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Target Beauty Box for May 2016 – Available Now!!

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Screen Shot 2016-05-02 at 3.11.31 AM

UPDATE: As of 10:50 AM ET, this box has sold out.

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The Box: Target Beauty Box

The Cost: $10

The Products:

AND! Buy two of these boxes and get a $5 Target Gift Card:

Screen Shot 2016-05-02 at 3.21.51 AM

FYI – these sell out very quickly – make sure to buy soon if you are interested!

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And if you are looking for more subscription box deals – check out the list of subscription boxes you can try for $10 or less!

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. Where do you enter the coupon from last box? I can’t see a place.

    • Oh, I finally found it ‘hidden’ on the cart page. I was looking for it at check out. Thought I’d come back and post the location in case anyone else was blind like me!

      Box still available. I guess this one is not a hit!

      • I haven’t been able to order it! I started trying at about 9:30 CT and it would not let me add it. Says it’s not available. Usually if I get there by 11 I can still get it but apparently not this month. 🙁

        • Still available!

        • I made sure I bought mine while I was getting easy for work this morning at 6 am. I know it sells out fast!!

          • Getting *ready* for work. Ugh.

        • I’m having a tough time too. It says the max is already added to my cart, but my cart shows empty. I’ve tried different browsers and on my phone; same problem. I’m guessing they are sold out and the system hasn’t caught up yet.

  2. Yup, just got one — so they were still available at about 9:45 EDT. I am using the Andalou Night Cream right now (purchased at Whole Foods for about $22 for about 1.5 ounces, I think). As I mentioned in a previous comment, it has a slight cocoa butter type scent, which I don’t love, but I don’t notice it once it’s on. Other than that, I find it a very nice, rich cream. Excited to try Egyptian Magic — wish that once was bigger, and I’ve been liking the Laneige products. I ordered a couple of other things (not a second box) to get the $5 gift card and used my coupon code from last month.

    • I’m new to this….do they send a coupon code every month for future purchases?

      • They have in the past.

  3. This one is great for me! I use the CeraVe in the mornings and the oil at night already so having travel sizes is neat. All the other items are new to me which is great. Only the self-tanner is a miss. Grabbed two with a coupon and the giftcard offer.

  4. i have a coupon i didn’t use this time if anyone uses it please say weather it worked for you or not!!! enjoy!!! LPRX9DWCFK3BXML

    • used thank you 🙂

    • I used it and it took $3 off my purchases.

    • Now, this is interesting, two people used the same coupon. I wonder if they can be reused.

  5. Anyone has $3 coupon that you dont plan to use this time ? Thanks! uabutterfly at yahoo dot com

  6. still available

  7. I ordered right away and didn’t know about the buy 2 offer… wasn’t posted at 2am central time….but don’t think I would have ordered 2 of them.

  8. Wow, can’t believe i am saying this but i am skipping this month. I have gotten every one of them for a while now but I already got the dry shampoo and the Laneige water mask. I dont need any more facial moisturizer so i wouldnt use any of the products..hoping next box has no repeated items and maybe some makeup! 🙂

    • Me too. I’m going to sit this one out. The items, for me, are redundant and I have been Recieving plenty of them in my past And current boxes. I’m actually quite proud of myself!! *grin*

    • I am skipping also. I usually get them for my girls as well and keep the contents a secret so they get mystery boxes but nothing is grabbing me.

    • Me too! I bragged to my husband that I passed it up but he doesn’t seem to realize what a big deal it is lol hopefully next month will be more exciting! I didn’t think this was a ‘$10’ box.

  9. Got one, I happened to wake up at 2:30 am and had my phone next to my bed so I could roll over and buy one… But had my daughter set to call me if she woke up to my Grandaughter in the middle of the night.. Hahaha.. I did notice yesterday before the box went on sale that Target was running a promo for everything in the beauty department about buying 20 dollars and getting a 5 dollar gift card, so it just not about the Beauty box. I just hope the samples are a good size for the 3 dollar hike.

  10. I’ve passed on the last 2 boxes. Does anyone have a coupon code they are not using?


  11. It’s 9 a.m. on the East Coast and they’re still in stock!

  12. Anyone has $3 coupon that you dont plan to use this time ? i appreciate it!

    • Lprkwtcphwpbxml good luck

      • Christina, thanks a bunch, i used the code! have a great day!

  13. I’m going to pass. If I could have gotten a single one for $7 I’m pretty sure I would have gone for it, but with just a couple of items that I’m interested in, I don’t really want 2 boxes, even for $12 with coupon/gift card. I had cancelled IPSY but I actually really like the bags this month so I think I’ll buy that instead.

  14. Was able to snag 2, in light of Mother’s Day. Thank you, Liz.

  15. Good thing I am not wowed by this box. Added to my cart, plus a couple of other small items from the beauty section. Tried to use my coupon code from last time, and it just tells me enter a valid promo code. The box is not worth the hassle of trying to figure out why this stupid code won’t work!

    • that happened to me too. I had to re type it like 3 times then it worked. I also had to switch the gift card from getting it by email to getting it in snail mail because it wouldn’t let me check out .. So weird…

  16. i have passed on the last few Target boxes but did some research–the Andalou naturals cream and the 2 cleansers are very highly rated by Beautypedia, and I am in need of a better cleanser. I didn’t think to order 2 for the gift card,oh well. The price is higher than in prior months but these seem to be quality products.

  17. I’m passing on this one. No interesting products this time, and those that are? They’re repeats.

  18. Thanks for the tip about the gift card! I got one box, an Acure body wash (love!) and an ELF brow brush to qualify for the card, then free shipping with my Target Red Card. Great deal.

    This isn’t the most exciting Target box I’ve ever seen, but I think I’ll use everything except for the tan product and face oil. This is my first Target box since February.

  19. Got it! Thanks! This will be my first box.

  20. I got 2! I was sad thinking I missed it because I did not get up until 6:00am, still got them…this is an addiction!

  21. Anyone have a $3 off coupon they are not using? I missed out on last month’s box 🙁

    • I do I have the code if you want it. my twitter is @beautylover529

      • Thanks! My comment disappeared for awhile, and I was afraid it would sell out, so I already ordered. Appreciate it though 🙂

  22. Passing again this month. Not overly excited abut any of the items. Weird, because I’ve bought every other month except May and April. Oh well, more money to set aside for our Disney trip I guess. Lol

    • I am exactly the same! I skipped last month and skipping this one! I’m fully stocked on dry shampoo and facial cleansers & night cream, so I can’t justify $10 for more of the same. Bummer. I usually get so excited about Target boxes. Oh well.
      Hoping for a dazzling June box ?

  23. Liz: You are the best!!! This is a perfect Mother’s Day gift for my mom and sis.
    I look forward to your posts.

    • Snagged two at six thirty est. They are still available.

  24. I have a serious addiction! I ordered 2 boxes, put in my 3.00 coupon from my last box and have the 5.00 e-card coming when they ship. Looks like my friends and family will be getting some goodies. Nothing I needed but I can’t pass up a deal.

  25. I just bought two because, Laneige. I got to use my $3 coupon, plus the $5 gift card is awesome! Hopefully there will still be a coupon in the box 🙂

    I highly suspect none of us are getting the lip pen. I don’t think a cream foil is a fair trade off, but I can’t bring myself to complain about this box!

    • It says 9 items are in the box.

      • Thanks for pointing that out! 🙂 I hadn’t seen that. You’re right; the L’Oreal lip pen is in the list and, if you count the items, there are nine, followed by a note that says nine items. I reeeeeeally hope they follow through because it’s happened at least twice since I started buying these boxes last year that they had something in the item list but not pictured, and it didn’t show up in anyone’s box. Both times it happened to me, I asked CS about it, and they ended up refunding me a portion of the cost of the box.

        • Thanks for letting me know how past boxes were. This is my first Target box and I am excited!! Now I’m just hoping that lip pen will be in there!!

    • The lippy is the only reason I pulled the trigger so we’d better get it! I only got one – I am on product overload and am not thrilled with many of the items. I added other things I’ve had my eye on to hit the $20 mark to get the card. I hate when these boxes are $10. Not such a no brainer when it costs the same as Sephora Play box.

  26. had the alarm set to get up and get this …but the hubby ordered it for me already didn’t get the 2 boxes cause he didn’t know but 1 will work!!!! he is so awesome!!! now if he made coffee it’ll be an awesome start to a monday!!!! lol

  27. Passing this month. Signed up for Allure and Serendipty this week so something has to give…

  28. I still have half of my Laneige cream from a previous box two months ago and now getting another 😐 ? I mean I like it but I win I tried something new.

    • That last one is the overnight mask. This is a different product I believe.

      • Last month, we got a Laneige sheet mask. The month before (March), we got a Laneige overnight mask. It was either January or February when we got this Laneige product. It is an awesome product, though, and I’m happy to get it!

  29. First reaction to this was – $10? Pass. But then I read these comments and realize I can get the final value down to $6 by buying two after coupon and gift card – so yes, I bought two. Much better, thanks MSA community!

    Target needs to be mindful of their price point when curating their boxes. For $10/box I expect Birchbox quality and that’s just not here. The last time they charged $10/box it was for the Christmas ladies’ box, which had a much higher value. But for the gift card and coupon work arounds, I would not have bought even one of these.

    • Totally agree. I wonder if it had been cheaper but for the $5 gift card deal???

    • I totally agree. I almost passed on this until I read these comments and figured in the gift card and coupon scenario.

  30. Had an alarm set on my phone to get up early to get this since I’m off today but a thunderstorm woke me up now so I picked mine up! Actually had other items already in my basket so that I just had to add this. When I saw it was $10 I took one item out since I just wanted to use the $3 off coupon! So this and shampoo I needed for $12.99, not bad

  31. Just an FYI for anyone interested, target now has the Diva Cup for sale online. It’s $29.99. If you buy it at a local drug store that carries it such as CVS its $39.99 in store. I highly recommend this product.

  32. Liz, thanks so much for the email ? Was able to use the $3 off as well because they had the buy 2 get $5 gift card. Wasn’t planning on two, but it made them $6 each plus tax.

    Please help if anyone knows. I now have the online user set up. I have a bunch of gift cards, however when checking out there was no area to enter any. It had my charge and no ability to change to a gift card. ( I know seems silly but I always just check out, not have a user account, and evrytime I go to target I forget the darn gift cards)

    • Not sure if this helps, but when I went to check out, I wanted to enter two of the $5 gift cards, but it was only showing my Redcard as a payment option. However, when I clicked on “edit” in the payment area, it opened up an option to add Target gift cards (up to 4). I added those, then was able to put the balance on my Redcard. (And I was still able to use the $3 coupon.)

      • Nashville, Thank you so much. I just checked by what you stated, there’s a box like outline next to payment, says nothing in it (not sure why blank) and must be the edit. I clicked it and it worked. I never thought to click it just looked like a Symbol to me, lol. You just saved me from a lot of aggravation trying to figure it out.

        • Lmao…sorry .I didn’t type Nashville, I really dislike auto correct

          • Great! Glad that worked for you. No worries about Nashville … that’s where I live. 🙂

  33. I got two, used my $3 coupon from the last box. I’ve got issues. We all have a problem! It’s 1 am here, I wake up with no alarm and immediately thick about Target. I convince myself to act normal and go back to sleep. So, I dream that I’m logging into the Target website and there is loud movie style music and a countdown clock! My shopping brain thinks I’m Liam Neeson.
    I’m going back to bed. Night, fellow addicts.

    • #targetaddicts

    • Ha! Love the Target dream! I know … I don’t set a special alarm for this, because I generally wake up once when nature calls … usually it is around 6:30, but on Target beauty box nights, it’s often earlier, lol! Then I’m so groggy that I’m always hoping I don’t accidentally order patio furniture or something. It takes me forever to place the order, making sure I use the coupon from last time, plus my Redcard, plus any gift cards I may have. Then I try to get back to sleep, but I’m awake by then and kinda excited about the boxes being ordered, so ittakes a little while. The sordid tale of a #targetbeautyboxaddict….

      • *it takes

  34. Just confirmed that Target is having issues with their website. I have been trying since 2 a.m. CST but it wouldn’t let me add it to my cart. I saw where everyone else was able to order, so I called Target Customer Service and ordered it through them. I ordered two boxes, used my $3 off coupon and got the $5 coupon for next time. It took about 10-15 minutes on hold for Customer Service, but now I can sleep without waiting on the website to work!!!!!

  35. Got it!

  36. Not my most wanted items BUT I was able to get in so I am giving it a try. lol I will probably use half of the box but those items look to be really good.

  37. First I thought this box wasn’t really worth $10. But then I actually calculated it and it’s about $35, though a big chunk of it is that pencil – so I hope it’s a nice color. And then I thought – if I’m buying one, it sure would be nice to use my coupon, and get the $5 card with a $20 minimum order – so yes, I ended up buying 2 boxes when I wasn’t even I wanted one. So ultimately each box will be $7, which seems more like it. But then, I don’t really want two boxes at $7 each.

    Moral of the story, I shouldn’t make purchases after midnight.

    • I can totally relate to ur comment lol but what I did instead order two other items totally $20 and still got my $5 gift card instead of the 2 boxes. I mainly got this box for the andalou night repair and the lip liner so I don’t know if it’s worth the $10 but after gift card and possible coupon on the box let’s hope it is.

  38. Brought two..but don’t need the self tan towelletes will be swapping that one … Hourly alarms do pay off…???

  39. I grabbed 2 as well. My mom will love these goodies in her Mother’s day gift bag. The $5 gift card was a great bonus. Happy Monday Morning, all!!?

  40. Wasn’t there a loreal lip thing? It doesn’t show in the photo…

  41. It will not go in basket so perhaps sold out?

    • I was able to add it to my basket, so it shouldn’t be sold out yet.

  42. Is it me or does it seem like target beauty boxes are not as good a deal anymore? Not to mention the prices keeps going up and products being recycled. I used to look forward to these boxes but the last few have been so disappointing that I didn’t even bother buying them even though they are available.

    • It’s not you. They used to have a value of 4 times the price of the box, and they’ve been more like 3.5 times lately.

    • I honestly think the price went up this time around to account for the gift card. In other months, this would have been a $7 box. Kind of shady but that being said, I bought 2 :).

    • Oh good, thought it was just me!lol I used to love these boxes!!! There’s no way I’d pay $10 for this box. I always looked forward to them but the last few seemed like such a waste.

  43. Yay! I was able to use my coupon from the last box to save $3 when I ordered two boxes as well as the gift card.

  44. Ordered 2- I love the Laneige!

  45. What a great deal! I was able to buy 2. 1 for me, 1 for my Mom, for Mother’s Day. Got the 5% off using my RedCard, plus I used the $3 coupon from April’s box and received the $5 gift card. 2 boxes for $12.04 total.

  46. These boxes make me so happy 🙂 I don’t even care about the Allure mess anymore.. Target for the win!!!

    • What allure mess? I haven’t heard anything and I ordered one!

      • The word is that all new subscribers will not be getting May box. Subscriptions will start in June.

      • If you subscribed in April I would call customer service and find out what’s going on with your account. Everyone on here that was a new subscriber is being told they are now getting June’s box instead of the advertised May (yes even after they’ve already charged you!) Soooo I will be calling them today to cancel ha…

  47. According to the description it also includes Egyptian Magic All-Purpose Skin Cream.

    • it’s a foil, though.

  48. It is saying not available…

    • nvm, it works now

  49. I have an extra coupon code for anyone who wants it. $3 off $15 or more in cosmetics. This can be used for the beauty box too.

    Promo code: LPRN7TGJNKNBXML

    Please let me know if it works or didn’t work by responding to this comment. I posted this in the old section and moved it to this one.

    • I believe I was able to use it! I got two of the boxes plus a 25 count pack of makeup remover wipes from neutrogena for $22.08 plus getting the $5 gift card. It’s my first target box so thank you for the extra savings! I appreciate it 🙂

    • I looks like someone used the code already. Thank you so much for sharing though! Very generous.

    • It’s not working for me. Thank you for posting it, though!

    • I made a comment like 20 minutes or so ago but it’s not showing up so it must not have gone through or something. I was able to use the code. So thank you very much for the extra savings! I am appreciative of it

  50. Got 2! First time buyer and got a 5$ gift card for my next one!! Very excited!

    • That’s a good deal if you spend $20 you get the gift card! I’m passing on this one, but I hope you enjoy your first box!

      • I’m passing on it too! So proud of myself. I hope it sells out fast so I can’t change my mind hahaha. Also I posted on the other thread that it’s weird the loreal lip pen isn’t in the photo but it’s in the description.

        • Haha! You’re right, it isn’t in the pic, but Egyptian Magic is, which isn’t in the description.

          • On the description includes the Egyptian magic. I’m sure it’s fine though cuz the description still says there are 9 items total.

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