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POPSUGAR Surprise Sale – Up to $50 Off Subscriptions!

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Now through the 25th, POPSUGAR Must Have is having a surprise subscription sale!

$10 Off 1 month of Must Have with code: SPRING10 ($29.95 a box)
$20 Off 3 months of Must Have with code: SPRING20 ($29.95 a box)
$50 Off 6 months of Must Have with code SPRING50 ($27.45 a box!)

Check out our reviews of POPSUGAR Must Have to see what you can expect from this subscription.

Full Details: Not valid on previous purchases. Your subscription will start with the May Must Have box. Duplicate boxes will not be refunded.

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

All views in this review are the opinion of the author. My Subscription Addiction will never accept payment in exchange for a review, but will accept a box at no cost to provide honest opinions on the box. This post may contain affiliate/referral links. Read the complete My Subscription Addiction disclosure.


  1. I thought long and hard but I went for it. May wasn’t my favorite box BUT the items that I did like are consumable. So it’s not like I’ll have two of the same bracelet, two of the same bottle stoppers, etc. My faves were the foot therapy booties, the spongelle scrub, and the face mist (room spray!) and those are things that I can actually USE more of – AND cost more than $27. I just hope I can swap another yoga matt. 🙂

  2. Just when I thought I was out…they pull me back in! /ALPacino voice

    Arrrggh, I caved too! So much for whittling down my boxes! I find that I always average about 6-8 boxes per month, I just keep switching them up — the only 2 I’ve never dumped are Allure and Birchbox. I am not thrilled with the May PSMH box, but at least it’s not a duplicate for me. With the coupon and ebates, I’ll get this for about $28 after tax, not bad at all. The FOMO is always the highest for PSMH, so now I can suffer from WWIT instead (What Was I Thinking?). 😀

  3. I did it. I actually liked the May box and have no qualms about receiving a dupe. Just used the buffer in the shower this morning and loved it. Made the whole bathroom smell delicious. Love the Breathe spray as well. For me, $27/box is a no-brainer.

  4. I’m probably going to end up caving on this. I liked May’s box a lot more than I thought I would (and even though I don’t do yoga, I have enough friends who do to be able to gift several of the repeat items), so a second one isn’t a dealbreaker for me. My problem is that even though I like most of the items PopSugar sends, I end up stashing them away “for later” and never use or enjoy them. I need to stop doing that.

    • Were we separated at birth? I was going to post almost the exact same thing!

      I was thinking “oh, these bracelets might go with the tassel necklace” but I have no idea where I put it! I have got to get a system so I know what I have and where I put it!

      I have 2 family members I can use the yoga mats as gifts for. The spray has a label stating that proceeds go to animal rescue…something my sister is big into so that’s great for her.

      • See, I know exactly where everything is, I’m just weird about pulling it out and using it. It’s almost like I feel guilty about getting these boxes, so I punish myself by not enjoying the items. Which pretty much defeats the whole purpose.

        • Maybe that’s what I’m doing too…sort of punishing myself. I know I shouldn’t have so many boxes, I know I have too much stuff, yet I buy more. Maybe in my head if I actually use things I am acknowledging the existence of my problem or something.

          Off to go find the tassel necklace! And darn it, I’m going to wear those bracelets tonight! LOL

        • Thank God there r people that think like me!! I thought I was a nutcase

  5. I caved 🙂 Not really into May but I skipped it so no repeats for me. I figured the savings of 14 dollars a month can go towards getting my nails done once a month so the savings is worth it since I usually buy one every month – even though I say I’ll wait for spoilers first. At least this is how I justify it…

  6. Done! I got the deal last time too. This box is definitely worth $27/month. The things I don’t love I can swap or gift – then I’m never without a hostess gift on my way out the door. And I like the idea of wearing all 4 bracelets at once – I may end up keeping all 4! 🙂 I cancelled Lip Monthly to justify this more. I’m getting mostly crappy lip products and the occasional great one. I have TOO MANY as it is. Ha! Fun!

  7. Re-subbed, even though I didn’t particularly care for the May box…even had the whole box up for swap, but then I realized that I can use the yoga mats for my two kids as “play mats” in their bedroom to protect the carpet, because we are having to move into an apartment in August (grandma died in April and we were renting the duplex from her – and the family wants to sell so that they get their inheritance apparently ASAP). Have the bracelets up for swap and when I get another May Box I will likely put those up for swap.

  8. Sigh. Just take my money. I cancelled my PopSugar when my 6 months were up, but I couldn’t resist this deal, even if I end up with another May box – I’ve got friends who’ll like the yoga mat and bracelets, so it’s still worth it for me. I actually love the bracelets but they just look too tight on my wrist :(….

  9. Not interested in another duplicate box (like the last time) and do not like the May as much as the previous duplicate. So I think I will just wait for the next deal and hope nothing I just have to have is in the next few boxes.

  10. They got me! I’ve been keeping my eye on this sub and then bought a December box for $25 last month and I loved it.
    I don’t do yoga but I might try it or do stretches/ab work on the mat once the yoga mat comes. If not, I figure I can use it for a mat for kids projects 🙂
    The 6 months will be up in October. I’ll look for another Black Friday or holiday deal for $25 a month around that time.

  11. Just cancelled ..6 month ended..
    Would do another 6 months but did not like may box so I am passing

  12. I’m so glad that this deal require getting a second May box because it makes me easy to say no! Otherwise it would have been really hard for me 🙂

    With each PopSugar box there are usually 1-3 things that I love, and 1-3 things that I just won’t use so I end up having to find someone to give them to, or will use them myself half-heartedly. Then the others are things I like or think are okay, but could do without. I’m about to move to a smaller place in a more expensive city, so I think I’ll have to say goodbye to PopSugar (at least for now). I can’t justify filling up my small space with things that I only feel so-so about, and will have less disposable income. Really hoping the June box doesn’t make me regret that!

    • Agreed – the $50 is savings is negated by beginning with May and not worth the savings (unless you loved the May box).

    • I would have done deal for June but not to get another May! it seems like PSMH always has a “catch” like how they didn’t do the last 6 month sub deal on Black Friday/Cyber Monday then suddenly they had one starting with December, yunno? I bet they release another “deal” in June!

      • I actually doubt that. PS does not do that many sales other than the Black Friday and the occasional sale on LEs or unsold boxes.

    • I hated May, and so I’m happy to not resub. I thought about it briefly and realized how I have swapped (or gifted) away most of the items. I can go month-to-month to see what I might like. If it started in June, they would have had my money already.

      I have already swapped the bracelets, and can’t get rid of that joke of a yoga mat! I tried the sponge and it irritated my skin. I tried the foot wraps, and they might be ok. Still waiting to see if my dry skin peels off like people say it will. Having a snack bar, water and mascara were fine, but low-end.

  13. I liked the December box enough to not mind a duplicate. I don’t like the May box enough to say the same. I already cancelled the month-to-month renewal (yes, after the six-month expires it switches to a month-to-month unless you cancel). I haven’t been ultra-impressed with PSMH; some boxes have been okay, but nothing has screamed must-have. It doesn’t seem like they run out of boxes, so I’ll wait for spoilers and if there’s something I want I’ll buy a box as a gift to myself.

  14. I tried hard to avoid but I caved – thought I may take a break for a few months since I just got the Summer LE but they suckered me back in. May was one of my favorite boxes and it is a bummer to get a repeat box but I like just about everything in the box so it will get used or gifted accordingly.

  15. Not thrilled that I would get another dud May box. I would probably bite if they said those who got May already had option to get May mini instead I mean at least something different even if not same value. I like the Mini more this month for value as drug store mascara, tassels and caffeinated water do not entice me. Does anyone else think this is not going well? I used to love PopSugar but less and less (am I jaded/spoiled?). I have not been even tempted by a single special edition box that normally I would be a sucker for getting.
    I really hate tassels

    • I went to cancel my month to month subscription so I could take advantage of this special & their cancellation policy says that you have to cancel BEFORE the 23rd of the previous month, so not only would I get a dupe May, but I would get 2 June boxes????? Is that correct?

      • I don’t know but I just emailed them to find out! If I’m getting billed for a June box already then that will make this an easy no for me I guess, but I think that is very shady on PSMH’s part to launch a promotion that will in fact require many loyal current subscribers to receive not one but TWO duplication months. :-/

        • After reading your comment I went to check mine and I haven’t been charged yet for the June box and cancelled without any apparent issues. I’m not saying this is a guarantee but everything looked fine.

        • I just emailed them too ~ thanks for the idea. Please let me know if you hear back from them b/c I noticed in the fine print that the sale lasts until Wed @11:50 unless they run out. 🙁

          • Did you hear back about this? I was wondering the same thing.

          • Yes, I just heard back from them about an hour ago. They said that even though I cancelled on the 23rd and not BEFORE the 23rd like their policy states, I will not be getting a June box. 🙂 Yay! I’m just about to purchase the 6 months now. 🙂

      • They give the 23rd date multiple times in bold in their FAQ so I’m guessing that we really will end up with two May and two June boxes. I liked May but not enough to want two of them and it isn’t as giftable as the second December box was (my mother was thrilled to get it for Christmas). Really not fair to those of us who didn’t cancel when the six months ran out. I wish they rewarded loyalty more.

        • Good News! I just got a reply email from Pop Sugar saying that even though I cancelled on the 23rd and not BEFORE the 23rd like it states on their cancellation policy, I will not be getting the June box. Guess who is signing up for the next 6 months???? 🙂

    • I coompletely agree!! I was excited about the sea as well until I learned another May box. I feel like their boxes are not as exciting as they once were! BTW, I hate tassels too!!! Hideous!

  16. I really did not like May so there is not a chance I am going to pay another $28 for a box I know I dont want, just to get a deal on future boxes I might possibly like.

    …Like everyone else I would have resubbed if it had started with June.

  17. Pretty disappointed that they’re doing this duplicate month sale thing again. I did the sale last time, but ended up getting two December boxes. I’m STILL trying to swap stuff out! This pretty much has convinced me that it’s time to take a break. At least they are being much more clear about which box you would actually start with this time around. Here’s hoping for better sales for loyal clients in the future!

  18. ||slow claps|| VERY very very clever, Popsugar! After that amazing Black Friday deal they waited until the billing cycle date to send out a coupon to resub. Not only that, but current subscribers seem to be able to use the coupon with the catch that they’ll get a duplicate May box. Genius. If only last month’s box was the duplicate…

    Am I resubbing? Uh, yes. The last six months have been amazing, and aside from some of the February and May contents I’ve loved it all. With taxes for me, 6 months will be $30/mo. TAKE MY MONEY POPSUGAR!

    • I lucked out- my last month was April! I was not planning on re-subbing (I have be subscribing and canceling PS since box 1 but that December/LE CS disaster made me want to say goodbye forever) but I just got some eBates and consignment cash that pretty much covered this! I was planning on subbing to something with the money and the discount plus the regular $25 off made this too tempting. There is no way I could find a sub with better value.

  19. I sent my sister a 6 month subscription instead of a “gift” . can I just cancel the subscription now? ( or will they stop sending the boxes? )

    • if it is a gift, it does not get auto re-subbed like a regular sub does – I always just use the gift option as I would space, ha!

  20. Ugh, I told myself that I would stop buying subs that do not ship internationally. When I went home at Christmas I had over 30 sub boxes waiting for me. Looks like my dad will see these pink boxes arrive at his house another 6 months…

  21. Very tempting as my 6 months just ended. However, like everyone else, not sure if I want another May box. Overall it was alright, just don’t need another yoga mat. Right now I’m using the yoga Mat for my 4 month old to practice moving around 🙂

  22. I think I can pass. Like many others, I do not want another May box. So here’s what I figured: if I sign up for this deal I will pay $164.70 for the 5 months I do want (I’m ignoring May because it adds no value to me). If I were to sign up for a 6 month sub starting in June it would cost me $214.70 ($35.78 per month) which works out to $178.90 for the same 5 months I’d get with the deal (ignoring the November box since I would not get that if I signed up now). So essentially with the code I’ll get a free May box and save $14.20 on the next 5 months. I don’t want another May and I think it’s worth $14.20 to me to wait for spoilers before I pull the trigger on June.

  23. QUESTION – If I subscribe to another 6 month stint even though my current account still has a credit left, (I know I will be receiving duplicates) will I have to go and cancel that FIRST account when it ends, so that it doesn’t auto-renew, even though I now have resubbed for another 6 months? (maybe counting as a second account in their estimate)

    • I believe so. I just cancelled my old 6 month subscription that just ran out, after I purchased this one.

    • Yes u need to cancel yr other sub. Last time they had this deal, back in December, i figured buying a 6 month sub would replace my current month to month sub, because this would be logical as most people do not want 2 of the same boxes, but it didnt automatically cancel it and i received 2. I just cancelled my month to month before i bought this 6 month deal so it wouldn’t happen again

  24. The Maybbox actually looked pretty nice to me, and since no one seems willing to part with their buffer or booties, I’m happy to not have to try to swap for them. I had a horrible experience with the holiday LE. Hoping this 6 months will go smoothly.

  25. no-brainer for me. This is still a great box at $29/month (for me because of tax). But, I’ll probably cancel my mini now.
    I didn’t like the mat for May, but I can use everything else in the box again. I’m in LOVE with those bracelets, and I think 4 together will look great!

    • I was thinking the same thing about the bracelets 🙂

  26. I ended on my May box too, and promptly cancelled.
    Since this thing is 3 days, I’m crossing my fingers and hoping that if I subscribe with the coupon late at night Wednesday, they’ll run out of May boxes and I’ll start with June lol.

    Still though… I”m kind of on the fence. I subbed for the Oui Please box instead of paying for 6 months of PopSugar. PopSugar has been fun, but nothing in the last year has really been OMGGOTTAHAVE, you know?

  27. Why don’t they just dump the extra May boxes on GILT like usual and give us a better taste in our mouths. Double May? Ick. The only thing I liked was the body wash.

  28. May isn’t my favorite box, but the only thing I don’t like in it is the Yoga mat, which I think I’ll gift to my sister, so when you break it down per item, its well worth $27. I love the scent of the body scrub, and the bracelets are a great gift for any woman. Do I wish it started with June? Sure, but there are worse things than getting somethings I really like and a few gifts for my gift closet for $27 shipped! 🙂

    • Agreed 🙂 Glad to see some other positive comments. May is not my all time fav, but there are enough nice items to make it worth it and I was about to resub for 6 months anyway. Happy to save $50 and have some extra items for gifting!

  29. I skipped May for the Mini box. Couldn’t resist this deal.. wish I hadn’t already signed up for June Mini.

  30. I promised myself I wouldn’t get PSMH anymore because of bad experiences with CS (I had to threaten to go to BBB before they replied to my emails about cancelling my account and then shipped me a box after anyway). But this is so tempting. But I think I’ll stick with swapping for what I want and not getting stuck with what I don’t or dealing with a company I don’t trust.

  31. I signed up for it like I did in December, but the double May box is definitively a bummer, mostly about the yoga mat (I already had one, I definitively do not need 3). I can always either keep the rest of the items for personal use or distribute them as gifts? At least I’m covered at the next birthday party, provided my friend doesn’t have a subscription either! I just don’t understand why they punish current subscribers by forcing them to buy a box they already received. I guess they don’t need to worry about keeping us happy since we’re already giving them money…

  32. They’ve already shipped out May boxes (which I got)…I’m soooooooo ANNOYED that this deals starts with the May box! Ugh, wth?!

    • I feel the exact same way! I got sucked in again even though I was going to quit pop sugar. I really wish they thought more about their long time customers.

      • I am an original subscriber from the first box. My latest sub ran out in April. So I guess they were thinking about me and other long-time customers like me whose subs ran out before May.

        I think they do these deals based on months in which they have lost a bunch of month-to-month subbers and when they have a lot of subscriptions expiring. I would bet those first few spoilers for May caused some monthly subscribers and expiring subscribers to cancel/not renew. And they probably lost a few to the cheaper mini. So PS had inventory left over and ran the sale.

  33. My 6 month sub is up this month, when it renews, does it renew at a month to month or a 6 month sub, does anyone know? Thanks!

    • month to month

      • Thanks so much!!

      • Thank you Faye!

  34. JUST SO EVERYONE KNOWS, technically the 6 month is $75 off the normal month to month price because it is already $25 off on their site! The code takes off an EXTRA 50 so that brings the price down to about $27.50 a box (plus tax if you live in cali like me its still under 30 a month).

    • It took only the $50 off when I checked out… $214 – $50 = $164 which is about $27/box… am I missing something?

      • She’s just saying the 6 month sub is already less per month than buying it month to month. Yes $27 is correct after the deal.

        • Ahhhh I see, thanks for the clarification! 🙂

  35. Who am I kidding, I’m going to do it. Even though I’m not terribly interested in double May I was going to get a new 6 month anyway so this way I will essentially be getting a free May box and saving $15 off the 5 months I would have purchased anyway. Though it really is a bit redic that we have to get a second May box! Popsugar sure makes it hard to like them sometimes, even when they are giving us some kind of deal.

    • Agreed. Even dividing the 5 months by the savings, instead of 6, you still get about a $7/box savings. It stinks to get two May’s, but it’s still worth it. Oh, well… lots of gifts. And double foot booties!!

  36. I agree. Great deal but who wants a dupe of May??? Why would they do that????

    • Because they probably had a bunch of people “skip” May or wait for spoilers and decide to not sign up or re-sign up. This is an easy pass because of the May duplicate, unfortunately.

  37. After getting my box in the mail today..I canceled. Unless a great spoiler comes along I’m not inclined to renew. The yoga mat? That overpowering soap that stunk up EVERYTHING in the box? No thanks!

    • One person’s “stink” is another’s perfume! And I love the yoga mat too. To each their own.

  38. Do you know, if May was the last box from my previous 6 month sub, does it auto-renew at month-to-month, or do I need to sign up again in June? I refuse to do yet another duplicate box like they had us do for December. Can someone let me know so I know whether to re-subscribe or not! Thanks!!

    • if you did a regular sub and did not check the gift sub then yes it will auto sub you month to month, I think you have until May 23rd to cancel which you can do online – HTH

  39. My 3 month just ended and I cancelled. I def don’t want another May box. That was my least box so far.

  40. I refuse to do this duplicate nonsense with them again.

  41. AAAAARG!!! Why does the first box have to be MAY? WHYYYYYYYY?????

    I would’ve jumped on this if it could start with June.

    • SAME…I think they made a mistake here if they were trying to get the people who canceled because of the mess with the duplicates in December – they were a month off in their calculation.

      I knew they were going to do a sale though…i just knew it.

    • I agree and since they know a lot of us did the 6 month subscription starting in December we are all in the same boat of either repeating May or skipping out on the deal entirely.

      • Exactly!

        Did they not think this through or are they surgically trying to double-sell a ton of the May boxes? And if they are doing that, is it really worth all of the sales they lose because so many people don’t want a second May box?

        • Surgically = specifically. Stupid autocorrect.

          • I think surgically worked wonderfully in context! Thanks for the giggle 😛

      • @Jess, Exactly! And in exactly six months from now, it’ll be time for a Black Friday deal. PSMH knows how to sling extra product, lol.

        • I plan to sub month to month beginning in June. I MUST remember to cancel before November’s box as I’ll want to jump on their Black Friday deal and don’t want two November boxes.
          Has anyone noticed that when Popsugar foist extra boxes on us with their ‘deals’, they’re always the worst of the bunch?

  42. PSMH has a sense of humor. The 75$ deal required a lot of us to get a duplicate December box, and now this one requires us to get a dupe for May.

    • Ugh. I wouldn’t have minded a May dupe, since it’s still a better deal overall… but my subscription doesn’t expire until after June’s box. Meaning I’d get duplicates of both. Boo.

      • I agree, I didn’t mind a duplicate of the December box. I hated the May box, no way in hell would I want a 2nd one. I already canceled my sub and don’t except to resub anytime soon. I need to cut back and their boxes are so hit and miss for me.

  43. Dang, if only it didn’t include May…

  44. Trying to figure out if I want a duplicate of the May box. I go use some of the products and regift the others. Of course in a sense the savings is lost as I am getting duplicate box free. Hmmmmm

  45. Yes! Thanks so much Liz! I was going to renew anyway after the December 6-month promo, so this is amazing! I’m totally ok with another May box as it was one of my favorites! Yoga mat will probably go up for swap, but that’s it 🙂

    • Now I just need to figure out if I still want to subscribe to MINI or not… I love Popsugar but I’m honestly a little underwhelmed by MINI

      • Don’t. Wait for Little Lace Box to reopen Serendipity. Half the price, at least 3x the value if not more.

        • Good idea! I might just have to cancel now!

  46. Cool. My last 6 month deal ends this month. 🙂 Its worth $27/month.

    • You’re going to get a May duplicate though…

  47. They used to let subscribers renew their subscription for multiple months. I’d much rather renew my current subscription for six more months and save $25 and not get a duplicate May box. I’m afraid though that if lots of people jump at this deal then June will sell out and I might miss it…

    • That option appears to be available on the website on the ordering page….

    • I think the 6 month subscription auto renews as a monthly, isn’t that right? I don’t think there is any way to renew it as a multiple month subscription. Orlee, if you are seeing that on the webpage, could you tell me how to do it?

      I agree, no point in signing up for the 6 month deal if you have already gotten a May box – the duplicate box will just cancel out any savings.

      • Oh, I see what you mean, Sara. I went back to the order page… It looks like the 25 off is a standing offer if you aren’t already subscribed…

  48. This is a great offer, but I don’t want another May box. I hated the items I received and cancelled my 6 month sub as it had ended with May’s box.

    • Same here I’ll just wait and hope they do another Dec. promo or maybe a July 4th promo?

    • Me too

  49. I’d so sign up for this, but I still have 1 more credit on my current sub and I really don’t think I need doubles of May and June. So $$wise, I don’t think it makes sense for me

  50. This would be great except I really do not want a duplicate May box. 🙁

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