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Allure Beauty Box June 2016 Spoiler #3 + Coupon!

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Allure Beauty Box Spoilers

We have another spoiler for the June 2016 Allure Beauty Box!ย (Thanks, Nancy!) Each box will include:

Screen Shot 2016-05-31 at 8.45.52 AM

Kardashian Beauty Cabana Bronze Matte Bronzer

Screen Shot 2016-05-27 at 9.29.24 AM

Klorane Shampoo with Mango Butterย and:

Screen Shot 2016-05-26 at 4.13.02 PM

A Leader Cosmetics Sheet Maskย (Value $6)

What do you think of the latest June 2016 Allure Beauty Box spoiler?

This box is regularly $15 a month, but you can use this link to save $5 off your first box.

Check out our reviews of past Allure Beauty Boxes to see what you can expect with this subscription!

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. My bank account has not be charged yet. It’s strange, usually by the first of the month they have taken their payment…

    • Mine hasn’t either but I made sure my account was still active. I’m guessing they changed how they are doing things now.

    • It looks like Allure has updated the FAQ section on their website to reflect this. It now says that your credit card will be charged within 7 days of the box being shipped.

      • Good to know! Mine hasn’t been charged either. I like when subs have a set day when they bill accounts. Then I know there is no problem.

  2. I still think this box was better when it was Sample Society. I had it from day 1 until the switch over- Allure screwed up my account and I had just discovered Memebox so I did not bother with it. I tried to resub last month and THAT got screwed up too!

    The May fiasco would have NEVER happened with Sample Society. Tony or Pam in CS at Beauty Bar would have sent out the moon! I’ve never liked the Allure boxes as much and the hassle isn’t worth it.

    • That is funny! And, unfortunate. Now That you mention it the packaging/label is pretty lackluster compared to what they represent.

      I swear for every person who claims to hate the Kardashians there must be 100s who love them. I’m looking forward to the bronzer simply because I have been addicted to bronzer since I was 15, waaaaay before it was cool. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. I wonder how many of us put our accounts on vacation for June? If this thread is any indication.. yikes..

    • So far, I am not happy with the June box. After the way they screwed up the May box they should have made this one super . So far it sucks ! May be time for me to move on !

  4. Why is June box only come with 3 products and others come with 6+ or are those just some of the products

    • This is just 3 included in the box. There will be more.

    • Eeks, did you hear that these are the only products this month? I’m hoping Allure monitors this thread and announce tomorrow that they MUST score an amazing product to kick off their summer boxes!

  5. I have so much bronzer after the past months I could change the color of my entire body. (and so much sea salt spray I could make a Yeti beach ready.)

    • The Yeti comment was priceless I really laughed out loud!

    • I wish there was a like button on here.

      • I thought the exact same thing earlier today! ?

    • That was my thought when I saw I was about to get yet another bronzer. I’d almost rather have another black eyeliner. At least I’d eventually use the eyeliner.

    • Don’t forget all the mascara we get

  6. This will be my fifth box from allure ,and I’ve loved everyone of them.I especially love the mini perfumes they’ve had.Allure was the third beauty box I signed up for and I haven’t been disappointed yet.Keep the goodness coming allure .Im not going to cancel just because of the famous K name.Futhermore I won’t be throwing anything in the trash that someone else in the world would love to have ( women’s shelters ,family ,friends ect)

    • Thank you Toni for showing some sensibility. I hope others take note: if there is a product that you are not particularly keen on or don’t want to support/use, simply pass it along. There are many others in need (or want) that would be happy to receive beauty, hygiene, clothing items, etc. Think about the joy it will bring others instead of your own distaste, tossing it into the trash. I save up a few products and then either gift or donate them and friends and family love the little collections I put together for them that weren’t the best fit for me.

      • I gave my closest friend a box of really nice things that I knew would be perfect for her. I used a birchbox that I put a coordinating beautiful foil label over the birchbox logo and put her name on it. I have a box of other nice things put aside for the woman’s shelter. I don’t throw anything out unless it’s something I’ve tried and don’t like. I didn’t like the color of last month’s nail polish. She loved it for her summertime toes!

        • Awesome,there is always someone who will treasure what we don’t love ,it’s a shame to just throw things out based on the name

    • Great point. This box is $15 and a great deal. Between the monthly Beauty Box and the seasonal Beauty Thrills box, I always have something to go to the local women’s shelter. Every time I get a gift with purchase, or a free sample, if it’s something I won’t use it goes in the give-away bag. Lipsticks, eye shadows, soaps, deodorant, hairspray, even perfume. Someone will use it, doesn’t matter what it is.

  7. Well this is disappointing – I don’t care for bronzer or Kardashians.

    I’ll end up giving this to a friend.

  8. I’m excited to try something from the Kardashian makeup line. This will be my first allure box, I love trying new products

    • Me too,trying new and unique products is the reason I signed up for all this madness

  9. So far, I’m a little meh on this particular box, however with that said, I am happy to get a face mask (I love those things!),

    I never thought I’d ever try a Kardashian anything! But that’s what I like about these boxes – access to try different products without breaking the bank, and maybe in the process, taking me out of my comfort zone a little. Seems like a fairly neutral product, so I’ll give it a go.

    I’ve never had an Allure box that I hated (I’ve been subbed for about a year) so I’m sure the other items will be on par to their normal standard of offerings (not just any ole lippy item or mascara.) ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. I am just disgusted with Allure’s bizarre customer service practices. I did not receive May(no biggie) and tried to cancel today(as I am moving). I was informed by CS, that I would be receiving June, July and August boxes(and would have to pay for them and they would be sent to the old address )because the labels have already been printed?? What nonsense. I don’t have to give allure 90 days notice to cancel my sub. Any advice? I know some of the Allure reps are lovely and some are horrible. There really is no benchmark with this company. By the way, I have been with Sample Society for years before it was taken over by Allure–it has always been run badly. I can’t log into my account as it is not recognizing my email address.

    • That’s absurd. I would call them back and hope you get a different and more sympathetic rep. If not, I’d tell them that it’s their choice, they can cancel your subscription as of today or you will be taking it up with your credit card company. Most companies will go out of their way to avoid chargebacks.

  11. For what it’s worth, the bronzer is on sale at Ulta for 8.99 and has pretty good reviews. Their name does not dictate the usability or quality. It is what it is.

    • Totally agree.

      • I would agree, but I did receive a hair product from their line that was heavily scented and very ineffective, so not optimistic about this item. I also tend not to purchase celebrity endorsed products, regardless of the celebrity, because so much of the product cost goes into the endorsement that you can generally get a better quality product for less. I love Allure boxes, but this box isn’t their best.

    • Yes, this is true
      I have one of their blushes and it is really nice!

  12. So far June isn’t living up to the buzz factor of May, but honestly that’s probably not a bad thing since it became so contentious. I’m liking the looks of this box so far. I like that it’s a matte bronzer, and appears fairly neutral and not too orangey, or too dark. I’m just barely dipping a toe into some light contouring and this looks like it might be good for that.

  13. I’m so so on this box. It’s not the best but May will be hard to beat. The thing I dislike the most is the Kardashian product. I go out of my way to avoid news, programs, products with their name on it but I have an Allure subscription. This product will NOT come into my house however. Not that it matters to them, of course, but I will open it outside and toss it straight into the trash. It may seem wasteful but at least I will feel good about not supporting anything with their name on it.

    • Ditto!

    • I can see your point, but you already bought the box, tossing it before it enters your house isn’t going to make much of a difference, is it?
      I don’t like them, either, but that’s why I’m canceling for at least this month. It all seems ‘meh’ or straight up ‘ew’ to me!

    • It IS wasteful. Please consider giving it to someone who would get use from it, instead of throwing it away. Or heck, swap it even, for something you really want.

    • Lin, why don’t you contact Allure and skip this month? That will make a point. Throwing it away will not.

    • Seems a bit dramatic. Give it to someone. Some of us don’t care about the name slapped on the packaging, but rather the quality, and who knows, this might be a product that works well for many.

  14. I like the sheet mask, can deal with the shampoo, but don’t use bronzers and can’t stand the kardashians. So, as Meatloaf would say (and yes, I’m dating myself) two out of three ain’t bad.

  15. Kardashian anything, no…just no. They need to go away.

    • Preach it, sister. Just gross and attention addicted!

  16. I don’t like anything Kardashian and had no idea they had this makeup line. I once accidentally bought sinful colors because of the price and the selection. Then I found out it was a Kylie brand. Oh well, I got a color I liked. I don’t do bronzers or the K products, but others do. Everyone wanted to cancel last month but then didn’t. Now, on the last day of the month, and only 3 spoilers out people are again saying they want to cancel. But what if it’s too late? My bank account is debited on the 1st. I imagine the electronic debit is already in the works. So then what? Dispute a charge that you had already agreed to? Dispute it because you didn’t agree to what was in the box? It’s a roll of the dice with these boxes. All of the people can’t be pleased all of the time. I will get my box, gift the bronzer to someone who would like it and move on

  17. just put mine on hold as well. can’t stand the kardashians.

  18. I love Allures beauty boxes! This will be my third month and I am beyond ecstatic and extremely pleased. For those who are disappointed, cancel and move on. That will free up boxes for others who can appreciate them. The chosen box items are truly lovely. Thank you Allure!…for introducing me to fine beauty products and keeping me up-to-date on new items on the market. I stay busy with work/business and find it hard to keep up. I look forward to receiving my June box!

  19. So far, nothing is grabbing me but I’m not going to cancel. Will I use the shampoo? Yes! Will I try the mask? Yes and I hate sheet mask. Will I try the bronzer? Yes though I’m picky about the shade. I’m ending my second year with Allure and it’s probably my favorite box. I subbed for a year to Boxycharm and really wish I hadn’t.

  20. I have just suspended my account. Can’t use the shampoo or the bronzer. Actually, I’m so pale that bronzers just make me look like I’m trying to be a different race…..

  21. I just don’t understand why some people get so upset over boxes that don’t live up to their expectations every month! If you don’t like the box then don’t subscribe! Allure had a phenomenal box in May and it sucks that a lot of people missed out on that. It is over though, it’s time to put your big girl panties on and get over it! If you are looking for a $15 box to have $40 items in it every month… I have news for you it’s not going to happen. Allure on average I feel has a great mixture and definitely worth the $15 most months!

    • preach girl

      • ????

    • isn’t this forum to share our honest reviews, thoughts, and opinions on subscription boxes? why are you shaming those who are doing exactly that? this box may be worth more than $15 to some, and may not to others. I personally don’t see the value, so I commented on that. What is wrong with it? If no one can give their thoughts on these boxes, shouldn’t almost all comments on this forum be removed?

      it’s great that you see $15 value in most months, awesome, thank you for sharing that. others who don’t feel that way shared their thoughts too.

    • Don’t be silly, we can like Allure overall and still hate the June spoilers, which I do. Those two things are not mutually exclusive. Those of us who dislike this month’s box are not whiners, we dislike it for many reasons. So far, I can’t use any of these products. There goes half the box for me. Most months Allure is a great box, I completely agree, but I suspended my account until the end of June as I will not be able to use fully half the items in June’s box, according to these spoilers, and I just can’t justify the waste. Better it goes to someone who will use the products. Maybe a newbie will actually get a box this month because I suspended mine. Hey, I’m a hero, hehehe! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Time to put the big girl pants on and adjust your expectations to accommodate the following: 1). not everyone is going to think exactly the way you do; 2). you will sometimes encounter opinions different from your own; and 3). opinions that deviate from your own have a right to be expressed in a public forum.

      • Yeah, but wasn’t she just expressing her own thoughts, opinions, too? If you can, she can

        • I think Jay is trying to say that maybe we should please keep the topic about how we feel about the box or the company, not about how we feel about the people posting.

        • Remind me of where I said she (or anyone) couldn’t express an opinion. I love opinions, and I have many of them. I’m all for people expressing their opinions. If you read what I wrote, no where did I attempt to silence anyone, or tell them they are not allowed to express their opinion in a public forum. Rather, I said to expect diverse opinions in public discussions.

          Unfortunately, there are several on this thread who seem inordinately troubled when someone expresses an opinion that differs from their own, to the extent they feel compelled to write a comment about WHY these differing opinions should NOT be expressed (“just don’t subscribe!” “I don’t understand why people complain!” “Just cancel and move on!”). This “complain-shaming” is an attempt to silence – it invalidates what the other person has to say, and does not really offer any helpful advice – perhaps the unhappy subscriber can’t “just cancel” because of a pre-paid year sub, or there are other factors we aren’t privy to.

          Folks will like the box, hate the box, like some of box and hate other parts, or like some months better than others. All of those feelings and opinions are equally valid. My hope is that, in the interest of civil discourse, people can express their opinions here without feeling a need to simultaneously invalidate someone else’s opinion.

      • Exactly!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • YASSS. The negative comments on here are OVERWHELMING.
      You’re mad that the $15 box doesn’t have a huge RV? You refuse to use a product because its branded by a family you hate but have never met?
      Get a grip!
      I understand disappointment, but if you’re that sensitive maybe subs aren’t for you.

    • It’s not about getting “upset.” It’s about choosing rather you would like to spend your money on a box, based on the spoilers they release. These boxes are not free gifts so I do not feel obliged to be grateful Allure is giving me something every month. The same as I’m not grateful the grocery store gave me something after I’ve paid them, I choose what I want to purchase. This is not some wrongful sense of entitlement, this is a product being bought and paid for and therefore the customer has a right to choose if it is something they would like to spend their money on or not. Also, the point of this forum is top express opinions on these spoilers. It actually asks us to do exactly that in the article. I just don’t understand how some people don’t understand that.

      • Well said, Christina. I think perhaps we’ve come to a point in society where it’s not uncommon for people to perceive a differing opinion or feeling as an attack on their own opinion or feeling. But that is an issue well beyond the scope of this blog.

      • I think your analogy is flawed. The purpose of the boxes is getting new things. Different things. Things you may not have tried before. With some boxes you don’t know what you are getting till you receive it. The purpose of buying things at the grocery store is you pick and choose exactly what you want and at a price you are willing to pay. Either way, before you pay for the product you understand and agree to the terms of buying said product. It’s not conceivable to expect the boxes to be full of products you want each and every month. I’m not sure any of us are “grateful” to the company, however we should be grateful we have the money to indulge in ourselves. I have a large bag of products I won’t use and haven’t opened. I will be donating them to a woman’s shelter.

        • My logic is hardly flawed. It is my money to spend as I please. I am very selective about which subscriptions I keep and those that provide no spoilers do not make that cut because I want to have a feel for what I am purchasing. Also, there is a huge difference between products I have not tried and those I would never try. I am all for trying new things but I am not obliged to buy a subscription that contains products I know that I do not want. Also, rather I suspend over one spoiler or every spoiler released, it is my decision as to rather the box is of value to me. Clearly Allure understands this, hence the reason they have a suspend option instead of just having customers cancel if they do not want or are unable to get the box for that month. How can you honestly even debate that?

    • People do, in fact, have differing opinions on things. There’s nothing you can do about that.

  22. Seeing a Kardashian product is surprising but not a deal breaker. Don’t use bronzers anyway. Will go in my giveaways. Allure boxes are pretty good IMO. Their bad months are still better than some others good months.

  23. I suspended mine too. I took the money and bought some sheet masks I had been eyeing, since that was the spoiler I was excited about. ๐Ÿ™‚ I just can’t stand the thought of supporting anything involving the Kardashians. As soon as I saw this spoiler, I knew this month was not for me. Still love Allure and will probably be back next month, as long as they have something to be excited about.

  24. So many complaints, this will be my 3rd Allure box since joining in April, and every box so far has been excellent, Im hoping for a fragrance, another lipstick and nail polish and I will be a happy customer.

    • People are complaining because overall this box is terrible. Kardashian cosmetics?? Seriously?

      I am glad for you that you like it, but it is perfectly fine NOT to like it and perfectly fine to complain.

      • I’m with you on the complaints thing. I’ve gotten this box for the past 4 months and have really enjoyed it. Worst case, it’s not your thing and cancel. It’s rather inexpensive and the value has been there. If you aren’t into getting random items then just save money and buy your favorites outright. ๐Ÿ™‚ Best case, you get some products that you may not have picked up otherwise and end up loving

      • There will always be people that have to complain plain and simple, You dont like what Allure is offering cancel it, You think they care they have plenty of happy customers.

        • People are mad because Allure flat out lied to its customers. Allure will care when they lose all their business to Ipsy and Sephora, which are both $5 cheaper . If they had just sent out an email on 4/28 or whenever they realized the May box was oversold, I wouldn’t have cared. Instead they didn’t say anything, letting everyone figure it out on their own. If you called they offered consolation boxes to stay on for June. Only a fraction of these promises were actually filled. I’m glad I cancelled. The whole point of subs is to try new brands, not a bunch of stuff I could easily find at Ulta. My June play spoilers blows this out of the water.

          • What is wrong with Ulta? They carry so many brands. A number of which I can’t afford.

          • Honestly, the June Play! spoilers are all things I have either tried or gotten for free(!) from Ulta!

      • This box looks good for a $15 box, the shampoo and sample would make up for it…. but honestly don’t want a Kardashian anything in my collection. Thinking of suspending this month. Until I saw it in the comments, didn’t know you could suspend it for a month. Thought I would need to cancel if I didn’t want a box so good to know we can just suspend it. Always like a box better & more willing to keep it when it has the suspend feature.

      • Exactly!

    • My thoughts exactly, Lisa! I have really enjoyed the past three Allure boxes. I definitely feel as though my $15 spent is justified. I would be soooo happy with another great perfume mini and nail color. Fingers crossed;)

      • Love Love the perfume mini’s so darn cute

  25. I am so disappointed with this whole May box fiasco and I am not wowed by June’s spoilers. I am really thinking about cancelling. ๐Ÿ™

    • I cancelled because I am appalled that Allure would support the Kardashian brand, especially since they are in a legal dispute with their beauty line. Is this how their legal fees will be paid???

  26. ewww….think about can canceling just because of the Kardashian product. Don’t care if its the best bronzer on the planet, hate the thought of owning anything with their name on it. This is a stab in the eye after last months debacle.

    • Totally agree. I’m so happy I cancelled after the May fiasco instead of waiting til June. Very unimpressed and I in no way shape or form ever want to support the Kardashians

      • Just found the suspend feature, so think I’ll suspend instead of canceling. Think actually looks like a good month just don’t want any Kardashian in my stash. Overreacted a bit in my earlier post but seeing their product pop up got me eyerolling. Hope this is the one and only time they offer any of their products.

    • AGREED!

  27. I think it looks like a good mix of things so far. ?

  28. I was disappointed with the sheet mask spoiler at first, but apparently it’s like the holy grail of sheet masks, so..I’m up to try it. I have to admit (like everyone else) I’m on bronzer overload after getting one in fabfitfun, ipsy, and birchbox. I actually kind of dig the graduated effect of the bronzer to illuminator. Worst case scenario, this would make a beautiful eyeshadow combo. I hated bronzers a few months ago since I’m so pale, but after learning how to use them to contour, I’m HOOKED. Anxious to see the rest of the spoilers – I am really hoping for another fun nail polish. The greenish one from last month’s box was so pretty!! All in all, Allure always makes their boxes well worth the $15 so no complaints.

    • There are a ton of great sheet masks out of Korea, so if you don’t like Leaders (and as a K-beauty junkie I don’t agree Leaders is the HG; for me, it is all about ingredients!), don’t let it turn you off!

    • I need to learn that too! I am fair skinned and even the cult fav Benefit Hoola Bronzer makes me look like a orange clown . (And I put it on with a good bronzer brush very lightly ) I subscribe to lots of the popular boxes so I have a ton of bronzers…. Sitting there mocking me… Have tried to learn on you tube … But they all start by assuming the watcher knows the basics, which I know little about any make up and am trying to learn. Any tips ? Where did you learn contouring ? I want to use all my new make up but am intimidated by most of it ! Thank you for any advice !?!

      • Stephanie Lange has a tutorial that really turned bronzers around for me. If you search on Youtube with keywords pale skin and her name you’ll find the video pretty easily. I don’t know if you can insert links here or I’d put it. I just brush a light line (at a diagonal under my cheekbones going down at a slant) – the mistake I was making before is trying to use bronzer like a blusher in a big area which looks horrible on me. I put the bronzer line directly below my blush as an accent and it really makes your cheekbones pop! I also run a thin line down each side of the bridge of my nose, and blend out kind of behind the sides of my nostrils. I also do a little line across my nose which I learned in her video and LOVE that trick. You can do all of this under your setting powder if you want to tame down the color.

  29. You can suspend your subscription. I just did. I had to discontinue as of today, and resume at the end of June. Let’s see what happens. I agree-no money to that trashy K-bunch.

  30. This box still looks terrible after the May box. I almost signed up for May, but didn’t. Thank god! I feel bad for everyone who signed up to get the box and didn’t. I thought June’s might be good too, but I hate the whole Kardashian brand, wouldn’t use anything with their name on it, I don’t like bronzers either and the Klorane shampoo I’ve received in a bunch of boxes already. I think I’m just getting burned out on beauty boxes all together, nothing is new or exciting anymore.

  31. Does anybody know if you can use bronzer as eyeshadow? Disappointed with all the spoilers so far. I can give away the mask and shampoo but don’t know anyone who could use the bronzer.

    • sure I use bronzer for eyeshadow all the time without issue

    • I use bronzers as eyeshadows, and eyeshadows as bronzers/highlighters all the time!

  32. Oh hell no… I ain’t paying a dime into that awful family. (canceling now)

    • I agree- unfortunately, i have an annual subscription ๐Ÿ™

      • Not sure if it’s past the cut-off date, but log into your account and see if you can suspend for this month! (Probably only can do this if you haven’t got a shipping label created yet.) Set suspension for today’s date, and then turn that feature off after the the first spoiler for July so you know the June boxes are gone. ๐Ÿ™‚

  33. Bummer as soon as I saw the name Kardashian it was a no buy for me. I won’t buy anything with that name! Maybe next month!

  34. I am getting very sad with these spoilers. I don’t use masks, bronzer or shampoo. I am a pale girl with sensitive skin and I wash my hair with conditioner. This box is going to be such a total bust for me. Maybe I’ll just put the entire box on the swap site.

    • I’m with you on that. I use masks but the US ones sometimes have things my sensitive skin can’t take.

  35. Well, so far nothing overwhelming at all. I won’t even gift the bronzer because of the brand. Straight to the trash. Can’t win them all. Still I can use the other two and they can’t all be amazing boxes…LOL

  36. Kardashian bronzer? That is the big draw? Haha! I’m really wondering what is going on over there at Allure if this is their way of pulling people back in after this month. It’s really too bad they oversold May. That should have been an amazing, subscriber-hooking box. And no matter how good that bronzer is, I can’t justify having a product in my house from the family that has single-handedly birthed us into the era of Idiocracy.

    • Hey at least it’s not the only bad product in the box. Wow a cheap mask and a overpriced shampoo Lol! I’ve heard all the “k-family” beauty products are bad! If it’s so bad they have to give it away in a beauty box for $15 it makes sense. We don’t see the “k-family” makeup artists using the stuff they turn out. Wonder why? These boxes are always on and off. One month it’s amazing the next it’s junk. I truely think all beauty boxes are ONLY worth what you pay for them! Did you see sephoras May box? Wow what a joke and really only worth $10 no matter how much anyone wants to say a tiny product is worth if it’s bad it’s not worth anything so stick it in a box to get rid of it. Lol. I stay because sometimes it’s worth it at $15 last months was great before that they forgot a product in 2 of my boxes and the free red carpet box was pretty nice. They do seam to fill them up at least compared to others. Nun of these boxes are ever worth more than the box to me except the May allure. That was shocking! I think they where taking a hit because of bad customer service and missing products so throw out a really good box to get attention. That’s why they are so cheap in my opinion. You may find one treasure that’s probably the smallest sample and the large size is so outrageously priced you will never buy it but it’s fun I guess?? It’s almost like a gambling addiction lol and why I only stick with the lowest priced boxes! Allure should be turning out amazing boxes with all the free stuff they get but the staff probably hordes the good stuff and sends the junk to us!

      • The only thing that I like and respect in this box is that shampoo. I really love all Klorane products:)! However, shampoo is the least thing I need/want in a beauty box.

      • Leaders masks are not “cheap”. It’s a single use sheet mask and the brand is a mainstay of K-beauty.

  37. Wow, reading all these comments make me glad I cancelled. I signed up earlier this month with the $5 off coupon and was told I’d get the June box. So I’ll be waiting on that. I cancelled my subscription last week because I wasn’t too impressed with recent reviews. Will see how my June box turns out, but I’m not impressed with the spoilers so far, and most probably won’t be renewing this sub. I had heard so many good things about it so I thought it would be a pretty decent sub but doesn’t look like it.

    • Ok, so I’m not sure what’s going on, but every time I comment on a post, it never shows up (or I don’t see it lol), and then when I comment again I see both posts! Maybe it’s my phone? Sorry for the similar posts guys… MSA newbie here, haha.

      • Hufsa- comments won’t post for me from the app on my iPhone 6. Is that what you have? Are you using the MSA app?

        • I didn’t know there was an MSA app! I’ve been using my phone browser, and I have a Sony.

  38. I have yet to receive a bronzer that actually “bronzes” my brown skin so I’m not too hopeful with this. But the colors look pretty so I can probably swap it like I always do with bronzers lol

    • Pixi has a bronzer that is great for pale people if you are interested.

      • Ha, I meant to reply to the comment below yours ๐Ÿ™‚

        • No interest in using bronzer at all. I gave all mine away (unused) last year and now trash them immediately upon receipt when they come in subscription boxes.

    • Chanttee, I wonder if you could use a bronzer as a blush? That might be pretty, especially if you have gold or yellow undertones!

  39. I was OK with but not excited about the first two spoilers. But I hate, hate, hate bronzer. It makes my face look dirty since I’m very pale, and I’m not a fan of the sun-kissed look anyway. Hopefully the rest of the box will make up for it.

  40. All bronzers are not created equally…. I love bronzers but not all of them I have one that I can’t live without so I love trying new ones. I’m not a kardashian fan but I do use the hair oil. It’s great so excited to try the bronzer!

  41. Not feeling it yet…..

  42. Signed up for allure this month (before I reaf about the whole May fiasco) and have cancelled. I was charged, so I’m assuming I’ll get the June box. I wanted to give Allure a try because I heard good things about it, but so far I’m not thrilled with the spoilers. I’m just glad I used the $5 off coupon so it will be costing me $10. Would not want to shell out $15 for this. Tried boxycharm this month and loved it, so don’t mind spending $21 on that.

  43. I think some people’s expectations of what should be included have gotten a little out of hand. It is a $15 beauty box… I understand that they made a huge mistake in May and I was affected by that as well but we can’t expect the moon and stars because of that.

    Even though I feel that way…I am disappointed that there is anything Kardashian in the box. I really don’t want to support or use anything that comes from that family!

    • Ugh, same here I can’t stand any of the Kardashians and to put the icing on the cake I don’t use bronzers. I never received the apology box for May wonder if it’s too late to cancel?

      • There will be no apology box. I have not seen one person get one?

        • Some people got it AND the May box too. I understand that Allure doesn’t it owe to anyone but like, in my case when I was going to cancel was told by a CS rep that I would get one, never did. I called last week to ask and the rep transferred me to her supervisor which wasn’t even necessary I wasn’t rude or demanding. Well the supervisor was a total meanie she was beyond rude and awful. Look maybe she’s sick of the May fiasco phone calls but that still doesn’t justify it IMO.

          • Sorry to hear that !! Allure sucks right now. I started with their first box and stopped early last year, now back and they seem worst than ever.

        • I was initially told I would be getting a “beauty bag” with samples. Later I was told it was just an empty bag but it hadn’t shipped because they had run out. At that point I just said cancel.

        • I received the January box as an apology and then still got the May box.

          • I received nothing and I will promptly cancel if they bill me for June since I was billed in May and didn’t receive anything. They know boards like this are out there, right? We can compare and see what some people received and what we did not. I was alarmed to see people that ordered in late April that received the May box and an extra while the regular subs were forgotten. That is a stunner. I’m keeping Allure on a short leash after reading how “all over the board” they are with CS. Treat all your customers the same or don’t bother.

    • I can and should expect something I’d want to pay $15 for. So far for June I’ve seen… a sheet mask.

    • Its not really that, its the Kardashian name that is off-putting and gives this spoiler a thumbs down

  44. I wish it wasn’t a bronzer. Birchbox and Ipsy already gave me bronzer/blush combos for May. Now another round of bronzers from Sephora and Allure. I hope their last 2(or maybe more?) items are tools or skincare that’s not just one time use.

  45. Well I’m excited – this is actually something I’ve been wanting to try. This makes this month another win for me!

  46. can I suspend this months for july?

    • Yes you can. I just did, log into your account and you’ll see the option to put it on hold.

      • is anyone else having trouble logging into their account? I do want to suspend this one because KARDASHIAN but it keeps giving me an error message, I have had the account since February

        • Kate – that happened to me, too. Some things I tried:
          – make sure you’re on the box side rather than the magazine side of the site. I noticed it never wanted to work for me unless I clicked the box link and it kept trying to prompt me to start a mag sub.
          – even though you’re probably typing your info in correctly, try the exact same thing again. Sometimes I had to try my account two or three times (even though I had “remember me” checked and pw saved) before it would go through.
          – if you have your acct #, try that! My account was not found under my email address, but then it automatically filled a number into the email blank and when I typed my pw in it worked. I compared the number it populated to the assigned account number in my account info and they were the same.

          So um, crazy as it is, just keep trying because it seems to be really finicky! It honestly takes me like two or three tries to log in to mine every time. ๐Ÿ˜› (And agreed! Totally don’t want to support that “k-family” in any way!)

  47. just put my account on hold. sheet mask, shampoo? laughable at best. bronzer, maybe, but unless there’s a magic bean in there like the person below me said, no thanks.

    this is a bummer :/

  48. I was really hoping that after the May box fiasco, allure would pull out all the stops with June to make it up to new subscribers that decided to stick it out- clearly that’s not the case. A sheet mask, some shampoo, and a bronzer? Unless there’s some magic beans in there too, I’ll pass!!

  49. I understand Allure wanting to include summer-themed products but I’m disappointed. Another bronzer product that I just can’t use on my pasty skin :/

    • Same here ๐Ÿ™

    • I usually gift bronzers or view them as neutral eyeshadows to add to my collection.

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