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BeautyCon BFF Box Coupon – 50% Off Your First Month!

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UPDATE: This deal has expired. Sign up for BeautyCon BFF Coupon alerts at the bottom of this post to get an email the next time there is a coupon!

Thanks, Salena for letting us know about this deal! For a limited time use coupon code SUMMER50 to save 50% off your first BeautyCon BFF box!

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(Shipping is a separate charge of $6.99 a box).

This is a quarterly subscription. Check out my reviews of BeautyCon BFF Box to learn more! (And the spoilers for the Summer 2016 BeautyCon BFF Box, too!)

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. This box got the CON part right. I signed up on the 1st. Got the email with a welcome!, an order number, and the billing amount that was processing. Had a $1 charge to my account, then the reversal. I attempt to log in, but it can’t find my email. No biggie, contact CS. What a joke. I give them my name and email, they say they can’t find my order and to please provide them with more details, but feel free to log in to my account to change details anytime (umm, that’s why I’m contacting in the first place!). I reply and give additional details, dates, order numbers, and every spelling of my name. Same canned reply. I haven’t been charged the full amount either. I think I dodged a bullet here.

  2. I’m kind of annoyed that anytime I post ANYTHING on any board, it gets deleted

    • Never mind, I see it now. But it wasn’t there before.

      • The same thing has been happening to me for the last 5 comments I have posted. They never include profanity (obviously that is screened), and they are very fair. I submitted this comment under two different emails and only one has posted thus far…

        I think one of my emails is on the no-post list or something. Or I could be completely wrong… you never know. Any reasons why one email would work for someone and one will not?

  3. The promo code doesn’t work. Even following the link!

  4. Now I can get to a page that will let me subscribe but the promo code isn’t working……

    • It’s not working for me either

  5. The code isn’t working for me help 🙂

  6. I caved ????. My fiance already thinks I need subscription box rehab lol

  7. I contacted customer service to cancel my subscription (this is my first box and I have not been charged) and resubscribe using the discount, or see if they can just redo the invoice and update my order to the discounted price.

    • I tried the same thing and contacted them.. they told me they didn’t have any information from my email or anything. Funny i jist got an email a few days ago saying my order was being processed but i haven’t been charged yet. I want to cancel this one.. so i can use the promo code. The customer service people are not helping at all. I even forwarded them the email stating my order was being processed. 🙁

      • This morning I was told the SAME EXACT THING. I don’t think it’s a coincidence. I think this is some shady box dealings.

        • So they got back with me.. my order wasn’t processed bc the system wasnt working. So you need to sign up again. I tried the promo code but it doesn’t work.

          • Of course. Thanks for the info. I still want this box too but this sure isn’t a good start. This box will probably be my first and last.

  8. When does this officially come out? i.e. when are all the spoilers available lol. Is the box available until supplies last, or is there a signup deadline? I’m really tempted by the 50%, but I saw the past few boxes, and they seem okay, but I didn’t like them enough to want them. Sooo although this seems like an amazing deal, I don’t want to sign up for something I possibly won’t enjoy. Besides, Glossybox looks tempting this month, so I may have to make budget adjustments for that 😉


    Make sure you are clicking on the SUMMER50 Link above or

    That will take you to the subscription page instead of the main page, which is showing the Winter Box, I believe.

  10. Dang it. If I didn’t have a REALLY good paycheck this week, I would have passed. Too much FOMO, though!

    I’m concerned, I thought about the spring box for a few months, but I didn’t like the box enough. And I’ve seen plenty of reviews and Facebook comments to suggest that they don’t have the best customer service. I’m okay with waiting four weeks for a box, though, which seemed to be the major complaint.

  11. For some reason I either cannot find where to properly subscribe, or they are already sold out?

    • I saw that at first, but it you go subscribe (just click on the sold out anyway). It would say unfound page, then click on beauty con box, then you will be able to subscribe. I hope it works for you.

    • I’m having the same problem! The page also isn’t even showcasing the latest box but an old one.

    • After I subscribed I had a hard time setting up my account and they sent me an email saying that their site is under construction until the 4th.

      • It won’t even let me log in. It says I do not have an active subscription, however I received an e-mail stating “Thank you for your order”. Also I had a $1 charge to my account from them, and then it was refunded back to my account. Has this happened to anyone else?

        • I can’t log in either they said to try again after the 4th when they’re done working on the site.

      • were you able to set up an account? I emailed them and they sent me a link that doesn’t work.

  12. Can anyone tell me how hard it is to cancel this subscription if I do not like my first box? Do I have to jump through hoops to do so, can it be done online easily, or if it’s by phone do they make it an easy process with an accessible customer service person?

    • I would like to know that too.???

    • You have to cancel within 7 days of receiving your box. You cannot order and cancel as soon as it ships either–it has to be 7 days of receiving it. And their customer service takes FOREVER to respond when you contact them about things.

      • Thank you so much for the info. Think I’ll pass on this offer because it’s not worth the headache! I doubt I’d end up liking many future boxes as I’ve only like a few things in the past ones. I was having some FOMO but annoying customer service will always override that!

    • it’s NOT pleasant! trust me. Their customer services gets a lot messed up on top of it. run.

  13. Sigh, yep, this deal got me. How can you resist 50% off? lol

    I think i am up to like 20 subs now, gotta be that many at least. I try not to count them or else I get buyers remorse in a bad way.

    I hope this is a good box, I kinda liked the last one but wasn’t 100% in love with it.

    • Me too!
      Well actually, I love Kandee Johnson. I watch her Youtube videos all the time. I even watched one this morning if her daily makeup routien while i was doing my own daily makeup routine before going to work. She’s my girl. I hope this box doesnt let me down.

      I thought about subing BeautyConBFF before, but I’m not a big fan of Teala Dunn or Bethany Mota, just not my style. I did like Bunny’s box last quarter too.

    • The 50% off code isn’t working for me 🙁

  14. question: can you get this deal , and then op out after receiving it? 😀

  15. oh great, my 5th sub… these discounts are not helping!

  16. SMH……of course this pops up right after I subscribed.

    • I agree same thing happen to me ugh

    • Ditto! Grrrr

  17. Their site has been a bit wonky lately. They told me it should be fixed by Saturday.

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