftovers from previous boxes.

    • No, it says July, but it sure looks like June. Looks like a lot of leftovers from previous boxes. But you’re right, the box design shown is june.

      • The picture is gone. It must have been a mistake.

        • Yea, sorry I used the June box image since there isn’t a July box image yet, but realized that may be confusing, so I removed it. Sorry about that!

  43. I wish there were a waterproof option.

  44. Other than the points you can get I don’t see anything exciting that makes me WANT to stay subscribed. I got my June box today and every single item is going up for swap. Even if you take the points program that gives me $5 for the box review I am still in the hole for $5. I’ve been holding on hoping for some really great products but I am not seeing it happen. I really WANT to keep this sub but it’s getting harder each month.

  45. If this month is a guide, I should pick something. And then they won’t send it. (That is what looks to be happening to me this month. Not a bad thing, since the box that is showing for me right now is actually pretty good…)

    Seriously, though, skipping sample choice this month and hoping for some slim chance that I won’t get another mascara.

  46. I share the lack of excitement, but have a sub lasting till November (got great Black Friday deal). It seems like lately they just keep giving options of different brands of the same type products. I’d rather be able to pick between, say, a hair serum, a lipstick, and a mascara than 2 mascaras. Especially since I don’t use mascara…

  47. Really Birchbox, come on think outside the box. Enough with the repeat items!!!!

  48. Gee more repeat items, it’s getting very hard to get excited about Birchbox anymore and I loved them so much. But I don’t care for those mascaras, and the picture is just more repeats. I miss the old Birchbox when I started 4 years ago lol. Plus it’s frustrating they don’t give out coupons hardly at all anymore, and you can only use the codes once. I think once my sub is up next year I won’t renew it.

  49. i can open a mascara store!

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