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Macy’s Sun Essentials Set On Clearance for $14.99 Shipped!

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While we wait for the Sephora Sun Safety Kit to launch, this is a nice alternative! (And it is super cheap!)

The Box: Macy’s Sun Essentials Set

The Cost: $14.99

The Products:

Total Value estimated: $90.80 (not counting the cosmetics case)

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. Got the box but the tweezers are missing and they were the only reason I purchased the box! Going to reach out to customer service. ..hopefully they can fix this.

    • Very frustrated to hear from Macys that they’re out of stock and therefore can’t fix my order. I can either return the entire order or get a $3 credit on the order. Not sure how either if those options is supposed to make me happy with customer service.

  2. I received my box Tuesday. It was missing the Clarins sample and I received a smaller and different perfume sample as well. I called the number on the packing slip Wednesday morning. I explained that what I received was different from what what advertised. The individual I spoke with was really nice. At first she was going to have me return all of my items, then they would ship out a replacement. I explained how frustrating that would be, especially since this was Macy’s error. She agreed, then stated that they would ship out an entire new kit and I don’t have to return the other one. She stated that the kit was still in stock and that I should receive it no later than Monday. Excellent customer service. I was really impressed, until this morning. I now have an email stating that the kit is on backorder with the vendor with no ETA. Awesome sauce…

    • And now, 4 hours later I just received an email. The item is no longer available. πŸ™ They offered me a 20% off coupon though.

  3. My sister and I received ours and luckily both had all of the products.

  4. Received mine yesterday; had to pay $19.99 rather than $14.99. Also missing the Clarins. Called the number on my packing slip and was assured it would be mailed to me.

  5. I tried to hold back but couldn’t (on top of getting the Target boxes) and received everything Saturday. I loved this set! I love skincare but sunscreen is tricky! You need it but it feels so sticky or thick, so I’m happy to try some nice high end items πŸ™‚

  6. Mine came today! I like the products, although I really just got it for the tweezers (which are awesome).

  7. Got my bag today it was missing the clarins sample.

    • Me too! Missing the Clarins as well. πŸ™

    • Mine too.

    • I ordered two sets, and both were missing the clarins! Will call tomorrow.

      • It’s really ridiculous of Macy’s to short everyone one or two products ,or send a product of lesser value .Its just bad business Macy’s

    • Mine too. Ugh. Guess Sephora is the way to go.

  8. I just got mine. It has everything and it is exactly like the picture on the site, including the color of the tweezers. So excited to try them all – starting today, since the weather is supposed to go as high as 100F here.

  9. I got my bag yesterday. What a great deal. $75 worth of stuff for $15. I used my Plenti points to get it too. I love everything! As an asthmatic, I have trouble with scents, but I love the DKNY perfume. I’m so excited to try out all of these.

  10. I received mines yesterday. I purchased 3 bags and 2 of the bags were missing the Peter Thomas Roth Max Sheer Lotion ? I emailed them right away about it but have not received a response yet. And yeah, the tweezers from all three bags were loose in there with no packaging. I will definitely use a disinfecting wipe before use, just in case.

  11. There seems to be alot of people not getting what’s supposed to be in their box.Mine is supposed to get here tomorrow,we will see! I’m not a happy little sub camper after the beautycon box crapola

  12. Did anyone else’s tweezers come loose in the box with no packaging or case? They seem to usually (always?) be sold with a tube to store them in. Unpackaged tweezers just seem… unhygienic.

  13. Just got mine today and everything was included. This was such a great deal, very nice size samples πŸ™‚

    • Got mine today! Yay!! I’m very happy, the samples were all good stuff, adorable summery bad and the little perfume was the cherry on top!! ????

      • *bag

  14. Please check your bags when you get them! I got mine today. It was missing the Clarins sample and instead of the DKNY Be Delicious Deluxe .23 sample I was sent a DKNY Be Desired 0.05 sample spray. I called Macy’s and they are sending me a new bag and a shipping label to return the one I got. I was told you cannot return the bag to the store.

    • Mine came missing the Clarins, and the Tarte, AND the DKNY sample! What the heck!!

      • Mine was missing the Clarins too.

    • Mine is missing the DKNY mini and the clarins,I called the number on the packing slip and ended up talking with someone from the Philippines who I couldn’t understand and finally asked if she was in USA.She then told me my package was still in transit and I informed her well obviously I have it since im looking at it and I’m calling to say I have missing items.She told me she was going to send me another but I had to wait till I received it! And she would call me when they were notified……

      • I was also unimpressed with their customer service. The woman I spoke to kept asking how the items fell out of the bag, and I was like uhh if I knew how they fell out, I wouldn’t be missing them! They’re sending me a new one – luckily it’s still in stock!

        • I too am unimpressed with customer service. I feel a bit frustrated that I now have to print off a shipping label, package everything up, take it to ups to return it. Wait for a new package to arrive. It just seems like a hassle for something that was their fault.

        • That’s funny they asked me if I could see how they fell out of the box,I was like ummmm no

      • Ok so they called me back and told me they can see my box was delivered lol.let me say I complained about who I spoke with but I guess I had better luck than everyone else because there sending me another bag and all I had to do was confirm my address ? So we shall see if it has all the products.

        • Their not there lol

      • Ok so I received my replacement bag today delivered by ups.I could tell the perfume was in there by the smell ,I’m happy to report that I received all products offered including the DKNY mini, some was spilled out but I’m ok with that I just wanted the little mini bottle which I have a little collection of.Thank you Macy’s for making it right.

  15. price is up to $19.99 today

    • that’s actually funny they did that.

    • That stinks. They put it on “clearance” which implies that it will be sold at rock bottom until it’s gone, just to get all the kits out the door and make room for new stuff. Then they up the price. Lame, Macy’s, totally utterly lame. Not buying just on principle.

      • They did the same thing with the Prom set. It kept fluctuating in price (going down, up, down, up) until they sold out.

  16. I also ordered this mainly for the tweezers. I am just hoping the sunscreens don’t break me out, most of them have a lot of mixed reviews.

  17. Got one because Tweezerman makes the best tweezers! Everything else is gravy.

  18. Resisted Target boxes but caved on this. And subscribed w a new account on BB for the Smith and Cult
    Gloss freebie (cancelled my existing) Gah, I need an intervention.
    The bag is so cute plus the tweezers! I’ll have two of the Tarte sunscreens after this June Sephora Play box but that’s ok. So many nice travel sized sunscreens will definitely come in handy!

  19. Yay another great box plus the target boxes earlier my husband is happy to be getting his first box lol

  20. Too many deals! Logging off now!

  21. I never luck out with the Sephora box. It always sells out before I get a chance to order so I am super happy to grab one of these.

    • Me too and was lucky to get the $14.99 price ?
      Thanks Liz for the heads up on this, I was over the moon and have been curious about the DKNY……?Hope I’m good for summer now with this, lol

  22. Had already got the target box earlier. This is so much better. But couldn’t pass it up. Used my macys card, so will pay for it next month. πŸ™‚

  23. Just ordered this and both Target boxes too :3 So fun!! I couldn’t resist this cute little bag and the mini perfume, and such a great price with free shipping! ??????
    Haven’t even been out of bed this morning yet either lol!

  24. Ive bought it 4 times and keeps getting cancelled (I live in the DR).
    Wont accept my paypal and keeps cancelling with my credit cards :,(
    No way to buy a macys card either.

    • Try ordering from your phone: I can’t order from Macy’s on my work computer because the site doesn’t like my IP address. Can order by phone, though.

  25. Thanks Liz, you are on fire with all the updates. I grabbed this one, with my employee discount and getting Plenti points it was a deal. I’m looking forward to receiving.

  26. Skipped Target’s and got this instead. Thanks, Liz!

    • Me too! Looking forward to trying the Sephora Sun Safety Kit.

      • Did Sephora have a sun safety kit this year? I never saw it :/

    • Ah, you were better than me! I got this AND the Target boxes lol. I totally convinced myself I didn’t need/want this, but then I convinced myself that I needed it and justified the want πŸ˜€

  27. I don’t need this, but I want it. Gah!
    This DKNY fragrance is my favorite – I have it full size and in this sample size, but I still want the extra mini just in case πŸ˜›

  28. It’s taking everything in me to talk myself out of this. That Shiseido product gives me a migraine — so much fragrance! And Tweezerman tweezers are dangerous in my hands. So why do I still want this? Agh!

  29. Thanks Liz! You’re draining my accounts. First the Walmart box, then Allure, target box, now Macy’s. And I already sub to BB, Ipsy, and Glossybox. I’m getting so many amazing gifts from me this month!! So glad I signed up for your site!

  30. Bought it and both Target boxes! Now I need to not look at Facebook updates any more today!

  31. Thanks, and there was no shipping cost tooo!!

  32. Ahhhhh…I keep spending my money because of you, Liz!
    I have found something new to spend my money on, since I didn’t re-up my 6-month PSMH sub.

    • I agree!!! I need to stop checking my emails & this site… too tempting… cannot resist awesome deals like this one

  33. Hurray! I am moving to San Diego so I really need good SPF moisturizers. And I am a sucker for mini bottles of perfume; I’ve got quite the collection. Can’t wait to get my bag!
    This is the only Memorial Day sale I’ve caved on so far, not counting the UD Urban Spectrum palette that went on sale at Sephora last week for $39. Resisting the sale on sale at both Modcloth and Anthropologie.

    • Welcome! You will love SD πŸ˜€ born and raised here and yes you will need the sunscreen!

      • Thanks! I am excited to be moving there. I’ll be working at the VA.

  34. I got one just for the Tweezerman (best tweezers ever!) The rest is just bonus.

    • Same! I’ve been putting off buying new Tweezerman tweezers so I when I saw this , I had to do it. The tweezers are regularly $14 anyway, so it’s just like getting a bunch of freebies with my order. Yay!

      • Same! The tweezers made this a no-brainer purchase for me! πŸ™‚

      • Ugh, I just bought the same exact tweezers (even the same color!) from Birchbox. Granted I used points, but still, I could’ve gotten this and used the points on something else. Holding back on this because I really am on product overload and just gave in and bought both Target boxes as well as another one of the Amazon boxes today.

        I really appreciate the heads-up, though! Thank you!

    • Same here!

    • Same ! I almost just bought a new a pair of tweezers … good thing I waited ! Happy I check this site ( thanks Liz !) I probably would not have found this great deal without it.

    • Me too! I saw the tweezers and free shipping and that’s all it took! (Tweezermans are the only ones that really work for me.) I think my poor credit card is on fire – gotta run and save it!

  35. I’m very tempted with this, but it’s the end of the month and I know some bigger ticket boxes like the FFF box have payments that are coming up soon. Between all the other boxes I get I already have some of these products already or will in June.

  36. Very nice!!! Thanks for posting this, just grabbed both Target boxes and now this one. Yay!

  37. Thank you Liz, didn’t know that Macy’s had this deluxe sample bags i thought they only give you the choice of grabbing one if you buy something first, i am very happy i subscribed to my subscription addiction page i already got my target beauty box thanx to you πŸ™‚

    • Yay! It is a good day for deals πŸ™‚

      • Tell me about it ???

  38. Awesome deal! Thanks Liz for sharing.

  39. Nice – thanks, Liz. I grabbed one. Never heard of the Sephora one, though – will have to keep my eyes peeled for it.

      • Oh, WOW – that is fabulous, Liz. Thank you for the link. Do I need to sign up for Sephora updates on MSA, like the Target box?

      • Got this last year and have been waiting for it to show up this year. I was in Sephora last week and asked the clerk about it. She said it always shows up online first.

        I know last year I ordered it in May.

        Still waiting……

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