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Allure Beauty Box June 2016 FULL SPOILERS + Coupon!

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Allure Beauty Box Spoilers

We have FULL SPOILERS for the June 2016 Allure Beauty Box! (Thanks, Reyna!) Each box will include:

Screen Shot 2016-06-03 at 12.40.02 PM

What do you think of the full June 2016 Allure Beauty Box spoilers?

FYI – if you sign up now, your first box will be the first available – likely NOT the June box. This box is regularly $15 a month, but you can use this link to save $5 off your first box.

Check out our reviews of past Allure Beauty Boxes to see what you can expect with this subscription!

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. I have to say – this is the first time I am disappointed in the Allure box. As someone who has had diff subs and stopped them all when they went down hill…I have been consistently happy with this. However, if this is the beginning of the end – this one will also be on the chopping block!

    • What subs do you recommend ?? I’ve been so happy with allure. Curious about which subs you’ve stayed with?

      • Seriously. This is the best sub I’ve found and I’ve been around the block and back again. There are occasional months where it’s a miss for my personal preferences, but even the boxes that claim to send items based on your profile (Birchbox, Ipsy, Glossybox) fail to impress me like Allure. I’m sorry it doesn’t do it for you, but I think it’s a great box.

        • Yes I have to stand right behind you and say Allure is the one which makes me feel there is curation and value every month. If you get more than one or two Subs you WILL have repeats but the brands, the variety, the extra free boxes and the return on investment is all there every month. Some months are more exciting than others but you can’t please all of the people all of the time. Some months are just WOW.

      • This one and Boxycharm are consistently my favorites. Popsugar is fun if you can sign up during a deal (I got it for $26/month instead of $39). Ipsy and birchbox are hit and miss, but for $10 still worth it for both.

      • Julep is my very favorite sub because I can pick what is in my box, and they have such awesome makeup, skincare and polish. Their skincare has changed my skin so much! I have cancelled Boxycharm and Ipsy.

  2. Luv it all! Can’t wait to get mine.

  3. Hate getting nail polish and don’t care to use bronzer — I love an eye serum, and would use the mask and spf…but after thinking it over I’m going to skip. If the purlisse had better ingredients I might bite, but I’ll stay snooty for now.

    I think I’ll also be cancelling the extra box I ordered for my Mom around mother’s day last month. She would have loved the Luna mini, but this would be just OK to her. Nothing she’d be too excited about. Bummer!

    It’s a fine box, I’m just not jazzed for my personal tastes.

    • I could be completely wrong, but I think it might be to late to skip the month by the 3rd? You may wanna call in to customer service to confirm if you did it online.

  4. This is a pretty good box for me, other than the bronzer. After the foreo in the last box, I actually expected this to be a little weaker in value but the full size shampoo, julep, and purlisse make it reasonable to me for $10. I hope I get the Cassidy color – do not like the other 2 options at all. Purlisse does get repetitive, but it’s always a great add on gift when I end up with the multiples.

    • The shampoo is not full sized. Full size is over 12 oz, this is only 3.5 oz. The only full size anything is the bronzer and Polish. Bummer. Well they can’t all be super winners. Maybe next month will be better.

      • ah, ok. I guess it looks bigger than it is. :p

      • I don’t even think the bronzer is full size:( i sae a video unboxing and I’ve seen that bronzer, i swear it was a lot bigger.

  5. I’m excited to try the eye serum after reading the ingredients! Looks like it might actually de-puff and help dark circles! I’m kinda sad that it looks like a tiny sample though, I want a full size because that stuff is expensive! Haha

    Leader’s sheet masks are raved about in the asian beauty community, so I’m excited to try one!

    The rest of the box is kinda meh. Hopefully my nail polish isn’t blue because I just got a blue polish from a different sub last month. The shampoo has SLS in it, which I’m avoiding. And the moisturizer/sunscreen has chemical sunscreens in it that clog my pores. So I’ll be donating the shampoo and passing the moisturizer on to my sister.

    • I’ve sampled the serum before and I love it. I’m excited to get more and I hope it works well for you, too! 🙂

    • Ally –
      I think a full size version of the eye serum was included in a recent-ish BeautyFix box – maybe you could try trading on the swap board for the big bottle or for more minis if you like it! 😀

      • Yep, it was included about 3 or 4 months ago maybe. Mine swapped pretty much the first day I posted it. lol I’m guessing it’s good stuff.

  6. LOVE. I am actually a subscriber for several months and due to a credit card that got hacked I *tried* to change my info a week before last month’s box was supposed to be charged and somehow they still didn’t fix it for me, so I missed out on last month’s awesome box. 🙁 I’m mostly disappointed in missing that box because I wanted the face cleaner for my teen to try (she turned 13 last month) ANYWHO… this is still a great box. I hope I get that blue polish & I’m excited to try the mask! 🙂

    • If you are on the swap sight I have the cleansers up for swap.

  7. Am I the only one who thinks they revealed all the spoilers this month AFTER regular subscribers were charged? To not repeat last months faux pas? I think that’s pretty smart, seems like they learned.
    Aside from that, I’m completely happy with this box (besides the Krappy Kardashian item), I love the Purlisse eye serum, so right there this box is worth it!

    • I don’t really see what you’re saying. Most regular subscribers were charged last month and were the only ones who nearly all got the box, it was new customers that were given the finger.

      • True what you said.. I am a first time subscriber and I purchased or join the sub early may and lost out on my May Box. I was so unhappy. When I called customer service it was like. Sorry you will have to wait for the June box. I am a ipsy birchbox glossybox and lipmonthly subscriber. Glossy box messed up my May box send it to a different zip code and now they charged me twice. I’m waiting to speak with someone on Monday besides sending an email which I did. I enjoy receiving but we must be alert when we are screwed… ipsy has great offers.

    • I agree with you completely!

  8. Hello fellow MSA friends, does anyone know when the Allure box will be going out? Soo excited about this glamtastic beauty BOX. ? T

  9. Love getting my Allure box every month. Even not so great months for me are still good. Every product is not for everybody. 3 out of the 6 will work for me and I’m okay with that. My staff is thrilled when I bring in my sub box rejects. 🙂

    • Great point. Anything I don’t use from Allure is like “Oh Happy Day” to my fellow nurse co-workers who snatch the leftovers up like sharks!

  10. Wow. This box isn’t very exciting at all. It looks like 2 full size items.

  11. The full box is better than I was expecting from the first batch of spoilers, too. But it’s no Foreo like last month! How disappointing for those that bought for the May box, but were told their subs would start in June.

    • I totally agree. They screwed up May’s box and this is what we get? Time to unsubscribe

  12. What day do u usally recieve this box? I ordered in april but may boxes were nt available so they told me june i would recieve my 1st box..but i havent heard anything from them im wondering do they send u a email confirming ur box is on its way?

    • I usually get mine between the 5th-10th but I think it varies.

    • I have the same concern, signed up in April and I haven’t heard from them at all, I’m still waiting for an email to confirm I’m getting at least the June box

      • Have you tried looking on your account information?

    • I just received mine today

    • I just received the email today

  13. Looks like a good box to me and if sizes are what they appear to be, the value looks like it’s about $70.

    I love the smell of that shampoo and that’s a BIG bottle. I’m hoping for the blue polish, and won’t use the bronzer, but everything else looks great!

  14. Hm. This will be my first box and I’m really not interested in anything in it. I don’t use bronzer or nail polish, so I’ll give those items to family members and the other items are eh to me (I have a small mountain of sheet masks).

    I’ll give the box 3 months. If the next two boxes bore me as this one does, I’ll cancel then.

  15. I tried to cancel because this box is so terrible and they dickered me in with a free beauty bag with a couple items. I am hoping at least that will be worth it. I sell my items I don’t want on here through swap/eBay if anyone is looking for products!!

    • Lol that’s supposed to say suckered!!!! Hahaha! Happy Friday! ?

      • I like dickered lol I assumed you were British and t was a term I haven’t heard lol

  16. This is my first Allure box. I am new to this subscription box addiction. ? I’m excited about it. I love sheet masks, and being in my late thirties, I love that there is an eye serum. The only item I am not looking forward to is the Kardashian bronzer. Not a fan of bronzers in general and the Kardashians specifically. Haha!

    • One thing seems unanimous, no one is excited about the “K” Brand bronzer! I can’t imagine it’s flown off store shelves, so there must be plenty to give away. I wonder what other Sub boxes those products will end up in before the year’s out? If I never hear that name again….

  17. I’m also in the “why no conditioner?” camp, but I’m pleasantly surprised to see the size of the shampoo bottle.

    I haven’t had to buy eye cream or face moisturizers in over a year thanks to sub boxes – they’re not exciting, but they sure get used. I think Katie is the only Julep color of those three I don’t have, but I second whoever said they’ll probably get another Hazel just because. Story of my life! haha

    I’m happy with this box. It’s perfect for the season and everything will get used (unless I get a dupe polish then it will go up for swap).

  18. Looks like a good box to me. I didn’t know what to expect with this being my first month. Everything looks interesting. I will be very pleasantly surprised if I get Cassidy or Katie. But the subs always seem to only want to send me the Reds.

  19. This box ended up being much better than I expected based on the first 3 spoilers. I received that same Purlisse Eye Serum in my Ipsy bag several months ago. It looks exactly the same and I remember being wowed that it was almost half the size of the $65 full size serum. Between that, the Julep polish and the sheet mask the value on this box seems pretty high.

    I was a little worried because in late April I posted the referral link on Facebook and received an email that one of my friends signed up. I don’t think she got the May box since I didn’t receive my “bonus” box. I was very worried that her first box would be a huge letdown. Now I don’t feel so bad.

  20. Its a good box for the price but don’t need another shampoo or bronzer. So suspended for this month.

    • Did it work? Because I also suspended and I still got charged for the month.

      • ah….with this company there is no telling lol. Wouldn’t be surprised if we stilll get the boxes.

      • you had to suspend before the end of may, if you did it June 1st you would be charged

  21. Summer in a box! I Hope I get Cassidy. That’s a gorgeous blue.

  22. Sigh… Fine FINEEEE i’ll remove the suspension that I put up when I saw the Kardasian spoiler.
    Darn it I cant say no to eye serums

    • Lol I removed the suspension too; I love eye serums and spf moisturizers more than I hate the Kardashian brand.

  23. I’ll probably just use the sheet mask and maybe the polish, if it’s not the blue one. I have the purlisse items already and I hate the kardashians more than I hate bronzers…. But it IS just a $15 box so I guess it’s not horrible, but it could definitely be better, at least for me. Wish I could send them a note to NOT send that bronzer….LOL

    • I was trying to be fair, not just knocking a brand because it was from the Von Krapp family but everything I’ve sampled has been of subpar quality. I would choose “Wet And Wild” drugstore El Cheapo brand over this stuff, honestly. I should email Allure and ask if I sent them another fifteen bucks would they remove that bronzer out of my box this month?!

  24. Just praying I don’t get Julep April. I’m not a red fan but love the other 2 colors! This box is not my fave but that’s how Allure works so far IMO. One month amazing next month eeeeh. On and off. No biggie though still love the Allure box over most so I’m ok with this. They can’t all be winners. Sometimes they throw in a bonus item and I have a feeling they will with this one as it seams on the lower end. Bonus items tend to be drugstore brands so far but Are normally pretty good so I’m crossing my fingers for a good bonus item too to make this box more of an ok then eeeeh. Not real happy about the bronzer but not suprized as its on sale at Ulta pretty cheap right now. Who knows maybe it will be a surprise and actually be good but so far I’ve heard nothing spectacular coming from the famous name makeup brand. I agree with an above comment about a conditioner with the Sampoo would be nice. Face masks are always nice to scare the family with.

  25. the box does seem a little light, this is only the 4th time in 12 months they have only had 6 items and I know one of those 4 months was a stock issue, wonder if this one was too? Most boxes have 7 items.

  26. Ooooh, ok now that I see the rest of the items for this box I am actually happy. I love Julep and have never tried any skincare from Purlisse so this will be a treat. The only product I’m not excited about is the bronzer.

  27. Sad to say that I find this box to be of zero value and very disappointing. Not likely to use anything in it other than the sheet mask – I’ve enjoyed the past few boxes so I will wait to see what is in July’s box instead of cancelling my subscription right now. But another box like this and I will cancel Allure Beauty Box.

  28. This box looks amazing! This will be my third box and I cannot wait 🙂 very summery**

  29. The only thing I will not use is bronzer. This box is a win for me.

  30. Bahahaha. I am so happy I canceled on 5/31. I did receive May box but the way they’ve been treating customers… And after that this is the box they use to make it up to people?

    • I cancelled as soon as I saw the Kardashian bronzer, but before the full spoilers were revealed. I’m so glad I did after seeing the rest of the box. Luckily, I received the May box, but it will likely be my first and last Allure box. Like Elena, I was surprised by the lackluster box after what happened with the May box. I would have expected them to go all out to win back unhappy customers.

    • No, this is likely the box hey already had planned. I doubt they have any intentions of making it up to people. the people they’ve screwed over nearly all refunded anyway. May they didn’t screw over current subscribers so why would they find the need to make up for things? Especially considering they can’t even be bothered to offer an apology.

  31. I agree with someone who said not too long ago that people’s expectations for this box are getting way too high. This is just a $15 subscription box. Every month is not going to be like the May box. Yes that was an awesome box, yes I was stoked to get that box, but I am not expecting to get something similar each and every month. I’m willing to bet Allure won’t be that ambitious again, either.

    • ^ Yes, this! IT’S 15 dollars. If you subscribe over the course of a year and are a loyal customer, think of the May box as a “bonus”. I would never expect them to put that much value into a $15 box every month. I think this month’s box is awesome! Excited to see what color polish I get – really hoping for that blue 🙂

    • I agree with you 100%! Especially when all the new subscribers got it for $10. This month the polish alone is almost worth what you paid for the box. The eye serum is almost double. Then you get four more products on top of it!

    • Agree completely. It’s a $15 box that isn’t customized individually. There will be some months that are better than others for everyone. Even looking at the comments here some people are really excited and others aren’t. Just the way these boxes work!
      Allure has been great in the last 5 months I’ve been getting it. I ALWAYS get a major value out of it even if I don’t love it all. I’ve found some really amazing products that otherwise I wouldn’t have been introduced to and that’s the point 🙂

    • Absolutely agree, this will only be my 3rd box but I’ve looked at a lot of the past reviews and am blown away by the curation and value on pretty much all the boxes. My first box had a value of 95 dollars (I was one of the new subscribers that got extra stuff because of their advertising mistake), pretty sure may was 97? That’s RIDICULOUS for a 10/15 dollar box. Plus they randomly send bonus boxes or bonus items in boxs. Yes, their customer service/organization is kinda awful. But they are hands down imo the best box for value out there, not to mention I usually LOVE atleast 5 items from every box. There were months with ipsy I was getting 5/5 items that I didn’t have marked as wants on my profile, and it’s supposed to be “personalized”. And even though I love BB, I still usually only like 2-3/5 samples each month. People are expecting way to much out of a 15 dollar box. I am so happy about everything this month minus the bronzer, which will be gifted, no biggy.

      • Ugh, I hated Ipsy. I always saw the spoilers and couldn’t wait to get my bag because I was sure that month would *finally* be the month I got something I actually wanted. Never happened. I always saw what others got and wanted pretty much anything but what I was sent. I changed my profile so many times and it never did any good. It seemed like every month I got a makeup brush and some sort of bronzer.

        After I cancelled and got Allure, I was kicking myself for not cancelling sooner. Have not been disappointed with an Allure box yet!

    • I agree…it seems like expectations are extremely high even unrealistic for this box…lol. These comments are comedy. This will be my first and I am excited.

      • People do, in fact, have differing opinions and those opinions are valid. This is my first box and I’m not excited and no, my expectations aren’t too high: I can’t use the moisturizer as I have oily skin, I don’t use bronzer at all and I never use paint my nails. I’ve got a right to be disappointed that, no matter how nice the curation is, I can’t/won’t use 50% of the box.

  32. Would have liked a matching conditioner, but other than that, it looks pretty good.

    Hoping for color Katie with the nail polish so I can gift it to my daughter. I love masks, so I’m happy.

  33. Very happy with this box! Only thing that won’t get used is the bronzer, I’m way to fair, just look like dirt on my face! I love sheet masks and like alot of others purr-lisse is a brand I like and am happy to be getting. Love me some allure!! Oh and LOVE julep and don’t think I have any of these colors so.

  34. Certainly doesn’t make me want to subscribe? And Kardashian anything? I’d boycott a box just for that.

  35. Looks great to me! I have Cassidy, so I am hoping I get one of the other two colors. Big Julep fan. Can’t wait to get this one!

  36. I am excited for this box, I am always in search of moisturizer and I always have bags under my eyes, those will be in my routine for sure. Excited about the shampoo, just going to be kind of odd without the conditioner but I will still use it. And I always love face masks!! This is a win for me

  37. Hopring to NOT get Katie, I don’t have the other 2….so of course I’ll probably get katie

    • Yeah, basically what I came here to say. Or somehow they will manage to slip me a 4th Hazel even though it’s not one of the colors listed, just because.

      I kind of don’t like getting Julep polishes in other boxes. That is why I subscribe to Julep, so I can pick the ones I want.

  38. I’m really excited about the Leaders sheet mask even though I have over 30 sheet masks from Leaders at home already. I guess I just have a sheet mask addiction. lol.

    Not too excited about the rest of the box but they’ll get used. I already the Purlisse eye serum from a Beautyfix box and don’t really see any results from it. Which is too bad, because everyone else seems to rave about it. It stings my eye circles a little when I put it on and that’s really the only effect I’ve seen from it. Oh well.

    • I can’t wait to try their eye serum…I got turned on with Erno Lazlo eye transhuse from an earlier Allure box so hoping this one is a keeper. As EL is $135 for an ounce but works. I see we have a small sample but I got results from the smaller sample of EL transphuse serum. I am super excited because I can do the one eye this new PurLisse and the other …Erno Lazlo. To me, a decent box but I never seem to use all the products in that month. Even the bronzer doesn’t look bad for all the fuss it’s caused on this thread. Still won’t keep though. Thinking of switching from BeautyDNA to Beautyfix. We’ll see.

  39. Looks great for my first box! I’m happy. I’m overloaded on nail polishes but that’s a gorgeous color. No complaints here!

  40. It’s not as good as the last two boxes, but I like it overall. I could do without the nail polish. But I love Pur-lisse and sheet masks. I’m excited to try a shampoo for dry hair, though I would have loved a matching conditioner as well. So odd that they didn’t include it or at least a foil. And sheet masks and bronzer are always neat.

  41. I don’t hate it but I don’t love it. With that being said, July will probably be better as at that point they will have more time to put together an amazing box. One thing I will say, with Allure I am never dissapointed. The curation is great & you can tell they take great care to pick out a perfect mix of skin care & makeup.

  42. Although I am not super excited for June’s box, the Purlisse Blue Lotus Eye Adore serum is really good stuff. It is the only eye serum that I have found that actually makes a difference and doesn’t make my eyes burn/water. Also I believe it is pretty pricey so I am glad to be getting this.

  43. I’m really happy with this month’s box! I will use everything! Well prob not that kardashian bronzer. Bummer they included that. Would’ve rather gotten a matching klorane conditioner. I’ve gotten a couple of other purlisse products and I really like them so far.

  44. Well, at least I’m excited about the nail color. I hope they send me the pretty blue one in the picture, I already have too many pinks and purples.

  45. Not overly excited about this box but it is at least some nice staple products. The Bronzer is hitting the swap site.

  46. I just signed up thinking this was gonna be a great subscription box because I saw last months box, got my hopes up. But meh. Not impressed. Not really interested in anything in this months box. Like, I GUESS the nail polish is cool… Wish I would have seen this before I signed up last week. But I guess I’ll give it 3 months and if I’m still disappointed I’m gonna cancel.

  47. I probably would have skipped this one if they’d not already billed before they released the full spoilers. I can’t use the shampoo because I only co-wash my curls, and I have WAY too many bronzers. The nail polish will likely be used, but I have three other very similar colors already. At least the three other items will absolutely be used and will cover the cost of the subscription for me, but this is month 2/3 for me trying out Allure, and it doesn’t look like I’ll be keeping it after my 3-month trial is up.

  48. This is my first month! I’m liking it! Pur-lisse is a great product I have discovered through sub boxes. The best they have is their lip treatment. I have the nail polish already, since I sub to Julep.

    • Pur-lisse was actually the thing that makes this box worth it, imo. I get a lot of Pur-lisse, but I like it, and the price of these two items SHOULD justify the subscription cost. The rest is stuff I’ll consider to be freebies or bonus items.

  49. Looks fun, although I hate not getting a matching conditioner!

    • I don’t understand why they didn’t. …

  50. May’s box got our expectations WAY too high! Not really feeling this box because the Purlisse and Klorane products are so repetitive.

    • I agree. I was so psyched for May because it was so good (of course I was one of those who didn’t get the box though I signed up weeks before). Glad I had them refund me for June instead of getting this box. Bummer.

      • I was just thinking the same thing. I feel sorry for all the people who thought they were getting the May box (especially those who emailed them and was told they would but found out later they wouldn’t) but got this as a first box instead. Talk about a letdown! I’m happy I canceled when I did because that whole ordeal was incredibly shady and I just don’t trust them anymore.

        • I signed up in May, but being used to sub box antics, it didn’t surprise me…

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