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Adidas: Avenue A Box Summer 2016 Spoiler Updates Round 2!

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Screen Shot 2016-02-09 at 4.25.20 PM

Thanks so much to Valerie for giving us a heads up on new updates about the Summer 2016 Avenue A by Adidas Box. She has news on shoes and shared with us this quote from Avenue A’s customer service:

“We have in this box a pair of shoes and a pair of slides.”

In case you missed the last spoiler update for the Summer 2016 Avenue A by Adidas Box. Each summer box will include:

Screen Shot 2016-04-11 at 5.50.43 PM

adidas’ miCoach® Fit Smart watch (subscribers will receive the white version), plus other high-end fitness apparel.

With the Fit Smart watch, you get a wrist-based heart monitor, daily tracking, speed and distance tracking and real-time coaching.

And here is a new video from curator Morgan Brian about the watch:

And here are a few more spoiler hints/info from Adidas commenting on our site!

Screen Shot 2016-06-12 at 9.58.03 PM Screen Shot 2016-06-12 at 9.57.32 PMSo now we know that there are more than 3 items in the box, and one of the items is shoes!

And here’s one more hint from Rita Ora’s Instagram account:

DONE. @adidasoriginals @adidaswomen #campaignum10 #adidasavenuea

A post shared by Rita Ora (@ritaora) on

This is tagged #adidasavenuea, and in it, she is wearing the Adidas Running Stretch Jacket. This also appears to be what Morgan Brian is wearing (in white) in the above video. It’s not confirmed if this will be in the box or not, but it seems likely.

What do you think of the spoiler updates? I’m excited about SHOES!

More about this box if you want to sign up: Avenue A by Adidas Box is $150 a box and ships once every three months. Every Avenue A box is filled with at least 3 premium items (mix of shoes, apparel, and accessories) selected by celebrity curators who exemplify style, fitness and performance.

Check out my Avenue A by Adidas Box reviews to learn more about this fitness subscription box!

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. I got mine today, every thing fits. I am so impressed. Looking forward to the fall one. this is by far the most expensive sub boxes but the best. Glad I am over Oui Please, perfect timing to free up the money for this. Getting ready to quit birchbox after July too.

  2. Ordered this morning and getting the summer box! Yay! Cannot wait!

  3. I’ve probably commented before but I’m watching tracking like a hawk and I’m really excited. I am EXTREMELY happy about getting the fitness tracker. My fitbit bit the dust about three years ago and I never replaced it. I’ve really wanted a new one but weirdly couldn’t justify the $50-200 to buy a replacement. (Weird because I can apparently justify spending $150 on a subscription box!) I’m beyond thrilled that the box includes one.

    Of course another pair of shoes will be fantastic; I love the ones from the last box. And a pair of slides … I’ve actually never owned slides! (Can you believe it?) I’m really excited to get some slides because I remember lots of people having them back in the day and they would be super convenient.

    I’ve spent so much money on subscription boxes over the years to the point of often coming home to a stack of 8+ boxes on my doorstep. The first Avenue A box is hands down my favorite. I use everything that came in that box at least once a week even three months later. That’s unprecedented! I’m hoping subsequent boxes are just as wonderful. LOVE this subscription!

    • Hello from adidas Avenue A, I loved reading your post! We are excited for you to get box#2!

  4. This is such a good box! Love.

  5. Just ordered. Receiving summer box

  6. I’m interested in the box but I’d want to know if I’d be getting Summer or Fall before subscribing. I made it all the way to the part where you enter payment without knowing – if the Avenue A rep is reading this – you should let people know which box they’re getting before they enter their credit card information!!!

    • If you’re waitlisted for summer, they won’t charge your credit card. I know some people went back in and played with the sizes until they found a combo that wasn’t waitlisted. Good luck!

    • It does tell you- you have to scroll down to the order summary that shows the box it will say whether it is june.

    • Hello from adidas AvenueA.
      Thanks for your note! on the website you will see that we are open for the SUMMER EDITION curated by Morgan Brian. We will look at how that communication can be better handled through the entire process.

  7. I really admire their commitment to preventing full spoilers, overnighting all the boxes so we all receive them on the same day!

  8. I couldn’t resist any longer! I just bought the box and it says I am getting June.

    • Where did you see that you’d be getting June?

      • As you confirm your new subscription if you scrolled down it shows the box and says you are getting June as your next box. Some have said that because they chose certain sizes their confirmation said they would be getting a fall box.

        • Hello from adidas AvenueA,
          We are working on having all the correct sizes in stock. Your comments are very helpful in helping us support our curators in selecting the right product mixes for future boxes.

      • You can also log into your account and go to subscription and it will tell you when your next box delivery date will be. For instance I purchased today and it says my next box ships 6/17/16 which means summer box.

  9. Just subbed. Anyone know if I will get this box or will have to wait until fall?

  10. I’ve been debating this box since your 1st review, but once I saw the tracker AND their comment about tennis shoes included, I just had to buy it!! I’m quite sure we are getting the jacket and some other type of apparel because I had to adjust pant and top size to avoid being waitlisted. I seriously can’t wait to get this box in my hands!!?? It’s my motivation to start exercising!!

    • Hello from adidas AvenueA.
      Thank you for your comment! We’d love to hear about your experience at #adidasavenuea and hope that you are excited by the Summer Edition!

  11. Can’t wait! Says delivery on the 17th, charged the 2nd. No tracking number or order number emails though.

    • omg same dates as you XL clothes and size 9 shoes . Cant Wiat

      • Yes those are my sizes too, and I just got my shipping notification

        • Jealous No Tracking yet for me! 🙁

  12. I got my shipping notice 6/13 saying it would arrive in 2-3 business days, but tracking says delivery on Friday :(. It ships from SC so coming to Cali takes longer. Maybe west coast shipped first to hit the 6/17 delivery date that they gave us?!?

  13. Just ordered mine!!! I ordered size 9 in shoe and switched the size of clothing to mediums(xl gets you wait listed ) A tracker, shoes and a pair of slides that is such a great deal. Over the moon with this sub and can’t wait!!!

  14. I got an order number last week but I have yet to get a shipping email…. When did you get your tracking number?!?

  15. I noticed in an earlier email from them it had a delivery date of 6/17. The email was dated 5/28. I have yet to receive a tracking email though, so I’m not sure if that 6/17 is valid!lol someone needs to get their box soon lol

    • Some people have gotten tracking and someone on the forum said hers is scheduled for delivery tomorrow! She will post spoilers when she gets the box. Mine, on the other hand, has yet to ship. And yes, we are all supposed to receive it 6/17.

      • Hello from adidas AvenueA!
        Thank you for your comments. Orders are being processed as I type! You will receive your tracking as soon as your personal box is packed! We are excited for you.

    • I emailed them yesterday and they responded saying that my box was shipping tomorrow for a Friday delivery. I’m in Texas, so I guess they’re overnighting it?

      • I’m in Texas too and I haven’t received a tracking yet either.

        • Same here, I’m north of Houston. Still no tracking 🙁

  16. I couldn’t take it anymore – I signed up! I am justifying it because even though I ordered Popsugar Limited Edition box, that was paid for a long time ago , and I am done with PS! I also canceled my Oui Please after much consideration , cancelled Birchbox (we all know why ) so that is my justification ! I still have way to many subs, but at least this one is for motivational items ! I don’t think I will use the watch tracker , but my 18 yr. old daughter will be thrilled . Win- win! Now I just hope I get the mail the day it arrives so I don’t have to explain my justifications to my husband ? Super excited !!!

  17. I caved. I really need to start getting into shape, and now that I’m unemployed (ugh) I really have no excuse. I’ve cancelled all my boxes to save, except for sephora play and LLB (at the old price), so I feel like I’ve been pretty good…right?

  18. I had such box envy over the last box I even called Adidas customer service to let them know that “just in case” they had any leftover boxes I would buy one LOL. I caved on this one and I’m seriously hoping for that jacket! And I hope no running shorts are in this box (as its a summer box seems possible).

    • I did the same thing too…they tried to process my credit card but since I was a victim of identity theft my card was cancelled so they couldn’t process it. They cancelled before asking if I could update my billing…I was very disappointed. Been trying ever since to gain anything back in swaps or buying the box from someone with zero success *sigh*.

  19. I wish somebody would have the box already. I can’t take the suspense any longer. I NEED to know what is in the box even though I know it is on the way to my house already. I have serious patience problems.

    • I agree – lucky you though since the box is en route! I am still (not so patiently) waiting for my shipping notice.

  20. Is it too late to sign up for this specific box?

    • Depends on the sizes you need but I just signed up without a problem about an hour ago. I’m shoe size 9 and S or M for everything else.

      • I tried yesterday and it said they didn’t have my sizes. Tried again today and it worked. Maybe they added more boxes.

    • I just did ! No problem and I am a common 81/2 shoe, large everything else !

  21. Beyond excited to get my box! Can’t wait to see what the shoes look like. I don’t own any slides but glad to have them because they look so comfy!

  22. I seriously can’t remember the last time I was so excited for a sub box 🙂

    • I know! Me too – the suspense is killing me, my box can’t get here soon enough!

  23. AHHHHH! I do not know what to do. I do not need a fitness watch because I love my FitBit and I do not need new shoes, but this box looks amazing and I am having major FOMO right now!

    • I’m so with you! I caved and bought. I’m totally new to subscription boxes and somehow managed to buy myself one of the most expensive ones out there 🙂 At least my bday is in two weeks so I just called it a present to myself.
      But the FOMO was just too much to bear. I’m weak.

      • my bday is in 2 weeks too and I justified getting this box by that too: a present to myself 😉

  24. Their FAQ doesn’t indicate what sizes they offer for clothing. What’s the largest?

    • Never mind, someone posted at the same time.

  25. I just want my shipment notification……..

    • Me too! I keep checking my inbox to see if they have shipped my box yet.

  26. ? I am so happy with this update. Slides and shoes! Must confess that I’m excited for the slides…I know they are so retro but they are coming back and are on style now… 🙂 …

  27. If they do a pair of shoes in every box, I’d be all in! Everything else would be gravy!

    Was on the fence about this one since I’m married to my FitBit, but when I tried to sign up, they said they did not have anything my size anyways (9.5 show and XL everything else).

    I wish they included more size options, because even within the same brand, some XLs are too tight and I have to resort to an XXL. If they are trying to cater to people getting fit, you’d think they’d open up the size range to include plus size.

    • I think the largest size adidas even manufactures for tops is XL and pants (but only the pants that are part of their like track suits) is 3XL. So I don’t think they would ever open it up to a bigger size range since they don’t really offer those sizes even on their full adidas website 🙁

  28. Single, unmarried with no kids – this ladies, has given me so much life and purpose.

    • DITTO! I just look at it this way… more $tuff for me! More time for me! More sleep for me! I’m gonna enjoy it while it lasts!

      • #Word!
        *More drinks for me! Yay!

  29. YESSSSSS. Shoes! I’ve been checking this site soooo often for updates to this box. My running shoes just bit the dust. I hope these are able to replace them. Never owned or wore a pair of slides before. That jacket looks awesome. I hope I get it in white!

  30. Wait- do we know for sure that it’s slides AND sneakers? I’m so on the fence! Major FOMO 🙂

    • It would appear that indeed that is the case. On the post above it says
      “We have in this box a pair of shoes and a pair of slides.”
      I’m over the moon! Can’t wait. 🙂
      Also, on the comments below, our “in-house detective”, Christina may have stumbled upon some very strong clues on what we can expect.

      • Man. I don’t think I’m going to be able to resist. $150 is a lot, but I can totally rationalize. I just spent $40 on the June PS box and didn’t really like anything inside… I’m pretty confident that I’ll at least like what’s in here! 🙂

      • Might be more of an obsession than detective work…at least I don’t have creepy photos posted all over my walls…yet 😐 #stalkerstatus

  31. I feel like I’m 6 yrs old again and waiting for Santa. Geez, get here already and give me my box? 🙂 Hahahaha, seriously, Friday can’t come soon enough. Even my husband is excited for me and waiting anxiously hoping it’s everything I wanted.

  32. Mine is scheduled to be delivered Friday! I might have to take that day off from work — I don’t want this to be the one package that’s stolen from my porch!

  33. I’ll definitely be putting my slides up for swap but I think it’s a great item to have in here-just not for me. Did anyone get a shipping notification? My account says delivered Friday but I didn’t get an email. SO excited for shoes and that jacket. Watch is just icing on the cake. This is my new favorite sub

    • Yes, I got shipment notification. Did you get the billing notification?

  34. Is anyone else still waiting for tracking?? I got an update that my card was charged 10 days ago and it said tracking information to follow, but still nothing! Grrr.

    • I was charged on May 28th and received shipment confirmation on June 10th so there’s a big gap between payment/shipment.

    • Yes. I think they ship them by size.

      • Apparently if you are a size 9 or an XL your box comes last lol I was billed weeks ago but no shipment info yet for me 🙂

  35. So I did some MAJOR instagram digging…with the Avenue A hashtag one of the images comes up from @locgibson4 who is wearing a pair of hot pink pants with the pureboosts from the Spring Launch. In the comment section, she says that she works for Avenue A. Under Rita’s instagram image, she tags @adidaswomen. If you go to their instagram page, one of the images has a styled set including the MiFit Coach Watch, sports bra, ultra boost shoes (running ones, NOT Slides) and the same pair of running pants that are in @locgibson4’s tagged image. I put this together and making some conclusions 🙂 …coincidence?! Thoughts?!

    • Good detective work 😉

      • Thanks! I am hoping that these are the items…I am just ready for someone to get their box already!!!

    • Notice that locgibson4 was talking to laskaproject in her comment…the same person who worked on Rita Ora’s video…fall item???

      • Could be! I know it has to be a spoiler for SOMETHING! There is a correlation…just don’t know which one. Where’s the box already?! 🙂

  36. Shoes AND slides, seriously a runners dream. I’m hoping my box shows up Friday like it says, I have a marathon Saturday and putting on some comfy slides post run would be perfect!!

    So excited for this box!!!

  37. I LOVE slides! I am so excited! My tracking shows that I will get the box on Wednesday! YAY

    • Sweet! Please give us details?

  38. This seems too good to be true. Even so, I’m (cautiously) excited. Mine should be shipping soon, but hopefully we get full spoilers today or tomorrow.

    • I’m really looking forward to this box! I definitely didn’t expect another pair of shoes since the Fit Smart watch is such a big ticket item.

  39. Wait, did anyone else get charged an additional $2.95 separately?

    • No, I didn’t. Do you live in a state where you have to pay tax?

    • I did, but then I also got a corresponding $2.95 credit. It’s probably just some processing thing they do, this is my first box so maybe it’s a one time charge/credit?

      • I’m from New York, but it depends on the box. Some I have tax and others don’t. I’m just confused because I was charged the $150 and than I have two more charges for $2.95. Hopefully those $2.95 ones will be refunded soon like yours! Very strange. This is my first box too

  40. Yep, just caved and ordered. The wrist band, jacket, sneakers AND slides? I’m sold

  41. wait… shoes and slides?!?

    Friday can’t come soon enough!

  42. Am i the only one who HATES slides? Seriously think they are hideous 🙁 I mean the rest of the box looks awesome but grr.

    • Agreed, I don’t really like slides either. Hmmm still leaning towards purchasing it. I also don’t really like white watches…wish it was the black one

    • Same here! They bring me back to jr high/high school circa 1996. I just can’t. Ugh. I ordered as soon as I saw there was a shoe but then started feeling sick when I saw the comments of it maybe being slides. I didn’t even realize they still made those hideous things!

  43. AHHHHHHHHH! I may not be able to resist much longer…..

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