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Birchbox June 2016 Sample Choice Spoilers + Coupon!

Screen Shot 2016-05-23 at 9.04.10 AM

We have the sample choice spoilers for the June 2016 Birchbox! (May sample choice is on May 27th – or May 26th if you are Birchbox ACE, or you spend $25 in the Birchbox shop by May 24th.)

The option for sample choice is:

Screen Shot 2016-05-23 at 9.06.42 AM

Benefit Gimme Brow Volumizing Fiber Gel

You get to pick your shade (Light, Medium or Dark)

And here is the June 2016 featured box:

Screen Shot 2016-05-23 at 9.09.35 AM

Are you going with the sample choice or the curated box this month?

If you haven’t signed up for Birchbox yet:


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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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Comments (63)

  1. Does anyone know which color of the brow gel would be good for darker red hair?

  2. Can someone please explain to me how you pick your color? Is it based on how dark your eyebrows are? For example, if you have dark eyebrows do you pick the dark color? Or is this based on something else? I have never used this kind of product before. I literally only wear eyeliner.

    • I was told go a shade a bit lighter. My hair is dark brown but I get the medium shade to just fill in gaps.

  3. weird way to do it but I appreciate getting to pick a color out so I don’t end up with Joan Crawford brows hehe I might choose this because I’m a bit obsessed with brows right now and I’m pretty loaded down with everything else.

  4. I’ve tried Gimme Brow and don’t care for it. I’ll stick with my Anastasia BH products, tyvm.

    Guess I’m going with the curated box again. Fortunately, it looks pretty good!! Luuuuuurv Davines and that moisturizer is one of my favorites. … Of course, I lose out on the points for reviewing that product. That part sucks. At least there are six products to review.

  5. I was almost tempted by the curated box, until I saw that it had a Davines product. After receiving three Davines products last month and all of them smelling awful I have no desire to try that brand again..

    • But it also kinda sucks that the sample choice is just which color brow gel you want. I just bought a full size bottle, I don’t need more 🙁

      Maybe if I don’t pick anything (for the second month in a row), I won’t get the brow gel..

  6. If we don’t choose the curated box or the sample choice, will we get the brow product by default?

  7. I have 2 accts and I’m tempted to get the curated box on both so I can have 2 of the Davines Cleansing Nectar samples. I LOVE Davines. I think (and I might be wrong) that the PBJ stick is a different, lighter shade than the one we all received recently. As for the brow gel, I still might select it although I usually use Too Faced brow envy or on light makeup days I just do clear brow gel which works just fine for me.

    • The PBJ is a different color this time. I loved the Guava one from the last box and look forward to trying the Raisin the Roof color as well.

  8. My eyebrows are blonde but my hair is dyed strawberry blonde so I need brow products with a little red in them so that sample choice is a bust for me. Might do the curated box, not very exciting but at least the products are all useful.

  9. I’ll be going for the brow gel sample. I have thick dark brows and never thought I needed a brow product. Since I got a couple from sub boxes I tried them out and saw that they were very good for filling in small gaps while maintaining a natural look. I found that the tinted gels worked better for this. I am interested to see how the new formula compares with the old one that I received from Birchbox. The sample should last me a while as I only need a little bit for one application.

  10. I was wondering about the curated box. I used to be able to buy the curated box separately in addition to my regular bb, but in May you could only get the curated box with a $50 purchase.

    • I noticed that too. That was the first time I’ve seen that happen since I started subscribing last summer.

  11. Mmmm…May was my first month for Birchbox so I’m still trying to figure this subscription out. The whole box was a surprise and overall, I was not happy with it. So I don’t think I want to be surprised again. Lol. Plus I don’t see myself really enjoying a brow gel that much. I want to get a box I know I will enjoy and the curated one looks decent to me. Even if the samples are as tiny as my May box, I know I will have fun with the eye shadow stick and the lippie

    That Pixie palette I got for signing up this month is awesome by the way. It at least made my disappointing box worth it.

    • Same here, May was my first box and I hated it. I know people love their site but I don’t think it’s user friendly at all, I never have any idea what I’m doing on it or how to work it…maybe I’m just dumb but I have no problem on any other sub boxes site. I wanted the curated box last month but couldn’t find the option…maybe because I was a late sign up?
      I did love the Pixi eyeshadow and it also made me feel better about paying $10 for rediculously small samples.
      This month will be my last if it doesn’t get better.

      • Birchbox Aces get priority in selecting samples/curated boxes followed the next day by everyone else. It’s not uncommon for choices to be out of stock by the time you get to select. It sounds like you were trying to select before your window opened. In that case you wouldn’t find a way to select because it didn’t yet exist for you. You only have to earn 500 points to become an Ace. You earn at least 50 (sometimes more depending on how many samples you receive) points/month so you hit Ace status in under a year (10 months). You can also earn points with purchases, for each dollar spent as well as bonus point purchase promos. Once you’re an Ace you pretty much have your pick of samples. I manage my Mom’s account and she isn’t an Ace yet but I’ve had decent luck getting her choice each month this year so far.

        I wouldn’t drop BB after one month because you’ve already earned $5 in points and after your second month you’ll have $10 you can use (so long as you review your items each month). That makes the second month essentially free. The BB shop pricing is identical to Sephora and Ulta so you can buy something you planned to get elsewhere using the credit.

        The site really is pretty user friendly and that’s coming from a truly technologically impaired person here. I think you were just looking for something that wasn’t there at the time you searched. Aces select on the 27th of the month and everyone else on the 28th. Just try to remember to select as early on the 28th as possible to maximize your chances of getting your first choice.

  12. I canceled birchbox about 2 months ago & seeing the Brow sample choice I seriously considered re-activating my sub, but honestly one great sample choice is not enough to have me go back to the tiny samples (although the point system continues to be one of the best in the sub world). I rather try to swap for it

  13. VERY excited for the brow gel! I usually use Anastasia powder but I’m going on a 2-week trip and I’m bringing very minimal makeup – BB cream, a Dinoplatz cushion blush, mascara and brow gel (which I don’t yet have), so this is perfect! Gotta have my brows on point in my vay cay photos! 🙂

  14. I’ll probably go with the curated box, although I may just let them surprise me. Does anyone know if we’ll be able to choose which color Loc shadow stick we want, or if it’s arbitrary?

    • They’ll send one of the two at random. That’s what they did with a Laura Geller blush a few months back.

  15. I love Gimme Brow but they sent it in my September box so II won’t get points if I get it. So I guess I’ll be getting the curated box. The sample choice box is so much prettier though.

    • Since this is the “new” Gimme Brow I’m fairly certain it will register as a new product, and you’ll be able to get review points for it.

      Also, I’ve chosen selected samples I’d already received many times and have _never_ missed out on review points. Either I’m simply able to review it like normal, or if the system won’t let me leave a review, I dash off a 2 minute email to CS and they award me the appropriate points.

    • Actually, this is a new formula so it might count as a different sample. I’d email support about it to confirm.

    • I think you will get points for it. I wanted to look at the color options so I looked up gimme brow on their site, and they have the new version and the old version listed. Hope this helps 🙂

    • Thank you. I chatted them and they said I could review it for new points. Makes my decision much harder!

  16. Nothing here appeals to me aside from the PB&J stick, so I think I’ll be skipping this month.

  17. I am excited for the brow gel & have already received the PB&J lip smoothie stick (which I love!) so I am definitely going with the sample choice. Then I am going to TRY to be surprised by the rest of the box when it comes… not sure if I can do it though 🙂

    • Did you get that color? Just wondering cause I liked the formula on “Guava” and would love to try other colors be nice to know if all colors behave relatively the same. Sometimes darker colors work but lighter ones don’t or other way around ya know?

      • Actually I got the Guava. Now I want both boxes so I can get the other color… If you have FB they did a FB live the other day and you can see the color on one of the girls. It’s $15 to buy alone so $10 for the box is definitely a way better deal. Hopefully it’s available in the store.

  18. I want to sign up for June. What day does it switch from May to June?

    • Wait until tomorrow. I got the email saying today is the last day for May in my deactivated account.

      • Thank you I was wondering the same thing!

      • Thank you!

      • I may have misled everyone. I’ve been trying to resub and every time I click on the page I get the May banner. This afternoon I sent them an IM and they suggested waiting until May 27, which means missing sample choice. Then they said, okay try tomorrow. I don’t know if that will work either. Maybe I should just send them an actual email. I don’t really want another May box.

  19. I’ll take the curated box, and gift the Nuxe to some unsuspecting, innocent soul.

    • What’s wrong with the Nuxe? I haven’t heard of it before but it sounds like there’s a story there.

      • I am curious too! I’ve enjoyed the Nuxe products I have used before…

      • If it’s the same cleanser I got before, it is very heavily scented. Very. Way too much fragrance that close to my nose and eyes. I ended up using it as body wash.

      • It felt like I was washing my face with honey, made my face feel sticky afterward. For me to feel my face is clean, I have to feel no residue after cleansing. If you are planning to use this as a makeup remover or as a first step in a double cleanse routine, maybe this will work fine for you.

      • Exactly. Sticky, yucky honey.

  20. Wish we were getting one of the other new products from Benefit. Gimme Brow has been around forever, it just looks like they are changing the shades from light/medium and medium/dark to light, medium, or dark.

    • Is this the same formula as the gimme brow mascara? I’ve read good reviews about that but I’m not so sure about the “volumizing gel” part of this product. I’m low maintence so this might be too much makeup for me to handle. But I’d like to try it if it’s badically the same as the brow gimme mascara!

      • I could be wrong but I think it’s just an updated version of the already existing Gimme Brow. It looks like all they changed is the packaging and the shades. It is a great product though, I’ve been using it for about a year!

  21. The curated box looks great but I’ve already received three of the products so it doesn’t make much sense for me. I’m guessing every person will receive the brow gel even if you don’t select your shade? I’m kinda bummed also that there is just that one choice.

  22. I usually base my decision a little bit on which box design I like better, and I am absolutely in love with the sample choice box! I really like the contents of the curated box too, plus that design is super cute, so I’ll probably try to get both as well.

  23. I’m excited! I think I’ll go for the Gimme Brow, but I think the curated box also looks great. May was actually a great month for me, too.

  24. Much better month than last! I think I’ll get both.

  25. Does anyone know if the curated box will be offered for sale on the website this month?

    • Wrote CS an email and was told it will be offered as a free gift with purchase, same as last month. Looks like no more purchasing it separately.

  26. Curated box. I already have the Smoothie stick but everything else looks interesting. I have way too much brow gel.

    • I got the Guava color of the PBJ last month and am super excited that they are sending out the other color this month! You still get points for reviewing when it’s a different color, right?

      • Yes. At least, I always have.

  27. Last month was a dud for me, but I’m excited for the brow product. It’s a new frontier of makeup for me and this product looks perfect for me and has good reviews. Thanks, birchbox!

  28. Getting both! I have terrible brows so am looking forward to trying the Benefit. And I think the curated box looks great – I love the LOC pencils, so new color! Yay! And the PBJ lip pencil looks like a great color for me. This month looks like a win!!

  29. The curated box for sure! I’ve never sampled any of those products so it would be nice to get something “new” for a change. The sample choice is not interesting to me as I’m on brow gel overload from sample boxes lately.

  30. Ugh, I don’t do my brows, so only having that option is pretty lame. At least if it was a brow pencil then I could experiment or use it for special occasions. My first instinct was to go for the curated box, but I’m just not feeling it, plus I love the box for the surprise samples. I wonder what the chances of getting the brow gel are if you just don’t pick anything? I feel like I see it a lot on here where people don’t choose cause they don’t like the offered samples, but get them anyways. Oh well, they cant all be winners

    • I can’t believe I’m defending them giving one choice, as I think that sucks…but for the opposite reason (I want a product I don’t have yet!).

      Here is why tinted brow gel, the new ones that fill out sparser brows are awesome for anyone reading and on the fence. Instead of the older clear gels a lot of us initially used years ago to set brows after using a pencil etc to fill in when overplucking was the fad, this stuff clings to your brows and fills them in while looking pretty natural, I actually like the Benefit one I used previously (I use Anastasia Brow Dip now, as being a dark redhead the other colors looked a little off). A good matching brow voluminizing fiber gel, a coat of mascara, a swipe of some lip product and you are good to go for a natural but put together look. If all I can do when I hop out of the shower, where I’ve likely washed my face fast in there, is moisturize and put on some BB cream are those 3 steps, I’m content with how I look for the day. I used to way overpluck my eyebrows and decided to finally embrace the whole Cara Delevigne big brow look. It might just be me but I think eyebrows change the way your face looks a lot and stuff like this is an easy way to look like you put in a ton of time but didn’t actually have to.

      • I wasn’t going to choose and hope (and pray) I didn’t get the gimme brow since I don’t really do anything with my brows but you just may have talked me into getting that so I can try it! haha!

      • Me too Dani!! =) What a great review!

  31. The Davines cleansing nectar is ahhh-mazing (just finished my second bottle of it) but that’s about all that interests me from the curated box. Tried the Nuxe before and had to use a different cleanser just to remove it from my face. I will definitely be choosing the brow gel, I’m curious about it anyway.

    • Someone in another comment said they were going to give the Nuxe away. That kind of makes me not want the curated. That and the fact that I already have air repair and the PBJ stick. I have several LOC crayons though not technically those colors. If all I want/need is the Davines product maybe I’d be better off just picking a brow product.

      • Maybe you can just swap for the Davines (I’m going to try to swap for one for my travel bag). I think even if the Gimme Brow is the same as the old one, it’ll also be a good size to travel with.

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