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Ipsy Reveals Are Up for the May 2016 Glam Bag!

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Screen Shot 2016-05-05 at 2.59.11 PM

The May Ipsy reveals are up! (Thanks, Tamara, for letting us know!)

Here is what I will be getting in one of my Ipsy subscriptions:

Screen Shot 2016-05-05 at 2.46.12 PM Screen Shot 2016-05-05 at 2.46.16 PM Screen Shot 2016-05-05 at 2.46.23 PM

What are you getting from Ipsy this month? Any good samples?

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. Someone please let me know if you get the purple bag and dont want it!! I NEED THAT BAG!!!!! It has the majority of the places around the world that I have visited on one bag!!! Its amazing!

    • Maybe the swap page will have one?! I live for my Ipsy bags.
      Hope you get one.

    • What color is your bag?

    • I’m getting the purple bag. You can have it if you want.

    • It looked like the bag designs were the same, just the color was different

    • Hey I get 2 bags a mnth so if your still looking for this bag Id be glad to send you one if youd like 🙂

    • I got the blue bag…. All the bag colors vary but all designs are the same 🙂

  2. I already know I can’t do the rose mask…even if I wasn’t allergic the reviews say the scent is way too strong. I guess I will try out the swap page this month.

    • Dang…that was regarding Sephora.
      My Ipsy looks awesome.

      • Where is the swap page???

  3. How could I dislike a bag with adorable little whales in it?

    Smashbox X-Rated Mascara
    Pacifica Natural Mineral Coconut Eye Shadow Trio
    Hanalei Lip Treatment
    Trissola Chia Smoothing Oil
    Glamour Dolls Blending Brush #10 Sperm Whale Edition

  4. I got the purple bag too, was hoping for blue or pink though!

    -Smashbox mascara
    – Hikari Shimmer Bronzer
    – Slmissglam Small contour brush (Love the color!)
    – Nots Acne Pore Deep Cleanser
    – Hibiskiss Natural Lipcolor in Coral

    GAMGLOW. Why you no in my bag hahaha. Was hoping for the mellow lipstick too, but well my bag aint the worse. Do like the bronzer, brush and the lip color.

  5. Smashbox X rated mascara
    Glamour dolls brush
    Clark’s botanicals marine cream
    Pacifica eyeshadow trio
    Soo Ae 3 sheet mask

    Starting a mascara shop in my home

    • Twins!

      • Me too!! My bag is purple… What color are yours? the masks look cool!

        • Quadruplets. Im getting purple

        • All of the glam rooms show the purple bag. That’s just the default picture. You won’t know which color you’re actually receiving until you get your bag. I’m hoping for the purple or the pink one!

      • Same exact bag

  6. I got:

    Purple bag
    Smashbox mascara
    Hanalei lip treatment
    INSPR eye fluff brush
    Hungry Hair Oil treatment
    Jelly Pong Pong Bronzer duo

    I am actually pretty excited about this bag! Iwould have loved a GlamGlow sample, but I have been pretty lucky with skincare recently so I am not too upset.

    I have been hoping for a lip scrub so I am thrilled about the Hanalei sample. I haven’t tried argon oil on my hair so the NYC sample is also a pleasant surprise. Honestly, I am always looking for more mascara samples since I tend to have sensitive eyes and am bothered by a lot of them, so the Smashbox sample will be well received. I can’t have too many brushes!

    The bronzer may be the only thing I don’t use in this bag.

    • Got the same exact items…not sure on the bronzer though

  7. Yay, I’m getting the spoiler item I wanted!

    – IT Cosmetics eyeliner
    – Pacifica shadow trio
    – Glamour Dolls Whale blending brush
    – Aurora nail polish
    – Epice hydrating mask (this is the only one I will not use)

    Not blowing me out of the water with how great it is like my April bag did, but I’m very pleased. And I’m also showing the purple bag.

  8. I like my bag this month:
    -Mellow Cosmetics creamy matte lipstick
    -3 Collagen Essence Sheet Mask Set
    -Glamour Dolls blending brush
    -Clark’s Botanicals smoothing marine cream
    -Smashbox x-rated mascara

    • Bag twins!

      • Make it triplets!! So excited to try the botanical cream.

  9. I seriously need to cancel my sub.
    Smashbox X-Rated Mascara (not again? I reviewed this!)
    Slmissglam small contour brush (I’ll try it)
    Hikari shimmer bronzer (I’ll try it)
    Hanalei lip treatment (nope)
    Epice hydrating mask (nope)
    My bags have been coming up short as of lately. I really wanted that glamglow or sheet mask of course but even if I got it I would still have to question my Ipsy relationship.

    • If you want to swap the gel nail polish for the hanalie lil treatment I would.

  10. Smashbox – X-Rated Mascara
    Pacifica – Natural Mineral Coconut Eye Shadow Trio
    BelláPierre Cosmetics – Nude Gel Lip Liner Pencil
    PEEK Beauty – nom nom natural lip plumping balm in Miracle
    Epice – Hydrating Mask

    • I have the same bag – not at all excited this month. The only things I will use are the mascara and the mask.

      Oh well, had two good months in a row and was due for a dud.

      • I’ll swap your liner pencil and peek for my set of 3 masks, fluff brush, and Clark’s cream.

  11. I am getting:
    Smashbox X-Rated Mascara
    IT Cosmetics No-Tug Waterproof Mini Gel Eyeliner
    Mellow Cosmetics Creamy Matte Lipstick (in Nude or Electro)
    INSPR Eye Fluff Brush
    FORMULA 10.0.6 Pores Be Pure Skin-Clarifying Mud Mask

  12. SMASHBOX X-Rated Mascara
    MELLOW Cosmetics matte lipstick in Nude or Electro
    HIKARI Cosmetics- Shimmer Bronzer
    EVA NYC Hungry Hair Oil Treatment
    HANALEI Lip Treatment
    Purple bag

  13. Pacifica eyeshadow – I got this in a target box awhile back
    Smashbox mascara
    Hilakari bronzer
    Lip balm

    I hate my bag. Except for the bag itself. I’m cancelling.

    • I’m cancelling too. Done with Ipsy for good.

  14. Smashbox X-Rated Mascara
    GlamGlow Supermud Clearing Treatment (surprised I got both of these? I thought it was just one, the other or the IT eyeliner?)
    Eva NYC Hair Oil
    Vera Mona Eye Smudging Brush
    BellaPierre Nude Gel Lip Liner (which I will never use in a million years)

    I did really want those masks, but I got face masks last month – so I can’t complain too much. 😀

    • I got the glam glow and smashbox mascara too.. I don’t Understand why we got both. I am excited though! Favorite bag so far!

      • There are two GlamGlow Products this month! The featured one and a different one! I am having some serious bag envy because I didn’t score any of the three face mud samples.

  15. Smashbox mascara
    BellaPierre nude lip pencil
    Hanalei lip treatment
    Vasanti Brighten up Exfoliating Cleanser
    Slmissglam small contour brush

    Not bad overall. I got two nude shade lip products in my last bag so that’s a little repetitive. Excited about the lip treatment, cleanser, and brush. I’m on mascara overload or I would be more excited about that.

    • I am on mascara overload as well. Mascara samples are practically in everything. In my Sephora favorites, in all the free gifts with purchase from makeup companies. I already have 4 brand new samples (not including the 2 currently in rotation on my dresser) Somehow getting a sample mascara is not exciting, as the companies practically give them away for free, which could be the case with Ipsy and why a majority of the subscribers got those in their bags.

      • I used to get sooooo excited about mascara in beauty boxes. I currently have NINE full sized “luxury” type brands I haven’t touched yet. I couldn’t possibly count the sample sized ones. It will take me two years to go through all this stuff! But….I can’t seem to make myself get rid of any of them. I think I have a problem. Lol

  16. Sounds like everyone is getting the same 8 or 9 products over and over and over, lol. Must have gotten a small supply of the other things. I really wanted the bag itself, but kinda glad I cancelled now. Ive realized that I get much more excited in wanting to see what I get/waiting for the delivery than in actually using the products. Feels too much like a gambling addiction now, lol.

    • I agree. I have seen only four people out of tons and tons of people getting glam glow, three of those people I have seen on this site. Their stock must be like eight.

    • Same

  17. i’m getting the pacifica eyeshadow trio…..eva nyc hair oil treatment….hikari shimmer bronzer ….organic pharmacy lip balm… and smashbox mascara…. i’ve always liked my bags it doesn’t take much to make me happy lol… i am overloaded on mascara but i haven’t tried this one yet so why not lol…. the only other thing i wanted to try was the lipstick but there is always next month i guess!!!!

  18. I am pretty happy about my box this month:

    – Smashbox X-rated mascara
    – Pacific eyeshadow trio
    – BellaPierre Nude Gel Lipliner (not crazy about it, but I’ll try it)
    – Eye smudger brush (though they just sent me one a few months ago)
    – Vasanti exfoliating cleanser

    I’m really excited to try the cleanser and the mascara and I will never say no to eyeshadow. Overall for $10, I’m very happy!

    • I’ve had that cleanser in a couple different subscriptions and I’ve got to say that’s one thing I don’t mind getting a duplicate of. I love it, it’s gentle but gets the job done making your skin so smooth. Enjoy it!

  19. I got mascara, bronzer, hair old, eyeshadow brush and lip balm. Purple bag, hoping to trade for pink or blue. I hate bronzers and hair oil so I reworked my profile. I’ll trade those or add them as extras in a swap.

  20. I really need that bag!!
    I’d love pink, but I could deal with purple… off to the swap board I go 🙂

  21. It looks like they are showing everyone with the purple bag. I got excited because purple is my favorite color…womp womp! This month I’m receiving:

    *Hikari Shimmer Bronzer
    *Smashbox X-Rated Mascara
    *The Organic Pharmacy Antioxidant Lip Balm
    *Eva NYC Hungry Hair Oil Treatment
    *Pacifica Coconut Eyeshadow Trio

    Of course I would have loved one of the GlamGlow products, but my Ipsy glambags never contain the more coveted items. Overall I am pleased with my May glambag. I was hoping for the Aurora Gel Effect polish in pink, because I loved the last polish I received from them in a glambag last summer. All in all I’m a just happy that I did NOT receive the Mellow Cosmetics lipstick. Ipsy LOVES to send me bright red lipsticks/stains although I am constantly giving lipstick and the shade red horrible reviews. Ipsy has definitely been improving for me the last few months, hopefully they keep it up 🙂

  22. I am overall pretty happy with my bag.

    Pacifica Eye Trio
    Collagen Sheet Mask, set of 3
    BellaPierre Nude Gel Lip Liner
    Smashbox X Rated Mascara
    Remarkable People Fragrance

    Not sure how many times I need to mark that I DON’T want fragrance – I’ve even emailed them to request no fragrance. Other than that, I’m happy with the bag. The one item I really wanted was the IT Cosmetics eyeliner. Fingers crossed I can swap for it.

  23. I guess all the bags are purple
    Hanalei lip Treatment
    Inspr Eye Fluff Brush
    Jelly Pong Pong Caribbean Sun Bronzer Duo
    Eva NYC Hungry Hair Oil Treatment
    SmashBox X-rated Mascara

    Not a great bag for me. Never checked off Mascara or Bronzers. And left the Hair Care fields all blank. I was hoping for a lipstick or lip liner. I guess I was bound to get a stinky bag sometime.

  24. oh, goodie. yet another mascara. ?

    • I’m so done with miniascaras or mascaras in general lol !

  25. I actually really like this bag …pacifica trio eyeshadow,peek lip balm ,lipliner,facemask and mascara. To me this ones a win. Even if i really wanted glamglow.

  26. Here’s what I got this month
    -Hikari Cosmetics Shimmer Bronzer
    -Crazy Rumors HibisKiss Natural Lip Color in Coral
    -Aurora Gel Effect Nail Polish
    -Vera Mona-Eye smudger brush
    -Smashbox X Rated Mascara

    It’s an okay box. I would have liked to get one of the skin care items though

  27. Because I have self-control issues, I have 2 ipsy accounts (1 new, so I should get the bonus eye shadow palette) and I’m getting:
    Hanelai Lip Treatment
    Eye fluff brush
    Jelly Pong Pong bronzer duo
    Eva Hungry Hair Oil treatment
    IT cosmetics black waterproof eyeliner

    In the other I’m getting:
    Pacifica Coconut Eyeshadow trio
    Glamglow Supermud (white). *****YAY YAY YAY*****
    NoTS Acne Pore Deep Cleanser
    Hikari Shimmer Bronzer
    Eye smudger brush

    Honestly, I am really excited. There are so many products I got that I wanted and am going to use and I desperately needed new eye shadow brushes (I know I’m in the minority). AND BEST OF ALL NO REPEATS!! Now I just need to be patient to see what color(s) bags I get.

    • Do your spoilers say purple? I have 2 accounts too. ?But I don’t want 2 purple bags. I want pink and blue. I think it will be my least fav bag.
      But I like all the goodies.
      I am a an Ipsy whore. Oh well. That’s why we are all here right????

  28. Purple Bag
    Smashbox Mascara
    Pacifica Natural Mineral Coconut Eye Shadow Trio
    Bella Pierre Nude Gel Lip Liner
    Hanalei Lip Treatment
    Eva NYC Hungry Hair Oil Treatment

    I’m not sure what to think about my bag. I have a Mally lip liner from last month’s Allure box that will take me forever to go through. Not sure if the Hanalei and Eva NYC items are good, anyone use those brands before?

    • I got the same exact bag. I’m very disappointed.

    • I got the Hanalei lip scrub a few months ago and I really like it… The texture is just like coconut oil with sugar in it, but it smells like lemons. Tastes good, too, if you accidentally get it in your mouth. I also really liked an Eva NYC product I’ve gotten in the past, but never got this hair oil product before so who knows?

    • The Mally liner is so pretty and lasts FOR-EVER but it’s chalky as something and the tip has broken twice in the past week.

    • I got the identical bag and am so disappointed…

  29. First time I like everything in my bag. So excited for this one.

  30. Thanks for the final nail in the coffin, Ipsy. Cancelled!
    May 2016 Glam Bag
    X-Rated Mascara
    Natural Mineral Coconut Eye Shadow Trio
    BelláPierre Cosmetics
    Nude Gel Lip Liner Pencil
    PEEK Beauty
    nom nom natural lip plumping balm in Miracle
    Hydrating Mask

    • That’s exactly what’s in my bag. I would have MUCH preferred Liz’s bag. Oh well…they rocked it out of the park last month for some…loose some….

  31. Omg I need that makeup bag!!!! It’s like a summary of the places I have traveled too and sights I’ve seen!!!! Live in NY… seen Christ the Redeemer in Rio..the elephants in Kenya…the eifel tower in Paris..Big Ben in London…the steps of the Mayan ruins…I’m going to thailand/cambodia in august with the Buddha!!! OMG someone swap me their bag please!!!!!]

  32. I’d been pleased with my Ipsy bags up to this point, but I’m getting the smashbox mascara and a fragrance sample – the two categories of products I did not check as being interested in! Obviously would have loved glamglow, but just about everything else would have been fine too! The collagen masks, hikari bronzer, and mellow cosmetics lipstick should be fine.

  33. -Smashbox mascara
    -Pacifica eyeshadow trio
    -Hanalei lip treatment
    -Formula 10.0.6 mud mask
    -Aurora nail polish

    I’m excited to try everything! My favorite things to get are masks, lippies, and nail polish. I usually only get one (if that) per bag, but this month I’m getting all three – as well as some other cool things! ?

  34. I got:
    Epice Hydrating Mask

    Pacifica Natural Mineral Coconut Eye Shadow Trio

    BelláPierre Cosmetics Nude Gel Lip Liner Pencil

    PEEK Beauty nom nom natural lip plumping balm in Miracle

    Smashbox Xrated mascara

    It’s an okay bag, happy I got more makeup products this time around, usually I always get a brush and nailpolish…which I don’t want.

  35. I’m getting the same items! At first I was like this kind of sucks, but then I looked at the other items and was like nope, what I got is definitely more me

  36. I’m getting:
    -Mellow Cosmetics Creamy Matte Lipstick
    -Avene Micellar Lotion Cleanser
    -Vera Mona Eye Smudge Brush
    -Aurora Gel Effects Nail Polish
    -Smashbox X-Rated Mascara

    I don’t need another mascara, and I don’t like the nail polish. But the rest seem promising. I am a little bummed that I didn’t get the GlamGlow, like most others.

    • I’m getting:
      -purple bag
      -Pacifica eye shadow trio
      -Bella Pierre nude gel lip liner
      -smash box mascara
      -Vera Mona eye smudge brush
      -Vasanti exfoliating cleanser.

      I got the cleanser previously in BB or ipsy, but I love it! I’m pretty happy over all. Excited to finally get an eye brush instead of face/blush brush.

      • I got the same exact bag and I’m happy to hear you liked the cleanser. I’m pretty excited about it!

  37. Purple bag
    Smashbox mascara
    Epice hydrating mask
    Peek nom nom lip balm
    Jelly Pong Caribbean bronzer duo
    Bellapierre gel lip liner in nude

    Really wanted the polish and Glamglow.

  38. I have the HibisKiss lip color in coral, the Jelly Pong Pong bronzer duo, the IT eyeliner, an eye smudger brush, and the gel effect nail polish in either neon pink or neon orange. Last month’s bag was SO good, and this month is so…blah. I have a 6mo subscription up in June, and I think I’d have to be really impressed by next month’s bag to keep it past then, especially now that I got in to PLAY.

  39. I’m really disappointed this month after a really great bag last month. I don’t need any more eye products & don’t have them listed in my profile but I got Smashbox mascara, Pacifica eyeshadow, & Hikari shimmery bronzer that are in shades that I probably wouldn’t wear as a bronzer but may be able to pull off as a highlighter or eyeshadow. Either way, I doubt it will go to use. I also got a perfume sample & a lip balm. I’m only excited about the lip balm to be honest since it’s organic. The rest will probably end up on swaps & I’ll likely cancel ipsy. I need to save some money for wedding stuff anyway so I might as well start small by canceling this.

    • Funny because I got all this except the cleanser instead of the perfume & I am super excited about this one!

  40. Purple bag (I think everyone’s is showing that one?), Henalei Lip Treatment, INSPR Eye Fluff Brush, Eva NYC Hungry Hair Oil Treatment, IT Cosmetics No-Tug Waterproof Mini Gel Eyeliner and Jelly Pong Pong Cosmetics Caribbean Sun Bronzer Duo.

    Not really interested in the eyeliner and I don’t use bronzer but the rest sounds ok.

    • I have the EXACT same! This is my first month subscribing and I’m a little disappointed. I am fully loaded on lippy’s and hair treatments. I re-took the profile questions and there is nothing in there that would indicate I need either of those, so I don’t know… Was hoping for skincare (GlamGlow!) and some makeup… Oh well.

      • It’s my first month as well! I have two teenage daughters and I figure that between us we should be able to find a home for most things.

    • I’m happy to swap the liner with you – that was the ONE item I really wanted, and of course did not get. Oh well.

      • I will use the liner. I won’t use the bronzer, lip treatment OR the hair oil! ☹️Really wanted a GlamGlow or one of the sheet masks!

    • I hope purple is just a generic spoiler but they send different colors. I want pink or blue.

  41. Does anyone know if we will be receiving the color of the bag that’s shown, or is it just a generic picture? Mine is showing as purple, and I would love that, but trying not to get my hopes up!

    On another note I could really do without getting the same brush over and over again, especially because I do not need brushes at all. Other than that, this bag is better than most that I have received so I’ll likely hang in for another month.

    • I agree – this is my fourth (!) eyeshadow blending brush from ipsy, and I’ve only been a subscriber since November.

  42. Underwhelmed. Will cancel now that I got Sephora’s Play. Keeping my Birchbox though.

  43. I think Liz got the one GlamGlow that they gave out. HA! That’s ok, you deserve it Liz! 🙂 Mine says I’m getting a three pack of sheet masks. If I get all three, that really rocks!

    • I believe you do get all 3 – I am getting those too and I’m happy.

  44. Here’s what mine is showing. Hopefully they are doing the purple bag for all, as I really want the pink! LOL!!! Also, really wanted a nail polish this month. Hopefully there are instructions because I have no idea about that brush LOL!

    Anyhow, here are the contents of my bag:
    Smashbox – X-Rated Mascara
    Hikari Cosmetics – Shimmer Bronze
    Epice – Hydrating Mask
    SOO AE – 3 Collagen Essence Sheet Mask Set
    INSPR – Eye Fluff Brush

  45. I’m getting the Smashbox mascara, the same sperm whale brush, the Mellow lipstick (not sure which color yet), a lip treatment, and an acne cleanser. I think the brush is really cute and I’m excited about the lipstick. I’m curious to try the mascara, but the Sephora reviews aren’t great. I also will use the lip treatment. I’ll probably swap the acne cleanser.

    My sister is getting the Smashbox mascara, the Hikari shimmer bronzer, the Vera Mona smudge brush, the hydrating mask, and Aurora Gel Effects nail polish.

  46. Oooh…you are one of the few who will get the Glamglow! And that brush! I’m sure that there nothing functionally special about it, but dude: it’s got little whales all over it!
    I’m getting:
    Smashbox X-rated mascara
    Pacifica eye shadow trio
    ‘Fluff’ eyeshadow brush (but no whales 🙁 )
    Clark’s Botanicals Marine Cream
    Collagen sheet mask trio

    This is a pretty good bag overall.

    • Bag twins 🙂

    • yep, same bag here! Checked some of the prices on the masks, and they have a retail value of 3 bucks each, so that’s 12 bucks right there!

  47. Omg you got the white Glamglow!!!! So. Jealous.

    No Glamglow for me, white or black. I’m getting the Smashbox mascara, which is probably what most of us will get. Also the Neutrogena color stick, Peek plumping lip balm, a brush, and the Epice hydrating mask. Pretty dang underwhelming. 😛

  48. I’m getting the Epice Hydrating Mask, Hikari Cosmetics Shimmer Bronzer, Vera Mona Eye Smudger Brush, Aurora Gel Effect Nail Polish in pink, and Smashbox X-Rated Mascara
    I really wanted the Mellow cosmetics lipstick in Nude but I’m overall content with the bag.

  49. I’m getting the same bag, a smahsbox xrated mascara, a small contour brush, Neutrogena color stick, PEEK little tin of lip plumper and a hydrating mask from epcie.

    I had wanted the glamglow but other than that this box is making me want to NOT cancel after all. LOL

    The color stick will be put up for swap but the other items I think I will actually use. Not sure about the little tin of lip plumper, I hate digging into tins or tubs as I get my nails done so they are kinda long.

  50. Purple bag:
    -Smashbox mascara
    -Epice hydrating mask
    -Biossance moisturizing concentrate
    -Hikari cosmetics shimmer bronzer
    -Slmissglam small contour w07 brush.

    Was hoping for the glam glow, toner, and chapstick. Still, not a bad bag for $10 🙂

    • Twins! This is only my second bag and I have very dry skin, so very happy for the Biossance and Epice. Also, unlike most people here I need some mascara! Very excited for my bag to come….

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